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#loki x female!reader
give-me-a-moose · 8 hours ago
Dream of Me
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Words: 2,616
Summary: After finding out Loki is basically immune to your powers, you settle into a relationship with him. You particularly enjoy arguing with him. Your current argument holds a bit more weight than the others, though.
Note: This is a follow up to “Kiss The Girl”. I have a few more coming, so I am calling it the “Charmspeaker Collection”. 
Tumblr media
It wasn’t an instant transition once you discovered Loki was immune to your powers. Thor too for that manner. You still had a lot of anxiety surrounding your powers.
You still kept quiet around the other Avengers, because nothing had changed for them. You started to say a few words to Thor whenever you felt brave enough. He was ecstatic when you started speaking around him. The first time it happened had actually been Loki’s fault.  
“Will you please shut up?” Loki had snapped at Thor once when he was being particularly boisterous, “Y/N thinks you are being annoying.” 
“Loki, you know that is not true!” you shot back instantly before turning to Thor, “I think you are a delight to be around.”
Thor’s eyes widened in surprise. Loki had just sighed. He enjoyed his position as your official translator. A position he earned by hiding all your whiteboards. He didn’t think you would reply verbally, but since he and Thor were the only other people in the room, he really should have seen that coming.  
After spending so many years being silent, it was strange to feel able to use your voice. Loki would have to remind you sometimes that you could speak around him. On good days you would laugh to yourself and start talking like normal. On bad days you would shake your head and remain silent. Loki would not push you to speak on those days, and you were grateful for that.
Loki took great pride in his ability to read you. He could watch your body language and know exactly what you wanted to say. It made communicating around the other Avengers so much easier. However, it also led to some interesting sights around the Tower. A common one being Loki having what appeared to be a one sided argument with himself. 
“Y/N, I am telling you that it won’t work.” Loki insisted over breakfast. 
You crossed your arms at him as a reply.
“I am a master of stealth and deception. My plans have never led us astray before.” 
You raised your eyebrows. 
“That’s a low blow.” Loki sighed, “Fine. We will try it your way. Will that get you to shut up?” 
You grinned at him before leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. 
“Yes. And I you, my darling.” he murmured with a soft smile. 
You both continued to eat your breakfast in silence as the rest of the room stared at you both in bewilderment. 
What the fuck had they just witnessed? 
The two of you constantly argue with each other. The topics were never serious and could be easily resolved. Loki had assumed that after spending so long keeping your opinions to yourself, you enjoyed being able to voice them. Loudly and quite often. Loki was always more than happy to indulge you. While he would never admit it out loud, you were utterly adorable when you were vexed. 
Your current argument held a little more weight than most of your others. 
It started the first night you stayed in Loki’s room and he told you about the horrible nightmares he has sometimes. It had been a precaution, in case he ever woke you in the middle of the night. He hated the idea of scaring you and wanted you to be prepared. You, however, took this information to be a challenge. 
“I think I can use my powers to get you to sleep peacefully.” you explained to him as you curled up in his arms. His skin was a bit chilly, but at that moment it was a cool relief for your warm body.
Loki placed an absentminded kiss on your head, “Darling, did you forget I’m immune?” 
“Maybe not while you’re sleeping.” you yawned, “Your defenses will be down.” 
Loki paused to consider this, as he ran his hands up and down your back, further lulling you to sleep. 
“If I notice you are about to have a bad dream, maybe I can trick the dream away.” 
Loki chuckled softly, “You are only setting yourself up for disappointment.” 
“You said you wouldn’t underestimate me anymore.” you whined sleepily.
“And I do not.” he stole a kiss from you, “But my answer remains the same. No.” 
Loki knew that you would never use your powers against him without his consent. It was one of the few rules you lived by. If he told you no, you would not do it.
“This isn’t over.” you mumbled to him, your eyes already closing. 
“I don’t doubt that.” he mused, pressing a final kiss to your temple. He waited to hear your breathing slow before letting himself fall asleep as well.
Whether it was just bad luck, or all the bloody talking about it, Loki felt his dreams turn sour. He could hear the Other’s voice in his head again. 
“You failed us.” 
“You cannot escape him.” 
“He will take everything you hold dear.” 
Loki closed his eyes and tried to shut the voice out. When he opened his eyes again, that cursed scepter was in his hand again. He felt its poisonous thrall once more. No matter how he tried, he would not be able to forget. He told himself to drop it, but his body betrayed him by tightening the grip. 
Then his own voice came to him, even though he could not say a word. 
“...Not until I make him kill you! Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear…”
The nightmare changed in an instant. Suddenly he was standing in front of you. You were on the floor and covered in blood. Your eyes were wide with fear as you looked up at him. The sight made him sick to his stomach. 
“Loki. Please.” you begged. 
He could not stop himself as he raised the scepter. The blue glowing intensifying. His screams were trapped inside of himself. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from walking closer to you.  
“No! Loki! Please!” you cried, “Loki! WAKE UP!” 
Loki instantly woke with a gasp. His heart was racing and he looked around the dark room. That was when he noticed he was gripping your wrist. His hold was so tight, he could see the discoloration in your skin. 
He quickly let go of you, shocked by what he had done. You pulled your wrist closer to you and rubbed it, trying to soothe the pain away. Loki looked away from you in shame. He felt the self loathing creep over him when he heard your quiet voice. 
“I’m sorry.” you sat up on the bed next to him, “You wouldn’t wake up. I had to.” 
If he were not so distraught, he would have laughed. He had nearly broken your wrist, and you were apologizing for using your power to stop him from doing it. It was completely absurd. 
“Darling, you have nothing to be sorry about.” he let out a shaky exhale, “I’m glad you did it.”
 He put his head in his hands. He nearly scoffed when he felt your hands on his back, attempting to soothe him. The monster you shared a bed with hurt you, and you wanted to comfort him. He didn’t pull away though. 
After a few moments of silence, you crawled closer to him, draping yourself along his back. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and Loki couldn’t help but look at your injured wrist. It wasn’t swollen thankfully, but he could already see the bruises forming. 
He gingerly took your hand and placed a delicate kiss to the inside of your wrist. A silent apology. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his temple. Apology accepted. Loki sighed in relief, content to soak up your warmth.
“Well, it seems you are susceptible to my powers when you’re asleep.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle, “This is a dirty tactic, my love.”
He felt you grin against his skin, “Not a tactic, just an observation.” 
“Here I thought you would want to return to sleeping alone.”
“Never.” your arms squeezed around him. 
“Stubborn thing.”
“I could say the same of you.” 
Loki slowly inhaled through his nose. He had been hoping you would leave him to spend the rest of the night alone. He always knew he was going to give in at some point. He always gave in when it came to you. He just never expected this to happen. He didn’t want this to happen again. 
“Fine.” he kissed your wrist again, “Next time you can try.” 
Loki felt your hand on his chin, guiding his head towards you. He looked up at you, and saw your small smile. 
“Thank you, Loki.” you whispered before placing a chaste kiss on his lips. 
Luckily, Loki’s nightmares did not return for a few weeks. In all fairness, that was probably because he did not let himself fall too deeply asleep. He forced himself to stay awake as long as possible, only allowing himself cat naps. You saw how the lack of sleep was starting to affect him. Whenever you tried to address it, he simply brushed your concern away.
You started to try to lull him to sleep. Before bed you prepared him a relaxing cup of tea. When you were in bed, you ran your fingers through his hair. Whether it was your attempts working or his resolved weakening, Loki fell into a deep sleep one night. You smiled to yourself and settled in next to him. 
You knew exactly when the nightmares began. He clutched at you desperately in his sleep. His arm around your waist tightened, like he was afraid that you would disappear if he didn’t hold you tight enough. His grip was so tight it almost stole your breath. You gently caressed his forearms as you let your power rise in your throat. 
“Sleep well. Dream of peace.” you whispered into his ear. After a second of thought, you selfishly added, “Dream of me.” 
Almost instantly, Loki’s hold on you loosened. Not enough to fully release you, but it was no longer a death grip. You took a deep breath in relief. His breath began to even out and he released a soft snore. It made you smile.
You could already feel the power of tomorrow morning’s gloating session when you both woke up. But for now you were content with turning your head enough to kiss Loki’s shoulder, then falling back asleep. 
The dream started much like the others. The fear and helplessness threatened to swallow him whole. But it changed….for the better. 
The scepter vanished into smoke in his hands. He looked around and saw he was in one of his favorite gardens in Asgard. He looked around and catalogued the flowers around him, it was just as he remembered. Then his eyes fell to the large tree he read under in his youth. There in his usual spot was you, dressed like Asgardian nobility with a book in your lap. The sight made him smile. 
He slowly approached you, not wanting to disturb you. Despite his stealth, you still looked up and gave him a wide smile. 
“Loki.” you breathed. He loved when you said his name like that. Like he was the one who put the son in the sky. Like he was the one with the power to make you day. Like you loved him. 
“Darling.” he he was surprised when his body cooperated with his desires. 
You closed the book and set it beside you, “Join me.” 
He didn’t need to be told twice. He sat beside you, and arranged himself to lay his head in your lap. He closed his eyes once he felt your fingers run through his hair. 
He felt peaceful. For once, he wasn’t afraid something was going to come and ruin this moment. He let himself relax. 
“I love you, Loki.” you hummed to him. 
His eyes snapped open. You giggled down at him. You never said that to him before. He wondered what those words would sound like leaving his lips. Now he was dreaming about it. Perhaps that made him a lovesick fool, but he wanted to hear it again. 
“I love you so much.” you whispered before leaning down to give him a quick kiss. 
Loki raised his hand to bury his fingers in your hair. With minimal effort, he turned the sweet kiss into a hungry one. He smirked when he heard you moan into the kiss. Just as you started to melt into it, he pulled away. 
“And I love you, dear heart.” 
Loki continued to dream of you within the safety of his childhood hiding spot. He cherished your giggles and whispered ‘I love you’s. The only thing that could make it better was if it were real. 
When Loki awoke the next morning, the first thing he noticed how well rested he felt. Usually, a good night of sleep meant the dreamless void that was only available when he reached exhaustion. He couldn’t recall the last time he had had a good dream. He hardly wanted to wake up. But opening his eyes to see you sleeping beside him, made up for that injustice.
He pressed a delicate kiss to your shoulder, trying to convey his gratitude and love through the one kiss. That way he would never have to admit to it when you were awake. 
Unfortunately, the touch had roused you. With a few sleepy mumbles you wiggled out of Loki’s arms enough to roll over and face him. Your eyes were the last to open, and your sleep blurred eyes focused right on his face. He brought his hand up to cup your face. 
“How did you sleep?” you asked, a knowing grin on your face. 
“Gloating is beneath you, my dear.” Loki teased. He knew he was going to have to listen to you gloat for the better part of the day, but he wanted a few more moments of peace. 
You rolled onto your back and laughed. How Loki loved the sound of your laugh. He propped himself up on his elbow to look down at you. 
“What did you dream about?” you asked, your eyes meeting his. 
For a second, he thought about telling you the truth. Telling you the words he dreamed of falling from your lips. He thought of telling you the words he felt in his heart. But he refrained. He was not sure if you were ready for that yet. Midgardians tended to get anxious when such words were thrown around. 
Instead, he gave you his most licentious smile, “Perhaps I can show you what I dreamed about?”
The brilliant flush that came to your cheeks assured him he made the right choice. 
“We have things to do today.” you fought the smile that made its way to your lips. 
“Here I thought you would want to celebrate your victory.” Loki moved his body to languidly stretch out over yours before placing a series of kisses down your neck. You instantly snaked your arms around his neck. 
“This is a dirty tactic.” you protested in spite of yourself. 
“It’s not dirty.” he chuckled low in your ear, “Not yet.” 
You shivered, hearing the unspoken promise in his voice.  
“Fine. you can show me.” you relented, though it felt nothing even remotely close to a loss. 
“Thank you, my love.” Loki whispered to you before pulling you into a rousing kiss. 
He would tell you eventually. When the time was right. For now, he was content to show you how he felt. Whenever you would let him. And he was more than happy to convince you. 
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wandaloki · 10 hours ago
Agatha All Along | Loki x Female Reader
Loki (Marvel) x Doctor Who
Tumblr media
You and Loki are shown to your room for the night and one thing leads to another. Afterwards the truth surrounding the murders is revealed, reminding Loki of his past.
Part Six | Part Eight
Words: 6.2k
Warnings: smut, oral: f receiving, loss of virginity, unprotected sex and lots of fluff
A/N: This is the first time I have written full blown smut, I hope it is okay.
Read on AO3
After the murder of Lady Eddison’s son, Roger, all the guests retired to their rooms for the night. You had bid your auntie and the Doctor goodnight and then the butler showed you and Loki to a guest room.
 As soon as you entered the empty room you immediately shivered and wrapped your arm around yourself as goosebumps rose across your uncovered skin. The room was cold and draughty, sending chills down your spine every time there was a harsh gust of wind from the thunderstorm outside. 
 You couldn’t see much as the only source of light was the candle stick you were holding until Loki switched on the bedside lamps, allowing you a better view of the room you would be staying in for the night. 
 Against the wall was a large four poster bed, decorated with emerald cushions and rusty red floral bedsheets, at the foot of the bed there was a fabric, sand coloured two seater couch with scatter cushions that matched the ones decorating the bed. Curtains with the same pattern, framed the large sash window which rain and wind battered against. 
 No longer needing it you blew out your candle stick and placed it down on top of a mahogany dresser, as you made your way to the window to draw the curtains. Every inch of the floor beneath your feet was covered with a traditional burgundy rug.
 As your back was turned, Loki waved his hand over the fireplace on the wall opposite the bed and lit a warm fire, to take the chill off of the draughty and unused room. The sound of the fire igniting had caught your attention and you looked over your shoulder just in time to catch the remaining trails of an emerald glow evaporate into the air.
 “Loki,” you sighed, “you’re not supposed to be using your magic.” 
 “Don’t worry, it’s just a little bit, hardly enough for them to track me by.” Loki stopped your fretting, as he approached you. “And I couldn’t have my love shivering the whole night.” 
 “That’s very thoughtful.” You whispered appreciatively, as you pulled him down for a kiss to say thanks.
 “Just promise you’ll be careful with your magic?” You asked as you pulled back, your arms encircled Loki’s waist and his yours. “I don’t want you to get taken away.”
 “I promise,” Loki whispered as he brought his palm to the side of your face, which you leaned into as his thumb stroked over your cheek. “Let’s get ready for bed.”
 You had removed your gloves, the jewels wrapped around your head and your shoes, until the only thing you were left wearing was your 1920s dress. You turned around to Loki, to find he had removed his long velvet coat, his matching silk waistcoat and bow tie, draping them all on the couch at the foot of the bed.
He was left in his loose fitting dress shirt with billowing sleeves and his braces still hung over his shoulders, holding up his fitted trousers. 
 “Loki,” you spoke and he immediately lifted his head to look at you. “I have nothing to wear for bed.”
 “I have no objections.” Loki shrugged as he slipped his braces from his shoulders, letting them fall loose around his thighs.
 Sensing your nerves in your silence, Loki grabbed his shirt by the back of its collar and dragged it over his head, shaking his long hair out of his face after doing so.
 “Put this on.” He threw the shirt to you, which you barely caught as your eyes were focused on Loki, instead of following the shirt as it flew towards you.
 You realised that this was the first time you had seen part of Loki without an article of clothing. Your gaze travelled over the pale skin of his upper body, the defined lines of his curved waist, to the lines of his hips that disappeared beneath his trousers, which his slender fingers began to unbutton.
 You blinked rapidly and took a deep breath to pull away your focus and you turned around to drag your dress over your head, leaving you in only your underwear. 
 With your back turned you weren’t aware of the way Loki’s eyes were now focused on you, as you brought your hands behind your back to unhook your bra and let it slip from your shoulders to the floor. From behind you he could just see the curve of your breast as you lifted your arms to pull his shirt over your head and let it cascade down your upper body until it reached the tops of your thighs. His scent lingered on his shirt and you couldn’t help but subtly turn your nose to your shoulder to breathe it in.
 You caught Loki staring after you turned back around but he didn’t try to cover it up by quickly diverting his eyes, instead he let himself take in the sight of you in his shirt unapologetically and you self consciously lowered your eyes to the rug beneath your bare feet. 
 “I must admit,” Loki spoke, as he made his way towards you, dressed only in his underwear. “The sight of you in my shirt is rather enticing.”
 Your breath became more shallow and your heartbeat rivalled the thunder which rumbled outside as it beat wildly against your rib cage, as Loki hooked his finger into one of the gaps between two buttons of his shirt and used it to tug you forward as he walked backwards towards the grand four poster bed. 
 He wrapped his hand around the back of your neck to guide your face towards his, as his lips embraced your own. Hesitantly you let your hands rest against the skin of his bare chest, his body was warm and inviting so you wrapped your arms around his waist and tugged him closer, wanting to be surrounded by his body heat to fight off the chill.
 Loki parted your lips open with his own as you felt his tongue slide into your mouth while he encouraged you to lower yourself onto the bed and he followed after you so that his upper body was draped over yours, supported by his arms which sunk into the mattress on either side of your head.
 He nudged his knee between your thighs to encourage your legs to part and allow room to accommodate his narrow hips as he lowered them to yours, you yelped into Loki’s mouth as you felt the unmistakable feel of his hard member from beneath his underwear, against your clothed pubic bone.
 At your sound, Loki immediately lifted his head and looked down at you with concern and your heart was bouncing so hard you were afraid it was going to jump straight out your mouth and you gulped in the hopes it would keep it down.
 “I- I’ve never...” You nervously confessed to Loki and you swear you could see his shirt twitch against your chest in rhythm with your heartbeat.
 “My darling,” Loki whispered as he felt your anxiety radiating off of you. He took your hand, which you hadn’t realised was shaking, into his and brought it to his lips to kiss the back of your fingers. “Do not fret, I would never make you do anything you do not wish to. We can just cuddle and go to sleep.”
 You shook your head. “No. No, please, I want to.” You told him honestly, “I’m... I’m just nervous...”
 “Are you sure?” Loki checked, “There is no rush, I don’t want you to feel pressured.”
 “I’m sure. Please, Loki,” the God shushed you gently, stroking his hand over your hair, you closed your eyes as relaxing tingles slowly soothed your tense body and you felt your heartbeat begin to calm.
 “You must be relaxed.” Loki told you sternly but his voice remained a gentle whisper. 
 Your breath hitched at a sudden unexpected clap of lightning, undoing the peacefulness which Loki had brought to your body. He soothed you again, this time you kept your eyes focused on his.
 “That’s it, dear.” He praised you, and you felt your chest swell with pride.
 He lowered his lips to the top of your chest, as he brought his right hand up to the buttons of his shirt and slowly began opening them one by one. 
 As his hand reached lower buttons, his lips would follow and his long hair tickled against your bare skin as it brushed down your chest, it was resting between the valley of your breasts when Loki finally lifted his lips from just above your belly button where he had also stopped undoing his shirt, leaving the last few buttons still fastened.
 He looked at you from beneath his dark brows, causing your breath to catch in your throat, as he trailed the tips of his fingers back up your chest and along your collar bones until they travelled back down, this time nudging each side of his shirt open to reveal your bare chest to him and he hummed appreciatively.
 “So beautiful.” He whispered, bringing a smile to your lips.
 “So are you.” You replied, as you lifted your hand to his cheek and encouraged him to crawl back up your body to give you a kiss. 
 His nose nudged against your cheek, as your lips moved in unison, while his palm moved from the dip of your waist and up your ribs until it cradled the side of your breast. He brushed the pad of his thumb over your sensitive nipple, making your breath hitch and you pushed your chest into his hold ever so slightly. 
 He waved his hand and the bedside lamps switched off, leaving the flickering light of the fire and the occasional flash of lightning as the only things illuminating the room. 
 Once again, he lowered himself down your body and made himself comfortable between your open thighs, you kept your head against the pillow and your eyes closed as you felt his lips attach to the inside of your thigh as his fingers dug into them, causing a slight ticklish sensation to shoot through you, which made you squirm. 
 Your breath came out quicker the closer his lips trailed down your thighs towards your clothed heat and then you felt his fingers hook into the elastic of your underwear and he pulled them down your legs, exposing you to the airy room.
 You lifted your eyelids and raised your head off the pillow to look down at him, half his face reflected the glowing orange light of the fire, while the other half was cast in the shadows.
 “Is this still okay?” He asked you before proceeding.
 You nodded.
 “Tell me.” Loki encouraged you, not moving an inch until he was positive that you wanted to continue.
 “It’s okay,” you told him, making your voice sound as confident as you could, though it still wobbled. “Can I... can you just... hold my hand?” You nervously asked him and you saw his eyes soften in the warm glow of the fireplace.
 “Of course, my love.” Before you could even reach for it, Loki intertwined his hand with yours, slotting your fingers between each other as your hands lay over your stomach. 
 With that he returned to kissing the inside of your thighs and your head lulled back against the pillow, you felt Loki occasionally squeeze your hand as his lips neared closer to where you needed him the most, your nerves were diluting into your arousal as your needs overtook your mind.
 You let out a frustrated whine when his lips moved from one thigh to the other, just when you thought he was about to move them to your most intimate area. Loki shushed you and gently nipped your tender flesh between his teeth, causing you to gasp.
 “What do you need?” Loki rasped, knowing full well what you needed and heat flushed your cheeks and chest at the thought of actually having to ask him out loud. 
 You whined in protest, hoping that he would have mercy on you, by now you could feel your juices dripping from you and you clenched your empty walls, in an attempt to offer yourself the relief only Loki could provide.
 You gasped when you unexpectedly felt Loki’s thumb brush between your folds before he put pressure on your sensitive bud, it was the first time you had ever been touched between your legs by someone other than yourself and it instantly sent a reaction straight through you, you were so sensitive. You clenched Loki’s hand and moaned at the pleasure which shot through your stomach. 
 “More, please, more.” You desperately pleaded as you opened your legs wider for him and you heard him softly hum. 
 Your head shot up to look down at him when you felt his hot breath fan across your folds, with his spare hand he used his forefinger and middle finger to reveal your clit. Without removing his eyes from yours, he licked a stripe up your heat and then enclosed his lips around your swollen nerve, your head fell back against the pillow as a moan shot through your throat.
 He continued to work his mouth on you, bringing you pleasures you had never felt before, you were hardly even aware of your surroundings as you were swaddled in a blanket of your own arousal, the thunder and the lightening going completely unnoticed.
 You also didn’t notice him slip his middle fingers into his mouth, until he was pushing them into you and you gladly welcomed them as he curled them into a come hither motion. 
 You clenched your fingers around his as you arched your back off the mattress, beginning to feel your release stir awake at the base of your spine. Your breath became shallow as you felt a thin layer of sweat beginning to gather at your hairline. 
 “Come whenever you need, okay?” Loki instructed you, before he dived back into attending to your pleasure, and you nodded as a moan rolled up from deep within your stomach. 
 Tingles were tap dancing at the bottom of your belly while heat shot up your spine with more force each time until you cried as pleasure surged through your veins leaving pleasant thrills in its wake. You clenched your hand around Loki’s with all your might as your back elevated off the bedsheets and the crown of your head pushed into your pillow as your mouth opened in silent ecstasy.
 Loki worked you through your orgasm until it faded into a pleasant buzz and he raised his head from between your legs to look down at your blissed state.
 Your eyes were shut and your breasts heaved up and down with your pants as you caught your breath. Loki crawled up your body, leaving kisses on your bare skin as he went, until he reached your mouth and you could taste your release as he left it on your lips.
 Your fingers were trembling with the aftermath of your high, as you brought them up to comb his unruly hair behind his ear, before you opened your eyes.
 “That was... perfect.” You told him and his glossy lips curved into a prideful smile and if you weren’t mistaken, there was a faint glimmer of shyness hidden in his eyes as he momentarily diverted his gaze before he looked back down at you.
 “Would you like to continue? It’s okay if you don’t, we will do whatever you’re comfortable with.” Loki whispered, in that moment your comfort was his upmost priority.
 “I want to continue.” You told him.
 Loki left a kiss on your lips. Using one hand, while the other supported his weight above you, he began to slide his underwear down until his cock sprung free and it brushed against your lower stomach.
 Your eyes flicked downwards, catching sight of it and they widened as you looked back up at Loki.
 “We can stop any time you want,” he told you, “just because you said you want to continue, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind.”
 You nodded, feeling yourself relax again and you gave Loki a smile that you hope conveyed how much you appreciated his patience. 
 Loki moved his hand that wasn’t holding his body up, to the base of his hard length to guide it between your soaked folds. When the head of his cock nudged against you, your legs twitched and you squirmed your hips.
 “Tell me when.” Loki told you, as he continued to coat his length in your release and arousal. 
 “Now please.” You instructed him, not wanting to give yourself too much time to think about it.
 When you felt his blunt head slowly push into your opening, you held your breath and Loki paused.
 “Darling, breathe for me.” He reminded you and you opened your eyes and stared into his, “you need to relax.”
 He brought his hand up to your hair and began stroking his fingers through it and you felt your tense muscles begin to loosen.
 “Perfect. You’re so good for me.” Loki praised you once he felt the tension leave your body.
 He continued to move his hips towards yours, gently pushing himself further into your warmth.
 You were wet enough for him to glide in with minimal resistance but the pressure was intense and felt somewhat uncomfortable. As he sank deeper into you, a slight pain began to shoot through your lower region, it wasn’t anything too unbearable but it made your eyes water and you tightly grasped the bedding beneath you in a fist.
 “You’re doing so well, sweetheart. Almost there.” Loki whispered, you could already hear how his arousal changed his voice, he spoke slower as if it were harder for him to concentrate on his words and his tone was deeper and breathier.
 You felt his lips leave feather light kisses on your cheeks and finally his hips were flush with yours and both of you let out deep breaths as he rested his forehead against yours.
 You stayed like that as you panted into each other’s mouths, until eventually Loki lifted his head and he wiped his thumb under your eye to dry away your stray tears.
 You gave yourself a moment to adjust to his size and the foreign feeling, before you experimentally shifted your hips and you felt him twitch ever so slightly against your walls causing Loki to let out a small gasp.
 “I’m okay, you can move.” You told him and you brought your arms up to wrap them around his shoulders as he gently began to roll his hips against yours, the friction caused his pelvis to brush against your inflamed clit and your hips twitched. 
 Loki brought his forehead down to your shoulder and you felt his warm breath pant over your collarbone with each roll of his hips, which gently encouraged the aching to subside. 
 Your hands explored down the smooth skin of Loki’s back as it curved with each thrust and you began to roll your hips with his to create more friction. 
 Gasps escaped your mouth as a dull feeling of pleasure returned to your stomach. The head of Loki’s cock caught a spot inside you and a cry to fall from your lips as your trimmed nails dug into the flesh of Loki’s back.
 Upon your reaction, Loki began aiming to hit the spot again but with more direction and force. He found it in no time and pulled an even stronger reaction from you.
 You brought your leg up to circle his hips, his bare behind brushed against your calf with the rhythmic movements of his pelvis. Loki moved his thumb back to your neglected clit and began applying pressure as he rubbed it with circular motions, awaking even more pleasure from the pit of your stomach.
 “You feel heavenly.” Loki spoke, his voice a strained whisper through his pants as moans continued to climb from your throat.
 Your leg which was wrapped around Loki pulled him closer as you rutted your hips against his, desperately trying to increase the friction and Loki got the message and increased his pace slightly, earning another whine from you as thrills shot through your blood stream. 
 “Will you come for me again?” Loki asked as he raised his head from your shoulder. “Coat my cock in your release?”
 You whimpered as you nodded.
 You were breathing gulps of air into your lungs more than you were breathing out causing you to feel light headed, but it only increased the pleasant static feeling which covered every inch of your skin, from the top of your scalp to the tips of your toes.
 You could feel your release getting ready to pounce on you at any moment as it stirred deep in your abdomen, with a few more thrusts in the right spot and increased pressure on your most sensitive nerve, you were crying a silent scream as euphoria charged through your bones. 
 “Oh my god, Loki!” You panted.
 You were sure your nails had actually punctured the skin of his back from your intense grip. Your leg shook with the waves of pleasure and coiled so tightly around him that Loki could hardly move his hips as he chased his own release.
 You felt him grab your leg, behind your knee and he pulled it up almost bending you in half, as he increased the speed of his thrusts and you whined from the overstimulation.
 It didn’t last long as Loki finally stilled and you felt his hot release shoot against your walls as he moaned your name right next to your ear.
 Loki’s chest fell against yours, after his arms gave way beneath him and you were both reduced to a breathless pile of useless limbs. 
 Once he regained his strength, he gently slipped himself out of you causing you to whimper and he shushed you with a kiss before he rested on his back beside you and you followed his heat, curling into his side. 
 It took you a few moments to realise that the thunderstorm had passed as the only sound that filled the room was the sound of the fire crackling.
 “That was my first time too.” Loki confessed out of the blue, his voice remained soft as he didn’t want to disturb the delicate atmosphere.
 You immediately propped yourself up on your elbow and looked down at him with your brows knitted together.
 “Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked him, it wasn’t accusatory, your tone was gentle and curious.
 “I didn’t want you to worry.”
 “Worry about what?”
 “That I might not be good or have no idea what to do or hurt you.” Loki listed.
 “You were none of those things, I mean, it hurt a little,” you confessed, “but that’s to be expected. You made it the safest, most enjoyable and perfect experience and it felt... I don’t even have the words. You make me doubt it was your first time.” 
 Loki couldn’t hide his delight at your praise as he fought between a proud smirk and a bashful blush.
 “I’m just very familiar with my female form.” He admitted, reminding you of when you saw her at the temple in Pompeii.
 Suddenly a harsh knocking on the bedroom door caused your body to jerk with surprise.
 “Be at the lounge in five!” The Doctor called through the door before you heard his footsteps retreat further down the corridor and the distant sound of him knocking on the other bedrooms.
 You and Loki shared a questioning look.
 “We should get cleaned up.” Loki suggested and you looked down at the state you and Loki were in before you looked around at your discarded clothes all over the room, realising that you would need a miracle to get clean and ready within five minutes.
 You and Loki entered the lounge and everyone’s heads turned to you as they took in your disheveled states.
 Both your hairs were in a state of disarray, you were only wearing your dress and you had forgone putting anything on your feet. Loki had his shirt back on, which was halfway tucked in and halfway tucked out of his trousers  which his braces hung loosely from. 
 “Nice of you to finally join us.” The Doctor remarked, like a school teacher, and you both quietly snuck into the room as all eyes followed you, until you sat down beside your auntie.
