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#look at her she's so awesome
overwatchworks · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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widowmaker · 2 months ago
I commissioned the amazing @yowx to draw my V and they look sooooo fucking GOOOOOD💛💛💛💛💛
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ablazenqueen · 4 months ago
The respect and adoration that the entire White Collar cast has for Elizabeth Burke can only be rivaled by my own.
Tumblr media
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thelazyhermits · 6 months ago
Submitted by @eyesofsaturn​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she probably has cool scars too
Oh man, I am all for some buff Fortune content because you are so right. She has always had some muscles due to her years as a cage fighter, but she definitely becomes more muscular after she starts training at UA. And she definitely has scars cause I can’t imagine her going through all those years of fighting without any. 
I absolutely love this so freakin much. Fortune and Eri look so adorable together. I love that Eri can just hang off her arm like that. Fortune would absolutely train to make sure she can do that if she couldn’t do it right away. This is so something those two would do together. 
Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece!!! You did a phenomenal job! I love your art so much!!!
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ljf613 · 7 months ago
Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!
@awesomeavocadolove is following me.
What the flip.
I’m so happy right now.
(Another Brother has been one of my favorite fics for ages, The Problem With Zuko is awesome, and I have been loving this Consider Chaos series.)
Avocado, if you’re reading this, I love you so much right now.
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puppy-the-mask · 7 months ago
Depri is the most cheerful fell monster you’ll ever meet-
Partly because she doesn’t care and partly because you can act however you want when you’re a middle man for trade. She travels all over the underground, and while she sells her own products she mainly transports others goods. She’s basically, in human terms, a mailman that’s also handing out flyers for her side gig at the morgue
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georgeeehd · 10 months ago
:>c dog dream?
oh okay yeah i mean like dogboy like dog ears and a tail and everything. my post was definitely inspired by this fic (im a sucker for minecraft-but-its-real-life AUs) BUT @bunnyyuuu posts a lot abt domestic catboy/dogboy/etc dteam! so you should check her out if you want more of that :D
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randomnameless · a year ago
I like Alois too and I find it strange that he is the captain of the knights when he doesn't have a crest! Catherine has a relic and a crest so she would be a better fit, Jeralt had a crest too.
(This turned into an Alois appreciation post)
I don’t know if Jeralt having a Crest was widely known, worse, if it was known that he had major Seiros given how it’s supposed to be tied to the Imperial Bloodline - some might think Jeralt could be a bastard from a previous Emperor, but given how, apparently, Edel was experimented upon to officialy give her a major Crest of Seiros, Jeralt being that random running around with major seiros crest would be upsetting.
or, maybe the empire was pissed at the church who flaunts their major seiros captain everywhere and they feel like noobs?? idk how crest (major and minor) are passed down in Fodlan...
(thinking about it, is it even mentionned that Rhea has a major Crest of Seiros in the game? Like anyone comments on it? Even Hanneman?)
Back to the question, Catherine/Cassandra is a fugitive. Given how Catherine is still widely known i don’t think this would have prevented her from being a captain but it raises questions, i think, during her intro chapter we briefly get an overview of the military organisation of the Knight, you have squires (randoms), knights (glorified randoms) and Holy Knights (randoms able to use a relic).
Meaning that, before Catherine, to create that rank, there must have been more Holy knights which is both weird and interesting - we know that Relics are kept as treasures of one’s household. Meaning that even if a major crested guy/girl wanted to join the church, s/he would have to take that treasure away and, in the game, we see how vital some relics are for various territories, like the Gautiers. OTOH, the Gonerils are badass enough not to need it, so could Hilda, if she wanted to join the knights, could have been promoted Catherine rank? idk.
(otoh how fucking weird is it that Catherine ran away with Thrunderbrand when her dad and her siblings are still alive and kickin’ + the whole “Catherine is a fugitive” stuff ?)
Concerning Alois, I stand corrected, he isn’t the Captain per the wiki (which is stupid all things considered, when Jeralt ran away Rhea didn’t give his post to someone else? The Knights were running without a Captain for 20ish years? Even Catherine, with all of her hype and Rhea’s favors wasn’t picked up??) but eventually becomes Captain in the end (bar CF).
it reeks of the devs wanting to make your dad that legendary mercenary thing who is so awesome that no one took his place during his absence and no one will question his return in the order of the knights because he’s just that awesome and i will litterally create two mouthpieces to tell you how awesome he is
Dimitri and Shamir’s support lampshades his ability to lead and raise the morale of his troops, Alois might not be the strongest but he has a bajillion leadership stars and it has nothing to do with magical lizard’s blood. Let it be because of his stupid jokes or his cheerful demeanour.
So yep, Alois can become Captain of the Knights even if Catherine exists because being a captain and a leader isn’t measured on how great you can smash things but on other virtues and qualities Alois possess.
In his solo ending, he even manages to make his troops outshine what Jeralt achieved as a captain, even if Jeralt was a semi-immortal being with a major crest of Seiros!
Alois is a beast.
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sapphic-arson · 38 minutes ago
A bunch of stuff about brother and bodyguard since you asked:
(Also Ik you said you were gonna be on here less or at least on your side blog so never feel obligated to reply right away or ever I’ll probably just ramble about my ocs here every once in a while if you’re still cool with that <3)
he’s about 2 years older than Eisa I’m thinking she’s 16 and he’s 18 ish (same age as solana and bodyguard)
He’s very much the rebel type and stereotypical male protagonist but like his reasons run deeper and there’s more to him like that
It’s him seeing that the world is broken and that everyone is ignoring it and pretending it’s perfect and is so tired of it so he does whatever it takes to try to fix it (even if it’s not legally right)
He’s part of this rebel group that does some very illegal things (be gay do crime) but it’s all for the right reasons
He’s very impulsive and seems carefree but he isn’t
Also very flirty and seems like a player but actually isn’t and doesn’t date a lot of people it’s just that flirting is fun
He’s bi
He has dyslexia and him and Eisa joke that language sucks cuz “I cant read and you can’t speak” and what happens is he ends up talking for her (when she wants him to) and she ends up reading to him sometimes (if talking is too hard for her she just signs it to him)
Their dynamic is also awesome and it’s best summed up in this scene I wrote
Brother: so when you marry her you’re gonna become the princess
Brother: *dying of laughter*
Brother: you’re an oblivious idiot and there’s no use spiralling about it cuz they’d do anything to make you comfortable
Eisa: well obviously she’s the most amazing and considerate person ever
Brother: *gives her a look*
Eisa: you can’t talk you’re gonna be her friend in law
Brother: wouldnt I be their brother in law cuz you’re gonna marry her?????
Eisa: NO you’re gonna marry their friend so friend in law
Brother: oh c’mon I don’t like him like that I flirt with everyone
Eisa: when was the last time you flirted with someone else?
