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#loki x reader angst
chanelfaerie · 7 hours ago
the song of a snake.
summary: never did he think light would enter his view, for a snake so rarely leaves his cave.
warnings: loki in love, fluff, what he sings is in asgardian translated into english!!
a/n: this is just my sneak peek! i will be posting the full work tomorrow (thursday @ 3pm est!) please tell me what you think, it's my first loki fic!!
the following work is my own writing. do not plagairise or copy and paste my works onto another platform. message me about credit.
"Why must she hold my heart with a grip against my soul?" Finally, you met his eyes. He spoke of a sea, one so vast and so full that he would sail it to know its depths and shores, but the sea was in his eyes. Overlapping waves washed against your feet, and just by looking into his gaze, you've pushed the last breath from his lungs. He finds the next words impossible to sing without a breath.
He begins to step towards off of the platform and towards you, one foot in front of the other but it feels like his first steps. He's a child again, struggling to walk. "She may burn my skin and I would ask for more." It's an old Asgardian tale.
One of the first kings found a maiden when traveling in a foreign land, too far away from his hold. Her beauty was ethereal, and to be in her presence was the greatest honor he could hold. He returned to Asgard and had dreams of the girl for days, countless nights spent without a morsel of sleep. He traveled the realms again, diving through the deepest oceans and begrudging the hottest deserts so that he would find her beauty again.
It was a song that Loki would hear his father sing to his mother, and now, he would sing it to you.
"For wherever she may wound me, I know her kisses will heal it," You still stood at the entrance to the hall, forcing him to travel across to you. He neither pushed nor pulled away from the crowd. Instead, they separated into two, creating an open path for Loki to see you in all your glory.
He imagined what your skin would make him feel; how your arms would hold him; how it'd feel to have you kiss his cheek; how his heart would warm when you lied your head on his shoulder; how a tear would drip to his chin if you could ever love him back.
to be continued.
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midgardianweasley · 11 hours ago
Hello!! I love your writing and I was wondering if I can get some fluff for Loki? Maybe some ✨sleepy Loki ✨. 😘
hiya love, thank you so much! of course, I hope you like it <3
Back to bed
Loki Laufeyson x reader
Summary: You woke up to a bed without Loki beside you, so there’s no other choice but to look for him, and what you end up seeing, is the cutest.
warnings: none! Pure fluff.
Word count: 1.1k
message/ask if you wanna be added to the taglist!
requests are open <3
Tumblr media
‘it’s a beautiful night tonight’ you thought, waking up from your sleep and looking around the room with half opened eyes. It was still dark outside, the curtains hadn’t been closed fully, allowing you to look through the smallest crack and watch the moon shed some light on the end of your bed where multiple blankets lay.
The sight made you smile softly, remembering when you first started sharing your room with your boyfriend, Loki, and he’d conjured all the blankets he could, fearing that being so close to him during the night would make you too cold. You couldn’t count the number of times you reassured him that you wouldn’t freeze, every argument counteracted with another blanket on the bed. You accepted your fate.
Still laying down, you rolled over to bring yourself closer to your boyfriend, only for your hand to fall on cold sheets. With furrowed brows, you opened your eyes fully now, wondering if he’d just shuffled further away and you merely missed his body. However, when your eyes adjusted properly to the different shadows in the room, it was obvious. He wasn’t in bed.
Instead of closing your eyes and returning to sleep, you forced yourself up and out of bed, quickly grabbing a cardigan that was close by to keep you warm as you went to find Loki, wherever that may be.
You’d checked everywhere. The balconies, the kitchen, the big halls, even the little hidden corners only the two of you knew about and went to if you wanted to be alone. He was nowhere to be found, and it was getting a little cold now, but you didn’t want to go back to your room without him.
Walking around a little more, your footsteps could be heard echoing down hallways, they were quiet, but the slippers you had put on made a slight shuffling sound with every step you took. It had been 45 minutes now, and nothing. You sighed in defeat, wondering if you should just go back to bed and hope for the best. That was until you saw the door you’d stopped in front of. Large brown oak with a shimmer of gold hidden in the engravings, you recognised it immediately, almost kicking yourself for not thinking of it before.
The Library.
Of course! you didn’t know why it hadn’t crossed your mind. With a facepalm, you approached the doors carefully, anxious of making too much noise and causing a disturbance as you open one of the doors and sneak in before closing it behind you, the ‘click’ echoing throughout the room.
It was gorgeous here, it felt like the shelves were endless, filled from top to bottom with old books, some new, some old. You particularly loved the old ones, so did Loki. There have been many nights where the pair of you would sit together on one of the windowsills when it was raining, him sitting behind you while you sat in between his legs and listened to his voice read the words on the page with such a delicate tone.
And the smell. God, the smell. Nothing topped the smell of Loki’s Asgardian leather or his hair, but the smell of the library, of all the pages, it was heaven.
It was much easier to navigate your way in this room, there being so many windows, it didn’t leave much room for darkness. You ran your hand along the spines of the books on the shelves, still keeping an eye out for Loki, but admiring the feeling on your fingertips.
You’d made it halfway down the aisles when your ears tingle slightly, hearing a faint noise within the silence. Attempting to follow it, it gradually got louder with every step, however, it was still incredibly quiet. After a few minutes of following the sound, you found it’s culprit, and your heart grew at the sight.
There he was, at a small wooden table that was tucked away near a window, head reading in his crossed arms as soft snores left his lips. It was difficult to see his face through his long black hair that was going in every different direction possible. Seeing him so peaceful, you hesitated in waking him, but you knew that if he stayed there, he’d really feel it in the morning. So you approached the man, shaking his shoulder gently to wake him, but not to startle him. A muffled groan could be heard, indicating you’d done your job.
“Hmm, what?” He muttered, in a tired daze.
“It’s me love, you fell asleep in the library.”
“The Library?” He rubbed his eyes, similar to how a toddler would when they’ve been woken from a nap, looking around with a confused expression before his eyes landed on you, softening immediately.
“I’m so sorry darling, I must’ve dozed off when i was reading.” His eyes widened, visibly panicking about your reaction and fumbling with his book before grabbing your hands to press kisses on them. A giggle escaped you at the gesture.
“Hey, hey, no, don’t worry my love, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and bring you back to bed.”
He nodded, standing up and gathering his books together before tucking his chair back into the table and taking my hand, intertwining your fingers and slowly beginning to walk back to your shared room, enjoying some whispered conversation along the way.
When you both had returned, you took your cardigan off and returned it to its rightful place, removing your slippers as Loki changed in a shimmer of green, now sporting a loose green t-shirt and green flannel trousers.
You were still a little cold from the walk, especially now without the cardigan which didn’t go unnoticed by the God of mischief as he watched your arms shake slightly, eager to get under the covers and warmed back up. He shuffled into the bed beside you, still sat up a little, puzzling you slightly, you turned around to see why he wasn’t going to sleep. He only smiled at you, reaching out for the end of the bed and bringing a few of the blankets up and wrapping you up in them.
Words could never fully express how much you loved this man, and as he then lay down beside you, wrapping his own arm around you and the blanket, he leaned forward so his lips were right beside your ear.
“I told you that you’d need the blankets.”
Taglist: @horrorxweasley
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thighs-of-betrayal-blog · 11 hours ago
A Change of Purpose- Part 2
Pairing: Loki x fem! Reader
Warnings: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR LOKI EPISODE 3, angst/fluff, violence, weapons, cursing, slow-burn
A/N: Can we talk about episode 3? It was SO good! I literally ran to write this after I watched it. I was so excited lol. I can’t wait for next Wednesday! Also, I want to say a big thank you for all the support I’ve been getting on this series. It means the world! Y’all are freaking amazing. But, I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated :) (The taglist for this series is still open- let me know if you’d like to be added!)
Link to Part 1:
Tumblr media
Gripping Loki’s hand as hard as you can, you let the portal drag you to wherever the Loki variant is headed. 
When the portal opens up, you fall to the floor in a heap, landing on top of Loki. 
“God, you had to fall right on top of me, didn’t you?” Loki mutters, face pressed into the floor. 
Lifting yourself off of him, you stand up and rub any dirt off your clothes. “Oh, I’m sorry. Next time we fall through a portal, I’ll remember to land next to you, instead of on top of you.” 
Pushing himself up with his arms, Loki stands and smirks at you. “Next time you are on top of me, it’s not going to be because you fell through a portal and had nowhere to land.” 
Staring at him, you roll your eyes. “I see your arrogance is here to stay.” 
“Always, darling,” Loki says before turning around and looking down the hallway. He gestures towards it with a slight nudge of his head. “C’mon, we’ve got a Loki to catch up to.” 
Planted in your spot, you cross your arms over your chest. “Who said I was coming with you? She sent us back here. I can stay and be the TVA agent I’m supposed to be.” 
Loki mimics you, crossing his arms over his chest. “Is that what you really want? Sounds kind of boring to me. Besides, if you help catch this Loki variant, wouldn’t you be doing your job? You’d probably get a promotion.” 
Thinking it over, you sigh, realizing he’s probably right. Or, deep down, maybe you just want to spend more time with Loki. You cross that thought out of your mind immediately. “Okay, fine. Lead the way.” 
“Wait,” he says, looking over at the lockers. Not catching on to what he’s doing, you stare at him confused. 
When he reaches one of the lockers, he yanks it open and grabs two knives. 
“Seriously?” you ask. 
“Can never be too sure. We might need these,” he responds, placing them in his back pocket. 
Right after that, he takes off running, with you following closely behind. 
A minute later, you’re stopped by his arm, which he’s put out to prevent you from moving forward. Looking ahead, you realize you’ve reached the variant. 
Immediately, the variant pulls out a knife and points it at the two of you. In response, Loki grabs the two knives out of his pocket, flipping them in the air and catching them. “Hasn’t even been five minutes and these are already coming in handy,” he says, winking at you. 
Your heart flutters and you have to physically shake your head to erase the images drifting through your mind of him using those knives. 
When your inappropriate thoughts finally disappear, you see that Loki and the variant are fighting. 
Running up to them, you grab your stick off your back, preparing to help Loki. 
“You’re not going anywhere!” Ravonna says, coming up from behind you with a TVA agent on either side of her. “And, you!” She points her stick at you. “What are you doing?” 
“Back off or I’ll kill him,” the variant says, effectively cutting that conversation off before you can answer. When you look back over at her and Loki, you see she’s holding a knife to Loki’s chest. 