 “I’ve called you all here, on this endless night, because we have a murderer in our midst.” The Doctor began from where he stood, with his hands clasped behind his back, in front of the large fireplace. “And when it comes to detection, there’s none finer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Agatha Christie.”
 The Doctor left the floor open for the murder mystery novelist as he took a seat on the opposite side of your auntie, and Agatha moved to the spot where he was previously stood.
 “This is a crooked house. A house of secrets. To understand the solution we must examine them all. Starting with you, Miss Redmond.”
 All eyes in the room turned to the young socialite, who looked startled to have all the attention on her.
 “But I’m innocent, surely.” She nervously spoke, in her delicate tone, as her doe eyes bounced back and forth.
 “I think the real Robina Redmond never left London. You’re impersonating her!” Agatha accused the young woman who smiled innocently.
 “How silly! What proof do you have?” She challenged.
 “Earlier today, Miss Noble and I found this on the lawn. Right beneath your bedroom window.” Agatha started to explain as she lifted a leather bound box from the table as Miss Redmond nervously diverted her eyes in a poor attempt at appearing nonchalant. “You heard Miss Noble, her niece and Sir Loki were searching the bedrooms and panicked. You ran upstairs and disposed of the evidence.” 
 Agatha opened the box to reveal tools hidden inside, encased in a red velvet lining, tools which a thief might use.
 “You came to this house with one sole intention. To steal the Firestone!”
 “The Unicorn!” Lady Eddison gasped, her voice already strained from her crying.
 “Oh, all right then.” Miss Redmond or rather, The Unicorn, yielded, her delicate tone vanished and she spoke with a heavy cockney twang and your eyes widened at the instant switch in her demeanour. 
 “Yes, I’m the bleedin’ Unicorn!” She confessed. “I took my chances in the dark, and nabbed it!” 
 She put her hand down the front of her dress and pulled the Firestone from her chest and threw it at the Doctor, who easily caught it with one hand.
 “So she’s the murderer?” Donna gasped.
 “Don’t be so thick!” The Unicorn rolled her eyes, “I might be a thief, but I ain’t no killer.” 
 “Indeed,” Agatha agreed. “Lady Eddison... You brought the Firestone back from India, did you not? Before you met Hugh. You came home with malaria and confined yourself to this house for six months, in a room that has been kept locked ever since.” 
 You recalled the room which your auntie had been almost attacked in, which was filled with dust and cobwebs.
 “Which I rather think means... you had fallen pregnant in India. Unmarried and ashamed you hurried back to England with your confidant, a young maid, Miss Chandrakala. Forty years ago, Miss Chandrakala took your newborn baby to an orphanage, but the professor worked it out. He found a birth certificate.” 
 “Oh, that’s maiden!” You gasped, finally realising what the charred piece of paper you had found in the fireplace meant. “Maiden name!”
 “So she killed him?” Donna asked.
 “I did not!” Lady Eddison defended herself. 
 “Lady Eddison is innocent.” Agatha confirmed, “because at this point... Doctor.”
 “Thank you.” He spoke as he rose from his chair and moved back to the floor, “because at this point, when we consider the lies and the secrets, then we have to consider... It was you, Donna Noble.”
 “What?!” She choked, “who did I kill?!”
 “My auntie hasn’t killed anyone!” You defended her with crossed brows.
 “No,” the Doctor sighed, “but you said it all along, this whole thing is being acted out like a murder mystery novel. Which means... it was you, Agatha Christie.”
 “So it was Agatha all along?” You gasped with surprise.
 “She killed them?” Donna whispered.
 “No!” The Doctor sighed, “but she wrote all those brilliant, clever books! And who’s her greatest admirer? Lady Eddison!”
 “So she did kill them!” Your auntie concluded.
 “No!” The Doctor sighed again. “Last Thursday night, what where you doing?” The Doctor asked the Lady.
 “I was in the library, reading my favourite Agatha Christie novel. How is that relevant?” She asked.
 “What else happened on Thursday night?” The Doctor asked and the room fell silent as his eyes turned to the Reverend, who had remained rather quiet this whole time. “You said, in the garden this afternoon, that last Thursday night, two boys broke into your church.” 
 “That’s correct. They did, but I apprehended them.” The Reverend answered. 
 “Really?” The Doctor didn’t sound convinced. “A man of God, against two strong lads. A man in his forties? Forty years old, to be exact.”
 “Oh my god.” Lady Eddison gasped, as she realised that the Reverend sat across from her was the child she gave up, exactly forty years ago.
 “You found those thieves, Reverend. And you got angry. A proper, deep anger, for the first time in your life, and it broke the genetic lock! You changed. Oh, and then it all kicks off, ‘cause this,” the Doctor held up the Firestone, “isn’t just a jewel, it’s a Vespiform Telepathic Recorder. It’s part of you, your brain, your very essence. And when you activated, so did the Firestone. It beamed your full identity into your mind, and at the same time it absorbed the works of Agatha Christie, directly from Lady Eddison and they became a part of you. You’ve killed because that’s what you think the world is.”
 “So he killed them, yes? Definitely?” Donna asked, one final time.
 “Yes.” The Doctor confirmed.
 “Damn it, you humanzzzz!” The Reverend rose from his seat and a hostile buzzing surrounded his voice, “I am so much more than you! What’s to stop me killing you all?” 
 A purple shimmer filled the room and the Reverend transformed into the giant wasp.
 “I think that’s our cue to leave.” Loki suggested as he put his hands on either side of your shoulders and began swiftly walking towards the doors.
 “Run!” The Doctor encouraged you all to leave the room.
 “Great! Now he’s chasing us!” Your auntie cried as you all ran through the hallway and out the front entrance of the mansion.
 “Damn it, why didn’t I put any shoes on?” You whined as the tiny stones of the gravel driveway dug into the souls of your feet as you ran. You heard the sound of a car engine and looked up to find Agatha driving away, trying to get the attention of the large angry wasp.
 “Agatha what are you doing?” The Doctor shouted.
 “If I started this, Doctor. Then I must stop it.” And as she sped off, the wasp chased directly after her.
 “Come on!” The Doctor encouraged you all into an empty car parked in the drive, it’s topless design meant all the seats were wet from the rain and you sighed with discomfort as the rainwater soaked through the back of your dress as it made contact with the seat, before the Doctor sped off in the same direction Agatha went.
 “Shouldn’t we be heading back to the TARDIS?” Loki suggested.
 “Time is in flux, Loki!” The Doctor yelled above the wind and the car engine. “For all we know this could be the night Agatha Christie loses her life and history is changed, we have to ensure that doesn’t happen.” 
 The Doctor chased Agatha down a narrow country road, until you pulled up to a lake where Agatha had exited her vehicle and was stood before the body of water holding up the glowing purple Firestone.
 “Come to me, Vespiform.” She lured the alien wasp.
 “She’s controlling it!” Your auntie observed as you all climbed out of the car once the Doctor pulled it to a stop.
 “Its mind is controlled by the Firestone and Agatha’s mind is linked to it.” The Doctor explained as he ran up to her side and you all followed closely after.
 “Indeed, Doctor. If I die, then this creature might die with me.” 
 “Don’t hurt her! You’re not meant to be like this.” The Doctor tried to reason with the large wasp which hovered above you all.
 “It’s not listening.” Donna sighed and she grabbed the Firestone out of Agatha’s fist and threw it into the lake behind her and you all ducked as the wasp flew straight after it, plunging itself into the water which rippled and bubbled from the splash, as the purple glow faded beneath it and you all watched with wide eyes as the wasp never resurfaced.
 “Donna, that thing couldn’t help itself.” The Doctor sighed.
 “What else could there have been done?” She defended herself.
 Suddenly Agatha doubled over as she clutched at her stomach and her legs gave out beneath her, Donna and the Doctor quickly caught her, each holding her up by one of her arms as she continued to grunt in pain.
 “Oh, it’s the Firestone!” The Doctor cried. “It’s part of the Vespiforms mind! It’s dying and it’s connected to Agatha.” 
 You watched helplessly from the side as she collapsed into the Doctor’s arms, expecting her to die and history to change but just when you thought it was over, Agatha sighed a gasp of relief as the pain left her before she fell into a sleep.
 “It let her go.” The Doctor gasped with surprise.
 “Is she all right, though?” You asked from where you stood above them.
 “Oh, of course! The amnesia! Wiped her mind of everything - the wasp, the murders, and us. We’ve solved another riddle. The Mystery of Agatha Christie. Tomorrow morning, her car will be found by the side of the lake. A few days later she turns up at a hotel in Harrogate with no idea of what just happened. No one will ever know.” 
 Once you had all solemnly returned to the TARDIS, you and Loki retreated to your bedroom and you noticed he was being particularly quiet as he sat on the end of your bed, just staring into nothing as you removed your soaked dress and changed into some comfortable nightwear. 
 Silently you lowered yourself onto the bed and crawled up behind him, slowly as not to startle him, you rested your chin over his shoulder as you hugged your arm around his chest so his back was against your front and you placed either of your legs on each side of his hips.
 “Something is wrong.” You hummed softly into the shell of his ear, concerned over the change in his mood. “What is it?”
 “Everything that happened... It just reminded me of New York. He was controlled by a stone... Killed people. Innocent people. Just like I did.” Loki’s voice was low and his head was hung with remorse as he fidgeted with his hands on his lap.
 You shifted on your mattress, so you were no longer behind him and sat down beside him as you placed your hand over his, pausing their anxious movements.
 “I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I should’ve realised.” 
 Loki remained silent and your head raced to find something to say.
 “Was... was that one of the six infinity stones?” You asked Loki, who simply shook his head.
 Another pause filled the room before you put your palm on the side of Loki’s cheek that was facing away from you and you gently guided him to turn his head.
 “Loki, look at me,” you encouraged him to lift his eyes to yours, “you’re safe here now, the mind stone isn’t controlling you anymore and what you did, that wasn’t you. I understand that because I see who you are. I’ve seen you save the world from an invasion in the Dark Ages. You’re in control now and you’re compassionate, courageous, confident... I don’t know why all the words I’m picking begin with C,” you chuckled softly to yourself, “but I feel as though I shouldn’t break the streak.”
 “Charming.” Loki added as the pain in his eyes began to fade into the playfulness which overtook it.
 “Well, there’s the confidence I mentioned,” you remarked, making Loki lower his head with a smile, “but yes, you’re right, very charming and captivating.”
 “And clever,” Loki continued and you nodded in agreement.
 “And cute,” You smiled.
 “I’ll show you cute.” Loki mumbled as he pushed your back to the mattress and gathered your wrists in his hands to pin them above your head as he attacked your neck with tickling kisses, causing laughter to bubble from your stomach as you squirmed beneath him.
 “Do you surrender?” Loki whispered lowly in your ear.
 “It’ll take a lot more than that.” You stood your ground.
 “Oh, you’re on.” Loki accepted the challenge and you realised it might be a long night yet.
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theresnoplatypus · 16 hours ago
Chapter 4
Tumblr media
warnings: mentions of stabbing 
Loki’s POV
on Svartalfheim, as we continue flying on their ship suddenly Jane's eyes open, it's obvious that the Aether has taken control over her, she wakes up and looks ahead looking at malekith 
“Malekith,” Jane said 
Our ship was landing, and we watch over Malekith and his men walking towards us I look ahead first 
Thor worriedly looked at her and asked “ Are you ready” I interrupted her and said “I am” ana and thor nodded at each other and we walked up to them “ You know this plan of yours is going to get us killed” i said. “ Yeah, possibly,” I looked down at my cuffs to see if he’d uncuff them Thor responded by looking at me in a non-trusting way. “ you still don’t trust me, brother?” “would you?’ Ana said. I smirked a little while thor was removing my cuffs. “ No, I wouldn’t” I reached for my dagger and stabbed thor, and threw him down the hill. “Thor! No!” Jane said. I threw ana down the hill as well I walk over to 
Thor and “You really think I cared about Frigga, about any of you?” I kick Thor in the stomach 
 “All I ever wanted was you and Odin dead at my feet!” I see Thor raises his hand, attempting to summon Mjolnir, but I cut off his hand making Thor scream out in pain, Jane rushes over to Thor but I grab her and turn to face Malekith and his dark elves “Malekith, I am Loki of Jotunheim and I bring you a gift! I threw Jane at Malekith's feet “I ask only one thing in return, a good seat from which to watch Asgard burn.” I turn to ana and stabbed her as well. 
Anastasiahs pov
Loki turns to me and whispered “no hard feelings” I groaned in pain and fell to my knees I heard Malekith talking to thor and seeing Jane being rose up into the air and removing the aether from her body I used my power to let her down slowly. “ Loki, Ana Now!” thor said, Loki deflected his powers to make thors hand appear again and to make my stomach healed. I raised my hands and constructed dark matter and reduced the aether to a small energy ball as Thor summoned Mjolnir and struck it with lighting but failed. One of Malekiths men attacked me as I see Malekith getting away. I blasted one of malekiths men As I see a giant throw a device in the air I see above jane I quickly push her out of the way not thinking I was gonna get sucked into a vortex, loki pushed me out of the way onto the ground “ Are you mad?” Loki said in disbelief “ quite, so like yourself darling“I responded. I see thor attacking the giant and manages to beat thor down as loki got up to protect his brother. Loki from behind impales the alien giant. The giant slowly impales loki along with him I screamed “NO!” I quickly got up and ran towards him. ‘See you in hell, monster” quickly realized loki used his own vortex device on him and explodes with him inside. “No, no no no! Oh, you fool, you didn’t listen” thor said sadly “ loki! Let me heal you” I whimpered i waved my hand emanating my powers. “I know, I’m a fool, I’m a fool! I hear loki squirming in pain but my powers weren’t helping. “Stay with me, okay?” Thor said “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Thor was consoling loki “ It’s okay, I’ll tell father what you did here today” Loki responded with “I didn’t do it for him” as he closed his eyes I waved my hands faster “don’t you dare, close your eyes loki,” I said. Thor yelling in agony. I see jane walking up to us “He’s gonna unleash it, not just on Asgard or on a star, Malekith is going to destroy everything. “How Jane? How” Thor said in desperation. As thor and jane have a conversation I reached for lokis cheek to say goodbye to see my hand go through his green replica. I whispered to myself “are you joking?” “ ana are you coming?” I snapped out of my mind. “I want to say goodbye to loki on Asgard” “very well, I’m sorry ana.” “me too, thor” i responded. 
~Time jump~
As i see soldier coming up to pick Loki’s dead body i went along with him back to Asgard. As i saw Heimdall with his sword he looked at me in shock “Lady Anastasiah, you’re back? “ yes Heimdall, please show me to Odin” “ As you wish, Lady Anastasiah” As we were walking to the palace I see Odin with his staff as I walk up to him and toe-tapping. “Lady Anastasiah, you came back?” Odin said “ yes my liege I came back” I responded. Well, it’s nice to have you back I must say” Odin praised. “ Cut the foolishness, loki I know it’s you!” “I don’t understand what your implying,” Odin said. We slowly began staring at each other for minutes. I broke eye contact first and slowly thought maybe loki didn’t betray us. I apologized and started to walk away “ Impressive, anastasiah very impressive”. I looked back to see loki I walked up to him and slapped him on the face. “How could you, Thor for mourned you” “As did you, you mourned for me anastasiah,” “that’s not the point, you haven’t changed a single bit.” I defended. “I’m very disappointed in you loki” I started to walk away as loki. Loki stopped me and became aggressive “ how dare you speak to your king that way! Don’t ever turn your back on me” he yelled. “ Your the one who turned your back on me 300 years ago!” I said furiously “Where is your father loki?” I said changing the subject. “I sent him to new york and banished him to an elderly retirement home,” Loki said sternly. I sighed as I attempted to walk away again but loki stopped me “ where are you going?” loki said curiously “ I’m going to go get him” “no you’re not” “ yes I am, loki” loki grabbed my forearm “ let go of me” I said. “ what if I give you an offer?” I didn’t say anything, and waited for him to say something. “ id like it if you became the queen of Asgard?” I quickly opened my mouth and decline his offer but i thought about it deeply. I didn’t want to go back to the tomb. “ okay, Loki I’ll become the queen of Asgard”
thank you for making it down this far and for you’re prize i give you cookie 🍪
feedback is welcome :)
all my gifs are from Pinterest
Thank you for reading Act I it has come to an end :) Next we are starting on Act II (Thor Ragnorak)
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shegatsby · a day ago
Fire on Ice
Summary; Tom Hiddleston is a vicious mob boss who is looking for his father’s killer, his reputation is depending on it and he won’t give up until he finds that man, and you my sweet little Y/N is the weirdest and the best thing that happened to him all his life.
Genre; Romance, smut in the future, mob, gangs, slow-burn,
Pairings; Tom Hiddleston x F!Reader
Words; 2.291K
Warnings; Catcalling. Tom saving the day.
A/N; Let me know what you think babes. Sorry for any typos, enjoy. I’m going with slow-burn, you must suffer with me lol 
(gif isn’t mine)
Tumblr media
Chapter Three
After your first date with a gentleman named Tom Hiddleston you came home to see your bestie waiting for you, you told him everything and he literally got jealous. This was the first time in your life you felt like this, like a high schooler, like a fool but you didn’t complain. Now it was easy for you to wake up early in the morning and see Tom’s morning texts, or receiving flowers he keeps sending you, now every corner in your has had a colorful flower, you felt like this was a dream, too good to be true and you had this strange gut feeling. You shook your head and kept working, it was 9pm and the bar was louder than usual, there was a stupid match on TV, you didn’t care because the tips were insane tonight. Whenever there was a match you would wear a nice short skirt to show your legs and a tight blouse, using your body for extra tips never bothered you because essentially men were dumb. You had red lips and red long nails, you saved enough to get your nails done and tonight you looked like a femme fatal character, wearing make-up and heels, getting your nails done always gave you some kind of power which you couldn’t explain but you loved it.
‘’Can we get another round?!’’ a man asked and you kindly smiled, ‘’Of course.’’ You went back to get 5 beers, you felt your phone vibrate and without your boss realizing you looked at your phone, Tom was calling. You declined the call and sent him a quick text,
‘’Can’t talk. I’m working.’’
After sometime you got deaf to the catcalling and you got blind to those hungry looks men give you, you just did your job as usual, ‘’Hey mama, why don’t you come over here.’’ You rolled your eyes, ‘’Anything you would like to order?’’ you looked at the young man, his green eyes roamed on your body, you didn’t care. ‘’My boy here,’’ he pointed to his left, his friend was sitting there, ‘’he wants to know if you’re single.’’
‘’Do you want to order anything?’’ you asked like you didn’t hear his question, ‘’I guess you didn’t hear me sweet cheeks, are you single?!’’ he looked like he has a short temper, you gazed around to see your boss because he usually dealt with things like this but he was nowhere to be seen, your palms were getting sweaty, you hated them and their audacity. ‘’What does that have to do with-‘’ you heard your name being called from behind you and you saw two baby blue eyes approaching to the table. You noticed a silent rage building on those ocean eyes, ‘’Hello love.’’ He said when he stood right in front of you and kissed your cheek, his thin lips made your skin tingle, his hand was on your waist, holding you tightly. ‘’Heyy,’’ you looked startled because after texting him that you were working you didn’t accept him to show up at the bar. ‘’Is there a problem here?’’ he looked at the two men who made you uncomfortable, Tom’s tall and menacing frame made them stutter, ‘’Didn’t think so.’’ And he guided you away from that table. ‘’Are you alright?’’ he held your shoulders gently and ran his hands up and down, ‘’Yeah, I’m fine. What are you doing here?’’  
‘’I wanted to see you, it’s been a while.’’ Tom said looking into your eyes, you didn’t want to give in to those ocean eyes, ‘’It’s only been 5 days Tom. Actually I wanted to talk to you about something. Can you wait till my shift ends? It will take an hour, I’m not closing tonight.’’ Tom looked tense, ‘’Have I done something wrong?’’ he asked himself in his mind, he never forgot to text you good morning and good night messages, every day he sent you a new type of flowers, he called you when he could but he was a busy man and he had to manage his business from far away, he had to make phone calls etc.
‘’No problem. I’ll wait here.’’ He pointed a table with a single chair, ‘’Let me get you a beer.’’ You said and vanished quickly.
An hour felt like an eternity to Tom, he kept on thinking what he did wrong, he remembered mentioning his ‘’brilliant’’ idea to Benedict and he could still hear the way Ben laughed on the phone for minutes. ‘’You can’t do it Tom, you are not built for a fake relationship.’’ His friend said frankly, ‘’It’s for a purpose you idiot. Imagine it like a work thing.’’ Tom protested, ‘’So you’re gonna shower your work ‘’thing’’ with love and affection and fuck her and at the same time learn her connection with your dad’s killer? Stop this, text her why you can’t be with her and be done with it. Mark my words, you will regret this decision.’’
He rolled his eyes and finished his tall glass beer, he saw you coming towards him with your bag and jacket hanging on your arm, you looked stunningly beautiful and he cursed under his breath, why did you have to be this beautiful and charming and smart.
‘’The bar is still crowded, if you want we can talk in my car.’’ He suggested, ‘’Here is fine.’’ You simply replied and pulled a chair to sit right across him, it was a tight place and your knees were touching, the fabric of his pants were silk, it felt smooth, ‘’I hope this isn’t a break up Y/N.’’ Tom said with a hint of hurt in his voice, and you hated yourself for making him wait, you didn’t want to break things off. ‘’No! God no, I just wanted to tell you that you can stop sending me flowers every day. You don’t have to buy me things every single day Tom, It makes me feel weird.’’ You explained quickly, poor man waited for you for an hour and expected a break up speech, you could feel your heart shatter.
He brought his hand to his chest, exhaled the breath he was holding, ‘’Woman, you scared me.’’ You threw your head back and laughed, ‘’Shantay you stay Tom but watch your steps.’’ You said jokingly and he held your hand on the table, ‘’I shall.’’
He asked you if you were hungry and you realized that didn’t eat anything today, you had to run some errands outside and came to work, -maybe falling in love made you forget eating, you pushed that thought away, it was too early to say that- he suggested that you could go to his place and order something, you were hesitant because it was getting late but you also wanted to see the place he calls home. He saw your hesitation in you Y/E/C eyes and gave you a reassuring smile, ‘’Don’t worry I won’t bite.’’ It made you laugh.
The car ride to his house was comfortably silent, you were so tired and hungry that you just laid the side of your weary head on the cold window of his Jaguar and watched the road. He was driving to the part of the city where you’ve never been, it was nice to see the people and lights.
You didn’t know that this motherfucker lived in a penthouse, he said he rented it because he intended to go back to his home land. It was a 78 floor penthouse, he only had 3 floors.
When he saw the curious look in your eyes he wanted to give you a house tour and you gladly accepted it. The first floor had gas fire place, it was black and white, French doors were opening to a big terrace and you could see the city lights and buildings, it was like living in the clouds. The living room area had a big white L shaped couch, a big plant –kinda looks like a tree- standing at the corner, there was a steel cased barn doors which opened to the secondary seating area. As you were holding your high heels in hand and walking with big eyes, taking each and every object in he ordered some food. He showed you his office area, brown couch with black and brown pillows, a brown desk which looked neat and shiny, there were some papers which were flipped over, books shelves in each side, the view from his office was amazing, if you had this office you would only drink coffee and look outside. You noticed that the primary colors were black, white and brown in this house, maybe he didn’t like colorful things much. The hallway led you to grand dining area and stairs to the second floor and you climbed the stairs, Tom was behind you.
The second floor had the kitchen and informal dining area, the kitchen had natural black and white stoned counter tops, everything was clean like a 5 star hotel, nothing looked touched, this wasn’t a home just fancy place for him to hang out and then leave when the time comes. ‘’The bedrooms are upstairs.’’ He said but you didn’t want to overstep a boundary so you decided to settle on the informal dining area,  white L shaped couch, black and white pillows, a white marble table with 3 chairs. There was a TV close by but from where you’re sitting you could get a nice view of the city. Tom took of his jacket and put it on one of the chairs, he rolled up his sleeves, ‘’I’ve ordered Panda Express. I hope you like it.’’ You took off your jacket too, ‘’I can eat anything. I’m starving, today was so busy that I forgot to eat. Can you believe that?’’ you were venting about your life and noticed Tom’s utter shock in his pale face, ‘’What do you mean you forgot to eat?’’ he asked concerned, ‘’I do that sometimes, life you know, it’s busy.’’ You shrugged your shoulders, ‘’From now on,’’ he sat next to you on the couch, it was so soft and comfortable you could fall asleep on it in a second, ‘’I’ll make you remember to eat.’’ He was doing exercises and long runs every day so staying healthy was important to him and he wanted Y/N to be healthy too, she looked tired and he didn’t want anything bad to happen to her. He pushed a hair behind her ear when the door rang.
It was entertaining to watch you eat because unlike other women you weren’t a shy eater, you didn’t care if you had a sauce on your cheeks and due to not eating all day you were like a wolf. Tom usually went on dates with women who are from his dangerous business or models so he watched all of them order water and salad so seeing you being free and not giving a shit made him smile, you were an interesting person. You were talking about the book you were reading and he watched your eyes lit up, listened to you talking passionately about something that you enjoy and he thought that Benedict might be right, it was hard to remember his actual role in this relationship because deep down he was being drawn to you every time you meet. ‘’The book sounds interesting, don’t tell me the ending, I want to read it.’’ He said, ‘’I can lend it to you if you want.’’ You blurted out and regretted it, this man was rich enough to rent a penthouse, why would he get a used book from you?
‘’That would be great Y/N. Thank you, you are so kind.’’ Tom smiled ear to ear, you were both done with eating and to relax he poured a glass of red wine, he got a call from one of his workers so had to leave the dining room.
You stood up and fixed your clothes, you were wondering whether he was waiting for sex or not, you weren’t sure if you were ready for it, after all you only had one date with him and now you’re in his house. You could feel your finger tips getting colder, it was a nervous thing of yours, Tom went downstairs to talk and when he came back his face looked disturbed and angry. The way he walked towards you made you shiver, he was tall, tall indeed.
‘’Y/N, God I’m so sorry. One of my workers called, something important came up, I, I-‘’
He looked really sorry, ‘’You have to leave I understand.’’ You checked your watch, it was 12.45 at night, ‘’Yes, I have to leave. I’m so sorry, I’ll make this up for you.’’ You bolted to your feet, since he had to leave there was no point of you staying in his house, it would be weird. ‘’What are you doing?’’ he asked knitting his golden eye brows, ‘’I should leave too. My roommate Sam, he is probably waiting for me.’’ You lied, he wore his jacket with a quick movement, came to stand in front of you, ‘’Please stay, I’m sure it’ll only take an hour or so, if you’re tired you can go upstairs pick a bedroom and rest. It’s late and I don’t want you to go out.’’
‘’But-‘’ you wanted to protest, he held your shoulders like he did before and his hands were warm, he gave you  his sweetest smile, ‘’Please, stay. I will be back.’’ Before he left he planted a quick kiss on your forehead and left in haste, you didn’t expect him to kiss your forehead, like a husband leaving for work… he took his keys and left.
Thank you for reading. :)
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The same side of the glass Pt2
Sequel to: The two sides of the glass
Summary: Loki,(Y/N), and Thor try to find a way to get Loki out of the cell. Maybe Frigga can help.
Warnings: none, bad writing
Word count: 1.6k
! Please don't repost my work anywhere without my permission. Thank you!
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4 weeks ago: ----flashback-----
“Talk to me, please” she begged and Loki only moved his eyes away from her figure. “I know this is very hard to talk about but I want to understand and help you get through this,” He looked at her and his heart broke a bit when he saw the tears streaming down her pretty face.
“Please don’t cry my love,” He said with a slight crack in his voice. She nodded and wiped her tears. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel more comfortable while you talk? Would it help if you wrote it down?” she asked and Loki shook his head.
“It would really help if you could hold me, but I don’t think that is possible.” He whispered and scratched the back of his neck. “I am going to talk to Tony, write it down. It will help.” She stood up quickly and walked towards the elevator.
*** “No, absolutely not,” Tony said immediately and (Y/N) huffed out. “Look, I know I am asking a lot from you but this could prove his innocence.” She tried to argue but he stopped her by raising his hand.
“I am sorry but I can’t jeopardize the safety of everyone in the building and possibly the whole world.” She nodded with a sad smile and turned around to the elevator. Tony grabbed her wrist lightly and made her turn around.
“Look kid,” she looked at him confused. “I am pretty sure I’m older than you but go on.” He glared at her and continued. “I know this must be hard. We are nearly done with the power blocking bracelets, and then you can be with him.” She smiled sadly and made her back to Loki’s cell. *** “He didn’t allow it, I’m so sorry my love.” She slid down the glass and Loki looked at her. “It’s okay my darling, you tried and I’m very thankful for that.”
She sat up straight and looked at him with determination in her eyes. “It will take a few more weeks for Bruce and Tony to finish the prototype of the bracelets, and then we can hold each other. For now, talk. I want to know what happened. ”
----end of flashback---- *** “I think we are done,” Tony announced, and (Y/N)’s head snapped in his direction. “Will it work?” she asked and Tony shrugged. “I honestly have no idea. We are going to try it on Wanda first.” He said and (Y/N) looked at him puzzled. “You want to compare Wanda’s and Loki’s powers? He is a god and she isn’t.” Tony looked at her annoyed. ”You have a better idea?” She just shook her head. “Thought so.” He said and walked away. *** “Do you think it will work?” She asked Loki and he shrugged his shoulders. “Don’t know what the source of her power is or how strong she is, it’s hard to tell.” (Y/N) nodded and looked at Loki.
“I want to touch you already, I hope it works.” She confessed and he smiled. “I know love, I am in desperate need of a good cuddle.” She laughed and shook her head.
“I am going to give you so many cuddles; you will get sick of them.” “I don’t think that’s possible darling, I could never get sick of you, or your cuddles.”
“Okay lovebirds, end the lovefest I have some news.” Tony interrupted them with a disgusted look on his face.
The couple looked at him with hopeful expressions and Tony shook his head. “It didn’t work on Wanda, we have to scratch this design and start from the beginning, Sorry.” (Y/N) smiled sadly.
“Thank you, Tony.” “No problem kid, wish I could do more but you have to wait a bit more.” He turned around and left the room. The lovers looked at each other with tears in their eyes, wishing they could hold each other more than ever before. *** “It can’t take long can it?” Thor asked and Loki paced around his cell. “The mortals are useless; they won’t be able to figure it out.” Loki sneered and (Y/N) shushed him. “I’m sure they will figure it out eventually, but it’s not soon enough.” She trailed off and looked at the wall opposite of her. They were quiet for a bit before (Y/N) spoke up.
