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#loki tv spoilers
alexjcrowley · 53 minutes ago
Since we have all talked a lot about Loki refusing Mobius's hand in the elevator, and since we know Marvel loves to make emtional scenes linked together in ringcomposition, I really would like to see, at some point, Loki offering Mobius his hand in a moment of need or simply to signify they have become friends.
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lucianalight · an hour ago
I wanted a show about Loki being himself, the trickster god and all. Instead they are treating him like a comic relief, and a criminal needing a supervision, as if you could pass a judgement on a god from another planet? It's no fun. I hate that some organization is using him again, I want him free. His magic and character is so interesting, with an unlimited potential. I know they will not do a show by my expectations, but this seems so boring, bordering on insulting, idk.
I didn't like the scenes that he was comic relief too, not because of the comedy, but because I didn't find those scenes funny objectively. I think since TVA are obviously bad guys, and since the trial was so absurd and irrational, we can agree that his criminal state with them is not actually bad considering their moral status. Everything about TVA screams totalitarianism and fascism. So hopefully Loki teams up with that another variant and/or ends up destroying them in some way. Because no one choose his story but his own. I didn't find the show's quality impressive either, but from many hints and parallels to Agent of Asgard story line, I'm hopeful that we will see Loki's powers and freedom.
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maxmagi · an hour ago
Let me just say that Loki TV Episode 1 started off very goofy and silly and I laughed so much...but then later on gave us the Loki Angst (TM) that fanfic writers have been fleshing out for yeeeeeaaaaaaars.
I fxcking cried. Like actual tears. That part when Loki saw those things... I remembered the reason I loved the character so much to begin with.
**Also, the thing with the gems? My god what a moment of epiphany I loved it!
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maxmagi · 2 hours ago
"Oh, believe me, you can smell the cologne on two Tony Starks."
- Loki
..... Whuuuuuuuuuuuut???
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I’m watching e1 of Loki again and I definitely, DEFINITELY think we’re supposed to be skeptical of the TVA. I’ll give my evidence later but they’re shady as fuck
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kingtwhiddleston · 7 hours ago
Okay okay so I have a theory:
In one of the last trailers we hear Loki say:
“And I’m STILL burdened with glorious purpose”
We already heard him say that at the start of the first ep but the ‘still’ wasn’t there.
WHAT IF this is what Loki says at the end of the show, like at the end of episode 6? He’s done what he needed to do, redeems (somewhat, cause we all want a season 2 let’s be honest) himself, helps Mobius and becomes besties with him, gains the trust of the TVA and he just knows who he truly is.
And at the end he just knows that he has always been burdened with glorious purpose but that purpose isn’t what he and us really thought it was. But his purpose it’s a totally different thing. It’s a good thing. We truly know what his REAL purpose is.
So yeah that’s where my mind went I heard the ‘still’
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spareplanets · 7 hours ago
i’m just gonna continue to ignore all the signs that loki won’t be in love and thunder. i am blissfully blind in spite of the knowledge presented to me by the man i call god. (tom hiddleston).
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sserpente · 10 hours ago
i know you‘re all excited about the series so far, but i can‘t help but still be disappointed at how comedic they‘re playing is character. i miss the loki up until the avengers, who was taken seriously... it was just so much moe intimidating, and heartwrenching to me. i miss it, but we‘re never getting it back :(
Oh, love. We shouldn't forget that Avengers!Loki was under the control of the sceptre, too. That made him a lot darker and more evil, if you will. I don't think that Loki is not being taken seriously but given that at the TVA, not even Infinity Stones work, what do they have to fear from him? It's an interesting dynamic and just like Tom said, Loki's usual tricks don't work with Mobius which results in him acting differently around him. For us, that means discovering new parts of his character entirely.
