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#loki theories
plumdonutsv9 minutes ago
also i don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 lady loki. it鈥檚 probably enchantress idk
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skullszeyes25 minutes ago
I like the tie thing too, but concerning the conversation they were having about manipulating each other must in a way have context than Loki randomly fixing Mobius's tie.
Mobius was using his family and feelings against Loki, and Loki knew this. He touched Mobius by fixing the tie to show how little Loki cares about what Mobius was doing, including...possibly, a power imbalance.
So if he's able to touch Mobius's case, this could come off as mocking, to gain back a bit of that power...but I'm just going to go with flirting, cause I think that's more fun. Lol.
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mythgenderedloki37 minutes ago
Anyone else think that maybe the time keepers don't exist? I'm getting Wizard of Oz vibes from them...
It's kind of suspect that only Renslayer seems to have met them, but there's a chance she's lying. I'm assuming that the pen she uses in the second episode hints that's not actually from the TVA but is a Variant who worked her way through the ranks. Considering how the TVA views variants as 'cosmic mistakes', it wouldn't be too far fetched to believe she needs to keep this a secret to avoid being pruned. Therefore, blackmailing her to lie about the time keepers wouldn't be very hard.
The time keepers being fictious could also explain C-20's reaction when she's found by Mobius. By saying 'it's real' over and over, she could be trying to convince herself that the hierarchy she's always believed in is real despite finding out it isn't. The fugitive loki knows that the time keepers are not real and uses this to torture c-20 until she reveals their supposed location. Perhaps there the truth behind the TVA will be revealed. This could also explain why the fugitive scoffed at our Loki's idea of over throwing the time keepers since she knows that they don't exist.
I think that the time keepers will turn out to be just figureheads of authority that exist just to inspire the TVA to keep working and to convince them they are fulfilling a noble purpose. It would fit in with the themes of lies and betrayal we've already seen touched upon and the idea that nothing is ever wholly good nor bad.
What do you guys think?
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eloennerosa47 minutes ago
owen wilson... or should i say... COACH WYMACK????
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is very weird, aftg stans, but i think our dear father figure is on vacation (very) away from the foxes or finally retired from exy and just decided to parent/date? this loki guy who is also a god?? crazy. anywayy he's a total dilf, don't know about the odd timeline office stuff though
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msbeliever05an hour ago
Tumblr media
Hang on I wanna talk about this 鈥榝unny鈥 scene for a sec.
When I first watched it, of course I laughed and everything but there just seemed something.... Off about it. I don't know if I was the only one to catch it or not. But then I realized what was wrong. If you notice, Loki seems to really think about it for a minute and seems sincerely concerned.
And If you think about it, it was just a short time ago that this Loki just found out his entire heritage and everything he believed about himself and his family was false.
鈥淲hat if I was a robot and didn't know it?鈥 - could be a very real possibility in his mind right now because he was indeed a frost giant all his life and didn't know it.
So what was keeping him from believing he could be a robot? I mean, what else could Odin have been lying to him about?
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obsessivelycapricious3 hours ago
Okay but a if a variant is just someone making a different decision thus separating from the sacred timeline, how is this loki variant a woman?
The only explanation i can come up with is if Odin chose a different baby from Jotunheim and raised her in the same way he raised OG Loki. But then how was this hidden from the TVA long enough for her to reach maturity?
Unless this is a Loki trickster thing and theyve altered their appearance somehow. But that doesn't sit with me from a writing point of view.
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vanillaa-sky6 hours ago
So she鈥檚 Sylvie Laufeydottir?
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ok I didn鈥檛 post my fatws prediction and now I have no proof about how right I was (very) so I鈥檓 gonna post my Loki prediction rn and then delete it if I鈥檓 wrong and deny this ever existed. but if I鈥檓 right put the apollo giving the gift of prophecy meme.
- Loki ain鈥檛 gonna be evil at the end. He鈥檚 gonna be like, chaotic good/neutral, connected to-
- the TVA is gonna be fucked up/destroyed as Loki convinces at least Mobius, and maybe some others, that this whole 鈥渄etermining the singular 鈥樷樷樷榯rue鈥欌欌欌 fate of every last being and world in existence鈥 is bad actually, and Loki, god of chaos, will introduce true chaos into the universe via the multiverse and true free will. this will lead to ...
- the actual multiverse
- Loki/Mobius/Lady Loki threesome
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worstloki8 hours ago
鈥淧rofessor Loki鈥 is what happens when an ND person explains a bit of their hyperfixation/special interest lol
noticed it, thought it was funny, cus like- me, explaining theology to someone and they conflate paganism with satanism/devil worship
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brighhton10 hours ago
loki/what if...? theory
*contains spoilers for loki s1e2 !!*
a good friend of mine pointed out that the locations where the reset charges affected are possibly linked to 'what if...?', marvel's upcoming series which is scheduled for an august 2021 release... so im sharing his theory here because i figured that y'all might wanna check this out.
first off, take a look at some of the places that the reset charges hit.