“What about your mother? Wouldn’t she be able to help?” The siblings looked at her. “I don’t think our father would approve of this, but I can get around him,” Thor said and (Y/N) smiled at him.
“I am genius, don’t need to thank me.” She teased and they laughed together. “I really hope it works out.” She sighed and Thor announced. “I will leave now, and be back in a few days.” The god of thunder said and packed up his stuff. “Goodbye for now,” Thor said his farewell and left the room.
“This actually might work “(Y/N) said and he chuckled nervously. “Yeah…” *** Thor didn’t come back to Earth for the next 9 days and (Y/N) started to worry a bit. “What if she doesn’t have anything? Or Odin figured out what we are trying to do and forbid Thor from coming back to Earth.” she paced around the room and Loki looked at her annoyed.
“Calm down, he didn’t specify when he would come back,” he snapped and (Y/N) looked at him with wide eyes.
“Does this actually matter to you?” she asked loudly and Loki looked at her. “Of course, it matters to me; do you think I want to be stuck here for the rest of eternity?” (Y/N) shook her head, and responded angrily.
“If you didn’t tell me right now, I wouldn’t have known, because you act like it doesn’t bother you one bit. I know for a fact you don’t have much faith in this plan or in Thor, but you could at least try to act like it’s going to work.” She paced in front of the glass and Loki sighed.
“I’m so sorry darling, I just….” He stopped to take a breath. “I don’t want to get my hopes up okay?” he confessed and (Y/N)’s brows furrowed.
He breathed in shakily “I really want to get out of here, but darling, the chance of this working out isn’t really high. I have never seen any of those bracelets; I doubt my mother has a pair just laying around.” He walked around in a circle and pulled at the roots of his hair harshly.
“Hey, don’t do that,” she scolded him and he apologized quietly. “Look, I know, this must be hard for you, and I can’t imagine how being locked up must feel, but we must stay positive.” He scoffed.
“You know that is not my strong side.” She laughed lightly and sat down beside the glass. “I am sorry my darling,” she whispered and rested her head on the glass.
“I am sorry too my dove, I don’t want to fight.” He responded and the girl giggled. “We had fights that were much worse,” “Yeah, we did” he agreed and the silence spread through the room. *** (Y/N) was making herself a sandwich when Thor came back to Earth. He greeted everyone and went straight to his brother’s wife.
“I got them.” He announced and she choked on her coffee. “You do?” she asked and he nodded happily. She squealed and wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.
“Let’s go get him out” she started pulling him towards the elevator when Tony stopped them.
“Wait, I want to look at them and analyze them before we let him out.” He bargained and Thor handed them to him. Tony looked at (Y/N) “Don’t worry, I’ll be quick” he said and disappeared into his lab. *** “So, I don’t understand this much, but I think it will work,” Tony announced after 2 hours of being gone. He handed the bracelets to (Y/N) and she smiled at him, took the bracelets, and rushed towards the elevator. She pushed the button and the elevator.
She played with the bracelets in her hands to ease her nerves. This had to work, right? She didn’t have much more time to think about it, because the elevator stopped. She walked out, greeted the guards, and finally stepped into the room with Loki’s cell.
“You were away for quite a long time, is everything okay?” he asked her without looking at her. “Thor is back, he brought these.” She said and his head snapped in her direction. He quickly walked towards her.
“He… brought them?” he asked nervously and (Y/N) nodded with tears in her eyes. She would be able to finally hold him.
“Tony will be down in a moment, he will put them on you.” She informed him and he bounced on his heels nervously.
“Okay Loki, let’s get this over with,” Tony said as he came into the room and walked towards the panel that controlled the glass between the lovers.
He put in the code, swiped the card, gave his thumbprint and the glass slowly disappeared. Tony walked towards him and put the bracelets on his wrists. He could feel them blocking his powers, and it didn’t feel good.
Nothing divided them now. He slowly stepped out of the cell zone, he was very wary, but who could blame him? Without his powers, they could hurt him very easily. When nothing happened, he started walking towards her.
He couldn’t believe it, he could finally kiss her. When he was close enough, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled his body toward hers. Loki put his face in the crook of her neck and breathed in her smell. Tears welled up in his eyes and he tried to blink them away, but he couldn’t.
“Come on kiss me, I waited for such a long time.” She begged and he complied. They kissed softly and he put his hands on her cheeks. They broke apart a few moments later. She put her forehead on his and closed her eyes in bliss.
“We did it.”
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Qui Dormit (Loki/Reader Lullabies #186)
Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Loki/Plus-Sized Female Reader
Category: Fluff. Fluff without plot.
Rating: G
Summary: Loki helps you undress for bed and marvels at the miracle of you.
Warnings/Notes: The idea for this came from a list of domestic-type prompts I’ve saved to my computer: helping someone undress for bed. I feel like Loki is too soft and OOC in this one but sometimes I just need some absolute mush. I hope that’s alright.
Qui Dormit
Tumblr media
Truly, you were a marvel.
He’d never known anyone who could sleep as deeply as you. He’d seen you nap here and there or fall into a light doze on the sofa in the common area, but when you felt free enough, and safe enough, to truly fall asleep, there was no rousing you until you were good and rested and ready to wake up on your own.
That was actually how the two of you had met.
Well, not technically. Technically, the two of you met a few hours before that, when Thor brought him to the Tower and refused to show him to his room until after Loki sat through an absolutely tortuous film with all the others. He perched grumpily on the edge of a small couch beside you. You were seated far more comfortably—leaning against the arm of the couch, tucked into the corner with your legs bent beside you. You made a bit of polite small talk before the movie started, despite the way he was more or less only grunting at you in response. Over time, you fell asleep. He did start to relax a bit, when he saw that. He hadn’t expected anyone in this damn place to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in his presence, but perhaps you were secure enough in the presence of the Avengers that you could do it anyway.
You didn’t even twitch at the explosions and flashing lights on the screen. Your teammates’ laughter didn’t wake you, and neither did the quick flood of eye-meltingly bright light that Stark turned on when the movie was over.
Stark looked over and caught the way that he was looking at you. He laughed. “She does that sometimes. Kid’s dead to the world. No one can wake her when she gets like that. You won’t bother her if you stand up.”
Well, obviously. You weren’t physically preventing Loki from leaving. And even if you had ended up sprawled in his lap (norns, why did that come to mind?), he knew that it would be easy enough for him to stand up and follow Thor out of the room. But...for some reason, he couldn’t leave. As the others filed out of the room, Loki waved his brother away and finally allowed himself to relax backwards into the couch. He didn’t tear his eyes off of you for the rest of the night.
That was sort of it for the two of you. In the morning, you roused him by accidentally kicking his leg as you stretched. You were appropriately sheepish and paused in rubbing your eyes so you could apologize to him. He found that it was difficult even to pretend to be annoyed. From then on, it became easier and easier for Thor to convince him to join the team for those nights again. Neither of them mentioned it, but the possibility of watching you fall asleep like that again was tempting. It didn’t happen every night—it was far rarer than that, more precious—but when it did, Loki was there.
And now, after all this time together, Loki still had yet to grow tired of it.
It was not team bonding that had the two of you alone together in the common room this time. Earlier tonight, you’d been chatting, and that faded into him reading to you. You put your head in his lap like you often did, and he worked his fingers through your hair to caress your scalp as always. He listened with a quiet smile as you reacted to the story he was reading to you. You were the best part of life in the Tower now.
Most days, Loki thought that you were the best part of him.
He watched you fall asleep. That was something he could do without reservations now. He was, for lack of a better word, permitted to watch your eyelids grow ever heavier and listen to your breaths even out. He got to feel the way your body changed as sleep stole through your limbs and made them go all limp and heavy. Often, he could feel the change in you as you gave in completely to sleep, and he treasured those moments. Ages ago, he’d closed his book in favor of watching your dreams play out on the insides of your eyelids.
But he was growing tired now, and there was no real reason to force himself to fall asleep sitting up on the sofa anymore, not now that you’d been sharing your bed with him for all this time. He grasped your shoulder once and shook you gently. It was all for naught, of course, just as he’d expected it to be. When he said your name, he got to watch your brow furrow a bit, but, otherwise, you did not stir.
“Very well, love,” he murmured aloud to the silence in the room. You did not like it when he picked you up, nor when he carried you from one place to another. It made him angry—not at you, but at whichever loathsome creature had successfully convinced you that you were Too Much. Even as he rose carefully to his feet, he wondered if your discomfort would rouse you into a lighter sleep.
It was easy enough for him to lift you into his arms. It was true that he was stronger than a Midgardian man of his size, but that didn’t really matter to him at the moment. What mattered was the gentle little sigh that escaped your lips while you cuddled closer to his chest in your sleep. If he were a different sort of man, he might have said that his heart skipped a beat. As it was, he tightened his grip on you and bowed down a bit to kiss the top of your head before carrying you effortlessly to the bedroom.
It was cool and quiet and dark in the room that belonged to the both of you. The air was gently scented—soap, shampoo, the clean sweet smell of your body. He hesitated at the side of the bed. You were wearing regular clothes. If you were in what you called your “comfy clothes”, he might be more willing to let you keep sleeping in them, but he knew how you felt about wearing “real clothes” to bed. So he did his best to lower you to the bed, but then helped you into a sitting position. You grumbled some half-hearted threat at him. It only made him smile.
It was a bit of a trick, even for him, to retrieve a shirt for you without allowing you to pitch forward onto the floor or backwards into a deep sleep lying sideways on the bed. But he managed. There was precious little that he would not do for you. When he started to tug your shirt off, you fought him, for a little while. You whined something at him and tried ineffectually to push him away. His heart swelled in his chest but he pushed onward. It was hard to tell exactly how much you understood in this state, but when he explained in a low voice that he was only trying to make you more comfortable, not seduce you, you did stop fighting quite so hard. Once he’d settled one of your over-sized shirts around you, he pulled you onto your feet one more time to help with your trousers.
If a single, guilty little thrill did run through him while he worked your button and zipper, he was careful to ignore it. It was no secret that he appreciated your body, and neither was it some sort of crime. You knew that he loved the way you looked and felt when you bared yourself to him. You’d caught him drinking in the sight of you enough times by now that you hardly even seemed flustered by it anymore. Brave thing.
Sweet thing.
He pushed your trousers to the floor and helped you step out of them. The idea of asking you to stand while he dug through your dresser for a pair of pyjama pants seemed daunting at the moment, and perhaps even a little pointless. You were going straight into bed. You’d be beneath the covers, and, if history had anything to say, you’d likely wind yourself around him as soon as he got into bed with you. He’d keep you warm, covered up and sheltered from the night air. He drew gentle fingertips up the front of one of your thighs and grinned at the quiet way you giggled and tried to push his hand away.
When you slept like this, you were somehow a little more open and free. In your waking hours, you worked hard to be taken seriously. Who could blame you? A mere human, a non-superhero, constantly surrounded by the supernaturally- and medically-enhanced all hours of the day? To cover up your lack of strength, you kept yourself so very serious and focused out there. Still, it wasn’t hard for him to elicit some secret laughter from you in the common areas in the Tower. Tucked safely away here in this room, you always seemed so much...softer. Not once in all his life did he think that he could wind up this in love with someone like you, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything.
He scooped you up into his arms again and used his magic to turn down the bed. But when he stooped to place you on the mattress, you wrapped your arms even more tightly around his neck and tucked your head beneath his chin. Regardless of the sort of man that he was, his heart surely skipped a beat at that. He did his best to stifle his laughter, though, and straightened again. You didn’t loosen your hold on him, so he pressed his lips to the top of your head.
“Love you,” you protested against his throat. You sounded so stubborn that it made him just long to devour you. He could feel the way your fingers were tugging gently at the hair at the back of his neck. He bounced you gently a couple of times, eliciting a low groan.
“I love you, darling, but it’s time for bed. I’m just putting you in bed.” His old self—his younger self—would never have done anything like this. Sometimes it made him a little uneasy, just how soft you’d made him, but you hadn’t really made him do anything, had you? Having you and the certainty of your love allowed him to become...softer than he’d ever dreamed of. It wasn’t a weakness. It was never a weakness. Right now, he had a mortal’s sleeping form in his arms. You were completely helpless, and still you were winding yourself around him like you had no idea what he could do to you.
But you did. You knew perfectly well what he could do to you. And still you behaved like this. It was perhaps the most precious gift that anyone could ever bestow upon him. He buried his nose in the top of your head again and drew in a deep breath of the scent of you to distract himself from the stinging in his eyes. You mumbled something else in that late-night voice of yours, but he couldn’t quite catch it. The next time he bent forward to place you among the covers, though, you appeared to be willing to let him do it. Of course, you did tighten your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss first.
“Don’t leave me,” you said, your voice so quiet and pleading. How could he ever possibly deserve someone like you? He reached up to brush his fingers along your cheek and pressed another light kiss to your lips.
“I’ll never leave you,” he promised in a near-whisper. “I’m getting in bed too. Let me show you.”
You didn’t respond, which was more or less what he expected. It took him a long time to get used to the way you acted when you were like this. Early on, he’d held entire conversations with you in the dark of your bedroom, only to feel cold, almost abandoned, when you woke up in the morning and remembered nothing. By now, he’d more or less learned to appreciate it. It seemed that your unconscious mind cared about him just as deeply as your conscious mind did. He’d never known anyone like you.
Begrudgingly, you let him go, and he didn’t bother to fight his fond smile as he straightened. He just pulled off his clothing before slipping under the covers with you. He loved the feeling of your skin against his, after all, and already he felt as though he’d been apart from you for too long.
The instant he was settled, you were already moving closer to him, turning onto your side and fitting yourself against him with your head on his shoulder. You slipped your leg between his to hold him even closer and sighed sweetly against his throat. He laughed again.
That was another thing that he never expected to find himself doing as often as he did. Laughing. Whether you were awake or asleep, you made it easy for him to laugh. It was one of the most bewildering things about you. What had you changed in him? What had you stirred or downright awoken? He saw the way his brother looked at him when you made him laugh out in common areas. But what mattered more, to him, was the way that you looked. The sweetest smile would break across your face any time you made him laugh—every time. It was like you never expected it. It should be a crime, really, for someone as funny as you, and silly, and absolutely precious, not to know what you did to people. Maybe that was what made him keep laughing.
You slipped your arm around his belly and rubbed your cheek gently against his chest. Unless he was mistaken—and he was fairly certain that he was not—he thought he heard you whisper a quiet “Mine” before falling still again. He closed his fingers around your wrist, seeking out more and more of your skin, and kissed the top of your head once again.
“I’m all yours, darling,” he mumbled back. The words felt true. They felt right. “And you’re all mine.”
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Young Oak Sapling
Part 2 to this (I seriously need to stop writing accidental multichapter fics...)
Loki x female!reader
Word count: 1,7K
Warnings: typos (as always), angst, fluff (it's there, I promise!)
Tag list: @gaitwae @lucywrites02 @hard-to-be-the-bard @birdgirl90 @laramoonworld @forevernthensome @kozkaboi
A/N: this is really messy, i'm sorry
Tumblr media
'You have always been like a little sister I always wanted. I'm so sorry, we can still be friends'
For some unknown reason he kept having dreams about that one evening. 'Dreams,' he would scoff, 'more like nightmares.' They always end horribly. Either with you never talking to him again out of shame or him delivering those lines not so gently.
Loki couldn't understand why he kept dreaming about it. About her. How the light in her eyes slowly died when he told her. He told her the truth, right? It was the right thing to do, right?
She was hanging out with that soldier again. Loki's mouth twisted into disgusted grimace when he spot how he put his arm around her shoulders, how she held the single dandelion he gave her. A dandelion? Please, he couldn't really fall that low to give a lady some common weed, could he? A lady with such charm and class like Y/N deserves a dozen roses for every day she blessed this world with her smile and laugh.
Loki's eyes widened. Why was he thinking of her like that so suddenly? He never thought of her like that before. No. She's just a friend. Like his little sister. That's what he told her. She believed him. Now he has to believe it himself.
Sudden rain drove Loki away from his new favourite sitting spot in the corner of the garden. The oak stump. If only he kept a part of the tree. A twig or a leaf. He would've carried it around like a talisman. Or acorn, so he could grow another oak, even though it wouldn't be the same one.
His mind was on autopilot, he didn't even realize his legs carried him to your bedroom door. He stood there like a statue. Listening for any sounds. For any voices. He heard nothing. You must be somewhere else. That realization made him even more anxious. You could be with that soldier again. He can't have that.
He walked to only place he could always find you: library. As he wanted to open the heavy door you ran into him, colliding into his chest.
"Sorry-" your relax expression changed when you looked up into his eyes
"Hi," he smiled softly.
"Hello," you greeted, but without a smile. You tried to walk by him when he stopped you with his hand on your shoulder.
"Why are you running away from me?"
"I'm not. It's just.... this," you gestured between him and you, "it's awkward."
"Oh, so you avoid me, your oldest friend, and spend your entire day with Hofferson then," Loki crossed his arms on his chest.
"Aren't you supposed to be on a date or something?" you pushed yourself pass him, poison in your voice.
"Aren't you supposed to spend some time with me too?"
"I can't Loki. I'm trying to get rid of all of my feelings for you! I can't be near you if I want it to work!" you nearly screamed in his face.
Those words hurt Loki more than he thought. "Getting rid of ALL feelings? So you're trying to hate me then."
"No! Understand that I can't be friends with someone I love!"
"Platonic love exists too, you know," Loki remarked.
You rolled your eyes. "Whatever. I don't want to argue with you anymore, I'm going."
"Where?" he asked as you escaped him.
"To someone that cares about me, and not just platonicly!" you shouted behind your back and ran.
He hasn't had a word or a single alone time with you since then. You were always near that soldier, always talking to him, hugging him, hanging on his arm all the time.
Loki felt nausea whenever he saw Y/N with anyone but him. He wasn't used to seeing Y/N with other men, she was always near him. He missed her. Her laugh, her smile, her hugs. Everything.
No matter how many girls or boys he came across on streets, none of them could ever take your place. None of them smiled as brightly or as truly as you always did. Even when he was telling you about anyone he was interested in, you still smiled and wished him well with the person. You wanted him to be happy, even if it hurt you.
So why can't he do the same? Be happy you're with someone who will love you? Instead he grits his teeth whenever he sees the two of you together. Why does he want you all to himself? Why the thought of you being with someone else makes him throw up?
Loki sighed and held his head in his hands. It is true what they say. You'll realize you love somebody only after you lose them.
He felt like a coward. Standing in front of your bedroom door, with heart anxiously pounding in his chest.
Loki took a deep breath and knocked. No one answered. You must be out again. With him.
He shook the thought away and opened the door. If anything, he'll at least be able to give you a message without having to look into your eyes. While he was looking for a piece of paper and a pen around your room he noticed a new pot on your windowsill. It was brown and smaller than the rest with a single tiny green sprout sticking from the dirt.
Loki took the pot in his hand, it was small enough to fit into his palm. He smiled. It was so tiny and fragile. He wondered what kind of plant it was.
Before he could use one of the runes to find out a door creaked open behind him. "What are you doing here?" you asked. He was so startled by you catching him he couldn't even deduce if you were angry or surprised to see him.
"I-I wanted to talk to you," he turned towards you.
You looked at his hand. "Why are you holding it? Put it back, you might break it!" before he could even move you rushed to him, took the pot from his hand and held it close to your chest. Could one be jealous when a plant gets a cuddle but her oldest friend doesn't? Apparently Loki could.
"What do you want to talk about? If it's some noble lady I don't want to hear it," you turned your head away from him.
Loki shook his head. "No, it's not a lady."
"Some son of a sailor then?"
"No, I came here to tell you something."
You turned your head back to him. "And what is that?"
Loki took a deep breath. It's now or never. "I came to a realization. And not just a common one. I didn't think my life could be so lonely without you in it. Every single day I've missed you, longed to spend time with you again. Laugh with you. It pained me to see that Hofferson boy with you. Ever since I saw the two of you in the stables I wanted to rip you away from him. Just like I every boy you got close to in our childhood. For a long time I couldn't understand why I wanted you all to myself and no other man. But now I do. It's because I love you. Romantically. Just like you love me," he didn't look away from you. He didn't dare.
You shook your head in disapointment. "You're so selfish, Loki."
He didn't expect that answer. It was far away from anything he was expecting. All blood left his face. "Well, that's what love makes out of person. It makes them selfish, possesive."
"So how come I could let you go after your monthly interests without complaining like you did?"
Loki froze. "Y-you're apparently a better person than me," he picked on his palm.
You hummed. "So...what now?"
Loki took your lack of emotions as a rejection. He concluded he traded places with you. Now you were the one without romantic feelings and he was the one being rejected.
He couldn't keep looking at the love of his life rejecting him. He studied the pot in her hamds instead. "Now? I guess I will have to find a spell to erase all romantic feelings I have for you and wish you all the best with Hoffer-I mean Arne," he thanked all heavens above for his training that didn't let him fall apart in front of you.
You looked at him, fear in your eyes." Why would you do that?"
Loki laughed. It was a bitter one, filled with sadness. "Because you don't love me anymore."
"That's not true," you whispered.
Loki's head snapped up. "What?"
"I-I said that's not true. I never stopped, no matter how much I tried. I even saved a little part of our tree," you said softly and caressed the little sprout.
"That's from the old oak?"
You nodded. "For some reason I couldn't just cut it down and erase its whole existence."
Now Loki knows what it means when a stone falls from someone's heart. "So, that means you still love me?" he asked hopefully.
You nodded. "And you love me too?"
"Of course my love. Can we please start over again?"
"I would love to," you blessed him with your kindest, purest smile.
"Can I kiss you?" he asked a little too excited.
"No," his heart fell to the floor, "you have to kiss me."
Loki sighed from relief. He walked over to you and cupped your cheeks. From up close your eyes were even more beautiful than he noticed the first time he kissed you. He reminded himself to tell you everyday from now on.
And just like that, the history repeated itself. Loki gently placed his lips on yours in a loving kiss. Your head spinned once again just like so many years ago. And one oak tree witnessed it all.
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theresnoplatypus · 2 days ago
Chapter 3
Tumblr media
words: 677 words
warnings: its bad :) meaning poorly written 
authors note: sorry it took so long but enjoy it :)
Anastasiah’s Pov 
“I thought you said you knew how to fly this thing?” Loki said Thor responded with “I said, how hard could it be?”  “well, whatever you’re doing brother I suggest you do it faster” “ shut up Loki” Thor and Loki were continuously arguing before we started to take off  “ why don’t you let me take over im clearly the better pilot” “Is that right? Well out of the three of us which one can actually fly? That was until the mortal passed out. We all looked at her as I leaned down to see if she was okay “oh dear? Is she dead?” I responded with “ yeah thor she looks sort of dead?” Thor worriedly called out her name she responded with “ I’m okay” The guards caught up to us and starting shooting at us “ now there they’re following us” Now they’re shooting at us” Loki complained.” yeah thank you for the commentary Loki it’s not at all distracting!” Thor flew into the statue of his and decapitated him “ well done you just decapitated your grandfather” Loki said.
“This is a tremendous idea, lets steal the biggest most obvious ship in the universe and escape in that Flying around the city, smashing into everything in sight so everyone can see us. It's brilliant, Thor! It's truly brilliant! Loki yelled at thor. Until Thor opened the door and pushed me and Loki out the ship and landing on an Atomhawk ship. I take a glance at jane and still sees that she passed out  “I see your time in the dungeons has made you no less graceful, loki?” fanderal said loki ignored him and looks at thor while holding jane as we levitate above the water “you lied to me, I’m impressed,” loki said sounding surprised “ I’m glad you’re pleased, now do as you promised and take us to you’re secret pathway,” thor said. Loki took the steering stick and he smiled graciously, the smile I haven’t seen in decades Thor looked at fanderal and nodded as jumped off of this ship and defending us from getting shot at”. Loki started to speed up I worriedly said “ loki?” “ if it were easy, everyone would do it? “ loki are you mad?” I said. Loki responded with “possibly”.  We made it to Svartálfar
   I heard loki say “Ta-da”. Very sarcastically. “We must strike now” “No”“Asgard is meaningless” 
“The Aether has found its way home” What I could do with the power that flows through those veins. It would consume you. Loki and Thor said. “For now, she’s strong in ways you’d never know to say goodbye,” loki said. Thor responded with “ not this day” dismissing the thought of losing jane.
“ A hundred years is nothing it’s a heartbeat you’ll never be ready the only women whose love you prized will be snatched away from you?” Loki said confidently: and will that satisfy you?” thor said arguing back  “ just like ana’s did when all she asked was for your loyalty,” thor said aggressively “ That’s enough! Both of you we’re wasting time” I said  “Both of you are fools” I said ” Satisfaction was never my nature” “ Surrender wasn’t in mine” thor said. “ the son of Odin” loki said cockily. “ No, not just of Odin you think you alone were loved of mother? you had her tricks but I had her trust” thor argued aggressively. “ trust? Was that her last expression Trust?! When you let her die?” loki said hostile “ what help were you in your cell?” “who put me there? WHO PUT ME THERE!?” loki said Thor and loki became more aggressive and started to argue even more then thor put his hammer on lokis chest. “ Stop it right now both of you, Frigga wouldn’t want you to fight” “Anastasiahs right, she wouldn’t want us to fight” Well she wouldn’t exactly be shocked,” loki said jokingly “I wish I could trust you,” thor said sadly stepping away from his brother. Loki looked hurt and said, “ trust my rage,” Loki said sternly. Thor looked at me until Jane started to wake up. 
Ignore tags, i get my gifs from Pinterest 
feedback is welcome 
if you made it this far here is a cookie 🍪 you deserve it :)
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earlgreydream · 2 days ago
little miss.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. Loki's sub and he gets really busy, neglecting them until they snap and then he does his best to make it up to them and its nice and fluffy at the end
cw: dom/sub, a bit of a size kink, and also a bit of an innocence kink
a/n: I’m feeling so soft, so here’s some soft dom Loki🥺
Tumblr media
Loki’s search for you halted when he discovered your body curled up in the domed window that overlooked the city. You were curled up in blankets, staring out at the foggy city. Loki wasn’t sure if you were studying the buildings peeking between low clouds, or if your mind was entirely somewhere else.
When he had returned from an emergency meeting held in the early hours of the morning, you weren’t in bed like he’d expected. Loki had assumed you’d still be asleep, and had intended to slot his body back against yours and sleep the morning away under the duvet.
He slid down beside you, his hand gently smoothing over your leg. You didn’t seem to react.
“Hey, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, calling your attention from wherever you’d mind had wandered.
You hummed, your eyelashes fluttering shut as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. You were easily moved onto his lap, snuggled into his body. His knees bent, feet on the other side of the window, trapping you between his thighs and chest.
“How long have you been up?” He asked against your forehead, trying to follow your line of sight.
“Don’t know,” your voice was soft.
He brushed some hair out of your face, relaxing as you settled into him, the tension leaving your body. His chin rested on the top of your head, and you listened to his heartbeat.
“Your mind feeling all foggy like the weather?” Loki nudged your jaw so you were looking up at him. You shrugged, making Loki frown. He didn’t like when you got deep inside your head, becoming non expressive and overly pliant. Usually, it happened after he pushed your limits in an intense punishment or session, but that wasn’t the case.
Loki had been incredibly busy lately, barely around. You hadn’t had sex in weeks, which was highly unusual for the two of you. Loki was gone before you were awake, and returned after you were already dozing off to sleep. When he was around, he was short-tempered and exhausted.
While you knew that you’d never be on the receiving end of Loki’s anger and frustration, it still frightened you. You had nothing to fear, but you kept your distance when he was in a stormy mood.
“Talk to me,” Loki kept his voice soft, free of sternness. He reeled in his dominating tone he used with you when you weren’t being cooperative, now more worried than annoyed.
“You’ve been gone,” you relented finally, not wanting him to pry into your head and read your thoughts himself.
“I’m so sorry. I should never have neglected you, it was not my intention.”
“I know. And... I know your work is important. You have people to protect but... I need you to protect me too.”
Loki felt like his heart was being clawed from his chest when he saw tears begin to slide down your cheeks.
“Y/N, please forgive me,” he cradled your head against his chest, holding you as you cried.
He didn’t try to hush you or explain it away, letting you weep in his arms. Loki was patient as he comforted you, gently rocking and staring out at the foggy city below.
“Let me spoil you?” Loki shifted you to face him once your sobs had subsided.
“Spoil me?”
“Yes. Maybe make up for my terrible, horrible, insidious neglect?” His blue eyes were soft. Amusement pulled a small smile at your lips. Loki kissed your cheeks and all over your face, making you giggled.
“I love your sweet sounds, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, careful not to break the atmosphere.
“I’m sorry,” you breathed out, and Loki’s brow knitted together. Your fingertips gently went to his forehead, smoothing over the tension. 
“Whatever are you sorry for? I’m the one who is sorry.”
“I should’ve brought it up sooner, that I missed you. Before I snapped.”
“Look at me,” he tilted your chin up so he could gaze into your eyes.
“It is my job to make sure I am attentive to you, and I should have never let work get in the way of that. You are my first priority, always. I am the one who is apologizing. You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” Loki held your face.
“Yes,” you nodded shyly, earning a gentle warning look.
“Yes, sir,” you corrected yourself.
Loki kissed you, and you let yourself melt into him. He coaxed you into a hot bath with him, the water swirling with oils and expensive products. His skilled hands massaged your body with soap, getting you to relax into his touch. His body was cool, and you welcomed it in the hot water. 
“Can you get inside of me? I just want to be closer,” you gazed at him hopefully.
Loki rewarded you with a smile, wrapping your legs around his waist. He held your hips and sank you down on him, going slow to let you accommodate. He relished in your gasps and the feeling of your velvet walls squeezing around him and taking him inside. You didn’t struggle to let him in, completely relaxed. 
You leaned forward and draped your arms over his back, your head resting on his shoulder. Loki’s self control was unmatched, and he held still, letting you warm him as he trailed his fingers up and down your spine. 
“I love you,” he spoke into your hair, now wet and thoroughly washed. Loki had taken the time to massage your scalp and fully shampoo and condition your hair, an intimacy that you loved. He knew it was the best way to comfort you and get you to relax, and it made you feel safe.
“I love you too.”
