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#loki odinson fluff
levithestripper · an hour ago
Really want Loki to run his warm hands through my hair, twirling the ends of it as he goes. Laying across from me in bed, stroking my cheek and talking to me about his day.
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jhiddles · 5 hours ago
The Silver Shadow
Summary: You and Loki escape and grow closer. You reveal secrets about your past.
Word Count: 3,368
Warnings: Fluff, language, violence
Tags: @daisy116 @shadowolf993 @darkened-writer
Other Chapters: masterlist
A/N: Again I’m so sorry. Twilight is getting to me. This chapter is super long (longest yet) and is basically 3k words of fluff so enjoy. Loki and Y/N are becoming friends and falling for each other! Also, you’ll never guess what Y/N is. JK, you probably do. This fic is full of 2013 avengers tower cliches.
Tumblr media
Chapter 7: Just Tell Me What You Know
The moment was here. It was now or never. You and Loki gave each other a quick glance before green magic surged out of his hands, shattering the glass walls of the cells.
Alarms blared. The lights flashed. Chaos ensued.
“Loki, let’s split up! I’ll meet you in the alleyway” you yelled to him and ran out of the prison block. Soldiers came running, one by one, fully armed, to try and stop you. You hid behind a column on the side of the hallway. When the first one passed you, you hit him with a side hook and sent him tumbling to the ground. You grabbed his supply belt and his gun and shot him in the leg. You weren’t going to kill anyone today.
Loki had other plans. You could hear the sounds of blood splattering on the walls behind you. Soldiers with families screamed and begged for mercy. You tried to focus on your attackers and just let Loki fight his fight.
One by one, you got through the incoming soldiers, knocking them in the head and shooting them in arms or legs to disable them. You made your way to the stairwell.
“What’s happening?” Tony yelled at Steve. Some of the off-duty Avengers decided to have a game night. Tony was drunk and Clint had passed out on the sofa. Wanda and Nat were on a mission, leaving Steve as the only one sober enough to go to battle.
“Loki! Y/N! Shit!” Steve cursed, realizing who was causing the disturbance.
“Language!” Tony taunted.
“Now’s not the time, Stark.” he scolded, “Are you drunk?”
“Maybe just a little. JARVIS,” Tony hiccuped, “How bad is it?”
“Sir, Loki, and Y/N have broken out of containment and are almost to the ground floor.” the computer answered, “Although I recommend you sit this one out, sir, you are quite intoxicated.”
Ignoring JARVIS’ answer, Tony summoned his armor and attempted to fly. Instead, he lost control and nearly crashed into the window, dodging it at the last second to hit the wall and crumple down to the floor.
“Go on without me” he laughed at Steve and fell unconscious. Steve jumped into action, grabbing his shield and sprinting to the stairwell. He jumped down the middle and fell down to the bottom where you were attempting to escape.
You had fought your way to the stairwell and now had to climb up five flights of stairs to get to the ground floor. The only problem was that soldiers dressed in full battle gear were streaming down to meet you.
Instead of running up the stairs, you ran to the middle of the stairwell and shot the grappling hook you found up until it hit something and latched on. You began your ascent, shooting anyone that shot at you.
Once you felt that you were at street level, you jumped onto the stairs, latching your legs around the neck of an unfortunate soldier. You twisted around and slammed him to the ground. Not even looking back, you ran to the door. It was marked as the first floor. Though not the ground floor that would exit to street level, it would work.
You ran out into the hallway as fast as you could and sprinted to the nearest window. You ran into scientists in lab coats and professionals dressed in suits and ties but you kept on.
Come on Y/N, Come on… Just get out of here…
Then you saw it. A window. Without hesitation, you jumped through it, shattering the thick glass. You and the glass fell to the sidewalk. You rolled and paused for a moment.
I’m free!...
Steve knew he was too late the moment he got to the scene. He walked over to the prison where you and Loki had been kept to examine what happened. Somehow, he could tell where you and Loki had split up. On one side, there were soldiers shot in their limbs, unconscious, but beginning to stir. On the other, blood-stained bodies lay dead. That was where Loki went, Steve was sure.
He pressed on his comlink to notify the soldiers that it was over. He sighed in disappointment.
How were they ever going to get you back?
Trash littered the dark alleyway. Rats scurried away from their midnight meal when they saw you walking down. You made it halfway down before you felt hot air tickle your neck.
“Hello, there darling” Loki’s soft voice whispered from behind.
You turned to face him. Somehow, he had changed his clothes from the ugly yellow prison jumpsuit. He was now wearing an emerald green silk button-up shirt, a black tie, pressed black trousers, and a large black leather overcoat. He wore expensive-looking heeled boots and gold jewelry hung off of his wrists and neck. You had to admit, he looked very nice. Too nice.
“Couldn't you have worn something less conspicuous?” you asked. This was New York City and you needed to blend in.
Loki flashed his pearl white teeth at you and smiled. “Would you rather me look homeless?”
“Then I don’t see the problem,” he smirked. “Are you jealous? I have to say, that yellow still doesn’t flatter you.”
“Not all of us have magic, Loki. Some of us are still human.”
“I suppose you're right. Here you go then” He sighed and flicked his wrist. Green shimmered up your body and you were suddenly wearing normal clothes. You were dressed in a long-sleeved green dress that matched his shirt and dripping in gold jewelry. Loki stood back aways to admire his work.
“There,” he said contently, “we match now.”
You wished that he had dressed you in something more appropriate for your lifestyle. Jeans, at the very least. Still, you were thankful for his fashion tastes. The two of you matched. The average passersby would hopefully assume that you were two socialites on their way to some fancy restaurant. How wrong they would be.
You eyed him up cautiously. Why was he helping you out? Wasn’t the deal that he healed you and you helped him escape. The two of you were free. He should be on his way to wherever he wanted to go. You should be alone again and hiding in a safe house somewhere outside of the city. Y/N Y/L/N worked alone and you were desperate to keep it that way. You hadn’t had a partner since Bucky and that had gone downhill quickly.
Even if you wanted a partner, you didn’t want it to be Loki. From stories, you knew he had betrayed almost everyone. Even his family. You couldn’t take that chance. You barely knew him. He was the one who got you in trouble in the first place.
But still, there was something about Loki that made you want to stay near him. In your time locked up next to him, you had gotten used to having a God near you. The thought of splitting up felt painful. And you hated it.
“Are you okay? Y/N?” Loki asked, interrupting your thoughts. You hoped he hadn’t heard the battle your mind was having over him.
“Can I ask you something?” you said.
“Sure. What is it?” he said curiously.
“Why are you still here?”
“Would you rather me not? I thought our agreement was you would break me out, and I would continue my services as your personal healer. Haven’t I proven myself useful?”
“You have. I just-” you paused.
“What is it?”
“Nevermind. Let's just find someplace to hide.”
He offered his arm to you. You stared him in the eye before accepting. You could have sworn he was looking at you differently. The way he guided you down the alley and onto the street… he was such a gentleman.
In your close proximity, you could smell his cologne. Even after all the time in a prison cell, he still smelled expensive. Hints of pine and leather were coming through to you under a layer of burnt sugar and sweet smoke. It was intoxicating, yet comforting. You suddenly had the urge to lay your head on his chest just to bathe in it.
As you got lost in your thoughts, you almost missed the glances Loki gave you.
Y/N. That’s all Loki could think about. The girl that had given him his freedom. The girl he had dressed in his colors and was now walking down fifth avenue. There was just something about you that drew him in and was now making it impossible to let go.
Loki had loved before. He was over a thousand years old, of course, he’d loved. But none of them ever lasted. It was like he was born with a curse; everyone he cared about would either hate him or end up dead. His entire life, he had lost love after love after love, to the point where he now found it fruitless. Why bother when it wouldn’t last. It was just going to break him further anyways.
But you. Oh, how Loki needed you. From the first time, he felt your presence he wanted to make you his queen. At first, he was just attracted to your power. Now, after meeting you in the flesh, his feelings had changed, dramatically.
Loki wanted to be with you and he was willing to do anything to stay. The only thing standing between him being with you forever was you. You were just so stubborn, Loki didn’t understand. It was almost as if you didn’t trust him and were just waiting for the moment you could wiggle out from under him. Who wouldn’t? He was used to it by now. He just wished it wasn’t you that felt that way. He wanted you to love him, to trust him. To be the yin to his yang. His queen.
He got so lost in his thoughts that he almost missed your secret glances at him.
The sun was just breaking through the horizon when you found an abandoned warehouse to hide in. Graffiti painted the steel walls and pigeon droppings littered the concrete around it. All of the windows were either broken or boarded up. The only entrance was the set of double doors that were padlocked shut.
Without hesitation, Loki walked over and grabbed half of the chain in each hand. With a brute grunt, he ripped the chain in half and threw the pieces to the side. He pushed open one of the doors and held it open for you to walk in.
Such a gentleman… Absolutely not…
The inside of the warehouse was no nicer than the outside. Broken glass, trash, and bird droppings coated the concrete floors. The graffiti snaked up as high as the average human could reach and the whole building stunk like mildew and urine. Disgusted from the sharp contrast in smell between Loki and the building, you squished up your nose. Loki did the same. The way he wrinkled his nose was adorable. Inside you smiled at him. As much as he tried to project a dark psychopathic killer, there was still something inside him that you loved.