“Go ahead. He means nothing to me,” Ravonna responds. 
Looking between Ravonna and Loki, you’re unsure of what to do, until you notice Loki pulling out a tempad. 
He looks up at you and nods towards his left hand. When you look down at his hand, he’s gesturing for you to go up to him. 
Hesitating, you look back over at Ravonna, who’s staring at you, a displeased look on her face. 
“If I wasn’t fucked before, I surely am now,” you whisper, running towards Loki and grabbing his hand, right as he presses on the tempad, causing a portal to open up under the three of you. 
You let out a shriek as you fall through.
You teleport into a vessel-like ship, as loud eruptions go off outside. 
The variant is standing on the other end of the room, her knife still directed towards the two of you. “I thought it was just you I had to kill,” she says, gesturing towards Loki. “But, I guess I have to kill you too.” She smirks at you.  
Next to you, Loki is slowly coming to, not comprehending where he is. 
The variant uses this to her advantage, walking up towards Loki and placing her hands on him. 
He stares at her, expression blank. “Are you trying to enchant me?” 
“Yes,” she says, keeping her hands on him. “Why isn’t it working?” 
“Maybe because my mind is too powerful. Nice try though.” He removes her hands off him and she steps back, evaluating him.
The ground outside shakes and you lose your balance, bumping into Loki. He wraps his arm around you, holding you in place. 
“Where are we?” you ask, ignoring the warmth coming from his grasp. 
“Well, your idiot friend here sent us to Lamentis-1, a planet that’s about to be destroyed by a moon. But hey, I guess that’ll save me the work of killing you myself.”
“So sorry about that. It wasn’t like I had much time to pick which lovely apocalypse we’d be sent to.” 
The variant chuckles. “Such a funny guy, aren’t we?” 
“You’re telling me,” you mutter, causing Loki to whip his head to the side to look at you, an incredulous expression on his face. 
“And, here I was, thinking we were becoming friends.” 
“Aw, trouble in paradise?” the variant asks, looking between the two of you. “So sad, but unfortunately, I have no desire to watch you two bicker. Now, give me the tempad and I won’t kill the both of you.” 
“You want it?” Loki asks, stepping forward. When she reaches out to grab it, he uses his magic to make it disappear out of his hand. 
“Looks like you’ll need us, if you want to get off this planet,” he says, smirking at her. 
As another blast hits the ground, the variant curses. “Shit, okay. Hurry up, we need to find something to charge it with.” 
Loki gestures towards the door. “After you… Loki.” 
“Don’t call me that,” she responds, turning around to exit the vessel. 
“What should we call you then?” you ask, moving closer to Loki. 
Turning her head to face both of you, she smirks. “You can call me Sylvie.” 
After running into an unfortunate encounter with a woman and a very large blasting machine, the three of you are now in line, waiting to get onto a train that’ll take you to the evacuation vessel, which you’ll use to charge the tempad. 
“I have a plan,” Sylvie says, getting ready to pull out one of her weapons. 
“No, we use my plan this time. My non-violent plan,” Loki says, looking over at you for approval. 
“Non-violent? Sounds good to me,” you respond, checking out how many guards are around. 
Loki touches your shoulder and leans in towards you, his lips mere inches from your ear. “I’m going to change into something even sexier. Brace yourself, I know you might not be able to handle it.” 
When he pulls away and moves over towards your other side, you look to see he’s dressed as a guard. “That’s your plan?” you ask. 
He nods. “Brilliant, isn’t it?” 
“Just peachy. Let’s go,” Sylvie says, grabbing Loki’s arm and pulling him towards the train entrance. You follow, a few steps behind. 
Loki stops and looks back at you, extending his hand for you to hold. You take it, not hesitating for a second. 
As you approach the entrance, he squeezes your hand, using his magic to transform you into a guard, just like himself. 
“What are you…” 
“Hi, there. Tickets, please,” one of the guards says, extending his hand for you to place the tickets in. 
“Yes, my wife and I...” he gestures towards you. “...We’re tasked with escorting this woman.” He nudges Sylvie and grins. “She got into a little trouble. Needs supervision.” 
“I don’t know if that’s…” 
Before the guard can finish his sentence, Sylvie grabs his arm, enchanting him. 
“Everything okay here?” another guard asks, walking up to you. 
“Yes,” the other guard says. “This woman is being escorted.” He steps to the side, allowing you to enter the train. “Have a nice ride.” 
When you board, the three of you find a table to sit at. 
“Wife?” you ask, your eyebrow raising in question. 
“Would that be so bad?” Loki asks, grinning at you. 
“Not at all”, you think to yourself. However, instead of saying that, you say nothing. 
Clearing his throat, Loki directs his attention to Sylvia, masking the hurt he feels from your rejection. 
“So, Sylvia, do you have a beau waiting for you after all of this is over?” 
Sylvia snorts. “Oh yeah, I have a postman waiting for me while I travel between apocalypses. Keeps the relationship exciting… What about you? You’re a prince. That’s quite a catch. You must have had your fair share of some princesses or perhaps a prince?” 
“A bit of both. I suspect the same as you.” 
Learning more about Loki than you ever thought you would, you smile, your head resting in your hand. 
“Nobody ever really makes the cut though, do they?” Sylvie asks. 
Loki looks down at the table and sighs. “No, never. Although…” He looks over at you, an expression on his face that you can’t quite grasp. “Nevermind.” 
Disappointed at his lack of an answer, you look away from him. 
“I’m going to relax in my own way. Why don’t you do the same? Y/N, join me at the bar?” he asks, standing up. 
“Yeah… um, we’ll see you soon,” you say to Sylvie. 
“Bye,” she says, waving at you. “Try not to make a scene.” 
Making a scene is exactly what you end up doing. Perched on a stool at the bar, you and Loki drink your troubles away, tossing back shot after shot. 
A new song starts to play and Loki puts his hand out for you to take. “Dance with me.” 
Placing your hand in his, you let him guide you onto the dance floor. He wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you flush against him, his hips rolling into yours as he dances to the music. 
“I don’t know why I’m doing this,” he says, looking into your eyes. “You’ve made it blatantly clear that you’re not interested.” 
“What do you mean?” you ask, heart hurting from his words. 
“I thought maybe you saw me as something other than what everyone else sees. You’ve risked your life to follow me, and I thought that there could be a reason for that, a reason other than trying to take me back to the TVA. I guess I was wrong though. Wouldn’t be the first time.” 
His confession makes you take a step back, your mind reeling from what he just said. 
“Honestly… I don’t… I don’t exactly know why I had an urge to follow you at first. But, I definitely know it wasn’t because I wanted to bring you in,” you admit, reaching your hand out to grip his upper arm. 
You don’t know what drove you to just say that, but you can’t back away now. Not when his expression changes and he looks at you, his eyes darkening while he clenches his jaw. 
“What’re you trying to say exactly, darling?” he asks, grabbing you again and pulling you back towards him. 
“I’m saying that I’m going to stay by your side. Without turning you into the TVA. For some reason, the idea of you getting hurt bothers me more than anything else in the world right now.” 
Gasping, Loki grips your waist harder, leaning down until his face is dangerously close to yours.
“If anyone touches you, I’ll kill them in an instant,” he says, his voice deep and gravely. 
Closing your eyes, you wait for the feeling of his lips on yours. It never comes.
“We’re being watched,” Sylvie interrupts, pulling Loki away from you. “Look.” She points towards the doorway, where four guards are walking towards you.  
Two of them walk directly towards Sylvie, grabbing her. She quickly pulls out of their grasp and grabs her knife, ready to fight. 
The other two surround you and Loki. He looks at you and smirks. “Play time,” he says before knocking his elbow into one of the guards faces. 
You take care of the other guard, grabbing a nearby dish and breaking it onto his head. 
Loki looks over at Sylvie and notices that she’s in a headlock. He pulls out one of his knives, throwing it, the knife barely missing her face as it embeds itself into the wall next to her. 
“Nice throw!” she says sarcastically. 
Loki grunts before turning around. “We’re still doing this?” he asks as the guard he was fighting before rushes at him.
Kicking his leg out, Loki’s foot connects with the guard’s stomach, tossing him through the glass window. 
“Good riddance,” Loki jokes, right before two other guards grab him and throw him out the same window. 
You watch as Loki flies out, his screams piercing your ears. 
Without hesitation, you run and dive through the window, crashing onto the ground. 
Loki’s a few feet away from you, his body still. 
“Jumping out of windows for me now? How romantic,” he jokes, turning his head to look at you. “Are you hurt?” 
“Just a little banged up,” you respond. “What about you?” 
“I’m okay. Thanks for coming after me. I appreciate it.” 
When you realize he’s not joking, you chuckle nervously. “Of course. I can’t take on Sylvie alone, right?” 
“Right,” he says, a small smile gracing his lips. 
All of a sudden, Sylvie slams into the ground, her face buried in the dirt. “I fucking hate both of you,” she mutters. 
“We’re honored,” Loki jokes back. “And, as much as we love watching you with a face full of dirt, we need a new plan. Or else we’re dying on this planet.”
 The new plan was to hijack the ark and get the hell off this planet. 
Walking towards the ark, you focus on the buildings ahead of you, blocking out Loki and Sylvie’s conversation. However, one sentence catches your attention. 
“The TVA agents weren’t created by the Time Keepers. They’re variants.” 
“What?” you ask, confused as to what she’s saying. 
She looks over at you, a sympathetic look on her face. “You had a life before the TVA, but they’ve wiped your memories so you wouldn’t remember.” 
“No… no, that can’t be right.” You try to dig through your brain for any resemblance of a life before this, but you come up blank. 
“Y/N, I’m…” Loki starts to say before an explosion erupts in front of you, cutting him off. 
“We need to get to that ark, now!” Sylvie yells, already running ahead. 
Loki grabs your hand and pulls you along as an explosion goes off by you, narrowly missing you by a foot. 
Panicking, you run faster, keeping stride with Loki. The both of you follow Sylvie into a small store, running into three guards. You each take on one of them, Loki throwing you a knife so you can place it in your guard’s chest. 
“Thanks,” you say, running back up to Loki. 
“Always gonna look out for you, darling,” he says, placing his hand on your lower back and guiding you out of the store. 
Once back in the street, you fight your way towards the ark as more guards appear.
Residents are running around you in the street, panic evident in their screams. 