A shudder rolled down your spine as Loki’s fingers went to where your bodies connected, sliding through your folds. You squirmed on top of him, growing more sensitive as he teased you. Your fingers gripped his raven hair, and you hid your face in his neck. Loki rubbed your clit in small circles, grinning as your small whimpers were muffled by your bite on his shoulder. 
“Gentle, little miss,” his voice was low, and you apologized, kissing the skin. He pinched your clit in return, making you jolt with pain, though it sent a sharp shot of arousal to your heat that had you tightening around him. 
“Please,” you breathed, and he returned to being gentle and slowly pulling you toward a cloudy euphoria. Fog filled your mind once again, and you melted against him. 
“You can use me, to get off,” you murmured, nearly inaudible.
“No, I’m spoiling you, remember? I’ll be alright.” 
His kisses were sweet, trying to wake you up some.
“I want to get out please, it’s too cold.”
Loki lifted you off of him, apologizing as you hissed. You stood on the heated floor, drying off with one of the warm towels your boyfriend wrapped you in. He kissed your forehead, making you smile and blush.
He was dressed in a shimmer of green, wearing black skinny jeans and a soft grey cable knit sweater. 
“What do you want to do today? It’s only ten am.”
“Will you take me to the MET?” you asked hopefully, wanting to spend the day walking around the museum with him.
“If that’s what you want, then of course.” You nodded, slipping into your own jeans. 
“It’s chilly, wear a sweater please.” Loki asked, looking up at you as you rifled through your drawers.
“Yes, sir.”
He gave you a pleased look, and you slipped a deep green sweater on, knowing he’d appreciate it. 
You heard Loki snap his fingers, and you obediently walked to where he sat on the edge of the bed. His hand went to your shoulder and he carefully pushed you to your knees in front of him. A content smile graced your face as his fingers skillfully braided your hair. You sat still while he cared for you, enjoying the cup of tea that had appeared in your hands. 
“Can we walk? I’d rather feel the fog than drive.”
“Yes, little miss.” 
His hands went to your hair, gently putting some pressure before kissing the crown of your head. You stood, the empty cup vanishing from your hands. He found your shoes and knelt before you, tying your laces for you like a child.
“I can put my own shoes.”
“I know, but I like to do it for you.” He squeezed your thighs before returning to his towering height above you. 
“If you had your way, I’d just be your little doll.”
You received a hard slap to your backside for your comment, making your breath catch in your throat. Your jeans protected you, but you knew better than to push your luck.
“Of course not. I value your autonomy.” Loki answered as you followed him through Stark Tower. 
“I didn’t mean that,” you clarified. You may have been Loki’s submissive, but he had nothing but the highest respect for you, giving you the real control in your relationship. You had unwavering trust in Loki, despite his history and talent for deceit. He would never break that trust. Your wellbeing and what was best for you was the most important thing to him, without exception.
“I would keep you naked in bed all of the time, buried deep inside your tight little quim if I always had my way,” Loki announced confidently. Steve, Bucky, Tony, and Sam all turned, blatantly overhearing the conversation. Your face burned red with embarrassment, and Loki looked pleased with himself, winking at you. 
“Relax, they’re very much aware that our relationship is sometimes of sexual nature.”
“You tried to embarrass me,” you accused.
“And it aroused you, did it not? Don’t you dare try to lie to me, little miss.” Loki’s words were threatening, but there was no malice in his tone. He was deeply amused by how shy you were, and he enjoyed letting everyone know you were his.
“Yes, sir,” you exhaled, taking the hand he offered as you went outside. 
His hand was much bigger than yours, matching his height and making you feel small. He kissed your forehead, leading you through foggy streets. 
You loved Loki, and you were overjoyed to have his undivided attention. He swore he loved it more than you did. He adored doting on you, willing to do anything to see your eyes light up or hear your laugh. 
You ascended the steps of the MET quickly, and Loki warned you to be careful about running on the rain-slick marble. 
“You worry too much. I may be fragile compared to you, but I’m okay,” you promised, pushing up on your toes to kiss his cheek. He turned and kissed you back before ushering you inside, insisting he didn’t want the cold to make you sick. You refrained from telling him that he was ridiculous, knowing all it would accomplish was another swat to your ass that you weren’t keen on receiving in public.
Loki held your hand as you studied paintings, drawings, sculptures, and artifacts that filled seemingly endless rooms. You dragged Loki to the impressionists, leaning back in his arms as you stared at Claude Monet’s paintings. 
“I like these the best.”
“Tell me about them,” Loki pressed, circling his arms around you.
“They’re so peaceful, and everything in them is soft. I like the colors too,” you looked up at Loki, your head tilting back.
“I like them too,” he murmured, kissing you sweetly.
He spent hours looking at art with you, even offering some of his knowledge of art history when he had it. You giggled as he swore to you that he was the model of Michelangelo’s paintings. 
“Lovely man, truly,” he grinned and you shook your head, laughing.  
You stayed until the museum closed, and you shivered when you stepped into the cold night. The two of you went to a cafe in the park for soup, warming up. You chattered about the paintings as you ate your soup, Loki making sure you had enough that you were no longer hungry.
It started to rain, and by the time you had finished eating, the storm was pouring down. Loki happily used magic to transport the two of you home, keeping you from getting soaked. 
When you walked into your bedroom, you smiled at the Monet print that hung on a formerly blank space on your wall.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, little miss,” Loki smiled against your kiss. 
“Do you feel less neglected?” He asked, seriousness edging at his tone.
“Yes. But I would definitely feel less neglected if you watched Harry Potter with me,” your eyes widened. Loki thought the movies were a little ridiculous, and always complained when you put them on.
“You’re being manipulative.”
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him down to your height. 
“I learned from the best,” you whispered.
“Alright, but I could always perform real magic for you.”
“That’s okay.”
Loki rolled his eyes at you, and you changed into pajamas before crawling in bed with him. He dragged you between his legs, snuggling you into his chest under blankets. He distracted himself with you, tracing patterns on your skin and playing with your hair while you were lost in your film. 
“You’re being handsy,” you said when he groped you, his hand under the waistband of your joggers. 
“You just look so pretty, I can’t help myself.”
You spread your legs for him, letting him touch you. Your movie was quickly forgotten as he distracted you with his own magic. 
“I promise you, I will make up for the weeks of depriving you of sex,” Loki’s deep voice echoed through you.
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I need opinions, I’ve got a draft of a Bucky x Steve’s ex wife reader set after he goes back to Peggy. But I can’t decide to make it a long one shot or a multiple part mini series
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steeeeeeeviebb · 2 days ago
Altair + Vega | CH.9
Tumblr media
pairing: loki laufeyson x fem!reader   word count: 3.5k warnings: fingering, longing, frustration lmao, still a slow burn bc I'm trash xoxox
summary: Once lovers, Altair + Vega are two of the brightest stars in the galaxy. One, immortal and all powerful while the other, a mere mortal, were torn apart by the forces of those around them and placed in our nights sky separated by the endless Milky Way. But once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, the stars align and our two lovers, once separated by both time and space, are able to come together. Able to see one another, to touch one another. Then and only then, are the two lovers able to c o l l i d e.
NINE | ANCIENT masterlist here
The Ambien in your purse was practically calling out your name when you hit a patch of turbulence somewhere over the Atlantic.
You’d never been a good flyer, you’d much rather take a sleeping pill and be done with it if you were being honest, and today was no different. Even in the luxurious first-class seat you’d treated yourself to.
After years of flying every which way on account of work, you’d finally banked some of those flyer miles and treated yourself – and Loki, much to your chagrin – to what life was like for the other half. The rich half. The half that could afford the amenities provided in that suite.
You had your own little sanctuary in that cabin. George Clooney could have been on the seat area opposite you and you wouldn’t know because the privacy was next level. It was as though you were cocooned away from everyone else with the thick dividers surrounding your extremely comfortable seat. You’d always been the type to never fully extend your seat in fear of pissing off whoever had the misfortune of sitting behind you but here, in first-class, that didn’t matter. Your seat, which was honestly like more of a memory foam mini mattress at this point, was fully extended as you idly watched a random movie on your personal TV screen.
You should have been feeling good. Relaxed. Calm. But, even with your furry sleep mask resting on your forehead nursing your second glass of wine under a cozy blanket the airline had provided you, you were all nerves.
You really hated flying.
If you could drive everywhere, you would.
But, unfortunately for you, Norway was unattainable without a plane which meant, at least for you, peace was unattainable as well.
Squeezing your eyes shut as the cabin shook, you polished off the rest of your wine in one fell swoop as you inched closer and closer to the sleeping pill in your purse. Mixing it with alcohol was stupid, you knew it was, but that didn’t make the urge lessen any.
Just before you could be further tempted, however, the small partition separating you from Loki rolled down as his bored features soaked you in. “This is excruciating.” He droned, his voice quiet. “How do you fly like this?”
Your head fell back against the seat. “It’s just turbulence.” You explained, more so to yourself as a mild assurance.
Loki frowned. “What? No, I meant this,” he gestured to the vast cabin. “It’s a little small, don’t you think?”
Swallowing back your nerves, you popped one eye open and glowered across at the idiot. “This is first-class.”
He matched your incredulous stare. “Is that supposed to mean something to me?”
You blew out a shaky breath and tugged your sleep mask down to shield your eyes. “Put the wall back up and leave me alone.”
“No,” he bellyached, reaching across the divide to pull the sleep mask off of your head. “I’m bored.”
“That’s not my problem.” You groused, yanking it back. “You dragged me out here, you should at least let me—”
“I don’t recall much kicking and screaming,” he bit back, recollecting on the vision of having you pinned against the railing of your porch. Giving you a rather mischievous smile, he once again reached across the divide to fiddle with a strand of hair. “Though that does sound quite fun.”
Swatting his hand away, you shot him a death glare and nearly screamed when the cabin gave another mighty lurch. Why were you here? Why had your vagina listened to the God of Mischief in the first place? She should have been on your side in all of this, not his.
“You appear to be nervous,” he mused in that goddamn gravelly voice. He almost sounded amused. “Let’s explore that.”
You glared across at him. “I don’t like flying.”
“Oh, I see that,” he smirked and nodded to the empty glass in front of you. “Would another one of those help?”
Your fingers were aching from the vice-like grip you had on the arm rest. “Another bottle, maybe.”
With the fluidity and confidence of a god, all Loki had to do was politely raise a single finger in the air before one of the stewardess’ came striding over. “What can I do for you Mister Cooper?”
Besides your obvious discomfort, you felt the corner of your mouth tug into a small smirk as you watched Loki’s poised smile falter just enough to betray his unruffled bravado. It wasn’t as though you could get him a legitimate passport in a week, even with your pull at SHIELD and, even if you could, you couldn’t exactly use his real name. The man was, by all accounts, a terrorist. He’d been granted zero pardons since his little stint in New York and once SHIELD or any other government agency caught wind of his return, he’d be hauled in faster than anything.
So, you improvised.
Well, Darcy improvised.
She knew of a guy that could fake government documents and all she told you was ‘the less you knew, the better’. Four hundred dollars later, she showed up at work wielding Loki’s first official passport.
Or, as his passport claimed: David Broderick Cooper.
D.B Cooper.
The passport guy, whoever he was, was a fucking comedian, as it turned out.  
“Might we grab another two glasses of wine,” he purred at the woman, grinning up at her. “Red, if you could be so kind.”
You watched the woman’s eyes light up as she straightened out. “Of course, Mister Cooper. I’ll be right back with those.”
When Loki turned back around to face you, the obvious disdain at his new name was written out clear as day on his face. “Cooper,” he all but spat out, “why does she keep calling me that?”
“Because that’s the name on your passport,” you quietly reminded him, “as we went over seven hundred times.”
“I hate it,” he grumbled, “it’s so…plain.”
You rolled your eyes and tugged a magazine out of your purse. “No, see, I paid for a plain name, the asshole took it upon himself to give you the name of a guy who hijacked a plain for a shit ton of money back in the day.” You glanced across at him. “You owe me four hundred dollars by the way.”
Loki merely waved you off. “I’m sure my dearest brother will accommodate you for it.” He pondered on your words for a moment before his curiosity got the better of him. “What became of this Cooper?”
“Nobody really knows,” you shrugged, “he got the money he wanted, jumped out of the plane with a parachute and no one’s seen or heard from him since.”
“A man of mystery,” Loki concluded as he mulled over your words, “I like him.”
The cabin gave another shake before another word could escape your lips and the magazine you were holding onto only seconds slid to the floor as you immediately grasped onto the arm rest yet again. Your eyes were squeezed shut as you attempted to quell your nerves, but you could feel Loki’s curious stare soaking in your side profile as you suffered through the turbulence.
“You’re flying with a god, may I remind you.” Loki quipped. Reaching across the divide, he tenderly brushed his fingers across the knuckles of your left hand before enveloping your hand in his own. At the sudden contact, your eyes flew open as you gawked across at the dark-haired man in sheer astonishment. His features had softened as those blue eyes searched yours.  “You’re safe with me,” he declared quietly.
You opened your mouth to speak but found words seemingly impossible as the sincerity splayed across Loki’s face rendered you speechless. How a man could go from naggingly frustrating to devastatingly earnest in a matter of seconds was beyond you, but here you were. Rendered awestruck by the very man you’d wanted to throttle only seconds prior.
“Here you are sir,” the stewardess carefully handing him two glasses of wine and shot the two of you an easy smile, “can I get you anything else?”
“No, thank you,” Loki gave her a tight smile as he released your hand to grab the glasses, “that would be all.”
You watched the woman leave before grabbing the glass out of Loki’s hands. Taking a rather large gulp, you barely relished in the taste of the expensive wine before swallowing it back. Why were you here right now? Why had you stupidly agreed to go to Norway with this confusing idiot?
Placing your now empty glass back on the small ledge between the two of you, you caught Loki’s amused stare as he daintily sipped from his own wine. With another roll of your eyes, you reached down to grab your magazine and flipped it open to a random page. “Judge away,” you griped, “it’s this or Ambien.”
“I’m curious,” he began, placing his cup down before turning his entire body to face you from the comfort of his own seat. “Have you had any more dreams of me?”
“Jesus Christ,” you growled as you mindlessly flipped the page, “a girl has one sex dream and never lives it down.”
Loki’s dark eyebrows pulled up in delight. “I was referring to the past we seem to share together but I do like where this is headed.”
Disdain marred your face as you shot him a look. “No dreams involving you in any way, shape, or form. I promise.” Giving up on the magazine entirely, you blew out an annoyed puff of air and tossed it aside. “How about you? Any of these supposed memories coming back to you?”
“‘Supposed’,” Loki inclined his head to the right as his eyes raked over your face, “we’re back to denying our bodies inborn knowledge of one another?”
Your head fell back against the seat. “I’m a doctor, Loki, a woman of science. While I don’t understand anything that we witnessed that night on the roof, I have to at least try to leave room for reasonable doubt. For my own sanity, if nothing else.”
“And yet,” he purred, leaning into the divider, “here you are. On a plane with me.” Again, he reached over the lowered barrier to skirt his thumb across the apple of your cheek. He was testing you, you knew he was, to see your reaction and while you in no way wanted to play into his tactics, you couldn’t deny your body’s desperate need to feel those hands trailing all across your body.
In a mere touch, one you’d shared with lovers before him, he’d transported you to that goddamn memory the two of you shared on the roof. You could see him between your thighs, feel those blue eyes boring into your face as he watched you crumble and writhe from the effects of his tongue.
Sucking in a greedy breath, you watched him smirk and hated yourself in that instance. He had this assuredness about him, this confidence, that exuded off of him in waves. He was so sure of himself, of his motives, of his effect on you and you hated him for it.
This wasn’t you.
You weren’t some trembling mess of a woman. You weren’t often found at a loss for word over the mere touch of a man so what the hell was this? He was relying on your body’s natural reaction to his, relying on this strange connection the two of you shared. As of right now, he had you beat, you could admit to as much.
But, two could play at that game.
Rather than swat his hand away, as you so wanted to do, you leaned forward and glanced towards the area where the two stewardess’ were stationed. It was late and the cabin lights were low in an attempt to allow the patrons their sleep.
You could absolutely use this to your advantage.
“You’re so sure of this aren’t you?” You whispered, slipping your hand over the small barricade. With your fingers splayed, you ran your fingernails along his sharp jawline before snaking your way down his throat. You felt his adams apple bob beneath your hand as that heavy blue gaze bounced from your eyes down to your lips in quiet contemplation. “So sure of us?”
Another harsh swallow as your hand now trailed down his broad chest. “I’d be a fool not to be.” He muttered, his eyes briefly flickering to your hand as it disappeared beneath the thin blanket the airline had provided. You felt his entire body stiffen as a sensational leer broke out across his face. “I do like this side of you, starseed.”
Starseed, the same nickname he’d coined in that god forsaken memory.  
“I’m just proving a point,” you cooed, feeling his erection grow the farther and farther your hand travelled down.
“What might that point be?” He rasped out in anticipation.
But, before you’d grant him a stitch of pleasure, you yanked your hand back and shot him a triumphant smile. “That the innate sense that your body knows my own is nothing more than sexual tension. Remove me from the equation and it can be little miss stewardess with her hand down your pants and you’d feel the exact same way.”
The sheer surprise on Loki’s face made your own smile grow as you retreated back to your own seat. Glancing over your shoulder towards the bathroom, you shot him a quick wink. “You think on that for a minute, I have to pee.”
You practically skipped to the small washroom with a shit eating grin on your face. You knew there was more to it than a simple attraction, but you didn’t have it in you to play into his mind games right now. You were here because a part of you craved those same answers he was seeking out from his brother but a much larger part of you was terrified of what you’d find out.
Sliding the latch of the washroom to the side, you pushed the door open half an inch before feeling a giant cool mass standing directly behind you. Loki. You barely had enough time to look back at him before feeling him usher the two of you inside of the small lavatory.
“Loki, what the fuck?” You awkwardly turned around so that your ass was pressed firmly against the sink as you glowered across at him. The washroom was too small for this, he was too big, too broad that any room you might have had coming in here alone was impossible to fathom. Sliding the lock closed, those blue eyes were hooded and focused solely on you. “Does the concept of personal space really elude you this much?”
A noise, something between a snarl and a moan, slithered out of his pink lips as he reached up to grasp your chin, demanding your full attention as he stepped into you. The sink was poking into your ass, painfully so, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care all that much as those blue eyes, smouldering and intense, narrowed in irritation.
“Denying this is futile,” he reminded you, dragging his fingers down your throat just as you’d done to him in the cabin. Was this payback or was it something else? Something more primal than either of you were willing to admit. Through the thin material of your cotton t-shirt, Loki pinched your nipple as his nose scraped along your jaw. Your breath hitched as he nipped at your ear. “Denying what your body craves, what the darkest cervices of mind knows, is futile.”
Your fingers curled around his bicep as he pinned you against the sink and, as his hand continued to venture down your body, stopping only momentarily at the waistband of your leggings, you found your entire body erupt in a heat so violent that it gave that globe inside of you a run for its money.
He waited for a moment, giving you enough time to tell him to stop if that was what you wanted. He waited to hear you say no, to deny your body once again, but heard nothing of the sort. The only thing he saw, written as clear as day on your face, was need and the only thing he heard was the ever-constant hum of your heartbeat as he finally slipped his fingers beneath the material of your leggings and thong.
You were soaked for him.
It was enough to drive him mad, but as he slipped his finger through the folds of your pussy, finally feeling you just as he had in that memory, he somehow remained firmly rooted in place as a breathy moan escaped your lips.
Feeling you like this, was otherworldly. 
He’d felt you, in a sense, in those visions, but not like this. The heat of your pussy on his hand, the twitching of your legs with every flick and pinch he gave your clit, the feeling of your hot breath on his cheek as you struggled for resolve.
“I won’t kiss you,” he growled out, tilting his head forward so that your foreheads met.
You bucked into his palm. “Who says I want you to?”
A ravenous chuckle reverberated through the small lavatory as his lips curled back into a tight sneer. “Your body, for one.” He managed out. “Your eyes, too. They betray your mouth at every turn.” Sliding two fingers inside of you as his thumb circled your clit, he grinned as your legs opened up to allow him better access to your aching cunt. “I feel your need, your want.”
Your chest was heaving. “You’re a cocky shit, you know that?”
“I’m right,” he snarled. His cock was straining, painfully so, against his pants as he finger fucked you against the sink of that airplane washroom, but he was so focused on how ethereal you looked with your parted lips and legs spread open that he couldn’t bring himself to do a damned thing about it. Even when your own hand reached for his length, granting him momentary mercy from the confines of his trousers, he bucked back and only quickened his pace on your clit. “No,” he condemned, “you’re so sure that this is nothing more than a chemical reaction between the two of us, I’ll deny myself. Deny my want, my own visceral need for you so that you see that this is so much bigger than what your mortal mind can fathom.”
Your nipples were straining against your thin shirt and his mouth watered as he thought of suckling on them, biting them and rolling the buds between his teeth.
“Loki,” you buried your face in the crook of his neck, “please.”
“I’ve touched you like this before,” he mused, unrelenting, “I’ve heard my name tear out of those lips and I’ve felt your slick on my palm precisely like this a thousand times before. I know this and so do you.” He nipped at your neck. “And I won’t kiss you, won’t grant myself the mercy of burying my cock inside of you, slicing you open the way only I know how, until you admit that this bond between us is more than a physical need. It’s bone deep. It’s ancient.”
He pinched your clit and rolled it gently between his fingers as he watched you come undone. He felt your entire body seize as an orgasm ripped through it. He wanted nothing more than to yank your pants down those thighs and bury himself inside of you, he wanted to ravish you, to kiss you hard enough to ignite every lost memory between you.
But he wouldn’t.
Not yet.
He knew that you were being stubborn, that you were denying something that you both knew – and for what? For pride? For science?
He was having none of it. 
He’d lost his current memories as it was, he wasn’t about to deny the primordial memories inside of his brain that involved you. He needed to remember, he needed you to remember.
“We’ve known each other for a long time.” He reiterated, his own breathing heavy and uneven. Slinking his hand out of your leggings as your fingernails dug into his broad shoulders, he held your stare as he slowly licked your slick off of his fingers. “Why deny the inevitable, starseed?
Before you could think up a single word in the English dictionary to utter, he turned on his heel, unlatched the lock and slid out of the lavatory in a single blink, leaving you touch starved and clouded.
What the fuck had just happened?
And why on god’s green earth were you already craving so much more?
a/n: hehehehehehehe 
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wandaloki · 2 days ago
Buzz Kill | Loki x Female Reader
Loki (Marvel) x Doctor Who
Tumblr media
When the Doctor decides to crash a party at a mansion in the 1920s, the last thing you expect it to involve is a murder, a mystery and Agatha Christie.
Part Five | Part Seven
Words: 6.1k
Warnings: death: minor characters
A/N: This is part one of what was meant to be one whole chapter but due to the length I decided to split it into two separate parts, so I apologise for the abrupt ending. Also Loki is dressed as Thomas Sharpe in this chapter, hence the gif.
Read on AO3
You were currently in the TARDIS wardrobe getting dressed for a 1920s party which Donna and the Doctor had decided to crash. You had picked out an elegant lilac flapper dress, which had layered skirts on the bottom that fell just below your knee, embroidered flowers decorated the left side near your hips, where a velvet plum coloured ribbon was tied loosely. You paired it with some silk champagne coloured gloves which reached your elbow and a band of gemstones wrapped around your head like a crown.
 You pushed back the dressing room curtain to find Loki waiting for you with his shoulder lent against the wall and his arms crossed over his chest. His gaze lifted as soon as he heard the hooks of the curtain scrape against the metal bar and he immediately stood to attention as he took in your appearance, while you took in his.
 He was dressed lavishly, in a long black velvet coat, over a silk black waistcoat, with a pocket watch and a matching silk ribbon tied into a bow around his neck, which the collar of his white dress shirt barely peaked out of.
 “You look ravishing, my dear.” His voice dropped and caused your stomach to flip as he stalked towards you, your feet glued to the spot where his eyes pinned you until his large hands were grasping your by your hips and tugged you close, you wrapped your arms around his shoulders to balance yourself.
 “And you look absolutely stunning, I fear I won’t be able to take my eyes off of you during the whole party.” You confessed, while you played with the hair at the back of his neck.
 “You’ll hear no objections from me.” The God smiled proudly.
 “We’ll be late for cocktails!” The Doctor impatiently shouted as he knocked on the other side of the door to the spacious wardrobe.
 Loki rolled his eyes with a sigh as he took a step back to offer you his arm in a gentlemanly manner.
 “Shall we?”
 “Okay, ground rules.” The Doctor stated as soon as you were all stood outside of the TARDIS, in a green shady area behind a large mansion, whoever was having this party was very well-to-do.
 “Rules? We never had rules before.” You frowned, still by Loki’s side with your arm tucked into the crook of his elbow.
 “We weren’t all on the run before either.” Touché, you thought as the time lord continued, addressing Loki directly this time. “Try to keep your use of magic to a minimum, we know they can use it to track you.”
 “And you know the rest,” he addressed all of you, “no changing history, don’t tell anyone where we’re from, don’t abuse your ability to time travel for gambling etc... etc... you get the gist. Now, I think we have a party to crash.” The Doctor offered Donna his arm, much like Loki had to you, before they lead the way to the back of the mansion with you and Loki following in toe.
 It was a gorgeous summers day, the air was warm but not too humid as a fresh breeze occasionally cooled your skin. 
 You heard the sound of piano music playing from a gramophone as you approached a group of waiters who were smartly dressed in tuxedos, they gathered around a set of straw chairs and tables in the back garden of the mansion. 
 Strung between trees over head, hung decorative red lanterns and a long table covered with a pristine white cloth was filled with an assortment of various fruits. 
 “Good afternoon!” The Doctor raised his hand as one of the waiters approached your group.
 “Drinks, ladies and gentlemen?” The waiter courteously offered.
 “Sidecar, please.” Your auntie answered, making her tone sound slightly more sophisticated than usual.
 “Uh, a lime and soda, thank you.” The Doctor requested, before the waiters eyes fell on you.
 “Oh... erm, a singapore sling, please.” You decided and followed the waiters eyes as he looked to Loki for his order. You noticed that Loki was now wearing a pair of dark round, silver framed sunglasses to protect his eyes from the bright sun.
 “I shall have the same.” Loki copied your order and the waiter swiftly left to prepare your drinks.
 “I like these,” you complimented Loki’s sunglasses as you squinted up at him, the sun getting in your own eyes.
 With a discreet wave of his hand, an almost identical pair were resting on your own nose, relieving your eyes from the harsh sun. As soon as you parted your lips to remind him not to use his magic, he lifted his finger to his own lips which were lifted into a subtle smirk and your words immediately died on your tongue.
 “May I announce Lady Clemency Eddison!” A butler hollered, as he escorted a middle aged, blonde woman wearing a midnight blue cocktail dress into the garden where you were all gathered.
 “Lady Eddison!” The Doctor held out his arms, as if greeting an old friend.
 “Forgive me, but who exactly might you be and what are you doing here?” She politely asked him, her speech indicated her class and wealth as she took the Doctors hand in her own as a form of greeting.
 “I’m the Doctor, and this is Miss Donna Noble of the Chiswick Nobles, her niece and Sir Loki of Asgard.” The Doctor introduced you all one by one. “We were thrilled to receive your invitation, my lady. We met at the Ambassador’s reception.” He smoothly lied as he held up his wallet containing the psychic paper.
 Easily convinced by the fake invite and too polite to acknowledge that she clearly had no recollection of meeting the Doctor, Lady Eddison smiled.
 “Doctor, how could I forget you?” She feigned realisation. “But one must be sure with the Unicorn on the loose.”
 She made her way over to a waiter who was holding a silver platter of champagne saucers and helped herself to one, as you all followed behind her. 
 “A unicorn? Brilliant! Where?” The Doctors interest spiked, as did yours.
 “The Unicorn. The jewel thief.” She clarified and your shoulders slumped, for a second you had thought she was talking about an actual unicorn, obviously you knew they weren’t real but anything was possible when traveling with the Doctor.
 “Are unicorns real on Asgard?” You looked at Loki, hoping that you didn’t sound crazy but if he could conjure up sunglasses out of thin air surely anything was possible.
 “Unicorns? No.” Loki softly chuckled. “We do, however, have winged horses. The Valkyrie, an army of female Asgardian warriors, used to ride them into battle.” Loki explained.
 “Oh wow.” You gasped with amazement at what Loki told you and his lips stretched into a proud smile, delighted that he could impress you with stories of the world he grew up in.
 A waiter approached you all and served you the cocktails you ordered on a silver platter, the ice rocks clinked against the glasses as you each lifted your drink from the tray. 
 “He’s just struck again.” Lady Eddison continued to explain about the jewel thief. “Snatched Lady Babbington’s pearls right from under her nose.” 
 “Funny place to wear her pearls.” Donna commented, causing you to splutter on your drink as you stifled your giggles.
 As you enjoyed your drinks the butler announced more guests as they made their way into the garden. Lady Eddison’s husband and son, Hugh and Roger, the son pushed his father in his wheelchair, a beautiful young socialite called Miss Robina Redmond and a Reverend known as Arnold Golightly.
 You turned to put your glass down on one of the tables, as the condensation of the cold glass was beginning to make your silk gloves wet, when a sudden eruption of applause caught your attention. 
 A blonde lady in a blue and golden embroidered frock humbly approached the group. 
 “Agatha Christie.” She said as she held out her hand to Donna, greeting her first.
 “What about her?” Donna replied as she accepted the woman’s hand.
 “That’s me.” Agatha clarified and Donna’s jaw fell slack.
 “No! You’re kidding.” Donna gasped in disbelief.
 “Agatha Christie!” The Doctor smiled as he enthusiastically shook her hand, “I was just talking about you the other day! I said, I bet she’s brilliant! I’m the Doctor, this is Donna. Oh! I love your stuff! What a mind! You fool me every time, well, almost every time, well, once or twice, well, once. But it was a good once!” 
 “You make a rather unusual couple.” Agatha observed.
 “No, we’re not married!” 
 “Yeah we’re not a couple!” 
 The Doctor and Donna spoke in unison.
 “I’d stay that way, if I were you. The thrill is in the chase, never in the capture.” Agatha advised. 
 You felt Loki’s arms slide around your waist as he pulled your back into his chest.
 “I beg to differ.” Loki whispered lowly and his lips brushed the shell of your ear, igniting a pleasurable flutter within you.
 You turned around in his arms and put your hands on his chest to push him away as you stepped back, above his sunglasses you saw his brows draw together and he opened his mouth to speak but you beat him to it.
