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#loki x reader soulmate au
tokoyamisstuff · a day ago
Masterlist: Burning Passion
Loki x Reader
Synopsis: The first thing your Soulmate speaks to you is written somewhere on your skin, yet you’re not overly fond of the man that directs those words towards you.
Warnings: Huge amounts of Angst, specific NSFW, Injury, Blood, Violence, Death, Mental Illness
Tumblr media
Noteable: Fem! Reader, Enemies to Lovers, Soulmate AU
Chapter Index
[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3] -  [Part 4] -  [Part 5] -  [Part 6] -  [Part 7] -  [Part 8] - [Part 9] - [Part 10] -  [Part 11]
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squishneedsahero · 2 days ago
Holding Tight
Broken Things to Mend
Part 2 of 1
Word Count: 9746
A soulmate au where you have the first sentence your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body in their handwriting.
A/N: I had a need to do this all in one chapter so I apologize for the length.
Things are more than just a little bit awkward for you to figure out when Loki comes back for you. Firstly is the fact that Thor thought the both of you to be dead, second that Loki had somehow taken over Asgard and was pretending to be his father, third is the fact that you can just... do what you want. You want food? Yes you can have that, as much as you'd like too. You want to just vibe in a dark room, okay, you can do that too.
Out of everything it's probably the fourth thing that's the weirdest, and it's the fact that because Thor is off-world Loki lets you move into the palace with him, keeping some sort of illusion over you as you become healthy. You'd be surprised by how much just being a twig with grey skin masks your real appearance. Like, no one had any idea that you were the Wraith who had been in the dungeon a month ago, it made no sense so you could only agree with Loki that they must be idiots. Loki didn't really tell you much about what it was he was doing as 'king' and you didn't care enough to ask. The cover story he came up with for you was that you were a servant which was confusing but still, you knew nothing better, as far as you were concerned you were living the high life.
With Loki pretending to be his father and you pretending to be a servant the two of you kind of sneak around when you're hanging out together. That also isn't hard to do thanks to Loki's magic, most of the time is spent together in the library. He spends the time to patiently teach you how to read, and you absolutely adored it. You basically absorbed the knowledge held in those pages, taking anything you could get after millennia of knowing nothing about the universe.
You aren't anywhere near ready to do anything serious with Loki. Sure, the two of you had shared a kiss but that was in a moment of passion, relieving fears of having lost a chance with the other. You have your own suite to yourself, that allows you to figure yourself out along with every other thing that you're having to figure out. But, the two of you spend plenty of time together, reading in the library, sitting in the gardens at night and sharing meals in either his or your suite. So, you were becoming yourself. Healthy for the first time in your lifetime, no grayish skin, no longer just a wisp of a form, but how you had been each time you'd been in possession of an infinity stone.
Months pass and you grow close with your soulmate, first you got comfortable enough to hold his hand. Then it became shy kisses, as though you were a child with a crush though he was your soulmate. Eventually the both of you also discovered that from your centuries of isolation you were extremely touch starved, and Loki was as well, but as soon as you had discovered how safe you felt with his arms wrapped around you, you became a leech. That same night you'd started sharing a bed and you never wanted him to let go, every time he had to do anything as Odin you'd complain even if you still let him go.
So, yeah slowly but surely the two of you fell in love, and it was wonderful. For the first time in both of your lives you felt like you had someone you were safe with. You could be yourselves, say what you wanted and not having to worry about the other ever letting go. Pure bliss. Loki was the happiest he had been in his life, he never wanted to leave your side, to the point that he contemplated giving the throne back to Odin and running off with you. The two of you didn't get that chance.
Loki was out at one of his public appearances as Odin, keeping up the act of being king, you didn't like going out during the day so instead you stayed back in the library to read. More than surprised when he came back early, Thor following closely behind him, looking clearly upset.
"Brother what is this, take me to Father. I know he isn't on Asgard, so why have you brought me here?"
"Patience, Thor, I have some things here that I cannot just up and leave."
You look confused as they approach and Thor looks disgruntled until he finally looks up to find Loki's destination. You. His eyes widen and a smile breaks through the upset look he had been sporting, "Wraith! I thought you dead!? It is good to see you!"
Loki stops him from running to you, and instead allows you to stand up and approach them the rest of the way. You offer a small smile to Thor, and say, "my name is actually y/n."
You're close enough that Loki can't exactly stop Thor from pulling you into a hug, which shocks you more than a little bit and puts a sour look on Loki's face. Finally he puts you down and looks at you, setting a hand on your shoulder, "I'm sorry y/n, when Malekith had taken the Aether from you- you seemed dead. I apologize for leaving you on that planet."
You smile a little wider, "it's alright Thor... there was a lot happening, but Loki found me and brought me back here." You pause and glance between the two brothers, "what is it that brings you here?"
"My brother has let me think he was dead and has sent our father off to who knows where, Ragnarok is coming and Odin is needed here."
You nod, somewhat understanding but as said before you didn't ask about what Loki had done as Odin or why he had done it exactly, you just knew they had an extremely strained relationship.
"I am taking Thor to Midgard to find our father, and now with everyone knowing I am not Odin I thought it best if you join us."
"Midgard? Are you sure that is smart?"
"No, it isn't smart but it is the only option to get Thor to leave us alone."
You nod once again, "alright."
Getting to earth was more than a little weird, you held tightly to Loki as you went through the Bifrost and once you're on earth Loki changes into a suit and gives you a cute dress to replace your usual cloak/robe thing since that was a little obvious. You're surprised that the dress isn't as bad as you'd expected, it was a nice black dress, keeping with your usual vibe. Morticia Addams-esque is the only good way to describe it with its long sleeves, floor length skirt and the fit that hugged your body.
Following next to Loki he leads the both of you to a demolished building. "What is this?" Thor asks, still upset.
"I swear, I left him right here."
"Right here in this building or right here in this pile of rubble?"
Loki doesn't get a chance to answer as two girls walk up to Thor and ask to take a picture. By the time Thor is done he's forgotten the question he had asked and Loki didn't want to answer it. Nothing more is able to be said as a ring of sparkles sprouts around you and Loki, then opens up and lets the two of you fall into darkness. Loki quickly wraps his arms around you and puls you close to him.
"What is this?" you ask.
"I do not know, we will soon find out, though I cannot do anything to get us out of here."
You sigh gently, but the darkness and being held close by Loki was much preferred to the glaring sunlight you'd been in moments before. "At least we are together," you say.
This brings Loki back to the moment and he pulls you more tightly against him, "you know, Love, we could have some fun with this since we have nothing else to do."
His smooth voice flows over you and you lean into his chest, "we can kiss," you offer softly, having no desire for anything more.
"That sounds lovely dear," he says and pulls you into a kiss.
So, here's the thing, he kept suggesting things like this and though you knew what it was he was wanting you had no interest in it. Everything was so new to you that he didn't think much about it, but for you the more times he offered the more you realized that it was something you'd never want to do. The concept of it not being normal didn't occur to you, the idea that you should just tell him that didn't occur to you either.
So the two of you kiss for a while and try your best to cuddle as you free fall. Eventually and unexpectedly the two of you stop, crashing onto the floor, Loki taking the brunt of the fall with you landing on top of him. You sit up and find yourself in a somewhat compromising position but you're busy with Thor and the other dark haired man standing above you. You stand up, and Loki quickly follows, looking at the man and drawing some daggers.
"You think yourself a sorcerer? I will teach you to-"
"Okay, goodbye," the man says, and sends all three of you through another one of those golden portals.
You're a bit dizzy so it takes a moment longer to notice the man sitting on a rock over looking the cliff. Odin. You decide to stay back and let the brothers talk with their father, Loki doesn't let you do that though as he takes your hand for support and takes you along with him to see Odin.
"Father?" Thor questions.
Odin doesn't answer and instead says, "look at this place. It's beautiful."
"Father, it's us."
"My sons. I've been waiting for you."
"We've come to take you home."
"Home, yes. Your mother, she calls me. Do you hear it?" Odin responds and you keep your grip on Loki's hand, after all the stories you'd heard from Loki this was hardly how you had expected Odin to react.
"Loki, lift your magic," Thor says turning on his brother.
"Took me quite a while to break free from your spell," Odin stops Thor from punching Loki. "Frigga would have been proud," Odin pauses. "Come, sit with me. I don't have much time."
"I know that we failed you, but we can make this right," Thor says, desperately wanting his father to live.
"I failed you. It is upon us...Ragnarok," Odin says, ignoring Thor's pleas.
"No, I've stopped Ragnarok. I put an end to Surtur."
"No. It has already begun. She's coming," he says mournfully. "My life was all that held her back, but my time has come. I cannot keep her away any longer."
"Father, who are you talking about?"
"The Goddess of Death. Hela. My first born. Your sister," Odin gives the unexpected answer.
"...what?" Thor asks in shock, while Loki's only response is his grip tightening on your hand.
"Her violent appetites grew beyond my control. I couldn't stop her, so I imprisoned her. Locked her away. She draws her strength from Asgard...and once she gets there,  her powers will be limitless."
"Whatever she is, we can stop her. We can face her together."
"No we won't. I'm on a different path now. This you must face alone. I love you my sons," Odin says and with that he turns to a glittering mist that dissipates in the ocean breeze.
"Brother," Loki says, trying to prevent Thor from doing anything rash.
"This was your doing," the blond responds, electricity crackling at his finger tips.
You're ready to step in front of your soulmate to prevent a conflict, but you don't have too. There's a crackling sound behind you and you all turn to see a dark, smoky, portal open and a woman with dark hair and a slightly crazed look in her eye steps through.
"So, he's already gone," she clicks her tongue. "A shame, I would've liked to see that."
Nothing happens for a beat then Thor holds Mjolnir to the sky, calling lightning down which changes him into his armor. In the same moment Loki changes his clothes and yours to his armor and your usual cloak.
"You must be Hela, I'm Thor, son of Odin."
"Really?" The woman asks with a raised eyebrow, "you don't look like him."
"Perhaps we could come to an agreement," Loki steps in.
Hela then turns to him, not even giving you a glance, "you sound like him," she says in disgust. She pauses a beat before saying, "Kneel," another pause, "before your queen."
"I beg your pardon?" Loki questions the same moment that Thor throws his hammer at her.
She catches it. With one hand, something thats supposed to be impossible, and then she does something even more impossible. The hammer begins to quiver in her hand until it slowly shatters.
"Impossible," Thor murmurs.
"Darling, you have no idea what's possible."
"Heimdall! Open the Bifrost!" Loki shouts, wanting to get you to safety. Unfortunately he ignores Thor's protests to not do so but his arms are around you as you're once again sucked up into the Bifrost.
You think you're safe for a moment then you look below you and theres Hela, quickly growing closer until you goes to grab your ankle. Luckily you're able to turn partially to mist and avoid her, but Loki isn't so lucky. She gets ahold of his ankle and sends the both of you through the wall of the Bifrost and out into space.
Luckily, you were able to survive in the void of space, it was a wraith's natural environment after all. Not so luckily, Loki can't, for long at least. You pull him into your chest and look out into space, desperately searching for a nearby planet you can take him too.
"Y/n," you hear him speak in your mind, "Love, do not worry so much, I am able to breathe right here, your touch is keeping me alive."
You allow your shoulders to drop, the stress and tension leaving leaving you. You kiss the top of his head, "okay, darling, you hold onto me and I will get us out of here." Knowing that your soulmate won't die in your arms this day calms you, and from here you're able to take your time with finding a planet as Loki holds to you.
Well, you don't exactly find a planet right away. Instead you take him through a wormhole that is nearby. Why you do this you aren't sure but when you saw it, it seemed to call to you, its energy attracting you like a moth to a light.
It spits the both of you out on a planet covered in junk, where Loki is able to breathe. It's lucky that he can breathe because you had absorbed the energy of the wormhole, shielding him from it, and promptly passing out. In turn he shields you from the fall, and giving you a chance to wake up.
When you open your eyes you're on the ground, still in his arms. He gives you a gentle kiss when your eyes flutter open, "hello love, you did brilliantly back there."
"I am just glad I was able to keep you alive, I didn't know I was able to do that," you respond gently as you begin looking around. The planet is covered in junk, old ships, random things from different planets and different species of aliens. Something is off though, a ship quickly lands alongside both of you and someone steps out. Actually a few someones.
"Are you fighters, or food?"
"Neither," you answer.
"Then food it is," and they say as they ready their weapons.
You shake you head, "I just pulled us out of the void of space, got aren't going to kill us after I put in that much work."
Loki offers his hand to you in support but is willing to let you handle this. You'd only fought under the influence of the infinity stones before this, he was curious as to what your abilities were like on your own.
You don't know what you're doing, but you follow your gut instinct with it. Outstretching your hands, in front of you and towards the ground. Your skin grays for a moment as mist begins flowing from your fingertips. It goes slow, until it doesn't in a sudden blast it  shoots out around you in a wall, knocking all of them down and out. You then look at your soulmate then at the ship which had landed by the both of you, "shall we?" You ask with a smile, learning about the universe with Loki as your teacher probably wasn't the best thing for the safety of those around you but it worked.
"That was amazing, beautiful," Loki says and leads the way onto the ship, and takes the controls. It doesn't take the both of you long to find the main city on the planet and of course Loki takes it upon himself to find the most important building with the most important people.
The leader of the planet is a man who calls himself the Grand Master and Loki easily sweet talks his way into the man's favor. He gives you both a place to stay, and invites you to the extravagant parties he throws. For the first time they two of you aren't having to sneak around the public eye with your relationship and that means Loki takes you on real dates.
Sakaar is a weird place, so the dates are weird. You spend most of the time dragging him around to see new things you hadn't seen before. He finds it endearing, you're especially cute when you're learning new things. The way your eyes would light up like a child's, your smile covering your face, you were gorgeous.
The parties are glamorous, and you hate them at least a little bit, they're so crowded and and everyone is drinking and it's just a bit overwhelming. But they're something Loki enjoys and he always keeps you close so it isn't as bad as it could be. He teaches you how to dance, the two of you holding one another closely and moving in sync to the various songs the Grand Master plays.
"The two of you will absolutely love the contest of champions. The fighting, the maiming it's just wonderful. I cannot wait for the two of you see my wonderful champion he's absolutely terrifying," the Grandmaster says to the both of you one day.
"Yes, I've heard of your famous contest of champions I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful when we are finally able to watch," Loki placates the man so that he will leave the both of you alone. You hated him more than a little bit, he was always hitting on you despite the fact Loki was right there. Granted he was also hitting on Loki while you were beside him, and suggesting something called a threesome that you had the feeling you didn't want to learn more about.
Fortunately Grandmaster leaves, distracted by something else, leaving you to take a seat next to Loki. "How long do we have to stay here?" You ask softly.
"We don't have to put up with him for much longer, just until I get the codes to access his ships then we can steal one and get our of here," he says softly in your ear and allows his hand to caress your thigh.
"Good, cause I can't stand him... and it would probably be good to get back to Asgard and help your people not be killed by your sister."
You can feel Loki roll his eyes, "you're still stuck on that?"
"Yeah, I am, and you aren't changing my mind cause I quite like helping people. It's much nicer than trying to obliterate an entire planet."
"Alright, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to change your mind," he sighs. "Imagine, we could find another planet and rule over it together, you at my side as my queen. The Asgardians would never allow me to go back to being their leader."
"No, they wouldn't, but that's probably because you lied to them about being Odin," you respond with a sassy smirk. "Plus, maybe if you helped them they'd forgive you for that."
He gently pets the top of your head, "darling," he starts but you cut him off by placing a gentle kiss on his lips. You know if you let him keep going he'd just continue to demean himself, and you didn't want that.
His hands move to grasp your hips as he pulls you onto his lap and deepens the kiss. You lean back to look at him and softly say, "would you like to go back to our room?" You pause for a moment before continuing, "I have something I want to tell you."
His expression changes from something more lustful to his neutral mask to hide his confusion at your shift. Nevertheless he doesn't miss a beat as he says, "of course." He gets up with you and leads the both of you back to the suite the Grandmaster had provided.
Once there you pull him after you to the bed, where you sit next to him. "You know, I like to kiss and cuddle you."
"I do?" He says, allowing an eyebrow to raise.
"Yeah, but I wanted to tell you that I love you. I also wanted to tell you that," you pause attempting to make sure you find the right words, "well, when you keep offering to have the sex I don't want too," you end with a shrug.
Loki takes a moment to process your words before he says anything. "So you are asexual?" He asks gently.
"I am A-sexual?" You ask, confused by the words he had just said.
He smiles at you endearingly as he remembers that you don't know as much as he does. "Yes, asexual," he confirms while taking your hand. "It means that you do not feel sexual attraction, so you do not want to have sex," he explains to you.
You pause for a moment before responding, "yeah," you nod, "that's it. I'm asexual." A smile comes across your face as you say this, not having a single clue how this might be a bigger deal for many other beings.
Loki smiles at you, "thank you for telling me, love. I very much enjoy kissing and cuddling you as well, and we do not need to do anything more if you don't want too."
You put your arms around his shoulders and give him a kiss, "I love you." You pause for a moment and tilt your head, "why is it that you are acting so oddly about this?"
Loki caresses your cheek, "well, for many other beings it can be a big deal. For me it isn't a big deal, on Asgard such things are common, as for why I am acting oddly is because I wasn't expecting this and I am just taking a moment to process this, but I know that it doesn't change the love I feel for you in any way."
You squeeze his hand and take a moment to think before determining, "it shouldn't be a big deal. It is just how I feel and you are my soulmate do I thought I should tell you."
"I agree, it shouldn't be a big deal and for most it isn't but for some reason Midgardians frequently and confusingly get very caught up on the subject. For instance if they knew on occasion I prefer to present myself as a female there would be a riot," he says and pulls you into a hug.
"That's absurd," you say as you muse over this information. The rest of that day is spent with you and your love discussing the complexities of the universe and how some creatures can be so close minded. There's also plenty of cuddling, and kissing, it's very enjoyable.
The Grandmaster seems to have parties everyday so the next day the two of you find yourselves out and about. For once you choose to wear a dress with shorter sleeves, showing your soul mark and having confidence in yourself for once. It's alright that your arm has the word "Useless" on it, it didn't batter because it was a reminder of how far you and Loki had come with one another.
You feel Grandmaster's eyes on you as you enter, and you also feel Loki's arm wrap around you and hold you to his side. This gives you some confidence as you go with him to get some drinks and take a seat on a couch. Your peace doesn't last long though as Grandmaster comes over and begins to flirt with both of you.
You squeeze Loki's hand and let him do the talking. The being in front of you is on your nerves and probably has a higher dose of pissing you off than is healthy or doctor recommended. Luckily he isn't able to stick around as his assistant comes up and says one of his scrappers is in need of a meeting with him.
You lean against Loki once the other man is gone, "are you sure that we need his codes to leave this place?"
"No," Loki answers honestly.
You look at him, "okay then let's leave."
He gently rolls his eyes, "later, today I'm still trying to convince you to stay here with me."
You pout and kiss his cheek, "okay, but it's not happening."
Before Loki can respond to you the both of you hear a voice to your side, "Loki! Loki!" It is an attempt at a whisper, a very poor attempt but it gets your attention.
The both of you turn and look, seeing none other than Thor stuck in one of the Grandmaster's prison chairs. Without thinking the both of you are on your feet and at his side. "What are you doing here?" Loki hisses at his brother.
"This man who calls himself the Grandmaster has taken me hostage, says I have to fight for him- you both must help me get out of here-"
You and Loki share a look before he says, "no, we've made friends with the Grandmaster we cannot sacrifice our position now."
You and Thor both open your mouths and there's a few moments of awkward babbling as you try to figure out who will speak. It's decided for you both when Grandmaster shows up right behind the both of you and asks, "what you talking about here?"
There's another few awkward moments as they all try and cover and get him to leave you alone. Eventually he does but it's after Thor is sent away and Loki somehow gets him to leave the two of you alone so he can drag you off to your room instead of letting you go after Thor.
"I suppose there is even less of a chance for us to stay here now?"
"Yeah," you say and give him a sweet kiss. "I don't want to stay here, if you don't want to help you don't have too. But I'm getting Thor out then I'll go help free Asgard and you find us a nice place to live and I'll come find you."
He rolls his eyes, "very well, but can we not worry about it until morning?"
You look at him before shrugging, "fine, as long as you hold me." You give in on this, knowing nothing more is going to be done today or you'd end up killing Grandmaster.
The next day Loki isn't very helpful with trying to figure out where Thor is. By the time you make some progress the Grandmaster announces that he contest of champions will be happening that evening.
Once the man is gone you turn on Loki, "that's your brother being a dumbass isn't it?! And I'm guessing you knew which is why you've been less than helpful." He doesn't answer which I'm and of itself is an answer. "I'm leaving," you say turning away from him walking towards the door. "I'll be back later, don't follow me I need some time to stop being mad at you."
The door closes behind you and you just walk, out onto the streets leaving the building. You can take care of yourself anyways, plus the fact that he hadn't just said 'hey I don't want to help find Thor' instead of pretending to be helpful all day. Like sure, you could see through his magic and could tell most of the time when he was lying since he was the only one you'd ever had a real conversation with. Like, Loki, just say that, sure you'll be upset but it's preferable to you straight up faking wanting to help all day.
You're so upset that before you even make it out of the building you bump into a woman you'd seen around before. "Sorry," you mutter and go to keep walking.
She catches your arm and looks at you, "what are you?" She asks, as politely as possible.
It's at that point you realize your black mist is currently rolling off of you due to your emotions. "I'm y/n," you say.