Keeping your head down, you bump into Sylvie, who’s stopped in the middle of the street. 
“There it is!” she yells, pointing at the ark in the distance. 
Out of nowhere, a blast hits it, causing it to explode into a million little pieces. 
All three of you watch in shock, your last chance of hope crumbling in front of you. 
Sylvie screams as she walks away from the both of you. 
You look over at Loki, who’s still staring ahead, a look of disbelief on his face. 
“Loki,” you say, touching his arm. 
He turns to you and moves his palm to your cheek, caressing your skin. “Don’t worry, we’ll find a way. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you.” 
Looking at him, you watch the blue color swirls that float around in his eyes, just like the debris falling around you. Entranced by it, you start to feel calm, forgetting the position you’re currently in. “I know you won’t,” you whisper, voice so low that Loki almost couldn’t hear you. 
In this moment, you realize, whether you want to or not, that you are falling for this man in front of you, and that realization is scarier to you than the impending death you might soon encounter.
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lowkeytesss · a day ago
God of My Heart
Pairing: Loki x Reader (gender-neutral)
Warnings: angst, goodbyes, very mildly suggestive I guess?
Word Count: 800
Summary: Saying goodbye to Loki is the hardest thing you've ever done.
A/N: This was inspired by a ficlet request with the line "God of my heart"... I have no idea how it ended up being so sad. I don't usually do angst without a happy ending, but it just... happened.
Also available on AO3.
“He’s going to take you away, isn’t he? Back to Asgard?”
You did your best to keep your words void of emotion, but just a hint of something bled through… something not quite sadness, not quite anger. It was simple resignation—acceptance of the inevitable—which somehow hurt Loki even deeper than the heartbreak he was expecting.
“We have a few more minutes yet,” Loki whispered against your cheek. “Let’s not spend this precious time talking about him.”
Thor wasn’t close enough yet for the streaks of lightning to be visible in the small window above your bed, but as the room flooded with flashes of distant white light, you knew it was only a matter of time.
Was this storm a threat or a warning? Maybe he was trying to do you a favor by giving you a chance to say your goodbyes. Either way, you hated him right now. You knew he had no more choice in the matter than Loki did, but you wouldn’t be forgiving him anytime soon.
The mattress creaked as Loki’s lean torso hovered over yours. His eyes lingered on the shadows along your face, committing those curves to memory in these last moments together for what could be a lifetime.
“When will I see you again?” You wished your voice hadn’t sounded so small just now.
“Hopefully soon, my love.” He wanted to give you hope, but he realized he owed you more than that. You deserved his honesty, no matter how painful it may be. “But…”
“But possibly never,” you formed the words he couldn’t bring himself to say.
“That is a possibility we should be prepared to face,” he admitted.
“What if…” your voice trailed off when you saw Loki shaking his head at you before you’d even completed the thought.
“Don’t say it, love.”
“We should try, Loki. There has to be somewhere we can go.”
“The only places we could escape to are lawless and far too dangerous for someone as precious as you. You’re safe here, and that’s what matters to me, even more than having you by my side.”
“I trust you. I know you’d protect me.”
“You don’t know that, darling. Neither of us can ever be sure of it, and I… I simply cannot lose you.”
You wanted to plead with him, but he gave you a look that told you he’d never be convinced—a look that begged you not to press the matter any further. The last thing you wanted was to start an argument minutes before he was gone for good.
Loki fingertips traced along the line of your collarbone and over the curve of your shoulder.
“It would be cruel of me to request any measure of loyalty from you while I’m away.” He paused briefly. “What I mean to say is, I couldn’t possibly ask you to wait for me.” For the first time since you’d known him, he couldn’t seem to meet your gaze.
“Is that your way of asking without asking?”
He breathed a wry laugh against your skin. “You always see right through me, don’t you, my darling?”
“I don’t know what the future holds, Loki, but I know for certain that I’ll never love anyone the way I love you.”
“Nor I." His voice was soft and broken, and you could have sworn you felt his hands trembling as he caressed you.
Loki watched you get dressed and smooth your hair, a quiet ritual he’d grown used to. When you were finished, you crawled back onto the bed and into his lap. You flinched at the next thunderclap, and felt anger surging in your chest. You’d always loved the sound of thunder and rain; it sounded like freedom and new beginnings. Now, for the rest of your life, it would instead remind you of this moment. It would sound like grief and goodbyes. You knew you would ever be able to enjoy those sounds again.
The next few minutes were spent in a soft, quiet kiss that may never have ended, if not for Thor’s shadow invading the space, blocking out what little light had been spilling in through the open bedroom door.
“Loki, it’s time.” Thor’s voice broke the silence as he searched for some small sign of forgiveness or understanding on your face. He found none. “I’m sorry, my friend. I hope one day you can find it within yourself to forgive me. This brings me no joy, but I must carry out my father’s commands.”
You couldn’t cry; you refused to let Thor see how broken you were. Your face was stone as you ignored the increasing ache behind your eyes, determined not to let the tears fall until after you watched the god of your heart disappear for eternity into the blinding luminescence of the Bifrost.
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The Sins of Your Father (Royal AU)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x reader
Description: Odin of the kingdom of Asgard has agreed to an alliance with Y/N’s small, troubled kingdom, offering his heir, Loki, as her husband. However, Y/N soon finds that this alliance is not the simple solution she had envisioned, and Loki is not the husband she would have wished for.
Word count: 1.2k
A/N: Heyo! So this was inspired by a TikTok, which was inspired by the show Reign, so it’s just a little one-shot, and it’s all angst. Let me know if you want me to make this into a longer fic (or maybe even a series???).
Loki entered his chambers, his gaze immediately landing on Y/N where she sat waiting for him. He said nothing, his eyes darting away from her. Shit. Then the talk with his father hadn’t gone well.
“What news?” She asked, knowing she probably didn’t want the answer.
“The decision has been made,” he said, shrugging off his tunic, leaving him in his loose, white undershirt. “We will push back the marriage while we continue peace talks with Khidd. My father has already agreed.”
“I haven’t,” Y/N said. “And I don’t care for any more peace talks. The Khiddish have been attacking my people and getting away with it for too long. Once we marry, we can unify our troops and force them out of Fianmoor.”
“It’s too much of a risk,” he said slowly, as if he were explaining something to a child. “We can’t gamble our troops prematurely when there is a chance we won’t even have to.”
“Gamble? It is a gamble for my small army, for the private mercenaries I’ve had to hire. But it is not a Gamble for the Asgardian army. You could banish them within a week, if you so pleased.”
“Well, we do not so please. So, this conversation is over.”
She gawked at his back as he poured himself a drink from a crystal decanter next to his bed. Completely unfazed, he eyed her as he turned around, sipping his drink and lifting his brows as if to say, why are you still here? 
“And you’ve made this decision. Without any input from me?”
“We have to do what is best for Asgard. Fianmoor’s interests do not always align-”
“Bullshit. You agreed to an alliance with me. Asgardian and Fianmorish interests are one and the same.”
He took a long sip. “Not yet, they’re not.”
She opened her mouth to speak, but closed it again. Her approach wasn’t working. He wasn’t listening to reason; he was refusing to see it from her point of view. Fine. She would just have to force the problem onto him, make him realize she wasn’t the only one who would be burned by this decision.
“So what? You wait until Khidd has taken over Fianmoor and you have a useless alliance with a powerless monarch. What good does that do you?”
Something flickered in his eyes. Annoyance? Insecurity? A mixture of both?
“I said this conversation is over. You can see yourself out.”
“And what of the things you promised me? Not just my country, but me? You promised me a seat at the table; you promised me a voice. And now you would go back on your promise just to bow at every whim of your father?”
He set his drink down with a firm clink, standing up from where he leaned against the table.
“The decision has been made,” he said softly, crossing his arms over his chest. 
Oh, she had struck a nerve. From what she had observed of the prince, Loki wasn’t the angriest when he was yelling, or screaming, or even assaulting someone. No. Loki’s true, unadulterated wrath was quiet and measured, and it was swimming behind his eyes right in that moment.
“I do not accept your decision,” she said quietly, but firmly.
“And who’s decision will you accept?”
He clenched his jaw, eyes glued to hers as she stared back, unflinching.
“I am the future king of Asgard, I don’t answer to you.”
“I am the future queen, am I not?”
“Yes,” he breathed. “You are. And a queen respects her king’s decisions.”
“I will not offer respect when you refuse to offer it in return.”
He said nothing, turning his back to her and picking up his drink again.
“Unless you want a marriage like your parents.”
The muscles on his back tightened, his whole body going deadly still.
“Unless you want me to accept your abuse, and turn the other cheek, all in the name of respecting my king. Unless you want me to watch you grow more and more like your father-”
“He is not my father!”
She stumbled back a step as Loki whipped around, his voice bellowing. Maybe she was wrong about his rage being quiet, maybe this was what an angry Loki truly looked like. But as the echoes of his words died down, and he stood there frigid as a plank of wood, she knew this wasn’t anger. This was fear. She hadn’t just struck a nerve, she had torn it out of his body and put it on display for the both of them. His next words were soft, but there was no kindness in them.
“This marriage is a strategic political alliance, nothing more.”
The fear was gone, whether it had been replaced by his sudden indifference, or simply covered up, she didn’t know. But this conversation wasn’t over.
“Of course,” she scoffed, shaking her head. “How very like you to shut me down the second I get too close to the truth.”
He turned, pressing his hands against the surface of his bedside table, his face completely out of her view. “This conversation is over.”
“You do everything you can to distance yourself from your father because you’re terrified that you’ve already become him.”
“This conversation is over,” He repeated, his voice straining as he tried to refrain from yelling again.
“No, this conversation is bullshit, Loki! I don’t care who your father is, or who you are for that matter. All that matters is that I deserve respect and I will receive it, whether it be from you or from someone else.”
His breath caught, his eyes meeting hers over his shoulder. “You would threaten this alliance?”
“You already have.”
He shook his head, starting to pace. “You are out of your mind, Y/N. This is the sensible thing for both of our countries, and you don’t have any other options.”
“Don’t I? The future Plaghian king has already shown interest, and he has enough military resources to fend off Khiddish attacks.”
Loki paused. “You’re serious. You would leave this all behind, for-for what? Spite?”
“I would leave it all behind, leave you behind, for the good of my people. I will not have a frightened, cowardly child sharing my throne.”