Brother: … OH SHUT UP
I just love them so much and it’s just chaos
He gets her super stressed out tho because he’s doing all these unsafe things
They hit and kick each other and threaten to kill the other all the time cuz they’re siblings
He calls her salami, lil miss stressa, pipsqueak, and dwarf (pipsqueak and dwarf about her height cuz she’s short and dwarf like dwarf planet) (and cuz eiSA SAlami stresSA)
I’ll figure out her nicknames for him later
I’ll end up doing the bodyguard in a bit cuz this is long and so I can put my thoughts together :)
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kuekyuuq · 39 minutes ago
So, mid-season finale [SG 6x07]
Tumblr media
They basically made a bottle episode for a mid-season finale. Ambitious..?
Didn't quite work, imo... :| C'mon, people it's the last season! As much as I enjoy myself a nice character-study, sadly, personally, I feel even with Brainy and J’onn unaffected, it stretched itself too thin and missed the mark a bit...
Harry Potter / Dementor reference for the Phantoms was long overdue (sucking souls, bringing up fears, it even gets colder when they are near)
What was the point of the shield-meter protecting them from the outside Phantoms going down drastically into yellow after the 3rd(?) turbulence / the flash / in the beginning of Alex' and Kelly's parts (detail: it didn't go down on the main-screen) when the nightmares came from the Phantom in the containment unit?
...I really liked Lena making (only) Nia part of her vision ^.^ They made a good combo! (Although, the loss of the others was a deep-cut for her fear of losing people she cares about / ending up alone) - Oh, and Lena was the only of the four who figured out it was a vision / nightmare and applied Kelly's advice. Smart cookie. 
Also, Lena facing the water-monster like Ellen Ripley the xenomorph queen; difference being who turned be the mother (I did think it looked like Kara still with her bangs at first, tho...)
Kelly sorta applied her own advice by reminding herself of everything real about Alex and their relationship
So, with the Phantom locked back up, only Kelly and Lena faced their fears. With Lena by actually looking at her fear come to life (and it transforming into the underlying memory of her mother) and Kelly overcoming her passiveness and using a shield and being kick-ass (future female Guardian?). Alex learned a lesson of sorts, still, and went through with the self-sacrifice. Nia mostly self-confirmed her already existing issues of failing in the most horrible ways...
I'm thinking, the picture on the thimble was meant to show the white flash striking the Tower-Ship, and the thimble itself how Dreamer still can't interpret things right ('a desired result not being met' according to online dream-analysis, which sounds much more fitting than Nia's interpretation and failed attempt at sewing with her powers) - that said, sadly no new revelation on that end... Her powers work just fine, and maybe instead of fearing to fail, she should try find ways to learn the skill.
...balloons ARE scary. Don't you want a balloon, Georgie?
Kara had like 4 minutes screen-time in the episode about her return... (Didn’t actually clock it, but sounds about right)
The Tower-Space-Ship is bigger on the inside :) 
The Tower-Ship needs a name. SIDRAT? BigBen? Spotlight? Headliner? Huh, I like headliner... >.>
So, I guess Zor-El was Kara's touch-stone? (Eh, did he do another "until you came along" speech? Supercorp shippers will know what I mean. Now it's awkward...)
Gotta love the detail, that Kara's scratches on her neck are immediately healed after the yellow-sun bomb ^.^
While Kara super-speeding to Alex was awesome, I feel deprived of a group-hug :(
After having spent a larger amount of time in the Phantom Zone (yes, time may “not pass” there, but it’s still duration, since ppl inside are moving; meantime, several days passed on Earth) the promo for 6x08 shows Kara jumps right back to work? ...let’s hope, there are some repercussions. You know, just a tad of realism? Our girl’s been horribly traumatized 20 times and some in her life... She could book out Kelly for life. 
If this episode had happened at any other spot during the season, I would maybe have given it a 6/10. But it being a mid-season finale kinda makes it rather disappointing. I am not even taking into account anything Supercorp, because I 100% did not expect anything on that front to happen anyways. Even with the episode plot being wrapped up nicely, this arc's plot ending felt rushed and like a side-note... no emotional pay-out.
--> And THAT is why I am disappointed with the episode. Not because of shipping. But because, objectively (or at least in my best objectiveness), this episode was not what it should/could have been. Stretched too thin, a misplaced bottle-episode (which are a skill to master), a filler-episode even (a whole different episode-filling plot squeezed in the middle of the rescue-Kara arc - anyplace else can be a good/interesting idea, but is disconnecting at the finale of an arc). Maybe the original script was much better? But, taste differs. I hope, others enjoyed it much more than I did. 
I still love the characters and the actors are doing a great job. And while I have some misgivings on Kara jumping back right in after everything that happened, I do LOVE the show for the fun stuff (uncle Archie?) and Kara supering :) So, after one and a half third season of drama, I can’t help but look forward to what the promo promised! \^o^/
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weareironmanbitches · 45 minutes ago
Getting into it - CAPTAIN AMERICA : FIRST AVENGER Rewrite part two
Previous chapter / Next chapter (05/19/2021)
Words: 6.4k
Warnings: spoilers captain America 1 (obviously but anyway), violence, action scenes, killing/murder, car chase, Frainn being awesome and cool lol, hint of jealousy, clues as to what earned Frainn a banishment (read closely eheh),Steve having a closer relationship with his buddy Frainn than with Peggy (I like the character but yaaa know, anyway), lots of dialogue   
Tumblr media
All the recruits were lined up, in uniforms, helmets on their heads, and waiting. It hadn’t even been three days since they arrived at the military training camp. A female voice reached their ears. Frainn didn't expect to see another woman here, until then she had only seen men and had already almost gotten herself into fights several times trying to defend Steve from the idiots who kept picking on him by mocking, but Steve had told her he didn't want her to get into trouble for him, and she had taken it upon herself, content to verbally reframe those who dared to laugh at him. Because of that, most of the other recruits were kind of afraid of her. She had made them understand multiple times that she could break every single bones in their body if she wanted to do so. She enjoyed being feared by them. They were all complete assholes. In the end, it seemed like the bullies got bullied.
"Recruits, attention !" said the woman. Everyone obeyed and stiffened as she approached. "Gentlemen, miss," She glanced at Frainn while walking in front of them. "I am Agent Carter. I supervize all operations for this division."
"What’s with the accent, Queen Victoria ?" one of the recruits said insolently. Frainn arched an eyebrow at him. She had understood that she had a distressing lack of knowledge regarding the history and geography of Midgard and therefore hadn’t quite understood why he called her that because of her accent. She had no idea who this Queen Victoria was. Agent Carter stopped in front of him and eyed him. "I thought I was signing up for the U.S. Army." He added.
"What’s your name, soldier ?" she asked, stopping in front of him.
 "Gilmore Hodge, Your Majesty."
"Step forward, Hodge." He obeyed, looking at his friends as if he had just gained the upper hand, and walked towards her. "Put your right foot forward."