"Uhm okay, I'm scrapper 142, but that doesn't tell me why you're," she looks you up and down, "dissolving."
You pause, "You're scrapper 142? Do you know where I could find the blond man you brought to the Grandmaster yesterday?"
"He's in the lock up." She looks over you again, and you realize she's checking you out, "but there's no privacy down there so you'll hardly be able to get your way with him, plus he's property of the Grandmaster so you'd just have to ask if you wanted him."
It takes you a moment to catch on, visibly wincing and gagging a little. "Ew. No. Gross. He's just a friend and his brother is being less than helpful with helping me to find him." She doesn't need to know more so with that you scurry off after a hurried thank you.
You're able to find Thor in an area that seems to be a bar. Well, he isn't in the bar he's in the room that is blocked off from the bar with a huge glass wall. He has a different haircut so it takes you a moment but you spot him and make a beeline over there. "Thor, what are you doing?"
"Ah, Wraith- I mean y/n," he corrects when you shoot him a glare, "it is the only way to get my freedom from this place. It is easy I will beat the Grandmaster's champion and be free."
You shake your head, "Thor, this is serious no one has ever survived the champion. I haven't seen his strength but the delight Grandmaster takes in his fighting doesn't mean anything good. You have to call it off, Loki and I are working on a way off of this planet-"
"Is that what he's telling you?" Thor asks with a face filled with sympathy.
"No that's what I'm telling him. I refuse to stay on the god forsaken planet a moment longer than I have too. I have also determined I will be helping you get back to Asgard. Loki doesn't want too but I cannot stand by when I can do something. I have a chance to redeem myself from the lies Loki has told them."
Thor presses his hand against the glass and says, "that is honorable y/n, how you are my brother's soulmate I haven't a clue."
You let out a gentle laugh and rest your hand on the opposite side of the glass from his, "I do not either, but I love him even if he is an idiot for thinking no one on that planet has place in their hearts for forgiveness." You pause and look around, "I should get going, I told Loki I would return on time for the fight. You make it out of this and I'll be sure you make it off this planet."
"Thank you," Thor pauses momentarily, "sister." The term of endearment sends a smile across your face as you nod and leave, finding your way back to the room you shared with Loki.
Once you arrive back to your suite you're in a much better mood, of course Loki picks up on this and asks, "so you found him?"
"Yeah, I found him," you say and plop on the bed next to him. "I'm assuming Grandmaster is expecting us to sit with him during the fight?"
"Yes," Loki says, his tone a bit cold. Why do you care so much about Thor? You hardly know him and yet you're willing to sacrifice living in this place with him, Loki, your soulmate, to help.
You turn your head to look at him, catching the slight inflection of his voice. "Loki, I love you and I know you know I'm telling the truth. You're the god of lies, you'd know in an instant if I was hiding anything." You pause and turn to gently take his hands. "I just want to make up for the horrors I committed under Thanos, the people I killed-" you take a shaky breath, getting emotional as you always do when talking of your time serving Thanos.
Loki removes a hand from yours to cup your cheek and make you face him. "Darling," he says gently, "that was all Thanos, not you."
You smile gently at him, "I know it was, but that doesn't change the fact that I helped and feel grief over doing so." You pause, picking your wording carefully, "when I know I can help and have the chance, I can't not take it. I spent millennia locked up without purpose besides being a bargaining chip. Protecting innocents from going through anything similar to what I did allows me to feel more value in myself... and if you gave it the chance I think it would do the same for you."
Loki shakes his head when you change the subject to him, "love, I am a monster in their eyes, irredeemable even if you think you can see good in me-"
You shut him up with a kiss. "Loki, I know I see good in you. You are my soulmate and we know each other better than anyone else in this universe. I cannot force you to help, and that is alright, but I have made my choice and you cannot force me to not help. All I can offer you is my support in making your own choice with this, and all I ask is that you do the same for me."
He stays silent, knowing you were right and that he had been being unfair to you. You pull him into another kiss and say, "now come, we are going to go watch your brother fight this champion Grandmaster will not stop boasting of."
With that you stand and move to change into an armored gown. It had a flowy skirt and and armored chest plate/ corset. It was impractical but offered more protection than anything else you had and seeing as you planned to keep Thor from dying you'd most likely need it.
You link your arm with your Love's and walk with him to the Grandmaster's sitting area for this fight. There's a small warm up fight before he announces Thor. Then as he began to announce his champion the crowd roared. Their volume drowning out the words Grandmaster says and presumably the crash when the stadium door comes crashing in, flying straight at Thor.
Your eye go straight to Thor, watching to see if he was hurt. He of course dodged without issue but his reaction to his opponent catches you and everyone else off guard.
"Yeeeessssss!" He shouts, silencing the crowd with his excitement.
You feel Loki's hand grip yours more tightly and you turn to look at who Thor would be fighting.
This was either good or very bad. It's quickly decided bad when Thor shouts that he is a friend from work and Hulk in turn sends him flying across the stadium. They both use all of their power to bring the other down, leading to an intense but short fight.
It seems Thor is going to win, until Grandmaster leans forward in his seat and Thor collapses to the ground. Hulk jumps, high above the walls of the stadium and goes back down to smash Thor. Your hand is shaking in Loki's as Thor's body is dragged off.
"Is he dead?" You ask Grandmaster, trying to keep your tone neutral.
"No, no of course not. It is more entertaining to have a challenger who can put up a fight with my Champion," he pauses to raise an eyebrow at you, "why? Are you worried?"
You shake your head, "no, I was just curious. He was going strong and collapsed so suddenly it made no sense."
You and Loki stick around for the after party. Drinking and dancing, you trying to assure him that you do love him even if you're too stubborn to budge on the fact that you're going to help Asgard. It's a long fun night, probably the most fun you've had on Sakaar.
The two of you sleep in until noon when you're awoken by a summons from Grandmaster. You and Loki are met by Scrapper 142 at the door and all three of you enter together.
Okay, so Thor escaped... with Hulk, and Grandmaster wanted the three of you to find them. Like somehow turns it into a competition and once again you're ticked off by him and just walk away once you're out the door. He and the scrapper can compete in finding Thor, you're just going to find him and help.
By the time you make it outside the people have flooded the streets and are celebrating in an attempt to draw out Hulk. You're able to find him before anyone else can though, and that is due to one simple thing. You know what he looks like when he isn't Hulk.
You approach the nervous looking man and set a hand on his shoulder, which makes him jump and you ask, "where's Thor?"
Fear overcomes him and he points behind you. You turn and see Thor with a dumb rag over his head, "Thor what are you doing?"
"I am in disguise," he responds.
You can only shake your head, "okay- how are we getting out of here?"
Your conversation is interrupted by Scrapper 142 coming up behind you. "What are you guys doing? It's really annoying having the Grandmaster threaten my love over your idiotic ideas."
You raise an eyebrow, "Where's Loki?"
"Loki?" Bruce asks.
"Why do you care? You and I are the ones who found them first." You shake it off, and she says, "come on I have somewhere we can hide."
Bruce speaks up, "who is she? She's beautiful, what are those things by her eyes? Are they people she's killed?"
The scrapper turns to him and says, "I feel like I know you."
"I feel like I know you as well."
The Scrapper is introduced by Thor as Valkyrie and she takes you back to her apartment.
"I have a peace offering," she states as she opens the door and sitting there tied up is Loki. You laugh at the sight of him.
Bruce looks between the two of you then to Thor, "are you sure it is a good idea to have them here? Can they be trusted?"
Thor throws something at Loki's head and it bounces off, then answers Bruce. "Yes, y/n has promised to help-"
You cut in, "Look, I'm here to help. I could tell you my entire sob story in an attempt to get you to trust me but that would take too long. Let's just say Thor trusts me, I helped him defeat the Dark Elves and I was manipulated into doing what I did to earth and I feel bad about it so I'm trying to help."
Bruce doesn't have anything to say to that, so he turns to Loki, "and what about you? Are you planning on killing us?"
"It varies from moment to moment," Loki responds ominously.
"He's not going to kill anyone," you say with a pointed look at him, to which he just rolls his eyes, knowing you're right.
"You really think you can control that psychopath?" Bruce asks in confusion.
Now you look at Bruce with a dead panned look, the look that you got when you were legitimately upset, complete calm before a storm. "Control him, no. Reason with him, yes." Thor steps in between you and Bruce, and you sigh at him before shaking your head and stepping back.
"Y/n may want to help us and my brother may be restrained but I suggest you watch your words Bruce."
"Why's that?" Bruce looks between the two of you carefully, slowly putting the pieces together.
"Soulmates," Thor says softly.
"Wait, the two of you are soulmates and you are completely fine with me tying him up?" Valkyrie speaks up.
"Not necessarily fine with it, but I'm somewhat annoyed with him at the moment so I'll leave him."
"Thank you Love," Loki says and you can hear him roll his eyes.
"You're very welcome, darling," you say as you stride over and stand behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
"So, to get out of here you'll have to go through one of the wormholes and in 12- 18 months you'll arrive in Asgard," Valkyrie says.
"No, we're going through the big one," Thor says and points out the window.
"The Devil's Anus?" Valkyrie asks irrediculously.
"I did not know it was called that when I chose it."
Bruce looks at the dark shape in the sky to which Thor had gestured and began analyzing it.
"My ship won't hold up going through that, we're going to have to steal one of the Grandmaster's and that'll need a distraction," Valkyrie says.
"You could always bring out the beast," Loki says unhelpfully
"You guys have a beast?" Valkyrie laughs.
"Loki, didn't you get those codes from Grandmaster? The ones to access his ships?" you ask.
"Yes," he says glaring at you over his shoulder, "I don't remember telling you I got them though."
"Just a guess with how helpful you've been the last few days," you respond and try to placate him with a kiss on the cheek. Then you turn back to the others, "Okay, then we can get a ship and go from there."
Now you look at Bruce with a dead panned look, the look that you got when you were legitimately upset, complete calm before a storm. "Control him, no. Reason with him, yes." Thor steps in between you and Bruce, and you sigh at him before shaking your head and stepping back.
"Y/n may want to help us and my brother may be restrained but I suggest you watch your words Bruce."
"Why's that?" Bruce looks between the two of you carefully, slowly putting the pieces together.
"Soulmates," Thor says softly.
"Wait, the two of you are soulmates and you are completely fine with me tying him up?" Valkyrie speaks up.
"Not necessarily fine with it, but I'm somewhat annoyed with him at the moment so I'll leave him."
"Thank you Love," Loki says and you can hear him roll his eyes.
"You're very welcome, darling," you say as you stride over and stand behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
"So, to get out of here you'll have to go through one of the wormholes and in 12- 18 months you'll arrive in Asgard," Valkyrie says.
"No, we're going through the big one," Thor says and points out the window.
"The Devil's Anus?" Valkyrie asks irrediculously.
"I did not know it was called that when I chose it."
Bruce looks at the dark shape in the sky to which Thor had gestured and began analyzing it.
"My ship won't hold up going through that, we're going to have to steal one of the Grandmaster's and that'll need a distraction," Valkyrie says.
"You could always bring out the beast," Loki says unhelpfully
"You guys have a beast?" Valkyrie laughs.
"Loki, didn't you get those codes from Grandmaster? The ones to access his ships?" you ask.
"Yes," he says glaring at you over his shoulder, "I don't remember telling you I got them though."
"Just a guess with how helpful you've been the last few days," you respond and try to placate him with a kiss on the cheek. Then you turn back to the others, "Okay, then we can get a ship and go from there."
The five of you part ways, you going with Bruce and Valkyrie while Loki goes with Thor. Nothing ever goes smoothly but things go as always. Valkyrie pilots her ship through the air and at this point Grandmaster has caught on that you're aiding Bruce and Thor and not finding them. So, you're flying around the city as she makes a distraction while waiting for Thor to show up.
As for you, you're hopeful that Loki will join you but not holding tightly to the thought. He didn't want to and just as he wouldn't change your mind you doubted you'd change his. Things in the air quickly grow messy, there's too many ships after you for Valkyrie to be able to shoot them all down. They're slowly but surely overwhelming her despite her extraordinary piloting skills.
There's that gut feeling again, you know the one when you have no idea what you're doing but know you can be doing more to help. The one that drew you towards that wormhole a few weeks ago. The one that had you pull Loki into your chest and save his life.
You don't take time to think about it before you're jumping off the ship, arms spread wide. Somewhere above you you can hear Bruce shouting at Valkyrie that you'd just jumped, but that doesn't matter. The wind whips your clothes around you and it feels amazing being in this free fall.
Free fall.
You're free falling.
Towards the ground.
At an incredible speed.
You don't know how to stop yourself.
The ground is approaching quickly and you're beginning to be able to pick individuals out of the crowd below you... Maybe you should stop listening to that gut feeling when you have other options. Yeah, you weren't making it out of this one, you close your eyes for impact.
You close your eyes for impact but the impact never comes. Slowly you convince yourself to open your eyes and when you do you're laying on the ground, black mist swirling around you. Okay... so you fell but didn't make impact... your hands are shaking as you you get yourself up and look to the sky.
There's many ships flying over your head zooming past and splitting off to try and catch Valkyrie and presumably Thor. You need to get back up there... so far that instinct hasn't lead you wrong. After all, you're still alive after jumping off that ship.
As you stand staring at the sky the black mist is rolling off of you in waves. The mist had always been a defense mechanism, you'd spent most of your life basically made out of the stuff and now that it seemed to be able to do more than just keep you alive.
As you continue to focus on the air the mist begins to spiral towards the sky, aiming towards the ships zooming past. You glance down at your feet and see that they're gone. As you look your ankles slowly dissolve into the mist and begin drifting towards the sky.
The mist is you.
You are the mist.
The spiraling mist overtakes you and you are able to fly towards the sky. As you focus you're able to move faster and faster, sending yourself rocketing towards and through one of the ships, sending it spinning towards the ground. It felt freeing. This was what you were meant to be.
You begin taking out other ships, protecting your friends. The ship Thor is piloting is obvious as it's the only other one being chased besides Valkyrie's. Bruce is shot up from Valkyrie's ship and into the other then a few moments later Thor jumps out and begins leaping from ship to ship sending them flying towards the ground.
Everything is flying everywhere. It's overwhelming. Then add on top of that Thor gets back on the ship you'd be taking to Asgard and fireworks go off as some music plays from speakers as Grandmaster's voice echos, "It's my birthday," I'm a sing song voice. It's horrible but it causes Grandmaster's right hand crashing into a building.
Valkyrie is the next one to board the ship and now that the sky were cleared you could as well. Sending your misty body into the ship where you are then able to materialize.
"Now that we're on the same side can I know what you are and why smoke is flying off of you?" Valkyrie asks.
"I don't know, all I k is is that I'm a Wraith by my name is y/n so just call me that."
"Buckle up everyone, we're about to enter the devil's anus," Bruce says from the pilots chair. Valkyrie takes a seat in the copilots chair and you and Thor brace yourselves on the doorframe. The ship begins to quiver as you enter the wormhole, you brace yourself and try to take the brunt of the energy but it doesn't work super well because this one is a lot more powerful than what you had been expecting.
Everything goes black.
You're lying on the floor when you come around again. Everyone else is already awake which tells you you had done some good in shielding them. When you stand up and look out the window there's a beautiful planet, waterfalls flowing off all the sides and a giant bridge extending to one of the edges.
Well, it would be a beautiful planet if it wasn't currently up in flames.
"There's heat signatures up in the mountains. That's where the people are and Hela is going right for them."
"Drop me off at the palace, I will distract her and the rest of you get the people out of here," Thor says.
"How are we going to do that?" You ask.
"I have a man on the ground," Thor responds.
"I'll go start helping them get to the Bifrost, the rest of you can do your thing," you say as you jump off the ship yet again. This time you will yourself to dissolve and fly towards the peak of the mountains where you land.
Okay, so they're in the mountain. You begin looking around for an entrance but instead you find yourself face to face with Heimdal.
"Y/n," he inclines his head.
"You want to lead the way? I'll bring up the rear, Thor is distracting Hela at the palace," you say, forgetting that he can see everything. The next thing that happens is an earthquake and lightning striking the palace.
"Asgard!" Heimdal announces loudly, "to the Bifrost." With that all of you quickly move down the mountain and to the rainbow bridge. As you are finally stepping on the bridge behind the people of Asgard loud noises draw your attention away. An army more ugly than the Chitauri coming up behind you.
"Go! Get out of here!" You say and begin turning yourself to mist, flowing in and through them, taking them down. But there's too many of them, and they push you back, further onto the bridge and into the crowd.
They've stopped moving, you turn to see why. And of course things only get worse. There's a giant wolf at the other end of the bridge. Then even worse as Bruce falls from the ship, that Valkyrie is piloting, and his limp body bounces on the bridge.
You turn your attention back to the immediate threat you could protect the people from. The army of undead warriors. The mist thing isn't working very well so you turn and take a sword from one of the nearby Asgardians.
You swing the sword at the enemy and thing you cut through one but no, you had totally missed. The monster you'd swung at grabs the blade of the sword you were holding and wrenches it out of your hands before chucking it off the side of the bridge. You hear Hulk roar behind you and the bridge shakes underneath you, as he throws the wolf off the bridge.
You step towards the monster and begin trying to fight them off. How had you fought before? The infinity stones had clouded your mind. You had no idea what you'd actually done only that you had done it.
Okay, what do you have? You have the ability to turn to mist. You can survive the void of space and keep others alive there too. You can absorb and contain the energy from infinity stones. You're powerful and were able to fight all of the Avengers at once. You can take out a few mindless zombies.
You throw your arms out and release a wave of mist, throwing a ton of them off the bridge, giving yourself a moment to think. You were tiring out quickly, already tired from your previous fight. That's when the idea comes over you.
Something had brought these things into being. Some sort of power, you begin to focus on the closest of all of them. A tendril of mist extends towards them and slowly lifts them off the ground.
You can feel the energy draining from them, all of that power flowing into you. When he goes limp you finally release your grip before moving onto the next one. As you figure it out you're able to begin moving faster and taking the energy from more and more of them at once.
The wolf has stopped shaking the bridge but you can still hear them fighting. Valkyrie's ship had crashed into the bridge and fireworks shooting into the sky. Things aren't looking good despite the fact that you're now taking the creatures down in droves.
Lightning is flashing and the entire planet is shaking. All of you are cornered onto the bridge that is beginning to crumble under you. There's five million things happening at once and you're overwhelmed, maybe you shouldn't have left Loki thinking you were upset with him.
"Your savior is here!" A voice cuts through the noise and you turn to see Loki. The sight of him captures your attention, he had come on a giant ship to rescue his people. His battle armor shines in the light and you can see him look at you.
His eyes widen and you can see him shout something at you, but before you have a chance to figure out what he's saying you go flying off the side of the bridge into the water below. The wind is knocked out of you and your vision goes blurry. You make yourself focus enough to drag yourself out of the water, sputtering as you do so.
Despite having absorbed that energy you were still too tired to turn into mist and get yourself back up there. You're floating on the top of the water as you see Thor come flying lighting lashing out from him as he does. Things are turning in your favor but Hela is still too much for all of you.
The waves from Hulk and the wolf begin tossing you around and you find yourself sinking back under the water, your vision blotchy. It begins to make sense, you hadn't fully absorbed the energy, you'd merely sucked the energy from them but hadn't taken it into yourself. It's as you begin to black out that you feel some arms wrap around you and you see Loki's face come into view.
With that you're able to let yourself relax and close your eyes. No, it's not a good idea but you physically can't keep them open any more so you might as well relax about it.
When you come too, you're in Loki's arms. "Lo?" You ask groggily.
"Yes, I have you darling," he says and slowly lets you stand on the ground, though his arms stay around your waist to steady you. He looks back up out the window and you follow his gaze just to see a giant thrusting his sword deep into the ground of Asgard.
You look at him before turning back, just to see the planet implode. "Loki?" You ask worriedly.
"It is alright Love, as Thor said Asgard is not a place it's a people."
"But you came back," you say and turn in his arms. "I knew you had it in you to be the hero," you say proudly.
"I couldn't very well leave my soulmate to fight my sister on her own," he says in a soft voice and you absolutely melt. No matter the differences of opinion the both of you had on helping and not helping he fully had your heart.
"I love you," you say and give him a kiss. "Let's get your people to somewhere safe then we can run away together, I've always wanted to see the galaxy."
Loki rests his hands on your hips and kisses you deeply, "I'd love nothing more than to spend eternity with you and show you the beauties the universe has to offer."
Everything is perfect right there in that moment. You're safe in the arms of your love, Loki, and he's safe in your arms. It's wonderful, so wonderful you kiss him again and when a shadow blocks out the light through the window it doesn't even matter enough for you to look up.
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squishneedsahero · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
This would be why I haven’t released anything new in the last week... I might break it into two parts cause I’m maybe halfway through 🥴
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klinenovakwinchester · 6 days ago
unrequited (Loki x Stark!Fem!Reader) -- one shot
I watched Loki ep 2 and had to literally talk with @chelseyjoyce​ abt it because WHAT WAS THAT so anywho here’s an angsty one shot out of spite :))
(This is one of those WIPs I mentioned hehe)
Summary: You finally see color when you meet your soulmate, Loki, but it doesn’t end in happily ever after like everyone says it does.
Warnings: literally all angst. Loki is an asshole, full stop (sorryyy)
Loki Masterlist || Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Midgard fades into nothingness as Thor and Loki return to Asgard.
“You broke her heart, you know,” Thor said after a while.
“I know,” Loki replied, quietly.