The comedic aspect of Loki has always been there, I think. I like to think back to TDW when he constantly mocked Thor when they escaped ("I think you missed a column" & "Oh dear, is she dead?", etc.). He is a Trickster, he always has been. In "The Avengers", Loki had the upper hand--he was the one in control because he had a plan the Avengers had to figure out to begin with. At the TVA, it's the complete opposite and that is reflected in his character which is why him threatening Casey, for example, came across a lot more comedic than it probably would have in "The Avengers", e.g. when he threatened Tony. He is still intimidating, like when he said "Now get out of my way" but the TVA just wasn't impressed by it. Loki is being confronted with so much at once (the TVA, his timeline, his family's death, the realisation that he can't go back, the fact that the TVA is possibly the most powerful force in the universe), I think what we can detect is actual overwhelm. I hope that helps! ♥
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lucianalight · 11 hours ago
Loki 1x01 Review
This is a long post. It includes scene by scene comments, theory for the show and analysis. There is also criticism of the show. Like a lot of it. So if you don’t want to see negativity about the show and also TR, don’t read this post.
*Spoilers for Loki 1x01 and also Loki Agent of Asgard comic book*
Scene by Scene Comments
Tumblr media
The very first scene was idiotic and ridiculous. The way Loki starts monologuing to the first people he meets was ooc and doesn’t make sense. It actually gave me second hand embarrassment. If it was supposed to be funny, the joke didn’t land. It was ooc because Loki isn’t a narcissistic egotistical idiot. And it doesn’t make sense because in Avengers Loki starts introducing himself to SHIELD in that way. An enemy, an organization who would oppose Loki in his invasion. In that situation Loki wants to be known. Escaping from imprisonment and landing on some unknown place without knowing who he is dealing with, Loki wouldn’t introduce himself that way. Remember that in Thor1, Loki stands back and observes as Thor talks to Laufey, and only interfere to calm things down. And even when he visits Laufey alone, he still isn’t so full of himself. In TDW when he sees Jane he introduces himself casually and calmly and not in a superior way. The only time, he is acting weirdly is in Avengers and under the influence of mind stone, but I guess we’re ignoring the mind influence, right? Smh.
“So, if you don’t mind this is actually your last chance. Now get out of my way.”
Good, good. In character. I like that.
I didn’t like the scene where the machine vanished Loki’s clothes because of the invasive and non-con way it felt. This scene is enough to show that TVA aren’t good guys and for me to hate them even more. Again, if the scene was supposed to be comedic, I didn’t find it funny. Neither I found the following scenes funny.
“What if I was a robot and I didn’t know it?”
I guess this line was for laughs too, but if you consider Loki’s identity issues, that he didn’t know he was from another species his whole life, that his mind and memories were tampered with by Thanos, it’s actually heartbreaking. But I guess all that doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is jokes.
I don’t know why I missed the oppressive theme of TVA the first time from trailers. But it’s clear now. Specially from the Miss Minutes introduction of TVA. It kind of reminded me of dystopian books like “1984” and “Mortelle”.
Tumblr media
Blue eye color is canon? I’m OK with it but I prefer green eye color for Loki. I still haven’t forgotten this movie and its posters unlike the show’s creators.
Tumblr media
They made Loki canonically genderfluid. I like it.
When Loki was in the trial, why after he was defeated and arrested by Avengers, he would think that they were trying to stop his success through time travel? What kind of idiotic conclusion is that? Doesn’t he know about Thanos? He was sent by him. Another ooc reaction. Smh.
“Oh, believe me you can smell the cologne of two Tony Starks.”
I laughed so hard at this. Oh, be still my frostiron loving heart! :D
TVA is so absurd. How can people who are unaware of a sacred time line, and an organization that keeps it in line and their own story, are breaking laws if they do sth in contradiction to it!? That’s really irrational.
Why Loki didn’t try to use his powers until the trial? Plot hole!
- “You ridiculous bureaucrats will not dictate how my story ends!”
- “It’s not your story Mr. Laufeyson. It never was.”
Direct hints to stories and how everything supposed to happen according to some gods. Parallels to Loki Agent of Asgard story line. I like it. I hope Loki ends up disrupting all their rules and dictations.
Tumblr media
I don’t understand why Loki would be surprised by how TVA looks like. A thousand year old prince who has seen many planets in his life. We’ve seen other developed planets in MCU that work without magic. Another plot hole imo.