 “How can you say for sure if you haven’t chased me yet?” You questioned him, as you continued to back away with a playful grin.
 Loki simply raised one eyebrow as he tilted his head and brought his sunglasses down his nose, to look at you from over their rim. “Is that a challenge, darling?” 
 “It might be.” You shrugged.
 “My dear, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.” Loki warned you, with a smirk that only enticed you further, so you didn’t listen.
 You immediately took off as laughter bubbled in your chest and there was an ever so slight rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins. You headed directly towards the open doors of the mansion and Loki was hot on your heel.
 Donna and the Doctor turned their heads and watched the pair of you run off after they heard you let out a squeal around uncontrollable laughter, they looked back at the party when they realised all the guests had fallen speechless over your unbecoming behaviour.
 “Young love.” Donna tilted her head and scrunched her nose in an ‘aw’ expression and it was enough to get the guests to return to their previous conversations.
 The sound of your feet heavily hitting against the tiled floor of the mansions entrance, bounced off the walls of the narrow hallway. You snatched your sunglasses off your face as your eyes adjusted to the dullness inside the mansion, in contrast to how bright it was outside. 
 Your eyes caught a grand staircase at the end of the hallway and immediately ran towards it, when your foot reached the bottom step you glanced over your shoulder to find Loki was already halfway to the stairs, his sunglasses also removed from his face and you felt a spark of adrenaline through your abdomen, spurring you on to move quicker. 
 You had to pause at the top of the stairs to momentarily catch your breath, but quickly moved on once you heard Loki’s footsteps getting closer. It was when you turned down the left corridor that you realised you made a mistake, a dead end. 
 You startled with a shriek when Loki’s arms finally caught you around the waist and he manoeuvred you so that your back was against one of the doors, you were laughing the whole time until your eyes connected with his once he caged you in and you saw the carnal desire hidden in his dilated pupils and your breath hitched.
 “So... what’s your verdict?” You questioned him, your voice breathy as you were still panting.
 “I’ll admit, the chase is certainly thrilling, however,” his tone lowered, “now that I have captured you, you’re mine to do with as I please and that is far more thrilling.” 
 You swallowed as your stomach did summersaults while tingles shot up from the base of your spine and you weren’t panting from exertion anymore.
 Instantly his mouth was moving against yours, as he fumbled with the doorknob beside your hip, to push the door behind you open. He was already supporting your weight with his arm steadily wrapped around your waist, so you wouldn’t lose your balance as he walked you into the unknown room as his lips slowly trailed from your mouth, down your jaw and to your neck. 
 While Loki was distractedly kissing you, you let your eyes flutter open to examine your surroundings, from the bookshelves that lined the walls you gathered that it was a library, as your eyes continued to roam they fell onto a large mahogany desk and then– you screeched with terror.
 “Oh my god!”
 Loki immediately lifted his head from the crook of your neck as he checked over you with wide worried eyes, seeing your stare was focused behind him, he looked over his shoulder, prepared to protect you from whatever had struck terror through you, only to find the lifeless body of an elderly man on the floor in front of the desk.
 He immediately switched your positions, so your back was turned to the body, he wrapped you in his arms and he soothed you with gentle strokes down your back.
 “We have to tell the Doctor.” You told him, once you composed yourself, you felt Loki nod in agreement as he pulled you under his arm and swiftly guided you out of the room.
 “Did you touch the body?” The Doctor urgently asked as he rushed through the door to the library. You followed in toe along with Loki, Donna, the butler and Agatha Christie.
 “No, we came to you as soon as we saw it.” You answered the Doctor, as you stood off near the corner of the room with Loki beside you, feeling a lot more calmer now that the initial shock had worn off.
 The Doctor put on a pair of glasses as he knelt over the body and examined it.
 “Bashed on the head. A blunt instrument. Watch broke as he fell, time of death was a quarter past four.” He concluded, before he rose to his feet and started searching through papers on the desk with the hope of finding more evidence.
“Nothing worth killing for in that lot. Dry as dust.” He mumbled to himself.
 “Hold on. The body in the library? I mean, Professor Peach, in the library, with the lead piping?” Donna said to the Doctor, as he continued to search through the desk and you realised you had been wrong to compare the deaths in the Dark Ages to Clue, this was literally Clue. 
 “Let me see. Gerald?!”
 “Saints preserve us!” 
 “Oh, how awful.”
 Lady Eddison, Roger, the Reverend and Miss Redmond came spilling into the room, upon hearing about the body.
 “Someone should call the police.” Agatha Christie spoke above them all.
 “You don’t have to. I’m Chief Inspector Smith, from Scotland Yard, known as the Doctor.” The Time Lord said as he held up his psychic paper for all the guests to see. “Miss Noble’s the plucky young girl who helps me out. Go into the sitting room, I will question each of you in turn.”
 “Come along. Do as the Doctor says, leave the room undisturbed.” Agatha ushered everyone out, leaving only you and Loki behind with Donna and the Doctor.
 “The plucky young girl who helps me out?” Donna repeated the Doctors words with mockery as soon as the door shut behind all the guests.
 “No policewomen in 1926.” The Doctor easily explained from where he was lying flat on his stomach on the floor, searching it for clues.
 “Doctor, why aren’t we getting the real police?” You asked as you moved towards him and Donna.
 “Well, the last thing we want is PC Plod sticking his nose in. Especially now I found this.” The Doctor shot to his feet, holding up a stick in his hand to show the three of you the residue which stuck to the end of it. “Morphic residue. It gets left behind when certain species genetically re-encode.” 
 Donna looked at you. “The murderers an alien?” 
 “Which means one of that lot is an alien in human form.” The Doctor explained as he nodded his head towards the door to signal that he meant one of the party guests.
 The Doctor began making his way out of the library and you all started following behind.
 “Think about it. There’s a murder, a mystery and Agatha Christie. Isn’t it a bit weird? Agatha Christie didn’t walk around surrounded by murders. Not really. I mean, that’s like meeting Charles Dickens and he’s surrounded by Ghosts at Christmas. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me it’s like the Murder on the Orient Express, and they all did it.” Donna spoke, as you all moved around the mansion. 
 “Murder on the Orient Express?” Agatha suddenly appeared from under one of the doorways.
 “Oh, yeah, one of your best!” Donna complimented the authors work.
 “Not quite yet.” The Doctor subtly corrected Donna.
 “Marvellous idea.” Agatha considered.
 “Yeah, tell you what, copyright Donna Noble, okay.” Donna winked at Agatha, who in return gave her a strange look.
 “Anyway! Agatha and I will question the suspects. You, Loki and Donna, search the bedrooms. Look for clues.” The Doctor instructed, before he lowered his voice to a whisper. “Anymore residue. You’ll all need one of these.” 
 The Doctor proceeded to reach into the inside pocket of his jacket and handed each of you a magnifying glass. 
 “It’s like Scooby Doo, and we’re Mystery Inc.” You said enthusiastically. 
 Loki looked at the magnifying glass like had personally offended him meanwhile you were looking at him through yours, making certain parts of his face bigger and chuckling at the results. 
 “Is this for real?” Donna asked, looking at her magnifying glass.
 “Right then! Solving a mystery with Agatha Christie, brilliant!” The Doctor smiled with excitement.
 “How like a man to have fun while there’s disaster all around him.” Agatha scoffed.
 “Sorry, yeah.” The Doctor mumbled as his smile awkwardly fell.
 You and Loki had paired up to search for clues, while Donna searched by herself. 
 “We should return of the library and see if we can find a trail of the residue to follow.” You decided. “It might lead us to some more clues.”
 “Lead the way, Detective.” Loki stepped aside and allowed you to walk ahead of him back to the library. 
 As you entered the library, your eyes momentarily lingered on the professors body in front of the desk. Sensing your hesitation, Loki put his hand on your shoulder.
 “We can search for clues in another room, if you would prefer.” He gently offered, but you shook your head.
 “No, I’m fine,” you turned to Loki so that he could see you weren’t lying. “I was just thinking, shouldn’t he be covered with a sheet or something?”
 “Why?” Loki didn’t follow.
 “It’s... dignified, I guess?” You answered without complete confidence, as you weren’t sure if that was the exact reason you saw people cover bodies with sheets in films and TV shows, but you were certain that it felt like the right thing to do and it was enough to convince Loki as he nodded.
 “I’ll get a sheet from one of the rooms, I’ll be right back.” He planted a kiss on your forehead before leaving and you turned back around to face the room to start searching.
 You searched near the fireplace and your eye caught the remains of a burnt piece of paper, it was only about the size of a bottle top but you picked it up and examined it suspecting that it might be worth interest if someone had thrown it into the fire to be destroyed.
 Using your magnifying glass to help you, you read the single word on the piece of paper and discovered it said ‘maiden.’ You kept it in your palm and rose back to your feet when you heard Loki return to the room, in his arms he carried a white sheet, which he likely stole from one of the bedrooms.
 “Find anything?” He asked, as he shook the sheet out over the professors body before he guided it down slowly until it was covering him completely.
 “A piece of paper in the fire.” You held out your glove covered palm as you approached Loki’s side and his eyes fell on it. “I figured, if someone had thrown it into the fire with the intention of destroying it, it must be of interest.” 
 Loki looked at you with a proud smirk, which caused you to beam and cast your eyes downward.
 “Would you look after it though? I don’t have any pockets.” You asked him.
 “Of course, my dear.” He took the paper from your palm between his forefinger and thumb and snuck it into the tiny pocket in his waistcoat behind his pocket watch.
 Suddenly you heard your auntie screaming and yelling for the Doctor and you immediately began running towards the sound of her voice, Loki chased behind you. 
 On your way, you caught up with the Doctor and Agatha Christie and all four of you continued running to Donna’s rescue. 
 You caught her running out of one of the bedroom doors screaming, before she abruptly pulled it shut behind her, her attention turned to the four of you as she heard the sound of your feet galloping towards her.
 “A giant wasp!” Donna cried.
 “Oh my god, is that it? I thought someone was trying to kill you.” You sighed with a mix of annoyance and relief.
 “It was!” Donna claimed dramatically.
 “Don’t be silly, it’s only a little insect.” Agatha shook her head at your auntie, who looked about ready to slap all of you.
 “When I say giant, I don’t mean big! I mean flippin’ enormous!” She raised her voice for emphasis, before she gestured to the bottom of the door. “Look at it’s sting!”
 “Oh...” Your eyes widened with realisation as they landed on the abnormally large sting that was lodged halfway through the bottom of the door. 
 There was no doubt that it would’ve killed your auntie instantly if she had been stung by it.
 “Let me see.” The Doctor pushed past to open the door and everyone followed in behind him. “It’s gone.”
 When you entered the room, the stale smell of dust immediately surrounded you, the room appeared as though it had been untouched for decades, dust and cobwebs covered almost every surface.
 The Doctor rushed to the only window in the room, which was completely smashed through, indicating that was how the giant wasp made it’s escape. You realised it was also how it made its entrance when you heard the sound of broken glass crunching beneath the Doctors shoes as he returned to the door to examine the large sting. 
 “Don’t touch it!” The Doctor warned all of you and you felt Loki’s fingers wrap around your wrist to pull you closer to his side to ensure you didn’t go anywhere near the sting.
 “Giant wasp... well, tons of amorphous insectivorous life forms, but none in this galactic vector.” The Doctor thought out loud as he pulled out a test tube and used a stick to scrape some syrup like substance that was dripping from the sting into it. 
 “It’s lost its sting though, that makes it defenceless.” Donna said, she was crouched beside the Doctor.
 “Creature this size, got to be able to grow a new one.” The Doctor told her.
 Another scream carried through the mansion which had you all immediately rushing to find its source, you and Loki held hands as you ran behind the Doctor who made it down the stairs and outside to find Lady Eddison’s personal maid on her back, one of the stone carvings of the mansion had fallen on top of her and she was barely alive. The gravel stone of the drive slid beneath the Doctor’s feet as he rushed to her side.
 You all circled around her as she struggled to say her final words. 
 “The poor... little... child.” She rasped before her head lulled to the side and her eyes fell vacant as the life drained from behind them.
 You all lifted your heads to look up when you heard the sound of loud buzzing above you and although you had seen the size of it’s sting in the door. You weren’t prepared to be greeted by the sight of a six foot long wasp hovering over you. 
 Wasps had always triggered your fight or flight and of course you could never fight a wasp so flight was always your go to, whenever you saw a wasp you would immediately put as much distance between you and it as you possibly could, often that meant running away completely and this time was no different. 
 While the Doctor, Donna and Agatha had all began running after it, you ran in the opposite direction, splitting your group into two halves and Loki didn’t hesitate in deciding you were the one he was going to follow. 
 You ran back into the safety of the mansion, sheltering yourself in a corner where you weren’t close to any doors or windows as you shook the heebie jeebies out of your body by jumping up and down on the spot and shaking out all your limbs.
 Loki caught up with you and saw your jittery dance and couldn’t control the laughter that bubbled from his throat and when you heard it, you glared at him and he brought his hand to his mouth to stifle his sniggers and tried to offer you an apologetic look.
 “I’m sorry,” he tilted his head as he slowly closed the distance between you, now that you had finally settled, “but your dance was rather amusing.”
 Another unpleasant shiver shot down your spine, causing you to shake it out as you let out a cringe. 
 “They freak me out,” you told Loki, as he placed his hand on your upper arm and stroked it to gently sooth you. “Even the normal sized ones, I can’t help it.”
 “It’s alright,” Loki assured you and you nodded.
 “I’m okay now,” you told him honestly with a smile, before you remembered your auntie and the Doctor chased after the wasp. 
 “Doctor and Donna,” you gasped. “They went after the wasp.”
 “Don’t worry, we will find them.” Loki told you before he took your hand in his, “I’m sure the Doctor has everything under control.” 
 The Doctor didn’t have everything under control. 
 You and Loki had spent a good while searching around the large mansion, mostly just getting lost and ending up in the same place more than once, when you heard a commotion coming from the staff kitchen as you were walking past it. The distinct sound of Donna and the Doctors voices carried through the kitchen and into the corridor, as they shouted hysterically at each other. 
 You and Loki paused to share a questioning glance before you quickened your paces towards the kitchen.
 “What do you want, a Harvey Wallbanger?” Your auntie shouted.
 “Harvey Wallbanger?!” The Doctor screeched, as you and Loki silently snuck into the room unnoticed.
 “Well, I don’t know!” Donna raised the pitch of her voice.
 “How is Harvey Wallbanger one word?!” The Doctor roared, causing the veins in his neck to stand prominent. He was almost doubled over and was struggling to hold himself up as he leaned against the island in the centre of the kitchen for support.
 “Salt! I was miming salt! Salt! I need something salty!” The Doctor violently shook his hand up and down as if he was shaking a salt shaker.
 “What about this?” Donna offered him a brown paper bag filled with something.
 “What is it?!” 
 “That’s too salty!” 
 “Oh, that’s too salty!” She repeated mockingly as she rolled her eyes.
 “What about this?” Agatha Christie ran over, offering the Doctor a jar of anchovies, which he immediately snatched from her and shoved its contents into his mouth.
 “What is it? What else do you need?” Donna asked the Doctor out of breath, as he began miming something else, waving both his hands wildly in the air.
“Um, it’s a song? Mammy?” Donna cried in an operatic voice. “I don’t know. Camptown Races?”
 “Camptown Races?!” The Doctor cried.
 “All right then. Towering Inferno?!” 
 “It’s a shock! Look!” He raised his hands up and waved them again. “Shock! I need a shock!” 
 “Right then. Big shock coming up!” Donna sighed as she put each of her hands on either side of the Doctors face and pulled him down for a kiss, or rather more a snog. 
 Your jaw fell slack with a gasp and your eyes widened like saucers as they staggered around like that for a while until she let him go and his head flew backwards as a large grey cloud evaporated from his lungs.
 “Detox!” The Doctor rasped, once the cloud had all gone and he wiped the back of his hand over his mouth and chin. “I must do that more often! I mean the... detox.”
 “What’s going on?” You asked, finally making your presence known as you walked further into the room.
 “Someone poisoned the Doctor. We were giving him an antidote.” Donna explained.
 “Who would to that?” You asked.
 “The wasp. They know I’m onto them.” The Doctor said, reminding you that the wasp had a human form and was likely one of the guests. It also reminded you that you had found a clue.
 “Oh, Doctor! I forgot to tell you, I found something in the library that I think might be of interest.” You told him and Loki was already fishing the charred piece of paper from out of his waistcoat pocket.
 “Brilliant! What is it?” The Doctors eyes widened as Loki handed it to him. 
 “It was in the fireplace of the library, it seems someone wanted to destroy it.” You explained, as the Doctor put on his glasses and squinted at the word on the paper.
 “Maiden!” He shouted as if he had a realisation, causing everyone in the room to startle, except for Loki, who you realised wasn’t easily surprised. “What does that mean?” 
 Everyone sighed with disappointment, having thought the Doctor might have been onto something, only to realise he was as clueless as the rest of you. 
 “We’re still no further forward. Our nemesis remains at large.” Agatha remarked.
 A thunder clap made you jump and you put your palm over your chest to calm your spiked heartbeat. Night had fallen and with it it had brought a terrible storm. Lady Eddison had promised to host all her guests for the night and now you were all sat in her dining room around a large table, eating the starter of the meal which she had her cooks prepare.
 Naturally you were sat next to Loki, Donna and the Doctor were sat beside each other on the opposite side of the table and Lady Eddison at the head, while her husband, Hugh, was sat at the bottom. All the other guests occupied the rest of the dining chairs.
 “I don’t believe we have been introduced.” Miss Redmond, the young socialite, said to Loki from where she was sat next to him, on his opposite side to you.
 “We weren’t.” Loki stated, as he focused on his spoon full of soup as he brought it to his lips.
 “I’m Robina,” Miss Redmond smiled at Loki, and you watched closely from his other side, beginning to feel a heaviness creep on your chest, but you willed yourself to ignore it as you deemed it irrational, she was just being friendly.
 “I’m Loki,” He replied, before he leaned back in his chair so he was no longer blocking her view of you and placed his hand over yours which was resting on top of the dining table. “And this is my beloved.” He introduced you.
 As soon as Miss Redmonds eyes fell on you, her smile dropped and she returned to her soup. 
 “A terrible day for all of us. The Professor struck down. Lady Eddison’s maid Miss Chandrakala, cruelly taken from us. And yet, we still take dinner.” The Doctor commented. 
 “We are British, Doctor. What else must we do?” Lady Eddison answered him, holding a crystal glass filled with red wine.
 “Then someone tried to poison me.” The Doctor continued, “anyone of you had the chance to put cyanide in my drink.” Everyone at the table remained silent, as they became increasingly interested their meal in front of them. “But it rather gave me an idea.” 
 “And what would that be?” The Reverend, Arnold Golightly, boldly asked the Doctor.
 “Well. Poison. Drink up!” The Doctor casually stated, and everyone at the table immediately choked on their mouthfuls or dropped their spoons, yourself included as your eyes widened and stared at the Doctor, wondering if he had lost his mind.
 “I’ve laced the soup with pepper.” The Doctor clarified and your shoulders slumped with relief. “But the active ingredient of pepper is piperine. Traditionally used as an insecticide.”
 Your lips parted with realisation of the Doctors clever plan and you let your eyes roam around the dining table, trying to spot which one looked the most alarmed.
 “Anyone got the shivers?” The time lord taunted, before a thunderous clap blew the windows open which sent a chilling draft through the room and blew out all the candles, plunging the room into darkness. 
 You immediately tightened your hand around Loki’s, as they were still intertwined on the top of the dining table, when you heard a buzzing fill the pitch black room.
 “Listen! Listen!” The Doctor instructed, drawing all the other guests attentions to the sound of the wasps buzz.
 “No. It can’t be...” Lady Eddison whispered as a clash of lightning briefly lit up the room, your eyes frantically bounced around taking advantage of the fleeting moment of visibility but you could not see any six foot long wasp.
 “Nobody move!” The Doctor ordered, when he heard the legs of a chair push back against the hard wood floor beneath them, but they elected to ignore the Doctor as the sound of footsteps filled the room. “No, don’t! Stay where you are!” 
 Another clap of lightning allowed you the ability to see just long enough, to this time catch a glimpse of the giant wasp, hovering above the dining table and you screeched. 
 You felt Loki tugging on your hand and realised he was now standing and you quickly pushed yourself out of your chair too, once you were by his side, Loki began guiding you out of the dining room as urgently and as safely as he was able.
 “Out! Out! Out!” You heard the Doctor shout at everyone else from behind you, as multiple chairs screeched against the floor and the sound of more frantic footsteps filled the unlit room. 
 Loki soon found the door and opened it to reveal the lit hallway, allowing light to faintly leak into the shadowy dining room and soon the other guests were following yours and Loki’s lead. 
 Donna, the butler, and then Agatha and the Doctor, who snatched one of the decorative swords off of the wall for protection.
 “Well, we know the butler didn’t do it.” Donna gasped, out of breath.
 “Then who did?” The Doctor asked no one in particular, as he returned to the dining room with his sword raised and you all followed behind him.
 One of the waiters had found the switch to the lights and the room was once again illuminated, the first thing you realised upon entering was that the buzzing had stopped and the giant wasp was nowhere to be seen. The Reverend and Hugh were both on the floor, Hugh’s wheelchair was tipped over, he must’ve fallen out of it during the chaos. 
 “My jewellery.” Your eyes fell on Lady Eddison who was clasping at her now bare neck. “The firestone, it’s gone. Stolen!”
 Your attention was quickly diverted to Miss Redmond as she let out a scream, muffled from behind her own hand and it didn’t take you long to find the cause, as your eyes fell to Lady Eddison’s son, Roger, slumped face down into his bowl of soup with a dagger lodged between his shoulder blades.
 “My son. My child.” Lady Eddison cried, as she approached his lifeless body. Once she reached him, she leaned over him as she sobbed uncontrollably into his shoulder.
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Could you write something with the prompt 24 (the second image) with loki and fem!reader pleaseee?😊
Thank you for the request love ❤️
Tumblr media
That day (Y/n) had accompanied Sif and the Warriors Three to New Mexico to warn Thor. Her motives for the trip were not quite the same being as the threat was her boyfriend. She had planned to plead to Thor and convince him to exile them so they could have somewhat of a normal life. She anxiously waited along side Jane Foster that day.
Over the next couple months they dealt with their heart break together while (y/n) made plans of making a home on this planet. Shield offered her a position and even though she didn’t know it she was added to the Avengers protocol. She made quick work of saving up for her own apartment and moving to New York City. No matter how hard she tried she wasn’t able to throw herself far enough into her work that she forgot of her Asgardian prince. There weren’t many nights that he didn’t fill her dreams.
“I know Darcy I’m just not ready for that kind of thing yet.” (Y/n) said into her phone. “I know this thing with losing Loki and the bifrost seemingly being destroyed sucks but if you’re gonna love here now you should at least be happy.” Her best friend responded. “I am happy here Darcy, I have you and Jane and work.” (Y/n) smiled pressing some buttons on her microwave. “Microwave popcorn again? “ Darcy asked amused. “Yeah your planets form of magic is just so fascinating.” (Y/n) told her.
Once the popcorn was done (Y/n) made her way into the living room and resting on her couch. “Okay I’ve got to go but we’re still on for tomorrow night yeah?” Darcy asked. “Yep I’ll he ready to go out tomorrow at six.” (Y/n) responded with a sigh. Darcy said a happy goodbye before the two ended their call. (Y/n) began to flip through the channels looking for something entertaining.
Before she could find anything interesting her phone began to ring again except this time it was Phil Coulson’s number. (Y/n) stared at the screen confused, sure they spoke at work but he hadn’t called her since he recruited her for Shield. This could be about the Avengers initiative he spoke of but everyone said that was shot down. Although the call could mean there was a terrible threat. Taking a deep breath she decided just to answer the call.
“Hello Coulson.”
“(Y/n) hello I was calling to talk to you about that Avengers initiative we talked about. We’re gonna need it here coming up.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m afraid that Thor’s brother is on earth and he’s planning on taking over the world. You’re my first call because I know you shared some sort of connection to Loki we’re hoping that could be useful right now.
“Loki is here on Earth?”
“Yes he’s got some sort of scepter and he’s controlling Selvig and Barton with it. They’re in danger and we need your help.”
(Y/n) blood ran cold and her heart was racing. Loki was here on earth and he was planing on taking it over? “I’m sorry I can’t help you on this one Coulson I’m so sorry.” She apologized hanging up the phone and tossing it aside. She brought her knees up to her chest biting on one of her nails. She had been dreaming of Loki showing up here safely but not like this.
Tumblr media
(Y/n)’s phone began to ring pulling her attention away from the kettle on the stove. Since Coulson had filled her in on Loki’s imprisonment her heart dropped whenever she heard the sound. She let out a breath of relief seeing Darcy’s picture. “Are you watching the news?” She asked the second (Y/n) accepted the FaceTime. “No why?” She asked her heart suddenly racing again.
“Go turn it on you wanna see this.” Her best friend responded. (Y/n) turned off her stove and took a seat on her couch flipping on the local news network. The second the screen showed a familiar face off in the distance her remote crashed to the floor. “Is that really Loki? Thor’s brother the one you were dating?” Darcy asked confused.
(Y/n) nodded unable to form words as her eyes filled with tears. "You should call Jane to see if she's okay, looks like Thor is there too." she whispered out. "You sure if you'll be okay?" Darcy asked worry lacing her voice. "Yeah, love I'll be fine I'll call later." (Y/n) whispered hanging up the phone after Darcy's goodbye. She focused her attention back on the battle that was happening in New York.
The only actual words she picked up on from the reporter were the awful adjectives she was using to describe her old boyfriend. She referred to him as a villain, evil, a monster. This was the same man that (Y/n) had been dating not that long ago. That 'monster' was the man that she had spent many evenings cuddling in bed as he read to her, the man who brought her breakfast in bed, the man whom she had loved. Her Loki was attacking New York, trying to take over this world.
The anxiety was weighing on her chest like a ton of bricks, she just wasn't sure if it was anxiety for the chance of him winning the fight or losing it. The people that Thor was fighting with seemed to be winning against Loki's army. After a few minutes, it seemed that the Avengers as they were called had beaten Loki, and people along with the reporters were cheering for them. (Y/n) waiting anxiously praying to see them taking Loki away in some kind of handcuff. She silently begged for him to be okay.
A man appearing to work for Shield stepped in to answer the reporter's questions as to not give away too much information. (Y/n) didn't listen too attentively to the man's words still scanning the background for any sign of Loki's fate. "It's not to worry we know Thor will be able to track down Loki, he's heavily injured so he won't be able to get far." she heard the man utter. "He's alive." She whispered letting a few tears fall down her face. He was alive but must've used his magic to get away.
A sudden knock on her door caused her to flinch in fear not expecting the noise. Her eyes stared at the door in fear as she made her way over. As she got closer there was another much weaker knock. Her heart was racing and she didn't quite know how to feel if he truly was there. Looking through her peephole she couldn't make out anyone to be standing there meaning they were standing out of view.
With a deep breath, she opened the door causing the man who was leaned against it almost to fall forward. "Loki." She couldn't help but gasp out. "I-I'm sorry darling I didn't know where else to go." He said with pain weighing heavy in his voice. The usually confident god had barely gotten out the words before he collapsed. (Y/n) made quick work of catching his body struggling to move him to her couch.
Her eyes stared at the man laid across her couch, almost not believing what she saw in front of her. Loki was badly beaten and covered in some bad wounds from the fight but he showed other signs of pain. His eyes were red and tired when they were open minutes ago, he had heavy eye bags, it was as if he was a fraction of the powerful god that he left her as. Forcing herself to move she made quick work of grabbing her first aid kit and cleaning him up. Thankfully his external wounds were minor and easy to get patched up.
Her eyes never left him, she stayed sat on her carpeted floor watching him as if he'd disappear the moment she looked away. Surely Thor would find out where he was but (Y/n) hoped that it would take him enough time so she could get some answers. "No, no please not her." He suddenly mumbled in his semi-unconscious state. (Y/n)'s eyes focused on his face curious as to what he was talking about in his dream. "Please don’t hurt her!" he said before screaming and sitting up suddenly awake.
"Hey it's okay you're safe here." She whispered gently placing her hand on his shoulder. He tried steadying his breathing looking around the room for any sign of threat. When he couldn't see any he calmed down resting against the back of the couch. "You should have become a nurse on this planet." Loki said weakly. (Y/n) didn't have to force the small smile she got hearing him.
With his eyes open once again she could see the pain behind his confident features. She cautiously took a seat next to him trying to focus her eyes anywhere but his face. "I'm sorry about all this my love." he whispered taking her hand into his own. (Y/n) opened her mouth trying to find the words to say but before they came Loki spoke up again. “I’m so sorry I let you down, I became the monster everyone saw in me.
(Y/n) knew she should be upset she truly did but hearing the heart ache in his voice kept her anger at bay. "I was worried you were dead, I’m so glad you’re okay.” She whispered honestly. Loki started at her in disbelief of how much she truly loved him. “Not for much longer now that I’ve failed.” Loki said quietly. “Thor wouldn’t kill you, he’ll take us both to Asgard and you’ll be imprisoned.” She said confused. Loki let out a small scoff.
“I’m afraid it’s not him I’m worried about.” Loki said sadly. “You were yelling in your sleep is that who you’re talking about?” She asked looking up at him again. Loki nodded closing his eyes trying to keep his composure. “You’ll be safe on Asgard though won’t you?” She asked getting more worried. Loki opened his eyes looking at the fearful expression on her face.
“I’m afraid not love the one who’s after me will get me eventually it’s just a matter of when and how.” He sighed while being his hand hand to her face. His thumb rested on her cheek as he looked into her beautiful eyes. “I’m glad I got to see you one last time before I go.” He whispered. “Don’t be stupid Loki I’ll come with you both to Asgard, Thor and I can protect you.” (Y/n) said smiling at him. “Not from him love but I appreciate your bravery, may I be so bold as to ask to hold you before Thor arrives?” He asked.
(Y/n) nodded trying to blink away her tears as she crawled into his lap holding him carefully. “I’ve missed you my prince.” She whispered into his neck. “I’ve missed you too my love.” He smiled kissing the top of her head. “How did you know where I was?” (Y/n) asked suddenly curious. “They had me held at Shield for a while I took a peak at your file before I left.” He responded hoping to spare her of the other details around that day at least for now.
