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#loki theory
mayphenix · 13 hours ago
Loki Multiverse Theory
We know that Loki (and Wandavision) introduced the Multiverse for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, and we (I?) assumed that it’d meant we’ll see the characters *start* the Multiverse at some point in their series which would then tie in with Dr Strange 2.
But what if...
The multiverse is already here
Timelines created by the Avengers/Steve and being overlooked by the TVA aside,
There is, theoretically, only one timeline and universe, the sacred timeline, because the TVA makes sure to keep the Variants in line.
Which means that 1 sacred timeline = 1 Loki
Who, according to TVA, died from the hands of Thanos
And the Loki we have here, is a Variant from an alternative timeline who should, 1) be killed, but Owen Wilson stopped that 2) become a TVA agent but that's only a matter of time (*ahah*) before Loki tries to get his own way, probably by trying to figure out who/where are the space lizards. Our curent Loki shouldn't exist because that would make 2 Lokis in the sacred timeline if he were to return there.
But then, if BadVariantLoki that they are hunting down is another Loki.....where did they come from?
Can't be from the past nor future of the sacred timeline because the TVA would know it. Which means that this BadVariantLoki is from another universe, AKA the Multiverse HAS started before Dr Strange
Time is a bit wanky here but maybe Wanda's actions in WandaVision didn't create a new universe but it might have caused... openings? And that's how BadVariantLoki travelled thru one of those in the "sacred timeline" and travels thru time to....gather power?
As for that BadVariantLoki (possibly Lady Loki) motivations... maybe LadyLoki/BadVariantLoki failed in their own universe and decided to travel to another one to conquer here.
From the little bit of knowledge I have gathered on multiverse theories on wikipedia, if there is an existing multiverse which, you can't just decide of one and eliminate the others they all exist, using Schrödinger’s words, Simultaneously The multiverse DOES exist but the reality and timeline protected by the Supreme Sorcerer and the Space Lizards is the ‘sacred timeline’ and the reality of one unique branch of the multiverse.
But with the avengers’ actions + thanos’ + Loki’s it created lots of timelines and it would mess with the current universe and its reality which, with the added actions of Wanda in WandaVision, created holes in the reality and ways to travel thru the multiverse
What do you think??
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yoursaviourhasarrived · 13 hours ago
//TVA built quite the circus, it's formidable, is this real power...?
Why didn't the file end in the moment he died? Why show him Thor's reaction to his death? Why was the mourning God of Thunder more important to them than his heritage? Why didn't the file include crucial information about who he is and why did he have his existential crisis and how could it miss that he had been tortured and mind controlled by Thanos if they wanted TVA agents to better understand him so they can catch him?
It seriously looked like they wanted to make him look bad and his family members kind and innocent...
So the file is fishy. It's edited. It was clear Mobius didn't understand the motivation, and if he wasn't so curious about Loki in the first place... Loki would've died so much earlier in that timeline.
The file ends yes but it ends with his mourning brother over his body. That's the part that has been an itch for me. Why include that...? To show he's really dead? Or is it because after that part they could not gather any more information about him because he got out from under TVA's -and the Time-keepers- radar?
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mayphenix · 13 hours ago
Loki Theory
At the beginning of the episode, where the minute men are in Aix-en-Provence, Mobius says:
“The stab wounds are the same as the others.”
Now, we know that most of the time, serial killers will use the same technique to kill their victims. Stabbing is very Loki-ish.
The hooded figure at the end of the episode, the implied “Variant Loki” they are hunting down, doesn’t stab. They uses fire to kill the minute men.
What if there are TWO Variants causing mayhem?
