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sanbanwoman · an hour ago
So let me get this straight, Marvel is telling me that Thanos sacrificed Gamora, the 5 year blip and Tony and Natasha's death...all of that was for stones - infinity stones - that were lying as a paper weight in Casey's mutherfckin desk.
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nezukomimi · 2 hours ago
Say The Word - Loki Lafeyson x Reader
Summary: You've known Loki long enough to know that his favors always come with a price, so him offering to read you to sleep isn't how you thought this night would go
A/N: My inner Loki fangirl has been awoken by having no inspiration to write for my anime mens
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Most nights you slept relatively fine.
Given the odd ones that kept you awake till the crack of dawn, you slept comfortably, having no trouble going to sleep.
Though tonight proved to be yet another odd one and nothing you did helped your case.
You tried warm goats milk, Eir's insomnia antidotes, and yet your eyes always snapped open the moment you tried to close them.
Loki slept comfortably by your side, and on most occasions, his soft snores eased you, but tonight that wasn't the case.
You sat upright in your bed, looking around the room for something to do as it seemed that you weren't going to be sleeping tonight.
Crawling as quietly as you could out from the blanket, you tiptoed to Loki's book stash, picking any random one you could find and brought it back, opening its cover and staring at the page,
Only to find it written in Midgardian and you didn't understand any of it.
You almost threw it across the room in frustration, but a warm hand wrapped around your wrist.
You jumped in surprise, turning to see Loki rubbing his eyes, looking at you with raised eyebrows.
"I wasn't aware you understood English?" You scoffed, placing it down by your side, shaking your head.
"I don't," You pointed at his bookshelves, "I just picked a random one."
"And you happened to pick one of the only ones in a foreign language?" Even early in the morning, he found time to tease you.
"Yes, apparently." You watched from the corner of your eyes as he sat up a bit more straight, picking the book up gingerly as he read the title.
"Want me to read you some of it?"
"Why?" He shrugged, pulling on your hand until you unwillingly collapsed onto his side.
"You seem to be having trouble sleeping, let's see what I can do." You chuckled a little, not believing anything that was coming out of his mouth.
"And what? Curse me in the process? Go to sleep, I'll figure this out myself." But he was already reading out the words on the pages softly, shutting you up.
"Shakespear?" He said to himself, a small bit of amusement laced with his voice as looked through the pages, but he read nonetheless.
"Orpheus with his lute made trees," He stopped, letting out a dramatic sigh.
"You don't like it?"
"No, I don't like Orpheus. He was a bitter soul." You smiled despite having no idea what he was talking about, just cozying up to him a bit more as he continued on.
"And the mountain tops that freeze bows themselves when he did sing;" You understood what Loki meant now, his voice was too gentle and welcoming, your eyes immediately starting to droop.
"To his music plants and flowers. Ever sprung; as sun and showers, there had made a lasting spring." His heartbeat was its own sonnet as it lulled you to deep sleep.
"Everything that heard him play, Even the billows of the sea, hung their heads and then laid by," Gods, you had no idea how this man did it, but in a matter of minutes, you were feeling more tired than you had in a multitude of years.
"In music is such art, killing care and grief of heart. Fall asleep," Your soundless snores were carried throughout the room, "Or hearing, die."
Loki nudged you with his elbow only to see you slumbering away and he chuckled to himself, placing the book on his stand as he pulled the blanket up to your chest.
"Just sleep and hear, don't die," He muttered as he drifted away, holding close to him, hoping that in dreams you two would see each other as well.
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nezukomimi · 3 hours ago
Can i get a jealous Loki x Reader? I love your blog 💚.
A/N: Jealous Loki ? Yes please ?
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Loki Being Jealous (And Butthurt) Headcanons
First of all, to make it clear, it takes a lot to make this man jealous
He's full of himself and a diva so saying that he's jealous says a lot
But yet again he has his own insecurities and seeing you talk with someone that fills all of his cracks in a way hurts
For example, if you were talking to one of Asgards diplomats during a ball, Loki would watch carefully, seeing how the man next to you had an easy smile on his face, his posture was relaxed, his storytelling animated through his hand motions
He noted that he himself wasn't any of those things; his smile was most of the time forced if not mocking, he was always sitting up upright (thanks to his many etiquette lessons), and his stories were nowhere near appropriate to that being told at a dinner
He also watched how you seemed to be so much more open around the man, your laughter carefree, your eyes crinkling around the edges
Loki felt as though his heart was shriveling up, and no amount of lying could get it back to normal
So he swiftly swooped in, and arm lazily around your shoulder, honing a drink in his hand
"You're the one who my mother called the twat," There was a far-off look in Loki's eyes, and then he looked back at him, "Right?"
Loki knew well of this man, his scheming ways not at all what Loki was used to but he'd give him credit, he was quite the scoundrel
He watched gleefully as the man sputtered for words before he gave up, giving a curt bow to the prince as he almost ran away from the scene
You looked up at Loki, swatting his shoulders as he giggled
"Now, what was the for?" He shrugged, taking a leisurely sip of his drink
He didn't answer but with the small unrest in his forehead to the tight way he was holding you next to him, you started to get an idea
"Don't tell me that the Loki is jealous?" You got no reply except for a light blush coating his cheeks, and you knew damn well it had nothing to do with the alcohol
"Not jealous," he muttered behind his cup, "A tad bit annoyed." You snorted at his behavior, giving him a small kiss on his cheek
"Don't worry," You rested your head on his shoulders, "You're the only crook I'm after." It took him a moment to figure out what you said
Instead of giving you another snarky remark he just pulled you into his chest, not caring what his mother and father would say of the improper gesture
"I better be," He murmured as he kissed your head, praying to any of the other gods that he wasn't living in a foolish daydream
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jatp-rules-my-life · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"To be what? King?"