 "Mmm… We gonna wrassle ?" A man who accompanied the young woman distributed papers to us. "Cause I’ve got a few moves I know you’ll like." Immediately she gave him a violent punch that sent him right to the ground. Frainn tilted her head slightly and glanced at Steve, pursuing her lips to suppress an amused smile. She knew that if she had punched like that, Hodge wouldn't just be stunned, his jaw would be cracked and dislocated. But this chick, despite being Midgardian, earned some of Frainn’s respect. She had a strong character herself and liked women like her. A male voice rose behind her.
 "Agent Carter !"
"Colonel Phillips." she greeted, turning to the man who was approaching them.
"I can see that you are breaking in the candidates. That’s good !" He stood next to her and looked at the soldier still on the ground. "Get your ass up out of that dirt and stand in the line at attention ‘till somebody comes tell you what to do."
"Yes, sir !" Hodge answered, raising his head, swallowing his unwelcomed pride. There was a second of silence before the colonel began to walk back and forth in front of them.
"General Patton has said that wars are fought with weapons, but they are won by men. We are going to win this war because we have the best men." He looked at the recruits and fixed his gaze on Steve and Frainn. “A stick man and a girl who can’t keep her punches for herself” he must have thought. Well, even if he thought something like that, Frainn must admit, they were one hell of a chaotic duo. Frainn saw his face turning slightly to Carter, and she recognized Doctor Erskine, standing just behind the young woman, answering the colonel's gaze. "And because they are going to get better." He continued. This little additional remark was implicitly addressed to Steve more than Frainn, and he perfectly understood that it was aimed at him. "Much better. The Strategic Scientific Reserve and Allied effort made up of the best minds in the world. Our goal is to create the best army in history. But every army starts with one man. At the end of this week, we will choose that man. He will be the first in a new breed of super-soldier. And they will personally escort Adolf Hitler to the gates of hell."
Tumblr media
The training gave none of the recruits any respite and seemed tiring for most but not for Frainn. By the end of each busy and gruelling day, she was still in great shape and was unaffected by the strain. She surprised her superiors with her physical abilities superior to those of any other recruit among the division, and she felt that she was earning the respect of the officers and the colonel, but also the jealousy and contempt of her peers who didn’t understand how she was doing so well. She never seemed tired. She was the best in the division, the most efficient, both physically and intellectually, and the strongest of course. Even Colonel Phillips, who had had doubts about admitting a woman, was more than satisfied with her and already considered her a "super-soldier". For him, it was obvious that the selected recruit would likely be her. Frainn often heard the Colonel talk about it but she also knew that the German doctor wanted Steve to be choosen. Precisely because she was already too much of a "super-soldier".
And she got the confirmation, the day before the end of the program. After a day of training, the recruits of her division -including her, of course- were working out on the field for half an hour already, when she overheard a conversation between the Colonel and the doctor, watching them. It had been a few minutes since it showed on her face that she was bored, and concentrating on their exchange was entertaining to her.
 "You stick a needle in that kid’s arm, it’s gonna go right through him." Frainn glanced discreetly at Steve. "Look at that. He’s making me cry."
"I’m looking for qualities beyong the physical." Dr. Erskine thoughtfuly explained.
"Do you know how long it took to set up this project ?" He sounded rather annoyed. "All the groveling I had to do in front of Senator What’s-His-Name’s committees ?" He was talking about things and people Frainn didn't understand, and she let herself be distracted slightly from the exercise Carter had given. She picked up their conversation for a second, challenged by the voice of the Englishwoman.
"I know this is more than easy for you, but please focus." It didn’t sound like a reproach. Carter had esteem for Frainn, that the goddess had noticed, but she couldn't show any favoritism in front of the others recruits by saying nothing to her when her lack of concentration was noticeable by anyone who looked at her.
"Yes, ma’am. Sorry, ma’am." She said mechanically, catching up on the conversation where the doctor and colonel were, more discreetly this time.
"... Hodge passed every test we gave. He’s big, he’s fast. He obeys orders. He’s a soldier." The Colonel said, looking at Hodge.
 "He is a bully." replied the doctor immediately. The Colonel chuckled, crossing his arms.
"You don’t win wars with niceness, Doctor." Frainn felt his gaze fall on her. "Even Lockhart-"
"Lokadottir." The doctor corrected him as he also looked at her.
 "Yes, Lokadottir." The Colonel nodded and resumed what he was saying. "For a woman, she’s tall, she’s strong, she’s efficient and she was the best in all our tests. Better than Hodge. The only flaws I found in her are her flippancy and impulsiveness. She agrees to team up with Rogers but otherwise, she prefers to go it alone or she might start a fight with someone." He looked at the doctor, waiting for a reaction, for an answer from him. It was obvious he wanted to know why he didn't want her either. He had shown him his two best recruits and still didn't understand why he stubbornly wanted Steve.
"She doesn’t start fights because she likes it, Colonel. Her and Rogers have common qualities. They both have heart, empathy and strong-minds, but she's already a super-soldier. She doesn't need to be enhanced in any areas." He shifted his gaze from Steve to Frainn. "And, her free-spirit is one of her main quality, Colonel."
"Again, we don’t win wars with niceness. Neither do we win wars with soldiers who don't follow orders, Doc'." Frainn followed the Colonel with her eyes as he grabbed something from one of the crates of military equipment in the back of a truck trailer. He pulled out a small oval object and casually pulled out something from it, leaning towards the doctor. "You win wars, with guts." He threw the object into the midst of the recruits.
"Grenade!" He yelled to get everyone triggered.
"Move ! Move !" exclaimed Hodge, catching the attention of all the other recruits, who hurried away in opposite directions. For a second, Frainn didn't know what to do because she had no idea what a grenade was but when she saw Steve threw himself and curled up around the grenade to contain the explosion, she took a few steps towards him. She realized that Agent Carter had had the same reaction and they glanced at each other.
"Get away ! Get back !" said Steve, wincing, eyes closed.
"It’s a dummy grenade." declared an officer nearby. Steve straightened up and looked around, not really understanding what was going on.
"Is this a test ?" He asked. Frainn looked at Steve and then turned to the Colonel, to see his reaction.
"He’s still skinny." Declared the Colonel as he left. The goddess approached Steve and held out her hand to help him stand up. He turned his head to her and grabbed her wrist as she grabbed his. She pulled him up, and he was briefly unsettled by the force of her grip, though he kind of expected it. For his part, the doctor was smiling. Steve's reaction had proven his point to the Colonel and confirmed that his final choice was more than relevant.
Tumblr media
Towards the end of the day, Frainn headed back to the dorms because she knew she would find Steve there. When she reached the door, which was already open, ajar, she heard the doctor's voice coming from inside. She stopped as she was about to walk into the room and stood behind the door, wondering what he was talking about with Steve.
"Can I ask you a question ?"
"Just one ?"
"Why me ?" There was a silence and Frainn ventured to glance around the room. The Doctor was sitting on the bed in front of Steve –Frainn’s bed–, holding a bottle in his hand.
