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#loki show spoilers
worstloki · 2 minutes ago
Worst I finally found the score/theme that kept me stay awake at the nights since the first episode of Loki dropped and I wanted to share this beauty with you,
ayyy I couldn't find that one on spotify!
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stabbedinthenameofscience · 5 minutes ago
Loki have a dirty mind and I love you.
Tumblr media
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asenkaengel · 15 minutes ago
Is anyone gonna tell the fandumb that the variant was trying to elude the TVA, so they probably didn't want to LOOK like Loki.
I mean did we all just magically forget that every other variant has long dark hair and thus is easy to spot? and this one is actively trying to ruin the timeline so... why wouldn't Lady Loki change their appearance so they won't get caught?
They're trying to elude someone.
I mean unless you're just butthurt that your headcanon actor isn't in the role... 🤔
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brekkrs-wraith · 18 minutes ago
loki and mobius’ roxxcart divorce will go down as one of the most historic events in the sacred timeline.
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worstloki · 23 minutes ago
mobius is really like 'i studied every moment of youe life loki, i know everything about you' and then doesn't know anything about him
he stayed up the night before the assignment was due
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worstloki · 27 minutes ago
Mobius out here thinking Asgardians must be bitter without processed sugar/candy or chocolate while more natural desserts like baklava exist... smh. I've seen the sweet tooth Loki headcanon since 2012 and I've always assumed it was more like "Loki can't get this stuff on Asgard so he loves it when travelling" rather than "Loki's diet consists of desserts on Asgard". Either way Mobius is a fake Loki fan for not knowing about the sweet tooth thing 😤
Mobius has been a fake fan since he decided Loki was responsible for Frigga's death 😤
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bridoesotherjunk · 28 minutes ago
Is anybody gonna tell Marvel that when fans said they wanted Lady Loki--- THIS ISN'T WHAT THEY FUCKING MEANT???
It's like I was excited for a present and got beige colored socks or something.
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sothisiswhatsnext · 40 minutes ago
i have seen literally no one talking about the first scene of loki e2, where the ren faire announcer goes “or are we.... holding out for a hero?” and i went haha nice 80s reference, and then the bassline picked up and i went, are they... and they really did play Holding Out For A Hero over that fight scene
and the subtitles literally just said “80s song plays” but then also wrote out all the lyrics? that was such a fun scene, to go with honestly just the rest of the episode. the rest of the show.
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skymoonandstardust · 41 minutes ago
The scene really went like---
TVA agents: *dripping wet*
Loki, an intellectual: "why don't you just use magic to dry off, like me, so you don't you know--give us away with squeaky shoes"
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worstloki · 43 minutes ago
So a Mobius strip is like, an infinite, right?
So, Maybe it's not just Mobius M. Mobius, and it just repeats Mobius Mobius Mobius Mobius Mobius infinitely
no one tell Loki about this or he'll lose it
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my-poor-meowmeow · 46 minutes ago
also not to like, praise marvel. but they actually got the latin right!
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worstloki · 48 minutes ago
feel like part of the reason loki doesn't use his powers (apart from the writers ignorance) could possibly be because he was brought up being constantly told that it was too 'feminine' and he needed to focus on 'proper fighting skills', so hes learned to only use it when he desperately needs it, n to rely on hand to hand instead of his magic
which is fine, and i get that that idea carries over from the myths and comics and i know if they stopped nerfing him he'd be a bit too OP, but that doesn't mean have him use the bare minimum at all times!
so far all strong magic use has been implied and off-screen and 90% of it has been in outfit-changes while he loses fights he shouldn't want to get thrown around in!
#at this point he's used such little magic that i worry the blast he does in the trailer will actually end up being a single instance#marvel introduced him as a strong character and then promptly somewhere around ragnarok i think that changed#because he ended Thor 2 having gotten rid of the AllFather who is one of the strongest beings in the nine realms or whatever#so that was fine and cool right#plus he survived a blackhole and resurrections so you go ''ah yeah he's just doing stuff off-screen it's all good''#just like with the gap year of torture which was off-screen#and because Loki grew up in Asgard he KNOWS how to fight hand to hand#we've seen him match up to Thor on multiple occasions and he was absolutely thrashing Steve in AVengers 1#he goes to physical fighting first and uses magic to assist#but he DOES have the abilities to fight with magic#he has a HUGE skillset in the MCU and that's ignoring the comic counterpart's abilities#so it's a tad bit frustrating to watch him slide across the floor of a roxxcart#even if he isn't trying to hurt the opponent#then there was whatever sloppy thing the vacuum was supposed to be#he......has knives.........doesn't he#he most definitely has shielding abilities#bro bro just put up a shield oh no he cant hear us he's too busy flipping his hair 😩#okay im done complaining#the Loki show#loki spoilers#loki show spoilers#but am also completely convinced that the MCU accidentally made Loki too overpowered#i mean he's got physical fighting AND magic covered PLUS master tactician and street smarts#what else is left?????#he weighs 525 pounds he could just put a Nani (lilo and stitch) on every human opponent he comes across
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bobrosseswhitepaint · 49 minutes ago
idk why but randy gives me very much robert manion energy i cant explain it
the ✨acting✨
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dykerory · 59 minutes ago
loki spoilers under the cut
besides the inexplicable decision to make her blonde, i like the lady loki design! She's not like overly made up, biddies all the way out (and yes, loki is the kind of woman who want her tits out all the time, but i'm talking from a doyalist perspective here). she's kind of scrappy looking with her gay ass fingerless gloves and her big ol cloak. very rogue-ish.
makenzie put forth that she's blonde because they were worried about her being to visually similar to hela, but i think it's because her thor died tragically so she went blonde in his honor.
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