“Let’s get you somewhere to rest. Midgardian.” The first half of the sentence sounded almost caring. It was as if he threw in the insult just to sound tough. Somehow you didn’t mind.
In the end, he found some sacks of what smelled like rotten potatoes and made them up into two beds. One for you, and one for him. As he worked, you searched for something to start a fire with. You found an old oil barrel which you dragged out to be in between the beds and tore some wood off of a broken structure. Loki lit it with his magic and for a while, you watched the green flames dance around.
Loki gazed intently into the fire and looked far off in thought.
“Loki,” you whispered softly to him, waking him from his trance.
“Yes, Y/N, what is it?” he responded, equally as gentle, though slightly annoyed. You wondered what he had been thinking about. What if it was you? Your heart fluttered at the very thought.
“I-I, I don’t think you meant it when you said you enjoyed killing.”
“You don’t.” he sounded confused, yet relieved. As if someone had finally broken through his ice wall and rescued him from himself.
“No.” you shook your head, “I think you just put on a scary face to hide. I don’t think you’re a monster. Not anymore.”
“You seem genuinely kind. To me at least. That means there’s some good in you.”
“What if you’re wrong.”
“I don’t care then. The Loki that is sitting across from me is not the Loki that attacked New York.”
He smiled. A log in the fire fell sending sparks flying into the air. Was that a sign that he felt the way that you did?
“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there lived two young princes in a faraway kingdom.”
“Is this story about you?” you asked.
“Maybe. Let me continue” Loki hushed, “The oldest brother, blond and brawny, was destined to the throne. Thus, he received all his father’s, the king, attention. He grew into a strong warrior, the best that the kingdom had ever seen since his father before him. The second brother did not share his brother’s strength. On the battlefield, it seemed, he could be easily defeated.
“So the second brother was ignored by his father. Only his mother, the queen, seemed to care for him. She was a magic-user, a witch some would call her. She taught her youngest son all she knew about magic and the universe around her. However, the son was still limited in his abilities, he yearned for knowledge and was desperate for the truth. However, he discovered early on that no one else was willing to teach him. He found that the only way to earn anyone’s attention was to create mischief.”
“Is that where you got your title, God of Mischief?” you asked.
“Yes,” he answered. “Now will you stop interrupting me?”
“What if I have a question?”
“Save it for the end.”
“The young prince played tricks on anyone foolish enough to fall into his traps. Over time, he gained the reputation of being cruel and malevolent. No one in the entire kingdom trusted him anymore. The youth, treated with such bitterness and hostility, decided that there was nothing that he could do to change their minds so he might as well just follow their lead. He would never be king. He’d never be his brother. He’d never be a hero. What else was left?
“The young prince decided that he could be a witch. He could be a villain. He could be a trickster, a schemer, the self-serving God of Chaos, and prove everyone right. Prove them all right in what they had all thought, that he was rotten from the start. He would serve no man but himself, no heart but his own. That would be his choice. He could be the witch.
“Be the witch and know everything. So that is what he chose.”
The final words of Loki’s story sent shivers down your spine. You knew that he only told you that story so you might feel some fear towards him, but none came. Instead, you found empathy towards him.
All he had known his entire life was cruelty. Of course, he was going to turn out bad. But that didn’t mean he was. Right there, you made the decision to treat Loki with nothing but kindness and respect. He deserved it after all.
“I’m so sorry Loki. The world can be cruel.”
“Isn’t it? Anyways, I’ve grown past it. Nothing people say affects me any more.”
That was a lie. You could see it in his face. You remembered the silent pain in his face when you had called him a monster, unbeknownst to his past, and was suddenly filled with regret.
I guess it’s true then… You should never judge a book by its cover…
As cliche as it sounded, you knew in your heart that it was right. Loki wasn’t a psychopath or a cold-blooded sadist. Just a fallen prince with terrible coping mechanisms.
And then suddenly, to the surprise of both Loki and yourself, you began singing to him. It wasn’t anything special, just a lullaby that you remembered someone singing to you as a young child.
Y/N is singing to me Loki thought. His heart hammered in his chest. He fought his eyes from watering and body from trembling. The song you were singing was one his mother used to sing to him and Thor as children. Your voice, like hers, sounded like an angel's.
It wasn’t until the third verse that he joined in. He noticed the shock in your voice when his light sweet voice came in. You sang with him until the end, holding the last note a little longer than necessary.
“How do you know that song?” it seemed you asked each other at the same moment.
“I remember someone singing it to me when I was a kid,” you answered first.
“That’s what my mother used to sing to me and Thor. It’s an old Asgardian folk song, how do you know it?” Loki asked.
Asgardian folk song!? How? You had never been to Asgard in your life or met any Asgardian until Loki. Hell, you didn’t even know Asgard existed until a few years ago. No one did. It was impossible. Unless…
It was true, you didn’t know your parentage. But the very notion that you could be Asgardian was ridiculous. Wouldn’t you know that you were a God?
“Y/N, are you Asgardian?” Loki asked. Of course, he asked.
“No.” you answered quickly, “I mean, I don’t know.”
“How wouldn’t you know”
“I don’t know Loki.” your voice was full of sadness and shame. To not even know who you were…
“I think that a story might be fitting right about now” Loki urged.
“There’s not much to tell,” you admitted.
“Just tell me what you know.” he assured, “I’ll sing to you when you’re done.”
“Once upon a time,” you began. Then stopped, “do I have to do that, it seems silly.”
“Not if you don’t want to,” Loki reassured.
“Okay then,” you said and began your story, “ I don’t know who I am, where I came from, or why I do what I do. All I know is that I was left in the care of a Russian militant group in 1909. I murdered Rasputin for money and have had an endless supply of jobs since.
“I have killed two hundred and thirty-one men, women, and children for money in my one hundred and four years on Earth. I have no idea how the fuck I have stayed alive that long. Or how I’ve barely aged a day since 1920. Every single day, I wake up thinking that it is going to be my last one. That I’m going to be captured and killed today. I’ve never had a normal life. I will never have a normal life. I will die a murderer. Alone. And no one will care.
“There will be no one in the entire world that will mourn me. The United Nations will have my corpse burn and will dance on my ashes. My death will be an international holiday. A day for governments to celebrate the death of their nightmare. That is who I am. A nightmare. And I hate it.”
You didn’t realize you were crying or that Loki was sitting next to you hugging your shoulders until he spoke.
“I am so sorry,” he said to you with the utmost sincerity. “I promise, Y/N, that I will help you find out who you are. And I swear to you, Y/N I will mourn you. With all of my heart.”
Loki laid you down and stroked your Y/H/C locks as he sang to you. You drifted off listening to him sing, knowing in your heart, that he would protect you.
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julesjohansson · 19 hours ago
would you be able to do a loki or tom one shot where reader discovers that’s she’s pregnant after dealing with infertility?? super fluffy and cute?
A/N: I set this in my Witch!Reader series.
Parents - Loki Laufeyson x Witch!Reader
Tumblr media
You’d never pictured yourself as a mother.
Really, you hadn't. And you'd imagined yourself as so many things - a fighter, an Avenger.
Loki's wife.
But then...
Well, after five years of marriage, it was suddenly all you wanted, and all Loki wished he could give you. If you wanted to be a mother, he knew you'd be the best one there was, even counting his own.
The only problem was... you couldn't get pregnant.
It was more frustrating, than anything. You wanted this one thing to work out for the two of you, just once. You were a witch, he was a warlock. Why couldn't you two manage this?
Didn't you deserve that much? Didn't the universe owe you that much?
No, you supposed. No, it didn't.
Until, one day...
It did.
You burst into tears as you checked, then double-checked, then triple-checked the positive sign on the pregnancy test you'd had Wanda pick up for you.
It was still there. One tiny plus sign, the kind that would change your life.
You allowed yourself to weep, for a moment, trying not to become overwhelmed.
How would you tell Loki?
After all this time, would he even want a kid?
No, you told yourself, sternly. No, Loki wanted this as much as you did.
Besides, he'd banished all those fears about passing on some of his, um, less desirable traits... hadn't he?
Pushing those thoughts away again, you began to get to work.
"Darling, I'm... home."
Confused, Loki stepped into the main room, unaware of the trap you'd laid for him.
He picked up his helmet, gingerly, studying it.
It hadn't always been this small... had it?
He cleared his throat.
"Yes, love?" you answered, strolling in.
"You didn't happen to, um, test one of your shrinking spells again... did you?"
You laughed, and he laughed with you, uneasily.
"No, no, of course not! Well... actually..." you cleared your throat, presenting him with his real helmet. "You might want to take a look inside that helmet."
Confused, Loki tilted the helmet downwards, glancing into it.
Inside, you'd taped the pregnancy test.
Almost immediately, Loki tossed the helmet down, sweeping you into his arms.
"We're having a baby!"
"I know!" you laughed, and he squeezed you tighter.
Requests open!
Taglist: (Open)
@rottenstyx @giggles75th @amourtentiaa
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loving-all-for-loki · a day ago
My Queen
Loki x reader, one shot
Warnings: Fluff
Word count: 405
Tony of course threw another one of his infamous parties for New Years and I think he overdid himself. Chocolate fountains, in house DJ, and about every famous person you could think of. Steve and I had a conversation about how this might go terribly wrong, but Tony didn’t seem to agree.