"I suppose that is the only question that matters." He observed the bottle and showed it to Steve. "This is from Augsburg. My city. So many people forget that the first country the Nazis invaded was their own. You know, after the last war, my people struggled." Frainn listened intently to Erskine's words. It was the first time that she had realized the liabilities of the Midgardians. Even though they were part of the nine realms, they were far removed from the rest and fought among themselves, like the fights between Asgard and Jotunheim for example, but them, on the same planet, in the same place. Frainn would have thought they were one united people, like on Asgard, but they were a many divided people on one single planet.
She continued to wait until their conversation was over, listening to what the doctor was saying. All the information imprinted in her mind as Erskine spoke, until he came to the conclusion of his explanation.
"Good becomes great. Bad becomes worse." The doctor looked Steve in the eyes. "This is why you were chosen. Because a strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strenght. And knows compassion."
"Thanks. I think." Steve answered. Frainn heard glass clashing and liquid being poured, and realized that the two men were now emptying the bottle the doctor was holding in his hand.
"Whatever happens tomorrow, you must promise me one thing." She heard the sound of the bottle cork being reinserted into its neck. "That you will stay who you are. Not a perfect soldier, but a good man."
"To the little guys." Cheered Steve. The men chuckled and glasses clashed.
"No, no. Wait, wait. What am I doing ? No, you have procedure tomorrow. No fluids."
"All right. We’ll drink it after."
"No, I don’t have procedure tomorrow, nor your friend. Drink it after ? We’ll drink it now." Frainn frowned, and she could feel Steve doing the same.
"What about my friend?"
"Come on in, and join us, Miss Lokadottir. Don’t stay behind that door." Without moving, Frainn pushed the door open with her fingertips to open it wide before entering the room under the surprised gaze of Steve, who shifted to make room for her on his bed next to him. Erskine didn't dwell on the subject and handed her the glass he had originally served for Steve.
"You will join us tomorrow." The doctor told her.
"I can come ?" She asked, taking a sip of her drink.
"If I say so, you can accompany your friend." The doctor nodded.
"It's a blessing that I actually met you," Frainn looked at Steve. "I went to an exhibition, I joined the military, sort of, and I'm going to attend, uh, not sure what I'm going to attend, but I guess it's cool." Both men smiled at her optimism. Frainn emptied her glass very quickly and put it back on the metal shelf at the edge of Steve's bed, not planning on asking for another drink.
"You are someone special, Frainn. Very peculiar." It was the first time the scientist called her by her first name. She smiled. The doctor wasn’t aware of how right he was about it.
"You don’t worry about Steve, doctor. I’m his guardian angel." She joked. The doctor smiled again, and Frainn friendly nudged Steve. Even though she had met the young man not so long ago, it felt like they were friends since birth. Her banishment had taken away everything she had, and with good reason since Odin had to punish her for what she had done, and she had found in Steve, an ideal partner, and friend. She had found her ally and she understood by observing Steve a little that he wasn’t leaving anyone behind, especially not his friends.
Tumblr media
Sitting in the backseat of the car with Steve, Frainn watched the passing buildings out the window. Peggy was there too. She was seated in the front passenger seat, next to the driver.
"I know this neighborhood." Steve pointed to a street they were passing by. "I got beat up in that alley. And in that parking lot. And behind that diner."
“Did you have something against running away ?" Peggy asked, looking at Steve via the interior mirror of the car.
"If you start running, they’ll never let you stop. You stand up, you push back. They can’t say no forever, right ?"
"I know a little of what that’s like, to have every door shut in your face." Frainn quietly listened to the conversation between Steve and Peggy. She didn't understand why the Midgardians discriminated against women so much. There were no such problems on Asgard. Everyone had and knew their place there and everything was fine. Not everyone liked each other obviously, but everyone was respectul of the rights of their peers.
"I guess I just don’t know why you’d want to join the Army if you were a beautiful dame. Or a… A woman. An agent. Not a dame." With her back straight, Peggy twisted in her seat to turn to face Steve and look him in the eyes. He stammered. Frainn leaned against the car door to bring her hand closer to her face to hide the amused smile on her face. "You are beautiful, but..."
"You have no idea how to talk to a woman, do you ?" She glanced at Frainn. "I’m starting to wonder how a conversation between you two is like."
"I think this is the longest conversation I’ve had with one. I and Frainn talk like mates." Frainn chuckled and gave him a light hit on the shoulder. Peggy gave them a look, suppressing a smile.
"I'm not saying you're masculine, or a man..." Steve continued. "Anyway, women aren’t exactly lining up to dance or talk with a guy they might step on. Frainn is an exeption. That’s what I’m trying to say."
"You must have danced then." Peggy added.
"Well, asking a woman to dance always seemed so terrifying. And the past few years, it just didn’t seem to matter that much. I figured I’d wait."
"For what ?"
"The right partner." He nodded, more to convince himself. Peggy smiled and sat back normally in her seat. Just a minute later, the car pulled up, and they got out.
"This way." Peggy motioned for them to follow her. She walked to the front of an antique shop in which old objects were displayed.
"What are we doing here ?" Steve asked.
"Follow me." Steve gave Frainn a curious look, which she sent back to him as Peggy entered the store before them. The two friends immediately followed her, intrigued. A bell ringed when the agent opened the door for the three of them. She walked further into the room without saying anything, while Steve closed the door. The room wasn’t very bright, filled with wooden shelves and various items, and the only sources of light were yellowish lamps on the ceiling. An old lady stepped out from behind curtains in a door frame and spoke to Peggy.
"Wonderful weather this morning, isn’t it ?"
"Yes, but I always carry an umbrella." The old woman went behind a counter and put her hand on the ledge, sliding her fingers under the board. Peggy walked over to the curtains behind which the woman had arrived and Frainn and Steve followed her. They arrived in a small room, one wall of which was covered with a crammed bookcase. Something unlocked and the shelves in the center of the bookcase opened on either side to create an entrance, revealing armored doors.
There was a whole facility hidden in there. Frainn and Steve looked around curiously and followed Peggy down the long, cold hallway with black and white walls. There were a few soldiers in white helmets standing guard. When they finally reached the double metal door at the end of the hallway, two of these soldiers in helmets opened the door synchronously. They overlooked a large room filled with electronics that went beyond Frainn and Steve understanding, but Peggy, even though Frainn doubted she understood everything there, didn't seem more impressed than that. Frainn and Steve walked over to the railing and the scientists present down there stopped talking. Everyone looked up at the new arrivals. Peggy gave Steve and Frainn a look and walked down the stairs to their right. Frainn understood, without the agent having to say anything, that she had to remain silent and behind. It was not about her today. It was all about Steve, and they didn't need to waste time with anything else.