She sat up some allowing them to be face to face. “Thor will be here soon I imagine.” He whispered. Before she could change her own mind she quickly pressed her lips against his. The kiss was long as they both reveled in a feeling they thought was long gone. When they pulled apart there were tears on both their cheeks.
Neither of them were sure how long they sat there staring at each other but they were only interrupted by a heavy knock. “Let’s go home my prince.” (Y/n) smiled. Except Loki frowned back at her shaking his head. “I’m afraid for your own safety you need to stay here love. You have a life here and friends and you’ll be safer than if you’re by my side.” He answered.
(Y/n ) moved off his lap to where she was standing on her floor. “What Loki Asgard is my home, I belong there with both of you.” She protested. Loki stood up shakily in front of her. “Please my love I need you to be here where you’re safe.” He begged. (Y/n) stared at him tears in her eyes as she shook her head.
“I want to go with you Loki please.” She whispered. Loki pressed another loving kiss against her lips before resting their foreheads together. “Forgive me for this.” He whispered before making his way to the door. (Y/n) went to follow him but her feet wouldn’t move. He had used his magic to force her to stay where she was.
She pulled and pulled trying to get her feet to move but she was stuck glued in her spot. She could hear Loki and Thor exchange some words before they were gone and the enchantment was up. (Y/n) quickly scrambled to the door seeing no sight of them anywhere. Her silent tears fell from her face hitting the pavement as she sat on her own doorstep. She saw a car pull into the driveway but didn’t have the energy or desire to care at all.
“Hey (y/n) figured you could use some company.” Darcy said softly as she took a seat next to her. “He’s gone.” (Y/n) choked out through a broken sob. Darcy gently wrapped her arm around her trying to bring any comfort. “At least you got some closure finally.” Her best friend said trying to offer up support. (Y/n) nodded setting her head on Darcy’s shoulder.
“Jane’s pretty pissed at Thor if it helps.” Darcy joked making (y/n) laugh a little. “Let’s go have some drinks at her place and be pissed at men together.” (Y/n) laughed getting up from the ground. Darcy nodded linking their arms as they walked to the car. Loki had been right about one thing Earth was her new home. She just hoped she could move on from the loss of him eventually.
Besides at least he would be home safe. At least he was alive... For now.
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marvel-sluts · 3 days ago
Hey bestie! I was wondering if you could write a fem!reader x mob boss!loki where she lives in a shitty part of town so she makes fake id/marriage license that shes the bosses wife to keep creepy guys away, and it doesn't even matter because loki'll never find out...right?
So then shes at the bar trying to get these guys to leave her alone but then loki shows up and plays along? Thanks!😘
fake ID's and creepy men
Tumblr media
pairing: mob boss!loki x fem!reader
warnings: swearing, creepy guys.
summary: you and your friend comes up with the idea to get fake ID's to be the mob bosses wife to get guys to leave you alone, somehow this ends up getting you a date with the mob boss himself.
a/n: I feel like I always say this but I'm sorry for being so late! I'm honestly behind on life at the minute. thanks for requesting though, I always appreciate it. enjoy! <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
"I'm so fucking fed up of men." your friend, Grace said as she entered your apartment.
"I can't believe you said that I was married to the mob boss." you laughed, pulling off your shoes.
"it worked didn't it? he fucked right off." she said, plopping herself down on your sofa. "you know, we should get fake ID's."
"why? we are already legal." you said, sitting down next to her.
"I know that, I mean fake ID's saying that you actually are Loki's wife. that way the men will leave both of us alone." Grace said, swinging her legs over yours
"why me though? why can't you get one?" you asked.
"because you look more the part, also I have a tenancy to get very drunk and leave with some guy. that wouldn't be very believable." she said, shrugging.
"true, okay. let's do it." you said, turning on the TV and choosing a movie.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
"hey baby, let me buy you a drink." some creepy guy said, sliding into the seat next to you.
you groaned internally, making a mental note to give Grace hell for being late.
"no thank you." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"come on beautiful, just one drink." one of his mates said from the other side of you. you hadn't even realised he was there.
"sorry, I have a husband." you said, beginning to freak out as three more guys from the same group came up to your table.
"I'm sure he wouldn't mind." the first guy said, placing his hand on your lower back, making you tense up.
"really? do you know who my husband is?" you snapped, hoping that you had remembered your fake ID.
"whoever he is, I doubt he will mind us having a little fun." one of the other guys said.
"he would definitely mind, my husband is Loki Laufeyson." you said, feigning confidence.
you watched as the colour drained from their faces, there isn't a person in this town who doesn't know that name.
"I doubt it, prove it baby. if you can't prove it then we get to buy you a drink." one of the braver men said.
you pulled out your fake ID and marriage certificate and handed it to one of the closets guys.
"there, now will you please leave me alone." you said, reaching for the documents back.
"I doubt that's real baby, come on let me buy you a drink." one of them said, getting far too close for comfort.
"excuse me? why are you bothering my wife?" a voice came from behind the group. the men scattered quickly, all of them murmering apologies. you turned in your seat to see the mob boss, Loki.
"hello darling, we're those men giving you trouble?" Loki asked, taking the seat next to you and swinging an arm around your shoulder casually. "have they gone?" he whispered.
you looked behind you before answering. "yeah." you stuttered. "sorry for lying about who I was, I just thought that you'd never find out a-and me and my friends thought that it was a good idea to get creepy men to leave us alone." you said quickly, voice shaking.
"it's fine, honestly. I understand why you did it and I'm sure your not the only one with a fake ID to be my wife." he responded with a chuckle.
"oh o-okay." you stuttered, very aware of his arm that was still wrapped around your shoulders.
"are you by yourself or meeting with someone?" he asked, looking down at you with a smile.
"my friend is supposed to be meeting me here, but she's running late. she said she's about ten minutes away." you murmured, raising your glass to your lips.
"well I can't have my wonderful wife sitting by herself. how about I keep you company until your friend comes." he offered.
"only if you want to." you said, shocked that the feared mafia boss was offering to do something so sweet.
"don't look so shocked darling, I may be one of the most feared men in this city but it doesn't mean that I don't have a heart." he chuckled, gazing at you with his piercing blue eyes.
"it's not that, I just thought that you would be busy or something." you said feebly.
"don't worry about it darling, although I do have one question. do guys bother you like that often?" he asked curiously.
"yeah, a fair amount. that's why I decided to get a fake ID, it was my friends idea actually." you said. "now it's my turn to ask a question, why did you save me from those men? there must be hundreds of women in this bar that need someone to do that for them. do you do it for everyone?"
"I don't do it for everyone, I just thought that a pretty woman like yourself is far too good for scum like that. to be perfectly honest I had been working up the courage to talk to you for a while, when I saw those men bothering you I thought it would be a good excuse to talk to you. that and I didn't want their filthy hands all over you." he said, looking down slightly.
"I'm assuming you overheard me saying I was your wife then." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"yeah, I thought-"
"y/n! sorry I'm late, my boss kept me late. he's such a dick." Grace said, sliding into the seat on the other side of you. "who's this- oh"
"Grace this is Loki, Loki this is Grace." you said, giggling slightly at her shocked face.
"Loki? as in the loki?" Grace asked, grabbing your drink and taking a sip out of it.
"hey! get your own drink and yes, the Loki." you said, grabbing the glass from her and finishing it.
"I should probably be going, it was nice meeting you darling." he said, standing up and slipping a piece of paper into the pocket of your jacket. he winked at you before turning away and heading towards a table of men in suits, obviously waiting for him.
"how the hell did you get talking to him?" Grace asked, leaning forwards and placing her elbows on the table.
"I dunno, it just sort of happened." you said, smiling down at the card you had fished out of your pocket. here's my phone number darling, maybe we can get coffee some time? it read. you tucked the card safely back into your pocket before turning back to Grace, smiling at her as she wiggled her eyebrows at your lovesick face.
"oh shut up you." you said, hitting her arm lightly.
"I didn't say anything!" she protested.
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anonymousfiction211 · 3 days ago
We saw Loki watch y/n cry after his "death", let's reverse roles. Y/n runs happily to him, thinking they won, hugging him, when an arrow goes straight through her heart. He quickly catches her. He can heal her right? He tries but it's hurting her even more. All he can do is watch as his s/o died in his arms. He was going to propose to her. One last I Love You before his brother force him up. He sees her around his room, but she's not really there. He is, with that pain always in his chest.
Word count: 1.982 words Warnings: Angst and death A/N: Not going to lie, it broke my heart a little just thinking about Loki losing his s/o. Thanks for the request, hope you like it!
What’s happening? The battle was gruesome, but it was almost done. The dark elves were almost wiped from the battlefield. Luckily for Loki, cause he had big plans tonight. He became nervous just thinking about it. He still had to write the speech he would give you. Even with his sense for words, he had failed to find the right ones to express how much you meant to him. Turning his thoughts back to the battle he saw that victory was within hand’s reach. He watched as his brother’s hammer knocked down the last remaining elves. He rolled his eyes when he saw his brother show off as always. He quickly searched the battlefield for you. He had lost you half way through the battle, but knew you were able to handle yourself. You were strong and a force not to be messed with, he loved that about you. When he looked around he didn’t see you anywhere. He started to panic. You wouldn’t gotten hurt, right? Or worse? No, no, you wouldn’t. Then he heard your voice and he relaxed immediately. ‘Loki!’ you yelled at him from on top of the hill next to him. He looked up and saw you quickly ran down the hill towards him. He started to ran towards you, he couldn’t wait to have you safe in his arms again. And hopefully after tonight you would be in his arms for the rest of his life. A big smile appeared on your face when you saw him running towards you, and he matched your smile.
Loki stopped in his tracks right at the bottom off the hill opened his arms widely. You were close and he knew how much you liked to jump in his arms. He would catch you and not let you go for a very long time. He froze when he heard you cry out hard, a sudden feeling of pain shot through his chest when he heard the horrible sound. It happened all so fast. He saw an arrow through your heart. Blood started to soak your clothes red and you fell down hard. He heard a sadistic laugh and saw an elf on top of the hill with a bow. The elf was knocked down immediately with a lightning blast. Realizing what had happened Loki immediately rushed to your side. You had pulled the arrow from you and turned on your back. Your breathing was ragged and tears were starting to stream down your cheeks. ‘NO, NO, NO he yelled while examining your wound. ‘Ssh, darling I got you’ he tried to sooth you. He immediately started to work his seidr. He would heal you, he had done it plenty times before. But his wound was more serious than all the others, but if he focused he could do it. He must, he had no other choice.
He was shocked when you started to cry in agony. ‘Hold on, hold on.. I can do this. Just hold on, I can do this’ he started to chant over and over again. He felt you grab his hand and he looked at you. ‘Loki..’ you whispered to him in a weak voice. ‘No, don’t. Don’t you dare!’ you squeezed his hand tighter and he knew he couldn’t fix this. He felt his tears started to flow freely. He held you closer to him ‘I’m so sorry’ he cried. ‘It’s okay, love. Just look at me’ you told him. He gazed into your beautiful blue eyes, you were clearly in pain but your look was full of love when his eyes met yours. ‘Listen, there was nothing you could have done!’ you told him sternly. His mind was racing, if he just abandoned his station and searched for you. If he just saw the elf sooner, if only he… he was interrupted when he felt your hand brushing away the tears from is cheeks. ‘Don’t blame yourself, this wasn’t your fault’ you tried to reassure him. ‘Darling, you can’t leave me. Please don’t leave me’ he begged of you. ‘It’s my time, I guess. Sorry to ruin your surprise tonight’ you chuckled. You smiled weakly at him ‘Hush love, this isn’t forever. I will see you again in Valhalla’ you told him.  
He felt your body starting to get colder. You hadn’t much time he realized. He kissed your lips, knowing it would be the last time he could. He poured everything he had into that last kissed. For he loved you more than anything in the world. The way you looked at him like he was the only person in the room. The way you talked, walked and had stood by him through everything. The way your cunning mind challenged him and how you weren’t afraid to speak your thoughts. How your body felt pressed against him in bed, your lips against his. How you trusted him completely, which to Loki was amazing. Nobody trusted him, but you did blindly. When Loki felt your body starting to grow limb he broke the kiss. Your hand retracted from his cheek ‘Don’t forget how much I love you. Until I see you again, my trickster’ you smirked at him. ‘I love you too’ he whispered defeated. He saw your eyes closing and how you exhaled your final breath. Loki just held you and cuddled you closer, he couldn’t stop crying. How could he ever leave you here? How could he live on without you? Why would he even want to? He didn’t know how much time had passed. But his eyes were starting to hurt. He felt his brother’s hand on his shoulder ‘I’m so sorry, brother’ he whispered to him. He felt Thor drag him on his feet, it startled him. He tried to pull out of his grasp, he wasn’t leaving you. ‘Maybe we can do something, there surely must be something to be done! Some people can come back’ he started to argue. Thor’s grip around him tightened ‘We must go brother, it won’t be long before more elves come’. He felt a harsh wind around him and saw the bright colours of the Bifrost. ‘NOOO’ he screamed. I can’t, not without her!
Loki let out a hard sob and jolted awake. He sat up straight. He noticed that he was covered in sweat and his cheeks were wet. He was breathing rapidly. His eyes scanned the room he was in. It was his own room. Why did he dream that? he wondered. He quickly used his seidr to make himself presentable and searched his room again for you. A wave of relief washed over him when he saw you sitting on his bed reading a book. You looked up at him ‘Why so sad, trickster?’ The sound of your voice calmed him down. It was only a dream he told himself. He was probably just nervous about tonight. You got up from the bed and sat down next to him on the couch. ‘What’s wrong, love?’ Loki pulled his hands through his hair, trying to wrap his mind around the strange dream. ‘Nothing, just a nightmare. I- I thought I had lost you on the battlefield with the elves last year’ he whispered. Thinking back about the dream his chest started to hurt again. He heard you giggle ‘Like you could ever lose me. I’m afraid you’re stuck with me. Even if that had happened you know I would just come back to haunt you’ Loki laughed ‘I’m sure you would’ Loki finally fully calmed down. ‘Do you want to postpone your surprise tonight? To get some more rest?’ you asked him. ‘No, but to be honest I can’t wait anymore’ after his nightmare he needed to know that you would be by his side forever. He got up and pulled the little box from the jacket he was wearing. He inhaled deeply and bent down to one knee before you.
‘(Y/N)’ he began. ‘I’ve tried to write this speech a hundred times, but I’m starting to think that the words I could use to express how I feel about you don’t exist. Still, I’m going to try. When I saw you I immediately fell for you. You’re sweet, charming, funny and your mind is cunning. I don’t know how, but everyday I fall more and more in love with you. You make my life brighter and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I promise you to love you for the rest of my life and to treat you like the queen you are’ He took another deep breath, the nerves were getting to him. ‘Will you make me the happiest man in the Nine Realms and marry me?’ he asked. He opened the box with a golden ring inside of it. The ring was shaped like a snake almost biting it’s own tail, with a small green diamond for the eyes. You gasped when you saw the ring and tears were starting to form in your eyes. You looked at him like the world around you didn’t exist. ‘Yes, of course I’ll marry you’ you answered in a high pitched voice, your voice when you were excited. He was so relieved to hear you say those words, you would be his wife, his queen, forever. ‘I was planning to do this tonight at a candle light dinner on top of the hill, facing the sunset. But I just couldn’t wait any longer’ He laughed at your giddy excitement. ‘Afraid you would lose me?’ you smirked at him. He knew you were teasing but the comment hurt him physically. ‘Always’ he whispered. How could he not? You were everything to him, life would be pointless without you in it. When he looked up at you, you gave him a reassuring smile. ‘When you put this ring on my finger you can stop being afraid. I’ll always be here’ you reassured him. He took the ring from the box and put it around your ringfinger.
Suddenly wholes with green shimmers started to form on your body. You started to disappear in front of him and the green shimmer started to spread around his entire room. He didn’t understand, his room looked like an absolute mess and you were gone. The ring felt on the ground and the sound was deafening to Loki. Was this some sort of attack? He started to panic How did you disappear? Were you kidnapped? Were you okay? He turned around when he heard someone clear his throat. He saw his brother standing in the door opening. He was relieved to see him, he could help him. ‘THOR!’ he yelled. ‘We need to find (Y/N), I don’t know what happened but she just disappeared and..’  he was cut of when Thor walked towards him and grabbed both his shoulders. ‘W- what’s happening? Why aren’t you doing something?’ Loki asked him. The expression of his brother’s face made the pain in his chest increase. ‘Brother…she’s gone’ he spoke with a sad voice. He heard your scream of agony in the back of his mind. Loki stared in shock at his brother ‘No, she’s not. She was JUST HERE!’ he screamed at him. He grabbed Thor’s shoulders and started to shake him a little, hoping to put some sense in him ‘Help me find her! She has to be somewhere. She couldn’t have gone far. We need to get her back! JUST HELP ME!’ he begged his brother. Loki realized he was crying, why was he crying? He would find her, everything will turn out fine. He tried to explain to his brother what happened again ‘I just proposed, we are going to get married. She just vanished, someone took her from me!’ he yelled. His brother looked worryingly at him and he tightened his grip on Loki’s shoulder ‘Loki, you need to stop this. You’re starting to forget what’s real’
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give-me-a-moose · 4 days ago
Do You Accept?
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Words: 8,065
Summary: If you had a choice, you would spend the rest of your life by his side. You knew him. You took pride in being one of the only people who could read him so well. You saw him for what he was. You saw every dark impulse, every cruel smirk. You did not shy away from it. It called to you and soothed every corner of your soul.
Note: This is the product of me watching the Avengers movies and The Borgias before bed. This is a little darker than I typically write. I will try to tag accordingly, but let me know if I missed anything and I will add them.
Warnings: Discussions of dark personalities. Vague descriptions of marital abuse and rape. Angst with a happy ending. 
Tumblr media
If he was pressed, Loki would assume it happened in childhood. This deep desire to keep you by his side had been around for as long as he could remember. The righteous jealousy he felt whenever Thor tried to get you to play with him had been overpowering for a child his age. What was worse, was how you encouraged him. He would bask in your delighted giggles every time he grabbed your wrist and dragged you away from the other children. He could feel the way your eyes focused on him intently whenever he showed you a trick his mother had taught him. He yearned for the way his heart stopped whenever you pulled him into an innocent embrace. 
As far as Loki was concerned, you were always his.
As the years went on, his jealous nature became possessive as well. When adolescence reared its ugly head and the other boys began to take notice of you, he did whatever he had to to scare them off. With snarled words or horrifying illusions, they would eventually stop coming around you. He expected you to be cross with him, but you never were. Every time you would smile and wrap your arms around him and praise him as your hero. The slighted suitors began to refer to him as your captor, but never had there been a happier prisoner.
The first time he kissed you, he had half expected you to pull away. The other half expected you to simply stand there and allow him to take what he wanted. Even in his wildest dreams he could not have imagined the way you melted into his touch. The way your body instantly betrayed itself to give him complete control. His darker nature delighted in the slight whine you gave when he first nipped at your lip. When you finally pulled away, your cheeks flushed and eyes dark, one word went through his mind as if on a loop.
Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine....
When he took you to his bed for the first time, there wasn’t a shred of hesitation. If anything, you seemed adorably frustrated that it had taken him so long. Together you explored an entire world from the safety of his bedchambers, and your appetites only grew the more you indulged yourselves. You graciously received every restraint, every mark, every ounce of pleasure and pain as if they were your birthright. You were so good at receiving, but when the time came for you to give you did not shy away. Everytime you willingly gave yourself to him, it was as natural to you as breathing. It was as if you knew, even back then, that you belonged to him. He wanted nothing more than to possess you. Heart, body, and soul.
The first time he heard whispers of you at court, he had been filled with fury. Vile rumors about what the two of you did spread like wildfire. Nasty names were assigned to you. Loki raged to you about how he would cut off the tongues of those who disparaged your name. You had closed your eyes and sighed in pleasure. He began to notice other signs as well. The glint in your eyes when he threatened a would be suitor. The twitch of your lip whenever he confided in you about his newest scheme. You loved it. You loved being at the center of his every whim and desire. You loved the claim you had on him. 
He belonged to you just as much as you belonged to him. 
When your father first told you the news, you had laughed. You knew your father hated the way you were living your life. You knew how the whispers around Asgard wounded his dignity. However, you could never bring yourself to care. You were far too happy to worry about things like honor. If your father thought he could marry you off to some merchant on a Vanaheim, you would leave him to his delusions. 
That was until he told you that Odin had approved of the match. 
No one could disobey Odin. On Asgard and throughout the nine realms, his word was law. If not higher than law. Perhaps Loki’s name and nature could scare off any suitor who vied for your hand, but Odin’s orders would overrule them. If Odin wanted you married, you would be married. Regardless of how you felt about it. 
When you were children, Loki swore he would marry you one day. But you were no longer a child, and you were far from stupid. Loki was a Prince of Asgard. When he married, it wasn’t going to be to someone the likes of you. Perhaps that was why Odin supported your match. Perhaps he had a match in mind for Loki, and Odin needed you gone. Far, far away from Asgard.
But in his heart, you knew Loki’s was yours. Just as much as you were his. Devoted, body and soul. 
If you had a choice, you would spend the rest of your life by his side. You knew him. You took pride in being one of the only people who could read him so well. You saw him for what he was. You saw every dark impulse, every cruel smirk. You did not shy away from it. It called to you and soothed every corner of your soul. 
Your father had found a way to take that feeling away from you. You hated him for it. You would hate him until the day you died. But, hating your father would not change the outcome. Tomorrow morning, you were to leave for Vanaheim. You were to be married that very day.
You took the morning to cry and mourn the life you would be leaving the next day. 
In the afternoon you considered escaping.
By the time night fell, and you made your way to Loki’s chambers, you had accepted your fate. 
Now, you just had to make Loki accept it as well. 
Loki always had a temper. You had seen him fall to rage countless times. You knew better than to try and calm him right away. While he would never turn that rage onto you, you knew that he needed to let it out. Only when he turned to you again, would you begin to soothe him. It was your most prized skill. 
He paced across his chambers, growling to himself. You watched him from one where you reclined on his bed. You broke the news to him over some wine. The glass had shattered in his hand instantly. He didn’t say a word to you for minutes. 
“That bastard.” Loki seethed, “I do not care if he is your father, I will kill him.”
“I wish you would.” you mused, a tired smile on your face.  
Loki turned to you, that dangerous look in his eye. It made you shiver from your place on his sheets. It was the look that promised to give you everything your heart wanted. Even what your mind was too afraid to ask for. 
“Do not tempt me.” his voice lowered. 
You did your best not to giggle at his command. In that moment, you decided to act selfishly. Your attempts to soothe Loki could wait. For now, you would partake in your other favorite activity. You would provoke him. 
“It would not change anything. Your father is the one who gave his approval.” 
Loki cursed out loud, “Why would he do such a thing?” 
“He probably wants you to marry.” you moved to lay on your side, to better watch him.
“I will never marry.” Loki quickly avowed. 
“My love, you must. It will be your duty as a prince.” 
“I swore I would marry no one except you.” 
“We were children, Loki. I free you from that oath.” 
Loki turned his sight on you. The rage radiated from every inch of him. He abandoned the path he paced in and stalked toward the foot of the bed. Your heart began to race, but not in fear. Never in fear. Never with him.
“Enough. No tricks, and no games. Tell me truly. How are you fine with this?” 
“We were foolish to think this would not happen. I cannot rely on being your whore forever.” you laughed mirthlessly.
His eyes flashed dangerously, “Do not call yourself that. You are not a whore. You are mine.” 
“And that is precisely why no one on Asgard will have me. That is why my father must sell me to a Vanir.”
Loki opened his mouth to protest, but you stood and pressed a finger against his lips.
“You are the only one who will hold my heart this way. Believe me when I say that. But there are duties and obligations we are bound to. You could be disowned if you disobey. If I have to watch your desire for me become just another obligation, I will not survive it.” 
He bit the tip of your finger in protest. But you knew it was true. Loki would do whatever it took to keep you by his side, and it fell to you to stop him. Loki was a prince, born to be a king. You would never allow him to leave it all behind for you. You feared his resentment more than you cared to admit. 
“Do you want to waste our last night together fighting that which cannot be changed?” you let your fingers tangle themselves in his black hair, “Or would you rather spend it saying our goodbyes?” 
Loki looked conflicted, but you knew he could never resist you. His restraint crumbled even more when you gave his hair a not-too-gentle tug. You knew you had won when the dark smile you loved returned to his lips. 
“I will utterly ruin you for your new husband.” he nipped at your earlobe before pushing you back onto the bed. 
You hoped that would be his answer. 
You collapsed back onto the bed, panting. It took you a few tries to catch your breath. You felt more than heard Loki’s chuckle from in between your legs. The vibrations sent a shudder through your body. It was too soon for you to endure anymore.
“Have you had enough of me?” you gulped in lungfuls of air, your fingers still twisted in his hair. You already knew the answer.
“Never.” Loki kissed his way up your body, eliciting whine from your lips. Once he reached your navel, he stopped to run his tongue along the skin there. 
“At least permit me a reprieve.” you tugged at his hair again, but he refused to submit.
His attention was unrelenting, and your body was still too sensitive to receive it. Unfortunately, Loki knew the limits of your body as well as you did. He also knew how far he could push those limits. And tonight, he had every intention of pushing them until they broke. Perhaps until you broke.
“Perhaps your first child will be a prince of Asgard.” 
You laughed. Loki knew as well as you did that that was not going to happen. When you and Loki first became lovers, Frigga took you aside and taught you how to use magic to prevent conception.
“I think my Vanir husband would object to that.” 
Loki bit at the sensitive skin of your belly, causing you to gasp. You would curse how eagerly your body responded to him, if you didn’t love it. You could feel your body preparing to welcome him again. Loki must have known this, because his hand ran down your body until his fingers returned to their rightful place between your legs. If he did not know before, he could feel it now. He began to  stroke you at an infuriatingly languid pace. 
“I make this vow to you now. If your new husband dares to mistreat you, I’ll-” 
“You’ll what?” Your breath caught in your throat. 
Loki saw the challenge in your eyes. The hungry look in them. You wanted to know how far he would go to stake his claim on you. You reveled in his affections, in all forms. When you looked at him like that, he could feel the darkest part of his soul respond, as if you called to it by name. With a groan, he sunk his fingers back into you. You keened beneath him, pathetically unable to resist. 
“I’ll cut his heart out with a dinner knife.” he slowly pumped his finger in and out, “Then serve it to you on a golden plate.”
Perhaps such a visual threat should have frightened you. But instead it made your stomach clench. Loki had a way of bringing out the darkest parts of you. Growing up, you always longed for the near feral look in Loki’s eyes when he claimed you. As his fingers worked your body, his words worked your mind. The mental images of Loki covered in blood brought you to your peak quickly. You tightened around his fingers. 
“Then it would be in his best interests to treat me well.” you moaned and you closed your eyes. 
Loki could not tear his eyes from you as you let yourself go. It was a sight he had seen countless times before. But now that he knew he would never see it again, he drank it in like a man dying of thirst. Perhaps the sight he would miss most would be the look in your eyes when you opened them again. That hazy, love drunk look you gave him after you came was one he thought he would die without. 
To never again see you like this filled him with despair. He swore he would only need to see it one more time. With every orgasm he coaxed from your body, the need only grew worse. He continued to chase closure for the rest of the night, and you let him. You never wanted to leave him. As he pushed you over the brink again and again, you could not help but mourn this touch.
For one last night, you were Loki’s. You belonged in his bed. You belonged to him.
When the sun came up, you both cursed its arrival. Loki held you so tightly, you could not tell if the pain in your chest was from lack of air, or your own breaking heart. 
Leaving his room would be the hardest thing you ever did. He had insisted that he see you off at the Bifrost, but you made him swear not to. You did not want that to be your last memory of him. You wanted to remember him like this. Warm and soft in the bed you had shared for so long. 
You returned to your parents’ house. It hadn’t been your home for years. You gathered the items you would need to take with you. As you dressed for the ceremony, you catalogued every bruise and bite mark Loki had left on your skin. You knew you would be inconsolable when they healed, but for now you gazed at them lovingly. 
You ignored the white dress with a high neckline that your mother laid out for you. Instead you selected one with a neckline that framed the marks of love Loki left on your neck and chest. Your father looked at you with disgust when you met him. However he kept his mouth shut as you made your way to the Bifrost and your new life. 
The wedding was quick and uneventful. Your new husband was not completely displeasing to the eye. Perhaps if you were any other woman you would be relieved to see him. His face was stern as he laid eyes on you, but his expression was blank. You briefly wondered if he wanted this match or if Odin had twisted his arm. 
Your suspicions were proven right on your wedding night.
After the ceremony and the feast, your husband had pulled you to his chambers. You knew that you would have to do your marital duties, and you had been ready for the disappointment his touch would bring. 
“Your reputation precedes you, wife.” he spat the final word as if it contained venom. 
He quickly tore your nightgown off your body, the violent jerk causing you to cry out in fear. His eyes roamed your body. You saw the hate in his eyes as he saw the marks Loki left on you. For a moment, all your bravery and indignation left you as fear took its place. You were not used to feeling fear in the bedroom. Maybe you should have been more prepared. 
“Out of all the eligible women, they saddled me with Loki of Asgard’s whore.” his voice was cold before he slapped you. 
The blow knocked you to the ground. You seethed from the floor. If this was to be your life now, fine. You would take whatever blows your husband aimed your way, but you would never submit to him. He would never break you. You swore on it. 
“At this moment, I would rather be his whore than your wife.” you looked up, defiance in your eyes as well as your heart. 
Your husband roared as he grabbed you by the hair. He ripped you from the floor and threw you onto the bed. You moved yourself further up on the bed to get away from him, but he grabbed your kicking legs and pulled you back down to him. 
“Fine. You want to be a whore, I will treat you like one.” 
There had been pain, lots of it. You were accustomed to pain, but only when it was accompanied by the promise of pleasure. The way your husband tore at you and his abuse upon your flesh did not allow for pleasure. 
You burned and ached, but not in the way you did with Loki. This pain made you want to curl yourself into a ball and cry your eyes out. But you would not do it. Not while your husband remained. Only after he had left would you let yourself fall into despair. 
Some nights were worse than others. As you settled into a routine, your husband typically kept his visits brief. Painful but brief. The worst nights were the times dragged out the experience. He would recount every vile rumour he heard about you before the wedding. He would tell you how much he loathed you. He would do his best to humiliate you as he pounded into you. Every night his seed felt like a curse. You used Frigga’s magic to ensure it never took hold in your womb. Marital duties be damned.