I stand against the wall with my water, trying to avoid everyone. I spot Loki across the room talking to some man I’ve never seen, but I can tell he’s not into the conversation at all. He keeps giving me ‘help me’ eyes, but to mess with him, I completely ignore him. If the god of mischief wanted a mischievous girl, he forgot about the cons. Hours go by at the part and Loki ends up escaping from his treacherous conversation. Grabbing me by the arm, he drags me off to a different room.
“I hate you,” he chuckles.
“I don’t know what you mean.”
He rolls his eyes while laughing at my coyness. I know he’d never get really mad at me for something dumb, but it is fun to see him flustered. 
“Anyways, what are we doing out here?” I ask, “the ball is about to drop.”
“I know, but I have something besides a New Years kiss for you and I want privacy to give it to you.”
“Oooo, you have a private surprise for me?” I wink.
“Norms, not that,” he laughs.
I can hear the people count down in the rooms away from us. Turning to Loki, I see him hold a small black box.
“Y/N, I have known you for quite some time and I know we didn’t start our relationship in the most traditional way. Talk to anyone and they’ll tell you I’m not the best with relationships, or anything like that in that matter, but I know I’m the best with you, so Y/N, would you make me the happiest being in the universe and become my queen?”
He kneels down and opens the small box to reveal a Demantoid cut ring.
“Omg, Loki, I don’t even know what to say.”
“Well, I was kind of hoping you’d say yes, “ he nervously chuckles.
“Of course, a million times yes.”
Picking me up and swinging me around, he slips the ring on my finger. The fireworks go off in the sky as we seal our bond with a kiss.
“No place I’d rather be.”
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hiraethmaximoff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff, really short
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I made any mistake
" What the hell was that?" Hunter B-12 asked confused when a green aura wrapped Loki's body and yours.
" That was me using my magic to dry my and her clothes. I'm not going to let her catch a cold" you blushed at his words
"You better not try anything" she threatened him before leaving you two
"So you already worry about me huh?" you bothered him without stopping smiling, Loki sighed hiding the desire to smile pleased to be the cause of your smile
"don't let it go to your head, I read that Midgardians are very weak, the least I need is you getting sick" you closed your eyes excitedly, your heart was beating hard.
"Thanks for taking care of me Loki" you kissed his cheek before running off, Loki smirked as he touched his cheek.
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
imagine the tension between loki and bucky (maybe even steve) trying to assert their dominance on reader, jeez i bet everyone can feel the dominance in the air when they are all in the same room together
his girl — loki
note || yeah i had to write this immediately bc i can just imagine the dialogue...I had a hard time deciding who she was actually dating, but I went with loki cause I love him so this is fire!mortal!reader
Tumblr media
Midgard was slowly becoming more and more bearable for Loki Odinson. You were a very big part of that, the mortal that warmed his cold heart. You had only been dating for a few months and Loki had gotten into a routine with you. You spent all your time together, you were glued to his side. He had gotten used to you being his little sidekick, hand always entangled together.
Except now, you were distracted by the newest roommate in the compound, Bucky Barnes. He had returned form Wakanda with a fresh haircut and vibranium arm. Loki had not taken a liking to the new dominant presence in your life and apparently you had used to visit Barnes in Wakanda before started retraining his mind.
“Did you really name a goat after Steve?”You laughed when Loki walked into the training room that afternoon, looking for you. He missed your embrace, how you always sat in his lap and cuddled against him.
“I did, and Steve did not appreciate it as much as you did, doll,”Bucky grinned, holding the punching mitts for you to hit.
“Well, I’m a lot cooler than that old man,”You chuckled, punching his fist as hard as you could.
“I’m a lot older than him, sugar,”Bucky winked, and Loki had enough. He seethed with possessive energy, glaring at the super solider with heat.
“I’m afraid she’s already with an older man, soldier,”Loki scrunched his nose, stepping onto the mat,”A thousand years gives a man a lot of experience.”
“So does a war,”Bucky turned to him with a smirk, glancing at you.”You don’t look like you’ve ever seen a war, you got that soft look about you.”
You rolled your eyes, knowing Bucky liked getting on people’s nerves and you hadn’t exactly told him that this was your boyfriend. He knew you were seeing someone.
“Careful with your words, a mortal like you might invoke the wrath of a god—“Loki stoped when he felt your hands squeeze his, warm overtaking his body from your natural heat.
“Bucky, this is my boyfriend,”You introduced with a smile, feeling Loki’s arm snake around you.”Loki Odinson
“Prince Loki Odinson,”Loki corrected smugly, smirking down at you.”I am your prince, am I not?”
You felt a blush creep up over your face, wanting to hide into his shoulder. He was possessive, it was almost embarrassing how much he needed to establish dominance over another man close to you.
“You are,”You whispered, not minding how Loki seemed to dip toward to capture your lips. He moved against you gently, his presence overwhelming you. You just felt surrounded by him, gasping for air as you pulled away. You noticed Bucky had quietly disappeared.”A jealous prince, but still mine.”
“That soldier of yours is stealing you away, had to claim what’s mine,”Loki smirked at you, his cold touch against your burning skin made you feel at ease.”Why do you come warm me up, firecracker?”
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earlgreydream · a day ago
time for us.
| loki x reader | angst | fluff |
anon requested. loki has been working a lot lately and hasn’t really had anytime for the reader and he completely forgets about their anniversary and she doesn’t tell him for a couple of days but then he snaps at her and they have a huge argument
a/n: this doesn’t have any spoilers for the show— just mention that Loki works for the TVA (which isn’t canon at the time of me writing this)
Tumblr media
You loathed Loki’s new job, working for the Time Variance Authority.
Ever since Loki began at the TVA, they’d managed to occupy nearly all of his time and energy, leaving little to none left for you. Your relationship was strong, but only a few weeks of work had put a strain on the two of you.
He’d become more short tempered, and easily agitated. You tried to be patient, but little things seemed to antagonize you, and soon every small thing was becoming huge.
Above all, you hated to fight with Loki. You bottled up your frustration, shoving them down inside of you and keeping them hidden and locked away. Your limited time with Loki was precious, and you didn’t want to poison it with your annoyance. However, it was doing damage that you hadn’t yet comprehended, building a pressurized weapon that was bound to explode.
It took weeks, but the explosion came.
Loki had been so caught up in work that he missed your anniversary. It had escaped his mind entirely, passing like any other day. He was distracted by variants running wild, and the need to please his new boss. He felt responsible for things that were going wrong, and he had put your relationship on the backburner.
You’d been certain he’d take you out during the night, or at least do something to acknowledge the anniversary of your love, but you’d been dead wrong. You waited at home as hours passed, and when his normal arrival time had long passed, the pain in your chest grew until your entire body was throbbing with hurt.
You took your makeup off, along with the pretty dress you wore-- the green one that your husband adored.
Loki had stayed late at work, taking overtime and showing up just before ten. You were so hurt you could hardly speak, but Loki’s mind was too muddled with work to even notice. You were already in bed when he returned home, and he’d kissed your forehead and gone to sleep with less than five words leaving his lips.
You laid awake in bed that night, staring at the wall. You should have told Loki you were angry, said something then and at least gotten it in the open. But you shoved it down with everything else— every other hurt and grievance and annoyance that poisoned you.
“Can you set that down, please?” You asked, four days later. You tried to keep your tone even, but you were impatient. The bite in your words was all you could do to keep from tearing the file from his delicate hands.
Loki was in the kitchen, his face buried in a variant case file. He was supposed to be helping you make dinner, but you were dismissed and cast aside once again as his work outshined you.
“I’m working, Y/N! It’s important. Don’t you want me to get paid so you can have your pretty things?” Loki snapped, shocking you.
“No!” You screamed, slamming the cabinet door shut.
He stared at you, turquoise eyes wide in shock at your outburst. He dropped the file on the counter, a harsh glare adorning his stunning face.
“No, Loki! I don’t fucking care about the pretty things. I don’t even know that I care about YOU!” The words were coming out before you could stop them.
“You don’t care about me?! All I ever do is for you!” Loki met your anger, matching your energy and only fueling the fire of rage that was building in your stomach.
“You’re such a selfish liar! You don’t give a fuck about me, Loki! You’re in a relationship with your bullshit job, you don’t give a damn about me! All of your time and your energy... and fuck, even your kindness goes to the stupid fucking TVA!! There’s nothing left for me, and I don’t want your scraps!” You shoved him back when he took a step toward you.
“I’m selfish? You’re needy and dramatic! You’re a spoiled brat, acting out when not every ounce of my attention is being given to you. What, you’re mad that I didn’t help you make this salad? Grow up, Y/N!” Loki’s hateful words poured out, tasting like acid in his mouth.
“No! I’m mad that you forgot our anniversary and that you haven’t seen how much you’ve hurt me!” Tears burned as they streamed down your face, blurring your vision that was bleeding at the edges.
Loki’s lips parted, and realization suddenly crossed his features. He took a step back, recognizing his anger had spiraled out of control, and that your anger was justified.
“I didn’t mean it… I do care about you, I just want you to care about me.” Your voice broke, and shaky hands went to your mouth, stifling a sob. Guilt swelled in Loki’s chest as he saw you fall apart, unable to bear the weight of your anger.
“I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t know how I’ve forgotten. Please, my love, forgive me,” Loki’s tone softened, and he knelt down to his knees before you.
He didn’t care about the messy floors ruining his perfect suit, nothing mattered to him then except for you.
