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#loki series 1
crimethecrow · 3 hours ago
Thinking about how everyone Loki knew is dead now because his timeline has been reset. His father is dead. His mother is dead. Thor us dead. They killed them all (and it seems like it's not a painless death if you look at the guy who got reset in episode 1). Loki has nowhere to go.
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ok-anon · 5 hours ago
Timeless (Loki x fem!Reader) Chapter 1
Based off of the recent Loki series on Disney+, Reader uses (she/her) pronouns!
Loki discovers that Mobius has a secret, and one he is very protective over. While he is consistently battling the TVA for his freedom, he discovers she is something else worth fighting for.
a/n: This is hopefully going to be a multi-part series, but please give me opinions/comments/suggestions as I'm super motivated by the feedback! I really hope y'all enjoy it. My Loki cardboard cutout from high school would be proud.
pairing: loki x fem!reader (she/her)
word count: 1.4k
Tumblr media
Drawing pointed shoulder blades together in an attempt to release some of the aching bundles of muscle in his back, Loki, God of Mischief wondered if it wasn’t only time that worked differently here in the TVA. He hadn’t remembered feeling the dull pain caused by the toil of a 9 to 5 working job in his bones before, and his tedious work under Mobius had only just reached a month. Or at least...he thought it had been a month. Maybe it had only been a week...or possibly an hour. Nevertheless his physical and mental being felt the exhaust of years of labor. Consistent anxiety of extermination after witnessing one’s own fateful end does that to a person. Or god. Do gods even exist? The power of being an all-powerful ruler felt like child’s play after witnessing the control of the TVA. No other true power seemed to exist.
So what did that leave him to be. He has been a god. A prince. A stolen relic. A villain. And now, a variant. A cosmic mistake. Pale fingers unconsciously trembled holding what seemed like the millionth TVA report paper until the words blurred past readability. Letting out a heavy sigh, the paper was released to float down to the standard issue desk, shaking fingers moving to bury in inky black hair. This might be hell. He might’ve died back in Tony Stark’s palace by choking on cologne fumes, and this is his forever punishment. Before he could further ponder why Asgard’s infinite texts never mentioned damnation to feature a barely padded desk chair, a far too joyous punisher cleared his throat.
“Trying to read reports telepathically, I like your style. I always thought you had to be looking at the words.” Mobius. Loki didn’t need to open his eyes to see the silver haired prick that was his only tool in staying alive another minute. His chipper, good-cop attitude was demolishing every fibre of Loki’s resolve not to beg for pruning for his so called “crimes against the timeline.”
“I have been reading.” Loki quipped, his sharp gaze finally targeting the agent towering over his seated form. As much as the asgardian wished to continue his indignance, the pounding of his brain led his resolve to crumble. “Simply...resting.”
Mobius answered with an understanding nod, lips pursed as his eyes darted around to the other cubicles. He was trying to see if anyone was watching, a mental battle obviously occurring before jerking his head towards one of the various doors leading from the office. “Well, never accuse me of being an abusive employer. Come on, a nap never hurts.”
Despite a snide comment surrounding the idea of “I’m not napping like a child,” Loki’s body acted on auto pilot as his feet carried him behind Mobius towards a path they had not taken before out of the common working space. The TVA was built more like a labyrinth than a functioning place of regulation. Never-ending corridors of the same monotone grey, beige, and migraine-inducing orange twisted and turned until Loki was sure they were walking in circles. Until Mobius entered a hallway offshoot that had one identifying factor, a silver plaque with “Agent Mobius M. Mobius” next to a door that appeared to be no different than the plethora that decorated the previous walls.
As if reading his thoughts, “Comment on the name, and you’ll find yourself eyebrows deep in paperwork” left the agent’s mouth as he dug around in his pocket for a bundle of keys...Loki then realized that the dozens of differently sized keys were actually on a small ring, but there were so many they simply looked like a ball of differently formed metal. As Mobius habitually pulled a smaller gold key from the mass, he slipped it into the door’s slot to twist. As Loki took a step to begin following his mentor inside the room he was stopped by a hand in his chest.