The best nights were when he was wrapped up in business and did not have the energy to come to your bed. Those were the nights you slept best, and allowed yourself to reminisce about your time on Asgard. It felt like a lifetime ago. You would think about the lavish parties you attended and the luxurious food. When your mind wandered to Loki, your heart would clench. A wistful longing would fill you. You had cried when the last of the love marks faded. 
Your husband did his best to keep you away from the rest of the world. He considered your marriage an insult to his honor and you to be his great shame. If you permitted his child to grow in your body, you doubted you would be allowed to be a part of its life once you birthed it.
On the occasions when you actually ate, you took your meals alone in your chambers. Your only companions were your staff. There was one maid in particular you had grown fond of. She was sweet as cream when you spoke to her. But all the sweetness in the world could not disguise the pity in her eyes when she bathed you. 
You winced as she brushed over a fresh bruise with her sponge. 
“I’m sorry.” She apologized quietly. 
“It’s all right.” you smiled at her and gently took the sponge from her, “I will do it.” 
“Forgive me if I speak out of turn,” she asked before she moved to wash your hair, “But is this what it is supposed to be like?” 
You saw the fear in her eyes. The poor girl had no idea what to expect from her upcoming marriage. All she knew was what little scraps of information her mother told her, and what she learned while serving you. 
“No, sweetheart.” you sighed, “It should not be like this.” 
You set the sponge on the table besides the tub. Your maid nodded, ready to let the conversation drop. But you found that you could not. 
“If you are lucky, it is one of the best feelings imaginable. Your lover will care for you and want to bring you pleasure. I am just one of the unlucky one.” you explained. 
She flushed at your words. 
“Pleasure? What pleasure can marriage bring you?” she asked. Her innocence made you ache. 
“Dear heart, I am not speaking of marriage.” 
As she washed your hair, you described the indescribable highs that lovemaking could bring. You told her about the illicit uses for fingers and tongues and the pleasure they could bring with proper application. 
She giggled, “I hope I am one of the lucky one.” 
You smiled sadly at her. So young and full of hope for her future. You had been like her once. 
“I hope so too.”
Loki paced his room, which he had been doing a lot lately. He tried to send you a message, but you did not respond. You hadn’t responded to any of his other attempts. He wondered if the messages were being intercepted. The list of people who would do that was quite long. His father. Heimdall. Your husband. He glared at the words. Husband. The fact that you now had a husband enraged him to no end. 
“Perhaps she does not wish to answer you.” Thor suggested, not for the first time. 
“She would have commanded me to never write to her again. Not just ignore me.” 
“If she had, would you have listened?” 
Loki hated it when Thor made a good point. It felt like his whole world was thrown askew. 
“No. I would not have.” he sighed. 
“I am sure she is adjusting to her new life.” Thor pat his brother on the back, “I miss her too.” 
Loki wanted to turn to Thor and yell. He could not understand the way Loki felt. Being parted from his one true love felt as though his soul had died. He was an empty shell. A half being. Thor was experiencing the loss of a dear friend, sure. But he would never understand this all consuming ache.
Instead Loki simply shrugged Thor off. He was too tired to fight with him. Nightmares had plagued his mind ever since the wedding. Horrible images and sounds haunted his sleep.  
“Come, brother. Father is hosting a feast in your honor.” Thor tried to rouse Loki’s spirits. 
“He is trying to foist a potential bride onto me.” Loki rolled his eyes.
“Would that be so bad?” Thor asked, concern in his eyes.
 Loki could not dignify that question with a direct response. 
“I will remain here.”
With a sigh, Thor left Loki to sulk in his room. 
Your husband held the message from Loki in front of you. He stopped screaming after the first few arrived, but his anger still carried through his voice. You sighed and did your best to keep your face blank and you prepared yourself. You knew the routine by now. You had lived it enough times. 
Rage. Beat. Fuck. Rage. Beat. Fuck. 
He would rage at you. Using his words, he would remind you that you belonged to him. You were his property and he could do whatever he wanted with you. You were so distasteful that sometimes he thought about having you killed. You both knew the threats were empty, seeing as he was too cowardly to do such a thing. He just wanted to get a fearful reaction from you. 
When that didn’t work, he would beat you until your skin was discolored and tender. You gritted your teeth and endured, knowing the worst was yet to come.
Lastly, he would fuck you. He would mount you like a mare and mercilessly assert his legal claim to your body. Much like a mare, he attempted to breed you. He would force himself as deep into you as he could as he finished, as if he could force your body to accept his seed. It never would. 
After he pulled himself from you, he ripped the message from Loki in two. As he left your room, he threw the remnants on the fire. 
You watched the fire as it consumed the words that might have soothed the ache in your soul. You could not blame it for its cruel work. No more than you would blame the author of those words.
Only then, when you were alone, did you let the tears fall. 
“I have a proposition for you.” Thor approached Loki. 
“That does not sound like you.” 
“Father has tasked me with going to Vanaheim for some diplomatic work. I have convinced him to let me bring you along.” 
Loki raised an eyebrow, wanting to know where his brother was going with this.
“I also arranged for us to dine with Y/N and her husband.” he rushed to finish when he saw the look in Loki’s eyes, “Only for you to assure yourself that she is safe and in good health.” 
“Whatever is required of me, I will do it.” Loki answered. 
“You will see that she has moved on with her life, and you will forget her. You will cease to mope around this palace and I will get my brother back.” Thor set the terms. 
Loki scowled at that. How could he just forget? But if you truly had moved on and were content with your new life, Loki knew he could do nothing to interfere. He would never want to risk hurting you, or doing something you would never forgive him for. Still, he felt the need to alter his promise to Thor. Just in case.
“If she is content, I will leave her be.” Loki promised. 
Thor had learned his lesson long ago. That you and Loki were like peas in a pod, always getting into trouble together. He also knew that you had a way of tempering Loki away from his darkest impulses. You could bring him back from the edge, or you could push him over it.
Thor heard the silent other half of that promise. If you were not content, Loki would act.
When the day came for the brothers to depart, Thor pulled Loki aside before they entered the Bifrost.
“Be careful, Loki. Any harm done in Vanaheim could be seen as an act of war.” 
“Oh no, brother. Hurting her would be the act of war. The harm I would cause in turn would simply be justice.” 
Before Thor could fully regret the decision to allow Loki to come, Heimdall activated the Bifrost and they were sent to Vanaheim. 
“The sons of Odin have invited themselves to dine with us tonight.” your husband scoffed, “As if anyone can refuse Odin or his kin.” 
You kept your face neutral, not wanting him to see how the news delighted you. Loki would come and you would tell him of your torment. You would be saved. 
“Come now, have you nothing to say about that?” your husband taunted, “You lover has come to cuckold me in my own home. Surely you have some thoughts on that. Unless you think he no longer desires you.” 
“When he sees the way you have treated me, you will regret it.”
The words flew out of your mouth before you could stop them. You stilled as your husband grinned. You cursed at yourself for giving so much away. 
“Then it is a good thing he will not see you. Because I am afraid you will be quite ill this evening.”  
“No,” desperation laced in your voice, “He’ll know." 
"We will see."
Your husband turned and left the room, locking the door behind him.
Loki’s skin itched as Thor inspected the peacekeeping forces stationed on Vanaheim. If he had his way, he would have gone straight to your husband’s house and demanded to see you. But even he could appreciate the work Thor did to make sure Loki would be allowed to attend. Thor had besieged Odin until the old man had to give in. 
After far too long in Loki’s opinion, night began to fall and the brothers made their way back into the city. After some time they found the home of your husband. It was no palace, but it was much larger than your father’s home had been. 
Thor shot Loki a smile, “Seems promising.” 
Loki remained unconvinced. Thor knocked on the door and the two were ushered inside. 
“Sons of Odin.” your husband opened his arm to them, “It is an honor to have you in my home.” 
Thor responded pleasantly, Loki was sure. He could not be bothered to listen, as he was too busy inspecting his surroundings. The home was no were near as lavish as the palace on Asgard, but at least your husband was a man of means. Loki continued to catalogue the room until the conversation caught his attention again. 
“I am afraid my wife has fallen ill and will not be able to join us this evening.” 
Loki and Thor shot each other concerned looks. They had both grown up around you, and never saw you catch so much as a cold. For you to suddenly come down with an illness the night they came to visit was almost suspicious. 
Loki’s head snapped to focus on his host. but before he could speak, Thor put a hand on Loki’s shoulder.
“That is a shame. Y/N was a beloved companion of ours. Is there any way we can see her and give her our best wishes?” 
Loki caught the way your husband narrowed his eyes. He could almost smell the disdain dripping off of him at that moment. Your husband hated when Thor reminded him of your youth spent together. He made note of it. 
“She is not well enough to see anyone, but she does send you her regrets.” 
Thor deflated at the thought, he had been hoping to see you. Loki, on the other hand, was stewing. 
This man before him was lying. He would know. The mortals had dubbed him the God of Lies. Your husband was keeping you from him, and he intended to find out why. 
You paced in your room. You knew Loki and Thor were here. But you could not call out to them. You cursed your refusal to learn magic as a child. If you had Loki’s powers you could have already broken out and went to them. But you did not have Loki’s powers.
Your favored maid came to deliver your meal to you. She turned to leave, but she hesitated at the door. She turned to face you. 
“I have seen the sons of Odin in the dining hall. The one with the black that him?” 
You immediately knew what she meant. You smiled sadly as you nodded, “That is him.” 
She bit her lip as she looked down. You could see the conflict play on her face. You knew what she was thinking, and part of you wanted to stop her. To reject the offer she wanted to make. But the other part of you would not let you do that. 
“Write a message quickly, and I will slip it to him while they eat.” she finally decided. 
“My love, you could be whipped for such an offense. My husband forbade it.” 
“I cannot bear to watch what he does to you, my lady.” she cried out, “You deserve so much better.” 
You looked up at the girl. She had been your only solace this entire time, a friend. She tended to your wounds and put salves on your bruises every morning. She brushed the knots from your hair and kept you company during the lonely days.
“I will never forget this.” you vowed before quickly writing a note. She took it with a smile before leaving your chambers. The lock clicked again and you prayed to the Norns that she would get the message to Loki. 
Loki remained silent for most of the meal. He kept his eyes trained on your husband. Something felt off about this whole situation. Your husband and Thor continued to chat long after the food was gone. Perhaps that was due to Loki’s staring. Who was to say?
“More wine?” a maid asked once his cup emptied. 
Loki shook his head. 
She leaned in anyway to refill his glass. Loki almost hissed at her.
“I just told you-” 
He felt her tuck something into his pocket. Loki blinked at her. Surely a maid could not be so bold. But she shot a fearful look towards the head of the table. Towards your husband.  Loki nodded his understanding. 
Once she had filled his glass, she moved on to the other side of the table. She distracted the two men by offering them more wine. 
Taking advantage of the distraction, Loki pulled the folded paper from his pocket and glanced at it beneath the table. He would recognize the handwriting anywhere. 
I am held captive, my love. He will not let me see you. Rescue me. 
He chanced a look at the messenger. She tipped her head in the direction of the garden before departing from the room. 
Loki turned his attention back towards Thor and their host, an easy smile falling to his lips. 
“A toast,” he raised his glass, “To such wonderful hospitality. Thank you for taking care of us, the same way I am sure you care for our dear, sweet Y/N.” 
He said the words smoothly, forcing a smile of gratitude on his face. Both of them looked surprised, not expecting Loki to speak up after being so quiet for the entire meal. However, that did not stop them from raising their glasses with him. 
“I would hate to impose on you any further. So we shall take our leave from you.” Loki looked at his brother meaningfully. 
“It was a pleasure entertaining you. I am only sorry that my wife could not come to greet you.” he grinned. It was a sight Loki quickly decided he despised. 
Once all goodbyes were finished, Thor meant to leave out the entryway, but Loki grabbed his wrist. 
“What are you-” Thor began to ask, but Loki shushed him. He then led him to a different path, out towards the garden. 
There the same maid that delivered the note pace nervously. When she saw Loki and Thor appear she rushed over to them.
“We must hurry.” 
Loki grabbed the girl’s arms and squeezed. 
“Is she alright?” 
The maid looked down nervously, as if afraid to tell Loki. Her lady’s stories led her to expect he prince to have a gentle touch. 
“He is truly awful to her. His words are cruel beyond compare, and when he comes to her bed at night he…” her words trailed off. Loki lost what little patience he had. 
“Tell me!” Loki demanded. 
“Brother, you are frightening her!” Thor protested. But the maid took a deep breath. 
“He is crueler still. His hands are hard, and I must tend to her wounds the following morning.”
Loki’s eyes went cold. He released his hold on the girl, and she whimpered in relief as she stumbled away from him. 
“Do you believe this maid?” Thor asked, but Loki could only hand his brother the note. 
“Take us to her.” Loki commanded the girl, an eerily calm demeanour on his face. 
The maid quickly righted herself and led them to the other side of the mansion. 
“Loki, I-” Thor tried to protest but Loki cut him off. 
“I promised I would leave her be if she was content. She does not sound content.” Loki warned. 
“We cannot just take her back to Asgard with us.” 
“If you had any love for her left, you would do it. You would not wish to leave her in such a terrible condition.” 
“We do not know of her condition.” Thor insisted. 
Before Loki could answer, the maid stopped in the hallway. She turned to them both. 
“He has put guards on her door. I will lead them away. Can you unlock a door?” she asked. 
Loki nodded instantly. It would be simple with his magic. The maid took a deep breath and turned the corner. Loki and Thor listened to her spin a tale to the guards and waited for their footsteps to grow quiet. Once they were sure the coast was clear, they followed suit. 
You heard the lock on your door click. Your heart froze. Should you feel joy or dread? Did your husband intercept the note? 
When the door opened, your heart swelled. Loki and Thor stood in the doorway. You saw the way their eyes hardened as they took in your appearance. 
The progression had been slow for you, but you figured you must look a dreadful sight to them. The bags under your eyes from your lack of sleep. The purple- almost black- bruises that littered your arms. The healing cut on your lip from a recent slap from your husband. You must looked utterly haggard to them.
“My daring princes.” you smiled shakily. You hadn’t called them that since you were all children. You tried to lighten the mood, but the relief you felt in that moment was too great. The tears welled in your eyes and Loki rushed to you. 
Loki crossed the room and pulled you into his arms. It was the closest to safety you felt in a long time. You cried into his chest. Loki allowed his fingers to run through your hair. Your instinctual flinch at the sudden contact made his chest tighten. He would have blood for this.
“Does she seem content to you, brother?” Loki spat the words at Thor, who stood stunned in the doorway. 
How could any man do this to you? To any one? Thor had always been told he was naive but the sight of you drilled into him how true that was. Thor shook his head and set his shoulders. 
“No.” Thor cleared his throat, “No she does not.” 
You turned in Loki’s arms and looked at Thor. Your beloved friend. 
“Are you here to take me home?” you asked. You knew Thor was more likely to abide by his fathers wishes. He was the favored son, after all. 
“It was not my intention before.” Thor answered honestly, “But seeing you in this state, I have no other choice.” 
You left Loki’s arms and launched yourself at Thor. He cautiously wrapped his arms around you, afraid to hurt you any more than you already had been. Thor looked at Loki, expecting to see his usual jealousy directed at him. Instead he was chilled by Loki’s eerily calm face. The face he had when he was calculating the best way to harm someone. The calm before the storm.
“Take her to the Bifrost site. I will join you shortly.” Loki stepped out into the hallway. 
“What will you do?” Thor asked. 
“I will make good on my vow.” 
Thor looked down at you in his arms, and found he could not argue. With a nod, Loki slipped down the hallway. Thor wrapped you in his cape and led you outside.  
Once you got outside, he pulled you close and called upon the powers of Mjolnir to pull the two of you into the sky. Getting to the Bifrost site was easy after that. But as the minutes passed and Loki did not join you you grew worried. 
“Where is he?” you asked no one in particular. 
“Did you forget something, friend?” your husband asked as Loki stalked into the dining room. 
“I am no friend of yours.” Loki replied, stepping further into the room. 
“I suppose not.” he downed his last drink, “Find whatever it is you have lost, and begone. I must go and see to my wife.” 
Loki chuckled, “You will not be seeing to her any longer.” 
His eyes flashed, “No, you would rather do it I suppose.” 
Loki discreetly took a golden dinner knife from the table, and slipped it into his sleeve. 
“And if I did?” 
Your husband chuckled. The alcohol in his system allowed him to speak more freely in the presence of a son of Odin. He allowed the disgust to come out plain on his face.
“I would understand if it had been Thor. Falling into bed with the heir to the throne would have been a smart move for any young woman. But instead she chose to sully herself with you. The disfavoured, second son.” he sneered, “At our wedding, she flaunted the marks you left on her skin. I figured since that slattern liked such markings, I would do my best to supply her with them.”
Loki stabbed into your husband’s chest without any further warning. What Loki did to your body while it was under his care was completely different than what this monster had done to it. To hear him talk about you in such a way had been the final straw.
“I promised her your heart on a golden plate.” Loki hissed into your husband’s ear. 
He forcibly jerked the knife upwards, making your husband gasp in pain. Blood began to trickle out of the corner of his mouth. Loki smirked as the light began to leave his eyes. 
“But it seems I can find no heart.” 
Loki withdrew the knife to stab him again. And again. And one last time for good measure. 
He watched the body fall to the floor into a bloody heap. Loki’s eyes fell to the knife in his hand as he heard footsteps approach the dining hall. He quickly stole a silk napkin off the table and wrapped the bloodied knife inside before making his escape.
Loki arrived at the Bifrost site in a puff of green smoke, and your heart leaped up into your throat. Loki made his way to you as Thor called to Heimdall. You could feel him analyzing every single cut and bruise that was visible. You could feel the bitter chill of his rage as he imagined the ones that were hidden out of sight for decency sake.
As you materialized back on the Bifrost bridge, you allowed yourself to collapse into Loki’s arms. He accepted you gladly, pressing a few kisses to your hair. For the first time since you left Asgard, you could feel your entire body exhale. It was the first time you were able to truly relax and let your guard down. You were home. 
“I will go to Father and warn him of our return.” Thor sighed when he noticed the blood on Loki’s clothes, “And the potential ramifications of it.”
“Thank you.” Loki said genuinely. 
“It was necessary.” Thor nodded before turning to you, “I am happy to see you safe and at home.” 
He with a twirl of his hammer Thor was already racing to the palace, leaving you and Loki alone on the Bifrost bridge. You looked up at Loki and found him already staring back at you.
You tried to lean in to kiss him, but he pulled away. 
“I promised you a heart.” Loki explained, when you gave him a questioning look.
Loki retrieved the silken napkin from his pocket before presenting it to you. You carefully unwrapped the bundle until you saw a golden dinner knife, now forever stained with blood. It was your husband’s knife. And you assumed it was your husband’s blood.
“I do hope this will suffice, love. Although, looking at you now, I fear I made it quicker than he deserved.” 
He did what he promised. He killed your husband. You were officially a widow. Loki had done his best to live up to the vow he made to you all those nights ago. You smiled as you took the bundle into your own hands. 
“Do you ever wonder what this says of us? That you would gift this to me and that I would accept?” 
“Do you accept?” 
Loki held his breath. Since you were children, you had always accepted him and never shown fear towards him. What if this was the thing that finally drove you away? The thing that made you see him for the monster he was? There was a difference between promising blood, and actually gifting it. What if you pushed him away in terror and forbade him from your presence? What if-
“I shall treasure it forever.” you clutched the bundle to your breast.
Loki exhaled a sigh of relief. He should have known better than to doubt you. He pulled you into his arms, kissing you deeply. You melted into him. You did not realize that you missed being kissed like this. So tenderly. So hungrily.
You felt the familiar warmth of his magic flood over you. When you opened your eyes again, you were not surprised to find yourself in Loki’s bed chambers. 
"Welcome home, my love." He whispered in your ear. 
You grinned up at him, before turning to look around the room. Nothing had changed, and that fact brought you comfort. Loki felt relieved, seeing you in his room again. You glanced down at the bloodied bundle in your hands before setting it down on his desk.
“We should find a good place to keep this. I will need it to frighten my next husband into submission.” you mused.
Loki’s relief was short-lived. He tensed at your words. Apparently, you did not share in his understanding. He realized he would have to set you straight in this manner. Before he could control it. His voice came out as more of a hiss. 
“That will not be necessary.” 
“You cannot kill them all, my love.” 
“You misunderstand me, darling. You will not marry. Ever again.” 
Before you could finish that thought, Loki hushed you by putting his finger to your lips. As you had done to him over a year ago on your last night together. 
“The last time I let you have the last word, you made the stupid decision to seperate us. So you will be silent and listen to my words.” 
You gently kissed his finger, remaining silent. 
 “Good girl.” he purred at your obedience, “All my life, you have been the only person to understand me and accept me as I am. To love me. You and I are the same. We were destined to be together. Forever.” 
Loki’s finger left your lips to trail down your neck. When you released a shaky exhale, his fingers came around to squeeze your throat. With only the most delicious amount of pressure, he was able to steal your breath from you.
“Now whether you like it or not, no one will take you away from me ever again. You will forsake your parents who made such a terrible match for you. I will continue to reject any plans of marriage made for me and only keep you by my side. Are we understood?” 
You closed your eyes as his words washed over you. The growl barely contained behind every syllable. The pressure of his fingers on your throat. You were wholly within his possession, and you relished in it. You felt the stirrings of desire for the first time in a long time.
“I am yours.” 
You opened your eyes to see Loki staring down at you. It wasn’t an answer to his question, but it was the only answer that mattered. The darkness was back, and wanting. You knew that this man would burn down cities if you wished for it. That he would do anything for you without a second thought. It sent a shiver down your spine. 
“Do not dare to forget it again, darling.” 
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earlgreydream · 5 days ago
| loki x reader | fluff |
anon requested. loki kinda degraded sub!reader and she scrunches up all tiny and sobs afterwards because she thought he meant what he said
cw: slightly smutty, slightly angsty
Tumblr media
You begged Loki to let you come, fighting against the magical restraints your dom had placed around your wrists and ankles. 
“Oh, you want to come so bad you’re crying? You desperate, pathetic whore. You’re so fucking filthy, have you no shame?” Loki sneered, the words sending arousal pooling deep in your belly, even though you fought against it. Your body jolted at the slap administered to your inner thigh, a pained cry escaping your lips. 
You’d been acting up and testing Loki’s patience, which is what earned you this punishment, your pleasure being dangled in front of you, just out of reach. You’d broken his rules, and he’d had enough of your attitude. 
“Come now before I change my mind,” Loki’s tone was dangerous, and the pressure inside of you shattered. He followed your lead, finishing inside of you before he pulled out and made the restraints vanish. 
As the pleasure wore off, his words echoing in your mind, You desperate, pathetic whore. You’re so fucking filthy, have you no shame?
Loki stood off of the bed, going to run you a hot shower. As soon as he’d stepped away, a sob tore through your chest, your shoulders heaving as you cried. You curled up in a ball, feeling small and alone on his massive bed. 
Loki heard you crying, and he felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest. He abandoned the shower and ran to your side, kneeling down on the bed. You looked so tiny and fragile, folding in on yourself. His chest ached when he heard your soft sounds and saw the way your hands trembled as you tugged at your hair, trying to self-soothe. He reached out to pull your hands away, wanting to keep you from anxiously tearing the hair from your sensitive head.
“My darling-” his voice cracked when you jerked away from him. You hiccuped on your broken sobs as they wrecked you, emotion flooding every last thought and turning you into a mess. 
Loki’s magic sparked around you, cleaning you up and leaving you both in loose clothing. The green shimmer surrounded you, Loki’s fruitless attempt to touch you without frightening you. It was warm, and seemed to buzz with its own life, but didn’t make you feel any better. 
“My darling, have I hurt you? Tell me whatever is wrong so that I may fix it,” Loki begged, wanting nothing more than to pull you into his arms. 
“Don’t touch me, please,” you tried to catch your breath, wanting to get your keys and leave. 
He sank back, giving you space. His eyes were concerned and sad, and he fought against the urge to pierce into your mind, ripping the truth from you. The door vanished from the wall as you tried to run out, and you whipped around to face the god, who was kneeling on the bed and looking wounded. There was no exit, Loki keeping you contained to the bedroom until your devastation was resolved. 
“Y/N, I won’t let you leave when you’re so upset. You cannot drive safely. If you wish, I can take you anywhere you want to go,” Loki fretted, and though you knew he was right, you only grew more and more upset. 
“Come to me, darling,” Loki opened his arms, the authority in his voice making you comply. You knew this was a fight you couldn’t win. You’d end up in Loki’s arms confessing your pain whether by his will, or your own.
Your sobs broke his heart, and he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you down into his lap. He held you firmly, and eventually your struggling subsided as you let yourself weep against his chest. 
“Please don’t make me pry the truth out of you,” Loki begged softly into your hair. He didn’t want to add to your pain, he only wanted to fix it. He was very aware that sifting through your mind to take your private thoughts was something that made you feel extremely violated. He wanted you to tell him on your own, but he wouldn’t let you keep such heartbreaking secrets from him. 
“Y-you... did you mean what you said about me? That I was pathetic, and d-desperate and a whore?” You sobbed out, stammering over your words.
“Oh, oh my goodness. My darling, I am so sorry. I never meant any of that. I thought you understood I just said it in the scene... please my love, I adore you more than all of the stars. Never think you are not the most perfect, beautiful, eloquent, and lovely person in my eyes. I love you, I will never say such horrible things again.” Tears flowed freely down Loki’s face. You were startled, unused to seeing raw emotion from him, especially not guilt. It hadn’t occurred to you that the words Loki had spoken were just part of the scene, part of the sex you were having. He wasn’t typically fond of degradation, but he was experimenting in the moment, never expecting it to be received as genuine. 
There was no room for doubt in his words. He meant his love then, and he would spend the rest of his life proving his love to you.
His strong arms cradled you against his body, trying to hold you together.
“I’m so sorry, so sorry,” he breathed apologies like a repetitive prayer.
You listened to his heartbeat, letting the rhythm slow your racing mind. Your sobs eventually subsided, calmed by the steady circles of his hand on your back.
“I forgive you,” your lips moved against the underside of his jaw.
“Please always stop me, tell me then, if anything at all makes you feel even the slightest bit unsafe. I never want you to feel this way again, certainly not at my fault,” Loki begged, and you nodded before burying your face back in him.
“Do you still love me?”
“I love you the most,” you promised.
Loki talked you into staying the night, doting on you to the point you were almost smothered. His magic conjured everything you wanted, even in the back of your thoughts.
“Do you want to go get some?” He asked, and you turned, tilting your head in confusion.
“To Paris. For the macarons.”
“You’re reading my thoughts,” you sighed softly, but a smile graced your expression as you kissed him.
“No, I’m sleepy. Maybe tomorrow?” You asked, and he nodded, sweeping you off your feet and carrying you back to bed.
You situated yourself in his arms, your back against his chest. His larger frame shielded you, wrapping you in safety and warmth. You slept soundly with him, the pain and uncertainty from the afternoon long gone and replaced by his love.
The smell of coffee rose you out of your sleep. Your eyes took a few moments to adjust to the soft light spilling in through the windows, and you sat up, suddenly realizing you weren’t in Loki’s bedroom at his apartment, where you’d fallen asleep.
“Loki?!” You called, and he leaned in the doorway.
“Good morning. I didn’t mean to frighten you. We took a short trip in your sleep. We’re at my Paris flat.”
You smiled, stretching your arms above your head as you yawned. Loki put a coffee in your hands, leaning down and kissing your forehead.
“If I cry will you spoil me more often?” You teased lightly, and he shot you his signature dom look of warning, making you shudder.
“It breaks my heart to see you cry, my darling,” Loki’s tone was apologetic, guilt still left over from the day before. You squeezed his arm as you sipped your coffee.
“I’m okay,” you swore, earning another kiss from your lover.
“Mm. Finish that up and we’ll go to the patisserie down the street.”
“Yes, sir.”
He smiled, happy you were cheered up and back to normal. He moved his fingers and a pretty sundress appeared hanging on the back of the washroom door for you, delicate white flats placed below.
“Dressing me up like your little doll?”
“Careful, or I will dress you, after I get that attitude in line.”
“I love the dress. And I can put it on by myself,” you apologized, pecking his lips before walking to the bathroom.
You returned in the sundress, a white beret adorning your head along with it. You relished in the bright smile Loki rewarded you with. In a shimmer of green, he was dressed in pastels that matched your own. You loved to see him in casual clothes instead of the Asgardian armor he frequently wore, and he indulged you for this small Parisian vacation. 
“You look stunning, my darling.”
Giggles erupted from your lips, making Loki’s heart soften. He dipped his head down to kiss you, making your nose scrunch up in the cutest way that he loved. His long, slender fingers folded with yours, holding your hand as the two of you made your way out of the flat and onto the bustling street. You were thankful for the sunny weather, greatly improving your mood from the rough night in New York’s rain. 
“Feeling better?”
“Much,” you nodded.
“Let’s get some crepes. Sound good?”
“Sounds perfect, Loki.”
The young god pecked your lips before pushing you inside of a patisserie. 
“Salut,” the girl working called to the two of you as the bell clinged on the door.
“Darling, what would you like? We can take some macarons to go,” Loki asked, pointing to the pastries behind the glass.
You chose a few, and Loki rattled off your order in French to the shopkeeper, taking the bag from her and moving you to sit at a table in the corner for your crepes. 
“Can we stay in Paris for a couple of days? Just us, not any of the distractions from New York,” you asked, leaning your head against his shoulder and accepting the bite he fed you. 
“Most certainly.” He kissed the sugar off of your lips before the two of you left for a park with your snacks for later. Loki held your hand as you walked along a low stone wall beside him, your eyes level with the extra height. 
“Y/N, you must know that you are so, so terribly loved.”
You turned and snaked your arms around his neck, looking deep into his crystal blue eyes.
“I do not doubt your love, Loki.”
