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#looks with longing
ares857 · 50 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
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pallathenas · an hour ago
this is such a long shot but pls if anyone knows this webcomic pls let me know :( i read part of it a few months ago but can’t remember what its called 
i dont rmember it that well so heres a list of things i do remember: animated art! a deer with many eyes. a boy with green hair (best friend). i think the main character is in love w him? a camping trip??? mc has a little sister. there’s something wrong w the town. the best friend is supposed to be leaving for college and mc doesn’t want him to go. dead parent(s)?? alcoholic family member?? 
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oasis-of-you · an hour ago
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[image ID: two haphazardly drawn white stick figures standing side by side on a black background. in white text, it reads above the head of the first stick figure, “nerd who quotes ye olde literature ironically”. above the head of the second stick figure, it reads “theater kid who picked up all the quotes and uses them unironically”. end ID]
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lloronadivina · 2 hours ago
me to myself: and though I can’t recall your face I still got love for you
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hanji-is-life · 2 hours ago
Hanny idk if you’re on booktok at all but I am and everyone was talking about this book called “Ice Planet Barbarians” and let me tell you it’s FANTASTIC. To some it up it’s 7ft+ tall blue ribbed (and I mean ribbed everywhere👀) alien smut books. It’s full of breeding kinks and all they wanna do all day is eat their mates pussy and feed them well. I’m on book 5 outta 22. That’s right, 22 books of this. And all I can think is Bakugou being one of these guys and how his gigantic pussy eaten living ass would fit right in. PLEASE go look up fanart of it!!!!! Especially the nsfw stuff on Twitter it’s🥵
oh my oh my god oh my fuck
the way I just tried to convince my bestie to get me all 22 books for my birthday>>>>>>>>
why am I excited and I haven’t even STARTED???? LMFAO no cause I’m heading over to the kindle app rn bye you just got me excited bye ily bye
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starredforlife · 2 hours ago
Hey :D This is kind of unsolicited, so please feel free to completely disregard, BUT I saw your tags on the tattoo post of what should you get if you ever have the money. I don't know you well enough to feel like I can make suggestions for what to get, but on the off chance they'd be helpful at all, I just wanted to share some miscellaneous thoughts
1) "if you ever have the money" might potentially be more attainable than you assume, if you're not dead set on a big complicated piece being your first. Some studios and artists run specials and seasonal promotions--I've got a lil guy on my ankle that cost me $30+tip cos my shop runs a "$30 Thursdays" deal; my brother just got a pretty neato palm-size forearm piece for $70. Call around, ask. FB groups are annoying as hell but have been useful for getting local recs for me. Granted, it's still $$, and having even $30 disposable income isn't always possible ik, but at least options below like, a $1K sleeve might be a bit more accessible and let you not have to wait for "someday." The only thing with getting a tiny little piece done is right when you're just getting comfortable it's over 🤣
2) Literally get whatever you want! That it makes you happy is the most important. It can be as deep, or not that deep, as you want, it does not matter. "Idk, it's cute" is a great reason to get a tattoo. I will say, I got my first tattoo on my shoulder blade and tbh I forget it's there a lot, which is a shame bc it's fucking gorgeous. I'd definitely suggest getting inked where you can see it often, so that you can enjoy it too 😘
Also if you definitely already know all this and have tons of tattoos I apologise lol rip. I have an appointment to get my next piece in a couple weeks and I'm stoked, so I got excited about a tattoo post lol, I saw your tags and felt the impulse to share, so if it's helpful at all I'm glad, and if not I hope you accept just the vibes instead. Cheers!
Don't worry!!! I have no tattoos yet so this was both informative and encouraging! I just am very unsure about what to get because I switch between wanting it to look badass or wanting it to look cute. I am also a sensitive lil babie so I am somewhat scared but I think I could handle a tattoo! I would probably start slow though
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souichioneshots · 2 hours ago
Souichi wishes he could be Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows (2012)
I can't argue against this statement
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cloudyyangel · 2 hours ago
Can I ask what your sexuality is?
You can ask! The real question is, do you know what your sexuality is? Pssst the answer is no
For a long time I thought I was bi, then I decided I was ace, then I thought maybe something like pan, and then back to bi. Ultimately, I don’t really have a preference? Like, if we vibe then that’s it we hit it off. I’m not really concerned about labeling it though.
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sylviesunshine · 2 hours ago
Haven’t been very active today because my cross stitch addiction is 100% back and I’ve gotten all of this done today. Which doesn’t look like a lot but trust me this a time consuming practice 🪡
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nightstitcher · 3 hours ago
tsukasa from dr stone?
Tumblr media
im gonna keep it real with you anon he is the inverse of that last one this guy i feel like he was designed for me to hate sorry if you like him but why is he so muscled i didnt pick a shirtless picture because then i would have to look at him but i just dont like looking at him im not caught up im still in season 1 so maybe he could change or my opinion could change but his whole plan is so stupid hes like ill just kill adults then the world will be perfect with only young people like dude you literally cant control that like young people can ruin things too..... that bit where he and senku officially split was a bit sad like the idea that they could have been friends if things were different is sad tbh that does get to me a bit also he is like 16 or 17 or whatever so maybe he's blinded by his limited experiences i mean it didnt seem like he had many friends but also dude you cant just kill random people to "purify" the world i know there is injustice but why are you as a high schooler committing genocide 0/10
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potatotrash0 · 3 hours ago
okay okay uhhh, so yknow how in the 6th chapter, junko proposes the idea where the survivors could just live their lives forever in the tropical life of the neo world program. and projects the player/hajime into a snippet of what that could be like (no killing game, everyone is alive and happy, no sorrow no despair) but chiaki helps hajime realize that this is not the solution.
buuuut, but but buuuut… what if hajime still gave in, gave into the ideal world of everyone being alive and happy, even after all the class has been through. and so, the game becomes “reset” everyone is alive and happy, and survivors forgot everything from the past game. though hajime keeps having these weird nightmares, and what he thinks are illusions of his classmates dying. for example, let’s say he’s hanging out with nagito, they’re laying on the beach together and hajime looks over to him and sees nagito’s mouth taped, blood is splattered on his face and body, and tears are streaming from his eyes. but when hajime blinks again, he just sees nagito with his eyes closed, enjoying the breeze. hajime is still alert after this, wondering what the fuck was that?? but he shrugs it off. he would also see chiaki from time to time, like he would see a figure in his peripheral vision, but once he focuses on it the figure is gone. (the last half of the paragraph goes for the other survivors too)
another part of this game reset is that everyone seems happy. too happy. never sad in a way, only the survivors can still have full range of emotions. and they have an itch in the back of their mind, thinking that “this isn’t right” but they don’t listen to it because they’re having so much fun with their classmates!
also having hajime soon realize and remember what happened before the reset, which makes him isolate himself from others, realizing he fucked up and trying to figure out how to get the other survivors to believe in him and get out of this illusion. GOD i would love a fic like that fucjhyfjb… i sadly can’t write tho so i’m sharing my ideas with youuu <3 (btw this idea was inspired by Leariqa’s “with heads inside a dream” animatic sososooo)
*grabby hands* kozu your brain is so damn HUGE i love this so much?????? Mmmmmmmm I wanna write this so baddddd specifically that scene of Hajime and Nagito bc damn death is fun to write about………..
Also?? Chiaki appearing as a flicker before disappearing when you turn to look at her????? Agghhhh dude I love that I would love to do something with that!!!!! Hhhhh brainrot go brrrrrrr have I mentioned that I love this?
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