“Wait. I need to...just wait.” Loki didn’t have time to read the expression on the agent’s face before he ducked his head past the door to look around what was on the other side. It only took a moment before the warmly smiling Mobius returned to face Loki, fully opening the door to reveal it’s holdings.
A moderately sized room, containing a meticulously tidied desk, a window overlooking the busy outside landscape, and a cot covered in a thin blanket. The same type of cot that Loki had been resting on in a holding area for variants, constantly being monitored by minute men ready to strike. Other than a generic painting of abstract art donning, a singular door was positioned on the adjacent wall to the entrance. Being a higher positioned official, it was obvious that Mobius had achieved a place of work outside of the communal areas. Loki’s analyzing gaze landed on the agent who was pulling back the sheet on the cot, revealing an equally thin pillow as he prepped the area for an occupant.
“Now you...can rest here for a moment as I continue to work. Your brain wouldn’t be of any use to me if you’re too tired to function.” Mobius gestured to the bed with an open hand. “I just need to emphasize this...If you ever listen to a single thing I say, for the love of the time keepers. Don’t touch anything. Nothing on my desk, nothing in the drawers, and do not touch this door.”
Loki’s eyes instinctually darted to the, more than likely locked, barricade that had previously not piqued his interest. As not to make the agent retract his offer of a moment of sleep, his eyes returned to Mobius as he offered a curt nod. Assessing the variant that stood before him, he couldn’t help but let out a soft curse, praying he wouldn’t regret this.
“If you’re not back in a while, I’ll come find you. Just get some sleep, refresh yourself and we’ll get on it.” Mobius passed by Loki in the tiny space, walking towards the exit of the office. He paused in the doorframe, momentarily debating his decision before urging himself forward, the door shutting behind him.
Despite the myriad of questions and the possibility of finding essential information towards his eventual escape from the TVA, even catching sight of the uncomfortable cot carried his weary body to a lying position. Weeks, days, or whatever it had been without allowing himself to eat or sleep properly finally took its toll as his eyelids were pulled down to enclose him in darkness.
The clamor of a slammed door caused Loki’s gaze to abruptly focus on the above ceiling. He couldn’t have been sleeping long, but who’s to say in this hellscape. He sat up quickly, instinctually ready to strike and was met with the same empty room he had fallen asleep to. As his startled heart rate began too slow, he began to question what had awoken him. Was it Mobius? Had he come to see if he was still here? That wouldn’t make sense, because why would he leave so rapidly? A TVA agent? None of the possibilities answered his pondering, as his eyes trained on something in the room that had changed. A mug, lilac in color, brightly stood out against the dull carpet which it lay on it’s side. Brown liquid leaked out, staining the floor slightly. This was not present when Loki had entered the office, Mobius’ neatness not matching the haphazardly dropped chalice that rested directly next to the forbidden door. Loki silently crept off of his resting place to crouch next to the object, his fingertips lightly gracing over the ceramic surface of the intrusive item. Warm. It was warm, like it had been filled with hot liquid or resting in the hands of someone for an extended period of time. Either way, it was recent. Incredibly so. Loki’s eyes drifted upwards towards the seam of the door, as his mind began to race. Did someone come from here? Impossible, he would’ve heard them. As much as it seemed to have appeared from thin air, magic didn’t exist in the TVA. Before he could think much longer, footsteps began to approach the office. Loki arose to a standing position, prepared to look unassuming as he stepped away from the offensive object. As expected, Mobius soon appeared from the hallway holding two TVA brand paper cups and a smile on his face.
“Ha-Hey sleeping beauty! Glad to see you’re alert and ready for more.”
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iamnmbr3 · 7 hours ago
From the Loki Official Twitter Account: 
Tumblr media
Loki in Thor 2011: Refers to himself as a monster and a stolen relic and then attempts suicide due to feeling that he will never be able to win his family’s love or approval 
Loki in Avengers 2012: Says he remembers being a shadow and is so obviously lacking in conviction that even Colson can tell 
But go off I guess about how Loki’s so arrogant and self confident. Who cares about canon when you have a joke to make (at Loki’s expense of course) and an iconic character to retcon?