Frainn, Peggy and Steve joined doctor Erskine who was there among the scientists. He turned to the three of them, a slight smile on his face as he looked at Steve. Frainn and the agent stayed behind the soldier. He and the doctor shook hands, exchanging a couple words before a sudden bright flash interrupted them. Frainn narrowed her eyes, momentarily blinded by the powerful light, and stared at the strange square machine in the hands of the man standing next to them. Whatever he did, it didn't seem to please the doctor especially. Doctor Erskine shook his head, sighing and dismissed the man. The latter left without saying anything. The goddess frowned, not understanding what had just happened. She shrugged and turned her head to Steve and the doctor.
“Are you ready ?” Steve nodded at the doctor, looking at the long metallic machine to his right. It was long and large enough to make someone lie down inside of it, and Frainn assumed it was for Steve, though she didn't quite understand why they were going to use it. “Good. Take off your shirt, your tie, and your hat.” Steve glanced at the two women behind him while slowly doing so. Peggy looked down and Frainn imitated her. Once he was done, he gave his stuff to someone who put it all away as he took place on the machine. Everyone started to get ready and Erskine turned to Peggy and Frainn.
“Agent Carter. Lokadottir. Don’t you think you would be more comfortable in the booth ?”
“Oh, yes,” Peggy looked embarrassed to have been standing there and motioned for Frainn to follow her as she left. “Sorry.” Frainn followed her immediately, frowning slightly in incomprehension. She glanced at Steve who was watching them walk away, and walked up the stairs to follow Carter into the cabin where other people were already gathered. From up there, they could see down the whole room through a large window. A weird crackle spread in the booth and the room full of scientists below, and Frainn looked around, not understanding where the sound was coming from. The voice of Doctor Erskine then rose, replacing the crackle. He could be heard from any where.
“Do you hear me ? Is this on ?” He looked at the grey device in his hand, which looked like the one the guy on the stage back at the exhibition had, and started talking. “Ladies and gentlemen, today we take not another step towards annihilation, but the first step on the path to peace. We will begin with a series of microinjections into the subject’s major muscle groups. The serum infusion will cause immediate cellular change. And then, to stimulate growth, the subject will be saturated with Vita-Rays.” He stopped talking and approached Steve, settled down in the machine. Their mouths moved but no sound was heard from where Frainn and Peggy were, in the booth. The doctor’s voice was for a short moment, no longer displayed all over the place, then his voice came back as he was counting down before the injections started. The vials on the sides of the machine emptied and the latter raised vertically, and closed itself. Steve was like in some kind of big hull. Frainn didn’t really know what was happening, even though Erskine had explained earlier, actually, she didn’t have even understand what he had explained so right now, she was lost but tried to keep up with whatever was happening to her friend down there.
“That’s 10%.” Stated another male’s voice, who would activate and turn stuff on a control panel. Frainn narrowed her eyes and recognized the man from the exhibition. She internally sighed at the fact she hadn’t even seen him when she was down there as he seemed to have been there the whole time. She just never paid attention to anyone else but the doctor, Peggy and Steve. 10 percent quickly became 20, 30, 40… Howard Stark was stating the percentages everytime every time he increased it. And as he increased it, a radiant light began to emanate from the iron shell inside which Steve was. 50 percent, 60, 70… finally, Steve started screaming loudly. Erskine rushed over to the metal shell and Peggy stood up and left the booth, Frainn followed her with her eyes before eventually following her out. The agent stepped out onto the stairwell that led to the room where the scientists were.
“Shut it down !” She yelled but no one listened to her at first. “Shut it down!”
“Kill the reactor, Mr. Stark !” Erskine had finally heard her and turned to the man near the control panel. “Turn it off! Kill it! Kill the reactor!”
“No !” Steve grunted. “Don’t! I can do this !” And then, Stark increased again the percentage of rays Steve was taking. 80 percent, 90, and he finally reached the maximum, 100 percent. A loud electric humming noise filled the room and Frainn winced. It was a quite disagreeable noise. The lights jumped in small bursts of sparks, one by one across the room and the machine powered down. The radiation emanating from it stopped as well. No one dared to make a move. Peggy and Frainn were looking at whatever was happening now, very closely.
“Mr. Stark ?” Erskine turned to the latter and he re-opened the machine. Frainn’s eyes widened when she saw the man inside. Steve was no longer the small skinny man she had met in that back alley, he was now a tall, muscular man, and he was sweating from what he had put himself through. A wide and proud smile grew across the goddess’ face. She felt proud of what her friend had achieved. Erskine approached the machine and helped Steve to get down. He looked exhausted. Stark came to their aid and together with Erskine, the two men supported Steve and kept him from falling.
“I did it.” Steve was out of breath. He couldn’t believe he made it.
“I think we did it.” Corrected Doctor Erskine with tight-lipped smile.
“You actually did it.” Even Stark seemed like he didn’t believe it. Peggy ran down the stairs and came to stand in front of Steve. Frainn crossed her arms, with that sincerely proud smile plastered on her face. She stayed back slightly and watched them. Peggy let her eyes wandered, not knowing where to put them.
“How do you feel ?” Steve looked around, catching his breath.
“Taller.” Frainn chuckled as she approached to stand closer to Peggy and him.
“Barely taller than me though, tough guy.” She teased. Steve looked at her and despite his breathing being difficult and jerky, he smirked in amusement at her remark.
“You look taller.” Peggy handed him some clothes that a nurse had given her. She seemed a little confused in front of this mountain of muscles and didn't know how to act. Seeing this, Frainn mentally praised the platonic male-female relationship she had with Rogers. As Frainn kept teasing Steve to relax him after the procedure he went through, the booth everyone had descended from suddenly exploded. Everyone exclaimed in surprise as they leaned down and turned their backs to the booth to avoid the shattering glass which fell on them into thousands of scattered pieces.
“Stop him !” Erskine pointed a man who took a vial of the serum. He had to be the one who had set the explosion on. Frainn stood near the doctor and the man tried to shoot her and as since her skin was bulletproof, she didn’t even flinched, but it wasn’t the same for the scientists, who received a couple of bullets into his chest. Frainn gasped and caught him as he fell onto the floor. Steve rushed over to them and kneeled near the doctor. He couldn’t talk and simply pressed several times his index fingers against Steve’s chest and a second later, he closed his eyes, dead. Steve looked up and Frainn and him crossed gazes. They both got up and ran up the stairs and outside the facility and the antique shop. Peggy was already onto the road, shooting at a yellow car driving right towards her. Steve took Peggy in his arms and pushed her away, falling onto the tar as Frainn followed close by.
“I had him !” Sure thing, agent. You were more close to get run over by that car than anything else, but sure.
“Sorry !” Steve got up and ran as fast as possible to catch up with Frainn, already sprinting behind the car.
