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#loki series and thanos
geeklikeagirlstudios · 3 days ago
First episode of #LokiSeries had us rolling on the studio floor in laughter. Next morning our lead artist gave us this little nugget of joy that we now share with you!
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vindicativemistletoe · 3 days ago
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Did The TVA really give Loki Exercises ??? xD I understand why he tried to hit miss minutes with the magazine now, she was probably sassing him for probably being the most insubordinate student the TVA ever had ^^
Q2. Thanos has two apples. He eats both but realizes he wants more. He goes back in time 20 minutes and eats the apples again. Does this mean the apples will not have existed in the timeline he left?
A. No, because time is constantly happening
B. The question doesn’t matter because a branch cannot change another time branch
C. Thanos would’ve been hungry prior because the Grandfather paradox already accounted for the change in matter before it’s move.
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lunasnowred · 3 days ago
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So, that’s my first post. I think Loki’s serie is driving me mad because I’m searching each plan to find some hidden treasures...
“Let’s see what ya know !
Thanos has two apples. He eats both and realizes he wants more. He goes back in time 20 minutes and eats the apples again. Does this mean the apples will not have existed in the timeline he left ?
No, because time is constantly happening.
The question doesn’t matter because a branch cannot change another time branch.
Thanos would’ve been hungry prior because the Grandfather paradox already accounted for the change in matter before its move.”
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galaxythreads · 3 days ago
I wonder how many times Loki fell asleep at his desk in Asgard as he fell asleep at the TVA desk.
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Probably very often. This just makes me sad because this is probably the first time that Loki has managed to sleep in any way since Thanos.
And look. He's sleeping in a way that protects vital organs from the front, and a position that will throw him off balance if anyone tries to touch him from behind. And there must be some small part of him that trusts that Mobius wouldn't let anyone kill him.
Sleeping beside someone is a show of trust.
If only Mobius recognized that.
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stellophia · 3 days ago
so you're telling me. that the Avengers managed to fight off the army of an omnicidal alien warlord armed with infinity stones. and yet nobody. NOBODY in the 25+ years following the snap. Could fix the climate crisis. are you seriously telling me that.
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ellaknowslucifer · 3 days ago
Us thinking marvel can't go bigger than the infinity stones
Marvel : hold my beer
* brings in TVA *: boom , you looking for this.
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smokeywhalee · 4 days ago
Loki: Why are you detaining me? Why can't you just detain the Avengers instead? They did many more bizarre stuff than me? They literally manipulated the flow of time!
Mobius: They do, but I noticed that they do that because they have to do it as destined.
Loki: Then why is the girl named as Y/N not detained at all? She did worse stuff!
Mobius: It's complicated, but I find her to be.. special.
Y/N: Hey, fellas!
Mobius: She can exist in many universes that are created by people in Earth, and every time she appears in a created universe... she'll be assigned with her own destiny in that universe as made by a writer.
Loki: *confused*
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 6 days ago
Just thinking about the intersection of "create enough illusions and you risk forgetting what is real" and "a cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear. A desperate attempt at control" and "hurts, doesn't it? Being told your whole life is a lie?" and "your birthright was to die!!" and "you were born to cause pain and suffering and death" and "you're lying! It's not true!!"
#loki#loki series#marvel#because ultimately loki has been mired in deception from the beginning and most of it is not his own#he himself has been deceptive but his whole identity was ripped out from under him#and he was so desperate to forget that that he clung to the illusion that they were a family and that things could be ok#and because of that he lost himself again to thanos who lied to him once more#and now loki has become so surrounded by deception that when he is shown the truth he cannot--or will not--recognize it#and combined with that truth is the ever-present attack on and determination of who loki is and what his role is and what his fate must be#which is something that has been going on his entire life. through odin. thor. thanos. even frigga at points. and now mobius#and he just can't handle it anymore#so he says it's a lie because it's easier to believe that than to admit that those horrible things might be true#because if they are...what else might be?#kay has a party in the tags#meta#my meta posts#quality meta seal of approval#not to hype my own post up i just put that on all meta posts so that i can find them#kay can i just catch my breath for a second#just gave myself some feels haha#because you can put these lines in any order and find links between each of them#odin's lie was a desperate attempt at control conjured by the weak and his outburst was to inspire fear#and that illusion caused loki to forget what was real and through it his whole life was a lie and it hurt him#and he wants to say it isn't true so he creates an illusion himself--weak and desperate for control--to pretend that things are alright#and the two statements about his birthright: to die and to cause death#and seeing his life play out and prove them both right. because he dies at thanos' hand and he has caused death already#and realizing his life was predetermined and so his freedom (when he thought he had it) was ANOTHER lie#he had never been truly free even before he was captured#might add these to the post if i think it would fit#my ultimate favorite posts
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illustriousellarious · 6 days ago
Watch "LOKI: TVA Double Standard: Why Loki & Not Avengers or Thanos?" on YouTube
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stellophia · 7 days ago
ok but you know what really earns the Loki series so many plus points in my book already? It's the fact that they've clearly put ample thought into all of it!! Like, yeah, the earlier scenes feel a bit too uncomfortably out of character but even then I can go on making meta post after meta post for the whole week because there's actually layers of good content to analyse in there!!! I may have just been starving for decent Loki content but have you ever seen a single detailed meta post about Thor: Ragnarok that wasnt about how inexpressibly bad the movie was??? As a Loki fic writer I've forced myself to sit through Thor: Ragnarok dozens of times and not once have I said "hey that's a cool character detail hidden there" and trust me trying to write a semi serious plot-focused fic about Thor: Ragnarok is a NIGHTMARE because there's literally nothing there except cheap gags!!! Meanwhile I've watched the episode TWICE and the interrogation scenes specifically once more and my analytical mind has been going absolutely wild for the past three days because there's so much to pick apart!!! Because barring some stupid things like loki's stash of all the words he's ever said being tiny they've clearly put thought into his character and his actions and his sorroundings! not the exact same thought as I would have put into them but it still feel less like an actual canon episode and more of a fic on ao3 and I mean this in the most complimentary of manners!!! like i'm currently doing a detailed analysis of the whole interrogation and hhhhhhhhh fodder for meta go brrr
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myfavoritelatte · 8 days ago
I hated Endgame & the whole thing with Thanos and his cronies so much god it’s so satisfying to watch Casey casually having 10+ infinity stones in his drawer and saying they’re used as paperweights like it is such a serotonin boost
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galaxythreads · 8 days ago
I just saw this post on Twitter, but:
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I had never considered the possibility that Loki's death was not instantaneous.
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