“I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, I just miss you,” you were weeping, unable to hold the sobs at bay.
“It’s okay, scream and cry if you need to, but know I love you more than anything and I am terribly, terribly sorry.”
Loki gently pulled you forward, closing his arms around you. His forehead rested against your stomach, and you laid your hands on top of his head.
“I know. I know,” you stammered in shaky breaths. Your fingers trembled as you dragged them through his hair, overwhelmed with every emotion that washed over you all at once.
You got home from work, a couple of days after your fight. You had both apologized, easing the tension over. Loki hadn’t stopped apologizing, even when you promised him it was okay. It had been better since-- you weren’t keeping secrets or harboring anger, and you felt exceedingly better in the aftermath of your fight.
You walked into your master suite, considering a hot bath or a shower after your day. You were lost in your thoughts as you kicked your shoes off, before turning to the bed. A dress was laid out on the end of the bed, glittery heels and jewelry in a box beside it. Loki wasn’t home, but a note was attached, telling you to get dressed and he’d meet you.
You smiled, lifting the black cocktail dress. You changed, fixing your hair and makeup in the mirror. Your day at work had been long, and you didn’t know what Loki had in store for you, but you were excited.
The lock clicked open on the door, signaling the arrival of your husband. You stepped into the foyer to greet him, met with Loki in an all-black suit. A grin spread across his expression as he noticed you, making warmth bloom in your chest.
“You look-” you both started at the same time.
You smiled and tilted your head, letting him speak.
“You look beautiful,” Loki spoke softly before giving you a kiss.
“Thank you. You look sharp. What’s the occasion, what are we doing?”
“I’m so sorry I missed our anniversary. I thought we could celebrate us tonight.”
You broke into a grin, nodding excitedly.
“Yes. Yes, let’s do it.”
“Of course. Let me set my things down,” he kissed your cheek and stepped into your master, cleaning up and dropping his bag.
You were driven to a fancy restaurant, one hand in Loki’s as the other smoothed over the wheel of his black sports car. He dropped the keys with a valet, and you were escorted to a table in the back of the place.
“Wine, Mrs. Laufeyson?”
“Please,” you nodded, and the waiter poured you a glass of sparkling pink moscato.
“I’ve gotten us a suite at the resort in the city. I have a bag packed for you in the car, I thought we could enjoy a weekend away. You deserve it,” Loki brought your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles.
“You’re spoiling me,” you giggled, sipping your wine.
“As I should be.”
Elaborate French dishes were brought out on gorgeous plates, looking like something from a food blog. It tasted divine, and Loki told you some history about the dish from some time he was living or traveling in Paris. You listened to his animated stories, thinking about how you were so in love with him. 
“Why’re you staring at me like that?” Loki laughed softly, spooning sorbet into your mouth.
“Because I love you. And you’re charming and cute when you get excited,” you confessed with a grin. 
“I love you too. I’m sorry about everything,” he apologized. 
“It’s okay. We’re past it. Time moves forward for us.”
Loki nodded, leaning forward and smearing a kiss over your temple before retrieving your car from the valet.
“To the hotel?” he asked, sliding his hands over your hips and kissing your neck as you waited.
“Okay,” you giggled, squirming in his arms. 
He squeezed your bum, making you gasp before opening the door for you, helping you into the passenger seat. 
When you arrived at the hotel, there was a bouquet of roses on the table, and candles burning around. He kissed the back of your head, setting your bag down for you.
“Let me make this up to you,” his voice was deep as he unzipped your dress.
“Please,” you smiled, turning in his arms and pulling him into a heated kiss. 
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sadpotato10 · a day ago
I was going through my drafts and found this, so enjoy!
tooth rotting fluff.
No matter how many times he did it, you would never get used to Loki showing affection towards you.
It had been incredibly hard to even get him talking to you at first, let alone have him cuddle with you once you started dating.
You may be surprised by his affection, but you sure as hell enjoy it.
Waking up with his warm breath on your collarbone, face nuzzled into your neck.
The small kisses and smiles he sends you around others backs.
The unbelievably warm way his eyes light up when you enter the room.
You loved each and everyone, and the fact that it was you that spurred them was the thing you lived for.
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horrorxweasley · a day ago
For a Loki x reader could I request 2 on the angst list where they reconnect after years apart and Loki is shocked to find out that he has a child he never knew about?
This is the cutest, i already had a plan for this before you sent it in💓
Warnings:Angst, Fluff, Mentions of pregnancy
Word Count: 2.6K
Prompt(s) used: 2 ”Were you ever going to tell me?”
Summary: Y/N and Loki have a drunken one night stand, where she ends up Pregnant. Loki doesn’t find out about his son until 5 years later when on a walk in a park
Tumblr media
Were you ever going to tell me?
Loki Laufeyson x Fem! Reader
Y/N woke up one morning, looking to her side to see the clock read 6:30 am, she looked down and noticed that she wasn’t wearing any clothes, her eyes widened, the smallest gasp leaving her lips as she grabbed the covers before covering up her chest.
“Oh my God, this did not just happen” she whispered in disbelief.
Y/N reached down blindly to the floor picking up some underwear, before carefully slipping out of the bed, so she doesn’t wake up Loki. She throws on a dressing gown and rushes out of the room, through the halls of Avengers HQ all the way to her own room.
When she got there however, she felt particularly queasy, rushing into the bathroom, before throwing up into the toilet, wiping her mouth, her eyes growing wide with realisation.
“This cannot be happening”
Y/N got up from the cold bathroom floor that she was sitting on, making her way into her bedroom to get dressed. She threw on some joggies and an oversized hoodie before grabbing her purse and walking out of HQ to a pharmacy.
The pharmacy was small, but intimidating to Y/N, especially when she was going in to buy a pregnancy test, to see if she was currently carrying the child of Loki Laufeyson, The God of Mischief, who she merely had a drunken one night stand with. How was she going to explain that to her family?
“Hey mum, dad, so i had a one night stand with the God of Mischief who also tore up most of New York a while back”
They would go batshit, she thought as she approached the checkout with the pregnancy test in hand. The line wasn’t long but it seemed like a lifetime wait for Y/N as her mind wandered into the different scenarios of what may or may not happen depending on the results of the test.
After she had paid, and stuffed the small box away, hiding it in her jacket, she made her way back to HQ. Walking quickly through the halls praying she wouldn’t bump into anyone, she managed to make it safely back to her room without having to make small talk with any of the Avengers and most importantly she never saw Loki.
Once in her room she headed straight to the bathroom, and took the test. Those next few minutes of waiting were the longest minutes of her life, if it turned out positive she thought to herself that she would keep the child, but if it’s negative it would be preferred.
The ringing of her phone timer echoed round the tile walls, indicating that it was time, time to find out if she was carrying Loki’s child. Y/N reached out her shaking hand to the counter which the test was laying on, she slowly grabbed the plastic stick dragging it towards her.
Y/N took three deep breaths before turning the test over, looking at what appeared to be...two lines appearing on the test. That could mean only one thing.
She was pregnant, and Loki was the father.
That positive pregnancy test changed Y/N’s life 5 years ago, and 5 years ago she left everything and everyone she had ever known at Avengers HQ including Loki, the father of her child. There were multiple times that Y/N tried to get a hold of Loki, to tell him about their child, their son, but whenever she tried Loki was always out on a mission or on Asgard. The more years that passed by, Y/N began to give up on reaching out to her baby daddy, as she thought that telling tales about his father to him, would be a lot better emotionally, than having to go through the time and time again disappointment of yet another day he was not able to meet his dad.
Alexander was the happiest and most joyful little boy Y/N could have ever wished for, he had amazing black hair and piercing blue eyes, the double of his father. It had been relatively hard, being a single parent to Alexander, but she managed, she also had her parents to help her out, who were surprisingly understanding when she seeked their help those 5 years ago.
A smile was stuck on Y/N’s face as though it were a tattoo, as she watched her son play around in the park, he was running up and down the ladder to the metal slide which was his favourite. The cute giggles that came from his mouth as he went down the play equipment made her heart whole.
Loki found himself back on Midgard, after a long mission, he was craving some normality again so he had left the Avengers HQ to go on a walk. In typical Loki fashion he was dressed in a fully black suit, his hair pushed behind his ears giving him his traditional Loki look in a more subtle fashion than what the usual Asgardian leather outfit he normally would be wearing.
Loki found the midgardian streets calming in a strange way, it was much different from Asgard, the busy traffic and rushing people, it was a nice change. Loki found himself walking through a park, the light breeze through the air was causing the leaves to rustle, the sound of children laughing and having fun flowed through the air, as he approached what he has now come to recognize as a play park, it was something for Midgardian children to play in and possibly make new friends. This new discovery of a play park made Loki wish that there was something similar on Asgard, as it would have made him feel a bit more normal growing up, he might have actually made friends of his own instead of having to live in Thor’s shadows and make the same friends as his brother through pity.
Loki’s thoughts were interrupted when he spotted someone familiar Y/N L/N he could recognise her from anywhere. He had always taken the biggest interest in her, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and she was smart, funny, as well as very able to take care of herself when on a mission.
He obviously remembered that amazing night they had both shared years ago, but it to Loki’s misfortune resulted in him waking up alone, to find out that Y/N had also left the Avengers completely. Of course they were both drunk, but it didn’t make it hurt any less than it did, but Loki got over it, though some part of him always had the same feelings for her as he did all those years ago.