He bristled, his fists clenching at his sides. “You call me a child, yet you are the one threatening to break off an engagement over a single argument!”
“I will do what is best for my people. And if you want a fighting chance for this marriage, this alliance,” she spat out the word as if it had curdled on her tongue, “then you will do the same.”
“What is best for my people is a queen who respects her king.”
“No, Loki, that is what’s best for you.” And maybe she should have shut up, maybe she should have called it a night, and left him to stew, knowing that he would probably try to compromise with her after sleeping on it. But he had already torn open their relationship, their agreement, so she said one last thing as she left, hovering by the door. “But what can I say, it worked for your father.”
He looked up, and there wasn’t anger or fear in his eyes. There was pain, the bottomless, all-consuming kind. A part of her longed to close the distance between them, to hold him until that pain had a bottom, and they could find it together, and she could pull him out.
But a much stronger part of her was bitter, and that part of her carried her from his room, hoping that pain would consume him whole.
Lmk if you want me to make this into a longer fic or a series :)
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just,,, braiding loki's hair and putting flowers and stuff in it? thats all. do with that what you will :D 👍
WC: 1049
Rating: G
TW: none
A/N: I intended for this to be some much-needed fluff for the timeline, but it came out a little more angsty than planned. HOWEVER, this ask came in twice due to a weird glitch, and so mayhaps I will revisit the idea and make it fluffier. For now, enjoy the emotions~
Sometimes, Loki just needed some quiet time to themself.
Whether it was after a mission, an argument with their brother, or just a Bad Brain Day, Loki would remove themself from everyone around and just take a little bit of time away from the group to recuperate and collect their thoughts.
You knew better than to push them, and you made it your mission to make sure that you never did in any way, shape, or form, no matter how much you wanted to be able to be there for them when they were struggling. And in your defense, your resolve stayed strong.
Until you found them sitting on the balcony in the middle of the night one evening.
You weren’t entirely sure what had woken you. Perhaps the need to use the bathroom, or the urge for a sweet, sweet glass of three am water, but you found yourself padding into the main living room, rubbing at your eyes sleepily as you tried not to stumble into the furniture.
When you first heard the quiet sound of a muffled sniffle, you didn’t think much about it. There were all sorts of noises around the Compound, especially with F.R.I.D.A.Y. always on standby and ready to jump into action. But when you looked over to the window and nearly had the fright of your life upon seeing someone leaning against the railing overlooking the courtyard and then subsequently realized you recognized their silhouette, you put two and two together rather quickly.
You nodded to yourself and went over to the balcony, opening the door as quietly as you could manage, so as not to startle Loki.
They said nothing as you shut the door and came over to stand next to them, and neither did you. For a while, you only looked out over the moonlit landscape, waiting to see if Loki would say anything.
“…I dreamt about my mother,” they finally admitted after nearly five minutes of complete silence, and you nodded slowly, giving them the time to elaborate, if they wanted.
When they still said nothing further, you glanced over at them, gauging their expression before you spoke. “…a good dream or a bad one?”
“A memory.”
You nodded, and turned your head to look at them properly. “Tell me about it?”
The ghost of a smile tugged at the corner of Loki’s lips as you waited for the story.
“When I was a child, she used to braid my hair for me. Told us the stories of the Valkyries, and the braids they’d wear in their hair in battle, how they’d add one for every battle they won. Fluff, all of it, I’m almost certain, but we ate it up. Thor, more than me. He loved the stories. Still does. I just liked the attention. Liked to have someone acknowledge me, not as what I might be in the future, but for who I was then.”
You smiled softly at the mental image of Loki sitting in their mother’s lap, getting their hair braided with gentle, steady hands as they hung off her every word.
“I can’t imagine how much you must miss getting to have that time with her.” You spoke carefully. Loki was always guarded when it came to what happened to their mother, but you hoped the warmth of the memories would outweigh their guilt over her death.
“I do,” they responded bluntly. “More than I would care to mention.” Loki heaved a forlorn sigh, and crossed over to one of the wrought-iron chairs placed on the balcony, and you pretended not to notice their attempt at discreetly wiping away their stray tears.
“She’d be proud of you, you know. For who you are now.” Carefully, you walked over to stand behind Loki, laying a gentle hand on their shoulder. “I know she would be.”
Loki said nothing, but you could feel them relax the slightest bit at your touch.
What came next felt natural, and when Loki didn’t protest, you continued to run your fingers through their hair, carefully teasing out the knots that caught your fingers. You’d only ever braided your own hair, but you found it exceedingly easy to braid Loki’s. With nimble fingers, you tucked and twisted the hair together, gathering Loki’s hair in one hand as you reached over to the flowerpot on the garden table, plucking a few flowers and weaving them in as you continued to braid.
“Don’t tell Tony. He’ll blow a gasket,” you muttered, and Loki laughed quietly in response.
“Well, we wouldn’t want a ‘coffee grounds in the disposal’ discussion again, now would we?”
Their voice sounded much lighter than it had earlier, and you were grateful for that. You had hoped that braiding Loki’s hair would provide them with the sort of calm they’d been able to have with their mother. After a few more minutes of braiding and making sure that everything was how you wanted it, you stepped back, and sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the table.
“It looks nice, if I do so say myself,” you admired, smiling when Loki smiled as well. After a moment of hesitation, you added, “I hope it was okay that I did that. I didn’t… mean to make you more sad or… or anything like that.”
“You didn’t’.”
“Promise?” It wasn’t that you didn’t believe them, you just had to be sure you hadn’t hurt them.
“I promise.” They looked over at you, then, smiling a little more. “Maybe I should let you do that every time I get upset. It’s surprisingly calming.”
You were almost certain Loki had meant it as a joke, but you nodded. “I will, if you want me to.”
“…really?” Loki looked as though they’d been thrown for a loop.
“I mean… yeah? I only ever want you to be happy. I worry about you, when you have your quiet spells. And if you really think this would help, I’d be honored to braid your hair whenever you need it.”
Loki looked at you for a long moment, and then nodded as well. “…alright. It’s a deal.”
You smiled. “Deal.”
“Perhaps some different flowers next time, though. Blue is not my color.”
All you could do was roll your eyes and shove them playfully.
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diaryofabeautyfiend · a day ago
If anyone was following along i am happy to say I was approved for my loan. I am starting my own business. What?! Insane. Thanks for all your good vibes. If you want to see a little of what I do, check me out on Instagram skinwitch_nola. Thanks friends!
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seulbby · a day ago
hey y'all!
i hope everyones doing amazing. i'm out of school and finally have a lick of free time (not for long, i got a summer job). if you want me to write anything please send me a request!
i will be taking a hiatus from the 'give me a reason' story. not many people have read it, and i don't know where i want to go with it just yet. thanks!
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stanknotstark · a day ago
Pulse Pt. 2 (Loki x Reader)
So I had a good reaction to the first part of Pulse that I never finished so I figured I’d write a bit more! It’s not much but I feel happy I truly finished it. 
Tumblr media
It’s normal now. Loki feeling your pulse, that is. Even the team acknowledges it. 
It’s gotten to the point that if Loki is obviously upset they seek you out and tell you to calm him with your pulse. 
That’s the cue for an enemy to come in and ruin everything. 
It was Doom, oh, sorry, you would say doctor but you don’t respect him at all. 
Doom comes in and invades New York City, destroying half of the Avengers tower and then focuses on you even though he claims to be here for Loki. That makes you pretty sure he knows you’re Loki’s weak point.
As you fight him you think you have things under control but you really don’t because next thing you know you have thick lacerations across your entire body, deep, spewing red, and you lay on the ground bleeding out. 
You’re pretty sure you’re going to die seeing how Doom has left the area along with all his bots. His job is done, break Loki’s toy. So, you open your com and speak what might be your last words. 
“Loki...” You gasp out.
“Darling, where are you?” Loki asks concerned at the soft sound of your voice. 
“Shh. Listen. Loki, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me...” You get out but not without a sharp intake of breath and grimace because the pain you’re in is so bad you think you might pass out. You force your eyes to stay open as black starts seeping into the edge of your vision. 
“Where are you? Please, we can help faster if you tell us!” Tony barks across the coms. 
“Darling you have to tell us,” Loki says, his voice rough and angry.
“I’m so happy you chose me, Loki. I’m so happy I could meet you in this lifetime, could enjoy my time with you,” You feel hot tears falling down the side of your face as you look into the bright sky. It’s peaceful to look at, almost makes the tightness in your chest disappear but not quite. “I’m so happy I could love someone as brilliant as you...” You finish, not sure you can speak over the pain and weakness you’re experiencing now. 
“Stark, find her, now!” Loki demands over the coms. 
“I’m trying my best!” 
“Nat, get the medic team here as fast as possible.” You hear Steve order. 
“Y/N, listen closely,” Loki growls over the coms, “If you think you can come into my life, alter the dark path I chose, make me happy, then just leave in the blink of an eye, you are wrong.” 
You smile a little at Loki’s words, at him using your true name instead of a nickname. You close your eyes so you can visualize all your memories with him. It’s getting a little harder to breath you realize as you start wheezing, each pull of breath you take only bringing pain.
“I cannot live without you, I am selfish and stubborn, I refuse to live without you. You are my world, you always will be, so I need you to tell me where. You. Are,” Loki demands, his voice thick with emotion.
You cough up blood but press your finger to your com and tell him exactly where you are. Loki had confessed in front of all the Avengers. Now it was official, if only you could enjoy it in better times.
In a flash of green Loki is kneeling over your body, his knees landing in your puddle of blood. His hand instinctively coming to press on your pulse. When he realizes that it’s very weak and only getting weaker he begins to panic. 
“Where is the medic team, I cannot heal her, I can merely slow the process.” Loki says in his com then begins working his hands over your body. Luckily one of his spells makes the pain bearable causing you to sigh and when he’s done you lean into his touch when he rests his hand on your pulse again. 
“I love you, I love you so much, Loki.” You say with more tears falling from your eyes. You try to swallow past the lump in your throat.
“Hush, darling, you’ll be fine and when you are, that is when I’ll say those words.” Loki softly tells you.
You squeeze your eyes shut and shake your head. 
“Please, Loki, I don’t have much time.” You beg the god, looking at him with pleading eyes.
You can see him breaking on the inside as his eyes flicker over your face. You probably look so frail right now, something Loki has never seen. 
“You will be fine, you will hear me say those words, do not give up it is not in your nature.”