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notanotherloki · 16 hours ago
“Magic Powers? They’re no good in the TVA”
Honestly? I kind of hope magic doesn’t get explained because I always prefer that. I liked it being “just magic” in Wandavision (minus the mind stone shenanigans which, honestly? felt forced-upon by the Marvel Overlords) however, I like to have my own pet theories:
“ Supposedly, all magic is built on the concept that all realities can be reshaped by tapping into the existing power that is found in either themselves, the Universe, or other dimensions “
The most powerful form of magic in the MCU is ‘chaos magic’ (I know there’s A) more lore to this that I don’t feel like digging into and B) I believe chaos magic is a legit irl magic theory? Actually practiced by people? but Marvel isn’t referencing that I'm pretty sure. they’re just calling it that because it sounds cool) 
I’m going to put out there that “Chaos” and “Order” are literally forces that exist in this universe. Magic is the application of “Chaos”. Whatever the fuck the Time-Keepers are doing is the application of an opposing force, “Order”.
Chaos literally does not exist in the space of the TVA and thus magic cannot. That’s really all I got for this theory. Don’t think Loki (series) will play with magic concepts (and, again, I prefer it that way) but I just sort of liked the concept of “Order” and “Chaos” as being forces and Magic being specific to Chaos and that’s why Loki cannot use his powers.
“post note: I think him figuring out how to get magic to work in the TVA will probably play a part in the climax, either as an introduction of chaos or symbolically destroying the order that the TVA imposes, even if its not that directly. After all you can only impose Pure Order for so long.” - Mod Sapphire
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theflikchic · 18 hours ago
If I ever smile and say "oh it's nothing", I'm lying. I'm smiling about how the theory that Loki was controlled by the scepter has been officially negated by the "Loki" show. 😌
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lokiondisneyplus · 18 hours ago
LOKI: Most Evil Loki Variant? Ultimate Villain Explained! | RT 223
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perfectlywisedelusions · 19 hours ago
Loki analysis: Who is the villain?
Or, as I like to call it, who is the villain? 
We are told by Mobius M. Mobius (yes, that’s his full name) that it’s Loki. Here’s the thing. Having another Loki being the main villain is unrealistic from a simple film-making perspective. In case you don’t know, scenes with the same actor are shot twice, with the actor playing both and a stunt double standing in. The two scenes are them spliced together. Most of the time, you can only see one of the faces of the actor, with the other being seen from behind. If a second Loki is indeed the main villain, they’d have to film all of the scenes twice, and even film fights twice. And while Chris Evans did that in Endgame, it was for one fight, not a whole show with (potentially) multiple seasons. Loki’s going to have run-ins with his proposed evil twin more than once, and with more than one fight. IE, while Evil Loki might wear Loki’s face, it has to be a disguise, because they can’t have two Lokis. That would just be a massive, expensive, time consuming pain in the ass. 
So who is wearing Loki’s face, only to remove it and reveal who they are after like 1 confrontation?  Loki’s characterization is that he doesn’t like hurting people when he has to. The antagonist who’s been murdering Minutemen is set up to enjoy killing. The two are opposites, which will lead to the main antagonistic focus and dynamic between the two. So either the antagonist is someone Loki had to hurt in his past, and they are getting revenge by wearing his face, or it’s another entity. Immediately, Mephisto comes to mind. There is the little girl in France who points to the devil, and the second murder scene in Salina, Oklahoma, features Minutemen being burned alive, an image that associates with a devil-type figure. Mephisto’s henchman, Agatha Harkness, also made an appearance in WandaVision (it was Agatha all along), and the fact that there is an image of the devil is also telling. No church has iconography of the devil in it unless it’s the church of Satan or something, especially not in the very superstitious 1400s. However, the image could also simply represent an evil character. The concept of the devil is a worldwide cultural concept, and her pointing to it could simply metaphorically represent the devil, as she thinks what she saw was hellish, or coming from the view of a little religious girl, any evil is the devil. And incorrect information isn’t past Marvel, as they put Loki as D.B. Cooper in the wrong seat (Cooper sat in the very last row, but in Loki’s version there were people behind him). The image of the devil could have just been for dramatic effect. So either Mephisto is showing up, or there is some very evil spree killer on the loose wearing Loki’s face who is like the devil because they’re so evil. 
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theforgottenfandoms · a day ago
Tumblr media
oh fuck what if lokis thought process was like : I'm a frostgiants, who are monsters. Do frostgiants aka monsters have a soul? Maybe i don't have one?
no soul = Robot?!!