His voice startled her, whipping her head to look at the man.
“Hello, Y/N, it’s been a while” he smiled
“Hi Loki, yeah it has, how have you been?”
“I have been good, how have you been?”
“I’ve been good, and i’m glad to see that you haven’t died on a mission”
“Yes, though there have been a few close calls” he chuckled
“So what brings you here? To the park i mean”
“Oh, well i enjoy Midgardian parks, i am still so fascinated by them, it’s so different to Asgard, i find it calming. What brings you to the park?”
“Well I -” Y/N began but her words were cut off by Alexander calling out for her.
“Mummy, Mummy, can I have some juice please?”
“Of course you can Alex”
She reached into her bag, and pulled out a juice carton and handed it to the small child, who aimlessly tried to put the plastic straw into his mouth.
Loki stared at the child, his eyebrows furrowed, it was as though he was looking at an illusion of his younger self, the child looked so much like him. Loki knew those piercing blue eyes anywhere, after all, he did look at them every morning in the mirror before leaving. But sooner than he would’ve liked, the boy was away, back playing on the slide with strange Midgardian children.
Y/N put the empty juice carton in her bag, sipping it up before facing Loki again, who’s eyes were still tracking the boy which looked eerily like him.
“That boy-” he started
“Alexander” she corrected
Loki turned to face her, his blue eyes meeting hers.
“Alexander- he, uhm, he looks an awful lot like me…”
Y/N swallowed her now built up nerves. He wasn't supposed to find out like this, or at all by this point.
“Yeah...about that do you remember that one night where we uhm, where we hooked up?”
Loki continued to stare at Y/N looking for answers, as if he were trying to read her mind.
“Yes of course I do, and right after you left without a word”
“Yeah that night, well-” she started to explain again but was cut off
“Is- is that my child?” he asked, pointing to Alexander at the top of the play equipment, having the time of his life.
Y/N who is now feeling more and more guilt by the second, spoke again.
“Y-yes he is”
“Were you ever going to tell me?”
“I was but-”
“But what Y/N? I have a child and you never told me” Loki’s voice was now rising, some people turned their heads to look at you.
“But you were always away and it got to the point that i didn’t know if you were ever going to come back-alive that is- so i didn’t want to put Alexander through that, not knowing his Father then having hope that he’s going to meet him to find out you had died”
Loki was taken aback by Y/N’s answer, it’s true that there had been times out on missions that he wasn’t sure if he was going to make it back alive or not, but for him to not be in his child’s life for 5 years has blinded his judgement. How dare she run away from him for 5 years and only make very few attempts to tell him about his son, because he wasn’t away for 5 years straight, and what about the 9 months leading up to the birth of his son? He was never away in those 9 months so what was her excuse then?
“Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant when you found out? Why did you wait until you had to bring him with you to tell me?”
“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid”
“Afraid of what? Me?”
“No Loki don’t be stu-”
“Then what? Have I really given you the impression that I would have been mad if you would've told me all those years ago that you were pregnant with my child? Did you not know or see how much I adore children?”
“Given the attitude you’re giving me right now, yes, I feel like I had every right to think you would be mad if I told you, that you got me pregnant”
“Y/N I can assure you I would’ve supported you no matter what, even if it was just a one night stand, I loved you I would have been over the moon”
Y/N opened her mouth as if to say something, but couldn’t find anything to say. He loved her?
“I’m sorry I got angry with you, but you have to understand...I mean, I have a son that I never knew about”
“You loved me?” Y/N said completely ignoring what Loki had said.
“I still love you Y/N, but right now, this conversation can wait because I would really like to meet my son if that’s permitted”
“Of course yes, let me go get him” Y/N smiled before walking over to the play set, picking up the black haired boy and bringing him over to Loki, setting him on the ground.
Y/N kneeled down so she was eye level with her son...their son.
“Alex, this is your dad, see” she said pointing to Loki who was smiling down at the child.
“Hello Alexander” Loki said, as calm as he could so as not to shed any tears (of joy) in front of loads of midgardians, kneeling down like Y/N to get a good look at his son.
“Daddy?” Alexander looks up at Loki with teary eyes, happy to finally meet his father.
Loki nods his head smiling.
“Yes, it’s great to finally meet you, your mother has been telling me great things about you. I expect you are very well behaved?”
“Oh yes, he is very well behaved, but there is the odd occasion where he takes after his father isn’t that right Alex” Y/N chuckles, tickling the boy causing a laugh to come from his small body. Loki smiles at the sight and sound of his son laughing.
“Do you think your dad could have a hug-oof” Loki is cut off mid-sentence by Alexander, almost tackling him in the tightest hug Loki has ever received. Y/N sneakily pulls out her phone camera and snaps a photo of the scene. Loki’s eyes closed with the biggest smile on his face.
“Now Alexander” Loki started as he regretfully began to pull away from the embrace, “I see that you like the slide, would you like to show me how you work it, you see, I never had a slide when I was your age”
Alexander’s eyes grew with excitement, he quickly took Loki by the hand and began dragging him towards the play set.
“The slide is so good, when you go down it, it’s so fast you feel like you’re in the most fastest car ever” Alexander began to ramble on in his child-like manner, describing just how fun he found the slide, it was adorable to say the least.
Y/N watched on as the two played at the play set, happy that their son finally got to meet his father, and she had no doubt that Loki would be the best father possible to Alexander
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helasupremacy · a day ago
More Loki things in my DR
Tumblr media
His contact name in my phone is Krampus
Mf will not stop touching my hair
Watched Bo Burnham's Inside with me (Look whos inside again is their favorite song in it)
Said he would dye his hair to match my white streak
I said I wanna die as a joke and he didn't let me leave his side for 2 weeks 😐 like I was joking (I think)
Everytime he storms out the room he takes me with him (do not know why tho)
Mf is so protective and possessive
Went on a date with girlfriend w/o telling him 40 missed calls and 100 messages
Tony called loki and I "punk rock parental issues" 😐 I already knew that but what a way to put it
He stole my green leather trench coat (he looked good but he won't give it back)
Loki is so fucking scary when he is angry like really angry
He has kidnapped me before ( he gave me back but damn should've just asked me if I wanted to hang out you drama queen)
Still cuddles A LOT will fight someone if someone tries to cuddle me
I broke up with my gf in my dr bc I felt like I was putting her danger by just being seen with her
So he's great emotional support
Not related to loki,but I made Sam Wilson captain america in my dr bc steve was getting on my nerves
(I hate steve so much)
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peter-parker-recs · a day ago
Peter never wanted this. He thought he could hide on Midgard, peacefully, without Thor and Loki and Odin trying to find him. He thought he had finally escaped their reaches, found a place that they wouldn’t think to search.
Well, he was wrong.
This was unlike any fic I’ve read before and I really enjoyed it, I really like the idea of Peter being both Thor and Loki’s brother and also just like a super strong alien because we all know Pete is one of the strongest Avengers and isn’t given enough credit. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes Peter being Thor and Loki’s brother (adopted or otherwise), Peter being super powerful, or Peter doing magic fics. There is a slight TW: For mentioned child abuse in a foster home, it isn’t huge or graphic but it is mentioned a fair bit.
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the-emo-asgardian · a day ago
Ever Since We Met
Chapter 15
Pairing: Loki x reader Series Summary: After making a bet with Odin, Loki finally has a chance to prove he is worthy of being heir to the throne. Under mysterious circumstances, you find yourself stranded on Asgard, left with no option but to team up with Loki and help him win the crown. Now posing as visiting royalty, you must be careful of rumors in court that say you’re not who you claim, all while battling your growing feelings for the raven haired king. But some things are easier said than done because secrets, you’ll soon learn, can be deadly. Chapter Summary: You prepare for your evening in the gardens with Loki. Even if you still don’t know how he feels, your content to just be with him. Chapter Warnings: fluff, and a wee bit of angst A/N: This is it, one of my top 3 favorite chapters. Also you may want to check out this if you want to know some of the symbolism I’m sneaking in. Hope you enjoy! :)
Permanent Tag List: @lucywrites02 @frostedficrecs @lunarmoon8 @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @lowkeyorlokificrecs @gaitwae @whatafuckingdumbass @castiels-majestic-wings @kozkaboi @cozy-the-overlord​ @birdgirl90​ @myraiswack​ @mythicalgarlicknot @what-a-flammable-heart​ @marvelouslovely​ @laurenandloki​ @fallinallinmendes​ @sophlubbwriting​ @mooncat163​ @lokislittlesigyn​ @wolfish-trickster​
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⚜︎ Masterlist | << Prev┇Next >> | Beginning ⚜︎
Tumblr media
After puzzling for a full minute over whether or not Loki had asked you on a date and reaching no conclusion, you finished the walk back to your room. It was all very confusing. He hadn’t said it was a date. But it’s not like he said it wasn’t a date either. Did supposedly evil alien kings even date? You couldn’t exactly ask him outright, though. Maybe you’d just try to play it cool and go with the flow.
What about that kiss, though? That was new, him kissing your cheek. There wasn’t anything inherently romantic about that, right? Like maybe it was an Asgardian form endearment. There were cultures on Midgard that had aspects like that. Asta and Sidra would probably know, but you were a little hesitant to ask. After all, you’d have to give away a bit about your time with Loki, and you liked those moments to live undisturbed in your mind. You’d tuck them away like something precious and pull them back out when you needed a little pick-me-up.