“I’m not giving up, I’m accepting what’s going to happen. You need to accept it to.”
“No.” Loki growls at you. 
You laugh lightly, coughing a bit. “Stubborn,” You breath out, bringing your hand up to hold his hand on your neck, “Promise me you won’t give up, that you’ll try and find happiness when I’m gone?” 
Loki’s eyes flash with hurt, tears welling up but not falling. “I won’t need to because you’re-” Loki’s eyes widen as you’re sure your pulse is falling rapidly. 
You can’t help it really, the pull of sweet slumber. Your eyelids are so heavy and yet you feel weightless. How ironic. It’s the perfect time for a nap. 
“Y/N!” You faintly hear Loki roar. His other hand grabbing your chin and shaking your head causing you to open your eyes again and smile sadly at him. “You have to stay awake.” He pleads with you, his voice sounds like it’s under water and you don’t miss the desperation in his tone. You can’t keep your eyes open anymore so you let them flutter closed, enveloped by darkness. 
“You can’t be in here!” 
“Heal her! Stop focusing on me!”
“We can’t if you’re in here, you’re in the way!”
“Loki, calm down, come brother, let them do their job.”
“Don’t touch me!”
“She’s stable. Heart rate 120 and holding.”
“She’s going to have some pretty sick scars.” 
“It’s a miracle she survived, considering how much blood she lost.” 
“I think the only reason she’s alive is because of the magic Loki used on her.”
“Ya...can’t believe we had to use a code green. First time I’ve ever heard it used.” 
“He likes her, can’t fault him for that.”
“He broke Linda’s arm.”
“He loves her then.” 
“Darling, I’m sorry I let this happen. I should have been there with you. I failed to protect you, I am not worthy of your affection or love.” 
You hear a broken sob.
“I should have said it back, I almost lost you and you wouldn’t have heard me say those sweet little words.”
It’s silent.
“I love you, Norns I love you so much it scares me.” 
“Loki, you need to shower and get some sleep. They said she has a few more days before she will wake.”
“I’m not leaving her side again.”
“You will go home and heal yourself. If she wakes I will contact you immediately. You do not want her to wake and see you in ruins. Taking care of yourself does not mean you are abandoning her.” 
Finally, you feel something rather than just hearing everything. You keep your eyes closed and feel your body. Overall your body aches. You feel weak as a baby, you can feel every individual cut on your body if you focus enough, but you have suspicion Loki has used magic on you because it’s not as bad as it should be. Your head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton balls, it’s so thick you feel like your thoughts are sluggish. So, they definitely were giving you pain meds. With the meds and Loki’s magic working on you that means something if you still ache.
You then realize there’s a hand wrapped around your wrist, tightly, as if holding on to your pulse because it’ll disappear if they let go. 
You open your eyes and relish the feeling of slight, stabbing pain the bright white lights cause in your head because it means you’re alive. It means you have more time to spend with Loki. 
At the thought of Loki you look down and to your right to see the god sleeping. Your wrist is held in front of his face, his head rests on your thigh, his eyes closed, his lips parted as he slightly snores.
Loki snores. This fills your chest with warmth. 
You smile down at him and bring your other arm, not held down by the strength of a god’s grip, and run your fingers through his silky hair. You wince when you feel the pull of stitches in your arm.
Loki slowly wakes up, his lips closing, taking a deep breath through his nose, then his eyes flutter open. 
“Good morning, sleeping beauty.” You whisper at Loki.
Loki sits up and his eyes become wide. 
“You’re awake.” 
You raise your eyebrow. “Yes, Sherlock Holmes.”
Loki lets out a strangled laugh. His hand on your wrist moving so he may intertwine his fingers with yours. “You wake up from near death and one of the first things you say is sarcasm.” 
You smile. “Would you have it any other way?”
“No,” Loki says with his own smile. 
You take your eyes off Loki and see gift baskets, many stuffed animals, and balloons on the counter in the room. You look back at Loki. “How long was I out?” 
“A fortnight.” 
You nod and pull Loki’s hand up towards you, trying to tell him to lay with you. Loki takes the point and stands. You move over so there’s room on the tiny bed. Loki happily slips in and lays beside you. He brings a hand up to caress your cheek with the back of his index finger. 
“I should warn the nurses of your conscious state but first...” Loki trails off as his hand that had been caressing you now cups your jaw and pulls you to his lips. 
The kiss is desperate and filled with pent up emotions Loki has probably bottled up the past two weeks. But it’s also soft and he’s careful not to jar you so you won’t hurt. He’s painfully careful. You merely lay there taking in Loki, being stable and strong through your kiss so he knows you’re ok, that you’re here and awake and not going to die. 
When he pulls from you he rests his forehead on yours, his eyes that were closed now open and look into yours. 
“I love you,” Loki whispers, his voice cracking slightly. “Please, do not do this ever again.” 
You smile sadly, “That’s not a promise I can keep,” You then grab his hand on your face and pull it till it rests on the pulse in your neck. “But I’ll try my best.” 
Tag list: @love-kisses-hearts​ @helathorloki​ 
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messrfeathers-ficrecs · 2 days ago
Favorite MCU Fanfic Authors. . .
***These are not in any order of preference.
***I do not know any of these authors personally; furthermore, their being on this list is because of the quality of their work, not for their character, though from what I know they are all good individuals. This also means that I don’t necessarily agree with all of their opinions and beliefs, so don’t @ me if you don’t like something they say. (This should be common sense, but whatever.)
***Some of these authors do post Smut or other material that is 18+, so please be cognizant of that and heed warnings that they post for their fics. Also, though they may post smut, it is not in any way recommended by me for consumption. I, however, have no control over your own likes and dislikes, so you do you, and, again, don’t @ me for anything you don’t like.
Started: 6/21/21
Last updated: 6/21/21
@wkemeup — Bucky Barnes and some Steve Rogers — Kas is an amazing writer; I have not read a single thing that she has posted that I didn’t love. She’s so talented!!!!!
@softlybarnes — mainly Bucky Barnes — Another fabulous writer!!!!! I love her work; it is definitely worth reading!
@winter-soldier-vibes — mainly bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers — Her fics are so well written; the angst!!! And a majority of her fics are comfort fics for anyone dealing with mental illness such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc. Her writing never fails to hit me write in the heart but always provides comfort.
@loving-bucky-is-easier — Bucky Barnes fics — Though she has not many, the fics Meg does have are soooo good! #high quality over high quantity all day everyday
@babyboibucky — mainly Bucky Barnes — Bee is amazing; I love all of her one shots and have heard only good things about her series. She does post some particularly saucy stuff so make sure you read the warnings.
@samwilsons-pillowpecs — mainly Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, and Sam Wilson, but also plenty of other characters including Thor — Suz has a great writing style and she has a way of making her stories manifest that just blows me away!
@belladonnabarnes — mainly Bucky Barnes and Loki, but also has some Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Peter Parker — Two words for you: SO GOOD! Jaye is a wonderful writer and I always look forward to when she posts new stuff.
@divine-mistake — Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and Loki — Taylor writes angst so well that it hits you in the chest every time! #totally worth the pain
@moonstruckbucky — Bucky Barnes and some Steve Rogers — Meg knows what she’s doing; her one-shots and miniseries are *chef’s kiss*! Love, love, love her work!
@anika-ann — mainly Steve Rogers with some Bucky Barnes — My FAVORITE writer for Steve one-shots! I have yet to find a someone who writes his character as well as her, though several of the other authors listed come very close. Just read her fics, then you will understand.
@certifiedskywalker — Loki, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and others from the MCU — Certi is so talented; several of her fics from each of the characters mentioned above are on my fic-rec lists, and for very good reason. Her writing is phenomenal and she is able to write so well for so many different characters! I haven’t read her work outside of MCU fics, but what I’ve read is so sO SO SOOOOO GOOD!
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mandonnan · 2 days ago
𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐭𝐨𝐨 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐥
hate sex with loki, that's it. that's the plot
warnings: objectification, hate sex, possessive loki, tittie play, little to no plot really, ,pet names:loki calls reader plaything and degrades her, rough sex, sex in the chilly wind, some cumplay
Tumblr media
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up
The moment he had seen you, confident and alive and prospering after he left you all those years ago-- he was furious.
The way you had loved him made you weak; it made you angry, jealous, irritable-- unlike who you were and who you wanted to be. You two would scream at each other for hours, fighting about his ego or your paranoia, then have the greatest sex for hours straight, until he would leave without a word and ghost you for days.
Now he watched you, in a golden dress slinking by at an extravagant party, and he hated you. He hated you so much he wanted to fuck you up against a wall with your tits in his face as he moans your name.
He shook his head to clear those thoughts; you were both different people now and there was no way either of you would sink that low again.
But then you saw him, and all that fire and hatred lit you up inside. How dare he show his face here-- for a party? For a couple of hours he could spend drinking weak liquor and mingling? No, he wanted to get under your skin and make you want him like you had before.
You hated to admit it was working. He lifted his head up and he slid his eyes down your body, making special note of how your breasts hung lavishly on your chest, your hair falling past your shoulders to frame them. He wanted to drag his cock through them and cum on your chest.
He swallowed hard as you approached him, heels clicking on the tile as your hips swayed. You wanted to use him like he used you, and you knew you had the power to drive him crazy. He had a weak spot for you; that's why he always came back even though he knew you were bad for him.
"Funny seeing you here." You gestured to the charity auction behind you. "See something you like?"
I forget about you long enough, to forget why I needed to
Maybe that's how you ended up on the rooftop, back to the brick, with him seeing how many times he could make you cum before you begged him to fuck you with his cock.
Currently he was working your dress off, two orgasms from just his fingers alone before he decided to finally undress you. "Mine, fucking mine. Never belong to anyone else, this cunt. I don't even fucking want you anymore and you're begging me to fuck you."
Your tits sprang free and an appreciative gasp struck him; he palmed them and nipped at them with his teeth, watching as you mewled and whined. He loved seeing you like this-- broken down and fucked out above him. "If you don't want me anymore then why are you fucking me?"
You enjoyed exploiting his soft side, his lust and need for you was his weakness; you'd use him.
He used his tongue to make you come for a third time, lapping up the arousal that seeped from your cunt until it wet his chin as it dribbled off. "Think you can give me one more my little plaything?"