Hated the talky talky scene just like the trailer.
“There’s only one person you can trust.”
Agreed Loki :P :D
“I live within whatever path I choose.”
Good line! AoA parallel.
“You’re just a little pussycat.”
I hate you more and more by the minute Mobius.
After Earth, Loki wants Asgard and the nine Realms? They’re definitely going for a power hungry egotistical characterization. Smh.
“For nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and uncertainty and regret. There’s a fork in every road, yet the wrong path always taken.”
You expect me to accept Loki without the influence of mind stone is a dictator? The person who literally was saying I choose my own path and story a moment ago, is against choice? This would make sense in Avengers as projecting his situation with Thanos. But free from him? No. It’s ooc. He can be referring to his own mistakes as a result of his choices but even then, he isn’t against choice and freedom. As much as I hate TR, as king he let other realms have more freedom.
Tumblr media
Shut up Mobius. No, he’s enjoying the chaos around him. He doesn’t even look at the guy.
“I’ll do what I want to do!”
Finally! My favorite Loki line :D
“Like you did your mother?”
SHUT UP MOBIUS! WTF! He didn’t send Kurse to his mother or Thor. What Kurse found after he got out of the prison, was the device to the shield surrounding the palace which he turned off. Malekith found Frigga because he was able to locate the Aether in Jane. And Kurse found them on his own. I’ve been in fandom for years and even the most avid Loki haters haven’t said that Loki killed his mother! I thought I couldn’t hate anyone more than Thanos. But Mobius proved me wrong. I hate him with a burning passion. My dear Loki! Did you see his face when he saw his mother’s death? The way he asked about her? His tears?
“You weren’t born to be king Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death.”
Odin: “Wherever you go, there is war, ruin and death.”
I had theorized before the series that Mobius can be a father figure to Loki. Apparently, he is another Odin. Even worse than him.
OK, they have lots of infinity stones and magic doesn’t work in TVA. That answers why everyone suddenly can touch the Tesseract. But where these people come from and what is their species? The show never answered that.
Tom’s performance in the scene where Loki watches his life was fantastic!
Ngl, watching Loki defeating that TVA guard was enjoyable! :D
Mobius told Loki, the variant they’re after who is killing TVA agents is Loki. There are two possibilities here.
1.     He is the same Loki, but he has gone in the past to destroy TVA just like King Loki in AoA.
2.     He is another variant.
I really like to see Loki actually destroys TVA. I hate them. I think if that’s going to happen, Mobius would side with Loki learning that TVA aren’t actually good guys.
The hints to Loki’s story and also that “gods to gods” line makes me hope for a story line similar to AoA, where Loki who becomes the god of stories through the series, defeats the Time-Keepers.
The first episode introduced TVA and tried to give us a deeper look into Loki’s psychology through a review of MCU movies. The audience are meant to accept Mobius’ POV-who is a hero coded character- of Loki as truth. But this POV is mostly retcon and inaccurate. Notice how the events of first movie, Loki’s origin story, and also his redemption in TDW where he saved Jane’s and Thor’s lives were completely ignored in favor of the lie the narrative was trying to feed to us. Loki’s actions in Avengers without knowing the first movie and his involvement with Thanos, the torture and mind influence he suffered, don’t make sense. But the narrative explained all of this as Loki being power hungry and in desperate need to control. Yes, Loki wants control. But of his own life when it was taken from him since the first movie that he learned all his life was a lie. He only tried to gain control through hurting people and inspiring fear in Avengers and under mind influence. That isn’t how he acted other in other movies.But those other instances were ignored.
Mobius is the sum of every pro-TR fan who claim they like Loki, but he deserved everything he got because he has done horrible thing. He echoed Odin’s claim in saying that Loki causes pain and death. And he reminded me of TR Thor who put Loki down for who he was and then told him he could be more after torturing and humiliating him. From what it looks like, we’re going to see another redemption story where Loki tries to become better by the help of a hero coded character. Smh. As if we haven’t seen the same story line for Loki again and again and again…
The comedy is bad. Like really bad. The scenes that were meant to be funny, seemed exaggerated and overly cartoonish. The only times I actually smiled was when Loki tried to threatened that guy who didn’t know what a fish was and him saying he lost a bet to Thor.