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shadowtoons-arinanon · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
“How can anyone be in love with this buffoon?” — Loki who is very annoyed
// There was another one, a Ringmaster design outfit for Loo Loo Land. (Don’t have an idea how he’ll react toward Fizz, but will think of it.) it’s still under designing-
Don’t get me wrong as well, Loki is impress of Striker, but same time Loki doesn’t have that crush interest like others do. Lol //
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moonbaby26 · 16 hours ago
Captain!Loki gives his regards.
oN mY WaY doWn tO cooRdiNate sEarCh aNd ReScue!
Tumblr media
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moonbaby26 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Title: A Party and a Spy
Pairing: Loki x Goddess!Reader
Summary: Story set nearer the Viking Age. You were a Greek sea goddess who crossed paths with the god of mischief. Continuation of previous chapter. Loki is forced to return to Asgard to unwillingly participate in the festivities honoring Odin and Thor’s victories in Alfheim. He ends up drunk and in a piss poor mood that he then wants you to help relieve. Your secret meetings also finally attract an unwanted visitor. Super brief cameos here by Sif, the warriors three, and Thor, as well as Heimdall again.
Warnings: Semi smut possibly, but no real sex this chapter. Sorry to tease, will be some next chapter. Here is just mentions of arousal, grinding through clothing. Mention of masturbation. Also some animal abuse, but a magical animal who will be fine I guess. The princes are just jerks like that.
Chapters: Previous Chapter Here
Taglist: @rosaline-black , @lawfeys , @loveableasshole , @insanitybyanothername , @just-wordsandthoughts , @cringingmemeries
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You still felt warm, your head just poking out from under the blanket as you stretched a little. Your hand ran out across the mattress after a moment though, contacting nothing to your surprise as you then opened your eyes.
As you quickly sat up, the look on your face must have said far too much as you heard a chuckle from nearby.
“No, goddess, I haven’t left just yet. My, you are expressive though.”
As you turned your head towards the voice, you saw Loki now sitting in one of the two chairs at the small table opposite your side of the bed.
He was still dressed only in a pair of pants you also quickly noted, yourself still so unused to seeing this much of him as your eyes lingered on the lean muscle and pale skin.
“What?” He asked, not missing that stare either, though the sly look in his eyes told you he knew damned well what you were now distracted with. He just wanted you to say it.
“Asgardians really do wear too many clothes, if you are any proper example anyway.” You replied simply though. Why hide so much all the time?
He raised an eyebrow, but was smirking as he taunted a little further. “Oh I can assure you, there is no one in Asgard like me. And you’d prefer this not be reserved just for you then?”
You tried not to look caught off guard. Even if he were only teasing, the implication that he’d still be keeping this type of intimacy for you alone was something that made your stomach flutter slightly.
“Come here.” He said next though, snapping you back to attention, though you still hesitated. Was that a command or a request?
He only rolled his eyes after a moment though. “Oh, don’t waste time trying to be proud now. I do have to leave shortly, it will already be late morning in Asgard by now.” He extended a hand to you. “So come, sit with me.”
You eventually acquiesced, standing from the bed then, though intending just to walk to the other chair. Yet the very moment you were close enough, he only grabbed you by the arm, pulling you down to sit on his lap instead.
He was surprisingly fast and strong when he wished to be, his arms already around your waist as well before you could think to try and stand again.
“There. That wasn’t so hard was it?” He spoke lowly against your ear as you shifted.
But to your surprise he didn’t touch you any further, even though one arm did stay around your waist to keep you steady as his other hand just went back to the table.
“I have a job for you.” He added, then moving his hand oddly as a piece of parchment paper and a writing quill appeared abruptly from thin air. “At least I think it may work. I’m sure the majority of these animals are illiterate. I’m hoping at least the clan chief has some shaman or someone of the sort that understands these runes. It’s the only written language I’ve ever seen in this land.”
But even as he started to write on the paper, your mind was still only fixating on what you’d just seen as you asked abruptly. “How did you do that?”
He seemed focused on whatever symbols he was now putting on the page, but he still answered. “How do I do what? They’re just runes.”
“No, how did you conjure the pen and paper?” Controlling the elements, moving objects by will, or casting illusions was one thing. But forming a very unnatural, man made object from essentially nothing was different than the typical kind of magic you were used to.
Loki paused a moment then, like trying to digest what you’d just said before he glanced back up to look you in the eyes.
“The woman can move the seas themselves and is astonished by a piece of paper?” He mocked incredulously.
Your eyebrows lowered. “Listen, I know good and well I’m no sorceress. That’s why I’m asking. How do you create something like that from nothing?”
He shook his head. “Gods, they really just give magic to anyone these days.”