“You’re not going to try to fix it?”
“How can I?”
24 Hours Earlier
“Dad! Look at this! I finally got it to connect, watch!”
Tony watched in awe as you showed him your newest invention. He never thought his daughter would turn out just like him, but you’re a spitting image. Intelligence, wit, colorblindness and all.
The latter you’re less happy about. You hate it, actually, but you never talk about it. Your dad tried for a few years to invent glasses that would help you see color, but they never worked. You’d get glimpses of dull colors that would fade completely within a few seconds.
After the third try, you told him (quite impolitely, you’ll admit) to stop.
That was just a few months ago, and now he’s never seen you happier. You’ve thrown yourself into your work, and this is the quickest you’ve ever completed something.
“That’s awesome, munchkin,” Tony laughed. “Gimme five!”
You smacked his hand with yours, grinning wide. “I’m sure some improvements can be made—”
“Ah, ah, ah, what did we say about respecting our work?”
You rolled your eyes. “What should I improve?”
He sighed. “Alright, fine, but later. We’ve got a couple people stopping by, so I need to see them first.”
“Ooh, are they friends?”
“Kind of?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You laughed, tossing your arms up. “Can I meet them?”
Tony shrugged. “Sure, why not, come on.”
You followed your dad out of the lab and into the elevator, then down a few floors. You usually tried to avoid the elevator at all costs. Everything looked so beautiful through the glass that your chest just ached with want. Why did you have be cursed like this? It wasn’t fair.
You’ve tried to be grateful, knowing that one day you’ll meet your soulmate and the colors will come back and it’ll all be right again.
But you’re getting older. And losing hope.
“What are their names?” You asked idly.
“Thor and Loki.”
“What?!” You yelled, not expecting to hear those two names. “Why didn’t you tell me they were coming?”
“You know them?”
“No! Yes, kind of, I know of them.”
Tony rolled his eyes, the same exact expression you got from him. “They’re just picking something up. Something top secret, so don’t ask.”
“Wasn’t going to.” You so were.
You were busy with fixing a drink when the elevator opened again, and this time the two brothers stepped out. You turned around when you heard your dad greet them, and that’s when it happened.
You dropped the glass from your hand, your eyes wide as color painted everything around you. Bright blue everywhere — is that really Dad’s favorite color? Thor was wearing red and Loki was in a dark green— Loki.
Oh, this is bad. Or is it good? The death glare Loki was shooting your way told you it was bad, very bad.
“What the hell?” Tony said, waving his hands. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you replied, gaining your composure. “Sorry. Got a little starstruck I guess. Sorry…”
Tony sighed. “Okay, where you step. I’m sure Thor won’t care if you take a selfie with him in a minute,” he teased.
Thor smiled. “I like taking selfies.”
You swallowed thickly, blinking slowly, the color nauseating you. Loki looked everywhere but you. And you wanted to be anywhere but here.
“No thanks,” you murmured. “I’m just gonna go back to the lab, sorry— Sorry about the glass.”
You stumbled around, looking like a newborn deer as you rushed toward the stairs, throwing the door open and practically jumping down the entire flight.
You made it to your room before you nearly collapsed. Heaving, coughing, sobbing. You threw yourself on your bed and screamed into the nearest pillow until your throat was sore, and then you did it again. And again.
After you exhausted yourself to the point of delirium, you turned over on your back, grimacing at the color choices you made. When you didn’t see color, you based things on texture or what shade of grey they were. Now you’re realizing that your favorite shade of grey isn’t your favorite color, after all.
You closed your eyes to get away from it, and when you opened them again, a few hours had passed, but the colors had not.
So it really is Loki.
But he wanted nothing to do with you. He glared at you and then looked anywhere but you. Thor at least smiled at you. Why couldn’t it be Thor?
It’s Loki.
You almost smacked your own head in annoyance. You didn’t need the reminder. You understood loud and clear the first time.
There was absolutely no way that your dad could find out about this. Thor already had his soulmate, so you couldn’t even lie and say it was Thor. It was definitely Loki that made you see color, and definitely Loki that wanted nothing to do with you.
As much as you wanted to vomit right then, you didn’t.
You got up and ventured out of your room, in search of food or something stronger to make you forget, but then you ran right into Loki.
“Shit,” you muttered, stepping back like he burned you — but it was the exact opposite. He felt cold. Even through his clothes, or maybe it was from his hand that reached out to steady you.
“My apologies,” he said, and even his voice made you shiver.
You glanced around him, finding an empty hallway. But still, you whispered. “I thought you weren’t staying.”
“We aren’t. We’re leaving in a few minutes.”
“Then what are you doing up here?”
“Snooping,” Loki replied, and you figured that sounded about right for him.
You nodded, not questioning it. “Can I ask you something?”
Loki already knew, but still he said, “Yes.”
“Did you see it earlier?” You asked. “The color?”
What Loki wanted to say was that yes, he saw color and he saw you and you were beautiful and he wanted to wrap you in his arms and take you home to Asgard immediately, to be his princess, to one day be his queen.
But that isn’t what Loki said. Instead, you watched his face turn into one of mocking, teasing, mischief. “Silly girl,” he laughed coldly. “I’m a god. I already saw color. You’re not my soulmate, I’m afraid it’s blatantly impossible.”
You blinked, wondering what the hell he even meant by that. “What?” You blurted. “But that makes no sense!”
“I don’t know what else to tell you.”
“Why were you glaring at me then?”
Loki raised an eyebrow. “You wasted a perfectly fine glass.”
“Because I saw color!” You yelled.
“Well, good for you.”
You wanted to smack him. You wanted to smack the smile right from his lips, and then you wanted to kiss him senseless, but you didn’t.
“Whatever,” you said. “Just go away. Back to As...whatever.”
“Asgard,” Loki corrected, almost growling.
You rolled your eyes. “That place. Have fucking fun or whatever.”
You shoved past him to go toward the kitchen, but then you started running, toward the stairs, down the flights, right into the lab, where you smashed one of your secret inventions.
It was meant to show you your soulmate. It showed you the exact dark green Loki wore. But you thought it was lying. You wanted it to be a lie.
Tony found the pieces of smashed technology a few hours later, after you had long gone to bed. You hadn’t shown him this invention, so he had no idea what it did, but he knew something was wrong.
You never smashed anything that you created. This was just wildly unlike you.
So, Tony did what he does best as a dad, and he knocked on your bedroom door. He started with being nosy.
“Munchkin? Got a moment?”
You didn’t hear him because you had headphones in and were literally blasting music as loud as you could. But your silence didn’t stop Tony from entering your room, his worried mind taking over.
And when he saw you, his heart broke. Headphones in, tears running down your face as you stared straight ahead. You merely blinked when you noticed him in the doorway.
Honestly, you felt and looked numb.
Tony carefully sat next to you on the bed, and gently lifted the headphones off your head. He smiled softly, grimacing at the volume. “You’ll bust your eardrums like that.”
You barely lifted your shoulders in response.
“Wanna tell me what’s wrong?” Tony asked. “I’m fine with the guessing game, but it would speed things up if you give me a clue. I have got all night, though.”
You knew he had all night. He always did. “I can see color.”
Surprise crossed Tony’s face at your statement. He had pictured it being said with excitement, not the deep melancholy he heard just then. “Who is it?”
You shook your head. “I don’t know.”
You took a deep, shaky breath. “I thought it was Loki,” you muttered. “But when I asked him if he saw it too, he…” You squeezed your eyes shut, steadying yourself. You got Tony’s temper, too. “He said he could already see color so it wasn’t him and I wasn’t his soulmate and he was...a fucking asshole about it.”
Tony sighed. With this information, Loki’s subdued attitude earlier made more sense. Tony figured it was because Thor had threatened him beforehand or something. Tony never banked on the reason being you were Loki’s soulmate and Loki, per usual, was just a jackass to you. was Loki. You couldn’t be with Loki. Tony wouldn’t let you, soulmate or not. But it didn’t seem like you were going to fight him on this, so he didn’t bring it up.
Instead, he held you. He let you cry. And he took you out for milkshakes at midnight.
Because Tony had always been able to figure out how to parent, but he realized that night that he never quite figured out how to heal a broken heart — especially when that heart is yours.
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squishneedsahero · 10 days ago
Broken Things to Mend
Part 1 of 1
Word Count: 5998
A soulmate au where you have the first sentence your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body in their handwriting.
TW: Abuse, neglect and starvation mentions (I’m sure theres more pls let me know if I need to add anything)
You were roughly thrown into a cell and the door shut behind you with a snap, exhausted you fall to your knees and stay on the floor rather than trying to fight your way back out. You were tired, so, so tired. Your body ached, cuts and bruises littered every inch of your skin, mere hours ago you had felt invincible but now you were nothing but broken. You collapsed to your knees and cried on the floor wondering how you had fallen so far.
Here you were locked in a cell on Asgard, and here was where you were going to stay until the humans had something properly set up to contain you. Why you had tried to take over that planet you weren't quite sure, tired of feeling weak had lead you down a dark path. A path from which you couldn't return, and had been regretting as you walked down it. But you couldn't stop yourself and now it was too late.
Broken was the only way to describe yourself, you had been broken for millennia and had finally thought you could piece yourself back together when you'd found the infinity stone. The power stone. You'd thought yourself strong enough to use its power, to stop those who had hurt you and others who wanted to hurt innocents in their paths. You had soon found you weren't strong enough, you were alone and it had corrupted your mind, having no one to anchor you to reality. That's when he had shown up. The purple Titan set on reforming the universe, making it a better place, and in your broken state of mind his plan had made sense, you had agreed to help him, to take out the biggest threat in his way.
You had failed, you had lost to that group called the Avengers and soon enough Thanos would be coming after you himself to remove any loose ends. You weren't the first he had sent but you were most likely the last he'd send on their own without him to lead them directly. He'd only kept you because you were able to hold the power stone in your hands and not be destroyed, someone broken who he could control who could keep the stone safe until he was able to wield it himself.
As soon as he'd seen you failing to take earth he had taken the stone from you and left you for dead. Once you were no longer in possession of the gem you had come back to your senses, seen all the havoc you'd wreaked upon that innocent planet. But it was too late, you were already the enemy and they'd never understand if you tried to explain. So you had fought, continuing to try and protect yourself and your life until they had finally overcome you.
Now you were sitting in a cell, back to yourself but now shattered rather than having just a few chips on your broken soul. You'd ben controlled and manipulated your entire life, by those who claimed to be your friends and family, but it was only ever for the power which you had. Seemingly the last of your species, dark and wraith-like nothing more than a wisp of what you could be and easy to control. A child who could wield the power of the infinity stones, any powerful person would want you in their control.
All of that manipulation had left you more than a little broken, to the point that as soon as you had actually been able to get your hands on that gem you'd instantly turned on them. Then you'd gone after all the others who had manipulated you and dictated your life. You'd been passed from hand to hand as a slave would be, malnourished to keep a leash on you. Sometimes you were sold, other times traded, but mostly those who had been holding you were attacked and killed so that somebody new could control you.
Despite having wielded the infinity stone less than a day before you were back to that state you had been in. The stone had been the only thing sustaining your life and making you seem to be anything more than someone who'd been a broken child and was now a broken adult. You fall asleep on your place on the floor in that cell on Asgard, you were powerless to do anything and you knew it, sleeping was the only way you'd be able to ignore the crushing guilt you felt for all you had done.
All too soon you're woken up, the drapes over the glass door of your cell being opened wide and exposing you to the glaring lights. You preferred the dark as any wraith would, it was your natural state to be in the dark, so natural that the light almost hurt. Once you're awake you look over your thin arms and legs, the bruises and cuts from the fight before all healed, thats why they'd opened the drapes, you'd had enough time to heal in the dark but they didn't want to leave you in the dark. The darkness brought you power, not as much power as that gem had, and not as Much as any sort of nutrients would but it had allowed you to heal.
After your eyes finish lingering on the elegant script on your forearm you pull your sleeve to cover it and look up. Across the hallway was another cell, this one containing a raven haired man, his gaze fixed on you and not breaking even when you meet his stare with your own. He looks to be in good shape and everyone else there would think so as well, but you were able to see the haze of magic over his room. You couldn't see through it, you didn't know what he was hiding but there was something he was keeping from prying eyes and you could only applaud him for being able to protect himself in such a way.
Loki had looked up from his book when the drapes across the prison hall were drawn away from the cell they'd been covering from his view. Inside was a person most unusual, a wisp of a being, with grayish skin and sunken eyes which had seen so many things. What were they? He asked himself, intrigued as he'd never seen anything like them before. He's surprised when they meet his eyes and don't look away immediately as anyone else would. The few moments of eye contact are brief as the figure gets up off the floor and seemingly drifts over to their cot.
Peculiar, a long dark robe covered their grayish form, ending a foot or so from the ground revealing no legs or feet touching the floor. There was a faint cloud of dark mist that seemed to surround them, which pooled around where their feet should have been. This was their natural form, no magic concealed who they were as he did with himself. He watches as they take a seat on their cot, the mist around them gathers and forms some spindly legs. Intriguing, now that he had seen that he couldn't unsee it, their entire form seemed to be made of mist, there but not really there, but by the way they sat thy definitely has a solid form in there somewhere.
You'd moved to your cot, hoping that movement would break the stranger's eye contact but when you sat and turned around his gaze was still fixed on you. You hated being perceived, anytime someone looked at you there was a thirst to their gaze, a desire as they wanted to own you. His gaze was different though, more curious than wanting to control you. It eased you ever so slightly, but you still hated it, so you stared back.
Most wouldn't hold your gaze for long before breaking it, they found you horrible to look at with your grey skin and sunken eyes. You weren't always like that though, when you'd had the power stone you had found your true form, what you'd look like if you had been properly taken care of and healthy. Even then, in your true form, people wouldn't hold your gaze, you were no longer the disgusting monster you were currently but they could see the inside. Your grace and power which flowed off of you in that form intimidated them and they'd look away, but this man didn't.
You stare back at him, allowing yourself to break eye contact knowing intimidation and fear would get him to stop, so let him look at the monster you were. You were the most horrible creature someone could set eyes on in their lifetime, if he wanted the sight of you burned into his retina who were you to stop him? So instead you take your own turn to observe him, taking in his features, taking time to notice more than just the raven hair that flowed to his shoulders. His emerald eyes were the first thing which you noticed besides the hair, but it wasn't so much the color that intrigued you it was the pain and loathing you could sense behind them. He did well to hide it but not from you, you had seen that look in your own eyes too many times to not recognize it.
Who knows how long the two of you spend staring at each other across that hallway, but you both allow it to go on. Him, intrigued by never having seen anything like you before and you staring as the face before you feels familiar. You hadn't spent much time around other beings, recognizing faces was not your strong suit but picking a voice out of a crowd was easy. Finally you place it, you place him. A face you'd seen many times in your nightmares. He was the one Thanos called Laufeyson, the one who had gone before you to earth to try and take over. The other one who had failed. The other one Thanos would come after in his rage. The other loose end was sitting there across the hallway from you.
For some reason the fact that he was also here brought you peace, it brought you hope. Maybe, just maybe he had also been controlled. Maybe he would back you up and make an attempt of explaining who Thanos was and what his plans were worth it. But you could be wrong. He could have done nearly the same thing you did but all of his own accord. He could've enjoyed hurting those people.
It was that thought that prevented you from trying to talk to him through the glass. You keep quiet except for when you're being questioned, then you give nothing but honest answers and they aren't believed so you're questioned again and again, tortured and punished for what they take to be lies. At least they allow you to sit in the dark after you're through with the torture, only long enough to heal, but it's long enough to bring you some solace and block the prying eyes.
The constant pain wasn't anything new to you, everyone who had kept you before this had done the same thing if only for different reasons. They had been scared of you, wanted to hurt you to keep you weak, the Asgardians though, were not scared of you. They wanted information and not to keep you on death's door, so their torture was nothing to you.
It becomes routine for you, one day of torture, one day of darkness and one day of nothing before the cycle begins again. One day you find yourself waiting for the guards to come get you, able to guess nearly down to the minute they would arrive each time, but today they don't come. Why they don't come you haven't a clue, until an hour later when a soldier comes storming down the stairs and the man across the hall gives him directions to somewhere.
Then after more hours pass then another guard, this one a guard of Asgard comes down the staircase and talks to the man across the hall. You watch as the magic haze over his room flickers before steadying out once more, whatever he had just been told upset him, and you could only hope it wasn't Thanos coming for the two of you.
The next morning you gain somewhat of an answer, the broad shouldered blond comes down and speaks to the raven haired man, Thor you believed his name was. He was one of the heroes who had protected earth from you. You're surprised when Loki's illusion is lifted from his cell, revealing the state he is in along with all of the broken furniture that had seemed pristine moments earlier. Then even more surprisingly Thor opens up the cell to release him before turning to face you and making your glass cell wall melt away as well.
"You are a wraith, yes?" he ask and you merely nod.
"A wraith you say?" Loki asks, his curiosity piqued once again by you.
"Brother, I need your help to watch her, she tried to take over Midgard as well, but we need her help," then Thor shoots you a look, questioning silently if you'd help.
You couldn't help but wonder how stupid he was as you nod, signaling you would help. He didn't know you, you were nothing but a monster so how could he so willingly trust you? His hand resting on your shoulder startles you, "very well, Wraith, I can see there is good in you-"
"Even with all those people I killed?" You ask, breaking your silence.
"Yes, I have heard the reports from the guards. You've remained steady in your story that you were manipulated into doing all of that and at this time we need all the help we can get and I'm willing to take the chance," he responds confidently.
You nod, once again, thoroughly confused but willing to follow him and his brother through the halls of the palace until you meet with a woman. "Loki, Wraith, this is Jane Foster- the dark elves are here because of her, the aether as fused with her body and they are trying to take her and destroy the nine realms."
"Are you serious Thor? You think that we stand a chance against the might of the dark elves?" Loki asks, irridiculously with a glance in your direction.
"We do, we have you brother and Jane is stronger than she seems," he tries to rest a hand on Loki's shoulder but the other man dodges the hand.
"What does the Wraith have to do with it?"
"When she tried taking over Midgard she carried the power stone in her hands and did not crumble to dust. The aether is much like the power stone and she should be able to protect it from the elves-"
"And you're just going to trust the fate of the nine realms to two criminals?" Loki asks, sounding like he just wants to argue.
"Yes. We must be getting out of here though," Thor says once again with that same confidence.
He leads the group of the four of you through the halls of the palace, taking some sudden turns and winding your way about until you come to an odd looking ship which he has all of you get in before he starts it up and begins flying all of you out of Asgard to who knows where. Once in the ship Loki turns his attention to you for the millionth time and you, as always, maintain eye contact. For some reason Loki's frustrations seem focused on you as he turns once more to Thor, "you've heard tales of the Wraiths and their power how can you trust this one so easily?!" he sounds outraged.
You turn away from him and take a deep breath, despite not having a reaction to all of the torture the sound of him yelling terrified you more than anything. So many times you'd been shouted at then beaten, scolded then thrown in a room lit so brightly it burned your skin. You needed to focus, try and figure out if Thor was being truthful in his trust of you, or if he was trying a different tactic of manipulating you. All you knew he was telling the truth about was that the woman, Jane, has an infinity stone bonded to her and it is slowly killing her.
You don't even realize that she has taken a seat next to you where you have your head in your hands and tried offering words of comfort. You shake your head, "no, Loki is right, it is foolish of Thor to trust me. I'm a monster who has never left anything but pain and destruction in my path. It may not have been my choice to attack earth but I was so filled with pain that I allowed it to happen and even if I can contain the power of the Aether I do not know how it will effect my mind."
"Useless," Loki spits at you.
Then you stand up, feeling anger as you face him, "I know who you are Loki. Thanos is coming for you just like he is coming for me because we failed to take down his enemies, do not act as though you are better than me, the power stone corrupted my mind because I am weak but I was never given a chance until now to do good and I am taking it even if you doubt me. I've learned the hard way I don't need other's approval."
You were going to continue but it is at this point you realize Loki's expression has changed from one of nearly disgust to shock. His masks had fallen down as he stares at you and you glance at Thor who is also looking at you in shock and by the time you're back to Loki his expression is stone cold once more. "What did you say?" he asks in a low tone.
You'd thought his shout had been bad but this terrified you so much more, he was far too calm. You take a shaky breath and say, more gently this time, "Thanos sent me when you failed. I was easy to manipulate because the power stone took ahold of my mind and he used that, I wouldn't doubt if he did the exact same thing to you-"
"Not that-" he says, that angered tone returning as he snatches your right wrist and lifts your sleeve to reveal your soul mark on your forearm. There, shining gold and beautiful against your grey skin was one word, "Useless."
A much as he hated to admit it the Wraith intrigued him, but the part that hurt, the part that made him feel angered towards them was that Thor had so easily trusted them, a complete stranger. Loki and Thor had been brothers, and sure Thor was an idiot for trusting Loki to help with this situation but him showing trust to a total stranger in the same minute he'd offered a second chance to Loki stung.
This is why he questions Thor, why he snaps at you, it's all a test to see if you truly could be trusted. You much like he had had tried to take over Midgard, you could be a good ally but with the situation at hand how could he know he could trust you. So he pushed, working quickly to find what things set you off, what things got you to break the state of silence you were always in.
He had found it, the one thing that made you angered enough to lash out was him spitting that single word at you. Your reaction had surprised him, how quickly you'd been on your feet and in his face. How your entire countenance shown with a deeply hidden power that it seemed even you were unaware of. But the part that surprised him the most were the words that left your lips as you faced him.
