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#long one
sarcasticallygeniune · 5 minutes ago
I'm about to rant/not make a whole lot of sense for a little bit about HSM:TM:TS, so here's your warning.
I see a lot of people getting mad at Ricky and I get it but also I don't. The thing is, for me, his entire main character flaw is he's opposed to change. He refuses to let anything happen to him or explore new avenues (the only new avenue he explored was theater and that was for Nini not himself). I think that's partly because no one tells him anything pertaining to change? His parents, I think, told him absolutely last minute about their separation (if Ricky's reaction is anything to go by), his dad didn't even tell him enough in advance that they were moving - it looked like he only told Ricky AFTER Ricky asked, and Nini blurted out the fact that she was moving to Denver. And then he doesn't even let himself work through these feelings (it looks like he's bottling a lot up). Now, with all that in consideration, I do understand why he's being so clingy with Nini, she's basically the only constant in his life. Nini never TOLD him if he's suffocating her, she never told or indicated to Ricky in any way that she wasn't happy, so how is Ricky supposed to ascertain that there's something wrong IF THEY WONT COMMUNICATE. There's also the whole thing with Gina. I think that Ricky is purposefully trying to ignore the fact that Gina has feelings for him (which is not a good idea) because he doesn't want major conflict with her - OR BECAUSE HE DOESNT WANT THINGS TO CHANGE. The mainly most horrible thing he did with Gina was the whole "what if we were dating" bit because he at least subconsciously knew she liked him and that was just. Not very tactful. So in conclusion to this part of the post, I do feel like Ricky is getting blamed for quite a bit and I think the only horrible thing he did was the "what if" with Gina and I think that would really be fixed if he let himself see things and stopped bottling everything up.
My next part of this rant was that I kind of resent that most of Ricky's personality is related to his relationship with Ninis? Other than theater and skateboarding he doesn't have any other hobbies. We've never seen what his goals are- he's in junior year so we don't even know which college he's aiming for (if he chooses to attend college). The only goal I've seen with him is that he wants to date Nini.
In a nutshell, what I'm trying to say is that Ricky is getting blamed for a lot of stuff but I think some of the problem is a lack of communication on both parts and that he's bottling a lot up because he doesn't know how to cope and no one's noticing or trying to help? And I also think that the writers could maybe give his character more goals and a life outside his family problems and his relationship.
Sorry for the extremely long rant.
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spacejordy · 8 minutes ago
pups when she’s plush sized is the best time to dress her up, she’s either to sleepy to notice or is to busy playing to realise
yea cuz honestly have y’all dressed a toddler when they’re fully aware???
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barely-nok · 21 minutes ago
Finally got the Ninjago City Gardens set & I want to cry because AS MUCH AS I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCHHHH I'm actually kinda afraid of how many more sets will be in this collection!!
Also, it's like the 6th biggest Lego set of all times with how many pieces it has so I'm just a little bit overwhelmed by how much work this one is going to be!!!
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temqtress · 27 minutes ago
the reason tiff likes glittery / sparkly / bejeweled / sequined clothes is actually because... most of the time her job requires her to wear black, or otherwise plain and boring clothing when she’s casing a building or running similar errands. so the fancy clothes are her way spicing up her life a little bit, since it mostly revolves around work, and also asserting her identity and making sure it doesn’t get lost in the trappings of what her job requires. on her days off, she likes wearing her fancy clothes regardless of whether or not anyone sees her in them, mostly because it makes her feel good, and it helps create a solid boundary between who she is and who she has to be at work. 
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treasureduo · 29 minutes ago
Okay, this is something I felt guilty about for a while, but is it a bad thing that I don't really buy the dehumanisation angle of Techno's character? Like, whenever I see content made by c!techno fansthat discuss his dehumanisation it just feels like they're projecting their own experiences onto him? Which is fair but when you look at the actual text it's always blade well overreacting, especially about the blade thing. IDK maybe somewhere in his back story it's explains it 1/2
IDK maybe i been so dehumanised that anything less than my own experiences doesn't count but if they really were going for the dehumanisation angle I feel like they would have put a larger focus on how it affected techno other than the "IM A PERSON" speech, whihc just feels like a way to guilt tommy who HASNT dehumanised him.