Speaking of your friends, they were walking into your room mere seconds after you got back yourself. You’d given them a key, by now trusting them more than enough to grant them permission to access your quarters at any time. And, if you really needed to hide from the world again, they didn’t have the key to your bedroom, so you could lock yourself in there.
“Good afternoon,” Sidra greeted, brandishing a pack of cards. “Today is the day you win for certain.”
“Thanks, but can I get a rain check?” you asked, trying to keep your bubbling excitement under control. “Loki asked me to join him for a walk in the gardens, and I want to look my best.”
“Absolutely,” Asta clapped. “How exciting. Come sister, let us draw the bath.”
As they headed to the bathroom, you were left standing with Ro, who had slunk in behind them, yet to make a sound. They looked a bit sad, and you were furious, thinking someone may have done something to upset them. Protectively, you set your hands on their shoulders, and they finally looked up from the ground to you.
“You ok?” you calmly asked. Ro just shrugged. “Did something happen? You can talk to me if you need to.”
“It’s just... I stopped by and you weren’t here. There was something I wanted to tell you,” they mumbled, dropping their gaze again.
“I’m so sorry I wasn’t here, Ro,” you said. “I am now though, and I’m all ears.”
They shuffled their feet. “I decided that, if you would let me, I want to go to Midgard with you.”
Your heart, already soaring from thoughts of an evening with Loki, now nearly burst with joy. Of course you’d planning on asking Ro, asking all your friends, to join you. Had hoped they’d agree. But there was something about hearing Rowan ask to come without you even having to invite them that made you so happy. Your sibling instincts took over, and you crushed them in a hug.
“Ro, I would love to have you come with me,” you told them. “And if you’re alright with it, we can ask the others too. We’ll be like a little family; it’ll be perfect.”
They hesitated a moment before hugging you back. When you pulled back from each other, there was a sad sort of question behind their eyes. You gave them a quizzical look, and they sighed before speaking.
“What if Loki doesn’t come?” Ro asked. “Would you stay if he asked you to? I don’t want to get attached if I’m just going to lose you.”
Your heart came crashing down from its high, fracturing in your chest. It was a good question; would you? It was obviously no secret how much you cared for him, but could you leave behind your old life and stay here forever? It was a silly question because you were sure he’d never ask you to do that, wouldn’t wish you to. And though you did want to, you wouldn’t ask that of him either, to leave Asgard and go home with you. It made you realize that, whatever he meant for tonight to be, you’d probably have to let him go in the end.
“I don’t know,” you honestly replied. “But I’ll always be there for you, I promise.”
Before they could reply, Asta and Sidra were walking back out into the room, quickly whisking you away to get in the tub. The water was warm and inviting, covering your body and tempting you to stay forever. To forget your troubles and soak until all tension was gone. Alas, you couldn’t. Not unless you wanted to miss your night with Loki.
Curiosity made you cave and tell Asta and Sidra about how Loki had invited you, hoping they might have some bright ideas as to whether or not this was a date. Though, you did withhold some of your favorite details. Sadly, they weren’t able to figure it out any more than you could, so Loki’s true intentions were still a mystery. Maybe, if you were lucky, he’d confess his feelings with a kiss that night.
Still confused, you finished getting ready. Your maids chose your most beautiful outfit, one in a shade of green, and helped you decide on accessories. They also dabbed some perfumed oil at the base of your throat, behind your ears, and the inside of your wrists. It made you flustered, thinking of Loki’s lips in those spots.  
All aflutter, you said goodbye after they finished up, giving Rowan an extra long hug before you let them leave. Your friends all wished you luck as they walked out the door. Once alone in your room, you paced nervously. With only a few minutes left before Loki was set to arrive, you decided you had to make yourself as alluring as possible. Running to your bedroom to grab a book (Loki had ended up lending you a few others), you dramatically draped yourself across the chaise in your drawing room, adjusting your garments just so, knowing you’d be the first thing he saw after opening the door.
Just as you finished positioning yourself, there was a tapping sound at your door, Loki seeking your permission to enter. You did your best to ease your heart, beating in unparalleled anticipation.
“It’s open,” you called. You opened the book, eyes moving over the words, though you weren’t really absorbing any of them. “Come in.”
“Good evening, my little mortal,” he said as he walked through the doorway. “Are you rea-”
You watched as he cut out mid-sentence, stopping in his tracks, mouth hanging open slightly. All too quickly, that look of jaw-dropping astonishment turned into a smirk. You tried to see yourself through his eyes, how this must have looked; just a measly mortal desperately crying for attention. The realization made you sit up, closing your book and casting your eyes down toward your lap.
“It’s too much, isn’t it?” you worried aloud.
“No, my mortal, it is not,” he said, rushing to you. He genuflected before you and took your hands in his. “You look beautiful. Like a god. Or, well, as much as a mortal can,” he added in a mumble, averting his gaze and trying to calm the flush in his cheeks.
You knew he didn’t really mean that last part, that he was just afraid of being too vulnerable, too close. You pulled one of your hands from his and used it to lift his chin so he’d look at you. His eyes were enchanting you, begging you to get lost in their depths.
“Absolutely gorgeous,” he whispered, too scared of disturbing the stillness of the moment by being any louder than that.
“Thank you,” you breathed, matching the softness of his tone. “May I ask why the smirk then?”
“Must I say?”
“No, you don’t have to. But please do?”
“Well,” he chuckled in a way more nervous than you were accustomed to. “Because I have you all to myself.”
Your heart skipped a beat, wondering if any of this jealousy had something to do with Fandral. It still didn’t mean anything other than he enjoyed your company, though. Honestly, you weren’t sure what to say, so you said nothing at all.
For the first time, you cupped his cheek instead of the other way around. He immediately leaned into your touch, his hand coming to cover your own. Together, you stood, so many unsaid confessions filling the air, though you couldn’t sort through which were yours and which were his.
“Shall we?” he asked, letting go.
You observed him, still imagining the feel of his soft skin beneath your palm. “We shall.”
Without being caught, you were able to sneak into the gardens. In the fading light of day, you’d been strolling through the countless fragrant, beautiful plants. Loki explained to you what they were called and where they were from. You were very excited when you reached a section of carnations in all different colors and were able to identify them. Loki smiled and went to grab one for you. His hand hovered over a pink one for a moment, then a light red before deciding on the deepest shade of red, cutting the stem with his magic. He tucked the flower behind your ear, skin brushing yours when he pulled his hand back.
You continued walking side by side, sometimes chatting, sometimes just enjoying each other’s company. Soon, the sun set, and you were left under the light of the stars and two moons, something that you still hadn’t quite gotten used to though you’d known since you first arrived. At some point along the way, Loki told you to close your eyes. You followed his instructions, and he took your hand, leading you down the cobblestone path. Bringing you to a stop, he stood behind you, running his hands slowly up and down your arms. In your ear he whispered for you to open your eyes.
You gasped a little when you saw the picnic he’d laid out under a tree eerily similar to a cherry blossom one, petals falling around the blanket. There were some candles, too, enough to illuminate the immediate area with their soft light, presumably so you could see as you ate whatever he may have packed in the basket.
“Do you like it?” he asked, a hint of nervousness in his voice.
“Loki, it’s perfect. I love it,” you smiled.
“Yes, well,” he blushed almost as deeply as the flower he’d gifted you, “I did have you skip dinner.”
Dining in the light of the moon, you forgot all your woes. Loki had brought some new fruits for you to try, holding them to your lips as you took a bite. He wiped the juices away before they could dribble down your chin and stain your clothes. The way he stared at your lips as you licked them the rest of the way clean set your pulse racing.
Once finished with the meal, the two of you laid down on the blanket, so close that your arms were pressed together. You considered reaching for his hand, but didn’t want to make things weird. So, you contented yourself to just lay as close as you were. Using his seiðr, Loki extinguished the candles so you could better stargaze. Looking at the sky, you saw a shooting star streak past.
“Make a wish,” you said under your breath, but Loki heard anyway.
“Why would we do that?” he puzzled.
“Oh. It’s a thing on Midgard that when you see a shooting star, you make a wish,” you explained. “I’m sorry, it’s probably dumb.”
“Quite the opposite, I think it’s rather adorable. Let us do it.”
You watched as he closed his eyes to make his wish. You tried to think of something too, knew you should be wishing to get back home soon. But couldn’t this be home? Wasn’t it kind of already? Not Asgard so much as Loki. He felt like home. You shivered at the realization, finding the answer to Rowan’s question from earlier; even if he didn’t ask you to stay, you didn’t think you could leave him. By the time he opened his eyes, you still had no clue what to ask the universe for.
“So,” he said, looking at the sky once more, “what did you wish for, my mortal?”
“I can’t tell you,” you covered up the fact you couldn’t think of anything. “Then it won’t come true.”
“Ah, I see. You mortals and your superstitions. Well, will you tell me if it does come true?” Loki inquired, finally turning to look at you.
“As long as you do the same.”
“It seems we have another deal then, my little mortal,” he charmingly grinned.
“So we do,” you chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder.
There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes, just enjoying the quiet night. Though it was nice, you wanted to talk to him too. Only problem was you were fairly certain that if you opened your mouth, you were going to blurt out how you truly felt about him.