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starshipsofstarlord · 5 days ago
Smooth as the nine realms
Tumblr media
loki laufeyson x reader / masterlist
summary; the midguardian lifestyle is strange, but there is an aspect of it that loki is definitely not accustomed to, and he’s conflicted about whether he likes it or not / warnings; smut, talk about pubic hair, or lack of, oral sex (female receiving)
kicking off your leggings, you abolished them to the other side of the room, straddling loki as he abandoned his book, caring not that the pair of you were in the middle of the common room, nor the fact that he had lost his page. it had been a few months since loki had been forced to join the avengers on their next quest, thor had practically dragged him towards the bifrost.
but now, he didn’t mind earth so much. sometimes it could be quiet, that was when all members of the team were away on missions, and thor allowed him to be by himself. this though, the way you, an average, world protecting midguardian straddled him, after stripping out of your top and bra, in the middle of a public sector of the domain, was something that he sure as valhalla had no mind about.
in fact, he rather enjoyed the way that your hands roughed down the points of his shoulders, and trailed down his biceps, that were underrated, especially in comparison to his brother’s. the two of you had been playing a game since he attacked the planet, it was a chase of cat and mouse.
at first, he had envisioned you to be the mouse, but you no longer seemed meek and small any longer. instead, you were the feline that was cosying herself upon the perch of his royal lap, descending her grounding hips over the throne of his pelvis.
“what is it trickster, cat got your tongue?” you seemed rather confident with the way that his eyes remained glue to your mound, he realised that must have been quite a complimentary action for a mortal man to show to his partner.
to be truthful, it felt as though all speech was parched from his mouth, he had knowingly waited for this instance where you would deliberately rut yourself against him; like heimdall, he had a vision of the future delved in the reverse side of his eyes, though, his reaction was the most unexpected thing that he could had intended to paraphrase.
he trailed his hand over your mound, through the fabric of underwear, watching mercilessly as you bucked into his hand. midguardians were something else, they weren’t as sensual as others he had been with concerning their sexuality, in fact, as it appeared, some were desperate.
you were rutting in his grip, though he applied a stern hold unto them, forcing you to stop your ravenous movements, and pose stilly for the god beneath you. he gently, which was a surprise to you with how tender and kind his eyes had become, laid you down on the couch that stark has paid a pretty penny for, exchanging your positions so that you were the one under his demeanour.
“do something.” you eagerly insisted, lacing your mortal fingers through his midnight locks, tugging gently at his dark roots. a glassy encasement covered his eyes as he stared up at you, it was a mess to place the expression that was carried within them, gods were difficult, that much was clear. though, you weren’t seeking anything particularly intimate with the company of one, this had been inevitable though.
it had been like a kettle brewing, screeching like an applause when the pair of you had finally gotten to the point of no return. this was it, there were no divine interventions or avenging interruptions to discard this moment, instead you and loki were thrown this coin toss, given your desires in the aura of a wish fountain.
“humans.” his voice prowled, making bumps appear on your skin, as he blew a swift succession of cold air across your stomach, it sending a blizzard of coolness up the paving of your chest, making your nipples undeniably hard, their stiff peaks that beaded under his breath were almost painful as they stood obediently to attention. “always so demanding, why can’t your kind beg for a change, i know that would appease my hunger?”
“oh loki, please.” your tone was severely monotone, and caused the mischievous lord to roll his gemstone eyes, rendering their spheric pupils to glare in amusedly at you, though, he tugged your panties down, the sight leaving him breathless. he was enraptured with the sight, perplexed by it as his emerald eyes stared up at you for an explanation. though, you were not sure what he was expecting from you.
his throat dry, as for once, he was not able to comprehend the situation. his silver tongue had gotten lost, obstructed as he grew distracted by the visual that he was receiving. it was a cunt, he knew that much, but there was someone uniquely different about it, he’d assume it was scalped if her were to make verbal predictions. “what is this?”
“my attempts at deflating your ego. i am not going to beg for you to do something to me, i can easily find someone else.” you rested your head back, digging the crown of it further into the end of the couch, as you parted your legs a little further to resend an invitation for him to proceed.
“not that...” loki revealed, paving his icy hands up the roads of your thighs, letting his forefinger brush over your pubic mound, it was like the bifrost, a smooth pathing to a transportation of depth, one that he wished to investigate, though he was still stricken by the eventing shock that pulsed within his golden veins. he had always been a curious child, and he remained to be as keen to know all now, at centuries upon centuries old.
“have you never seen a vagina before?” you huffed, wanting him to do nothing more than devour your cunt, stabbing you with his vigilant tongue so that he could curl crude and priceless sounds out of your mouth. if anyone knew that you were about to participate in intercourse with the destructive, slippery handed body, they would surely judge you.
but they didn’t, and even if that were not the case, you wouldn’t care. your mind was far too preoccupied with the growing inclination to jump the god’s elegantly crafted bones, bury for now you, remained still, allowing him to assert his comfort within the situation. “what’s wrong?” this time, he answered you, looking almost like a dear kitten that was plodding through the bustling streets, seeking out attention from a kind citizen, having hopes to be taken to a home, and fed well.
“why-,” he cleared his throat, he never came across as this nervous to anyone, it was as though he feared what you may think of him if he were to speak his mind. “why don’t you have hair- here?” he stroked the pad of his thumb over the flat and bare crest, finding it to be one of the most peculiar things regarding humans that he had ever witnessed.
“because i shave.” it was a simple answer, whilst all while being not as direct as the god was hoping for. “it’s kinda a thing down here, some people let it grow out, others don’t. it’s whatever picks their fancy, and a lot of people, like me, shave so intimate partners don’t get grossed out. some guys are dicks and hate everything that is natural.”
“well i’d still be reaped with great, reprised regret, if i were to reform the idea of giving you satisfaction if you were to have a natural slate sheathing around your sweet cunt.” he inhaled, making your muscles wither with succumbed arousal. the god could smell your distinct scent of attraction towards him, and he was visually compelled by the aroma that invaded his senses.
loki, without warning, placed his palm over your clean shaven mound, holding you down as his tongue worked against your tender flesh, stroking it as though he bore a hand of intricacy, sketching out every detail of your skin, plucking the outer labia into the hatch of his often deceiving mouth. he had to admit, in his mind of course, he liked the access that he was granted by this strange human lifestyle.
the idea of pubic hair was one of parts of a woman’s body that usually fuelled the immortal man, however if you didn’t want to bear its follicles on your skin, then that was to it choice. he wouldn’t judge you for it, although he happened to judge midguardians on everything. you were different from the others though, despite sometimes bickering, and making stabbing jokes towards one another, he rather enjoyed your presence.
with you nearby, he finally felt seen. he was not only the immortal that had prided himself with almost crushing an entire mortal city, no. you saw through that, understanding that he was definitely not in his own mindset, he had been controlled. it was never in his plans to venture to midguard, even if it was to cause a ruckus. but now with you, he never wanted to leave.
despite your optimal obligations regarding the team, and villains much like himself, he felt accepted. thor too appreciated him, but that was far different, there had always been a means of competition between the brother, with you, that regard was not present. he could be himself, and appreciate your side silhouette, and demand the agents that passed by with wandering eyes with threats if they did not continue walking.
now that he thought about that, as he engorged on the taste of your cunt, sliding a prying finger through the door of your entrance, fumbling your clit with his bewitched thumb, he realised something. a great surprise to himself. he indeed cared about you, but far more than he had ever anticipated to. his fingers slowed as he became mesmerised with every small noise that projected from your mouth, wanting to drag this instance out for as long as possible.
not only did his self realisation show him that he found some calm in your lasting presence, but he had feelings. usually he blocked off such things, but the heavenly expression that illustrated itself upon your face had him inwardly swooning. he felt you comb your fingers through his locks, and he hummed. he wanted this moment to last forever, in it, he was not a god, nor an infamous trickster.
he was just a man swarming with irregular emotions towards a woman, a being of optimistic resort; if things were as simple, or if he understood as well, he’d ask to take you for dinner. but he didn’t know where to start with that, not only did he have a lack of wisdom when it came to human restaurants, but he had no clue as to how you would respond. he didn’t even think that you saw him as a suitor, he was simply a deliverer of teasing and now pleasure.
“fuck loki.” the mortal swear sounded like a spell, making his body overbear itself with a proud sensation as he pushed you over the edge, removing his fingers only for you to bring them to your own mouth and clean them off. “holy shit, that was so good. maybe i should have started with gods years ago.”
inherently the mischief source growled, his mind instantly going over to the idea of you choosing his brother; everyone did, they had a strong preference. from his family to his old friends, they all liked thor more, and that was how his resentment towards his brother had originally stemmed. he felt like an outcast, and from that reminded alone, conjoined with your interest towards his brother, he felt his eyes grow glassy.
“go to him. i’m sure thor would appreciate your partnership.” yes, he was acting like a sulking toddler, and it had your brow bone raising as you took in his words. it was his clap back response, and you grasped him, stopping him from leaning the room. you felt slightly vulnerable, being in the nude after such a small lash, but you knew something was bothering loki, and it was clear to what that was.
“i do not want your brother loki, nor any other god.” your voice bit back a strain to its tone, as you stared at the man, standing in your birthday suit before him. your hands splayed on his chest, feeling his heart through his attire viscosity beating. “there is no need to be jealous, it feels like we’ve playing this game for so long, and i intend for it to be over. i will be the first to admit it, i want you, all of you. from the dark corners to the hopeful light in your eyes.”
loki was astounded, nobody had ever been so straight forward with him. despite being the god of mischief, the half of the time it was him whom was the victim of lies. “you don’t mean that.” his hands lightly traced every dip in your hips as he searched your expression for certainty. “nobody wants me, i am the monster that had tales spread to fear the children of my people of a night. there is nowhere i belong, nor anybody whom i belong with.”
“that may be your mindset, or the one that you are speaking, but you are lying to yourself. i do want you loki odinson, please accept that.” he gulped, nobody had ever had he guts to tell him how it was, and here you were, simply speaking your mind before him. it was an admirable feature, something that he deemed to be a favourable quality. “now i think i’m gonna get dressed and head to my room, i am feeling a bit cold. come find me when you feel like admitting the truth to yourself, i’ll be waiting.”
as you went to turn, loki grasped your elbow, hushing your questions with his mouth, as he clutched your cheeks, passionately endorsing you in a meaningful kiss. he walked you backwards, until the pair of you once again fell onto the furniture. “you don’t have to wait y/n, because i do not want to.” he ushered pecks down your neck, as you grew warm from the disappearance of his usual cockiness, it being replaced with true confidence, that served as a show for no one, and instead was his own admittance to all.
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Two sides of the glass pt.1
Part Two:***
Summary: Loki's punishment for his New York attack is a cell in Avengers tower. But the worst torture is being away from his wife, who is stuck on Asgard. Will she find a way to get to him
Warnings: none, bad writing
Word count: 1.6k
! Please don't repost my work anywhere without my permission. Thank you!
my masterlist: ***
also, this is part one, if you like it and would like to read part two, comment your username and I will tag you.
It has been 7 months since she last saw him. Odin forbade it. She tried to reason with him but he shrugged her off. She was fed up.
“I want to see my husband, you can’t keep me away from him.” She declared but shut her mouth when the All-father glared at her. “I won’t allow you to see him, or have any contact with him. This is his punishment. Now leave, I have more important things to tend to.” He glared at (Y/N) and she nodded.
She walked through the hallways of the palace and tried to not cry from the frustration. “Lady (Y/N), wait up.” She could hear someone shouting at her and she turned towards the voice. It was Thor. He walked quickly towards her and she smiled sadly at him.
“Hey, Thor what’s up?” She asked in a monotone voice and he furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m sorry for disturbing you but I heard you talking to my father and I think I have an answer to your problem.” She looked at him with wide eyes.
“You will take me with you?” she gasped but her expression fell when he shook his head. “I’m afraid I’m not able to do that at the moment.” He then reached to the pocket on his leather satchel and pulled out some paper and envelopes.
“You could write some letters to him, tell him how much you miss him or something.” He suggested and grinned widely.
“You are the best Thor.” She kissed his cheek and ran to her quarters.
They have been exchanging for about 4 months before Odin realized and called her in to talk to her. When the guards first called her in, she nearly passed out from fear. She knew what happened to people who didn’t respect his orders. She took a sharp breath in and started walking towards the throne room.
When she stepped into the room, the first person she saw was Thor. She looked at him puzzled and he just shook his head. He was right, this wasn’t the time.
“If I remember correctly I forbade you from contacting him or seeing him. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” He spoke, and the tone of his voice made (Y/N)’s hands shake.
She shook her head and looked to the ground. “I don’t have anything to say, your highness.” She awaited the worst. What would he do to her? Throw her into the prison? Or maybe send her to another planet so she wouldn’t be able to talk to Loki ever again?
“Pack your stuff. You will leave for Midgard today with Thor.” Her head snapped to look at him. “Thank you your highness I really appreciate it.” He nodded. “I won’t be merciful the next time you disrespect me and my wishes.” His voice boomed through the halls but she didn’t care. She would be able to see her husband. And that’s all that mattered.
When they landed, it was night. (Y/N) looked around her and saw the tall buildings above her. She fell in love with the city at the first sight.
“Come on, the Avengers tower is only a couple blocks away,” Thor said and the girl beside him nodded. The walk was quite short but very interesting.
The city was so alive; she couldn’t get enough of it. After a few minutes of walking, they stopped. They stood in front of a huge tower, with a big A at the top. Thor took her wrist into his hand and pulled her lightly towards the entrance.
He greeted the receptionist, the security and walked towards the elevator. (Y/N) wasn’t new to the Midgardian technology. She quite enjoyed Midgard and all things that come with it.
The door closed behind them and (Y/N)’s mind started to wander. ‘What will he say when he sees her? Will he be happy? Will he be angry at her? She didn’t come to see him for nearly a year, she wouldn’t blame him.'
She came back to reality when the elevator stopped, and the doors opened. “The team doesn’t know who you are so it will surprise them.” He explained and she hummed in acknowledgment.
“Let’s do this.” She rubbed her palms together and they walked out of the elevator together. The pair walked down the hallway. They stepped into a room with some couches and a bar.
“Hello, friends I am back.” Thor cheered and the people looked in his direction. “I also brought a friend with me.” He looked behind him and all people in the room looked at her.
A tall man with blonde hair and blue eyes came closer to her and offered his hand. She took it, and they shook hands. “I’m Steve Rogers, it’s nice to meet you ma’am” he greeted and (Y/N) introduced herself. She made a round around the room and introduced herself to everyone.
“So, what’s she doing here Point Break?” Tony asked and (Y/N) laughed at the nickname. Thor only glared at her.
“She came to see Loki.” He stated and the room went quiet. Natasha glared at her “Why do you want to see a mass murderer?” She questioned and (Y/N) explained.
“Long story short, he is my husband and I haven’t seen him in nearly a year.” Clint choked on his water and Bruce stepped away from her.
“Look, I know you don’t like him I still do and I would really like to see him.” She stated and Tony nodded. “Okay, Point Break, take her to his cell.”
Thor nodded and moved towards the hallway and (Y/N) followed him.
“Does he ever get to walk outside?” she asked and Thor shook his head. “We can’t contain his power so he has to be in a cell. But Tony and Bruce are working on it.” He assured her and she nodded.
Loki’s cell was on floor -5. All the way below garages, and boilers and stuff. They stepped out of the elevator and (Y/N) immediately noticed the presence of heavily armed guards.
“Before you go in I have to walk you through some rules.” He started and she looked at him. “You can’t go into his cell, open his cell door or take any items he gives you through the glass with his magic.” He clarified and (Y/N) hummed in agreement.
“I understand, can I go see him now?” Thor nodded and (Y/N) rushed to the room with his cell. When she stepped in, she took her surroundings.
The room was quite large, bland and about ¾ of it was just the cell. The ‘visiting area’ was pretty boring. A couch with some pillows and a blanket, a water fountain, and some magazines were the only things in the space.
Loki’s cell was more interesting. There was a comfortable-looking bed, a little bookshelf with some books, a writing desk, and a chair that came with it.
The door behind her closed and Loki’s head turned towards her. His eyes widened and he stood up from the bed.
“Is it really you, my love?” He whispered and (Y/N) nodded. Some tears welled up in her eyes and she wiped them away.
“I thought I would never see you again.” She confessed and came closer to the glass. She pressed the palm of her hand on it and he did the same.
Loki’s heart broke when he felt the cold glass instead of the warm touch of his lover. “How did you even get here?” he questioned and (Y/N) laughed lightly.
“Odin let me actually.” She said and Loki’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. His lover smiled at his face and continued. “I couldn’t believe it either.”
“My love, I have to ask you something.” She said and Loki tilted his head. “Why did you do it?” she asked with tears in her eyes and he glared at her.
“Oh, so that’s why you are here huh? They sent you to get information from me” He chuckled sadly and turned his back to her. (Y/N) shook her head immediately.
“No, I came here because I wanted to see you. I am asking you because I want to understand.” He turned around and she could see the doubt in his eyes.
“I promised you I will help you and protect you, why would I break that promise.” (Y/N) questioned and she could see the doubt disappear from his eyes at the mention of their vows.
“I..” he started and she could see his bottom lip wobble a bit. She knew he did that when he was trying not to cry.
“He made me do it, it was horrible.” He rushed his words out. “Who made you do this Loki, my love tell me please.” She pushed but he shook his head.
“Can we talk about this later I want to talk about something else; I promise I will tell you everything.” She sighed and nodded her head.
“Talk to me my love, what did you do here?” Loki looked to the ground. “Nothing much. I read some books, waited for your letters, and wrote you letters.” He confessed.
“I have to say, the letters were the only thing that made me happy.” She said and he chuckled. “I had it the same. When I was feeling sad, I reread your letters again, and again, and again.” She laughed and he looked at her lovingly.
The next 3 hours were filled with laughter, talking, crying, and ‘I love you’s. At about 2 a.m., Loki fell asleep with his cheek squished to the glass. (Y/N) looked at him and stood up. She took the pillows and blanket from the couch and made a little sleeping place beside the glass.
The girl could feel her eyelids drooping, and she looked at her sleeping husband one last time. They would get through this and be able to touch each other.
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-Robin xxx
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Kiss in the Kitchen | Loki x Female Reader
Loki (Marvel) x Doctor Who
Tumblr media
Three days have passed since Loki started avoiding you and you are presented with an opportunity to talk to him however it quickly escalates into an argument.
Part Four | Part Six
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: angst and fluff
Read on AO3
You were sat alone at the kitchen table, on the TARDIS, digging into a bowl of noodles. A few days ago you had found some packs of them in one of the cupboards and at first you didn’t know what they were, but you could tell that they definitely weren’t from earth. After checking with the Doctor he assured you that they were safe for human consumption, as was everything else he kept stocked in the TARDIS kitchen.
Donna and the Doctor were currently visiting a leisure palace on a planet called Midnight, but you had foregone the trip in the hopes that Loki would come out of hiding so that you could finally talk to him.
Three days had passed since your trip to The Dark Ages, and you hadn’t seen Loki at all since. He had harboured himself away in the TARDIS and due to its infinite size, you were beginning to worry over the possibility that he might have actually gotten lost, but that concern quickly vanished when you heard footsteps approaching the kitchen.
Your heart rate spiked and you sat up straight. You suddenly started feeling nervous, this was going to be the first time you saw Loki in days, you were finally presented with an opportunity to talk to him, you didn’t want to mess it up.
You rushed to wipe the back of your hand over your mouth and chin, incase there was anything left on your face from the noodles and you straightened out your hair and clothes, hoping that you at least looked some what presentable.
As soon as Loki turned into the kitchen, he immediately halted when he saw you. You noticed that today he was dressed similarly to how he had during your first night on the TARDIS, abandoning his pristine fitted suits for a more casual look, consisting of dark jeans and a hoodie. You offered him a kind smile with the hope that it would encourage him to stay, but instead he swiftly turned on his heel already beginning to storm off somewhere else.
“Damn it, Loki! You can’t avoid me forever.” You lost your patience and your chair had screeched against the floor as you abruptly stood up.
Loki had paused at your outburst, his back still turned to you. Slowly he looked at you from over his shoulder with his head tilted slightly to the side, it was a subtle thing which made him look all the more intimidating.
“Can’t I?” Loki challenged as he turned to completely face you. “You really think your mortal existence is that unavoidable?”
His voice was harsh and distant, directed towards you it felt like being shoved into a pool of ice cold water, your whole body stiffened as you literally felt your blood rushing quicker through your veins from the rapid rate of your heartbeat while unpleasant shivers ran down your spine, but you didn’t let it show. You hardened your exterior, squaring your shoulders and narrowing your eyes.
“If you really want to avoid me, why don’t you just leave? Because the way I recall it, you wouldn’t even be here to avoid me if I hadn’t convinced the Doctor to let you stay!” You began to raise your voice, you weren’t shouting but your tone was teetering on a very fine edge, as you clenched your fists by your side.
By now your chest was visibly rising and falling with all the pent up nerves and frustration that were surging heat through your blood stream.
Loki was momentarily caught of guard by your outburst, but he was a master at disguising his emotions, so all you saw was his eyes darken as he took a menacing step towards you.
“I can’t believe I was gullible enough to believe that you might have actually been different, that I might have found someone who genuinely cared about me, but you don’t even try to hide the fact that you’re ashamed of me. And I’m expected to tolerate it because I should just be grateful for the fact that you found it in your heart to save someone like me in the first place. Well I never asked you or anyone to save me!” Loki finally raised his voice and you flinched. “I never asked Odin to take me from Jotunheim. I never asked Thanos to give me an army and a kingdom to rule and I never asked you to convince the Doctor to let me stay!” Loki’s voice rivalled yours and the callous tone felt like a knife straight through your chest.
You had backed yourself away behind the kitchen table, putting it between you and Loki as he had closed the distance between you, as if it would serve you any form of protection.
“Ashamed...” You barely managed to repeat the word in a whisper. “When have I ever given you the impression that I am ashamed of you?”
“Evidently you don’t hide it as well as you think you do. You couldn’t even bare to be seen holding my hand in front of your auntie and the Doctor.” Your lips parted in realisation and your anger began to dilute with regret, you were about to explain to Loki that you hadn’t let go of his hand because you were ashamed of him, but he continued his rant before you got the chance. “Yet you had no qualms about holding hands with that glorified plagiarist in front of the entire theatre.”
At his words you quickly grew frustrated again and your intentions of explaining yourself to him were quickly forgotten.
“He took my hand what was I supposed to do? Snatch it away just to please you? And what do you even mean by ‘glorified plagiarist’ I thought you liked him?”
“Surely you noticed the amount of times he stole the Doctors words, I doubt that man ever had an original idea in his life.” Loki’s eyes looked off beyond you as he voiced his suspicion, before they focused right back on you and pinned you to your spot. “And what about when he tried to kiss you? Couldn’t snatch yourself away then either?”
Speechlessly your jaw fell slack as you brought your hand up to push your hair back from your face and let your gaze fall to the surface of the kitchen table.
“I can’t believe this.” You muttered to yourself before you dropped both your palms to the table and leaned forward to look Loki dead in the eye. “I already told you I wasn’t interested in him. He approached me because he saw I was worried. Worried about you. He asked me what was wrong, I thought he was going to listen to me. As soon as he leaned in to kiss me I put my hands on his chest to push him away because I want you, not him.”
Loki paused as he considered your words, his eyes cast downwards to follow his finger as he ran it back and forth over the top of one of the dining chairs.
“You want me but you would rather no one know about it.” Loki quietly spoke, still watching his own hand.
“No... God, no.” You gently but firmly told him as you made your way around the kitchen table towards him.
You grasped Loki by his elbows to turn him to face you, he allowed you to move him without resistance, but he still hid his eyes from you with his head lowered. You ran your hands down both his forearms until your fingers intertwined with his and then you brought your hands up between your chests. He kept his arms and fingers limp, but apart from that he didn’t object.
“I didn’t let go of your hand because I am ashamed of being with you, but we hadn’t even properly discussed our situation yet and I wasn’t ready to be bombarded with questions from my auntie, you know what she’s like, and especially in that situation it just wouldn’t have been practical.” You explained to him honestly.
“Wh... why would we need to discuss our  ‘situation?’ We kissed, doesn’t that say enough in itself already?” Loki finally looked at you with confusion written in his eyes.
“don’t you... on Asgard don’t you discuss with your partner whether or not you’re, like... in an actual relationship?” You hesitantly asked Loki, as you struggled to find the right way to phrase the question.
“Well, we just simply would not be intimate with someone who we didn’t wish to be in a relationship with.” Loki explained, his tone balancing between ‘shouldn’t this be obvious?’ and ‘am I crazy for thinking this should be normal?’
After hearing that, the weight of the situation suddenly crashed down on you. Loki believed he witnessed you almost kiss Shakespeare, the morning after you and he had shared a kiss which to him confirmed that you were together. This meant that not only did he believe you were ashamed of him, he also believed you immediately betrayed him.
“Oh, Loki,” you whispered regretfully. “I- I didn’t realise. On Earth, it isn’t uncommon for people to kiss or even have sex with each other and not be official.”
“Then how do people know whether or not they are, as you call it, ‘official?’” Loki asked, looking completely perplexed by these customs, you had to admit they were confusing and only caused complications, the way of Asgard sounded much simpler.
“They usually just discuss it and come to an agreement.” You shrugged.
Loki slipped his fingers out of yours and for a second you felt your chest begin to cave, but when he pulled out the dining chair in front of him and sat down at the kitchen table, your brows knitted together with confusion. Silently, Loki gestured to the chair opposite him with his right hand, offering you to sit, hesitantly and with a questioning look you lowered yourself into the dining chair.
Once you were sat opposite him, Loki reached his hands across the kitchen table to hold yours in his own.
“I realise that these past few days I have behaved like a fool, I should have allowed you the chance to explain sooner instead of jumping to conclusions and I hope that you can forgive me.” Loki sincerely apologised.
“Loki, I already have,” you assured him. “Just please promise that in the future you’ll let me talk to you instead of avoiding me.”
“I swear it.” He promised. “And if... as you say, we have a future, may I request that we be ‘official?’” Loki proposed and you were endeared by how formal he was about it, you couldn’t hold back your smile.
“I’d love nothing more.” You confessed and you supported your upper body on your elbows as you leaned over the table to seal your agreement with a kiss.
“What’s going on here? I leave you alone for one day to visit a leisure palace and come back to find you two loved up?” You both startled and pulled apart at the sound of Donna’s voice and simultaneously turned your heads to find her halfway into the kitchen.
“You’re not possessed again are you?” She squinted her eyes with suspicion and bounced them back and forth between you and Loki.
“No.” You shook your head, before glancing back at Loki who appeared to be perfectly calm as he offered you a soft smile.
“Oh okay.” Your auntie sighed as she now made her way further into the kitchen, “because the Doctor was.”
“What?” You were hardly following what she was saying as your heart rate was racing, you don’t know why you were having this kind of reaction to Donna finding out about you and Loki, but it felt so sudden, you were hoping that you could have been able to tell her on your own terms and now you were nervous about what she will say.
“The Doctor, he got possessed.” Donna informed you, as she pulled a bottle of water from the fridge before she started approaching the kitchen table.
“At the leisure palace?” Your pitch raised with confusion, as she sat down beside Loki, who suddenly looked nervous by her close presence.
“No, on a space truck on his way to visit a sapphire waterfall.” Donna looked up when you remained silent and saw your wide eyed expression. “That wasn’t sarcasm.” She clarified.
“Is he okay?” You asked with concern.
“Yeah, just a bit shaken up.” She frowned. “But they’re going to have to permanently shut the resort down to prevent it from happening again.”
A silence covered the room while Donna drank from her bottle and you glanced down at yours and Loki’s hands which were still intertwined over the kitchen table and he gave them a gentle squeeze.
“So... how long has this been going on?” Donna rested her chin on her fist as she eagerly leaned forward on the table and glanced between the two of you.
“Uh... since the dark ages.” You softly chuckled at how that made it sound like you had been together for centuries and you caught the way Loki’s lip slightly curved, clearly amused by it as well.
“Oh, so that’s why you both disappeared.” Donna raised her eyebrows.
Your cheeks immediately flamed and Loki began stroking his thumb over your knuckles.
“But listen here, Bruce Almighty.” Donna turned in her chair to focus her attention on Loki, who quickly gave her his attention and furrowed his brows at the nickname. “You might be a divine being of immortality or whatever but don’t think that doesn’t mean I won’t hurt you if you break my nieces heart. Don’t think you’ll get off lightly just because I’m a mortal either, I have a time lord on my side and don’t forget it.”
“Donna!” You scolded your auntie, as your cheeks grew even hotter.
“You have my word that if I were to ever impose any harm upon your niece I’d let you deal with me however you see fit.” Loki swore to your auntie with eyes filled with sincerity before they fell back on you, as you speechlessly stared at him completely enchanted.
You and Loki had just crawled into your bed for the night and although you were aware that the God didn’t follow the same sleeping pattern as you, he assured you that there was no place he would have rather been.
You were both laid on your sides, face to face, with your legs intertwined and your chests almost flush, Loki’s arm rested over the dip of your waist and his fingertips traced patterns up and down your spine, his other hand was rested between his cheek and pillow and your faces were so close that the tips of your noses occasionally brushed.
You couldn’t wipe the smile off your face even if you tried. Ever since you and Loki had agreed to be official, it were as if you were receiving an endless supply of liquid endorphins shot directly through your veins, except when Donna gave him ‘the talk,’ you shut your eyes with embarrassment as it played back in your mind.
“I’m sorry for my auntie.” You apologised with a wince.
Your own hand was resting on the side of Loki’s neck and your thumb brushed against the corner of his jaw, so you felt him shake his head dismissively and reopened your eyes.
“Don’t apologise, it’s important to have people in your life who look out for you and care about you. I’m glad that she is protective.” Loki told you, and from the proximity of your faces you felt his breath fan across your lips as he spoke.
Your brows pinched together as you listened to what Loki said and considered how, from what he had told you, he lacked people who looked out for him. To hide your frown, you shuffled down the bed slightly and snuggled into his chest and in response he shifted onto his back so you were able to rest your head upon his shoulder with your arm cuddled around his waist.
“I’ll look out for you.” You promised him with a tired voice.
Loki’s head lifted slightly as he looked down at the top of yours, his features completely softened. Of course he found it endearing that a being far more vulnerable than he, was promising him protection, however more importantly he felt your words to be true.
You had displayed it ever since Pompeii when you ensured he was hydrated while barely conscious in an attempt to keep his temperature steady, then once again when you offered him a place to stay on the TARDIS and then ensured that he didn’t lose it.
The sides of his lips lifted softly as he planted them on the crown of your head.
“I don’t doubt that.” You heard him whisper as he pulled you closer with his arm around your shoulders.
“Goodnight, Loki.” You mumbled softly.
“Goodnight, my love.” Loki answered.
My love. Your chest overflowed with warmth and you pressed your lips to the side of Loki’s neck to give him a lingering kiss before you gently floated off into a peaceful sleep.
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