Also gotta love how this contradicts these interviews from when Avengers 2012 was released:
"He doesn’t want revenge so much as identity. Belonging. Purpose. Self-esteem." 
“[He had] to survive a very, very frightening and precarious existence"
And the show is supposed to pick up right after Avengers. Loki at this point sure doesn’t sound like someone who has a ton of self esteem and arrogance and belief in himself....
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floooooook · a day ago
Tumblr media
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coldhvrt16 · a day ago
Break My Back, Not My Heart(Pt1)
Loki x Reader
Warnings: Daddy Kink, Nicknames(pet, good girl, etc.), Smut, angst, choking kink, Lies (From the God of Lies himself) and a slight Cliffhanger.
A/n: Okay in case you don't know Sigyn is Loki's wife in Norse Mythology.  I may follow this up with a part two later on. Once again I apologize for this.
Summary: You and Loki are engaged, your alone for a night in the Tower together, what was meant to be a sweaty, romantic night, takes a sharp turn in the wring Direction.
Word Count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
(I love his face!!!!)
"And I care why? No. I said have it done."
"I don't care. I hired you for this reason."
"I am two weeks away from my wedding. You had the list of things to do. As my official planner you should get it done and if not. No pay."
"Alright, thank you so much Adrienne!"
"Alright m'bye"
You sit at your work desk typing a frenzy when you feel the cold stare of someone from the doorway.
"I don't have muck time Loke if your coming to say hi might wanna hurry up."
"Excuse me Miss but where is this attitude coming from. I don't like it." Loki stalks to you pressing his large hands onto your shoulders starting to work out the tension.
"Well I am sorry Your highness, I have a wedding to pull off. OUR wedding. So I'm a little stressed okay?"
" I just came to tell you I'm cooking tonight. So we aren't going out. We also have the tower to ourself so, nobody is here to bother us." He added obviously flirting but you were too caught up in choosing wither Pansys or Petunias would be a better choice you didn't even retain what he was saying.
"Y/n L/n, are you even listening to me."
"Oh course dear, sounds good" you reply mechanically.
Loki swivels your chair and grips your throat not too tight but enough to catch your attention.
"I guess I'll just have to fuck the attitude out of you then. See how much of a brat you are after I make you my little cum slut." He growls into your ear.
"Loki, baby. I'm sorry" you weren't scared but you also wanted to walk in the morning.
" Can I please just finish up. We can finish this" you run your hand down his fit, black button up covered, torso. "After dinner"
He sighed and muttered somethings out you trying to take charge. And he's in control, but you control him.
You love being his pet. Live for him to take care of you, fuck you senseless, but you also are your own person, your independent, it's what he first found so appealing about you. He always respects your boundaries.
An hour passes and your phone buzzes on the table beside your laptop
You lift it to ready the text
*Future Husband*- Dinner is finished. Hope your hungry....;)
You smirk at the cheeky message and shut your laptop, you finally made the last of the pre wedding day arrangements, time to spoil, more like get spoiled, by your man. Your God.
You step into the dining room, no Loki or food. You go into the kitchen and you spot the food, but you also spot Loki, stark naked, pouring wine.
"Hey my Queen, I made your favorite, Tika Masala and rice. And I brought dessert." He winked. Your face flushes and quickly you feel less hungry for dinner and more so for dessert.
"Lo-" he cuts you off.
"Sit. Now. Eat, and drink your whole cup of water. Or you may just have to sleep without dessert, understood pet?"
"Yes sir" you shake your head.
He brings your your plate and you go to sit at the table, before you do, you feel a tingle sensation around you and look down to find Loki has dissipated your clothing. So your both in the kitchen, at Stark tower, naked.
You whine a little to complain, but are met with reprimanding tsks.
"You should watch it and be My good girl."
"Yes Daddy."
Then you sit down and eat. Rather quickly.
"Y/n drink your water." Loki states.
"But I'm full and I can't." You whine.
"If your full then You don't need me to fill you up. So I guess we can go to bed after this and just sleep."
You whine as he smirks at you. You down the rest of the water.
"Daddy can You carry me to our room. I want you there tonight. Please" as much as it thrills you to have Sex on every surface in the tower, you just want the intimacy of your shared bed.