"I know you Loki." You hadn't said it with malice, but as a fact, now you knew him he hadn't a clue. He's in too much shock to hear the next words you say, stating how you won't be useless any longer.
He quickly masks his face once again when he realizes you had stopped speaking. He can't stop the hint of anger that crept into his tone. He was far from angry now, but anger was the only thing that kept anyone from getting close enough to him to see through his walls, "what did you say?" he asks in a low voice.
He sees the hesitation in your eyes as you go to respond, "Thanos sent me when you failed. I was easy to manipulate because the power stone took ahold of my mind and he used that, I wouldn't doubt if he did the exact same thing to you-"
"Not that-" he says but doesn't have the patience to explain. He catches your right wrist in his hand and lifts your sleeve to reveal your soul mark. He doesn't realize that his masks once again drop before you as he stares at the elegant script that covered your forearm. His cold finger runs gently over the word written on your soul, "useless," the first word he had uttered to the one who was his soulmate.
It's as his index finger runs over the mark on your arm that you realize what he has said. The first word he had spoken directly to you, the one that had brought you hope in some of your darkest moments, the one that had also broken you completely, even your soulmate thought you were useless. You can't help it as you snatch your arm away from him, how dare he- How dare he call you useless then stare at your soul mark- Even if he was your soulmate.
You're surprised when he actually lets you walk away to the other end of the ship without stopping you. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you stare at those beautiful yet painful letters on your arm, somewhere in the back of your mind you register Thor and Jane having a whispered conversation. Without turning around you know that Loki hadn't moved from his place and was still staring at your back, damn him why did he have to be like this.
You had only shared looks across that hallway for months, you'd never done anything to warrant him being rude to you in this way and now, knowing as well as he did that your souls were linked hurt. If you weren't already so broken you're sure it would have broken you more, would have been the final straw to tear you apart... There isn't time for you to dwell on that as the ship rocks back and forth, coming into contact with the turbulence of an atmosphere, you were landing and it was time for you to take your chance to do something good with your life. With that thought in your mind you pull your sleeve down to cover your arm again and turn to stride past Loki to the front of the ship.
Loki could only gaze after you when you walked away, he recognized a broken soul when he saw one, it was what he saw in the mirror everyday. He had seen the disdain and hurt in your eyes as you ripped your arm away from his grasp, and knowing you were the one he was meant to spend his life with, the one most likely to love him back and he had already hurt you. The feeling was so much worse than any torture that Thanos could think to inflict upon him.
When they were going in for a landing and you strode past him without a glance it was like a punch in the gut. He had ruined any chance he had of gaining you favor in less than and hour, just because he had to play stupid, stupid, mind games. He just had to try and push your buttons and test you as he always did with anyone he saw a possibility of being useful.
You look at Jane for a moment before gently resting your hand on her shoulder, "I'm going to try and take the aether from you..." you glance at Thor, "if I loose control I want you to do whatever it takes to keep me from hurting more people even if it means killing me." You make eye contact with him for a few moments before asking, "can you please promise me this?" You ask in barely more than a whisper, letting your shields down for once as you ask, you don't care you just don't want anyone to use you anymore.
"I will promise you Wraith, I will not let you bring harm to anyone else," Thor says confidently, though you do notice his glance at Loki.
That allows you to relax, you take your time as you come to a landing on the red desert planet below you to focus your attention on taking the Aether out of the human. By the time you all land you've been able to take it from her it's power flowing through you. This stone is much more subtle than the power stone, you're able to keep control of your own mind when the reality stone latches itself to you.
Loki can only watch as you take the Aether from Jane, hearing you didn't care how Thor stopped you only confirmed his fear he had scared you off with his childish games. Nevertheless as he watches he's amazed with the transformation your body goes through as you harness the power of the infinity stone.
Your grayish skin changes to a more human color, your body fills out, your wispy figure disappearing. The years of abuse disappearing from your form, revealing your true beauty and the confidence someone with your abilities should. He can only stand in awe of you and your appearance as you turn to then step off the ship onto the desert planet.
When he hesitates to follow Thor walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder, "brother, it is not too late. You can see through lies, you would know if all that the Wraith has said is true or not. They are clearly as broken as you are, Brother, but they are willing to change. I'm sure that if you do, they also hold forgiveness in their heart." Thor gives him a firm pat on the shoulder as he turns to also leave the ship, "now let us go, and defeat the dark elves before they can take the Aether."
You stand and can see the ship of the Dark Elves' in the distance. If this was your end then so be it, you could finally rest with peace knowing you had aided Thor as some level of recompense for the damage you had caused. Jane comes to stand next to you, breathing deeply as she gently says, "thank you."
"I'm just glad that I am able to help the universe in some way," you respond, your eyes can't help but linger for a moment on her soul mark, on her right forearm where everyone's was. Part of you hoped that Loki wasn't your soulmate, it was only one word and not specific enough to guarantee anything, but you knew that wasn't the case, with the way he had reacted you knew the words on his arm were the first that left your lips when speaking to him.
"I know that you will," Jane says, removing you from your thoughts.
Thats when Thor makes his way down to the two of you, "Jane, you stay here but not on the ship, it is where you will be safest."
"Thor I am not going to just sit back and watch all of this happen, I might not be as powerful as the rest of you but I will be doing my part."
Thor can only nod, and you can see the fond smile he has on his face as he looks at her, "very well, but as soon as the convergence begins I will be placing you back on earth to do your part there." With that he leads the way towards the other ship, not waiting to see if his brother would be joining them. It would be very helpful to have the trickster at their side during this but after the words which had been spoken it made sense that Loki would need a moment.
As you walk Thor asks you if you know what you are capable of. "No, I don't I have been told of the things I can do as a Wraith but I have been kept subdued my entire existence so I haven't learned anything more that what you saw on earth... But I do have control of my own mind at this time," you add trying to make sure he wouldn't misunderstand you.
"It will be enough," he says and once again places a hand on your shoulder, but quickly removes it when you flinch. The group of twenty or so Dark Elves stand a few hundred feet in front of you when Thor speaks again, raising his voice to shout, "Malekith! Today is the day you meet your end, I will not allow you to destroy the nine realms."
"Thor," Malekith responds with a eerie smile on his face, "I thank you for delivering the Aether to me, unfortunately you won't be around to see the realms brought to perfection." It's with that that he points a finger towards your group, signaling for his followers to attack you.
Everything happening flies past, much like it had on earth, you fight alongside Thor using the power of the Aether to aid you, but then you come face to face with Malekith. The Elf has some sort of hold over the Aether and by extension you, he lifts you into the air and begins to take the Aether from you. No matter how you struggle you can feel not just the Aether but also your life slipping away from you, he wasn't taking just the infinity stone but all the power your weak body held. You try and fight, and try to hold on but before it your vision goes black.
You didn't expect too but you're able to open your eyes again hours later, the Aether has left you so you are back to your grey wispy form but your body doesn't ache as badly as you had expected. This planet was dark so it made sense, you'd been able to heal yourself in the shadows. You sit up, your eyes already adjusted to the dark, but just now noticing that there was nothing on the planet around you. There was some rubble of the ship nearby but besides that nothing, no Dark Elves, no Thor, no Jane. You were alone and how exactly you felt about that you weren't sure, you'd never been left so completely alone before.
Your reaction comes slowly, you can only assume that since you are alive you had done your part but it doesn't stop you from crying as suddenly everything sets in. You'd been able to do something good with your life, finally, but as you always had you'd left a trail of loss and destruction behind you. Sure, it was fine the Elves were gone but Thor and Jane had abandoned you here, on purpose or not was unclear. Though, the thing that hurt the most was that you had met your soulmate and you had instantly pushed him away, just for him to do the same. Sure, he had hurt you but you turning your back so quickly once you realized had to have hurt him as well and now you were on this barren planet where you'd eventually die of starvation.
You sit up as you let the tears roll down your cheeks, your hand naturally grasping at the floor for any sort of stability. You're shocked when you don't find that though, you lift your hand to your tear filled eyes and look at the dirt filling your palm. You were outside for one of the few times in your life and something about that calmed your tears, they were still present but weren't flowing as freely. You continued to let the feeling of dirt running through your fingers to ground you, you were finally free even if- no don't think about the long slow death awaiting you here just enjoy the fact that you are free that you could stand up right now and take off running without  anyone hunting you down. Thats it- thats what you'll do, you'll run for the first time in centuries and just let the wind blow around you. You stand up, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you take a shaky breath, let out an excited laugh and look ahead of you.
Standing in front of you is him, Loki. You hadn't noticed he was there, how much he had seen of you crying on the ground you had no idea but the fact that he was there created a strange sensation in your chest. "I- Loki I didn't-"
Once again he cuts you off but this time it's much gentler, "no, I need to apologize. I've been captivated by you since the moment I first laid eyes on you then when we were finally able to speak I lashed out with childish games, Wraith-"
It's your turn to cut him off, "my name isn't actually Wraith, it's y/n," you pause and decide to extend an olive branch of your own, "you can just call me y/n."
"Y/n," he says thoughtfully, letting the name flow off of his silver tongue, and once again that strange tightening sensation strikes your chest. "That is a lovely name, y/n," he concludes.
You bite on the tip of your tongue as you look at him for a moment, "I need to apologize as well. I walked away from you without giving you a chance to explain yourself. I know we are little more than strangers and you calling my trustworthiness into question is only logical."
He seems a bit taken aback by your honesty but he smoothly take your hand in his, lifting your sleeve once more to look at your soul mark. "Would you be willing to give me a second chance to make up for my mistake? I have a feeling we are both broken and bruised, similar yet different with much to learn."
You cant stop the small smile that tugs at your lips. You take your hand back from his and take ahold of his right arm, taking your turn to lift his armored sleeve and view the words written there in gold, "I know you Loki," you read them out loud then meet his eyes once more, "I'd be happy to give you a second chance as you call it, as long as you are willing to give me one as well."
The relief behind his eyes is clear to you, but what isn't clear is why he cups your cheeks in his hands. He gently wipes away any remaining tears on your face, "of course I will give you a second chance," he states it gently, but firmly and once again your chest tightens. It was then that he made his intentions with his hands on your cheeks clear, as he used them to pull you into a cautious kiss, that becomes more sure when you return it.  
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Okay but like short idea I had that I might turn into a short fic. So Loki agrees to help Mobius. One day he has to confront the other variant of himself head on alone. He asks this variant why he does it. The variant gives him one of the film wheel files. He reveals it’s their real file, the unedited version and it will tell him everything he needs to know. Loki is once again skeptical but decided to check the tape thing and watches his memory’s again except this time spots a familiar face, (Y/n). It turns out that they develop quite the romance over the years following the battle of New York. He falls completely in love with her as she does him. They were engaged when Thanos kills him and she mourns his loss heavily. She’s destroyed without him and wants to let herself blowup with his body which of course Thor prevents. “I don’t understand why would they keep this from me.” Loki whispers tears covering his face. “Watch this.” The alternate Loki commands tossing him a file with her name on it. He does and fast forward till after the explosion to see her finding out she was pregnant with his baby. A broken sob wracks through his body. “They kept this from you because it would turn you into me. They knew you would chose her and your child over helping them thus they altered the files and left out the details that I knew.” The alternate would explain. Loki stares at the paused image of his lover holding their baby as she cries. “Okay I’ll help you.”
Might even do this without the baby portion so trans women or any other non cis gendered women can be comfortable reading it
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tripleyeeet · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Do I know you?”
“No... do I know you?”
Or, in which fate intervenes the meeting of two people. 
PAIRINGS: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
WARNINGS: 18+ content, mentions and depictions of mental health issues, inappropriate language, major character death, possible Loki series spoilers. 
A/N: Hi, here’s a preview of a project I am very excited about that’s basically just going to be the longest fic I’ve ever written and will probably take me a bit to write but I’m working on it. :’)
Tumblr media
TAGLIST: @divine-mistake @elijahs-wife @daem-o-nium @startrekkingaroundasgard @sapphiredreamer26 @literaturelove  @vic-shadowz @kyleed24 @lady-loki-ren @belladonnabarnes @myguiltypleasures21 @tequilavet @the-scarletbitch @shinisenko @nectav  @vvipgotbe @havesaltwilltravel
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give-me-a-moose · 19 days ago
Sleeping Arrangements
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader (Soulmate AU), Bucky Barnes & Fem!Reader
Words: 1,665
Summary: When Bucky starts having nightmares again, Loki suggests some alternative sleeping arrangements. 
Note: This is kind of a follow up to Ties That Bind. You don’t have to read it, but I would recommend it. Basically, Loki is your soulmate (and can feel your pain). Before you met Loki, Bucky was your platonic life partner.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After HYDRA severed your soulbond, you never expected to find your soulmate. You were content to spend your life with Bucky, your platonic “soulbro”. Then Loki came crashing into your lives, and suddenly there were going to be some adjustments. 
When you started your relationship with Loki, you told him that you and Bucky were a package deal. You told him that you weren’t about to ditch your best friend for your soulmate. Loki was surprised that you thought he expected that of you. 
“Darling. All love is important. Romantic, platonic, all of it. I understand how important your relationship with Sergeant Barnes is. I am not threatened by it.”  he assured you. 
You were pleased to hear this and for a while everything started to work out just fine. Loki and Bucky, while not the best of friends, developed an understanding. You could almost call it a friendly acquaintance. It was a huge step up from the mutual distrust they had for each other before all this soulmate business. 
It was the best you could hope for. 
“I’m worried about Bucky.” you sighed as you crawled into bed with Loki, “I think he’s having nightmares again.” 
“Wouldn’t he tell you?” Loki asked, setting his book aside. 
You shook your head, “Normally when one of us had nightmares, we would go sleep in the other one’s room. He probably doesn’t want to intrude…” 
“That’s ridiculous.” Loki sighed. 
You felt the need to defend your friendship, but Loki continued speaking before you could open your mouth. 
“Clearly, you need to go to him and make sure he is alright.” Loki said, like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“You want me to go sleep with Bucky?” you asked, surprised. Even the way it sounded coming from your mouth felt strange. 
“If you think he is hiding his nightmare from you, of course.” he looked at you quizzically, “I know how helpful your presence is when I experience flashbacks.” 
“It doesn’t bother you? At all?” you looked into his eyes, searching for any clue he was lying. 
“Midgardians...” he chuckled, shaking his head, “As much as I will miss your presence, I promise you. It does not bother me. Go.” 
With one more cautious glance from you, and an enthusiastic good night kiss from Loki, you left the room and made your way down the hall. 
Entering Bucky’s room, you were right. He sat up against the headboard, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. The way he did on nights when he could not sleep. 
“You should have told me.” you sighed, sitting on the edge of his bed. Despite his super soldier senses, Bucky still jumped when you spoke. He hadn’t noticed you. That was a bad sign.
“What are you doing here?” he asked, sounding utterly exhausted. 
“I’m here to make sure my best friend gets some sleep.” you carefully wrapped your arms around him, giving him plenty of time to pull away. He didn’t, letting you pull him down onto the mattress with you. 
“What about Loki?” he whispered, 
“He’s the one who insisted I come.” you chuckled. 
“No kidding?” you could hear his smile in the darkness. 
“Apparently, us mortals are prudes with hang ups.” you joked, cuddling closer to Bucky. Silence fell over the two of you then. You could feel Bucky relaxing in your arms. You hadn’t realized he was so tense. How long had he gone without sleeping? 
“Tell me next time, okay? We’ll work it out.” you whispered, squeezing your arm that rested on his stomach. You felt his hand stroke over your forearm. 
“I didn’t want to get in the way of you two.” Bucky admitted. 
“You’re not getting in the way.” you took Bucky’s hand in yours, “You are just as important to me as he is.” 
Bucky nodded, gently squeezing your hand. After a few more minutes you both fell asleep. Both of you were relieved when morning came with no nightmares or incidents. 
When you both caught up with Loki in the kitchen, he merely smiled at you and asked how you both slept. You and Bucky shared a look. Bucky shrugged before grabbing a seat across from Loki. The rest of the day passed by like any other day. 
A few weeks later, Loki told you to meet him in your room, and he promised you he had a surprise. You weren’t sure what you were expecting, but it wasn’t this. 
“You bought me a new bed?” you asked after he presented it to you, with a grand flourish. 
“More like obtained.” Loki shrugged, “But it’s bigger. They call it a California King Bed!” 
You blinked at him, confused. Loki sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. 
“Your previous bed was already a tight fit for two people.” Loki patted the new mattress, “You, Bucky, and I will have plenty of room on this one. It has plenty of space.” 
Somehow, Loki still surprised you with his ability to accept your friendship with Bucky. He knew you were feeling guilty about splitting your nights between them both. So, he sought out the simplest solution. Buy-Obtaining a bigger bed for the three of you to sleep in. Together. 
“This is starting to feel a little codependent, if you ask me.” you laughed. 
“Darling, we are all very traumatized people.” Loki grinned, “I think we’ve earned some codependency.” 
“I’ll ask Bucky and see how he feels.” you pulled Loki into a sweet kiss. 
“He doesn’t snore, does he?” Loki asked once he pulled away from you.
“No more than you do.” 
Bucky was hesitant to the idea at first, but Loki proved to be very persuasive. 
“You know, your idea of the ‘sacred bed’ isn’t that common outside of western civilization. The belief that a bed must be shared by a romantic couple is not the norm in most places.” he said without looking up from his book. 
You and Bucky shared a look before turning back to Loki. He looked over the pages of his book at you both.
“All I mean to say is that your people need to keep an open mind.” Loki shrugged before turning back to his book. 
It wasn’t an every night occurrence. Most nights, Bucky preferred to sleep alone in his own room. Some nights, Loki wanted to stay up instead of sleeping and he would stay in his room. 
Occasionally, you got the huge bed all to yourself. As much as you loved being able to sprawl out across the ridiculous sized mattress, you quickly found that your favorite nights were the ones where you were sandwiched between your two favorite people in the world. 
You would never tell Loki this though. He was already a smug bastard, and knowing that he was right would only make him worse. 
The mission had been awful. You hated when you had to go on missions without Bucky and Loki. The three of you had been working together a lot lately, but sometimes you had to be broken up. Your skill sets were very similar and sometimes they needed to be divided up. But six weeks was such a long time to be away from both your best friend and your soulmate.
You yawned as you made your way to your bedroom. You expected your bed to be empty. Loki and Bucky did not know that you were back yet, so you could probably get a few hours of sleep before they tracked you down. They would want to hear all about your mission. 
You opened the door to your room and felt your heart melt at the sight. Bucky and Loki were curled up in your bed. Loki had one of your pillows clutched to your chest as he laid on his side, while Bucky was laying on his back. The space between them, where you would usually be, was mostly empty. 
Except for their connected hands. 
You gently closed the door behind you, hoping not to wake them. Unfortunately for you, your boys had superhuman hearing. As they woke, their hands unlinked. You mentally sighed, wishing you had gotten a picture. 
“Welcome back, darling.” Loki’s voice was rough with sleep, “We missed you.” 
“I see that.” you grinned, keeping your voice quiet.
“How’s your leg, doll?” Bucky yawned as his eyes focused on you in the darkness. 
You looked down at your knee. Underneath your suit it was bandaged up, but there was no way Bucky could have seen the bandage through the suit. 
“How did you-” you started to ask.
“I felt it and told him.” Loki stretched, “One mission without us and you nearly shredded your lovely kneecap.” 
“It was just some shattered glass.” you crossed your arms. Were they worried about you?
“Still gave us a scare.” Bucky chuckled, “Besides that, how are you?”
“I’m fine, just tired.” you took your shoes off and set them by the door, “Any room for me?” 
“Always.” Loki removed the pillow from his arms and opened them to you. 
Bucky wiggled away from the center of the bed, an unnecessary move given how large the bed was.
You crawled into the bed between them, cuddling up against Bucky’s side as Loki pressed himself along your back. You draped your arm across Bucky’s stomach, as Loki wrapped his arms around your waist.  You closed your eyes and waited for sleep to take you, and it almost did.
“Somehow, he’s a worse blanket hog than you are.” Loki complained quietly. 
“You didn’t warn me he kicks in his sleep.” Bucky grumbled. 
“He snores.” 
“His toes are cold.”
“Go the fuck to sleep, you morons.” you mumbled with a small smile. You missed your boys, but it had been weeks since you got some good sleep. They could argue tomorrow. 
Bucky’s hand squeezed your forearm as Loki placed a kiss to your shoulder.
“We love you too.” They replied sleepily, finally agreeing on something.
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Somehow we Love - L.L
This is the final post for @pinkandblueblurbs birthday! I hope you've had an amazing day and loved everything I've posted!!
Word Count: 2.3k (this was going to be a lot longer and include smut, but I ran out of time to write it)
Warnings: Mentions of injury, blood, guns, knives, kinda angsty, i think that's all.
Summary: Soulmates were a normal thing, but your's ends up being the man you've hated for years. Until an injury in the field brings you two closer.
Tumblr media
Soulmates were a common thing in your world, everyone had one, no matter whether they were human or a god - like Thor and Loki - they would have a soulmate somewhere in the world. Many people found their soulmates easily, due to the words their soulmate first speaks to them being tattooed on their wrists, lighting up with beautiful colours once the words were spoken, a burn running through their arm at the same time.
Other people weren’t so lucky, since the words were the first your soulmate said directly to you, meaning some people had never been spoken to by their soulmate, even if they were in the same room as them, their words would only light up once the two spoke to each other.