Growling  and annoyed at having to run after a stupid car, she eventually jumped onto it and punched a hole in the roof of the car with her left hand, to avoid falling from it. She managed to hang on, but the man driving tried to shoot her several times, causing the car to make dangerous zigzags on the road. Steve called Frainn out when he heard the gunshots and she briefly turned her head at him, too busy trying to stop the man to smile at him to reassure him. An expression of incomprehension mixed with surprise took place on his face when he realized that she had taken absolutely none of the bullets the man had fired at her. He looked down as he continued to run at full speed and noticed some metal balls rolling down the tar. She punched another hole in the roof of the car with her free hand and grabbed the man by his hair, lifting him from his seat to against the roof. He kept trying to shoot her while driving the car more and more hazardously. She turned her head when she saw Steve join her on the roof to help her. The man turned the car sharply and Steve, who was not as well hooked to the vehicle as Frainn slid to the side and caught up with the door so as not to fall any lower.
Frainn let go of the man's hair to cling tighter onto the roof when the man tried to shoot Steve and looked out of the road, bumping into a truck. She suddenly let go of all her holds and fall heavily as the car rolled over several times on the road. Steve helped her up and grabbed a door of the car that had come loose and used it as a shield when the man tried to shoot them again. People nearby screamed. The man was now holding a little boy in his arms, aiming his gun at Steve and Frainn. She hesitated to use any of her powers. She didn’t want to risk the boy’s life. The two soldiers followed the man over to the docks. The latter suddenly aimed his gun at the boy’s head.
“Wait, don’t! Don’t!” Steve raised his hand in front of him, in defense, to prevent the man from shooting the boy. The latter then tried to shoot at Steve or Frainn, neither of them could really tell, but his gun clicked, meaning there was no bullet left inside. “No! Don’t!” The man threw the boy into the water, to get rid of him, before running away. Steve and Frainn rushed over the edge to see if the boy was alright.
“Go get him ! I can swim.” Frainn then nudged Steve to run into the direction the man had taken. She followed him with her eyes before looking back down at the boy, still swimming. The goddess jumped into the water and motioned for the little boy to hold onto her. She grabbed a chain hanging down the wall and pulled herself up. She wrapped the chain around her arm so that her hands would be free, and she took the boy by the waist and helped him up, before getting back onto the docks in her turn. She smiled back at him before she ran in the direction she had indicated to Steve a moment before. She found him standing still. She came close to him and put a hand on his shoulder to stop herself in her run without slipping. He stood there, as drenched as she was, facing the man who was now lying on the ground, inert, a white foam filling his mouth, making his face looks puffy. Looking around her, she noticed some people, gathered a few feet away from them, looking at what was happening. Steve looked down at his muscular arms. He still needed a little time to fully get used to his new enhanced body. Frainn squeezed Steve's shoulder. The super soldier turned his head towards her, his gaze confused by what had happened.
Tumblr media
“Think you got enough ?” Sitting on a chair in the nursery, he rolled down his sleeve when the nurse finally got the needle out of his arm. Frainn was there, leaning against a furniture, arms crossed on her chest. After the two of them had taken a dip back at the docks, they had been given dry clothes.
“Any hope of reproducing the program is locked in your genetic code.” Peggy was leaning against the same furniture as Frainn, to her left. Steve stood up and approached them, slightly frowning. “But without Dr. Erskine, it would take years.”
“He deserved more than this.” Steve stared straight ahead of him.
“If it could work only once, he’d be proud it was you.” Peggy added, glancing at the file in her hand. It was obvious to Frainn that Steve doubted he was the right choide for all this. She could feel it. Peggy got out of the nursery, motioning for them to follow her out.
“How did you do that ?”
“What ?” Frainn was caught off guard by Steve’s question.
“I don’t know. Everything. How did you run so fast ? How did you jump onto the car ? How did you avoid all those bullets?” She suddenly pulled his wrist, making him slow down his steps so that the two of them would walk a little further behind Peggy but they ended up stopping instead. She locked her cold blue eyes into his own.
“Stop talking so loud.”
“Why ?” He frowned. “Frainn. What are you not telling me ?” She opened her mouth to answer to him but Peggy’s voice cut her off.
“You’ll talk later. Come on.” She noticed Frainn holding Steve’s wrist in her hand but didn’t say anything. Frainn couldn’t tell what was that strange glimpse that went through Peggy’s eyes but the agent started walking away again. Frainn glanced at Steve, letting go off of his wrist and following Peggy fast enough to catch up with her. The agent brought them into some sort of garage where they found Colonel Philips, Stark and a few other men, probably other high ranked soldiers or some shit like that. Frainn hadn’t been paying as much attention as she should have but in any case, Peggy did the talking apparently. “Hydra is the Nazi deep-science division. It’s led by Johann Schmidt. But he has much bigger ambitions.”
“Hydra is practically a cult.” What Colonel Philips added got Frainn’s curiosity and she started to actually listen to what all of them were talking about. “They worship Schmidt. They think he’s invincible.”
“So, what are you gonna do about it ?”
“I spoke to the President this morning.” He and the man he was talking to walked over Carter, Frainn and Steve. “As of today, the SSR is being retasked. We are taking the fight to Hydra. Pack your bags, Agent Carter. You, too, Stark. We’re flying to London tonight.”
“Sir ?” Steve spoke up. “If you’re going after Schmidt, I want in. We want in.” The fact that he included Frainn without having to even look at her or speak to her confirmed to everyone including Frainn herself, that they had become a real duo. Real partners, despite the fact that he began to wonder about his new friend. It was the both or them or nothing.
“You’re an experiment. You’re going to Alamogordo. However, I want to take my soldier with me to London.” He pointed at Frainn with his chin. So it was going to be nothing Colonel.
“The serum worked.” Steve sounded disappointed.
“I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough.” He shook his head, groaning lightly. “Lockart, uh, Lokadottir… whatever. You stay with Rogers. I need soldiers who follow the orders, in order to win this war.” She nodded. She liked it better. She didn’t want to fight a war that wasn’t even hers to fight, if she had to team up with people other than Steve. He was already about to find out the truth about her and she would tell him, at some point, but she couldn’t risk everyone else to find out. She didnt want to be locked up by them or worse, being experimented on. Of course, even if they tried, it wouldn’t happen, because she was stronger and powerful even without her godly powers but, she didn’t want to cause another slaughter. The man that had taken his hat off stopped in front of Frainn and Steve and both of them raised their eyes at him when he talked to them.
“With all due respect to the Colonel, I think we may be missing the point. I’ve you in action, Steve, and Frainn as well. More importantly, the country’s seen it. Paper.” He motioned his hand to another man to his right. The latter brought them one of those newspaper like the one Frainn had seen before she went to the exhibition with Steve and Bucky. “The enlistment lines have been around the block since your picture hit the newsstands.” Frainn looked at the page the other man was showing to them. There was indeed a picture of Steve and Frainn, when he had picked up the door of the car and use dit as a shield to protect both of them. “You don’t take two soldiers, symbols like that, and hide them away, keeping one of them in a lab.” He took the two friends by their soulders. “Do you want to serve your country on the most important battlefield of the war ?”
“Sir, that’s all we want.” Frainn nodded at Steve’s words. She was being patriotic only by imitating Steve so that she would be able to fit in more in this world. She had said before that she was Steve’s guardian angel, but they were each a little the guardian angel of the other. The bond that had been created and continued to strengthen implicitly between them remained inexplicable, even to Frainn.