Other than exaggeration in comedy, Tom’s performance specially in emotional scenes is great as always. Loki’s lines are mostly in character and are well-written.
I liked the hints to AoA story line. I’ll be happy if the show ends up like AoA, with Loki accepting himself. Hopefully he burns TVA to the ground along the way.
The episode has both pros and cons. But despite the parts I liked in it, I wasn’t really impressed. The tone and pace of it wasn’t done well and while Loki was in character in many scenes, there were enough inconsistencies in characterization that even created plot holes in some scenes. I give this episode a 6 out o 10 at most and only because of Tom’s performance.
All in all, I think any fan can find sth they like in the show from many appearances of Loki in MCU. But you know the saying. If you try to make everyone happy, you end up making no one happy. I hope the next episodes will be better than this.
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asgardian-viking · 11 hours ago
Wait....Loki thinks Thor is also dead in the original timeline, as the file ended just as the ship exploded.....oh god can you imagine how much guilt he´s dealing with right now?
He probably though he was somehow responsible for his death, he doesn't even know that Thor survived and went on to stop Thanos
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frost-iron · 13 hours ago
I had a question, I'm jittering if I keep it in longer, Loki's file say his eyes are blue but they're clearly green when we get a close up of him watching his file.
Am I hallucinating?
Nope, not hallucinating! The most plausible answer is that it's just the way it was filmed + in the editing/effects process they put filters on the film to change the atmosphere and other changes to account for any things that are CGI and how it would affect the environment.
But to me, Loki's eyes will always be green (at least in fics and comics) just because I'm stubborn like that. 😂
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johnboyega · 13 hours ago
what theories do you have about the tva?
i’m going to try explain this as best as i can without sounding all over the place so i’m sorry for what’s ahead. after the episode i had a huge crisis over the rules of time travel in this post and how it didn’t make sense to me how the avengers, mainly steve were allowed to create other timelines. the time keepers decided the avengers going back in time is suppose to happen even though that contradicts their protection of the sacred timeline and stopping variants from creating multiverses. steve created another timeline to live with peggy which is against the rules that is explained in the episode.
so getting that out of the way my theory comes from the tva allowing the rules to be broken. and how that could be a sign of the unfair system that the tva and time keepers have created because they’re in charge of what’s good and bad for the timeline which has to come with a lot of bias because they’re basically controlling what they think is right and doesn’t matter the consequences or how it effects people existing in that timeline. the avengers going back and breaking the rules is allowed because it brings back the population and they save the world, but a variant like loki isn’t allowed to happen because they don’t trust him to exist. we see 2012 loki watching the rest of his life and seeing how it was mostly failures because he tried to be a villain. so why would the tva trust a variant loki to exist to only create more chaos in the timelines? and variants aren’t always people like loki who time travel, but people who just step out of the precreated path that was decided for them. i hope this makes sense, but basically i think the sacred timeline system and “what is always supposed to happen” is really messed up.
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adifferentnamethanbefore · 14 hours ago
My Loki wishlist:
Peggy (and Steve?) Showing up in a meaningful way (hope has been inspired 3 times in one episode)
For the variant to be Lady Loki (and one that I'm certain won't happen: Kat Dennings is Lady Loki. I'm aware there's no hope don't worry)
Meta, all the meta baby, give me that good good 4th wall flirtation baby (I'm already getting this) - Loki's glorious purpose is To Be A Villain???!?! Yes. Fucking. Yes okay? Yes. Oui. Yes. 👍👍👍
Using Hiddleston to his full potential as an actor (episode one has already begun to satisfy this)
All in all, this is the first show I've watched as it comes out in what feels like a decade and I couldn't have chosen a better one to break my rule for.
Also. The music. It's. Phenomenal. I.
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