You nodded and laced your fingers through his hair, watching as he planted his palms on your hips and pressed your back into the brick. You weren't sure if you could stand on your own, and he supported you as if he knew so. His lips dragged through your folds again, and you knew you wouldn't last long. Three orgasms in and he was still so hungry for you. His fingers slid in again, pumping and curling ferociously in a way that made you want to scream. Your back stabbed against the bricks, and you knew you would be bruised and aching later, but it was all worth it.
Your fourth orgasm blew through you and soon you were screaming for him as he fucked you through it. "Fucking god-"
"You've never called me a god when i've fucked you." He chuckled and wiped his chin before meeting your lips. You could still taste yourself on him, and if you weren't so fucked out you'd spurr on another round. He looked at you, still heaving in bliss as you fought to catch your breath. He tilted your chin up and made you look at him.
"What? Only four in and you're already too tired to take my cock?" He loved to taunt you, make you feel degraded and small; you lived for every fucking minute of it. "You've changed alright."
"I hate you, prick." You groaned as he let you down with a thud, your legs wobbling on the stone floor. His hand planted on your bare ass and hed you close.
"How should I get off? My cock in your tits or your filthy little mouth on me?" He pressed a sloppy open mouth kiss to your collarbone as you whined at the sensitivity of him against you still.
"Fuck my tits, wanna feel you use me." You couldn't fuck him with your mouth the way he would want, and the feeling of lying back and watching him ruin himself over you was addicting. He didn't hesitate to comply, taking you down with him in a sloppy kiss, undressing himself and watching as you laid back, completely naked under him.
He situated his length between your tits, groaning as you pushed them together on him. He started slow, pulling and pushing through them. You were already drunk off your high, but seeing him start to come undone above you, panting and grunting and moaning your name as he sped up. He wouldn't last long, not after what he had already done to you, and you relished in the thought of his high being short lived. It really was what he deserved, but if the tables were turned you'd have edged him until he begged.
That was what he deserved: to beg.
"Fuck, I'm close." He panted, cock tightening as he pushed through your tits one last time, hips stuttering above you as he finally came.
Thick ropes of cum painted your chest as you finally let your tits drop, watching him sag beside you after his high.
"You're still a fucking prick." You seethed, still too tired to move.
"You're still a cold, jealous, undeserving bitch." He pulled his suit back on and tossed you your dress. "Until next time princess."
You sat in the cold a little longer, hoping the chill would take the fury red out of your face.
@buckyhoney i blame you really but i still love you so 🥰😘
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buckyhoney · 2 days ago
whoever requested the loki breeding kink smut, just so you know, im blaming you for putting me back on my loki bullshit
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multifandombitch666 · 2 days ago
Love, not lost
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki X Reader (gender neutral reader, can be read as male, female or non binary etc :))
WARNINGS: spoilers to the Loki TV show, episode 1. ANGST. A LOT OF ANGST. Spoilers for endgame also.
At the TVA he finds out that he truly is lovable.
Loki sits, eyes glued to the screen that was presenting his life. In his mind, there was no way this was real. A facade. Lies. Until you show up.
Why were you so prominently featured? You were just an avenger.
“I can see by the look on your face you have a question, Loki” mobius chuckled, knowing exactly what was going on in the gods head.
Loki simply rolls his eyes.
He focuses on the screen once more. The two of you sat at a table in Starks tower. He was… smiling? Not just smiling, smiling at you. You had an equally gleeful look on your face.
“You see, Y/N here, melts that ice cold heart of yours. At one point you even refer to them as your soulmate”
“Preposterous and laughable. I wouldn’t fall for a mere human” Loki scoffs.
As if on cue, the Loki on the screen begins to talk “Y/N… makes me feel… I don’t know, special? Magnificent, giddy.”
“Sounds like you’re in love brother” Thor howls a hearty laugh, slapping his brother on the shoulder.
Loki felt his heart tremble at the thought of someone making him feel such a way. And a mortal nonetheless. There was no way.
But as he watches on, watches himself become ensnared in your trap. Yet it didn’t feel right to call it a trap. He found himself believing you loved him, wanting this all to be true. He was so invested in this relationship he began to smile and laugh along with the video.
And then things took a turn for the worse.
You, Thor and Loki were with the Asgardians as a purple being, who mobius referred to as “Thanos” has you all cornered.
Thor wrapped in metal strips. You similarly bound.
“Almighty thanos, I, Loki, prince of asgard… Odinson” Loki glances at you and Thor. “The rightful king of the Jotunheim, god of mischief” a small dagger appears in his hands “do hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity”
He watches as your eyes go wide l, tears brimming “Loki! No!” You cry, making his heart ache.
And then he strikes. The knife still against Thanos’ throat. A strangled sob leaves your throat as you whimper “no”.
“Undying” Thanos chuckles darkly. “You should choose your words more carefully”
Struggling against the metal confining you you scream out as Thanos grabs your loves wrist. And then his throat.
“NO NO NO PLEASE NO” your voice was shrill and trembling.
Loki’s choking groans were too much for you.
Loki turns purple.
“You… will never be… a god” his eyes red from the pressure.
Thanos turns him around so he’s facing you and Thor as the life leaves him.
“I’m…. Sor…. I lo—ve …. You” were the last words he utters before his lifeless body hits the floor, the last thing he hears, your thundering scream, filled with pain.
Loki stands up roughly as the screen goes blank. ‘END OF TAPE’
Mobius makes him return to his seat.
“Would you like to see what happens to Y/N? I figured you would. So I grabbed their tape.”
Part of him wanted to decline. He couldn’t imagine hearing anymore of your cries, but curiosity killed the cat, right?
“Please” he answered, his voice meek.
Mobius had the tape start from after his death to not make it worse for Loki.
Thanos disappears, and the metal is released. You collapse and scramble over to Loki’s body.
Your face was red and drenched in salty tears. Stroking his cold, pale face you sob “he was a good man Thor” your head rests on his shoulder.
He couldn’t have even guessed the toll his death had had on you. But your skin was lacking it’s usual brightness, dark under eyes and your general expression gave it away and it pained him. And yet you were working so hard to get the man responsible.
“Thor please.” You pled quietly . Loki couldn’t help but chuckle at the state of his brother, to think he’d be so lost without his younger brother. “You know. If he were here, he’d be laughing at you. Look at you” Loki’s lips parted in shock as you’d accurately guessed his reaction. “HES NOT HERE Y/N. HES DEAD. He’s… he’s gone” Thor slumped back into his chair as you fought back tears. “You think I don’t KNOW that?! I watched the love of my life die before my very eyes. And I could do nothing. But I can avenge him. I will avenge him. Stop being a coward.” You spat.
“Is that… is that a raccoon?” Loki speaks in disbelief as he watches the thing named “rocket” convince his brother to join them.
~some time later~
“We have one shot at this. Get the stones.”
Loki scrunches his eyebrows when you, Thor and the raccoon seemingly time travel to old asgard.
“This… this is where you guys are from?” Your eyes sparkle as you gawk at your surroundings. Oh how he’d love to have been able to take you himself.
“Thor? Where did you go?” You look around in a panic, unable to locate either of your teammates.
You speed down the hallway, looking around, only to collide with something. Or someone.
Loki rises once more, spotting just who you had run into.
“Oh my— oh gosh I am so sorry—“ you stumble over your words in a way that has Loki weak at the knees.
“Are you lost my darling?” She sends away her maids.
“I um…”
“You are midgua— from Earth, is that correct?”
“Y-Yes your— your… majesty?”
She lets out a soft laugh just as Thor saves you.
“You are not the Thor I know… come with me” she says and brings the two of you into a room. “Mother I- I need to tell you something”
“Shhh my son” she shakes her head.
You couldn’t help but be in awe of her wisdom.
“I can sense you have a strong connection to my other son” she smiles as she moves some hair from your face, your lip quivering. “It’s quite alright dear, I hope he was good to a being as lovely as yourself” her eyes crinkled. “M-More than good. He… he was my favourite person in the universe”
She nods in an understanding, sympathetic way.
Loki sighs. It was just like his mother to know more than she lets on. But the exchange leaves him both empty, and full.
What he would give to be with you both in this moment.
Loki turns off the projector with a solemn smile. “Do they do it? Beat Thanos, that is?”
Mobius’ mouth twitches into the smallest of smiles. “They do.”
“Does she… ever move on?”
“She does not.”
Once again, Loki is torn between happiness and sadness. It was selfish really, to be relieved that his soulmate truly was his soulmate.
But you waited. You were always waiting to be reunited with your god of mischief once more. And you would always hold that hope.
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stanknotstark · 3 days ago
I just came up with an angsty idea for a soulmate au, like breaks my heart angst and I want to write it but idk if ill do it justice. Do yall have someone in mind who writes angst that I can share it with??
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mandonnan · 3 days ago
𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 - 𝐥𝐨𝐤𝐢
pairing: loki x reader
the last time you kiss loki, inspired by a sad taylor swift song
warnings: heartbreak, angst, mentions of smut, frigga and loki bonding time
Tumblr media
your name, forever the name on my lips
he had never had a reason before, to feel as human as everyone wanted him too. He loved his family, but they adored their other son so much more, or so he had thought.
It wasn't until he met you that he began to see beyond the disdain and resentment he had grown so attached to. he heard your name, the first name to ever cross his lips that felt right. It felt so right that he needed to hear it again and again; he visited you on Midgard whenever he could get away.
His little secret; you were what he fled to when he felt isolated and alone. He showed you some of his magic, smiling as you giggled and begged him to show you again. He showed you the stars on freezing nights beside a fire, pointing out every constellation and their history to you as you listened in awe. He never talked about his family, only that he was from a beautiful place called Asgard, where the stars shone ten times as bright.
He kissed you, and promised that you would see it one day, with all its glory and riches. You were something he didn't want to share with his brother, nor feel guilty or ashamed of by his father. You were something he wanted to cherish and never let go, because you made him feel real.
You made him feel like so much more than the shadow behind his brother, he felt alive and in the sun with you. He was a fool; falling in love with a mortal who would die in the blink of an eye in his lifetime.
But he loved you.
When you kissed him, giggly and handsy in ways that made his head spin-- he felt alive; the purest forms of affection would spill from your mouth as you climbed into his lap. Your hands wound into his hair, rubbing and touching and moaning-- completely in love. It wasn't until you both were half naked, panting and chasing each other while at a standstill that he finally said it-- "I'm in love with you."