"Yes my love, if that will make you more comfortable."
You stand and walk to him he stands and lifts you effortlessly.
When you make it to your room it's like both of you just become primal. Your instincts and urges to be one take over.
Loki kisses you rough and deep hiking you together souls intertwining he moves his mouth down to your breasts being  careful and deliberate. He then moves his long fingers down your body, he loved every inch of you, every roll, scar, stretch mark, every freckle, and everything you once saw as a flaw, he just sees you.
One night he spent 3 hours kissing you and telling you how beautiful you are to him. It took years for him to let his walls down for you, but every hour you spent crying or screaming because he wasn't open with you, was worth only a few moments of his tender love, his soft side, your Loki, the man, the God you were going to spend the rest of your life with. 
But gentle was the last thing on either of your mins when he ran his hard cock through your wet folds before thrusting into you bottoming out. You scream out in pleasure, the feeling of his vainy girth moving in and out of you was too much to bear. 
When you arch your back, he slams his hand down on your hip holding you down into the bed.
suddenly with no warning he lifted both your legs over your shoulder reaching not just your g spot, but every possible sensitive place.
"Oh Gods, Loki, so good." You yell out.
"Thats right baby, only for you, all for you." He grunts
Your both inching closer to your climax, you feel that coil tighten in your belly, right as you feel yourself clenching around his Godly cock, Loki yells out too.
"Sigyn, yes come for me." You stop moving. All arousal vanishes.
"What?!" you yell trying to push the man off you
"Who the FUCK is Sigyn?!" "Who is she Loki."
"What are you talking about, fuck, whats your problem?"
"You yelled another womans name Loki." You try not to, but tears start falling from your eyes.
"Pull out of me please, I cant. Just please."
"Darling, Sigyn is not a person, It is an Asgardian term, meaning Victorious partner. It is a complement, please calm down."
"Oh" You breathe out. "Im sorry, Im just so stressed I-" You dont finish your sentence because he cuts you off.
"Its okay. I understand.Do you wish to finish or do you want to rest?" he asked still in you, stroking your hair.
"Lets rest." You say still shaken up from the thought of him with someone else.
"Okay" He says pulling out and wrapping your body in his own.
You don't sleep much that night. And when you research "sigyn" the next day, you don't sleep for months.
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Good morning Loki nation!!!
Tumblr media
I guess that's out of the window now
Loki has taken over
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alexjcrowley · a day ago
I am now realising the Lokius community has, I believe, completely ignored something from episode 2.
We know, Owen Wilson is Texan and is mostly associated with cowboys, so some of us (me in particular) started associating Mobius with the cowboy character, but I just remembered something from episode 2, something that has been ignored.
In episode 1, we saw a scene (not greatly executed, I have read on the internet, and I must admit, if you compare it to the scene in Latin, this is true) in which Owen Wilson speaks French. He speaks, I believe, at least a decent French (I am not French so I shouldn't really be the judge of this). Most of us have simply thought "Okay, it is probably required to TVA agents to know a lot of languages" (for example, in the same scene a Minuteman says he speaks French too). And it ended here, right?
Au contraire, my fellow Loki fans. "Au contraire" is also the French expression Mobius uses deliberately during his conversation in the cafeteria with Loki.
Which should lead us to believe Mobius, during casual conversations, could slip some French (and also other languages') expressions.
Honestly, Mobius using some casual French expressions and petnames with Loki (such as mindlessly calling him "chéri", "mon amour", "mon coeur") would make me so happy! I think it would be very sweet.
(By the way, the problem I had with the scene in French is just that at some point Owen Wilson switches back to English in front of the kid when he says something like "That demon is afraid of us", but the child shouldn't be able understand him because he is speaking in English. Don't @ me for this, please. But @ me if you can provide some useful information or an insight for the language that was used in that scene, I am curious to understand if it was accurate or not.)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Going to horny jail!
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countesskittymeow · a day ago
And here we are for episode two. Couldn't watch it last night cz my kid woke up xD anywho, first thoughts, Im kinda digging this green and gold marvel logo a lot more than the boring red one xD
Mind control? Evil Loki Variant does mind control. I wonder if this Variant ever faced Thanos. Also! They used the song! Its one of my favourite songs!!! Now i wanna sing along but unfortunately I can't because my kid is asleep and I dont want to wake her up in the middle of the night. I do wonder why the variant kept the hot commander alive unlike all the other attacks
Why does the TVA have such a retro vibe?