A joke clearly, as everything you had you had been born with, though learning to control it had taken time. And to be honest, was still an ongoing learning process. But you still wanted an answer as you looked at him pointedly.
He sighed under your gaze. “I really don’t have the time for this. But I know you won’t let it go.” He had continued writing though even as he kept talking. “I didn’t make them, goddess. I brought them with me. You are at least correct in that nearly all instances of magic, nothing can be made without taking of something else. I’m sure when you make those little whirlpools of yours for instance, you’re drawing the latent energy from the water. The currents, the temperature differences, what have you. To truly make something from nothing...well, that would be chaos magic. Which, may or may not even exist depending which of the ancient mages’ tomes you most believe in.”
You could tell he did take pride in his studies and the principles behind them clearly. If he wasn’t already concerned about returning to Asgard, you could probably get a whole lecture on this subject right now. But you couldn’t help but point out again, as you just responded. “Yet you still haven’t really answered my question. If you brought them with you, where were they before?” You glanced down at his pants as if to reaffirm your doubt that anything other than himself had been hidden there as they were relatively tight.
Yet he still smirked at your continued insistence. “On the scale of the things I’m capable of, my dear, that’s just a parlor trick. And if you really care so much, I can teach you at some other time.”
At that, he paused writing again though, placing the quill down momentarily as he then moved his hand again for a long dagger to abruptly be held in his palm. “You see? There are far better uses to this trick.” He flipped the knife just as quickly though, letting the blade’s point stab into the table as the dagger then stood on end.
And as it did so he made sure to look to see your reaction, also asking you, “Do you really just depend on your servants to follow you around at all hours with any weapons you may need?”
Yet you just looked from the dagger, then back to him. Surprised surely, but not actually frightened. “And do you have so many enemies as to always need that at the ready?”
“One never really knows do they?” He answered smoothly, just grasping the dagger’s handle again before it disappeared once more.
It didn’t seem like a threat really. But you felt he still wanted you to know a bit more of what he was capable of. You quieted afterward as he went back to writing for a few more moments.
When he was done, you could tell he glanced over the letter briefly, as if proofreading before he rolled the paper tightly and folded it.
He spoke rather business like then, an odd thing honestly as you still sat so intimately on his lap. “If it wasn’t already obvious, I’d like you to carry this to the village leader while I return to Asgard. I don’t have the time to deal with the mortals right now, and besides, they’re your pets.”
“Excuse me? Have you forgotten whose idea this whole ‘protector’ role was to begin with?”
“Oh, I was willing to let the lot of them be wiped out if you’d chosen not to save them. I’d only need to spare whichever the nicest home was from burning as the marauders moved through, and we still would have ended up with a place to meet regardless.”
The sad thing was, you were actually sure he really meant that too. But he just continued.
“Yet you pitied them, and now here we are. And as the beasts held up their end of the bargain, I agree it’s fair at least to give them some recognition for their work. A pat on the head and a ‘good dog’ essentially, that’s what this letter says. So you see, I’m not wholly ungrateful.”
“A thank you letter?” You asked dryly. Relatively sure it likely didn’t read completely as such.
“Well, essentially. But with a reminder on the rules as well.”
“Our privacy must be respected. I’ll put a green flame at the end of the trail nearer the village when we’re present. During the night, this place is also solely ours. If during the day there’s no flame, then they can come up and clean and maintenance this tiny wood hutch like good help should.”
“Your staff at your palace must just adore you.” You mused sarcastically. “The mortals are not our slaves, Loki.”
“It’s really an odd thing how you fancy them.” He retorted, though with an air of someone just humoring another person they already thought irreparably deluded. “But I suppose you have nothing else fulfilling to pass the time when I’m in Asgard. Some people like to paint, others like to craft, you have your pets.”
Arrogant god you thought. As if suddenly you had no other purpose outside of him? Surely he saw that insulted look in your eyes as well, because you could see the entertained mirth in his own before he pulled you closer to kiss you suddenly.
And this one was rough again, briefly reminding you of that night in the cave as you felt his hands move down to your hips. His tongue was already in your mouth before you could even consider pulling away.
From last night when he’d only held you, to now seeming so hungry again, the sides of him could change so quickly you were learning.
His hands didn’t move beneath your dress though, even though you thought his fingers may be grabbing you hard enough to bruise as he twisted you to be fully facing him. Straddling him actually with each of your legs now on either side of him as he rested against the back of the chair.
He kept kissing you, and it wasn’t long before you felt that distinct hardness against you even through his pants. As always though, you wore nothing beneath your dress, a matter of practicality really for as often as you were in the water. Who would want any undergarments constantly rubbing and chaffing where you were most sensitive? You liked sheer and loose material in the dresses you wore, so that it moved easily as you swam and dried quickly when you were on land.
But he knew all this by now of course, as he just ground his hips then, that rough seam of his pants then moving between your legs as he drug it back and forth.
He was intentionally trying to work you up. You sensed the trap, but still found your own hands moving across his bare chest soon enough.
Your newfound lack of willpower was really astounding. Finally though, you pulled your head back to break the kiss and warn him. “If you’re just doing this with no intention to actually follow through...”
“If you wanted it so badly, you could have taken it last night.” He retorted though. “I’ve already stayed too long.”