Even if we're talking about the butcher army, which he doesnt seem affected by, that's just furry racism, which is weird to say because, fundy was part of the butcher army, and I'm pretty sure that it's been confirmed that tubbo is a goat boy and quackity has wings, so it would be really weird going the racism angle, Like, I would argue that they're just insulting his appearance which is still shitty but on the same level of dehumanisation as freaking racism
(also I often see people call ONLY quackity furry racist out of the entire butcher army and calling the one guy in the butcher amy who's poc racist just rubs me the wrong way idk) Like, i'm not saying that techno's character hasn't been dehumanised I'm just saying if they were going there it's badly written. (also I would argue that quackity is better characterisation of the affects of dehumanisation is liek due to him reducedto a "flatty patty" by schlatt but hey maybe im just projecting)
Theres a lot here so its hard for me to like. answer properly but i agree w/ u 100%.
Like i openly dont like c!techno but i do say "oh yeah he and c!quack traumatized each other" but hes never been seen as less than human? god forbid people see a fighter as exactly that? a good fighter. like what did he expect when he signed up to fight in a war?
I totally get u anon and yeah its. idk c!techno is not a well thought out character imo bc of cc!techno's want to keep his lore light-hearted. which thats totally fine but it doesnt work especially with how s3 has been going.
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midnight-dome · 39 minutes ago
does belphie canonly like feel upset for what he did to mc?
i mean, we kind of already established that we don't get much (next to nothing) content about what happened in lesson 16 past said lesson.
the closest we get to a conversation - and i'm using this very loosely and generously here - about what happened is when belphie and mc talk in lesson 17. he's asking them how they don't seem to be afraid of him and why that would be the case after everything he put them through.
Tumblr media
when you get three options to pick from, you can choose that you haven't forgiven him and he says that's what he expected. if you choose the option where you say you understand what he did given the situation, he's a bit in disbelief how you can be so kind. if you forgive him, he's saying it's only fitting you have angel blood running through your veins.
so yes, he acknowledges that he did something awful to mc and while never saying it exactly that way, i'm pretty sure he does feel bad. i already talked about it in my belphie post that he believes actions speak louder than words and he does show mc a lot how much they mean to him. the pact you get to make with him is his apology.
TLDR; the devs robbed us, but it's still a yes.
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sookyshima · 47 minutes ago
hi!! can I pls get Adamo Blooms with both jjk or haikyuu (or either!! If not both :’)) pls 🖤 I’m a libra sun, cancer moon, aries rising (if ur into that), an INFP-t, and a type 9 lol basically I’m a super soft and mushy person but I’ve been told I look really intimidating,, but yeah I cry easily and I care immensely for my friends/loved ones. I’m pretty reserved and quiet but I’m not afraid to stick up for myself or others. I’d like to think that I’m really nice and I’m an artist (traditional oil painting !!) but I can b really self critical. also I don’t get mad ever and am really tolerant (prob to a fault),, and I love staying in just as much as a love a good outing!! im always down for either :’) but yeah thank u sm in advance!!!!!! (Also I’m sending my picture in another ask like u said !! :) )🖤🖤🖤
You have chosen to be reborn into ⋆✦⋆ 𝐀𝐃𝐀𝐌𝐎 𝐁𝐋𝐎𝐎𝐌𝐒 ⋆✦⋆
The blossom you had picked began to disintegrate into your reflection and soon, the ripples unveiled a hazy image of your soulmate.
Congratulations! Your soulmate in this life is…
Tumblr media
runner ups: suna rintarou (I actually shipped you with him first and even had the banner reader but I feel like you and mechamaru might be a better match)
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supamarb · 56 minutes ago
hc that rosalina can’t cook for shit and only uses her wand to make food. waluigi can cook incredibly well due to natural talent and working at a lot of resturants in the past. one time he made her a grilled cheese sandwich that was so good the first thing she said after taking a bite was “will you marry me?”which caused him to bite his tongue and slip on the floor and rosalina almost pop a blood vessel trying not to laugh.
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