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#loki is alive
jeanlovesloki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Loki, you've literally stabbed people in the back, like 50 times!" - Mobius
(Here's a comic anime version of Loki 💚✨🐍🔪)
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serpentargo · 3 days ago
so i was thinking... we all know how marvel recently has been like... calling loki the trickster, god of mischief etc., plus the show is like coming in a month or so, and so i thought
what if it doesn't come out in june? what if loki is tricking us?
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lokidanthea · 4 days ago
So, I was thinking of the Loki trailer. Maybe Marvel just happened not to put any scenes in the trailer because *reasons*, but no one, like NO ONE mentions that Loki tried to dominate a whole planet –all they care about is him breaking the timeline. And, yeah, I know it's the TVA, and that's their main concern but, like, no one is interested in discussing it?? Absolutely no one?? Seriously?
What I'm saying is that maybe, just MAYBE the TVA knows that Loki was used/mind-controlled? I mean, Mobius did say he's watched almost every moment of Loki's life, right? So MAYBE we finally get some ACTUAL information about Thanos/The Other torturing Loki and mind-controlling him?? Maybe no one blames him for that because they know it practically wasn't his doing?? Maybe we'll FINALLY get to see that??
Also, it can't be a coincidence that Marvel added the fact that Loki was affected by the sceptre in The Avengers at the same period when Loki was announced, right...?
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Peter: Loki! Violence isn’t the answer
Loki: I’m a god. Therefore I have the authority to say it is.
Peter: *pauses* Can’t argue with that logic
Tony: oh no
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laststandx3 · 10 days ago
it’s been 3 years now and I think it’s time someone says it: that scene in endgame where all the female avengers align it’s totally fanservice BUT it’s also aesthetically pleasing (lowest bar for a movie to be aesthetically pleasing i know) and I liked it and yeah i also found that empowering.  
yeah i know that marvel had that scene ONLY to pat themselves on the back to say “look how much we care about women” and i know it’s an empty statement not followed by any concrete gender oriented policy BUT I sTILL LIKED THAT SCENE.
90% of the movie is fan service but if you are only bothered by that one scene, or only notice the fan service there then maybe it’s because you’re used to a fan service that was only for you and maybe that one scene that was not aimed at you stands out because you’re not used to movie acknowledging a different fan base than yours 
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ellena-asg · 11 days ago
As Ragnarok and beyond fan I must confess: I envy you. Cause you're living now in... 2014? And everybody is more alive and happier (including Loki).
Yeah. And everybody behaves in character, everything is serious, Brian Tyler still plays Lokasenna, Asgard is fine, Midgard is fine, Odin isn't serial baby-maker, Thor has his hammer, his eyes, his hair, his family and friends, clothes are still majestic, there are six Avengers, Steve Rogers is the one and only Captain America, baby Groot still can be our big Groot, Yondu still can be a father for Quill, Odin still can reunite with his boys, well, they all can reunite and have their happy end cause there is still hope etc. (I can count and count and count). So: only pros, no cons 😁 
(thanks for your thoughts and all the best, dear Anon 😘)
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aestassss · 11 days ago
I refuse to believe that loki ACTUALLY died in infinity war, I mean he is a literal god he isn't going to die that easily
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serpentargo · 14 days ago
i've got 99 problems, and loki showing up in thor: love and thunder will solve all of them
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Thinking about Tulpas and "Kinda makes you wonder. Of all the thing we hunted, how many existed just because people believed in them?" And "God created the world, but you know who created us gods? You did. You humans." "When you apes first climbed down from the trees, you didn’t pray to him. You prayed to the… the sun, the womb, the rain, and the stars." And the fact that they made religion the reason gods exist, but they made Chuck the creator of all other gods instead of humans creating gods themselves
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serpentargo · a month ago
"my child is fine"
your child's favourite character is loki, and your child isn't able to handle this much content
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serpentargo · a month ago
i don't know about you, but if in loki series at some point there will be a scene with thanos, right before 2012... i'll cry so hard oh my god
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worstloki · a month ago
“Well,” Thor clears his throat, “It is nice to see Loki alive and making... friends.”
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iamnmbr3 · a month ago
How Endgame Should Have Gone
Avengers: Listen. We know you want to believe Loki has changed and that he was under Thanos’s influence when he attacked New York. But we can’t take your word for it. We’re gonna have to bring him in. At least for now. 
Thor: Alas, you cannot. He is dead. 
Avengers: Are you sure?
Thor: Definitely. Absolutely sure. Anyway I should go. To mourn. And arrange a funeral. For my brother who is dead. Farewell friends. 
Avengers: Why do you have a snake in your pocket?
Thor: Oh... For luck of course. Do you not have that custom on Midgard? 
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worstloki · a month ago
Do you think the Winter Soldier mask was a mask or a muzzle?
we see it fall in TWS and it doesn’t look like it should be preventing speech, 
Tumblr media
and in the show we’re shown him speaking with it on, 
Tumblr media
and i think the winter soldier is just generally not meant to speak because he doesn’t do it much even when it’s not on, 
Tumblr media
(until the brainwashing starts rubbing off) so it’s a mask, even if you can go the route of reading it as symbolically a muzzle.
Tumblr media
he’s given a mouth guard in this torture scene which helps muffle the screaming a bit which I think would be closer to a muzzle if you mean for it to inhibit speech though.
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