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#loki is gonna give us the Laufeyson cut
blindtaleteller · 8 months ago
PROMPT: OOC Interview with [X] Lokiverse's 'Charmer' aka Tony Stark
Tumblr media
   " Obviously this is not your first ever interview, Tony? So we can skip that one maybe? "            Tony: Oh, no definitely not my first. Sometimes wish. Politics suck in particular: just getting that out there. As readers might be able to guess, and we've discussed since it hit the inbox though? Doing this little bit would've been -way- premature if we'd done it before  finishing off the Civil War Arc. Should probably refer to me as Charmer though; with three more of me running around 'n' peeking in while we're at it. Nickname annoyed me at first, but Lolo's Coven-double Lisan is hard to say no to.
" What do you think about the split from the original timeline? "
         Charmer (Tony): *chuckles and rubs at one brow with a forefinger as he sits back* Wow, right into the almost uncomfortable huh?  I was just kinda circling the table during DREAMS start, and wasn't sure how we were actually gonna work this. But.. I have to say even sitting at the table planning the basic outlines, and then borrowing your fingers to get it out there with the other guys after we've piled in the car; I'm not sure I expected it to go the way it has? But it's been fun. Amazingly fun and so surprising.  The infinite possibilities are a lot clearer to me now, I guess. I can hardly wait to see what Lisan's doppleganger brings in when we get far enough into GROUNDED and DREAMS to pull him in with Redbird, -and- start towards what Gin's building in the other room.
" Speaking of, is there anything you'd change about your current story? "
       Charmer (Tony): *ticks his brow up slightly mid rub, crossing an ankle over one knee and thinking about it before he shakes his head* There are parts we cut I hope we can get out there soon. Whole sections of the chapters I know Loke and Bruce, and even Clint and I were especially excited to put out there? But at this point I think I'm just enjoying the fun of exchanging following for leading and then even reading and listening, when the other guys get their turn at the keyboard.
" Anyone in particular you like to watch or get into reading over their shoulder when they're at it? " 
       Charmer (Tony): Well Lolo aka Loke, -my- Loki is definitely one. I like Laufeyson, I do; and the other dopplegangers in the Lokiverse Coven, but yeah. Among the different vesrions of him hanging around? Loke is still my favorite. That might be the personal attachment that building this new universe creates though?
" If you had to pick three of your absolute faves though? "
           Charmer (Tony):  Ooh.. that -is- rough. Much as I love watching the 'masters' at work: top of the list in three's been Clint, Pepper and well, actually Thor when it comes to poking my head over the back seat while the guys have been at DREAMS. My dopple there is dead --not that it stops him from showing up and sassing everyone anyways-- and with where the story picks up in their universe post-Endgame,  Thor brings some interesting insights and external views sometimes. He's the awkward and guilt-ridden outsider trying to find out where Ragnarok and everything that's happened since leaves him and his relationship with his brother. The connection between the family Laufeyson had in the past and the family he's building there that, I dunno, makes me smile even when he's taking after -my- universe's Thunder-bimbo and being an utter ass early on. It's interesting to see as a kind of side story how they go back and forth between dealing with that connection and their past while trying to move forward in the spaces between Laufeyson, Clint and Peter: and still make room to do what they do as a group.  
" How about those universes? You know a few of them, more than our few readers. Which is your favorite upcoming group from the books/portions of Mixology aka the Lokiverse at large? And which are you most curious about? "
          Charmer (Tony):  *grins and lets his ankle slide down to cross them together, hands hooking up behind his head* That's an easy one at current. Might change though. There's what..? We said, -twenty- doors, leading to the current Coven's universes in the Mare? And that doesn't even include Hvedrungr, the eldest Loki present.  *rubbing his hands over the back of his head* Hm. If we're not including mine; cause, duh? Right now, my favorite upcoming is actually Leadsprite's --ah, that's my double with the Ego-centrics; that's what we're calling them right now I think anyways-- portion of the Lokiverse. I've been peeking in on him a lot and what their group has been up to looks really interesting. I'm super curious about his relationship with Loge, too. Seems like the boys don't always adhere to their own rules as much as they probably should, which.. okay and yeah. Loki, aka most rules are made to be bent, broken or made fun of? But yeah; that and his apparent standing ahead of his Loki at the Covenant table and his knowledge of magic enough to mention it is super curious to me.