You had grinned and tackled him, peppering his lips with kisses and more happy giggles. He had never stopped smiling, even as you both fucked until the light of dawn bled into the room.
When he woke up, you were snoring softly beside him. He had retreated to Asgard and left you a note, saying he would be back in three days time. He left you a single rose from the garden, red and sweet and alive.
"Loki?" Frigga greeted him when he arrived back, worry on her face. He smiled at her and swept her in a hug. He was overjoyed, in love, and it oozed out of him liberally. "Where have you been?"
Loki was hesitant to tell her, but he couldn't resist. He had a soft spot for his mother, and he trusted her with everything. "I was on Midgard, I-I met someone. I've been with her all this time, she makes me feel so alive!"
Her face creased, the worry reaching down to her lips. "Does she know of your lifespan? Of your destiny?"
"I thought maybe if I visit so often, make time to go there and be with her, maybe she could come back with me and live-" He broke off, looking at the pain in his mother's face. She was worried.
"She is not made for this world, and even though I would give anything to see you happy, she belongs there-- you belong here."
Deep down he knew you belonged on Midgard, Earth, your home. He couldn't ask you to leave it for him, he wouldn't. He thought of staying on Midgard, but the look in his mothers eyes held worry. He loved her, and the thought of leaving her heartbroken pained him.
"My sweet boy." Frigga held his face in her hands, watching as tears welled in his eyes. "She is a mortal, her love for you is temporary, but the heartbreak you will feel when she leaves you will last forever."
He knew she was right; you would die and he would break in two. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't know how he would survive it.
He appeared in three days, eyes red and raw from anger and sadness. He appeared to you, black suit and eyes cold. You saw him and vaulted into his arms, inhaling every aspect of him as you smiled. "I missed you so much."
"And I you my dear." He pulled away and laid a hand on your waist, holding you to him. "Kiss me."
You grinned and complied, lips so sweet and soft and yearning for him. He kissed you, knowing it would be the last time he ever did. A tear escaped his eyes, falling down to where your tongues clashed.
You pulled away, worried as you saw him avoid your gaze. "What is it?"
"I can't see you anymore. We don't belong together. It has to stop."
He would never forget, as long as he lived, the way your heart broke in front of him. He watched your eyes well up, tears spilling down your cheeks as you cried. Your hands were still in his, and he raised one to his lips, kissing it as you both cried. You wanted to ask him why, but somehow you knew. He laid a kiss to your forehead, memorizing how your skin felt, before he detached from you. He was not out of your arms for a second before you spun to find him again.
But he was gone.
you told me you loved me, so why did you go away?
your name, forever the name on my lips.
He was gone.
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You’re a Genius!
Warning(s): None as far as I’m aware of, please let me know if you would like me to add any
Word Count: 1.5k
A/N: I had an idea to do just a little thing based off of the new and wonderful Loki. FYI the reader insert is a TVA agent so keep that in mind. One last thing, as little has been revealed about specifics on how the agents were born and now live, I took some creative liberty on those details.
Tumblr media
You woke up in the deceptively comfortable bed. The dull browns of the TVA often gave off a feeling of stiffness and unreality. Hearing Miss Minutes’ drawl in your ear alerting you it’s time to wake up, you swung your legs over the side of the bed. Despite there being no magic in the TVA, your hair always managed to be in perfect shape, every strand in order.
Perhaps the Time Keepers created you like this to cut down on wasting precious time, which can be used to keep the timeline on track. The thought brought a smirk to your face. As much as you admired the Time Keepers, you acknowledged they seemed to do things without having any specific reason.
An example of this is that you still need to manually get dressed like any other anthropomorphic being. Though you mused, it did remind you that you were only human, albeit a human in charge of keeping the endless time of an infinite amount of galaxies in order, but human nonetheless.
“Hey there sugar! Mr. Mobius is requesting your assistance in room #348 with a new and troublesome variant!” Miss Minute alerted just as you slipped on your shoes.
A quick spin around in your mirror confirmed you were meeting the TVA’s appearance code. Huffing to prepare yourself for whatever Mobius has in store for you this time.
Hoards of minutemen were running in the same direction you were going, never a good sign.
“Shit.” you muttered under your breath.
You picked up the pace, a silent prayer that the Time Keepers deemed you first to reach the incident and not the trigger happy blockheads who often made your job more difficult than it should have been.
Luckily there was a reason they were minutemen and not analysts. The double doors to room 348 were shut, but you could pick up voices slipping through the cracks in the door. You opened the door just wide enough to fit your body through before shutting and locking it behind you.
The distraught man sitting on the floor abruptly stopped talking to Mobius, whose blonde hair you would recognize anywhere.
“Ah Loki, this here is my assistant Y/N. I was hoping I could introduce you to her under more amicable circumstances, but the Time Keepers obviously had something else in store.”
At the last sentence, the Loki variant made a clear face of annoyance.
“Oh will you shut up already about the Time Keepers. Is there truly no such thing as free will?” He stood up and swung his arms to emphasize his frustration.
“No,” you and Mobius remarked at the same time.
You took a glance at the screen being projected. ‘End of file.’ That must have been why he seemed so upset. Working with Mobius, you were very familiar with Loki’s intended path.
“So, has he agreed to help?” You questioned, turning your full attention to Mobius now. You knew how badly this case bothered him; you knew he would take the first chance he could at having another Loki variant assist him in catching the much more dangerous version.
Mobius turned to Loki. Loki seemed to think for a moment, looking down, then back up.
You and Mobius looked at each other and smirked. Excellent.
While Mobius worked on the diplomatic front, trying to gain permission to use Loki out in the field, you were tasked with making sure Loki did as he was told.
It’s quite the complicated job as he seemed to take it upon himself to make your life a living hell. He disregarded every piece of advice and information you gave him on the TVA. He’s downright childish to Miss Minutes, having caught him arguing with her on multiple occasions.
Despite the trouble he was, you couldn’t help but laugh at his snide remarks. You noticed he seemed to be more willing to cooperate when you laughed, after all, Mobius teaching you the art of observation.
Mobius strolled up to the cubicle where you and Loki were playing go fish—when you first suggested it, he scoffed, remarking how it was something for puny Midgard mortals, this was your 64th round if you were counting correctly—the smug look on his face told you everything you need to know.
“We’re clear.” You smiled wide, you loved going into the field. Mobius handed Loki a Variant identifier jacket. An encouraging smile from you brought him to shrug it onto his slender but muscular form—not that you were watching him or anything like that.
Your bodies walked through the TVA, three people, three purposeful strides. The desk analysts held deep envy for the excitement and spontaneity field work held. You could feel their eyes on you, and suspected that’s where most of them landed. Not on the infamous Mobius or the cunning Loki variant, you.
Mobius handpicked you to be his assistant and teammate, something which most of your former colleagues held one opinion or the other over. Perhaps they watched you so they could learn how to one day have the exciting work of chasing down variants and directly fixing the timeline.
Loki knew none of this about you; you knew to keep your cards close to your chest with variants such as Loki. Loki did know that he did not like the number of people looking at you with that look in their eye. Time moved oddly in the TVA, but no matter how much time had passed, he still formed a quick liking to you.
Meeting up with the minutemen, Mobius briefed the team on Loki’s involvement. As he was doing this, Loki was pulling mocking faces that had you stifling a laugh. You couldn’t afford to look weak in front of (minutemen leader lady)
Renaissance Fairs confused you at first. Why relive something which happened centuries ago, while not even doing it accurately. There seemed to be little point. Over time, Mobius taught you to enjoy the places you went and teach you why the inhabitants did some of the odd cultural things they did.
You walked Loki through to the tent where the scene of the crime was. Your eyebrows rose at seeing the leftover helmet. He took a hostage. The variant had never done this before, only killed the minutemen and taken the time reset charges.
Mobius verbalized this anomaly, though there wasn’t much we could do from inside a renaissance tent in the ’80s. The team turned around to leave and return to the TVA but was stopped by Loki’s voice, warning you not to leave the tent.
For a split second, you believed he was genuinely trying to help, then you saw the glint in his eye. The sparkle that gave away that he wanted to trick you at the first available opportunity. A disappointed frown overtook your face.
Loki glanced towards you, he felt a cold wash overtake his chest. He didn’t like knowing he caused the unamused frown and upturned brows.
Mobius shut him down with a dismissive look and comment regarding him as though he were not there. You were the first to leave the tent.
Yet again, Mobius had tasked you with watching Loki. It was somehow worse than the first time. With Loki essentially being put into time out, and you still hurt with his earlier attempt at betraying you.
Blankly scanning a file, you heard the screech of the chair pushing out, followed by the swift stride of Loki’s long legs. Despite your anger, you knew you still had a job to do. Pulling your body out of the chair, you made haste to follow him. He was engaged in interrogating the librarian.
Something he said must have gotten through to her. Her short heels clacking along the linoleum down a narrow dark aisle.
You silently crept up behind him.
“What do you have there?” He jumped. Evidently, he was engaged enough in the file to have not noticed you behind him.
He opened his mouth to reply, but he narrowed his eyes at the page instead.
“He’s hiding in apocalypses.” You weren’t sure you heard him correctly. His deep mumble was hard to decipher. You were close enough you could almost feel it reverberate through his chest.
He turned towards you. You weren’t expecting the proud grin on his face. “The variant, he’s hiding in apocalypses. Just think of it. There can’t be any variant activity if the whole thing goes up in flames!”
How could neither you nor Mobius have missed this! It was so obvious. Without even realizing what you were doing, you swiftly leaned up on your toes to join your lips with Loki’s. The kiss was brief, so brief you hardly noticed you did it.
“Loki, you’re a genius! We have to go tell Mobius.” Loki could bring up the kiss another time; he just wanted to do what he could to keep you happy and smiling at him.
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mellowavengersstuff · 3 days ago
Loki series
Please do not repost, copy or translate my work without express permission! :)
{will be updated every week after the new episode comes out}
Summary: You and Loki find each other in the TVA. There's a new journey to go on, together.
Loki - the start of a journey
The variant 2.0
Taglist: @bi-lmg
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julesjohansson · 4 days ago
       —   IN CASE WE DON’T LIVE FOREVER (Loki x Reader)
 Chapter One: the Model
                                                                                         |     PLAYLIST     |     
Tumblr media
Paris, France - 1995...
“Y/N? Y/N?!”
You snapped-to, attention quickly focusing on the hairdresser in front of you.