“Then, congratulations. You just got promoted.” He shook hands with Steve and then Frainn, shivering at her touch even though she had tried to make their handshake as quick as possible. The Colonel had choosen nothing, none of them, but this man chose both. It was the best decision because it was really either both of them or none of them. You don’t split a team that works well together.
[To be continued...]
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pawsitivevibe · 2 hours ago
I have been suspecting for a bit that Leia isn't just picky, she may have food allergies or sensitivities. She might not want to eat because she thinks eating will make her feel sick. There has been no other signs that she is sick, until this morning when my mom said her tummy has been really noisy like Bree's used to get when she was sick. I will see if I can get her vet appointment moved up to sooner than the 31st so I can talk to my vet ... We might at least be able to get her on something to settle her stomach, and talk about doing feeding trials or trying a vet diet. We've been trying so hard to find something she will eat happily, and thought we had, but now it's looking like her lack of appetite might have another cause. A real shame for a 9 month old puppy. Food issues are very common in Doodles though.
I'm really really unsure, because she hasn't vomited at all and her poop is normal. She could really just be THAT picky, or have that small of an appetite ... Maybe there's something that would stimulate her appetite though. I'm sure my awesome vet would have some solutions ...
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buffy-thoughts · 3 hours ago
Hi! I just finished Buffy for the first time a couple days ago and I absolutely loved it! This is my new favorite tv show, for real.
I've been reading a lot of posts about the show and I don't get why some people dislike Faith so much by the end of the show when some of their faves (cough Willow cough) have done things that can be far more questionable.
In my understanding (and even in Buffy's) Finch's death was truly an accident and it triggered a set of very unfortunate events. Do I think Buffy could have tried harder? Yes. Do I think it would have been enough to keep Faith away from the dark side? No. While Buffy's efforts are certainly valuable (and I do think that if Wesley hasn't showed up with the council she and Angel would have gotten to her), what Faith really needed was a positive adult presence in her life, and that's why she ends up going to the Major. It was about survival and emotional issues a lot more than it was about being "evil".
This Year's Girl/Who Are You? does a wonderful job portraying this (and I do see the irony in the fact that when we learn the most about Faith is when she is walking in someone's else shoes). The final scene when they are fighting in the church always gets me, because we see Faith in her own eyes: a disgusting, murderous bitch and even if Spike won't speak this words for another half season, she is a slayer with a death wish.
I do have some opinions on her redemption arc, but I think it works well for the most part. Her friendship with Angel was worth exploring and a call/letter/visit from Buffy wouldn't have hurt.
She is in a very different place in season 7 when we see her again (props to the clothes team for finding subtle ways to show this): she is ready to be a slayer again, to fight in the good side again. In any case, my biggest problem is that they didn't thought of calling her earlier or that they thought she would be safe in prison, I mean even if they couldn't made it work with the actress earlier, a mention that they warned her/are trying to get her out would have been nice.
In any case, she was a misguided kid in season 3 and just like through the series we see that Buffy has a part of herself that resembles Faith a lot, Faith also has a side of herself that is Buffy. They mirror each other, they are not opposites, and that is something a lot of people don't understand.
That’s awesome, I am so jealous that you got to experience this show for the first time! It’s my favourite show too.
I will never criticise anyone for not liking a character when others have done worse - I’m a big believer that the moral goodness of a character is totally irrelevant to how likeable a character is. Some of my favourite characters - eg. Faith, Spike, Anya - have done objectively worse things than, say, Riley or Kennedy, but I still wildly prefer the former. But I think anyone who dislikes Faith is missing out, because she is a really interesting character, and I think a really important mirror for the leads of both shows.
She’s a character that simultaneously wears her heart on her sleeve and is completely dishonest with how he’s feeling. Like, she’ll bluntly tell us that her mother never loved her and used to beat her, but deliver it in a joking way like it’s something she’s totally over that doesn’t bother her (hint: it does). The whole time she’s with the Mayor, she’s bragging about how much she totally loves being evil and is having the time of her life with no worries, when it’s pretty obvious from her expression that she’s hanging on by a thread. I really like when Angel calls her out on this in Five by Five.
"You feel young, - do you, Faith? - You're looking pretty worn out to me."
I would’ve loved to have more of Angel visiting Faith in prison like in Judgement, I think that was a great dynamic that they could’ve explored more (e.g. when he was isolated from the group later that season). Any interaction between Buffy and Faith during that time would’ve been incredible and fascinating too, but I think it made sense that Buffy kept her distance. As much as I do have sympathy for Faith, she did make a choice to betray Buffy, and did some pretty horrendous shit to her. I think it made sense to save that reconciliation for a while.
Faith absolutely does have a death wish. Her and Buffy share a pretty consistent tendency towards literal and metaphorical suicide, though in pretty different ways (Buffy tending more to isolate herself and try and leap off tall buildings, Faith tending to drown herself in hedonism and encourage other people to kill her). I would argue that she was attempting suicide-by-Buffy back in S3 also.
Thanks for the submission!
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davaz · 4 hours ago
What I’d give for a day out in the sun ...
I opened my eyes, my hair tangled and knotted from tossing about restlessly through the night; and I lazily stretch out in bed, slowly waking from a deep dreamless sleep.
‘I wonder what non-event is planned for me today’’ I pondered; sitting up in bed as I rubbed away the sleep from my eyes.  
‘’Look at that blue sky and perfectly awesome weather outside … all wasted! Ugh!!’’ grumbling I kick off the blanket and stand up out of bed into another long stretch.
‘’What is today … Thursday! Perfect …’’ I mumble to myself ‘’I have some zoom meetings and calls to sort out … and I hope they don’t need to me to work on any crazy activities because I just do not have the energy or the interest today. Hopefully, I’ll be done by 12 and then its officially the weekend! Yes!!’’
‘’Hmmm … I need to get out of here or I’m going to go crazy! I’ll call Josephine and see what she’s upto; maybe we can catch up at the mall and grab a snack or even try out that new exercise place’’.
Eager to get a start on my day I get washed and dressed and log in for my zoom meetings, while I sip on a big hot cup of milk. But no matter how hard I try; I cannot stop thinking about what plans I could make for the weekend ahead …
·        A trip to the park for some much-needed fresh air …
·        A trip to the mall for a bit of shopping …
·        Maybe a movie at the theatre with some popcorn and snacks …
·        Catch up with some friends for dinner and a giggle ….
·        Go for a spin in Sera’s mustang …
·        Meet Lily’s new cat, Simba!
There are also so many places that I am just dying to check out but thanks to that annoying virus, my life is on hold! I am just so sick and tired of everyone telling me I cannot go out and how I ‘need to stay home’.
Seriously … one would think I was going out there and shaking hands with random strangers, rubbing shoulders in crowded spaces, licking the railing and door handles and elevator buttons … I’m not a baby you know!
