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#loki worship
mmmmmm-gay-shit · 6 hours ago
i wouldn’t usually post this but i think y’all need to know...
disney is trying to trademark Loki and Thor as though they aren’t real gods. please sign this petition and share so that people can still buy and sell offerings/candles ect.
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fightwithvalor · 22 hours ago
It’s Fathers Day…
It’s time to give love and appreciation for all of the deities who have been like father figures to you!
So Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Apollo, Hephaestus…
Odin, Thor, Loki, Freyr…
Jupiter, Apollo, Neptune, Mars…
Or any other deity from any other pantheon that you see as a father figure, or who works with you in a fatherly sort of way, show them some love today!
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cherryblossomfreak · 3 days ago
So I have a wolf figurine. A yellow calcite tealight holder and at least fifty tealights. I'm trying to buy things for a Lokean altar as I can afford them (and the more discreet the better). Next step is a red candle and an offering bowl.
Are there any experienced Lokeans who have advice as to what to include in an altar? I'd appreciate the help.
- from "The Vague Diaries"
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loki-thesilvertongue · 3 days ago
Ah, my Lord, you're back! I've missed you. You're my hero, you know.
Tumblr media
Heroes are rather overrated. But I will take the admiration.
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worstloki · 4 days ago
I grow continually convinced that Loki's plan to take over the TVA won't work, not because of any fault of his own, but because the Time Keepers are either long dead, never existed, or on a beech somewhere enjoying the perks of your divine responsibilities being completed in totality by an uncaring but fully autonomous beuacratic system.
the timekeepers are actually 3 Lokis in a trenchcoat
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after-the-raven · 9 days ago
I feel like I don't do enough for my gods. :/
I live in a highly Christian household, so I can't exactly conduct rituals or offer much on the regs. And, I know my gods like me even without this facet of our relationships, but... I want to. One of my love languages is gift-giving, and I enjoy curating special things for the people I love. But I've been faltering in that with my mortal friends, too.
I think I could also do with devoting more things I do in my day-to-day existence to my gods. I've been meaning to invite Thor to watch the Weather Channel with me, or research some moon magic for Máni.
I just get to feeling really insecure.
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theuniverseitself · 9 days ago
It was confirmed in a teaser that MCU Loki is genderfluid! The director wanted to make Loki more accurate to our beautiful red-head! :) We win this one Lokeans!
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scorpioallovertheplace · 10 days ago
Hey! So I am new here and I would like to become a pagan witch more and more. I am learning since three months or something like this and now I think Loki wants to work with me. But I am not sure about it and wanted to ask if someone of u all could help me!
Here the stuff why I think Loki wants to work with me:
1. I saw multiple tiktoks about the diety work with loki.
2. I dyed my hair red because i had the sudden urge to do it.
3. Two days ago I saw a spider right before my foot. (Maybe this is just imagination but i don‘t really see spiders and with the tiktoks about him it made me suspicious.)
4. I have depression since a really long time and since two weeks or something i am like really confident und just doing things, like i think of it and just do it. (Normally i am a person who is more likely to think about all the risks beforehand.)
5. I don‘t think about the others and what they will say about me, when i am doing something like before. I am just like „You got a problem with what I‘m doing? Ok, come here, fight me!“
6. My life always has been chaos but i think in the last weeks it is all coming together.
7. On the edge of my bed was a golden ring, like a pendant of a chain. (Maybe someone has lost it, but the only person in my room the last like month was my mother and she says it is not hers and it is not mine also. So i don‘t know what to do with it really.)
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arcandle · 11 days ago
I'd really like to make more witchblr friends, so if you post about magic, nature, pagan holidays, etc please interact with this post and I'll give you a follow! This is my witchy sideblog, so I'll be following from my main account, @galacticvii.
A little intro from me: My name's Gia, I'm eclectic & new to this! I love to celebrate pagan holidays and I'm an amateur astronomer. I also read tarot, keep a small altar, and casually worship Loki & Apollo.
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sketchyfandomgirl · 26 days ago
I wonder if in the distant future when archeologists unearth our Funko pops they’ll think they were statuettes of our gods we each individually worshiped.
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toshidou · 28 days ago
hewwoo sibling spouse 🥺 would I be able to request our favorite trickster god + overstimulation please?
[18+ NSFW]
Insecurity is nothing new to Loki, he's been plagued with it enough in his life to recognise what causes your shoulders to sag, and your pretty eyes to fill with tears. It's something he knows can't be solved with a few words, even from the silvertongue himself. You need actions, the raw physical proof that you are indeed a stunning deity, no matter what cruel words the bitter voices from your past demons whisper into your ear. Well, it's a good think his silvertongue is excellent at more than just weaving pretty words, isn't it?
It's becoming a rather effective method, he thinks to himself as he grips the flesh of your hips and guides you to the bed, pulling you immediately onto his lap, noticing the way your frown turns to stunned shyness. Although he himself can't hold himself back from furrowing his brows when he feels you trying to alleviate some of your weight from his thighs. With the true strength of a God, he's pulling you securely against him, leaving you firmly pinned to his body.
"You know better than do that with me, darling," his voice is low as he croons the words into your ear, grinning at the shudder that cascades down your body, "now, I'm going to ravish you, and I won't stop until every last self-depreciating thought has been chased from your mind with my mouth."
He has no qualms staying between your thighs for hours if that is what it takes, making good on his promise as he makes you cum on his tongue and fingers until you're left truly boneless and brainless against the deep green satin sheets. You barely have enough strength to keep your eyes open, yet you're just cognisant enough to witness the pure look of love and adoration in his eyes as he curls himself around your body, pressing his lips to your temple and whispering endless streams of praise directly against your now soothed mind.
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sad-boy-jones · a month ago
Sometimes it's hard to trust your instincts when it comes to witchcraft and pagensism. Especially if you have ADHD. I'm my experience I can't tell if I'm just overthinking or making something up or if it's something my deity is saying to me. It can be so hard to trust yourself lol. I end up asking my deitys through my candle or pendulum if they said it or not tbh because I'm so unsure. I can hear spirits and entities clear in my mind. It's hard to get if they are really saying it to me or if it's me having a huge imagination. Does anyone else have this problem? And if so what do you do to help it
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malicemanaged · a month ago
I just remembered that time some dumbass claimed the only reason I’m a Lokean was because I was a confused teenaged girl who wanted to fuck Tom Hiddleston, and like. They got the confused part right. That’s something! 🤣
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laughable-illusions · a month ago
I've loved Loki since I was a child, and I found out about Norse paganism a little while ago. I set up an altar to him a couple days ago after researching for a few weeks. I don't really know what to do next. I'm not sure if I need some sort of daily/weekly worship "session." Do you have any tips at all? Thank you!!
I mean, all I will say (I’m still very new at this) is that to trust your gut, and if you feel like you should then do it. I would also recommend trying to reach out and talk to him directly to see what he wants.
Though I’m not that all familiar with Loki, that’s been what’s worked for me (just remember to cleanse the space beforehand and research some protection magick)
If anyone else has any better advice please add on!!!
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