“Why can’t I want both?” You answered, meaning it as well. It wasn’t just sex, nor was it just being in his company. Neither by itself was enough anymore. Each had its own place.
He looked frustrated himself though as you felt him thrust against you reflexively, that bulge in his pants wasted even as it scraped against where you were now becoming wet. “I’m telling you, Odin is back at the palace now. I have to be calculated in the times I come and go. There is some damned ceremony today, likely starting any moment by now for their victories in Alfheim. If I’m not there, they’re going to come looking for me.”
As much as you knew he liked to bend the truth. It wouldn’t make sense for him to deny himself this right now unless it was actually for good reason.
“Well you’re the one who pulled me into your lap and kissed me.” You relented, though your own body now fully flustered and urging you to return to him even as you stood up and stepped away.
“Well you shouldn’t have slept so late.” He grumbled back. Pulling at his pants in some discomfort as he stood as well.
But you watched as his armor manifested then, horned helmet and all as his magic washed across him. What you guessed would now be his attire for the ceremony he’d spoken of. You assumed that clothing and armor had been in whatever void the pen, paper, and dagger had been.
At least with his illusions he could also conceal his arousal if it hadn’t faded on its own by the time he reached the palace though, you thought with some amusement.
Yet, even as he walked for the door, he taunted to you as if sensing your enjoyment of his current predicament. “You’re welcome to get back in the bed you know. Think of me while you self soothe, goddess.”
So crude. But you just fired back before he could close the door. “And is that what you do at night in Asgard? Think of yourself as well to finish things off?” You were trying to mock his evident self importance of course.
Yet he didn’t even miss a beat at the intended insult. “Why be myself when I can just be you? Then I never have to forget how you feel.”
And just to prove that he could, you stared in disbelief as a perfect likeness of yourself then smiled back at you lewdly, thin dress and all before shutting the door unceremoniously.
Gods. That was just unnatural. And you had to sit down at that, arousal now paused at least as your body’s resulting confusion was almost palpable.
Asgard, not long after
Loki was back to his normal appearance, hurriedly stepping into the small grouping of warriors he’d recognized at once in the rest of the crowd at the palace ceremonial hall.
Sif’s head turned in immediate surprise and annoyance as those golden horns entered her peripheral vision. The irritation was evident even as she tried to keep her voice low with so many others still around them. “And just where have you been!? Thor was looking for you everywhere!”
“I was in the library, did he think to look in the library!?” Loki spat back immediately, knowing that even if his brother had checked there, Thor knew the layout of it so poorly, he could always have claimed to have been in another section.
“Yet why are you breathing so hard, chap? Were you actually running?” Fandral asked as well, also looking Loki over.
“And why pray tell would I have been running?” Loki shot a glare to him next. Could they not mind their own damned business for once?
“Because you were late?” Volstagg offered in that simplistic, yet matter of fact way that was always beyond annoying even on the best day.
“Well I’m here now.” Loki huffed, though not missing the way Hogun was also staring at him critically. “And do you have something to add?” Loki grumbled at him.
But only Sif answered. “Well if you hadn’t been lost in the library,” Her tone made clear how little she believed that excuse, “You’d know that Thor chose you to give the congratulatory speech before-”
“The what?” Loki stared at her, that odd mix of horror and disgust then abruptly clear on his face.
“So what more can I say of Asgard’s favorite son?” Loki’s public speaking voice boomed richly through the great hall, the throng of happy faces sickening as he smiled right back at them. What fresh Hel was this really?
“Alfheim counts her graces I am sure to have such noble saviors defend her-” By the gods he didn’t even know what Odin and Thor had done there the entire time. He assumed there’d been skull bashing and the normal heroics, but if they’d been working out peace treaties instead the last few weeks, who knew. He’d been looking for hidden portals to Midgard still on the days they’d held the main debriefings.
“And with peace secured in the realms once more, please join me in giving thanks to the noble Allfather and the mighty Thor!” Loki wasn’t normally one for alcohol. Not in comparison to most Asgardians anyway. He thought it dulled the mind too much. But by all the mages in all the realms...he so badly needed it now, as he took a large swig of the strongest Asgard had, before throwing the glass down to shatter it as was custom. “And let the feasts commence!”
The crowd erupted in cheers. And on any other day, that would have been something he obviously would have wanted. But Loki knew that not one voice was for him as he suddenly felt a large hand and arm go around his shoulders, shaking him roughly before his brother’s voice joined the yells, yet right in his ear.
“HUZZAH!” Thor cried, one arm still around Loki as his other lifted Mjolnir triumphantly.
And it was so many hours later before Loki had finally escaped. Time and time again as he’d tried to excuse himself from the endless barrage of drinks and food, it was as if his brother had somehow sensed it.
Then there would be Thor again, telling him any one of those same stories over and over as he’d somehow corralled Loki back into the feast room. If he’d had to hear one more time how with one hand forced behind his back, and Mjolnir still in mid air, that Thor had kicked one of the enemies’ bombs right back into their own garrison, taking out an entire enemy troop as more of their stored artillery then exploded...Loki may have finally vomited.
As it was now, he wasn’t exactly walking a straight line either though. Just carrying his own helmet in one hand, his head already throbbing as he made his way slowly through the corridors. His other arm reaching out occasionally, grazing the walls for balance.