You were one of the not so fortunate ones - or so you’d been told - you hadn’t found your soulmate yet, the words still evident on your arm as a permanent reminder that you hadn’t found them, that you hadn’t spoken to them yet. People told you that this was unfortunate, smiles of pity being thrown your way every time you said you hadn’t found your soulmate yet, however you were one who didn’t really mind not finding your soulmate yet.
You’d heard the stories of soulmates being tied together for life, of many people finding love in their soulmate, loving them for life. But you didn’t necessarily love the idea of being so tied down to someone from the moment you spoke to each other. You had no idea who your soulmate would be, you didn’t know if they’d have a kind soul or whether they’d be cruel and wicked and someone you wouldn’t want to spend your life with. The only clue you had to your soulmate were the words on your wrist, “My god, are you blind or something!?”, not the nicest way to meet your soulmate you were guessing.
Loki was another who had never found his soulmate, and as a god who was one of the next in line for the throne, it wasn’t the most ideal situation. Asgardians were slightly different with their soulmates, everyone still had one, and majority of them had their soulmate on Asgard with them, only a few of them having their soulmate on earth, however Asgardians took their soulmates a lot more seriously than Midgardians, they were more loyal, never one to hate or betray their soulmate, no matter who they were.
Odin looked down on Loki slight due to him not finding his soulmate yet, even though it took Thor just as long to find his soulmate. Loki didn’t quite understand it, he knew it was because a king needs a queen by his side, and since Loki was technically a prince, it would be smart for him to find his soulmate, but - as much as it pained Loki to admit - Loki wouldn’t be taking the throne for a while again, not now that Thor was back after his banishment to earth. Thor would be taking the throne next, not Loki, so he figured he could wait a little longer to find his soulmate, since he assumed she was a mortal, someone down on earth.
You and Loki met after he was finished trying to take over the world in New York. Instead of Thor taking him back to Asgard, Tony decided to keep Loki in the tower, claiming that the Avengers should be the ones to keep an eye on him. He was at first simply placed in a cell, but after a while he was allowed his own room, he still wasn’t allowed to leave the tower, unless it was with another of the Avengers, which was mainly just for missions which a few of the Avengers had suggested that Loki could help out in.
You’d been recruited into the Avengers after New York, Fury knew how well you could fight and claimed that you could bring both new brains and brawn into the team. You’d met Loki in the Avengers compound, you’d never spoken a word to Loki in the time you’d been here. You pretty much resented him, you’d lost a lot in the New York attack, and you knew Loki was the cause of it - well you knew Thanos was actually the one behind it, but that didn’t stop your anger at the god you had to work and live with. So you resorted to never speaking to him, your days being spent exchanging dirty looks with each other, ranting to the other Avengers about how annoying the other is. The both of you had practically memorised each other’s days, just to make sure neither of you would run into each other. If you knew Loki would be in the library, you’d go into the lounge. If Loki knew you’d be getting food, then he’d wait an hour or so before getting food himself. There was only one time when the both of you would be seen in the same room in the Avengers tower, and that was during any meetings, but these meetings would be filled with more dirty looks, more judgement.
Loki kind of knew the reason you hated him, he knew it had to be about New York, that was the reason a lot of people hated him. Loki never really hated you, how could he, you were one of the most amazing, kindest, dedicated people he knew. You were one of the only people in the tower that Loki actually wanted to try and get along with. But after you made it clear you didn’t like him, Loki gave up, instead deciding to act like he hated you back, giving you the same dirty looks you gave him, even though he wished he didn’t, but he was in too deep now.
You’d both just come back from a mission with the others. You hated to admit it, but Loki had saved your life, managing to throw one of his daggers at the bad guy before he could hurt you. It was the first time you’d ever looked at Loki without the typical look of disgust in your eyes. It was the first time you were ever thankful to have Loki there. You’d all still come back bloodied and bruised, but that wasn’t anything new.
You’d finished cleaning yourself up in your room, deciding that you wanted a little bit of food before you slept. You had hoped that you wouldn’t see any of the other Avengers on the way there, not really wanting to be stopped for a little chat.
You were looking down at the floor, not really paying attention to anything when you turned a corner in the corridor, feeling yourself collide with a hard body, causing you to fall to the floor with a gasp, not being able to stop yourself.
“My god, are you blind or something!?” They spoke, you could recognise that voice anywhere,
“Oh piss off Loki.” you snarled, looking up at him to be met with a shocked expression.
It didn’t register in your mind what Loki had said until you felt your arm burn, a small burn to start with, starting on your wrist, right where the words were, but it turned into a harsh burn, running up through your arm. You looked down at your wrist, hissing slightly at the burn, your eyes widened as you realised the words were glowing, the words Loki just spoke to you. Loki was your soulmate, and you didn’t really know how to feel about that.
Loki offered his hand to you, wanting to help you off the floor. You hesitated slightly before accepting his hand, allowing him to pull you off the floor. You noticed Loki open his mouth about to say something, but you didn’t allow him to, muttering a quick ‘thanks’ before running off, deciding to now not get food and go straight back to your room.
You shut the door to your room, leaning on it, sighing loudly. Loki was your soulmate, how was he your soulmate? Out of every single person in the world, it just had to be the person who had cost you so much. You couldn’t lie and say that Loki was unattractive, because he wasn’t, however, you just didn’t understand how it could be him. How you were supposed to spend your life with him.
Loki went back to his room, passing yours on the way. He wasn’t too annoyed that you were his soulmate, in fact, he actually quite liked the idea, he liked the idea of him being devoted to you, he liked the idea of the two of you being together, but he knew you wouldn’t feel the same, you hated him after all, he figured you’d never get used to the idea of him being your soulmate. Loki went to sleep that night wishing that everything could be different between the two of you.
However, nothing had changed between the two of you. Both of you still seemingly resented each other, dirty looks were still thrown at each other, but occasionally longing glances would be exchanged when the other was turned around. Both of you thinking what would happen between the two of you, wondering if anything would ever change.
It was only a few months later when things changed. You and Loki slowly started to accept each other, you wouldn’t say you were friends, you were a long way from friends, but you both didn’t necessarily hate each other any more. Both of you actually spoke to the other, neither of you going out of your way to avoid them. Both of you slowly, over the months, learning to accept the fact you were soulmates, both of you eventually finding some form of care for the other.
Loki had realised a lot sooner than you how much you meant to him. He adored you, and was willing to wait as long as he had to for you to feel the same. Loki looked at you with love in his eyes, able to see a life with you in the distance.
You, on the other hand, took a little longer. It took many, long conversations with Thor for you to even imagine having a life with Loki, but eventually you warmed up to the idea. Loki was a gentleman, he always looked out for you, and everyone in missions, but especially you. He’d recently started making your coffee for you in the morning right before you came down to the kitchen.
It was like deja-vu, Loki had saved your life once again, stepping in to help you fight after you were hurt, he kept hold of you as the cut in your leg made you struggle to stand. Both of you were still fighting, you using both hands to shoot your gun, Loki using one to throw his daggers, the other around your waist, helping you keep the weight off your leg.
“Tony, we need to get y/n out of here.” Loki shouted, catching Tony’s attention.
“How bad is it?” Tony asked through the comms line.
“Pretty bad.” Loki sighed, panic clear in his usually calm voice.
You could hear Tony sigh through the comms, muttering under his breath, “Alright, we’ll get a med-evac” He sighed.
Loki shook his head, “No, that’s going to take too long. Let me just take her now.” Loki practically shouted, speaking again before Tony could say about how bad of an idea it was, “I know you think I’m probably going to hurt her, but I wouldn’t Tony. I care about her.” You listened to Loki speak with wide eyes.
“Fuck, alright fine. Go Loki.” Tony spoke. Loki didn’t even let him finish before he was teleporting the both of you back to the compound. You found yourself in Loki’s room, laying on his bed. You didn’t question it as the pain in your leg was too overwhelming for any other thoughts to go through your head.
Loki walked out of his bathroom, a first aid kit in his hands. He walked over to the bed, kneeling next to you, right by your bad leg. Loki smiled at you gently, “I wanted to be the one to patch you up. If that’s okay of course.” he spoke, gently, his hand lightly on your thigh.
You nodded your head lightly, “that’s fine Loki.” you sighed, wincing in pain slightly, “just please hurry up.”
Loki nodded his head as he opened the first aid kit, getting everything out that he needed, before he started cleaning you up, wiping around the cut with a wipe, then carefully stitching it up before wrapping it in a bandage, making sure to be gentle as not to hurt you further. “You need some sleep sweetheart.” he spoke, cleaning everything up.
You hummed lightly, “will you lay with me?” you asked lightly, your cheeks heating up.
Loki looked back at you, shocked slightly, before he nodded his head, “of course, love.” he spoke, “let’s just get you changed first, if you don’t mind?”
You nodded your head, allowing Loki to grab some of his clothes for you to wear, he changed his by magic, quickly being dressed in a t-shirt and some sweatpants - a look you’d never seen him in, but one you already loved - he walked over to you, helping you change as you were too tired to do so yourself.
Once you were changed, Loki helped you get under the covers before he climbed in next to you, hesitantly holding your body in his arms, moving you so your head was laying on his chest, allowing you to calm down to the sound of his heartbeat.
You fell asleep to the sound of his heart. Loki kept you in his arms all night, not letting you go even when some of the others came to check on you when they returned. Loki knew now that he never wanted to let you go, and he knew - or at least hoped - that you finally felt the same way about him.
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Ties That Bind
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader (Soulmate AU), Bucky Barnes & Fem!Reader
Words: 5,906
Summary: Soulmates can feel each others pain. On Earth, scientists have discovered a way to sever the soul bonds, but most people think it is an inhumane thing to do. HYDRA, on the other hand, uses this on all their assets. 
Tumblr media
Every person is born with a connection. Every soul is linked to another one. That is why they are called soulmates. Destined to be together until the end of time. The connection between two soulmates was always a thing to be envied. To have a love that is deep and encompassing. To always be understood and cared for. Yet, it wasn’t always joy and sweetness. This bond allows soulmates to share one thing.
The exact cause for this has been studied. Perhaps it was an evolutionary trait. To be able to feel the pain of your soulmates alerted you to any danger they were in. Perhaps it was a cruel trick from an uncaring god. What good can feeling the pain of your soulmate do when you are a continent away from them? 
Like most things in life, humans sought a way to gain control over it. After decades of research, they actually found a way a sever the connection without killing either soulmate. And it would only affect the soulmate that underwent the procedure. They marketed it as a path to freedom for those who do not want fate to control their every step. Most however, viewed the practice as cruel and it never rose to public popularity. 
But in the private sector, that was a different story. 
HYDRA for one used this procedure routinely and without mercy. 
Growing up, you were constantly experiencing aches and pains. Your parents would joke that your soulmate was either a clutz or a professional wrestler. It was one night when you woke up screaming and clutching your side, yelling about being stabbed, that made your family worry. 
And that was before your life went to hell and they abandoned you. You could go on recounting the events that led you into HYDRA’s hand, but you would rather not. It was a series of bad decisions and bad luck. What mattered was that in the end, HYDRA got you and they were going to see how far they could push you. Even if that meant breaking you. 
There was not a lot you remembered about your early days in HYDRA’s captivity. But the pain you felt when they severed your soulmate bond was one you could never forget. It felt like they had taken a white hot brand to your soul, and let the fire spread across your body. It was brutal and unending. You were so sure you were going to die. But you didn’t. 
When the experimentation began, you would sometimes wish you did die. 
Loki went centuries without experiencing the phantom pain the poets talked about. Perhaps he was one of the few to be born without a soulmate. That would make sense, given that he was an outcast. A shadow. How could a shadow be permitted to have a soulmate?
Until one day, he was practicing his magic and he let out a yelp. Something had cut his finger. He inspected it, but could see no blood. It wasn’t his pain. 
Hope filled his chest. 
He cherished every paper cut, every sprained ankle, every broken bone. The pain wasn’t as strong as he thought it would be. He had probably missed so much because he was expecting more. They couldn’t be from Asgard. They were weaker. No, weak wasn’t the right word. Delicate. Easy to break. 
That perception was blown away when a sudden pain brought Loki to his knees. He could not suppress the scream that tore through his throat. 
He felt arms grabbing him, trying to help him to stand back up. 
“Brother!” he could distantly hear Thor’s voice, “What is wrong?” 
Loki could not even hope to muster a response. He shut his eyes as the fire burned through him. He was almost sure it would devour him.
The first thing he saw when he awoke was Thor’s concerned face. Whatever had just happened to his soulmate, had made him pass out. His heart filled with dread.  
“Brother are you ill?” Thor asked once he saw that Loki was waking up. 
“They couldn’t have survived that.” Loki gasped, “They have to be dead.” 
Thor’s face turned to pity once he understood what Loki was saying. Loki couldn’t stand it. He would not be looked at with such pity for the rest of his life. He pushed himself to stand. 
“It doesn’t matter.” he brushed himself off, “I long suspected they were mortal. Speak of this to no one.” 
“Loki, I…”
“Promise me.” 
Thor sighed, “I promise.” 
“Good.” Loki turned and continued to walk down the hall. As if nothing happened. As if his heart was not breaking.  
Days later when Loki awoke to the feeling of needles digging into his skin, he thought it was wishful thinking. 
When he suddenly started to choke as if there was no air in the room, he began to wonder. 
When he was struck by a jolt of electricity so strong he thought Thor had hit him with lightning, he knew. 
The pain became a regiment. Like clockwork. Once he started to track it, he found he could almost plan for it. Same intervals of time each day. Yet, -and he felt guilty to admit this- he found himself thankful every time he felt it. Because it meant his soulmate was alive. Alive and persevering. 
He vowed that he would never describe his soulmate as delicate again. He also vowed to hunt down the persons responsible for this pain if he ever found them. He renewed the oath daily when he endured their pain. Why? What had his soulmate done to deserve such treatment? He prayed to the fates that they would be able to escape.
Then the pain suddenly stopped, but this time Loki refused to mourn. He had more faith in his soulmate now. 
There was an adjustment period after the Avengers broke you out of the HYDRA facility you were being kept in. Steve freaking Rogers had been the one to open your cell. Who would have thought?
For the first time in years, you were not subjected to around the clock torture. Which you had to admit was kind of nice. It must be nice for your soulmate too. Assuming they didn’t sever their connection. You wouldn’t blame them if they had. It was a lot to go through. You would know. 
Bucky was one of the first people you spoke with. He knew what it was like to be a pet project of HYDRA. Over a few drinks you were able to talk more in depth about it. Eventually you began to talk about the state of your soul bonds. It was something only the two of you could understand. The rage and loss that came with it was not understood by many. 
“The worst part is, I get why they did it.” you said, once the whiskey made you brave enough. 
Bucky nodded, “What better way to break someone down than to strip them of everything they have?” 
“Fuck soulmates.” you said before taking another shot. 
“Careful now. At least yours might still be out there. Mine probably died ages ago.” he took another drink. 
You saw the sadness in Bucky’s eyes. For a moment you could see him, returning home after the war. Finding his soulmate, and settling down to live a long and happy life. Growing old surrounded by his family and the love he deserved. Fate was cruel.
Then another, almost as happy image came to your mind. One of two people finding each other after the darkest of nights and finding a light within each other. 
“We could be each other's soulmates.” you slurred. 
Bucky laughed, “I’m old enough to be your grandfather.” 
“I like older men.” you batted your eyelashes in a way that you thought was flirtatious, but made Bucky laugh. You refused to take that as a loss. After a few moments, the proposition still hung in the air. Curiosity got the better of the both of you. 
Between the sweet smell of the alcohol and the bitter taste of your memories, there was no other option but to kiss your best friend. Clearly nothing could go wrong. 
You leaned in first, but Bucky was the one to close the distance. It was hesitant, and sweet. Your fingers tangled in his hair, and his hands fell to your waist. You did everything right mechanics wise, but something was missing. You tried to pour emotion into the kiss, but found that there was none to give. 
You pulled away first, “Feel anything?”
“Nothing. You?” Bucky chuckled. 
“Like kissing my grandpa.” 
He glared half-heartedly at your jape before you both began to laugh at yourselves, and the absurdity of what just happened. It was just too fucking funny to let any awkwardness settle in between you. 
If two traumatized ex-assassins couldn’t find love with each other, then who were they going to find it with?
“Friends?” Bucky raised his glass in a toast towards you. 
You clinked your glass with his, “Best friends.”
After the drunken kiss, you and Bucky settled into a comfortable rhythm. There was no danger of falling into anything messy, because what you had was strictly platonic. Contrary to what other people tended to assume when they saw you two together. 
You would be content to spend the rest of your life with Bucky. He was an amazing person, and you knew he cared about you. More so, he understood you. You both suffered at the hands of HYDRA and could best understand each other. Be there for each other and heal together.
But there was still a part of you that longed for something...different. Not more, but different. 
You sat on the couch next to Bucky, his arm around your shoulders as you were watching TV. Thor sat on the other couch, and Loki had left his own room to join you. He was reading from his book, and pretending none of you existed. But it was progress for the trickster.
“Breaking news.” The anchorwoman interrupted your show, “Congress moves to debate a new law that would outlaw use of soul bond severing procedures within the United States.” 
Loki slammed his book shut, “Did she say soul bond severing?” 
“That can’t be a real thing.” Thor turned to look at you and Bucky, “Can it?” 
You both nodded at him. It was sometimes easy to forget that Thor and Loki were literal aliens, and came from a planet so different from your own. One without humans or their petty fears. Thor looked horrified at the idea.
“Leave it to the mortals to think up such a thing.” Loki rolled his eyes, “ Who would choose to sever their soul bond?”
“Not everyone has a choice.” you glared at him, “Me and Bucks were unwilling participants.”
Loki looked downwards, “I didn’t realize.” 
You figured that was as good an apology as you would get from him.  
“I assumed you two were…” Thor trailed off, probably worried about offending the two of you. It was more consideration than most people gave.  
You shook your head, “No. HYDRA severed our connections as soon as they got a hold of us.” 
“How did they even-” Thor began to ask, but Bucky cut him off. 
“It’s the worst pain you’ll ever experience in your life, and it will make you wish you died.” 
His tone made it clear that no further up questions would be permitted. It was a touchy subject for everyone involved. Thor and Loki looked very uncomfortable, so you decided to shift the energy in the room. 
“That’s why we decided to be platonic soul mates.” you grinned at Bucky, “Soul buds.” 
“Soul buds.” Bucky agreed, his eyes getting their light back. Sometimes his eyes would go dark when the memories became too strong. You had some experience trying to get him out of it.  
You high fived, his metal hand connecting with yours before turning back to the TV screen. Discreetly behind Bucky’s back, you shook out the hand that collided too hard with his. 
Loki looked down at his own stinging palm. 
Well, that was suspicious.
Over the next few weeks, Loki began to watch you. He kept an eye out for any stubbed toe, any opportunity to bang your hip against a counter, any sort of minor mishap really. 
But you were far from clumsy. Your years of training made sure of it. 
Short of convincing Thor to stomp on your foot, Loki would have to give up on this ploy. And causing you unnecessary pain was out of the question. Also, if he went to Thor with such a ridiculous request the oaf would have questions. Questions that Loki had no intention of answering. 
While part of him was disappointed, another part of him was glad. Glad that your pain had stopped, but you were alive. Assuming you were his soulmate, of course. 
Besides, you spent all your time with Sergeant Barnes. At first, Loki had made the same assumption as Thor that Barnes was your soulmate. Even though he knew that assumption was incorrect, he couldn’t help but recall how well you worked together. You were an unstoppable duo. Nothing could ever come between you. Perhaps you would be happier with your platonic “soul bud” than you would ever be with your actual soulmate.
So Loki let it go. It was for the best, really.  
The mission was simple. Break into the lab, retrieve any data, get out. The fact that it was a HYDRA lab, just made you determined to succeed. The fact that it was the same lab you were contained in, just made you determined to burn it down afterwards. Regardless of what anyone else had to say on the matter.
When the intel came in, you demanded to be allowed to work on this mission. Steve and Tony were hesitant, but you were relentless. You couldn’t be certain, but you were pretty sure Bucky bent Steve’s ear to convince him. 
You sat on the quinjet with Bucky and Loki. This was a mission for stealth after all, and Black Widow was already dispatched elsewhere. So Loki was joining the two of you as part of his probationary period. 
Given the mission, you and Bucky were not in your usual moods. HYDRA was personal, no matter how much you tried to deny it. You were feeling jittery, but set on the mission. Your eyes had gone dark again, and this time Bucky knew better than to try and fix it.  
“The lab should be abandoned since the Avengers raided the facility.” you explained after looking over the file. You pulled out a map and started pointing, “The data is most likely in one of these rooms.”
“Y/N, you’ll take the west corridor.” Bucky instructed, “Loki and I will take the east. We should meet in the middle.” 
“I do not need a babysitter.” Loki rolled his eyes, “Besides, why should Y/N go alone?” 
He hoped his annoyance would conceal his worry. Thankfully it worked. 
“I know this place like the back of my hand. I’ll probably beat you to the meeting location anyway.” you stood as the jet neared it’s drop off point. 
“She can handle herself.” Bucky grinned at you and you winked back.
Loki swallowed the jealousy he felt. It was ridiculous and juvenile. He knew better, and he made his decision. But he still felt it building up like bile.
You walked down the corridors slowly. The building was abandoned, yet you felt like you were being watched. 
You shook it off. It was probably nothing. Just a case of the creeps being back here. 
You continued down the hallway, keeping your steps silent. You walked into one of the offices and began your search for the data. You turned on one of the terminals and started searching. Then the door closed.
“Little dove.” a familiar voice said behind you, “Welcome home.” 
