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#loki is not a villain
tiny-pun · 2 hours ago
Hero: God this is why love working it’s you! It’s so easy!
Villain, dryly: I think you’re the only who has ever thought that.
Hero, winking: Lucky me then.
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eyesmilebb · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Oh quick, potential slaves. Gotta go make a king-worthy introduction. Because first impressions matter.”
Loki and his dramatics 😂 One of the reasons why I love him.
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i-shitpost · 11 hours ago
Honestly just thinking about how and why I tend to like the villains more than the protagonist in *some* media...
Like, for some reason villains tend to have tragic backstories, are “just misunderstood”, or have some sort of mental health related issue that “makes them evil”, but most aren’t actually evil (I just saw a post about this on my dash but I forget who made it). Somehow people push some sort of trauma onto people to make them villains in stories. Whether it’s their family being killed, years of being different, or having some sort of psychosis (or some other mental disorder that society sees as evil for some reason). Like, I’m seriously wondering why people treat people with real mental disabilities as evil, they’re legit just real people that deserve to be treated like it.
I typically lean towards “villains” in shows and movies, and I’m starting to figure out why...
I usually relate to the villains, especially the misunderstood ones that have trauma. I see myself in them, even the smallest part of me relates to them.
Somehow I also normally like the aesthetic that villains get. Most heroes don’t pass my vibe check when it comes to colors and costumes...
(This post is literally just me wondering why I relate to Loki and other villains)
This is literally my brain being my brain, if you have other points to add to this, please do it. I don’t know why I am the way I am, just please stay nice if you add comments to this...
This post has been a train wreck that is my brain :(
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lilcabinwitch · 12 hours ago
So apparently Disney is trying to get "Loki" copyrighted, and im not sure if this is real because it sound insane (i mean copyrighting an actual god 😕) but it does fit Disney and their brand of owning everything. Anyways fuck the rat
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regulartiger · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Loki Odinson, the God of mischief #Loki #Tvshow #marvel #disney #green #godofmischief #Villain #LokiOdinson #artistoninstagram #Fanart #drawing
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the-nerdy-goddess · a day ago
A little Loki blurb I did because I needed a little break from my FATWS book which is already halfway done!
Warnings: mentions of torture but nothing too bad
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Tumblr media
I did my best to stay still in the shattered marble as my magic started to wind it's way through my body. Now that the Other's mind control was gone, my magic was unleashed, although I feared what might happen if I used it for anything other than healing.
Thanos would know of my failure and would eventually come for me. I'd sabotaged his plans, giving way to the Avengers to rise and take control.
Had the mad titan sent someone other than his puppet, Earth might be subjugated at the moment.
I managed to open my eyes, blinking hard as the sun filtered in through the broken windows. In front of me stood the mighty Avengers team.
"You've lost Loki" said the man suited in metal armor. Tony Stark, I believe. He was rather smug as the rest of his fellow comrades held some sort of weapon toward me, all except Thor who was looking at me with a level of disappointment.
"Silly mortals" I closed my eyes in relief. They weren't as incompetent as I originally thought. "You think I've lost, when I won"
"Why do you speak in riddles brother!" Thor demanded. I looked to him now, a laugh bubbling in my chest, although it hurt to let loose.
"Don't you think if I was really trying to win, I would have?" I struggled to push myself into a seated position, my own body protesting the movement. The Avengers looked at me with a mixture of confusion and suspicion. "I lost on purpose! Had I failed, this world would have wished something as sweet as death."
"And you suddenly care so much about earth?" Bruce Banner raised a skeptical brow. "Aren't you supposed to be the god of lies?"
Rolling my eyes, I sunk back carefully into the crater. "I care not for earth but for Asgard, had Midgard fallen, then the nine realms would have followed soon after. Stopping the attack here, remedied the situation"
"Who threatens the nine realms brother" Thor knelt down next to me, silently pleading with me to expose the truth.