“You know, this is probably quite scandalous, all things considered. Us, two proper royals, stealing away to spend an evening together,” he joked. “And completely unchaperoned too!”
“Oh no!” you played along. “Whatever will I do if my father, king of Þrjóskurheim, finds out?”
“Why, I might be challenged to a duel! I would have to accept to protect my honor,” he continued to overdramatically act, sending you into a fit of giggles. “No, he must never find out. I cannot bear to think what would happen.”
“We would be torn away forever,” you fake lamented, but Loki’s face dropped a bit, his resplendent smile giving way to a frown.
“Yes, I suppose we will,” he mused, his joking tone suddenly turning into something much more serious. “We really should be getting back to the palace now, though. It truly would not do for someone to find us out here. The rumors would be atrocious.”
“Oh. Yeah. Right.”
He helped you into a standing position, hands lingering for just a minute at your waist as he steadied you. You were standing so close that you knew all you had to was lean forward a little, and you’d be kissing. But you took a step back before you could pursue that train of thought, give in to your desire. You really ought to do something to get the notion out of your brain.
As you walked back toward the palace, though the shooting star was long gone, you finally made your wish. All you wanted was for Loki to be happy. And if you were going to be one hundred percent, completely, and totally honest, you knew there was another part to that wish. You wanted him to be happy with you.
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thesecretwriter · a day ago
I was trying to shift but OH MY GOD I HAVE AN IDEA AND I JUST HAD TO STOP AND ASK! What about a roller skating date with loki? You go and buy them together and go to a nice place but to your surprise he is amazing at roller skating even tho he's never tried it before and he ends up being the one helping you instead of the other way around. Maybe by the time you're done its sunset so you grab something to drink and enjoy the view 😭
-All the love, el
Roller skate dates
Disclaimer: I write content that is for an 18+ audience. Should you be younger than this, please do not interact with this blog as there is adult content apart of it.
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Warning: absolutely nothing - enjoy the fluff
Side note: I LOVE this request, it's so cute.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Okay, I know you don’t like the idea of this, but I haven’t been roller skating for a long time.” You said to Loki as you sat in a bench and started to put the roller skates on.
“This is a bit ridiculous, wheels on shoes? Its not normal.” He said sitting down next to you. All you did was roll you eyes in response and continued to put on your roller skates.
After a moment of struggling, Loki looks to you – with his skates still on. “Do you need help?” He asked chuckled as he see’s you struggling.
“If it wasn’t obvious enough.” You laughed and sat back so that he could help you.
He effortlessly put it on and looked to you with a smug look. “How long has it been since you last roller skated?” He said waking up and balancing on his own skates.
“I was 9 years old, but it was fun and I wanna live my childhood again.” You stuck your tongue out and put your hand in his as he offered help for you to wake up.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” He said and put his hand on your waist as he tried to make sure you didn’t misbalance.
“C’mon let’s try and get the basics done.” He laughed as you grabbed his hands.
“How do you even know what the basics are?” You ask rhetorically.
For 5 minutes you were trying your best to skate without misbalancing and falling.
“Loki?...” You call out loud not seeing him around since your eyes were mainly on thr ground making sure you didn’t trip over anything.
“Babe?...” You call out again looking around the pier where you both decided to skate. Loki was effortlessly skating his way through the cleared area.
“What’s wrong?” He asked roller skating towards you.
“How can you… you said you never roller skated before.” You said with furrowed brows.
“Its easy, just find your balance start from there.” He said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Easy you say? I’m trying not to… whoa.” And there you were… on the ground.
The only thing you can hear is Loki’s laughter. You stayed on the ground watching him with a scowl.
“Do you need help waking up?” He asked sarcastically.
“No, I think I’m just going to stay down here… of course I need help.” You said annoyed, to which Loki laughed even more.
“Up you go.” He said putting his hands under your arms and hoisting you up.
“Thank you.” You said gratefully and held Loki’s hand for balance.
For the rest of the afternoon, you and Loki laughed and skated around the pier. There was barely anyone there, so it was nice with it being the two of you. It also saved you the embarrassment of not having anyone see you badly roller skate.
Although once you got the hang of it, you and Loki were in each others arms.
“Lets go see the sunset, then we can grab something to eat and go home?” Loki asked, to which you nodded and skated with him to a bench that had a nice view of the sun above the horizon.
“Today was fun, besides me falling down.” You laughed and rested you head on Loki’s shoulder.
“It was a good day; we should do it again. Once you can assure yourself of not falling, but I have no problem helping you.” He put his arms around your shoulders and pulled you closer to him.
You’re both silent for a moment, just watching the sunset and enjoying a free day before your responsibilities would come back again.
“I like days like this, where we can have a sense of normality.” You whisper and glance up at him.
“I like it too; I get to spend more time with you.” He whispered back and closed his eyes for a moment.
“I love you.” In that moment he looked so peaceful and stress free. He had lived a hard life before you and he deserved every bit of love that came to him, and you were going to remind him of how loved and wanted he is. No matter what.
“I love you.” He opened his eyes and smiled at you, he placed a kiss on your forehead and in that moment you knew this would be your forever, he would be your forever.
Tumblr media
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clandestineloki · a day ago
Hi! Could you please do Loki headcanons with a reader who’s shy and inexperienced in relationships?
loving should be hard, he tells himself
but how can it be, when there's so much to adore about you?
the way you've got everybody's back without question
your genuine laugh at something he thinks was only a sliver of humorous
your smile that lights up everything.
to him you’ve replaced sunshine and starlight
and, of course, he’ll show it to u with no hesitation
“shawarma. that’s how it’s pronounced, isn’t it?”
“no! that’s the taco thing tony eats all the time. repeat after me.” it’s adorable how you puff your chest out and slowly say the word-
“marmalade,” loki grins.
“oh god, no!” you giggle, hiding your face in your hands. “sha- la- may.” you emphasize each syllable.
“timonthy charmander.”
“that’s the pokemon!” you laugh, shaking your head. he smirks, tilting your chin up with a single finger.
“your laugh is the heavenliest sound in the nine realms.”
your cheeks burn up as you try to turn away, but he doesn’t let you. he leans in slowly, smirking as your breath quickens as his lips near yours...
“timothee chalamet.”
he watches in amusement as you’re whipped out of his trance.
“you... said it right,” you shyly smile.
“yes, i did, darling.” the grin on his face widens as he pulls you onto his lap, making you squeak out a jumble of words in embarrassment.
“can i have my reward, now?”
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rorybutnotgilmore · a day ago
i have created a questionnaire so that i can write content that everyone enjoys!! hopefully
it’s very short, so i’d appreciate if you took it so that i can have inspiration to write something as soon as i’m out of school!!
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hiraethmaximoff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: fluff
A/N: English isn't my first language sorry If I made any mistake
"I don't think it's a good idea to fall in love with the variant, y / n" you jumped in shock when Mobius spoke next to you, you were so distracted that you didn't even see him coming.
You looked away from Loki, who was lying asleep on your office table.
"I'm not falling in love Mobius" you replied in a whisper, taking care of Loki's dream
Mobius placed his hands on his jacket as he looked at you with a mocking smile "that's not what Miss Minutes says, she told me that you and Loki spend a lot of time together" you opened wide your eyes, now your attention was on Mobius
"Miss minutes didn't say that"
"Oh of course she said so" he laughed "Y / n .. just take care of your heart, Loki is not to be trusted" he advised you giving you a pat on the shoulder. Having said that he left you again.
You sighed looking at Loki again, who to your surprise he was already awake. You was worried that he had heard something but when he smiled at you, you knew that he hadn't heard anything
"I'll go get some coffee, do you want me to get you a snack?" you smiled at the attention provided by him
"I'd love it" you answered, Loki nodded and before leaving the office he turned on his ankles while looked at you
"You don't have to take care of your heart from my darling" he told you with a smile before winking at you.
Oh damn it, Miss Minutes was right.
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spilledkauffie · 2 days ago
Pairing: Loki x FemaleTVAWorker!Reader Word Count: 1.2k T/W: cuteness continues  A/N: showing Loki the TVA // Mobius flirttting??
Ch.1 | Ch.2 |
Tumblr media
Stepping out of the film room, Mobius and Loki in front of you, you furrowed your brows. With a quick extension of your arm you pressed it to Mobius’ chest, holding him back just in time to dodge a troop with active charges in their hands. You both held your breath as they passed, it was never good to interact with a charge. Loki however, just looked down to you. Your other hand grasped his wrist, just in case he decided to move, however when he didn’t, you failed to let go of his wrist. 
Exhaling, you straightened up, Mobius looked over her shoulder, “thanks,” he smirked at Loki, “that’s why we keep her around.” 
As he walked away, Loki looked back to you, then your hand on his wrist. You followed his gaze quickly, yet composed, let go of him, meeting his eyes, “couldn’t be too careful,” you smiled, “especially with the god of mischief.” 
Loki didn’t appreciate the eyebrow raise and head bobble accompanying your playful tone, but he did like hearing you call him that a bit more than he liked to admit upon having just met you. You shot him a smile and ducked your head, turning to catch up with Mobius.
“So, what?” Loki lifted his hands, striding beside you with an ever confident air no matter how false it might be in the given moment, “you can see the future?” he shrugged, you smiled amusedly, “you’re a witch?” 
“Wow,” you said dramatically through your smile, “accusations are flying— watch out.”