You cursed to yourself. Of course it was a trap. They knew you wouldn’t be able to resist coming back and torching the place. You looked up and quickly saw you were surrounded. Despite the large number against you, you liked your odds in this fight. 
When the first one came at you, quickly dispatched them. You fought as though your life depended on it. Because frankly, it did. If the remnants of HYDRA got hold of you…
Well, you weren’t going to be taken alive. 
After making your way through about half of HYDRA’s agents, you heard the shot ring out. You felt the burning pain spread across your shoulder. It wasn’t enough to kill you, but it was meant to slow you down and stop you from resisting. 
The problem was, now that you had known freedom you would never stop resisting. You would bleed out on the floor before surrendering. You gritted your teeth and continued, ignoring the blood coming from your shoulder. 
While you were distracted, one of the agents got behind you and stuck the needle into your neck. 
Everything went black after that. 
Loki groaned as he grabbed his own shoulder. Then his heart stopped. It was from a gunshot.  
“Y/N.” it came out as a pained whisper. Then he turned to Bucky. “It’s an ambush. She’s hurt.” 
“What?” Bucky looked at Loki incredulously, “How do you know?” 
Loki opened his mouth to tell a lie, but then he felt the phantom needle in his neck. That was a very bad sign. He growled, “Just trust me!”  
Bucky stared at him, his eyes falling to Loki’s shoulder. Then he understood. There was only one way Loki would know that you were hurt. That would have to wait until later. 
Bucky felt like an idiot.
“The intel. The data. It was all a trap.” Bucky realized and both men took off down the hallway. 
“For what purpose?” Loki asked as he easily kept up the super soldier.
“HYDRA wants her back. What better way to do that than to lure her to the place where they kept her?” 
Loki stopped for a moment. This was the place Y/N was tortured all those years? This was the place his soulmate was savagely beaten? These were the people who did it? 
A cruel smile came to Loki’s lips and he took off running again. He leaned into his otherworldly abilities to pick the pace. 
The Avengers’ code be damned. He had an oath to fulfill. 
The bodies of HYDRA agents littered the floor. Their blood spattered the pristine walls. And that was before Loki and Bucky found you unconscious and bleeding on one of their tables. Bleeding and with a bullet lodged in your shoulder. 
As Bucky moved to stabilize you, Loki stayed back. He wanted to know that you were alright, but the sight of you froze him to the spot. He swore he would never look at you as delicate again, but seeing you now he could almost believe you were made of glass. 
“Don’t let them take me...” You slurred your words, the sedative working its way through your system. Your eyes slowly closed. You had never sounded so scared before. 
That was Loki’s breaking point. Anyone who dared hurt you would die. Anyone who had anything to do with your imprisonment would die. Even if he had to hunt down all the remaining sects of HYDRA himself. By the time Loki was through, there would be utter carnage.
“We have to get her out of here.” Bucky yelled after he moved your body to carry you in his arms.
“Agreed.” Loki walked over and put his hand on Bucky’s shoulder, transporting all of you back to the quinjet. They quickly moved to get you onto a gurney. Once you were situated, Bucky took the controls and the jet took off.
As you flew away, the research facility exploded into green flames. Loki grinned sinisterly as he watched it. 
“Do not lecture me, Sergeant Barnes. You would have done the same thing.” he didn’t stay to let Bucky respond. He instead went back to check on you. 
Bucky wanted to be angry at him. He wanted to insist that there was a proper way to handle these things. He wanted to do the right thing and be good. But, as he watched the lab that haunted your nightmares light up in flames, he couldn’t find it in him. This was what they deserved. 
When they got back, you were immediately brought to the infirmary. You were stitched up and given pain killers. You had your talents, but you were not a super soldier. It would take a while for you to heal fully. 
When everyone was assured you would be fine, there was a collective sigh. Everyone else left to let you sleep. Everyone except for Loki and Bucky. They stayed. Still in their blood covered suits, they remained in the room, watching you sleep peacefully. 
“I need a word with you.” Bucky kept his voice hushed, and pointed to the door. 
Casting one last glance at you to make sure you were fine, Loki followed Bucky out the door. He should have been expecting this, but in his defense he had been a little caught up back at the lab. 
“How long have you known?” Bucky demanded once the door closed behind Loki.
“I didn’t know!” Loki deflected, “I only suspected.” 
Bucky looked at the window to see you, asleep on the hospital bed, “Well, I guess this confirms your suspicions.” 
“I suppose it does.” Loki sighed, “But no matter. She doesn’t need to know.” 
“Bullshit, she doesn’t need to know.” Bucky spat, “You think you can keep this from her?” 
“She is happy with her life as it is.” Loki insisted, “She does not need me to come in and ruin the happiness she fought so hard to find for herself.” 
Bucky paused. He thought he understood what Loki was getting at. Loki didn’t want to make you choose between the two of them. Bucky rolled his eyes at the notion.
“My relationship with Y/N has nothing to do with the relationship you two could have.” 
“I am aware of that fact.” Loki huffed, “Do you think she could be happy with me? The war criminal? The intergalactic traitor? The monster from children’s stories?” 
“Stop with the self-pity. All three of us have skeletons in our closets.” Bucky crossed his arms, “This is something she should get a say in. It’s not something you get to decide for her.” 
Loki still seemed hesitant, so Bucky decided to pull out the big guns. 
“HYDRA already took so much away from her. I know you don’t want to do the same thing.”
Bucky tried not to grin as he watched Loki wince. He knew comparing the trickster to HYDRA would be a low blow. Especially after what they just saw at the lab. But, he knew it was the best way to get the outcome he wanted.
“I’ll tell her.” Loki relented, “I just need some time.”
“If you are lying to me, I will tell her myself.” Bucky threatened. 
Loki did not doubt he would do it. He did not doubt how much Bucky cared for you. What he would do for you. Loki couldn’t help but admire that. 
“You have my word. Just a few days more, once she has her strength back.” Loki promised. 
Over the next few days, Loki and Bucky took turns keeping watching over you. Even the medical staff knew better than to try and get the men to leave your side before the unofficial change in shifts. 
Bucky they had expected. The two of you were always joined at the hip. Loki had been a surprise. He startled a poor nurse when he teleported back into your room after leaving to clean up. 
Sometimes they would both sit by your bedside. Usually they kept silent as they watched you. But sometimes they would talk about the mess of a situation they found themselves in. It was one of those times that you started to wake up the first time. 
“If you don’t mind my asking…” you heard Loki whisper, “Was there ever a time you wanted a different relationship with her? A more romantic one?” 
“No.” Bucky sighed, “And not for a lack of trying. Does that make you jealous?” 
Loki chuckled, “No. Just curious.” 
There was a moment of silence, and you knew Bucky was trying to get his words in order. Usually when Bucky took these moments, the others on the team would rush to fill the gap, which you frustrated Bucky. Loki seemed content to let him take his time. 
“I thought it would have been easier.” he tried, “We’re so similar in so many ways, I thought it would be easier if we fell in love. But, I guess I learned there are different kinds of love. None are better or worse than another. She’s my best friend. I love her and that’s more than enough for me.”  
You flushed a little. Why were they talking about your relationship with Bucky? Everyone in the tower knew how close you were. Why was Loki asking Bucky these questions? Even stranger, why was Bucky answering them? You knew Bucky didn’t outright hate Loki like most of the team, but that didn’t mean he would bare his soul for the trickster. 
“There is so much I am still not sure of…” Loki trailed off, his voice hushed. 
It was that moment that your body decided to slip back into unconsciousness. You missed Bucky's response. You tried to stick around, but you were just too tired. 
When you woke up for real, you saw that Bucky was sitting in the chair next to your bed. The grin on his face told you he knew the second you woke up. 
“There’s my girl.” he kept his voice low, “How are you feeling?” 
“Like I got shot.”
He laughed at that, “You’ll be happy to know, the lab is nothing but a crisp. Loki burned it down.” 
“I should give him my thanks. Where is he?” you moved to sit up, and Bucky instantly helped you do it safely. He knew better than to try and hold you down. You hated being restrained. 
“Loki should be down soon.” Bucky answered, “You kicked some serious ass before we showed up.”
“How did you guys know I needed help?” the question came out before you could fully think it through.
There was no way they could have heard the gun, not with all the soundproofing. Even if they got to the meeting point, saw you weren’t there, and immediately went looking for you, they shouldn’t have gotten to you so quickly. 
You saw the look of panic in Bucky’s eyes. You knew that look. He was trying to think of a lie to tell you. You opened your mouth to start digging into him, when another voice stopped you. 
“I can answer that.”
You looked over to the doorway, and saw Loki standing there. He looked down at his hands. If you didn’t know any better, you would think he was nervous. 
Bucky cleared his throat, “I should go. I’ll come by later, Y/N.” 
He leaned down and kissed your forehead before you could protest his departure. You saw the slight nod he and Loki exchanged before he left the room. The fuck was that?
An awkward pause settled in the room once it was just you and Loki. You briefly considered pretending to fall back asleep, but then you remembered what Bucky had said. 
“Thank you.” you broke the silence, “Bucky said you burned down the lab.” 
Loki smiled at that, “There is no need to thank me. It was something I have wanted to do for a very long time.” He stepped further into the room until he was sitting in the chair next to your bed.
“What did HYDRA do to you?” you asked. 
Loki paused. He gave you a cautious look. As if he was assessing you. Just when you were about to rescind your question, he responded. 
“They held my soulmate captive for years and subjected her to unspeakable pain.” 
“I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you find her soon.” You gave him a sympathetic smile.
Loki looked at you quizzically, “I already found her.” 
“That’s great!” you smiled, “Who is she?”
Loki stared at you for a moment, before shaking his head and letting out a laugh. 
“What’s so funny?” you tilted your head, confused by the turn in the conversation.”
“Darling, I really hope the pain medication is to blame, and you aren’t normally this thickheaded.”
You opened your mouth to berate him for the insult when his words clicked, “Oh.” 
“Yes.” he nodded, the amused smile still on his lips.
“You felt…” you pointed to your bandaged shoulder when your words failed you. 
Loki nodded again, “That was how I knew you were in trouble. I told Barnes and we rushed to find you.” 
“Bucky knows?” you asked, your brain was still lagging behind. This was a lot of information to take in, and it was easier to focus on the smaller things. Part of you was sure this was a dream anyway. 
“To be fair, he guessed.” Loki looked you up and down, assessing you again, “I probably should have waited until after you were out of here to tell you all this.”  
You nodded quickly, “Probably.” 
“Cat’s out of the bag.” Loki shrugged, “I originally wasn’t going to tell you at all, but Barnes insisted. He said you would want to know.” 
“He’s right. I did- I do want to know.” you thought for a moment, “Wait, you weren’t going to tell me? How long have you known?” 
“Technically, I only suspected. I knew when I felt the bullet enter your shoulder.”
“How long did you suspect?” 
“Ever since you told Thor and I about soul bond severing.” He looked sheepish, “Barnes described it as the worst pain you could ever experience, and it reminded me-”
“You felt that.” you interrupted him, guilt beginning to eat at you.  
Loki nodded, “I figured out you were mortal before then, and when the pain forced me to lose consciousness, I assumed you were dead. When the daily torment began, I was almost relieved.”
You snorted, “You must be into some weird stuff.” 
Loki rolled his eyes, “I was not happy you were being tortured, but happy to know you were still alive.”
The earnest tone of his voice made you stop laughing. He really meant what he said. He was worried for you. He felt your pain and hurt for you. Not just physically, but emotionally. 
“I vowed I would kill whoever was hurting my soulmate. So, when Sergeant Barnes told me about the significance of the lab, I could not help myself.” Loki gave you a small smile.
You returned the smile, before offering him your good hand. Loki took it, giving it a gentle squeeze.   
“I’m sorry you felt all of that.” you apologized.
“I am sorry you had to go through it in the first place.” he responded. 
Another silence fell over you two, but this time it wasn’t awkward. There was a bit of tension, because there was so much left to say, to discuss. However, for a moment you enjoyed each other's presence. After a little while, you started to feel tired. It had been a big day for you. Plus you were still healing from getting shot. You tried to fight it, but sleep pulled you in.
“We have a lot to talk about.” You yawned. 
“Darling, shut up and get some rest.” he leaned in to kiss your hand, “We will have plenty of time to talk later.”
“I’m not ditching Bucky.” you murmured sleepily.
“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Loki responded honestly.
“Bros before hoes.” your eyes closed.
“That better be the pain medication talking.”
Content with that, you drifted off to sleep.
“I’m telling you, Y/N. I can jump without one of these.” Bucky held up the parachute in his hands.
“Your old man knees will burst the second we hit the ground.” you argued as you adjusted your straps.
“My knees are perfectly fine!”
“Just put the damn thing on!” 
“I'm already doing it!” 
“Are you two finished?” Loki watched you both with his arms crossed. He would be staying on the plane to act as your eyes in the sky. In the time since you discovered Loki was your soulmate, the three of you formed a bit of a trio. If everyone thought you and Bucky were an unstoppable force before, it only got better with Loki’s addition to the team. 
After doing a quick check to make sure your straps were secure, Loki let out a sigh and addressed you directly.
“My love, please try to be careful. You just got cleared to go out in the field again.”  
“I know, Loki. I’ll do my best.” you leaned in and gave him a quick kiss before walking over to the open airplane door. 
“And you…” Loki turned Bucky.
“I know, I know.” Bucky rolled his eyes with a grin, “I’ll keep her safe.” 
“That wasn’t what I was going to say. You and I both know she doesn’t need you to do that.” Loki smiled, “And we also know you would do it regardless of what I had to say on the matter.” 
“Then what?” Bucky asked, double checking the straps of his parachute. 
“I was going to ask you to be careful as well.” Loki cleared his throat and quickly added, “Y/N would be beside herself if you so much as got a splinter, and I would rather avoid all that.”
Bucky looked surprised. He hadn’t expected Loki to care much about his safety on this mission. Even though he quickly used you as an excuse, Bucky could see a hint of concern on Loki’s face. He smiled.
“Will do, pal.” he extended a hand.
Loki scoffed, but still accepted the gesture and shook Bucky’s hand. After that Bucky met you by the airplane window, and a funny thought occurred to him. 
“What are you laughing at?” you asked him as you neared your jumping point.
“You got your older man after all.” Bucky chuckled, “Just, instead of being a hundred, he’s pushing a thousand.” 
“He’s older than a thousand.” you teased.
“Kinky.” Bucky smirked.
“Shut up!” you gave Bucky a good natured shove out of the airplane door. You watched him fall with a yelp. 
You turned to Loki and blew him one last kiss. He shook his head in exasperation, but you saw his hand pretend to catch it, and slip it into his pocket.
With a grin on your face and an excited whoop on your lips, you jumped out of the plane. 
Loki walked over to watch you both hurtle to the ground. He could make out two dark figures getting smaller and smaller. He counted down in his head and saw the twin explosions of white when you both engaged your parachutes. He waited until he felt the impact from the landing in his knees. Uncomfortable for a moment, but nothing drastic. 
He smiled and turned to get back to the mission at hand. 
The three of you had a lot of work to do. 
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tripleyeeet · a month ago
i feel like i post more wip snippets than i do actual fics but like... i’m a busy woman who craves instant validation so... ahem, anyway. this is a little snippet of a fic i’m writing for @sventeen-daybreak​’s writing challenge. it’s a loki fic that’s kind of soulmate au adjacent (if that makes any sense) and very angsty and i’m very proud of it so here you go: 
He looks absolutely beautiful, towering above the rest, dripping in ebony fabric that hugs his frame. Grumpily, he’s pressed against the wall, almost hidden in plain sight as he looks at his phone, a lack of interest coating his face as he thumbs the screen.
Almost immediately you’re drawn to him, your body moving on autopilot, ebbing and flowing through the crowded area until you’re positioned directly in front of him and saying hi and watching the way his eyes slowly move to meet yours. 
And when they do it’s like something out of a movie. Time slows down and your breath becomes scarce and instead of feeling full you’re completely empty —almost cavernous as you try to pull the air in front of you into your lungs.
“May I help you?” he asks and suddenly you’re melting and the walls inside your chest are creating brand new formations for you to inevitably break away when you’re alone and realize that this thing between you means nothing.
Because you’ll never see him again after this. You’ll never see his face or his hands or the way he stands way too properly for a man who’s staring at his phone alone in a bar, which suddenly makes the whole experience more exciting. 
i also made a playlist for this already, as well as a moodboard that’s currently serving as the cover so if you wanna listen to some cool tunes i highly recommend checking it out! as the fic progresses i might add more songs to the lineup but for now it’s short and sweet. 
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Okay so I wasn’t gonna do this but since I only have two requests left to work on I wanted to try something new. This a smut only prompt list. All smut one shots are unfortunately female reader only I’m sorry for the restriction but I’m trash at writing gender neutral and male smut. But anyways just send the number and character. All requests are 18+obviously.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Loki, Peter Parker (aged up), and Wanda.
“We’re really going to fuck here? What if someone sees us?”
“Come one more time for me, I know you’ve got one more in you.”
“Can you use your other hand?” (Bucky specific obviously lol)
“Keep it up or I’ll fuck you right here bent over the kitchen counter”
“It’s my thigh or nothing, I’m not helping you get off till you’re done.”
“Why are you being so gentle tonight?” “Because tonight I just want to make love to you darling.”
“Don’t leave any marks he’ll see.” “If he didn’t want another man marking you he should have treated you better.”
“Oh don’t stop fucking yourself on my account, in fact I think I’ll sit down and watch.”
“If you can’t sleep wanna have sex instead?” (Bucky specific)
“How about you come sit on my lip till I’m finished?”
“Say my name,” “Louder,” (Loki specific)
“You better be quiet if you don’t want anyone to come over and see us.”
“I’m trying to work on my dirty talk I was wondering if you would help me?”
“I’m gonna fuck you so hard that you forget you ever even met that asshole.”
“Oh god how long was I-“ “dry humping me? Not long but please don’t stop.”
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I need opinions, I’ve got a draft of a Bucky x Steve’s ex wife reader set after he goes back to Peggy. But I can’t decide to make it a long one shot or a multiple part mini series
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Hey! I’m currently taking requests! Requests are currently open for Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Bucky, Wanda, Nat and Loki. I might eventually branch out and do the other characters but for now I’d like to stick to those 3.
Important: if you want anything specific please put it in the request with the prompt. Example if you want the reader to be related to be related to another character, a certain aspect to the character, or certain race and gender. So please put the pronouns you want in your request and if you have any other details those too.
“Just calm down, things will be fine.”“My wife is being held at gunpoint and you think now is a suitable time to tell me to calm down.”
“Please don’t let me fall.” - “Never.”
“You take me instead, do you hear me? Give her/him/them back and you take me instead.”
* “Don’t tell me you’re fine, I can see the blood!”
“If you’re watching this then that means I didn’t make it.”
“No you can’t braid my hair.” “Come on please? Pretty please? For me?”
“Maybe if you actually stop staring at her and talk to her, you might have a chance.”
“You can sleep now. I’ll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.”
“You can’t have her and it’s killing you inside.”
“How many did you take? Open your mouth, I need to see.” (TW)
“The way he watches you. like he’s ready to take a bullet for you.” “Is that a bad thing?”
“Take my gun and go with Sam, please I don’t want to hurt you. I can’t hurt you” - “You won’t hurt me.” - “Please. Just do it.” (Bucky specific)
“Keep your hands over your ears, do you hear me? Even when the noises stop. Don’t listen.”
“It was working until you showed up, you Damn (nickname)! I mean, this isn’t fair. You had your chance with her! You had your chance and you blew it! And this is my chance and I am not going to blow it because we are meant for each other! And this is all just been one stupid mistake! I was gonna propose tonight.
“My mom told me to Never trust a man that can dance.”
“You’re absolutely beautiful.” He sighed into my hair. “And your ex-boyfriend is an absolute moron for letting a girl like you go.” “Yeah you are you dope now let’s go get some dinner.”
"I hate seeing you two be all coupley in public when I'M the one you're fucking."
"Hey! Wait for me my prince!". Loki stopped dead in his tracks, his breath shallow and wondering why that voice still made them feel this way. (Loki specific)
you obviously can't be trusted to take care of yourself, so let me do it for you.
“(She/he/they) don’t belong with (her/him/them)!” “Than who do(es) (she/he/they) belong with?” “…..with me.”
“You can cut me, bruise me and skin me alive, but you won’t take her from me.”
“You broke her heart and came back for more, you bastard.”
The pictures below are also prompts ( 23 and 24) you can request!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Send me a name and I’ll pick a letter from the unsent project under that name and turn it into a fanfic. Also if you have a specific character you want put it in the request. I mainly wrote for Loki, Peter, and Bucky but would be willing to try most of the other characters. Results may vary lol. And all fics will use (Y/n) the name is only to find a prompt. If you have specific pronouns you want used please specify
Also just in case that didn’t make sense I meant first name. Example: Sara, Alexis, Michelle Etc.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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give-me-a-moose · a month ago
Achromatopsia - Part 2
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Reader (Soulmate AU)
Words: 1,841
Summary: After meeting your soulmate and getting the ability to see color, you and Loki decide to rediscover the world around you. One thing you’ve always wanted to experience was fireworks!
Note: Welcome to the unplanned follow up to Achromatopsia! I wasn’t going to write this but my best friend asked me to do a follow up. Blame her! 
Tumblr media
Life went by very quickly after you met Loki. It was a bit of a blur if you were being honest. You and Loki tried to spend time getting to know one another, but between missions and lab experiments it wasn’t always that successful. 