" Okay, so if that's the favorite and you're that curious; what's the one you're MOST curious about? "
            Charmer (Tony): Oh, definitely Gin. I mean even the ones who share headspace in here; we know -very- little about him, where he keeps mostly to himself and his Natasha: but some of the stuff I have seen does raise my eyebrows. I don't even know if my doppleganger died over there, which is super weird by comparison. I'm mostly happy to let the guy have his space though; their world is still unfolding behind his door but the feel of it is so drastically different from the universes we've peeked at so far already that it's hard -not- to be waiting on pins and needles for when Gin does bust out swinging and tossing that bottle on the screen.
" I put you guys through a lot of shit in the name of storytelling. Any parts you have complaints about? "
             Charmer (Tony): I mean, when you slip --that's what we're calling it for now when you go from this particular overseer mode-- to actually diving into that moment? God yes.  *looks around and at the cracked door briefly squinting in that direction, looking pretty sure he might have summoned several someones with atht three letter word before he shrugged and continued* Anyways! Not so much otherwise. I almost wish my dopple had more of a part in DREAMS, but I think in that universe, his presence has more weight -because- he's gone. Sparkles' reaction and clue-in when I greet him at their door in particular is a good example of that. The instant guilt of not taking as much more time as he could to look for the next win in line, and realizing that he had a direct influence in putting my dopple up for his death made me cringe a little, but needed touching. I mean; how do you handle that, making a child an orphan and a wife a widow, not knowing with certainty if there were other ways he just hadn’t seen yet as options? Hell, Clint in the opening chapter made me smile a little too in that static struggle of depression he opened with too, giving a very personal touch to the feel of the Earth and universe at large they were trying to paint with and for, well; all of you.
" You know that each book has a theme, and each chapter a song. What do you think about the music and the way those themes fit so far? "
            Charmer (Tony): I think we're doing okay with those. I agree that some could have multiple titles as far as chapters, without the Bonus Tracks, but. Pete had been an amazing presence as Lokiverse DJ, and  even if he can't always make up his mind; the general has been a pretty good way to pick out a mood or set of lyrics that apply really well to what's going on both on the surface and somewhat under it. Wouldn't have it any other way even if he isn't in my own universe yet as anything but a sideways mention of the Kree going after the Power Stone. I mean.. Who better to have first pick than the guy in the group whose biggest and most amazingly underappreciated feature is the broad, glowing breadth of his soul?
" The next question is obvious to -me- cause I know where you guys are even when on idle but, for the prompt; out of all the other characters, who would or do you hang out with the most? "
           Charmer: *laughs outright* ..yeah! You would know that. That's easy but, prompt interview right? *he nods that of with a raise of his chin, hands still hooked behind his head* When we're on idle, we hang out in the car you know? And occassionally we toss story stuff back and forth but mostly it's us just making those awkward commentaries at everything else. It's usually me in the driver's seat, with Loki behind me so he can be cheauffered and also keep the option of ocassionally leaning over it to jerk the wheel; Peter next to him back there picking out or sharing music, and the second most evil of us all Clint, leaning on the door in his now permanent place in shotgun.             Charmer (Tony): *adds on before the last question* Oh yeah and Thor in the trunk. I swear he's talked strange into expanding it into a luxury lounge back there. *grinning wide, he scrunches his nose*  The lazy almond munching bastard.
" Okay, last question is supposed to be from another character; and it's mostly from Gin -- "              Charmer (Tony): *lets his head fall back* Oh man..  I had to say the G word, didn’t I? Makes me wonder how many more of ‘em are at the door..
" --but it's more for what you just said not being common knowledge. Give an example of Clint being the second most evil, because in a whole Coven of Loki? That would sound to those of us who don’t know your idle like it's a feat. Also he's slightly annoyed that title isn't his. "
              Charmer (Tony):  HA! *before bringing his head up again to watch Gin smile wickedly at him on his way back out the new interview room door* Sounds about right! Uh.. *still chuckling before he sits up and pushes his glasses back with a middle finger towards said door* Okay, if we're gonna say; I am not breaking the rules for it's mention though. -The supermarket.- Pretty much anything Clint says or does in your head while there. He’s so quiet most of the time, but I swear. The grocery store in particular is Clint's Vegas: as in .. what happens in there? Stays in there. For reasons. Especially since most of what he pulls out his ass while in there is ONE: almost never below explicit rating? TWO: usually instigated by one of the Coven of Lolo, and THREE: Totally given more ideas for the next trip from pretty much any version of Pete watching or present. If not ALL of them, It's the best sort of irreverent, inappropriate nightmare, as you're walking in and through there with your cart. And sometimes walking out. Duct tape, as a reminder..?