He couldn’t remember the last time he’d drank so much. Well, more like been forced to drink so much, just to try and maintain his sanity in what was essentially just another gathering of his brother’s sycophants.
Honestly did Thor even see it? Did he really think all those hanger-ons were truly his friends? Perhaps there was some argument for Sif and the warriors three. As thick headed as they all were, they were about cut from the same cloth. And that was not a compliment.
But all the others? It’d be almost pitiable really if it weren’t so damned annoying. Yet maybe it was the alcohol there as well, making Loki linger on so many of these feelings again.
By the time he reached the entrance to his quarters, he was frowning as he pushed the heavy doors open. He still made sure that they shut fully behind him though as he waved his hand to lock them doubly with a spell.
It was not without precedent that in some true late night madness, either Thor, or Thor, Fandral, and Volstagg may still force entry to try and get him to accompany them on some additional drunken adventure while they were still riding so high on their accomplishments.
“Idiots,” Loki grumbled to no one though. Still stuck in that sour mood as he moved across the dark room, losing clothes as he did so before finally ending up in his elaborate bed. The silken sheets were then the only thing against his skin as he laid there in silence, though the room still feeling like it was moving slightly in his lingering vertigo.
But he just wanted to sleep. That and to will this headache and the thoughts that worsened it away.
But instead he only laid there. His drunken thoughts churning louder and louder as the minutes passed, alone in this extravagant, luxurious, and also very empty bed.
Scattered across the palace now, he could only imagine all the couplings likely occurring. Not necessarily in the full sense of the word. But he knew how these types of festivities normally ended.
Thor was likely in an archway somewhere with Sif, pawing at each other with all the finesse of a pair of schoolchildren. Fandral and Hogun would still be at a table, Fandral now showing off his sword to a couple maidens simultaneously with only thinly veiled euphemisms of how it compared to the hidden equivalent. And Volstagg would have his actual wife and children there, somehow still not bored of them yet as they all laughed together.
And that’s what it really was, laughable.
Loki rolled onto his side, glaring towards the balcony and the stars dotting the black sky beyond it. No, he didn’t need any of that farce of companionship. Not just for the sake of it anyway like all the others. He took what he wanted, when he wanted surely. Pleasure was one thing after all, but it didn’t control him.
You didn’t control him actually. Because no one controlled the god of mischief.
But the longer he lay there in silence, the more he could then imagine your fingers soon running through his hair, or the warmth of your lap to lay his aching head in. He’d had bad days before, many times retreating to this very room alone. But he didn’t have to be alone tonight. He didn’t have to be alone at all anymore did he?
“Goddamnit.” He finally hissed. It was foolhardy, dangerous even after just returning from Midgard already once today. But he wasn’t going to sleep tonight otherwise. Not until he had what he really wanted.
Loki certainly wasn’t going to be walking all the way to the bifrost gate. Not at this hour, and not in this condition. So he’d taken a form that at least no one would have second guessed if they’d just happened to look up as he’d passed quickly overhead.
One of Father’s ravens, or the rats with wings as he preferred to call them. And as he’d landed near Heimdall, then regaining his normal form, the older god just looked down at him, unimpressed.
“She’s returned to the ocean. She already sleeps.” Heimdall spoke unprompted.
Yet Loki’s eyebrows rose mockingly, even if his words took a little more effort right now. “Oh? Making a habit of watching her…even without me then? That’s a bit perverse.”
But the gatekeeper’s expression hardly changed at the insult, still so difficult to goad. “I saw you coming, and your questions to her whereabouts are becoming predictable.”
It was true. Loki had already come here several nights, yes. Mostly to check whether the mortals had finished that structure or not. And it’d finally been a pleasant reward just the other night when Heimdall had confirmed it already done and you there waiting.
“I don’t care where she is.” Loki retorted though. “I’m going to Midgard. Open the gate.”
“You are inebriated.” Heimdall warned.
“And you have a severely itritating penchant for stating the obvious…open the gate.” He commanded more forcefully.
“Anywhere in Midgard particular?” Heimdall answered.
Loki paused though, hearing that slightest change in the guardian’s normal stoic tone with those last words. “Are you…attempting to make a joke?”
“I did not wish to assume or state the obvious again as you said. And you also say you do not care where she is. So do you not care where you should land tonight then?”
He was! He was mocking him. Loki growled, pointing his finger for emphasis. “Now listen here…it has been a god awful, long day. Quit trying to dissuade me. Send me to the village, gatekeeper!”
“Any village?”
Gods. “My village, her village, whatever you want to call it. But do it or I’ll use the damned sword myself!”
With one last cheerless look down at Loki, Heimdall turned the sword then, opening the gate even as he warned a final time. “Do not fall from the bifrost, Prince. The universe is vast and does not suffer the careless well. Do remember as well that all things done have consequences in the end.”
But Loki had no time to search for deeper meaning in the words, just ruffling more as he walked towards the light. “Is that a threat?”
“Only a truth and a caution.” Heimdall again answered, just before the other disappeared back across the bridge.
And as the light left him again, Loki was once more in that dark forest. Yet, the ground far lighter colored than normal as to a little of his surprise, his boots now found fresh snow. Winter had finally arrived to this part of Midgard apparently.