Tony insisted on continuing his work on the color sight glasses, which meant you would need to find a new test subject to try them on. Yet, that didn’t change Tony’s nickname for you. 
“Listen, Lab Rat. Just because you got fixed by true love’s kiss bullshit doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who could use this technology.” he stubbornly told you one day. 
Despite his words, you knew Tony was happy for you. Concerned that your supposed soulmate was the Asgardian god of mischief, but happy nonetheless.
Even though every day brought you new colors, you found that green remained your favorite. When you and Loki got some time, you would go out and rediscover the world together. Art museums suddenly became amazing explorations. Botanical gardens were like a trip to another world. Every time you looked over at Loki, you could see the same awe you felt reflected in his beautiful eyes. 
One of the last things on your list of things to rediscover were fireworks. You had seen them many times before, but you never got the point of them. They were loud and looked the same to you. But everyone insisted that if you could see the colors you would understand. 
That was why you couldn’t help but laugh when Tony announced that Avengers were having a cookout with fireworks out of nowhere. As an unofficial addition to the team, you were, of course, invited. When you tried to question Tony on how he came up with the idea, he would simply say that the team was in need of a morale boost. 
You got to the new Avengers’ compound in the afternoon, brimming with childish excitement. Loki, as usual, was there to greet you when you arrived. Your heart raced when his hand touched the small of your back. You idly wondered if this feeling would ever go away, before deciding that you wouldn’t mind if it never did. Maybe it was a soulmate thing. 
Loki led you outside to where the rest of the team were congregating. Wanda and Vision were lounging on a blanket. Wanda gave you a wave as you passed by. Steve, Sam and Bucky stood around a grill, preparing dinner for everyone. You glanced around the field and saw Bruce and Thor were playing what looked like cornhole. 
After getting some food, Tony wandered over to you and Loki. 
“There’s my Lab Rat.” Tony greeted you, “I think I have everything set up to go. As soon as the sun goes down, boom!” 
“Are you going to be okay?” you asked him, as a thought passed through your head. 
His eyes widening in understanding before he smiled, “I’ll be fine. Thanks.” 
He patted your shoulder before leaving the two of you to enjoy the outdoor festivities. 
“You are excited for your first firework show?” you turned to Loki, “Do you have fireworks on Asgard?” 
He chuckled, “We do, but it’ll be my first time seeing them…” he laced your fingers together before giving your hand a gentle squeeze, “Quite like this.” 
You grinned at him before squeezing his hand back. 
After eating, you made your rounds chatting with the other Avengers you had gotten to know recently. Most of them had been fascinated by the concept of soulmates and were very welcoming towards you. Loki joined you, although he was not as eager to participate in the conversation. He was civil when he needed to be, but he let you do most of the talking. 
Apparently, that in and of itself was a major improvement. Thor had taken you aside and told you that before you came along, Loki hardly interacted with any of the others. Your insistence on getting to know the rest of the team had forced Loki to open up a bit. You had snuck a glance at Loki then, and saw him chatting with Bruce. He looked a little stiff and uneasy, but he was doing it of his own accord. 
Throughout the evening you kept sneaking glances at your watch, excited for the fireworks. As the sun began to set, everyone settled in for the show. You excitedly sat in the grass and Loki took his place beside you. You missed his fond look, as you almost bounced in excitement. 
 Suddenly there was a flash of light. You looked over at Loki in confusion. He met your gaze with a tilted head. That couldn’t have been it, right? 
Then came the thunder. 
And with thunder came the sudden and inescapable onslaught of rain. 
You heard some shrieks and squeals before everyone started to book it for the closest bit of shelter. Within moments you could feel the water soak through your shoes. There was no way the fireworks had stayed dry enough to be ignited.  
“I’m sorry guys. We’ll have to try again another time.” Tony told everyone once you all made it inside. 
With some disappointed murmurs and wishes for a good night, the rest of the group dispersed to their own quarters within the compound. That left just you and Loki behind. The rain mercilessly beat outside, and you saw the sky light up in a flash again. You began to count in your head: One mississippi, two Mississippi, three- 
You heard the loud crack of thunder. It was getting closer. Great.  
You wiped your wet hair from your face, “I should probably head home before the storm gets worse.” 
“Are you mad?” Loki’s eyes widened as he pointed outside. 
“I’ve driven in worse.” you replied with a shrug. Loki was already shaking his head. 
“Stay.” he paused after hearing the commanding tone of his voice, then tried again. His voice was softer, a request; “Please?” 
You saw the concern etched into his face. He was worried about you trying to drive back to the city in the middle of the storm. You found that you didn’t have the heart to refuse him.
“I’ll stay.” 
Relief flooded Loki’s face before he kissed your forehead, “Thank you.” 
That alone was worth the hellish commute you would face in the morning. 
As you stepped into Loki’s room you heaved a large sigh, and he immediately pulled you into his arms. 
“I’m sorry, darling.” he whispered before pressing a kiss to your temple, “There will be another time.” 
You inhaled deeply, soaking up his warmth, “Is it bad that there’s some part of me that blames Thor for this. Thunder god and all.” 
You felt more than heard his chuckle, “By all means, go ahead. I won’t stop you.” 
You laughed a little at that. For a few quiet moments you both stop in the middle of his room, just enjoying the closeness. 
“Get in the shower.” Loki finally broke the silence, “I know how easy it is for mortals to catch a cold.” 
His tone was warm, but his words left no room for argument. But, you wanted to protest and tell him that it would take more than some rain to make you sick. But, then again, the thought of a warm shower was too tempting to pass up. You decided to let him win this once. 
After chasing away the rain’s chill with a short, scalding shower you dried off and changed into some clothes Loki had offered you. You couldn’t help but revel in the fact that they still smelled like him. 
You found Loki already changed and sitting up against his headboard. Once he heard the door open, he set down the book he was reading and opened his arms to you. You did not need any more prompting to crawl onto the bed and into his arms. You curled into his chest and closed your eyes, listening to his heart beat. You almost let the rhythm lull you to sleep, but Loki’s voice woke you back up. 
“Open your eyes.” he whispered to you. 
You did such, just in time to see the small explosion at the foot of the bed. You jumped in surprise and Loki chuckled at you. 
“It’s quite safe, darling.” he murmured, massaging your scalp soothingly. 
The small, illusionary fireworks display continued at the foot of his bed. You couldn’t tear your eyes away. It was amazing. Sparks of magic flew up before exploding into different shapes. But the colors were the true stars of the show. 
After a few moments you began to recognize the colors he crafted into the illusionary explosions. Not just the names of them, but where you had first seen them. The pink was from the azaleas at the botanical garden you went to last week. The yellow was from a painting you liked at the museum. You were certain you saw your own eye color a few times.  
You looked away from the fireworks to admire Loki. His brow furrowed in concentration. He was doing his best to create the experience for you, without knowing it for himself. Your heart swelled with affection. Loki looked down at you and smiled nervously. 
“It’s probably not as good as the real thing.” he made the excuse as the light from another blue burst highlighted his features. 
“You’re incredible.” you breathed out. 
You saw the smile turn sheepish. You knew he was about to contradict you by saying something witty and self-deprecating. Before he could even open his mouth, you leaned up to kiss him.
“You’re amazing.” you continued after pulling away, “I am so lucky to have you.” 
His face softened at your words, “I am the lucky one.” 
Just then another spark burst into a big, red heart before slowly fading. At any other moment, you might have laughed at how cliché it was, but right then you couldn't do anything besides kiss him again. 
And again. 
A few weeks later, Tony was finally able to successfully host his firework show. It was fantastic, but you found that you preferred Loki’s private show in his room. The colors were ones he had chosen from sights you had seen together that he recreated with his own magic. These were just exploding chemicals. Beautiful chemicals though they might be. 
When Loki offered to let you stay the night, you didn’t hesitate to accept. He rewarded you with another private firework show in his room. Curled up against him, you watched as the falling sparks turned into glowing horses and wolves that ran around the foot of the bed before fading from existence. 
Loki was showing off his magic for you. He wanted to impress you. Didn’t he realize how unnecessary that was?
“Yours are still my favorite.” you whispered in his ear. 
Loki grinned mischievously, as he pulled you closer to him. As his lips covered yours, you could hear the fireworks gearing up for their climatic finale. 
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your-highnessmarvel · 2 months ago
From Bleak to Bright - Part Eleven
All other parts on on my masterlist, link provided below.
AN: soooo um i think this may be a little tension relieving ;;;;)))
Warnings: angst, language, SMUT (18+ ONLY)
** Two years later, Manhattan, New York **
You scrolled down on your phone, pretending to actually be doing something, while you waited for Natasha. A group of teenagers had come into the cafe, loud, laughing, challenging each other to some stupid fight. You rolled your eyes, chewing on some gum, making sure they kept their distance with you. Who knew what those kids had touched. Ew.
Nat texted you that she was around the corner, and to keep from staying a second longer with the obnoxiously loud teens, you all but ran out the cafe. You marched down the street, spring air brushing through your hair. There was a smell between a wood fire and flowers that drafted from God knows where. The sun was high up, the afternoon in Manhattan hot. Many people walked by wearing shorts or tank tops. Summer was approaching. It brought a smile to your face.
But that smile soon faded as you walked by the newspaper outlet and caught sight of the title. 
You gulped, biting on the inside of your cheek. It had already been two years since the last time you’d spoken to him? It seemed like way longer. It seemed as if you’d walked into a parallel universe. No one ever talked about him, least of all your friends and family. Least of all you. 
You shook your head, brushing away the thoughts that brought you back to all those years ago. You shook away an image of a loft, of a coffee table full of leather-bound books, of hands on your body.
You looked up, Natasha standing before you in a trendy outfit that made her look like a runway model. She had huge sunglasses perched on her nose, pink bubblegum in her mouth. 
“Ready?” she asked. 
“Yeah!” you answered, trying to hide the newspapers with your body, but you saw how her chin dipped when you walked by. She would surely see the titles and tell your brother. Dammit. You’d been doing so well.
Technically, you’d been doing fine. 
Ever since the Avengers had defeated Loki and Thor had brought him back to Asgard, you’d never seen or heard of him. You’d gone to a few rounds of therapy, mostly with psychologists who dealt in soulmates, and after a few months of isolation, Bruce had let you go. It had been a relief to have your phone back, your liberties, your God damn car. 
When you’d gotten the keys to your apartment back, it had felt final. But as the last people invited to your “homecoming” celebration had dwindled out, you’d found yourself in a pit. 
Everything was muted. Yes, you still saw colors, but without the person behind those colors, you just drifted. Yes, you were happy, somewhat, but whenever you saw couples together, something in your chest burned, like a slow leaking flame. You’d never be like them. Even though you’d heard stories about people marrying someone who wasn’t their soulmate, the simple thought of having another man - except Loki - in your life sent shivers down your spine. 
“I heard they got free donuts,” Nat said, bending her head close to yours. You giggled, but there was no heart it in.
She was bringing you to a stupid singles night out. Even though she briefly skirted on the fact that you’d already found your soulmate, she said it was an opportunity “to get out there”.
Hell, maybe it would make you forget Loki, although you highly doubted.
The night went on in a sort of downward spiral. It started off really fast and funny, with music and drinks, and a lot of men fighting to come to talk to you and the hot redhead. But with every passing guy, the more they didn’t look like him, the more they said things that set your teeth on edge, the duller you felt. 
Like being emptied slowly, hand by hand, touch by touch. 
By the time Nat brought you back to your apartment, you could barely manage a smile.
You tried, once again, fixing your stupid leaking tap but decided against it and went straight to bed. Because of that stupid newspaper, you had nightmares, plagued by a dark-haired prince wearing green and gold armor. 
In the morning, you ignored the tap and went to work. When you came back, the tap wasn’t leaking and you thanked your lucky guardian because if you had to hear one more drop, you’d lose it. 
The next night, coming home after drinks with your brother, the windowpane was fixed.
You knew something was wrong when your squeaking front door slid on perfectly oiled hinges. 
Someone had been in your apartment. Multiple times. 
Stepping in your apartment that night, eight nights after the tap was “fixed”, you looked around in the darkness. The shadows seemed denser, more menacing, as if they hadn’t been standing there every night, ever. 
You looked at your tiny kitchen. Nothing seemed amiss. You checked the lock, but it locked on its own with no problem. Even better than before.
You couldn’t actually complain about your little home invader because they had fixed all the problems that were slowly driving you to the brink. But you hadn’t said a word to anybody, not even Bruce, because deep down, you knew who’d be waiting for you one night, eventually. 
The bathroom light had been changed. It used to flicker all the time, giving you the creeps while you took a shower. But now it opened wildly bright and stayed there. 
There. That was the daily change. 
You changed in the bathroom, taking a hot, quick shower, keeping the door firmly locked. You felt watched as you padded across your apartment in your jammy shorts and tank top, your hair a wet rope down your back. 
The cabinet where you kept your mugs had a faulty knob that had cut you on more than one occasion. It was polished now. 
Hands trembling, you pivoted in your kitchen, fingers white-knuckling the countertop. 
“I know it’s you,” you murmured, feeling your heart throbbing in your throat. The shadows seemed to listen. “I know what you’ve been doing.”
You apartment seemed to breathe, swallowing your words, digesting them. But nothing came back to you. You kept expecting the shadows to linger, to move, to break away, but everything remained still, quiet.
Your heart plummeted. 
You went to bed looking out the window, noticing just how clean it was for an apartment in downtown Manhattan. 
You had dreams of him, vivid dreams. You swore you could feel fingers on your cheek the next morning. 
It’s when you walked in to the scent of flowers and found a bouquet of your favorite in the kitchen that you truly lost it. It took everything in you not to pick it up and smash the glass vase against the wall. There was no note, but just the fact that now, he wasn’t being so subtle about him breaking and entering, made your heart bash wildly against your ribs. 
But you knew what he was doing. He was trying to get to you without the others knowing. He’d surely scourged the place for microphones or cameras, just like you’d done two years ago, and found none. He knew the Avengers, or anybody watching, wouldn’t know he’d been here. And just the fact that you’d told no one about the mysterious repairs in your flat meant everything for him.
You turned, flowers at your back. The shadows seemed to be smiling. They knew he was here. 
You were older now, wiser. You knew how to play his little games.
“I’m not afraid,” you said to the dark. The curtains had been drawn in the living room, you noticed, as you made your way there. He’d wanted this to be done in private. 
“I know you’re here,” you continued, inching to the windows, intent on pulling them back to shed some moonlight in your apartment. “You can... you can talk to me,” you whispered, heart heavy and harsh in your ribs. Your hands had begun to shake the closer you got to the curtains. 
When you wrenched them open, exposing the city beneath you, you could barely take your eyes off the horizon.
Because you saw it.
The flicker.
His face there and then not, your heart wrenching in your chest, causing an audible gasp from your lips to echo in the room.
You felt the heat of him at your back. “I thought you were unafraid?” he asked, his voice rumbling, something vicious seizing your insides with a hot grip. 
Something akin to a puzzle piece clicked back into place at the sound of his voice. You could breathe lighter now, see colors more vividly, hear the world around you clearly. All this time, you’d suffocated, been drowning, and now you weren’t.
“I’m not,” you answered, but neither you nor he missed the way your voice trembled.
You felt the warmth of his hand on your hip, saw the reflection of him flicker in the window as he leaned closer, his lips brushing the space beneath your ear. Fire lit everywhere on your flesh as he brought himself flush with you. 
He inhaled. “I’ve missed you,” he mumbled against your skin, the sound of it vibrating in your bones. 
“Where...” you licked your lips and restarted. “Where have you been?”
His other hand braced just under your throat, long fingers seeping warmth through the fabric of your t-shirt. 
“Away,” he mumbled. He slid his hand from your hip to the sliver of skin under the hem of your t-shirt and you hummed involuntarily. His touch was like no other’s. “You’re so soft,” he mumbled. 
You tried not to forget that he’d left you there on the floor two years ago, but the way his body fit against yours made any logical thought seep from your brain.
“I’ve dreamt of you for so long,” he drawled, making it seem as if you’d been separated for an eternity. “I’ve dreamt of your eyes. Your voice. The way your body fits right onto mine.” He shifted slightly, pressing you harshly against him. “I’ve not the heart to take another woman to bed. I want it to be you.”
His words sent a strange heat dripping down into your belly, heavy and wanting. Your mouth parted, and the hand Loki had against your chest slipped up until his thumb pressed against your mouth. “How sweet of you,” you said against his thumb. 
He chuckled lowly. “I can show you sweet,” he said.
“I rather you practice restraint,” you mumbled, even though deep down, you meant none of it.
He chuckled again, shaking his head, lowering his hand back so it lay lightly around your throat. Then his chuckle turned into a groan, his force deepening. “Y/n,” but now his voice was pleading, like a man who’d been deprived of everything. “Please. I’ve thought of you all this time. Don’t push me away. Not you.”
The last part made you frown, but you nonetheless pushed from him, turning to face him. He had deep, dark circles under his eyes, his face ashen as if he hadn’t slept in a millennia. His hair was slightly longer, curling along his jaw, hiding his ears. He wore a white t-shirt and black slacks, but he was cold as you pressed your fingers against his shoulders. 
“Okay,” you whispered. You tried not to maintain eye contact because the haunted look in his green eyes made you sick. 
He bent forward slightly, grasping your face between his huge, warm hands. The first brush of his lips was soft, sending butterflies scuttling across your belly. But then he gripped your face, bringing you to him, and kissed you like he was a starving man and you were his reprieve. 
A strangled moan left his throat, his lips molding to yours, driving you backwards until your spine hit the window. One hand went to the glass to soften your fall, but he didn’t let up his rhythm. You could barely keep up anyway.
He kept kissing you so harshly, delving his tongue between your teeth, angling your head back to kiss you deeply, that every rational thought in you just went to dust. 
You gripped his back, marveling at the strong muscle, bringing him flush against you. One hand went to his hair, knotting in the raven locks, tugging until you swore you’d hurt him. But he kept kissing you, hands venturing to your hips, sliding over your ass, gripping your thighs and hauling you up. 
On instinct, you wrapped your legs around his waist, feeling his arousal just where you wanted him, and he spun you away from the window. How he moved with such eloquence as he devoured your mouth befuddled you, but when your ass found the countertop and Loki pressed himself between your legs, your brain fizzled. A whole jar of butterflies now flew in your belly. 
He broke from the kiss momentarily to grasp your breasts, kneading them in his hands, marveling at the sight. 
“Restraint, Loki,” you mumbled breathlessly, lips swollen. 
One of his brows furrowed, but he went right back to kiss you, holding your tits in his hands, then moving to grip your thighs with such strength it should have hurt. 
“I can’t stop,” he breathed between kisses, holding the back of your head. “I want you. I want you so fucking bad.”
You squeezed your eyes shut harshly, ignoring the red alarms in your head. Because it was him. Because it was him, always him, and now that he was here, touching you almost everywhere, his scent invading your senses, you never wanted him to go. 
He pulled your head back and kissed down your neck, over the swell of your breast, taking one nipple lightly between his teeth. A gurgled moan left your throat, Loki holding your head back, exposing everything to him. 
“No bra?” he grumbled against your skin, his tongue soothing the ache on your nipple. 
You just breathed in response, your legs clenching against his arms. 
He chuckled against your body. His left hand, the free one, slid down the length of your chest until he took one finger to lightly circle you through your pants. 
You gasped, jolting in his grasp, his mouth possessively clamping shut on your nipple. 
“Eager,” he hummed. He was so warm, smelled so fucking good, that the second time he applied pressure and circled his fingers, you all but moaned for everyone to hear. He teased you some more, licking and pleasing you all through your clothing.
Then his mouth left your hardened nipple and traveled up to your ear, where the warmth of his breath made you shiver. “If I can do this to you,” he whispered, circling your core through your pants. “Imagine how it’ll feel when I fuck you.”
His words made you want to clench your thighs together, to keep the heat and pressure there, but his body was still between your legs. He chuckled, biting your neck, hard, knowing it would leave a mark. He yanked your head forward until your eyes met his.
“I can feel just how much you want me,” he mumbled, hiding his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling. “I can smell it.”
You rocked once against his hand, eliciting a groan from him as your thigh briefly brushed him through his pants. He was hard. Wanting. The hand behind your hand squeezed until it hurt, but when he soothed his tongue against your neck, circling your clit, you lost yourself in him again. 
“Y/N,” he murmured, chanting your name like a prayer. You were almost there and you couldn’t believe it. You rocked against his hand, biting your lip, and when he saw that, he brought your mouth into a breathtaking kiss. “Cum against me,” he said through each kiss. “Cum.” It was a command. 
You squeezed your eyes, grinding against his circling hand, and when he licked your neck, you all but came apart with a moan. Loki quickly kissed you, swallowing your sounds of pleasure as he slowly, leisurely circled you through your pants. Your legs shaking, you trembled against him until his fingers stopped and he brought his forehead to yours. 
“Run away with me,” he whispered. “Let me ravage you every night, y/n, please.”
Lost in the dizzying aftermath of your orgasm, all you could do was breathe, eyes closed. You fisted one hand in his shirt, feeling his heart beating savagely under his breastbone. 
You tilted your head up, meeting his gaze.
“No,” you said.
AAAAHHHH omg i was so shy writing that little smutty part lmaooo BUT YES MORE TO COME OOOOHHHH (you will get a whole smut scene soon, let me get used to writing smut again hihihihi)
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your-highnessmarvel · 2 months ago
From Bleak to Bright - Part Ten
All other parts on on my masterlist, link provided below.
AN: omg this chapter is so sad!!!