I mean for heaven’s sake (fuming) I wear a mask (even though I absolutely hate it!) … I have sanitizer in my bag … I’m never out late and I don’t eat from ‘hole in the wall’ kinda places. I Behave! (sigh…)
*pa-ting!* goes the phone … ‘’Oh great … Josephine’s dad has tested positive and now the entire family  have to home-quarantine! Could this day get any worse!?’’
I’m finally done with all the zoom meetings and the day is mine to enjoy. Or can I …?
Standing at my window I watch the world go by and the many people scurrying everywhere with a deadline or plan in mind and I wonder ... ‘Why am I not out there, doing something… fun?!’
I know that I have had the occasional outing with the family, and they have tried to make the most of it. But somehow, I don’t feel it’s enough… I sit there and sigh to myself. Waiting for the day when I hear those magical words and life officially returns to normal … like it was a year and some months ago … and slowly a tear falls to my lap.
Gently an arm snakes itself around my waist from behind and a face buries in my hair and the voice  says ‘’Hey, my Hannah girl … what you thinking of baby? Why are you crying my love? Mama’s here …’’
Hmmm … you didn’t expect this was the day in the life of my 5-year-old Hannah Bree, did you? Did you find yourself judging me and my tirade about being ‘stuck at home’? Well … as her mom I was slowly and painfully made aware of the fact that she NEVER complained about being home all the time and being kept away from her friends, school, playgrounds ... a regular childhood.
She always wore her mask (begrudgingly at that) and almost always ensured that she sanitized whenever she could or needed to. And she always made sure the mask covered her nose and came off only when she had to drink or eat something while outside.
She openly told family (that told her to come visit cos they missed her so much) that they would have to wait till the ‘Coma-virus’ was gone and that only then it would be safe.
She accepted how certain foods and drinks were regulated, since they would cause her to get the sniffles or an allergic cough or sneeze … just so that she was well enough to beat the odds everyday.
Children astound me (especially mine) at how they so willingly and openly listen and accept whatever we explain to them about their environmental circumstances, and it made me wonder …
‘If kids can do it, why not us?’
How is it fair that the section of society (the kids) that obey the rules and guidelines set down for our own safety are also the victims of injustice caused by the other section of society (the adults) and their constant disregard for the rules.
How is it that there are persons in our community that fail to realise that until WE do our bit as able adults to help curb the spread and growth of this pandemic, our kids will NEVER have the semblance of a normal childhood again, the likes of which WE enjoyed in our yester years??
Sigh … as a mom I feel the pain for my little girl and yes, I am one of those moms that will search for those small treats, safe outings, restricted playdates, special moments and family time … all I ask is that you reach out to the ‘little ones’ in your lives and connect with them.
Give them a HUG
Tell them you LOVE them
CONNECT on a video call
Spend TIME with them
Tell them what an AWESOME job they are doing, keeping their family safe.
And who knows … maybe one day when the skies are blue again and the weather is perfect … we’ll all dance in sun again … but till then, stay safe.
Tumblr media
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v4mpysl7t · 11 hours ago
chapels { nobara x reader }
Tumblr media
summary: nobara struggles with her feelings for you, a fellow class mate and a girl.
warnings: internal homophobia, light depiction of a manic episode, vv slight sexual content, le $ beans
you were an incurable sickness. a real plague. nobara had never felt this terrible before, and yet there was no treatment.
it started when you first transferred to the school. you were shy, scared of embarrassing yourself on your first day. so nobara pitied you. she decided to be your little guardian angel. show you around the school and protect you from stupid boys like yuji.
you looked up to nobara. she was amazing. strong, beautiful and free willed. she radiated confidence. you had never met anyone like her, so you stuck to her like a magnet on metal.
nobara at first thought it was a little sister type of thing. how she wanted to baby you and take care of you. the strong desire to play with your hair, and buy you gifts. and hold your hand. maybe she just saw you as a little sister that she’s never had, like how you pretend a doll is your child. that’s what it is, right?
she hated that her body urged her to hug you and squeeze you tight. she hated that she got butterflies when you blushed at her. she hated that her stomach tingled when you gasped or squeaked. hated it, hated it, hated it.
nobara had never had a real boyfriend before. after early middle school, she never had much interest in them and they never had much interest in her. she assumed that most boys were just intimidated by her and that she had no time for some silly relationship.
her eyes crinkled in disgust when she watched sex scenes in movies and she always found herself more compelled by the female character rather than the males. must be because the male characters are the same boring tropes wrapped together in some average guys body.
the more you guys hung out, the more she found herself getting shy or upset. she always blushed when you changed into your pajamas and couldn’t help but cop a peek when you wore low cut tops. and she hated the way you’d get giddy while talking about gojo-sensei or nanami.
eventually she came to the realization. it was a regular day, you guys were out shopping and you glided your hand into hers. grasping her larger one with a gentle squeeze. it was affectionate and sweet.
“i like you nobara.” you said, your tone light and airy. filled with little sighs and giggles.
“what?” she froze, heart racing and cheeks heating up. for a reason she can’t explain.
“i dunno, you’re just awesome y’know. cool and confident. you’re everything that i wanna be. i like you.” you’re voice was so off handed that she couldn’t tell what you were trying to say. but the words alone made her stomach swirl with butterflies. words jammed in her throat, begging to get out.
tell her how you feel. shut up. i don’t feel anything.
“thanks, y/n”
you turned your head and looked back at her with eyes that could only be described as hopeful and wanting. nobara stared back, face red and burning. she prayed that you couldn’t feel her palms get sweaty.
in return, you just giggled and skipped your feet a little bit. dragging her to the next store.
nobara got back to the dorms and ran to her room. she dropped her bags and felt tears well up in her orange eyes. she nearly crumpled to the floor but instead found enough strength to stare at herself in the mirror. hatred and disgust filling her head. in the mirror a part of her wished that she would see the reflection of a man. a man, so that she love you without hating herself. but instead she found a teary eyed, pathetic woman looking back at her.
she couldn’t love you. she couldn’t. you were her friend. a girl. an amazing, gorgeous girl.
she slapped her head.
shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up.
in her mind the sound of wedding bells and laughter rang through. that was every parents’ dream. to watch their daughter get married to some boring man who will spend their marriage watching sports and working while the wife wastes away watching their children and cooking. that’s what she wanted, wasn’t it?
she couldn’t lie to herself. the thoughts she had before she went to bed weren’t of her laying with someone like gojo-sensei or nanami, it was you. arms wrapped around her waist and your face buried in the crook of her neck while she holds your hand. or the day dreams she’d have about convincing you to play spin the bottle with her. watching as the old, dirty bottle lands on you and she pulls you into her lap, giving you sloppy kisses. she can’t lie to herself when she says she doesn’t get embarrassed by the thought of going swimming with you or how she feels her heart beat in her core when you cling onto her during a scary movie.
she wants to be the perfect daughter, perfect woman but she can’t get over this sickness you’ve given her. the plague. her plague.
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