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basildemon · a day ago
I watched the first episode of Loki.
Yeah, and I have some questions about it. So in the episode we learn about Time keepers and "The sacred timeline" thing. And my thoughts about this, that It's complete and total BULLSHIT.
Here's the thing I think that's bullshit because sooner or later will be released "Marvel. What if?...". And the whole thing of the show is presenting what would happen in DIFFERENT TIMELINES!
So yeah I think that in next episodes of Loki maybe will see the moment where timelines become more than one and there will be nothing TVA can do.
Or that's just something I put together of nothing because I'm bored.
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rosy-dreams · a day ago
Anyone who watches #Loki, do you think they’re gonna kill him off again at the end of this season?
I just don’t know why they would keep killing him bcs i feel like that’s been done more than enough lol and ppl are sick of it. I’m sure Tom is too, not knowing what’s happening with his character.
Plus Feige said that this show is more integral to the MCU than #wandavision and #tfatws. idk what to think lol.
Hmu if you have any theories!!!
P.S. I love wandavision and tfatws but Loki had the best first episode imo - soo many emotions and the acting was chefs kiss 💋
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notanotherloki · a day ago
Broad-net “This Is How TV Writing Goes” theory:
Buddy-cop detective story leading into Loki betraying the time-cops (”as he should” - mod Sapphire) to help “Dr Who Loki” (hooded “variant” Loki) take down the timeline enforcers. “Dr Who Loki” will be our buildup big-bad until he finally has one-on-one with “Detective Loki” and reveals some shit that shows they HAVE to take down the time cops and restore a multi-verse.
Mobius will join them in taking down the time cops. Either with some convincing or, possibly? Is part of this plan from the start? (”Or is Loki???” - mod Sapphire)
Will elaborate in posts later. Just wanted to get the easy one out of the way.
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bixofmidgard · a day ago
Are the TVA’s timekeepers the Marvel equivalent to the Norns?
Both parties consist of 3 entities that control the fate of the universe and fit into the “gods among gods among men” class
Tumblr media
I haven’t read the comics so if this is explicitly mentioned then just ignore this
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xbladekitkat85 · a day ago
Ok I have a theory about the Loki TV show There will be S1E1 spoilers below the cut
Ok so the Loki Variant that's been attacking TVA Minutemen has not had their face revealed but we know that it is Loki.
However considering that their face and body shape is not able to be determined due to their cloak and lighting, we don't know what this Loki looks like. And I propose that this Loki variant is Lady Loki.
It's already been confirmed Loki is gender fluid in the MCU via the TV show and Lady Loki is a variant of Loki himself. Also it has been confirmed Lady Loki is in the show, and she is played by Sophia Di Martino. She hasn't been shown in any of the trailers (to my knowledge at least) so that's another reason I am thinking Lady Loki is the fugitive variant Loki.
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nov4-rocket5 · a day ago
The TVA are either working for the Council of Kangs to ensure Kang’s own existence and empire develop the way it’s intended to, or the Timekeepers are trying to ensure that Kang never comes into existence, which might be what that redline symbolizes. If neither of these, then whoever is running the TVA just wants to ensure that the timeline that produces them remains intact to ensure their own existence.
TVA agents/minute men don't ask questions. They're bred to work in their bureaucracy, each given a specific function to ensure "The Sacred Timeline" is upheld. The logic they're fed is one timeline prevents chaos/another multiverse war, yet never question WHAT future they're actually building towards.
Either way, something shady’s going on in the upper ranks of the TVA.
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NST #532: Loki s01e01 (2021)
The credits for the new MCU show, Loki (Disney, 2021), contains a push-pin wall, located in the Time Variance Authority (TVA), which is styled much like the video game Control (Remedy Entertainment/505 Games, 2019) [see, in particular, NST #464].
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wandaloki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It is the middle of the night and I’m looking at Loki theories on tiktok instead of sleeping and this one caught my attention
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n0obmaster69 · a day ago
Loki: it's too bad you can't be my best friend
Mobius: I can be
Loki: you can't be my husband AND my best friend! who would I complain about you to??
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