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#long way from home
tsarisfanfiction · a day ago
Writeblr Asks: 14
14. Is there a specific moment you’re looking forward to when it comes to your WIP? Which one?
Oh, there are several!  Long Way From Home has quite a few, but I don’t like spoiling my own fics (foreshadowing and letting people put together the clues, yes.  Straight up saying what’s gonna happen, no) so I’m not going to say what.  However, in the spirit of answering the question, I will say that one of them is a TAG!Scott&TOS!Jeff moment.
In my current (apparently not-so-) little project, there’s a lot of fun stuff going on, too!  Again, I’m not going to go into details because not only do I not do Blatant Spoilers, but it’s also a collab with another amazing creator, so I don’t have sole-creator-rights over it anyway.  However, I will say that there is Scott, there is John, and there is a Very Important Rock.  We find it absolutely adorable so hopefully when it’s finally ready to be published, you’ll love it, too!
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revol-lover · 2 days ago
so we had some family photos taken today. It was actually for a fundraiser to get a new lgbtq youth center in the city and my husband kinda booked it on a whim. And I realllllly wasn’t looking forward to it because photos are hard with a toddler and this photographer ... she’s incredibly sweet. We met her two years ago when my husband won this award at work and they had all the winners take a photo to put up in the hospital (where he works) so she found out he does photography on the side and took an interest to us blah blah shes soooo nice dont get me wrong. But she’s super expensive. And we did the fundraiser for a set price which is the donation but to actually get more than one print is soooo much money and she kept trying to up sell us with the whole “you’re a photographer so I knoooow you understand” and it’s so awkward cause like lady. We aren’t rich!! We will not and cannot pay 900$ for a package of 5 prints and not even files lmao. Like it’s not happening. Ugh it was so awkward. And I was complimenting the studio space because it’s a repurposed factory building and I love local history and architecture so I was talking about it and she asked if I was a history major and I was like huh lol. No harm meant but I’m sensitive and don’t like when I feel like people just assume everyone can/did/want to college. So I said oh noo just an interest of mine and the convo just ended 🥴 blah. However, it was nice to talk to another adult human being. Esp after some shitty recent interactions with family. The owner of the studio space was super nice too. It’s actual to a yoga studio and she really made me want to come sometime but my social anxiety ugh. I was really enjoying myself and talking to them and all that but if I had to go on my own with lots of other strangers I feel like I’d be terrified. Not that I would any time soon with the ongoing covid stuff but yeah. It made me happy and sad because part of me desperately wants to get out there!!!!!! Do new things!!! Meet humans!!! Form connections!!! But the other part of me is like I feel really small and inferior and awkward and too scared to actually get out there (when it’s safe). It was my 2020 goal (pre covid lol). And I still really want to achieve it. I need more adult social interaction in my life. But I’m scared
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divinemisfit · 2 days ago
Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you weren't? I was a dancer. I was smart. I was beautiful. I was kind. I was hopeful and optimistic. I was happy. I was everything the world told me I would never be.
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diomedrian · 13 days ago
...does anyone else feel like if they got better they’d be doing something wrong? especially after a relapse, like a disservice to what was keeping you going before it fell apart again? like you’re betraying everyone including yourself by getting better the way you are? like you’re betraying your own trauma by getting better in the same place that caused it/its rooted in? 
#i. i feel better i feel a lot better than i have in months?? but then. i am like its because i am home and i am not doing anything#most of my anxiety comes from being at home bc my parents never let me do anything so you see. i am still seven and i need my dad to make#every call for me and i need mum to make me tea. i am not 22 when i am home and altho i did get better. i got a lot better in 2018/19 and#it was wonderful. i loved that and i loved travelling to offices to get my visa stuff sorted and to get to know everyone and i was#confident and i have never had a good self esteem and i think its because when in seventh grade when we had a workshop on self esteem and#were given an assignment with it i crumpled it up because i didn't want to write anything down i didn't want to admit if i was low on self#esteem let alone what was causing it. and i am not very confident and i have an awful amount of anxiety - to the point that i felt#i felt like i couldn't do the diss and ended up with a ptsd that is only now beginning to look like i will be okay from and i will have to#repeat my master's so like. anyway the point was i am home and i am feeling better and i feel like i am undoing the progress i made before#the relapse.#because that progress was good. i was independent and i didn't cry as much and i handled all my paperwork and i made friends easy and i was#open to every new experience and i was driven and focused and. now. i am not? i am none of those things and i am so scared that this time i#recover it will line with my parents which is to say i will be confident because i have them and not in spite of them and#i know how good it is to have parents who have your back (its very complicated and i am trying to use the nicest words)#but its also scaring me to bits bc i dont want to be like that. i want to be independent and work thru that. being around my get dependable. as one is bound to. i dont want to wake up at seven bc if its late than they will be angry i want to wake up at seven bc#i can and i like doing that. it just feels like crap to get better in a place that i know can only offer me limited growth but that if i go#outside and try growing i will crumble and have to come back to start again bc all growth starts a trap? not sure if i am explaining it right but its just. so messy? i want to get better but it also cannot happen until i#exist outside of this house yknow? bc otherwise i will always always fall apart. its just the way its built. you stay away from it too long#and you see everything that is wrong with you and then your growth doesn't feel like growth but that something you put on and suddenly it#doesn't fit and look awfully ugly and everyone's laughing at you and no one believes you and even tho you made it yourself you know its the#crappiest sweater ever and you need to get out of it and so you burn it down and then you realize you have to start over again but#you are exhausted from the fire so you take time away and then you feel better so you head to the store to get the yarn again bc you burned#it all used it all up on the sweater and the wool comes at a price. and without the wool there is no sweater. so like. what do u do.#anyway i m v sorry if this was confusing and you read all of it for nothing. and i am also v sorry about how long the tags got lao#personal
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sereniatta · 16 days ago
Text occurs to me that i mention my various dysfunctions here often. (perhaps too often.)