“You’re on in two minutes. Here, let me-”
You pushed her hand away, absent-mindedly, and she scowled at you.
“Y/N, they’re expecting you on the runway straightaway, I can’t make any more excuses-”
“I’m done,” you said, suddenly, and it felt like the most right thing in the world. “I... I quit.”
The entire dressing room gasped, including your group of closest friends.
“I’m sorry,” you stammered. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry-”
You slammed past the hairdresser, running through the back door without another word.
“Y/N, wait-!”
You burst into the cold night air, wind rushing past your face.
“I’ve gotta... I’ve gotta get out...”
“Perimeter secure... branch looks stable...”
You whirled around, clinging to the black, satin robe you wore, shivering, your enormous angel wings swaying in the wind.
Behind you, a woman in armor was clutching a glowing, flickering lantern.
“Who are you?” you choked out, trying to stay calm.
You’d been a model since you were twelve years old.
You’d been a supermodel since age eighteen.
But even the runway couldn’t have prepared you for this.
You’ve been afraid before. You’d been brave before, too.
But this? This was a thing of its own, unlike anything you’d experienced before.
Soldiers? Hunters?
After you?
Your mind couldn’t quite comprehend it, even as you were pulled from the dark parking lot and into a cramped hallway, one that seemingly hadn’t been remodeled since the 1970s.
“My name’s Y/N L/N,” you stammered, trying to get free of the woman who held you. “Y/N L/N, I’m-”
The woman snorted.
“We know who you are, princess.”
“Then you know I have somewhere to be in thirty minutes.”
She tilted her head to the side, looking you and up and down.
“Oh, really? I thought you quit? Trust me, if you hadn’t... you wouldn’t be here in the first place. You’d be back in that dressing room, being fitted for whatever your next flouncy dress is.”
“Please, I-”
Something buzzed on the woman’s belt, cutting you off. She glanced at it.
“Unfortunately, I have something a lot more important than you to deal with right now,” she muttered. “Casey, watch her for me, will you?”
A man at a desk, who you hadn’t noticed before, peered at you over a seemingly never-ending stack of paperwork.
“Sure, I will,” he agreed, brightly. “No problem.”
The woman nodded, disappearing again.
“I’m sorry,” Casey said, bringing you back to reality. “You look a little freaked out.”
“I... am. Still in shock, actually.”
He nodded, understandingly, and you suddenly realized how exposed you were.
You’d barely had a robe on when you’d stormed from the dressing room, and it was dangerously close to coming off now. You reached to adjust the satin belt, but soon realized that you were shackled. 
“Casey,” you stammered. “Uh... could you do me a favor?”
“Oh, sure.”
You gestured at the robe.
“Could you re-tie this belt for me?”
He nodded, and you felt safe. As strange and uncertain as your future was, you couldn’t help but trust him. There was something blank and childish about his spirit, so unlike the men you'd known in your life.
Casey scrambled around the desk, eyeing the sash like it posed a confusing challenge.
“Like... this?” He looped an end around, experimentally.
“Yeah, like that. You’ve tied a bow before, right?”
Casey shook his head, and you felt guilty. You’ve had people try to make you feel stupid more than enough times - you didn’t need to make him feel that way, too.
“Okay, you’ve almost got it...”
Just then, the woman who had arrested you reemerged - with a man, this time.
But you weren’t looking at him.
No, you were staring blankly ahead-
Because the woman’s return had startled Casey, and the sash that had once hung around your hips fell to the floor, along with the rest of the satin robe, now puddled at your feet.
You cleared your throat, daring to make eye contact with the man in front fo you.
He was much more like the men you’d known.
You stared at him, desperately, biting your lip and trying very hard not to cry, but certain your mascara had smeared anyway.
You expected any number of responses - a catcall, perhaps, or a rude comment. Or staring, which would have been just as bad.
And you were surprised, therefore, when he looked as petrified as you were, despite the fact that he wore clothes. (Admittedly, they looked more like a costume for a Renaissance Fair than anything.)
He cleared his throat, then pointedly looked away.
“Will you help her, please?”
Grumbling, the woman who’d arrested you slid the robe back onto your shoulders, knotting the belt properly, this time.
“You,” you said, pointing at him. “You, I like you.”
A/N: If you liked this, please leave me an ask or a note!
Taglist: (Open)
@rottenstyx @giggles75th @amourtentiaa​ @imthedoctorlove​ @fire-in-her-veinz​ @nyx-aira​ @camirodrigo05​ @euovenia​ @caitscraps
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coldhvrt16 · 4 days ago
Break My Back, Not My Heart(Pt1)
Loki x Reader
Warnings: Daddy Kink, Nicknames(pet, good girl, etc.), Smut, angst, choking kink, Lies (From the God of Lies himself) and a slight Cliffhanger.
A/n: Okay in case you don't know Sigyn is Loki's wife in Norse Mythology.  I may follow this up with a part two later on. Once again I apologize for this.
Summary: You and Loki are engaged, your alone for a night in the Tower together, what was meant to be a sweaty, romantic night, takes a sharp turn in the wring Direction.
Word Count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
(I love his face!!!!)
"And I care why? No. I said have it done."
"I don't care. I hired you for this reason."
"I am two weeks away from my wedding. You had the list of things to do. As my official planner you should get it done and if not. No pay."
"Alright, thank you so much Adrienne!"
"Alright m'bye"
You sit at your work desk typing a frenzy when you feel the cold stare of someone from the doorway.
"I don't have muck time Loke if your coming to say hi might wanna hurry up."
"Excuse me Miss but where is this attitude coming from. I don't like it." Loki stalks to you pressing his large hands onto your shoulders starting to work out the tension.
"Well I am sorry Your highness, I have a wedding to pull off. OUR wedding. So I'm a little stressed okay?"
" I just came to tell you I'm cooking tonight. So we aren't going out. We also have the tower to ourself so, nobody is here to bother us." He added obviously flirting but you were too caught up in choosing wither Pansys or Petunias would be a better choice you didn't even retain what he was saying.
"Y/n L/n, are you even listening to me."
"Oh course dear, sounds good" you reply mechanically.
Loki swivels your chair and grips your throat not too tight but enough to catch your attention.
"I guess I'll just have to fuck the attitude out of you then. See how much of a brat you are after I make you my little cum slut." He growls into your ear.
"Loki, baby. I'm sorry" you weren't scared but you also wanted to walk in the morning.
" Can I please just finish up. We can finish this" you run your hand down his fit, black button up covered, torso. "After dinner"
He sighed and muttered somethings out you trying to take charge. And he's in control, but you control him.
You love being his pet. Live for him to take care of you, fuck you senseless, but you also are your own person, your independent, it's what he first found so appealing about you. He always respects your boundaries.
An hour passes and your phone buzzes on the table beside your laptop
You lift it to ready the text
*Future Husband*- Dinner is finished. Hope your hungry....;)
You smirk at the cheeky message and shut your laptop, you finally made the last of the pre wedding day arrangements, time to spoil, more like get spoiled, by your man. Your God.
You step into the dining room, no Loki or food. You go into the kitchen and you spot the food, but you also spot Loki, stark naked, pouring wine.
"Hey my Queen, I made your favorite, Tika Masala and rice. And I brought dessert." He winked. Your face flushes and quickly you feel less hungry for dinner and more so for dessert.
"Lo-" he cuts you off.
"Sit. Now. Eat, and drink your whole cup of water. Or you may just have to sleep without dessert, understood pet?"
"Yes sir" you shake your head.
He brings your your plate and you go to sit at the table, before you do, you feel a tingle sensation around you and look down to find Loki has dissipated your clothing. So your both in the kitchen, at Stark tower, naked.
You whine a little to complain, but are met with reprimanding tsks.
"You should watch it and be My good girl."
"Yes Daddy."
Then you sit down and eat. Rather quickly.
"Y/n drink your water." Loki states.
"But I'm full and I can't." You whine.
"If your full then You don't need me to fill you up. So I guess we can go to bed after this and just sleep."
You whine as he smirks at you. You down the rest of the water.
"Daddy can You carry me to our room. I want you there tonight. Please" as much as it thrills you to have Sex on every surface in the tower, you just want the intimacy of your shared bed.
"Yes my love, if that will make you more comfortable."
You stand and walk to him he stands and lifts you effortlessly.
When you make it to your room it's like both of you just become primal. Your instincts and urges to be one take over.
Loki kisses you rough and deep hiking you together souls intertwining he moves his mouth down to your breasts being  careful and deliberate. He then moves his long fingers down your body, he loved every inch of you, every roll, scar, stretch mark, every freckle, and everything you once saw as a flaw, he just sees you.
One night he spent 3 hours kissing you and telling you how beautiful you are to him. It took years for him to let his walls down for you, but every hour you spent crying or screaming because he wasn't open with you, was worth only a few moments of his tender love, his soft side, your Loki, the man, the God you were going to spend the rest of your life with. 
But gentle was the last thing on either of your mins when he ran his hard cock through your wet folds before thrusting into you bottoming out. You scream out in pleasure, the feeling of his vainy girth moving in and out of you was too much to bear. 
When you arch your back, he slams his hand down on your hip holding you down into the bed.
suddenly with no warning he lifted both your legs over your shoulder reaching not just your g spot, but every possible sensitive place.
"Oh Gods, Loki, so good." You yell out.
"Thats right baby, only for you, all for you." He grunts
Your both inching closer to your climax, you feel that coil tighten in your belly, right as you feel yourself clenching around his Godly cock, Loki yells out too.
"Sigyn, yes come for me." You stop moving. All arousal vanishes.
"What?!" you yell trying to push the man off you
"Who the FUCK is Sigyn?!" "Who is she Loki."
"What are you talking about, fuck, whats your problem?"
"You yelled another womans name Loki." You try not to, but tears start falling from your eyes.
"Pull out of me please, I cant. Just please."
"Darling, Sigyn is not a person, It is an Asgardian term, meaning Victorious partner. It is a complement, please calm down."
"Oh" You breathe out. "Im sorry, Im just so stressed I-" You dont finish your sentence because he cuts you off.
"Its okay. I understand.Do you wish to finish or do you want to rest?" he asked still in you, stroking your hair.
"Lets rest." You say still shaken up from the thought of him with someone else.
"Okay" He says pulling out and wrapping your body in his own.
You don't sleep much that night. And when you research "sigyn" the next day, you don't sleep for months.
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