“For-” Loki began, before his knee jammed directly into Casey’s cart coming out of the elevator you were passing together. 
Loki frustrated, Casey insulted… again, and yourself still amused, the scene was the set up for a hilarious drama. 
“How dare you-” was Loki’s first choice of words, still feeling like he warranted some respect around the TVA.
“Okay, you know what,” was Casey’s intro, followed by a wonderful speech, “I just got this cart, do you know what happened to my last cart?”
Loki opened his mouth, but no words were allowed between Casey’s.
“It was evaporated!” Casey leaned into his cart, “did you hear that, evaporated! All I ask is that people put a little more care into watching where they’re going. Think of it as an extinction of me, and don’t hit me, it’s not hard.”
“I tried to warn him,” you called back over your shoulder, as you had continued walking, unsurprised at the event unfolding. 
With a sigh of relief, Casey relaxed his shoulders, “thank you,” he said, speaking obviously to you, as he shot a flare back to Loki, “at least some people care.”
You repressed a laugh tickling your throat, but instead you cleared it and gave a nod to Loki for him to follow you. He sophisticatedly jogged to meet you. 
He stared at you intensely, “how did you-“
“Newsflash,” you chirped, bobbling your head with a charming smile, before settling down again, “that’s how they come across in my mind, brief flashes of what’s immediately to come like a little-“
“Newsflash,” Loki finished your sentence quietly, still taking it and you all in; you looked up at him with an expression that said ‘now you’re getting it,’ clearing his throat now, he looked straight ahead feeling a heat rise, “I got it.”
Mobius called the two of you to hurry up as he held the elevator door open and you obeyed without question, stepping to the back of the elevator, allowing Mobius to break down some things about the TVA to Loki. It was a beautiful journey up, the TVA aglow with busy little worker bees, hustling and bustling about. Images of Miss Minute flashed here and there on different levels and on screens, you’d never taken to her quite like some of the others, but she was amusing at the very least. 
“Oh here,” Mobius said, handing Loki a shrink wrapped package. 
“What is this?” He questioned.
“A wardrobe change,” Mobius nodded, “figured you’d want one since you’re not really a prisoner, well maybe, I don’t know yet.”
Loki unwrapped it carefully, examining each piece, “this is hideous, I’d never be seen in this.” 
“Finicky isn’t he,” you leaned forward whispered to Mobius, knowing full well that Loki could still hear you, in fact he was now staring straight at you, aware of your comment. 
“You should’ve seen him with the bot,” Mobius chuckled, “he tried to put up a fight.”
Loki’s jaw dropped, mildly upset that anyone knew about that or worse had seen it. 
Chuckling, you perked an eyebrow, “I’ll have to check that tape later,” you winked at Loki whilst he drew back, jaw closing, in fact tightening with a hard swallow at the thought of you seeing him completely—
“Fine, I will put it on at the next stop,” he agreed. 
With a silvery ding, the elevator doors clanked and bumped opened slowly. The scene in front of your trio was a labyrinth of cubicles and desks, a smidge more professional than the last desk area Loki was introduced to. After a quick stop to let Loki get out of the jumpsuit, Mobius made a direct line to the oak doors at the end of the room, and Loki followed, adjusting his tie. You looked him over, it suited him well, you thought. 
“You get to wait here,” you stopped, pointing to a desk. 
“What- is this your desk?” Loki had a smirk that could almost make you blush. 
“No,” you spoke softly, lowered your head, “don’t rummage though, a desk is a personal thing.”
He chuckled, sitting down taking a quick skim over the top of the desk, he observed a few personalisation, note pads with handwriting, and for a moment he wondered what yours looked like, how did your thoughts look materialised on paper, what were the movements of your mind. 
“Can I see your desk?” He looked up at you with the purest puppy eyes. 
You smiled the softest smile you smiled at him yet, tapping him on the head with a file that just so happened to be his own, before walking away to follow Mobius. As you weaved through the maze of desks, you gave one last glance back to Loki. Finding him leaning as far back as the chair would permit to follow you with his eyes, you snapped forward, hiding your smile from him successfully. 
“You like him, huh?” Mobius asked once you were alone in the elevator.
“I’m still not sure about it,” you winced, quirking your lips, looking over to him.
“But it’s entertaining to see someone who can challenge your wit for once,” he complimented with a friendly smile. 
“Mine?” you pointed to yourself, “more like yours.” 
You both chuckled, “no, no,” he sighed, “that’s what I have you for.” 
You felt a blush, but looked down, and he looked away respectfully, whilst you composed yourself. 
“I’m not sure that they’ll actually accept this idea though, Mobius,” your tone was serious.
“I don’t know,” he shrugged, “they accepted you.” 
“Because they needed to,” you shook your head, “you know that’s the only reason I wasn’t reset. Something happened to me, even though I don’t know what- you were there, why won’t you tell me?”
Mobius was quiet, he was contemplating his next words wisely. You patiently awaited, accustomed to his ways. The elevator stopped, the bell rang, and doors opened.
“It’s never been the right time,” Mobius left you in the elevator.
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lokiedokiee-fanfic · 2 days ago
“Sleep” (Loki x reader)
Prompt from @KeiraRobertson7 : Waking up with Loki next to us just cause I hardly ever see these and I love them.
A/N: don't bother squinting there's no plot. this is just 600 words of shameless fluff inspired by sleepy loki in episode two because those five seconds absolutely knocked me out he's SO PRECIOUS- i am not fine. i've put this the morning after loki was away on a mission with SHIELD for like a month in MTB, sooo enjoy<3
He’s still sleeping when you wake up.
It’s so unusual for you to be awake before Loki; he hardly ever sleeps in the first place. Only when he’s exhausted, which he clearly was when he got back to the Tower yesterday. He’d been gone for almost a month on this latest SHIELD mission, the longest he’d ever been gone for, and you’d hated every second of it.
You’d been so sure that something had gone wrong, or that Fury had changed his mind about having Loki work for SHIELD and had him sent back to Asgard, so when he’d arrived back yesterday the sheer relief you’d felt had been almost painful to experience.
“He’s back, Y/N. He’s back.” Thor had come bursting into your room, relief exuding from him. You were already half way to the door, having felt Loki’s presence already. You weren’t going to believe he was okay until you saw him.
He had been stood in the hallway outside, looking absolutely shattered, but safe and in one piece. You’d gone practically light headed with relief and moved towards him wordlessly as he opened his arms to you.
I’m okay.
There had been no time to talk; his fatigue had started affecting you as well after a few minutes, and so you collapsed into bed along with him and fell asleep almost immediately, still holding on to him.
You must have turned over at one point in the night, because you’re facing awake from him when you wake. You know he’s still sleeping before you even turn on to your other side, his slow, deep breaths giving him away.  
He’s lying on his back, his face turned slightly towards you, dark hair splayed out across the pillow. One arm is bent, his hand is behind his head, while his other arm is spread across the gap between you, his fingers brushing your arm as you turn.
The light in the room is dim; the sun is yet to properly rise. A strip of orange-y yellow light which has ventured its way through the blinds sits across the left side of Loki’s face.
Relief resurfaces in your chest as you look at him, fighting for dominance with the overwhelming amount of love you have for the man lying next to you. In the end the two emotions merge and physically materialise as tears in your eyes, which you quickly blink away.
Instead of getting upset you scoot closer to him, being careful not to squash his arm as you do. Loki shifts as you move closer to him, pressing yourself against his side. His arm, the one which had been reaching for you, moves to hold you against him. You can’t help but smile.
Good morning.
His hand moves from your back, up to your shoulder and then to the nape of your neck. You close your eyes in contentment as he runs his fingers through your hair, humming happily.
I missed this. Waking up next to you.
You trace one of his scars on his chest gently with your index finger, listening to him sigh.
I was so worried.
I know. I’m sorry.
It’s not your fault.
Fury could call again at any moment and say that they need him back. You hate it.
How was it?
His voice, low and croaky with sleep, sends a thrill through you. He’s still tired, you can feel it.
“Go back to sleep.” you whisper.
“No, I should get up. The paperwork-”
He tries to move and sit up but you hold him down, hooking a leg and an arm across him. He gives up easily, a huff of air escaping him as he laughs at you.
Do it later.
Yes ma’am.
His eyes are still closed, but he’s smiling.
“Sleep.” you whisper again, finding his hand and slipping your fingers in between his.
“Thank you.” he murmurs back, squeezing your hand gently.
He’s asleep again in minutes, but this time his fingers are laced through yours. It doesn’t take you long to fall back asleep with him lying next to you.
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Loki Fic
A Change of Purpose - Loki x fem! Reader; Being an agent for the TVA, you’ve met a lot of different people. However, you’ve never met anyone quite like Loki. What happens when you’re forced to pair up with him and he leads you down a path that could have dire consequences for you?  
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A Change of Purpose Series Masterlist
Pairing: Loki x fem! Reader
Summary: Being an agent for the TVA, you’ve met a lot of different people. However, you’ve never met anyone quite like Loki. What happens when you’re forced to pair up with him and he leads you down a path that could have dire consequences for you?
Series Warnings: CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR LOKI, angst/fluff, violence, weapons, cursing, slow-burn, will contain smut
A/N: I’ll be updating this series as each new episode of Loki comes out. It’ll revolve mostly around the show, but of course, I’ll include my own touches. If you’d like to be tagged in this series, please let me know! :)
Tumblr media
Part 1
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