Warnings: angst, language
You cried so much that you forgot what it felt like to not have your breath caught in your throat, or tears in your eyes, wetness on your cheeks. Even if you’d barely spent a week with Loki, when he left you there, without even trying to get to you, the bond inside of you screamed. It’s even worse than when you couldn’t see him, when Natasha and Bruce were trying to get you to stay away. Now that’d you’d had a taste, you just wanted more, and the bond that had been a knot in your belly now felt like burning fire.
Thor took you in his arms and brought you back to a jet, but both the wound on your head and the one in your heart kept you from having any conscience of it. You were crying so hard it hurt, your stomach clenching, breaths hiccupping out of your lungs, eyes swollen.  
The last thing you remembered before they put you under, pressing a mask to your face, was the wretched sobs coming from your throat.
Your dreams were nothing but black. It was like floating in space, with no stars, with no air, and the suffocation of the dream left you even more anguished than Loki’s departure.
Why hadn’t he tried? Why hadn’t he at least tried to take you with him, instead of looking at you with those eyes, his mouth parted?
You’d remember that look until the day you died.
Death was more peaceful than this.
When you woke up, Bruce was all over you, acting like the mommy you both never had. He was in your recovering room 24/7, bringing you everything you ever wanted. And when they moved you out of the recovery room and back at the Avenger’s compound, Bruce was still on your heels like a leech. 
Nat kept her eyes on you every time you passed by the door, as if you’d pounce right back out there if she dared to leave you alone.
Steve kept giving you speeches about good and evil, how Loki’s bond with you did not mean what he did was right. 
Tony dropped by once in a while, asking you questions on Loki, but all you knew was what you’d seen while at the loft, and revisiting those memories made you want to scratch your eyes out.
When you stopped talking, just shut down, they brought in a therapist. But even she couldn’t make you talk. All that anger was the only thing that made you remember him. And the bond desperately wanted you to remember him. Every single moment spent away from Loki, the bond called to him. It gave you stupid ideas to reach out somehow, to runaway, to seek out a way to get back to him. 
But you couldn’t leave. Ever. The Avenger’s compound was on lock down, and you could not be left alone in it, ever. It was your own personalized prison. 
You wished so desperately, but so quietly, that Loki would come for you. That he’d bring an army and get you back. 
But the news you overhead - because they didn’t allow you to know anything about Loki’s whereabouts - suggested Loki couldn’t give more of a fuck about you. He’d terrorized more people across the Earth, all intent on “taking over the world” or whatever. 
“He’s got Selvig,” you heard Thor telling Nat. You were lying on the couch and they didn’t know you were there as they prepared lunch. “He’s going to open a portal and bring the Chitauri army here.”
“If he does that,” Nat said with a hiss, “then it’s going to get far worse than it already is.”
You knew what she meant by that. The Avengers already had to take care of you - Loki’s soulmate - and adding an alien war to the pile was not going to facilitate their game.
And if Loki wasn’t coming for you, you wouldn’t make any effort to get back to him. 
*** Eighteen days later, Three hours before the attack on New York ***
You didn’t like the movie. Nat had chosen it as the boys had taken over the gym to have “a boys workout” as they called it. 
Nat had been careful in avoiding any romance movies, and had picked an action packed, hot boy movie with no story line and a lot of explosions. The main character was good-looking enough to distract you from the actual plot, and the fact that you did not have a phone - actually, not allowed - made you even more concentrated on the character. 
It wasn’t long before the boys came back out, smelling like sweat and rubber. Lately, they’d all been hitting the gym often since Loki’s army was waiting to invade. Tony insisted on a seven-day a week training until they’d either caught Loki or killed him.
You swallowed the lump in your throat at the image of a dead Loki in your head. Thor’s presence didn’t really help either. He kept mentioning his brother as if you weren’t even there. 
“You okay?” Bruce asked, tapping your knee as he took a seat beside you.
You wrinkled your nose. “Ew, Bruce, you smell so gross,” you whined, pinching your nose. 
He smiled, the perpetual look of caution on his face he wore only around you dropping and softening his features. 
“Come on,” he drawled, “it’s not that bad!”
But before you could answer, Tony’s cell rang. Everyone went deadly silent. You could feel the blood draining from your face as Tony brought the device up to his ear, his face severe.
Your fingers curled into fists. Your blood ran cold, colder than you’d ever felt as you watched Tony’s face tighten. 
The first thought to enter your mind was Loki’s wellbeing. 
Please tell me he’s fine.
Tony hummed and hung up. “Suit up,” he said, his tone deadly, “Loki’s opened up the portal. They’re dropping armed Chitauri in the streets.”
The entire living room activated, as if everyone around you had just been waiting for Tony to give the heads up. Nat launched off the couch, running upstairs to get her suit, followed my Steve and Clint - which yes, they’d manage to save between all this time.
Tony turned into the kitchen, mumbling to JARVIS.
Only Thor and your brother remained in the living room, hard like statues, their eyes emotionless.
“Who’s gonna babysit, huh?” you mumbled, but your words felt like ash on your tongue. 
“I wager I should stay,” the God of Thunder said, pointing to you. “After all, my brother will attempt to get her out of here before he obliterates the planet.”
The soulmate bond would not let him leave you here to die.
Bruce shook his head, sweaty strands of hair sticking to his forehead. “She’s my sister,” he said. “And you’re more needed than me on the battlefield.”
You frowned, anger and heat crawling up your chest like sour vines. “Bruce, if he gets here and you’re the one standing between him and me, he will go through you,” you argued, crossing your arms over your chest.
“I can take him,” Bruce shot back. “And Thor will man the streets with the rest of the team. No one is going to take this planet and no one is going to take my sister! And until Loki is either dead or locked up until the end of your days, I will never allow you out of my sight!”
Thor knew better than to stay. He vanished from the living room even before Bruce had uttered the last words, either because of the look on your face or the privacy you and your brother needed.
Bruce had stood, towering over you, his face stricken with a mix of anger and annoyance, and you looked up at him from under your brows, heaving, feeling betrayal course through your veins. 
“Bruce,” you muttered, trying to keep a lid on your anger. “I’m a grown woman. I don’t need my fucking brother looking after me forever.”
Bruce’s lip twitched. “That’s what you made us all think,” he seethed. “That’s what we thought. That we could trust you. And then you literally betrayed us and went to him with arms wide open.”
“He’s my soulmate, Bruce!”
“I don’t care!” At this point, your brother didn’t care that he was screaming and that Tony could hear him in the kitchen. “You’re a threat to yourself.”
“He wouldn’t hurt me,” you gritted from clenched teeth.
Bruce’s eyebrows shot up. “I told you the bond is different for men,” he said. “He doesn’t care about love or passion or whatever he made you think! It’s about possession, owning what is meant to be his! And with Loki, there is no possible way the bond could be -”
“You don’t know that!” Now it was your turn to stand, facing your brother like you’d done so many times as kids, but this time, it was for something a little more severe. “You say all that shit about the bond for men but you don’t even know yours! You stopped yourself from knowing her because of the shit you did to yourself!”
You regretted the words before they left your mouth, but anger had made you open up your lips and spill anything hateful that would deter your brother. And it did. It so fucking did. His face fell from that angered scrunch to something more tragic, tormented. 
Bruce had always counted on you to understand that the Hulk was not - absolutely not - Bruce. 
And there you’d been, accusing him of creating this monster he hated so much.
Bruce took a step back, his eyes falling to the ground. “If you leave this house, I will not hesitate to use force.” And then he plopped himself on the couch.
You looked up, seething, spotting Tony leaning against the door to the kitchen. He shrugged, jerking his head to the stairs, silently signaling that maybe you should retreat to your room.
Feeling like a child who hadn’t gotten what she wanted, you ran up to your room, crossing Steve in the hallway and not even bothering with wishing him luck. For all you cared at that moment, they could all burn.
You felt like your insides would fall out as you tumbled into your room, slamming and locking the door. You sat on the edge of the bed, holding a pillow to your belly, hoping the pressure would prevent your insides from spilling out.
What had you done? Why had you gone and said those things? The image of Bruce’s face falling, that look of utter bewilderment and betrayal passing across his features, haunted you. You rocked on the edge of your bed, feeling the tears brimming behind your eyes, an odd sort of pressure building in your head. 
You knew he was there before he even spoke. The air shifted, like a soft wind inside a glass jar, and the sound of fabric against fabric echoed in your otherwise dark room. 
“He’ll kill you,” you said, biting on the edge of the pillow to keep from sobbing.
“I am not really here,” he answered.
Relief and disappointment. They would not be able to hurt him if they caught him in here. He wouldn’t be able to actually touch you. 
“What do you want?” you uttered, still clutching the pillow, facing away from him.
“I can come and get you out of here,” he said, his voice calm, leveled.
You frowned. “You left me,” you whispered. “You fucking left me, Loki. You didn’t even try. And even if I wanted to go with you, my brother would rip you to pieces before you even set foot in here.”
You could sense Loki’s anger, rippling from him even in his illusion form. “You do not want to come with me?” His voice was rough, as if fighting to stay even. He was sad. 
You clenched your jaw so tight it hurt. “No.” Then you straightened. “No. Leave me alone. You’ve caused enough damage in under a month of being my soulmate. I don’t want to see you again. Now get the hell out of my room before my brother has me put in an actual cell.”
You never got an answer.
When you turned to see if he was still there, the air was empty, dark, silent, as if he’d never even been there to begin with.
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your-highnessmarvel · 2 months ago
From Bleak to Bright - Part Nine
All other parts on on my masterlist, link provided below.
AN: this chapter is long again but worth it;) I’ve included two lines from two of you who’ve participated in my little challenge and these are the lines:
“You will not touch her!!”
“ Darling, I may be a god but I am still a man”
so be on the look out;)
Warnings: angst, language, sexually explicit language (18+ only!)
Three days passed without incident, well, false, there were a few spilled cereals on the floor and burning yourself while trying to make dinner. Otherwise, though, there was no incident!
Loki kept his distance, or well, as far away as he wanted. Whenever he deigned to come back to the loft, he was handsy. A hand at the small of your back while you made dinner. A hand on your thigh while you read to him late at night. A lingering hand in yours while you said goodnight. But never more. 
And as much as you wanted to be more, to have the courage to swallow your pride and to act on the soulmate bond, you never went further. 
Even despite the soulmate bond, the fact that colors were so vibrant and real, there was always that nagging thought at the back of your head. Bruce. He came to you in your dreams, pleading, begging you to come back. Even if you woke up with your heart in your throat, your fingers trembling, you never made another attempt to leave the loft. 
And that’s what it was this morning, waking up with your heart bashing against your breastbone, your breath haggard, hands shaking as you gripped the sheets. You gasped, trying to catch your breath, but the vividness of the dream made your head spin. Ever since colors came to you, your dreams just felt that much more real. 
After sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to get your brother’s face out of your mind, you went to the bathroom and cleaned up for the day, dressing in your regular jeans and t-shirt. You planned to ask Loki how his evil mastermind of a plan was going, but the loft was quiet. 
Last night, you’d gotten through half of Jane Austen, while Loki played in your hair, watching you with those intense green eyes. The book still lay on the couch, open, face down, and you picked it back up.
“Proceeding without me, darling?”
You looked back as Loki strode in from the hall, the door to his room wide open, and you could see his unmade bed beyond. You wondered how Loki slept. Was he a quiet, unmoving sleeper? Or a loud, messy one? 
“Sleeping in late now, are we?” you countered as you went back to the book. Loki went to the kitchen with a chuckle, beginning his breakfast. 
“A day off never hurt anybody,” he answered.
“A day off from what?” you asked with a snark. “From taking over my planet?”
He chuckled softly but never answered. He was so dodgy when it came to questions about it. Even your questions about the Avengers, he usually shrugged and ignored you. 
He came back with two bowls of Lucky Charms and coffee, which you both indulged in silence. Today, Loki was wearing a black knit sweater and his usual trousers, his leg folded on the couch between you. He looked almost sweet eating his child’s cereal, deep in thought, those green gems faraway.
When you were finished, he took your bowl and empty mug and went back to the kitchen to wash them. You looked at him, chin on the back of the couch, losing yourself in the width of his broad shoulders, the way the fabric of his sweater strained across the expanse of his back.
He was truly, utterly beautiful. Maybe it was the soulmate bond tugging deep in your chest, making you see things in him you’d normally never notice. But his touch was gentle, even if his body was all sharp, hard angles. His face was sweet despite the constant frown and the obnoxious tone he sometimes employed. There was something about those strands of raven hair, cut short just beneath his ears, that you wanted to run your fingers through. Would they be soft? Would they be thick? 
Countless times you’d pictured yourself tugging at those dark roots, pulling his head back and exposing his pale, long neck. 
“Staring, Y/N?” came the rumble of his voice. 
You perked up, cheeks growing hot. He was still facing away from you. How did he know?
Your silence made him chuckle, his shoulders moving along with the waves of his laughter. He turned off the tap, turning to face you, leaning against the countertop. You wanted to absolutely delete the space between the both of you, but instead, you fell back against the couch, only your eyes and forehead visible to him. 
He smiled cockily. “It’s fine if you stare,” he said, crossing his arms over his chest. “It’s adorable.”
“I wasn’t,” you stuttered, looking away, wanting to hide. “I wasn’t staring.”
“I am not an idiot,” Loki said, stalking towards you. “I know staring when I see it.” He put his hands on the back of the couch, on each side of your face, and you had to look up to maintain eye contact. 
“I was just - looking,” you mumbled, looking down. 
He hooked a finger under your chin, bringing your eyes back to his. “I said it’s fine if you look,” he said, inching closer, leaning over you. “I do it too.”
He watched you frown with a tilt of his head, his fingers still grasping your chin. Your mouth parted to say something back, maybe a clever little retort, but you found yourself at a lost for words. 
“I feel the same bond as you, Y/N,” he said, and now his tone was lower, rougher. “I feel the same... desires as you.” You wanted to look away, but he kept a hold on you that you dared not break. “Do you think of me at night?” he asked in a whisper.
Your breath hitched. You did. God, you did. You didn’t want to admit it to yourself, but you stayed long hours staring up at the cream ceiling, imagining what he was doing in his room. What he was thinking. If he was imagining you as well. If his body responded to the thought of you. Because yours did whenever his smirk appeared in your mind’s eye, whenever those hands imaginarily stroked your hips.
His mouth quirked up in a smirk. “You do,” he murmured, gaze dropping momentarily at your parted lips. “Say it.” It was a command.
You gulped, finding it extremely hard to maintain eye contact. “I do.” Your voice was small, barely above a whisper. 
He smiled. “Of course you do.” He stroked your bottom lip with his thumb. “I can’t help it, having you in my thoughts. It’s like a plague. I can’t bare it when I am not with you. I want...” he trailed off, his eyes round, red mouth parted as if he was surprised he’d admitted this much. “I want to kiss you so much. I want to touch every single inch of your skin. I want to taste you and hear what that brings out of you. I can’t stop thinking about it, and Gods, is it hard to control myself.”
You gulped, heat crawling up your face, your hands in fists at your sides. Something new spilled in your tummy, a heat previously unbeknownst to you. It dripped like lead down your thighs, seeping into your core, and you shut your legs together to keep it there.
Loki chuckled, watching you struggle. “Darling, I may be a God but I am still a man,” he whispered. You shivered, the force of his words like a hot flame coursing down your body. “And I won’t be able to keep myself from you any longer.”
You looked up, something daring crawling up your features, relaxing your trembling fists. 
“Then don’t,” you said. 
He was so close to you that you could see the little freckles on his eyelids, the crinkling of the skin beside his mouth as his lips split into a grin. 
“You’re bad,” he uttered. “I like it.”
He softly jerked his chin, eyes boring into yours, and you felt the kiss before he even touched you. His hand left your chin and slid down to grasp your shoulders, bringing you up, kneeling before him. And as he softly pressed his lips to yours, he brought you over the edge of the couch until you stood before him.
At first, his lips were hesitant, soft, slow, as if he was afraid to scare you. To make sure you totally and utterly wanted this. And God, was this better than anything you’d ever experienced. The smell of him so close, the feel of his body pressed flushed against yours, his lips molding against your mouth. It was Paradise. 
Flames erupted under your flesh as Loki kissed you, slowly, sensuously. Your hands slid across his arms, up around his shoulders, and finally, you gripped the soft roots of his raven locks. A guttural groan escaped his throat when you tugged softly, and his left hand - that’d been obediently tucked against your waist - gripped your ass, while his right hand wrapped slowly around your throat.
And his kiss deepened, became hungrier, his tongue opening your lips for him. Heat pooled treacherously down your belly, settling in the pit of your pelvis. This side to Loki, this lasciviousness, the way his hand around your throat squeezed ever so slightly, the one on your ass gripping possessively, made your heart trash against your ribs. 
You wanted more. You wanted closer. You wanted him. 
But the moment broke. It shattered at the sound of a loud, blaring alarm, the loft shutting down and coming back blood red in lights. 
You broke apart, panting, and Loki quickly turned so you were behind him. Your hands rested on his upper back, and you could feel his quick breaths as he scanned the room. Your lips were warm, swollen from his kiss.
A shuddering, ground breaking crash made the floor beneath your feet rumble, like a great big beast had thundered through the walls.
“Shit,” you said, all heat lost, a frozen, merciless cold gripping your insides. You knew exactly what great big beast had found you. 
Loki turned, and the complete change in his expression - from lust to panic - made your head spin. 
“We’ve been found,” he said. “They’ve come for you, my dear.” He looked at you expectantly, and whatever he wanted you to say, you didn’t. Because you couldn’t choose between your brother, your fucking family, and your soulmate. 
The unfairness made you want to cry. 
He gripped your hand and kissed it harshly. “Stay here,” he ordered. 
Your empty hand felt cold without his.
He turned and rippled his magic, illusion dripping from him, revealing the true God. Clad in his long green cotton cape, his black, gold, and green armor adorning his lean build, his horned, golden helmet casting off the brute lights. He looked like a true God; a powerful one. 
Something weird and unpleasant settled in your stomach when he brought his left hand up, his golden staff materializing between his fingers. The light at the tip glowed a nebulous, familiar blue. 
He used it to travel - that was the only word you had for it, the way the world seemed to crack before him, swallowing Loki whole and closing, leaving you staring at empty space. 
Panting, heart beating, thoughts wild from both the kiss and the blaring alarm, you ran for the door. As you’d guessed, it was locked. Whatever magic Loki held on the loft, it wasn’t about to let you out. Pressing your ear against the door, you heard nothing but the muffled rumbling of the lab on the other side. 
You pushed back, angry, groaning in frustration. Maybe if you found your brother and explained. Even if it was ridiculous. Even if Loki was ultimately the villain, the one to threaten your own planet, there had to be an explanation for the bond. And surely, your brother would understand, right?
But you had no time to answer your own question. You had no time to venture into your thoughts. The door blasted open, sending a wave of heat, throwing you back across the air. You landed hard on your back, your head cracking against the floor. 
You vision blurred, wavered, flooding in and out from black to red. A few sparks blew in your vision, muffled voices blurring in your ears. Something pushed off your chest, a heavy weight clearing, your breathing returning in a rush.
Someone was talking to you, yelling at you actually, but you couldn’t make them out. Your world was red and black, a harsh duality, your head swimming viciously. You thought you’d vomit, but the feeling passed. Your left arm was numb.
“Get up!” 
It was a voice you recognized. 
You felt arms under your knees, behind your head, gently lifting you. There was a cold harshness, like steel, against your cheek. A rumbling voice overhead. 
“Y/N,” he said, shaking you slightly. “Can you hear me?”
You shook your head. “He’s going to kill you,” you mumbled, frowning, a violent headache searing across your brain. 
Thor huffed. 
Something crashed nearby. Thor groaned, his body moving slightly. 
“Let her go!” Loki’s voice made the world regain its focus, like being taken out from underwater. You reached up, gripping Thor’s armor. Trying to push yourself off. 
“Loki, you’ve mascaraed this planet!” Thor shouted. The force of his voice shook through you. The voice of a God. A king. 
“Let her go, brother! You’ve no idea what you’re doing!” There was pain in Loki’s voice, urgency. Fear.
“Put down the staff, Loki,” Thor demanded. Your head was heavy. An ache crawled along your skull. Another concussion. 
The air shifted, something similar to space travel, but your skin didn’t tighten, your body didn’t feel stretched across time. Thor yelled, his hands curling at your sides, until you were dropped and Thor’s body was propelled from yours.
When you looked up, your head aching something fierce, Loki was bent over you, green eyes torn with fear. He placed a hand on your shoulder, skimming your collarbone. “I’ll kill him,” Loki growled, getting to his feet.
You wanted to tell him to stop, to just take you away again, but your head was too heavy to lift. 
“Bruce is out there, brother,” Thor said, but you couldn’t see him, and your brother’s name on his tongue made tears brim in your eyes. “He’s coming for her and you can’t stop it!”
“You cannot have her!” Loki yelled back, vicious, teeth snapping. “You will not touch her! She’s mine!”
There was a vicious, tremendous crash, the ground rumbling under your spine, sending reverberations painfully dancing along your skull. 
Loki turned, saw the flash of green in the blaring red of the alarm. You wanted to call out. Call out to your brother. You didn’t want him hurt, even if you knew that in this form, the Hulk was basically indestructible.
Loki was too far away to simply leave with you, using the power of his staff. He glanced at you, saw the expanse of space between you both, and his eyes sharpened, just as Hulk came barreling through the wall, roaring in rage, coming toe to toe with Loki.
And Loki vanished, leaving you there, on the floor, broken, and empty.
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