He cursed, realizing it would have been far smarter to have told Heimdall to deposit him directly onto the beach this time as he’d now had to navigate back down the hillside and to the trail that led between the cliff face.
It had started snowing again as well as he walked, the large flakes sticking in his black hair by the time he reached the ocean’s edge. He should have told you just to stay at the cabin this morning. But he didn’t expect to be standing here again so soon either.
Loki didn’t care about the water at this point though, the waves rushing up around his feet and over the top of his boots as he trudged forward to call out. “Hear me, sea beasts! Hear me and bring your mistress to me!”
And it didn’t take long of course before he saw two feminine looking torsos rise just where the waves were breaking in the distance. Not quite human, but expressive enough that he could see the skepticism in their body language.
“She’s asleep!” One called back over the waves.
“Then go and wake her!” He only hissed back as if scolding an insubordinate child. Why did everyone feel the need to test him tonight?
But the two nymphs just looked at one another. The other then speaking. “What is so important? Are you claiming injury again?”
He scoffed at the jab, voice easily sliding into its darker range then, even in his continued drunken state. He did not have time for this. “Do not forget your place, water sprite.”
And as he made a move as if to step further into the water, he was pleased to see them both shrink back at that. When they disappeared not long after, he knew all he now had to do was wait.
You didn’t fully know what to expect. Why was he back so soon? Not that you should complain, but he’d made such a point about having to return to Asgard this morning, and he’d never come back so quickly before. Even though it was now dead of night.
The nymphs also said he’d been acting strangely, even a bit ruder than normal. They insisted you bring your spear, and so you had as you broke the surface only to find him sitting at the water’s edge. Though not even far enough onto the beach to stay dry as the water now ran around him and then pulled back with each successive wave. His pants and cloak were clearly soaked, snow also dotting all over him to your surprise.
“Loki?” You asked, concerned but cautious. Normally the rare sight of snow would have distracted you in its own right had you not been so focused on him. The north was still unique to you for all its differences.
“The cold doesn’t bother me either.” He said abruptly, seeing that worry in your eyes. But he didn’t stand out of the water. “You really should reprimand your servants…”
“It’s not quite that kind of a relationship.” You replied, though not defensively as you still tried to realize what was wrong with him. “Are you alright?”
“No.” He said simply.
If it was just another trick, it was a good one. But you felt you had no real choice but to behave as if he was sincere. You only laid your spear down in the water as you then moved to sit down beside him.
He looked over at you as you did, and you could see how tired he looked even in the darkness. So close to him then, that was finally when you smelled the scent of alcohol, impressively strong even over the salt smell of the ocean.
He was drunk.
“Loki…” You said again, unsure at all what would have driven him to this kind of excess. “Do you want me to help you to the cabin?”
He leaned closer though, as if to either kiss you or lay his head against yours. He did nuzzle your face slightly though as he whispered in your ear. “I want him to get closer first.” Before you could react though, he’d then grabbed your chin to keep you from looking away from him. “He can’t hear whispers over the noise of the sea…but don’t look away.”
And he did kiss you then, that heady taste of the alcohol almost as distracting as the nonsensical words. His hand was moving up your thigh as well as his other moved around to your back. It all seemed like only the beginnings of foreplay before just as suddenly, he then pushed you down beneath him. His hand that had been on your thigh pulled back simultaneously to throw a dagger violently out into the darkness.
You heard a distinct sound of a hit, a creature screech, and then chaotic flapping in the sand and snow somewhere near the cliff’s base.
Loki was now laying on top of you, your back still pressed into the wet sand as the water rushed back up around you both. He glanced back down at you then, ignoring the confusion in your eyes as he kissed you roughly several times more before finally pulling back again. “We’ll have to get back to that tomorrow…” He all but purred, mood shifting suddenly to satisfaction as he stood once more and offered you his hand.
Utterly baffled, you still took it, letting him help you up before he let go of you to walk off towards the distressed sounds you still heard near the cliff. You only hung back long enough to grab your spear before hurrying to follow him.
You didn’t know what kind of beast to expect from all the noise, and only found yourself more surprised as a pitiable looking black bird finally came into view. It flapped even harder upon seeing Loki, but with one wing clearly mangled and blood spattering the snow and sand around it.
“Oh you over dramatic twat.” Loki fussed, snatching the hapless creature up with little fanfare as his other hand reclaimed his now bloody dagger, disappearing it again with his magic. “And which one are you?” He asked, holding it roughly near his face as it now continually tried to bite him in defiance.
You didn’t know what he was looking for, and you were about to say something about how harshly he was holding the poor animal before Loki smirked in recognition.
“Well…Munnin, you little vermin. You saw me leave the palace didn’t you? Did you really think I was your other half? Couldn’t leave well enough alone could you?”
What? So this was one of Odin’s ravens? But, Loki had just stabbed it! Was this not treason? Treason that you were now a party to? You had so many questions as your inner panic began to grow.
But Loki only kept smiling, talking with condescension to the injured bird. “Yet, for you to be here so quickly, then you’ve found my door for me. There’s a rift between Asgard and Midgard somewhere nearby…and for that you get to keep your other wing tonight, you little spy.”
As you passed back up the trail to the cabin together, you saw Loki had indeed kept his word about signaling to the mortals when you were here. A green flame floated, ethereal in midair at the edge of the tree-line.