Tumblr media
sadly my wifi is terrible and i couldnt get any more better images, but we can see that ego, titan and new york are listed here as affected sites. not seen in the image, there's also vormir, sakaar and jotunheim. these locations can be linked to potential events that what if might cover-
the 1947 new york one will likely be the captain america what if, vormir could be related to the soul stone or black widow, jotunheim could be related to loki himself and his upbringing, ego is likely to be related to the guardians of the galaxy what if, etc (you get the idea)
if loki finishes just before august, then it would make sense if it brought in more hype for what if, as well as lead into multiverse of madness and spiderman 3 before they are released.
anyways whatever is actually happening here, i'm super excited for what it is!!
(and don鈥檛 worry, i did ask my friend if i could post his theory here, he said yeah)
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plaininternettrash11 hours ago
Loki spoilers!!
You know how What If? is coming out soon (I believe), and its like, alternate timelines in the MCU. Like what could've happened, e.g. Peggy Captain America
Well...what if (pun intended) those timelines are the different branches created by the end of Loki episode 2?
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fallenleaves-alice13 hours ago
Hi yes I鈥檓 using this site to go off on my Loki theories so warning now
I鈥檝e seen like a number of posts already about this but it鈥檚 my turn to go off about this
It鈥檚 not lady Loki it鈥檚 Enchantress I鈥檓 putting my vote down now. They had me going for it鈥檚 lady Loki and though I would still like to see a lady Loki, this is not her.
锟糀s soon as she鈥檚 introduced , possessing people mind you I had a thought. Loki even says I would have been in a suit. They also mention that 鈥淟oki鈥 is using enchnatment magic which is something Loki鈥檚 never shown to do.
Enchantment magic, Enchantress
Loki uses as he says duplication casting. Hes a sneaky bastard but changes himself never others. He doesn鈥檛 possess people, the only time he did that it wasn鈥檛 from his own magic it was the mind stone in the staff. Enchantress on the other hand entire deal is using enchantments, using others in her stead instead of fighting herself.
Even how she acts it鈥檚 extremely similar to Loki but not quite the same. There鈥檚 pauses before she does things Loki does a lot, the smile, the hands out gesture.锟 It鈥檚 little things that make you go, wait a minute somethings not right here. Loki even said I would never treat me like this, and 鈥淟oki鈥 herself says it鈥檚 not about you.
ANywaY that was my TedTalk about the Loki show I鈥檓 enjoying it and Have MoRe theories about the TVA because HA I don鈥檛 trust them one bit
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imaginationhyperload13 hours ago
SPOILER SPOILER LOKI SPOILER (plus a personal theory)
OH MY GOODNESS everyone who thought Sofia was playing Lady Loki congratulations you were all (probably) right.
I was so happy seeing Loki act like a smarty pants. Loki was actually so smart and cute in so many moments (oh my goodness the GOATS!)
Wow. Maybe where Mischief Lies was actually right about Loki not knowing what chocolate is.
I wanted to have a go at all of those mean comments about Loki.
I wanted to give Loki a hug when he found the Ragnarok file.
She brought them BACK.
The variant timelines.
The ones the TVA pruned.
(Also I don鈥檛 actually understand why Lady Loki is blonde?)
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gentryfilm13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Maybe I'm going off the deepend here but how do we know Mobius isn't a variation of Loki himself?
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acequinz13 hours ago
I know people are all like hahaha of course there's a lot more variants of Loki he loves causing mischief and stuff....
But what if it's an attempt of Loki to either change for the better or Loki actually losing all of his what's the word senses to all the pain.....
We know how much pain he went through in all th movies and what if those variants were the ones that changed things because Loki needed to be a certain way for the scared timeline to work.
So everytime Loki did something that according to them wasn't supposed to happen he was pruned.
Whether it was Loki bringing himself up from all the trauma and not falling into the traps set for him or whether Loki completely losing himself to the trauma.
Cause this Loki managed to find the perfect equilibrium they wanted him to have.....
They wanted him weakened by the trauma but not berserk.
They wanted him to be vulnerable so he could be easily manipulated but not go completely crazy because you can't control or manipulate crazy people.
So maybe that was the reason he was pruned as many times as he was.....
Thoughts thoughts, yeah that's all I have been thinking about...
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ririsasy14 hours ago
I have a bad feeling that Mobius x Loki relationship will end in catastrophe.
Like Finally loki put his trust on Mobius and keep his words to not stab him in the back only for Mobius to be revealed at the end that he did have an ulterior motive and used Loki to his advantage.
I smell fishy thing with how good Mobius plays the nice guy for Loki. What is his biggest goal he wants to achieve through using Loki?
Mobius : *stab loki in the back*
Loki : when I thought about you stabbing me in the back, it's certainly not like this.
Mobius : oh, no hard feeling darling. I only learned from the best.
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asthrapolaris15 hours ago
This blond lady don't look like Loki at all
Any loki
And then the our Loki said "I wouldn't treat me like this"
Maybe she is another character and the TVA thinks she is Loki
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