" ..okay, yeah; and we're done! We're not talking about the duct tape thing.. "  
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nothingbutfangirlsmut · a year ago
The Girl Out of Time
Pairing: Bucky X Reader and Sam X Reader
Background: Willow Roffe was born and raised in Brooklyn. She lived her life as happily as she could with her two childhood best friends Bucky Barnes and Steve Roger's. When they both left her to join the military she tried to continue with life but that didn't get to happen for her for the simple fact that she meant something to James Buchanan Barnes.
Rating: Story will be overall MATURE but not every chapter. There will be strong language, talk of both mental and physical abuse, some good ole angst, and smut. There will be a warning at the beginning of the chapter when it includes smut.
Chapter 13
Tumblr media
I was dropped off downtown to keep an eye on Sitwell while the other three worked on stealing Sam's old high tech suit. I didn't mind being left alone with this job. I had no where near as much experience as the other three did. Being perched on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in the city with a long range rifle was a good place for me.
It didn't take me long to find Sitwell threw my scope. He was sitting at a table in the fancy little restaurant eating with another man. I kept my scope trained on them as they ate.
"Willow" Steve's voice called threw my ear piece.
"Captain" I replied with a smirk.
"Are you in position?" He asked.
"I'm perched with eyes on the package." I told him.
"Great, Nat and I are in the car. Sam should be getting in position any second." He explained.
"Roger that Rogers" I said then internally laughed.
I few minutes passed as Sitwell and the other man continued to eat. I watched as they received their check then paid.
"Package is on the move." I stated simply once the two men left the table.
Only a minute or two passed before the men exited the building. I continued to watch threw the scope as the men spoke to each other. They shook hands then seemed to whisper something in each other's ear. The man Sitwell was with continued down the stairs followed by two body guards.
"Show time" Sam's voice said threw the ear piece.
A few seconds later Sitwell was pulling his phone out of his pocket and answering it.
"Agent Sitwell, how was lunch? I hear the crab cakes here are delicious." Sam said threw both the cell phone and ear piece.
There was a pause as Sitwell spoke.
"The good looking guy in the sunglasses, your 10 o'clock." Sam replied.
I watched as Sitwell looked around in the opposite direction of where Sam was sitting.
"Your other 10 o'clock." Sam said in a mocking tone.
Sitwell turned around immediately finding where Sam was.
"There you go." Sam said.
Another pause as Sitwell spoke again.
"You're gonna go around the corner to your right. There's a gray car two spaces down. You and I are gonna take a ride." Sam explained.
Another pause as Sitwell responded.
"Because that tie looks really expensive and I'd hate to mess it up." Sam said sternly.
That was my cue to turn on my laser sight as I focused the beam on Sitwell's tie. The man looked down then instantly paled. I turned off the laser as Sitwell did as he was told. I draped the gun's strap over my shoulder as I moved to wait for the others.
A few minutes later the metal door to the roof I was on crashed open as Sitwell came threw stumbling backwards. Steve and Nat were both walking towards him menacingly.
"Tell me about Zola's Algorithm." Steve said harshly.
"Never heard of it." Sitwell stuttered as he fell to the ground.
I continued to watch silently from my spot by the door as Steve demanded information. They backed Sitwell to the edge on the roof. He tried to mock Steve only to have Nat kick him hard in the chest making him tumble off the roof. Only a few seconds passed before Sitwell's screams could be heard again as Sam soared into view holding the man by his suit jacket. Sam dropped him back on the roof then landed next to me. Sitwell was quick to tell Steve anything and everything he wanted to know after that.
"That was awesome." I told Sam quietly.
He chuckled then looked down at me and winked.
"We need to move now and he is coming too." Steve ordered.
I grabbed Sitwell by the back of the neck to guide him back down to the ground. The five of us climbed into the car. Sam was driving, Steve in the passenger seat, and Nat and I had Sitwell between us in the backseat. We went straight for the highway.
"Hydra doesn't like leaks." Sitwell said suddenly.
"Then why don't you try sticking a cork in it." Sam said in annoyance.
"Insight is launching in 16 hours. We're cutting it a little bit close here." Nat said leaning towards Steve.
"I know. We'll use him to by pass the DNA scans and access the helicarriers directly." Steve said simply.
"What? Are you crazy? That is a terrible, terrible idea." Sitwell said in panic.