It had a haunting look to it, but you said nothing, still so focused on Loki’s rough handling of the injured raven. And by the time you’d entered the woods, you could no longer contain yourself.
“Please don’t hold him by the chest like that. It makes it too hard for them to breathe. You’re going to suffocate him!”
At your outburst, Loki seemed to have a genuine moment of surprise, looking over at you before his normal superior expression returned. “Just because you can become a bird….doesn’t mean you should give a damn about this one. Don’t waste your time on kindness. Despite your bleeding heart, his loyalty lies only with the Allfather. He’ll snitch you out regardless.”
“But, he has lost a lot of blood. We can’t let him die, Loki…” You still kept on, worried the alcohol had truly made him lose all sense of judgement.
Again he just gave you the oddest look before outright laughing though. He shook the bird a little, making it squawk again, before continuing. “This rat and his brother are imbued with Odin’s magic. They cannot perish so easily as long as Odin still lives.”
Yet, that was still not comforting to you in the slightest. In what possible way could torturing a favored pet of the Allfather end positively for the two of you?
But Loki didn’t miss the way you still stared with disapproval, just rolling his eyes as you finally made it to the cabin. “Do you know how long we’ve dealt with these little pests? When Thor got his first slingshot as a boy, what do you think he practiced it on? When I learned my first spells, what did I test them on? There is nothing new to this…”
“That’s awful.” You grumbled, though watching as Loki did this odd movement with his shoulders, his magic shifting over him so that he was suddenly dry again.
As he walked inside, you had to shake the snow off yourself the old fashioned way. Your dress and hair still damp from that and the ocean combined as you followed him inside, leaning your spear against the wall before closing the door. “So you could do that the whole time,” You commented as to his drying trick, though not really surprised by anything else right now.
He smirked a little, knowing what you were thinking. With a wave of his hand a couple of the candles also lit. “Oh, I didn’t do it that night in the cave. You were supposed to take pity and ask me to take off some of my wet clothes…of course they ended up off anyway didn’t they?”
You crossed your arms, just frowning as he unceremoniously opened the chest on the floor next, tossing the injured Muninn into it before slamming it back closed.
“I’ll deal with you in the morning,” Loki threatened in response to the resulting angry squawk, giving the chest a light kick before the noise inside silenced.
When he turned to look at you again, he only offered a dark smile. Though still looking tired as he started to remove his clothes.
You tried to keep your disapproving look strong even as you realized he was using no magic at all, removing his vestments piece by piece as if to taunt you into further watching.
But looking away would have just goaded him too wouldn’t it? Letting him know the sight of his body still did things to you. You couldn’t win either way as all of his clothes finally laid piled on the floor, no neatness this time as he went lay nude in the bed.
You stood there a further moment, really not knowing what to do. He didn’t deserve to be rewarded right now in your mind. But were you just supposed to walk right back out the door? You didn’t have the willpower for that either, not anymore.
He watched you lazily too, waiting. His voice was quieter now though as he did speak again. “If I’d wanted to sleep alone…I would have just stayed in Asgard.”
Your shoulders lowered a little at the softer words, but you didn’t know how much you really believed him. You finally did approach the bed however, removing your wet dress, and not missing the way his eyes moved across your body before you climbed in under the blanket beside him.
But you could also tell he was in no condition for love making, even as you felt his hand encircle one of your wrists, himself then pulling your hand up so your fingers fell into his hair.
He gave you an imploring look, making his intention clear even if unexpected. It was so strange, but you complied, starting to rub your fingers through his hair and along his scalp gently.
The way he clearly relaxed into the touch reminded you so much of a placated animal truly. And he even closed his eyes as you just continued stroking, letting the black hair work repeatedly between your fingers.
To drunkenly cross the vast breadth of space just for this minor affection, also risking exposure by his Father’s informants, was it telling you that he really was so reckless after all? Or…was this becoming a real need for him?
Were you becoming a need in his life?
You felt him line up his body with yours, flesh to flesh as he got further comfortable.
“Thank you.” You heard him say at last. Surprising you enough that you could find nothing to say in return.
You just kept on with your soft touches though, comforting the troublesome prince all the way until he finally fell asleep in your arms.
(To be continued!)
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nezukomimi · a day ago
Marvel Masterlist (Ongoing)
Loki Lafeyson:
Just For Tonight (Oneshot - Fluff)
Loki Being Jealous (Headcanons - Fluff)
Say The Word (Oneshot - Fluff)
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nezukomimi · a day ago
Just For Tonight - Loki x Reader - Fluff
Summary: Palace nights seem much better when spent with a certain god
A/N: I know I write anime on this blog but I stated I wanted to breach out a bit more and seeing how Marvel is my other love, I'm going to try it out a bit
Main Masterlist
Requests are open
Tumblr media
Asgard was what you would say was what mortals called heaven.
Its summer days were endless as its winter nights were mellow and kind.
You lived in utter bliss most of the time, but during these last few years, everything seemed to be in utter chaos.
As Loki's personal handmaid you seemed to be in service every hour the day had to offer. With him back from Midgard and his return bringing the palace into a frenzy, your presence was needed more than ever.
With banquets and balls, to late-night errands he needed, helping Loki never seemed to be an easy thing.