"It's much more delicate than simply saying the name Thor" I took a deep breath. "When I fell, I was found by the chitari."
Thor paled at the implications. "No, brother, he is dead"
"Not as dead as we all believed" I supplied.
"Can someone fill us in on who this 'He' is and why he's so bad." Tony asked impatiently.
Thor turned toward his team, his face ashen. "My brother was under the control of someone we thought to be a legend. One told to children to make them behave. He speaks of Thanos"
I flinched at the name, wanting to get away from Thor for even saying it, as if he would suddenly know where I was simply by uttering his name.
"And why is Thanos so bad?" Romanoff quirked a brow in suspicion.
I ignored the redhead, trying to get my oaf of a brother to understand the gravity of the situation. "He probably knows what I've done and is coming for me"
Barton narrowed his eyes. "What is it exactly that you did?"
Feeling some strength fill my muscles, I slowly stood, despite the Avengers raising their weapons in defense. I moved toward the island and leaned against it. "I manipulated everything, including taking control of Agent Barton's mind. Once I heard your director fury refer to him as the best agent, I knew I needed you, although it really was just luck that you happened to be so close to a member of the team"
"You killed Coulson" Stark crossed his arms.
I looked to him, confused. "The agent that was in the room where the hulks cage was, is that correct?" At the nod I continued. "He should be alive. I merely wounded him, although midgardian anatomy might be different than I thought. I stabbed him in the shoulder"
"Why should we believe you?" Steve Rogers, who had up until now been quiet.
"My wounds go far beyond this battle" I began, unhooking the chest plate to my armor with one hand, pulling it away slightly to show the damage done by the Chitari. "They tortured me until I was broken enough for the Other to reach into my mind. Then they gave me the scepter to strengthen their control"
"And then the hulk hit your head hard enough to shatter the control" Romanoff nodded to herself, gesturing toward the crater in the center of the room, Barton rubbed his forehead while the other Avengers looked to her confused. "I had to give Barton a concussion to snap his mind control"
So it's not as fool proof as the Other claimed it to be. I inwardly smirked in victory. "After I was captured, I realized that if I could band the six of you together, you might be able to stop the invasion."
"So you manipulated everything from the moment you got here" Bruce Banner summed. I nodded, pulling my chest plate back into place. My magic was slowly mending the torn flesh and it needed some sort of protection.
"If this Thanos person is so powerful, why didn't he come here himself?" Stark questioned.
Swallowing, I forced the images of the mad titan out of my memory. "I was a pawn in a much larger scheme. He intended to see Earth’s defenses, you all have proven to be formidable foes.”
Over the next several hours, I strategized with the defenders of Midgard, gaining their weary trust when they realized I was nothing more than a victim manipulated by a power hungry tyrant.
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annalulz · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki's always been one for mischief, but you're talking about something else entirely
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whatwoulddracodo · 3 days ago
I’m a simple human being: If I see a handsome villain with a tragic backstory and daddy issues- I fall irrevocably in love with them.
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goblimcore · 3 days ago
Who is Lady Loki, the villain of the new Disney + series
Sophia Di Martino plays the villa in the new Disney + series Photo: Disney +… - Read more here
Hastags - #Disney, #Lady, #Loki, #Series, #Villain
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iamnmbr3 · 3 days ago
ok but in-universe Mobius echoing Odin is probably no coincidence. he’s studied Loki’s life after all. he probably intentionally evoked those words because he knows how much emotional power Odin has over Loki. Mobius intentionally is modeling aspects of the interrogator/handler persona he presents to Loki on both Odin and Thanos because he knows that will be most effective at manipulating and breaking him and inducing fear and compliance by retriggering existing fears and traumas. 
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Loki is the only thing my adhd brain is able to think about right now. And by “right now” I mean: the whole past week and probably the next five weeks too. I think I need to log out of Tumblr for a few days. (I’m not saying I will though.)
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