I'd like to stop doing so, because I'm sure someone out in the world finds it - and all these other debates i have with myself - to be annoying, but i can't seem to actually stop - and besides that, i've been told that it'd do me more harm than good to keep everything locked up in a mental box...even though I'd be doing so for the sake of the sanities of everyone in my vicinity...
(which is confusing to me, 'cause...don't people usually like, or at least appreciate it when others' do things for their sake???)
I dunno. I wanna pretend that I'm this super non-dysfunctional, totally well-adjusted twentysomething whose life is like those you'd see in like, those default pictures in frames and shit, but. what's the point. anyone who's met me in some capacity already knows that'd be a lie.
...I'd kill to be someone different, though; I don't really like me right now. Though I...know that's just me being stupidly critical of myself and how I operate...
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legendcrown · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
tonight i am thinking abt the absolute rals vibes this quote has, ok
#* && OOC#* && RALSEI /// AND A PRINCE FROM THE DARK .#hi it's been a few days i've been sick/depression go brrrr so i was mostly#lurking but i'm back! and i come bearing the gift of me rambling in the tags!#is it baring or bearing? no braincells in this house. i write 4 funsies and yet#ANYWAY. rals personifies Basically Everything and. idk i think that's neat?#esp objects he uses a lot! or stuff he has any sort of emotional attachment#to. it's why his castle is the way it is--'alive' in a sense. rals' imagination and#related magics(tm) is what animates them. he's the type to feel bad when a#stuffed animal accidentally falls out of bed. and the type to use a particular#tea-set bc he hasn't in awhile and he doesn't want it to feel 'left out' y'know?#also: he names Literally Everything? his phone his journal his oven his wand#his fave pens (yes he is gonna sign a legal doc w/ glitter pen what abt it <3)#ALSO: this bleeds into his collecting habit! its why a lot of the things he has#are either previously broken/lost objects it makes him sad he wants 2 'give#them a home' in a way. that's also part of why he remembers all the stories#behind each item! u wouldn't forget s/b's life story after they shared it w/ u#would u? y'know? (not literally ofc but. u get what i mean............................)#tho admittedly this quirk is probs a by-product of being alone so long that#he started looking to/personifying inanimate object 2 stave off some of the#loneliness but? I AM LOOKING AWAY I DO NOT SEE IT BC THAT'S SAD?#but yeah! thats ur random hc of the day i guess? i just. :holds him: son boy.
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elena-fishy · 20 days ago
i have 3 projects due by friday and i have only sort of started all of them can this school year just like. be done please <3
#:| hey guys this isnt funny anymore i wanna go home .#my roommate moved out and i havent interacted w/ another person....since then . i AM losing it <3#i cannot . focus. for the life of me lmaaoo#i have .... 16ish pages done ...#23 more to go ... ish#2 pages on this 6 page paper and idrk know what im saying for it :/#my last paper i handed it i had no clue what i was saying the whole time jakdlfj#like i KNEW what i was saying i just didnt have a super coherent argument? my topicwas WAY too broad?#as is this one? but i think the guidelines for this essay are a little more forgiving so its not AS big of a deal#as long as i engage critically w course material#plus the prof extended the due date til friday which is nice#i just wish! i could focus on what i actually need to do!#and not hyperfixate on like. the one uncomfortable thing i said x amount of time ago#bc my brain is so. Understimulated all the time uHGHhhhHH LET ME GO HOMMEEEE LMAOO#hey can these papers just write themselves <3 please <3#i literally am gonna walk across canada at this point.#someone please throw me some adderall gd.#or ritalin.#ive stayed away from meds for a whole host of reasons for a while now but its moments like there where im like.#hey this isnt funny anymore drug me up please#i just wanna get home to being around People again#and not have to stress about school#im not in a bad mental place or anything its just the past 2 days have been.#🙄🤬🙄🤬🙄🤬🙄🤬!!!!! im OVER IT! 🙄🤬#lmao!!#ellie yodels
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ringpop-poppy · 20 days ago
kuroo and bokuto gives off very 'please sit on my face while you play on your switch' and i think that is very sexy of them
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mr-coral-grimes · 24 days ago
Ok, but like there should be awards given to people who write fanfics and I vote all of them should be given to @xxqueenofdragonsxx
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psychoticpastelprince · 27 days ago
Where are you child? you're a long way from home....
A story that would be too hard to write
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