For example, just a few minutes ago he requested a pitcher of water and it had been you that was sent to fetch it.
The royal palace was always awake, thankfully, so you didn't need to tread quietly through the halls as you went back and forth.
When you finally got what he needed and returned, you knocked quietly at his door.
"Your highness, I've got the pitcher you asked for." The ice-cold water was freezing the metal up, its temperature leaking onto your hands and it soon was starting to become unbearable.
Just in time, though, the door swung open, revealing the man of the hour himself.
He looked at your slightly shaking hands and then back to you, giving you his signature smile.
"Thank you, Venta." He said as he shut the door, getting your name wrong once again.
"Anything for you," You muttered bitterly as you leaned a little bit of weight on the wall, the tiredness seeping through your aching muscles.
"Oh, Trisa," The door had swung open and you jumped up, Loki's head popping out, "Would you be a dear and come help brush my hair?"
His eyes gleamed a bright green, contrasting your weary and dull ones.
"Of course, your highness." You replied back almost robotically, massaging your temple when he couldn't see.
Walking into his room never seemed to take you a bit back, the sheer magnificence from his lavish bed to silk curtains that hung over the grand window a sight you'll never forget.
"Are you coming, Perise?" His tone was much too chipper for the time it was, but then he never seemed to change it whenever around you.
"Yes, your highness." You muttered, closing the door quietly, walking over to where he was sitting at the edge of his bed, his comb not too far away from him.
You knew he didn't need help brushing his hair. He was quite capable doing it himself, but he was Loki.
And Loki liked it fun.
Taking the comb you took a small chunk of his ebony hair, gently running its bristles through as you made sure not to tug despite every ounce of you wanting to.
You were deep in thought, too distracted to notice how he shifted slightly in his seat, his line of sight now on you.
"You don't look too good." His words snapped you out of the trance you were having, your movements stopping you momentarily.
"I'm feeling fine, your highness." You answered back and he scoffed, nudging your wrist softly.
"There's no need for titles, Y/n. How long must I tell you that?" You cocked an eyebrow, shrugging.
"As long as I work here, apparently." Picking up what you were doing before, you started combing again.
"You can't blame me," He teased, turning a bit more to you so that you'd have no access to his hair, "We've known each other for a while, after all."
You said nothing as you went to his opposite side to get back to work but he put his leg out, though you just stepped over it.
"How much have they been working you?" He turned his head upside down and you sighed tiredly, dropping the comb on the bed. His small smile told you he had won.
"I'm not being worked out." Your tight-lipped statement made him chuckle.
"Of course you're not." He held the comb in his hands, not letting you grab it.
"Can you stop playing around? I have other things I need to do," You snapped and his smile grew.
Even though you were standing over him, he was still taller than you sitting down.
"There's my girl," He poked your stomach with a playful touch, his hands trailing up to your shoulders.
"What else could you possibly be doing at three in the morning, my love?" He was pulling you closer to his chest, until he eventually gave up, tugging you into the mattress as you let out a small shout.
"I need to get your clothes ready for tomorrow's ceremony, have you forgotten?" Your faces were so close to each other that you could feel his soft exhales on your cheek.
"On the contrary, it's all I've been thinking about," He kissed your head gingerly, "The waltz that is to happen the following night is to be one of a kind." His hand that was rubbing small patterns on your sides was soothing.
"That doesn't stop the fact that I still have work to do." You reminded him and he shrugged, playing with some of your hair.
"No, but it does mean that I'll steal a dance from you tomorrow."
Oh, how you despised how this man made your heart thump rapidly.
"With your maid? Have you gone mad?" He was brushing the hair that had come out of its place back behind your ear.
"Madly in love if that's what you're insinuating."
You couldn't find anything to say to that so you just closed your eyes for a little, enjoying the serenity that came with these moments with Loki.
"You're tired, aren't you?" His faint words were laced with concern and you waved a lazy hand, trying to wave him off.
"I'm fine, just a little," You yawned but still got up, rubbing your eyes.
Loki was quick to pull your wrists back, trapping you between his arms, locking you in place.
"Get some rest, my love. The work won't be finished in a single night, so don't push it all on yourself." He murmured and you so badly wanted to resist, but from the sleepless nights you've had to pull this past week, getting a bit of rest right now seemed like a splendid idea.
"That sound's good," You yawned again and he laughed quietly, not wanting to disturb you.
"Sleep well," He whispered, pulling the sheets above your chest as you nodded off, kissing your forehead delicately.
Loki was the god of mischief, trickery, and lies,
But he'd be a fool if he said there wasn't just anything he wouldn't do for you.
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Lol, this is how I imagine the show going based off the trailers
Tumblr media
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marvelobsessed5 · 2 days ago
The man who plays Loki’s friend (the guy with the accent can’t remember his name) ALSO PLAYS Jedediah in NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM????
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NOW HE’S STEALING HYUNDAI’S SO YOU WILL BUY THEM? *spoiler free, just a commercial*
So part of me is oh man Disney is really going to promote this with every tie in possible and commercialize it to death. And yet…the fan in me is still, oh I totally dig this new Loki!everything reality. 🤣 Yeah, I could live here. Loki cereal, Loki car commercials, Loki, Loki, Loki let’s go!
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