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#lord of the rings soundtrack
elvish-sky · 4 days ago
LoTR Soundtrack Analyses, Anyone?
Ok so i’m experiencing really awful writers block and just don’t feel motivated to write.
So! Instead of agonizing over that, I’m writing up overviews/analyses of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, something I have done a decent amount of research on. I’m thinking about making it like a series type thing of post, and I’m not quite done with the first one.
Anyways, all this is to ask- would anyone be interested in this?
Also, I am in no way an expert, this is just a hobby :)
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melian · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for ðon hé wæs scea hé fæx wæs ford ealra mé du and hé fæx hlá FORTH EORLINGAS by Howard Shore, feat. Ben del Maestro
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beck-a-leck · 7 days ago
Me watching LOTR as a child: wow! I want to be an elf or wizard it would be so cool!
Me as an adult: i just wanna be a hobbit and live in a quiet town where my whole purpose in life is to eat food and grow flowers and the rest of the world doesn't matter.
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good news! I just realized that I can listen to the lord of the rings soundtrack whenever I want >:) 
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arwenza · 17 days ago
i think the moment i became suicidal is when i first realized that my life will never make me feel as fulfilled, nor will it be as beautiful, as the lord of the rings soundtrack. genuinely no joke. like the fact that the breaking of the fellowship isn't playing over every second of my life makes me want to jump off a cliff
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fairycowboy · 28 days ago
tagged by @souplover2000 thank u <3
4 songs i've had on repeat lately:
jonathan - adrianne lenker
last day on earth -beabadoobee
piece of my heart - janis joplin
nobody - mitski
im tagging @zonnesproetje @iliwys @cherryvoicenote @hawards @harrysdimples 😚💞
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tolkien-apologist · a month ago
into the west is perpetually stuck in my head and it is making me hopeful but also deeply deeply sad at the same time :,)
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Howard Shore writing The Lord of The Rings soundtrack: "I don't think they're crying yet, hit em with The Shire theme again"
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luna-xial · 2 months ago
This cover soothes my soul.
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dubhean · 2 months ago
These are the best soundtracks ever made:
1.Dirty Dancing (various)
2.The Last of the Mohicans (Randy Edelman and Trevor Jones, one track is made by Clannad)
3.Tron Legacy (Daft Punk)
4.Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Howard Shore and various artists)
5. Robin of Sherwood (Clannad)
Change my mind!
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errruvande · 2 months ago
"The Council of Elrond" gives me chill and goosebumps every time I listen to it 💔😌
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the-wannabe-film-critic · 2 months ago
Music to My Ears: Film Scores that Inspired Me
Music to My Ears: Film Scores that Inspired Me
Music, or the lack thereof is just as important as any diegetic sound like dialogue or effects. Film/Tv/Video Game soundtracks are amongst my favourite genres of music to listen to in my spare time, so I wanted to take a closer look at the music of a few films that have stuck with me. Here, in no particular order, are some film soundtracks that have inspired me since a young age and why they’re…
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ksbeditor · 3 months ago
Quick Q and A with Rod Abernethy
Quick Q and A with Rod Abernethy
There are guitar players and then there are guitar PLAYERS.  Trust me, Rod Abernethy is the latter. The way his fingers pick and paw around a fretboard makes for a breathtaking experience to behold. Having witnessed Rod in concert several times, I looked forward to the release of his new album, Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore with great anticipation.  Imagine Leo Kottke with a North Carolinian…
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