A sudden crash on top of the car had every sense of mine going nuts. Out of some weird instinct I moved forward putting my body against the back of Sam's seat. A second later a metal hand came threw the window beside me. It grabbed Sitwell then pulled him out of the window and into the street. A shot rang out coming threw the roof into the back seat. Nat scrambled into Steve's lap. Two more shots rang out as I moved to climb out of the window to face the attacker. Before I could get out of the window the car came to a screeching halt throwing the man off the roof and onto the road in front of us. He slid a few feet using his metal hand to balance himself.
It was the same man that shot Fury. The man Steve and I had chased. He stood up looking absolutely menacing. Even though I was a super soldier and stronger than Captain America himself something about this man sent a shiver down my spine.
The car was suddenly rammed from behind causing Sam to put it back in gear and floor it. We moved straight towards the metal armed man. He jumped grabbing a hold of the car's roof again. The next second the metal arm was punching threw the windshield and ripping the steering wheel completely out of the car.
"What the fuck?" I questioned to myself.
Nat suddenly starts shooting forcing me to duck in the back seat. I heard the man jump off the car only to land on the SUV behind us. The SUV rammed into us again making the car almost flip as it hit the concrete barrier. Steve turned in his seat to look at me.
"Out the window Will." He ordered.
I nodded as he grabbed Nat and Sam. He kicked the door off the hinges as I climbed out the window. The car started to flip as I launched myself towards the SUV that our attacker was still hanging onto. I land on the hood next to the man. I immediately move to kick him but he dodges my attack. I was ready for his return but it never came. Instead he moved to the side of the vehicle away from me. I jumped off the SUV as it slowed. I reached Sam at the same time a rocket hit Steve's shield throwing him into the air and off the bridge we were on.
"Steve!" I shouted trying to hurry to his side.
Sam grabbed my arm pulling me back behind a car just as bullets started to spray like mad. I had no idea what was happening with Steve or Nat. The only thing I knew was Sam and I were trapped under raining gun fire. I was able to get close enough to see the metal arm guy standing on the edge of the bridge. He stumbled backwards then ripped the mask from his eyes. We made eye contact. He looked at me in a way no one ever had. It was something I couldn't explain. It was like he knew me. I moved to attack but before I could reach him he jumped over the edge of the bridge.
"Willow!" I heard Sam shouted.
I ran as fast I could to his voice. He had taken done the sniper. He stood at the edge of the bridge giving cover fire to Steve and Nat.
"Are you okay?" I asked quickly.
"I'm fine. What about you?" He asked.
"I'm good" I nodded.
"I think Steve might need your help. That dude is ridiculously strong." Sam said gesturing to the street below us.
Steve was now one on one fighting the man with the metal arm. I kissed Sam's cheek then jumped over the edge landing in the street a few feet behind the masked man.
I whistled loudly earning me both Steve and the other man's attention. Again the man looked at me with wide and weary eyes. Steve moved to attack while the man's back was turned. Right before he hit the man the metal arm was there blocking the blow. He turned back to Steve throwing punch after punch. I ran forward jumping to kick him back from my friend. My kick landed making the man stumble backwards. Instead of the man attacking me he moved to put Steve between us. Steve landed a heavy blow knocking the man back again but this time his mask had fell off. The man straightened then slowly turned to face us. Steve immediately froze and I was in shock. That was the face of James Barnes. But how? Steve said he was dead. The two men stared at each other for a moment. Steve looked like he'd seen a ghost and the other man only glared.
"Bucky?" Steve questioned in disbelief.
The other man tilted his head to the side.
"Who?" He questioned in a voice that took my breath.
James moved to attack again just as Sam swooped in forcing the man back from us again. The next second an explosion went off then the man that looked like James was gone. Before we could react to anything sirens were surrounding us.
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bookscoffeeandracoons · a year ago
Becca’s Reblog Challenge - Masterlist
Tumblr media
There was a wondeful idea to support all the amazing writers on this site and i loved it the minute i read about it. 
@beccaanne814‘s 366 Days Reblog Challenge is an awesome opportunity to give some love to all the talented writers and also to have a good time reading a lot of great works.
All the stories that will come together throughout 2020 need a place where they’re easy to find, so here’s a Masterlist for everything I’ll read. I will try to update the Masterlist as often as possible but you can also find the fics on my blog by searching for the tag #becca’s reblog challenge.
I couldn’t help myself so i also will keep counting the days by tagging the fics with #reblog challenge day (1-366).
On this note I would like to thank @beccaanne814 for the beautiful banners she made for each month!  
The list is under the cut.
Happy reading!
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