Loki definitely wants everyone to know how awesome he is.
There used to be a HULK LOKI??? Also the look on Loki's face 🤣
The one after the hulk is just... I honestly don't have words to describe that one.. just wut???
I love the geeky Loki telling them about the nuances of magic (Im already creating a headcanon that this is an act and he's only showing them what they want to see i.e. an eager to please, slightly duplicitous version of Loki who wants them to know he's super useful to keep around)
Professor Loki. I do like the sound of that even if I suddenly flashed back to all of the harry potter crossover fics i used to read where Loki became a teacher at Hogwarts.
Mobius just gave Loki an answer from Doctor Who!!! Well sorta like that, not the same one but its all wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff!
Loki is making his attempts at manipulation very very obvious and somewhat desperate. I'm really really reallllllly hoping this is an act. Come on writer people dont make me regret my decision to watch this show. I really wanna love it but I'm in that once bitten twice shy boat regarding the handling of his character so I'm either gonna come out of this series absolutely loving it orrrrrr I'm gonna hate it FOREVER and happily live in my headcanons.
It was an act! We finally see the real Loki! There is hope for this show yet!
Also the way his voice goes from the higher pitched eager to please tone to that deeper, slightly sinister yet 'i know I'm powerful and you should fear me' tone was fun to see.
This had better still be an act. He's supposed to be awesome at playing the long game.
He got shushed! So he shushed her back!
So wait... The total population on Asgard less than 10,000? Really?
Yeah Loki. Stabbing people in the back is boring. Stab them in the face! Much more fun that way.
Total Doctor Who vibes! They went to Pompeii! Ohhh imagine how fun it would be to see Doctor and Donna strolling somewhere in the background. Not that that would happen but now its my new headcanon and you'll have to stab me in the face to pry this headcanon from my claws xD
Loki, I'm loving your enthusiasm but the word Volcano was coined AFTER Pompeii's destruction. I doubt they know what you're talking about 😂 also, there's a volcano 'splodin! In the background, where the hell are the earthquakes?
Magic lizards. Loki really has a way with naming things doesn't he
Existence is chaos. Loki is the god of chaos. Since in algebra if a=b and b=c then a=c=a SO Loki is the god of existence and the variant Loki has already reached that conclusion so now the magic space lizards are feeling threatened by variant loki's potential and they want the variant dead to keep being the most powerful magic space lizards inside and outside of existence! Guys! I've just solved this season's plotline. If I don't live react to the remaining series episodes, know that I was found by you know who and taken for giving out spoilers.
Mobius: You're very clever!
Loki: and that surprises you? O_o
Asgard getting destroyed was a class seven apocalypse but the thin in 2050 is a level ten? I wonder how these classifications work.
The grin! The grin! They're both doing the grin!
You guys mean to tell me that NONE of the product packagings or designs have been altered or upgraded in thirty years? Dove, Axe, Vaseline, Tresseme, its all literally the same as the stuff I saw on the shelves at the grocers this week 🤣 i know it's a minor thing but I find that kinda hilarious.
Whyyyyyyy does Loki keep getting knocked around so much. Also, why isn't he using any magic. Grrrr... I find this most displeasing
She blond?!? Why is she blond??
Poor Mobius. I feel kinda sorry for him tbh.
And that's wrap on this episode. Still having mixed feelings about the series. There are parts that I like and then there are parts which keep bugging me. I'm not familiar with the various plotlines in the comics so I dunno whatever happened in those to the Loki though I find it interesting that Lady Loki (why is she blonddddd??? Why not make her a redhead instead? Loki was a redhead in most of the depictions pre-avengers, wasn't he?) has that broken horn on her headpiece like that one version from the comics.
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depressedtransguy00 · a day ago
do any other people that are fans of both marvel and buzzfeed unsolved hope that Loki being DB Cooper in the series is going to be acknowledged in the true crime show?
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