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#loki first episode
ynscrazylife · a day ago
A Sister’s Power | l.l angst fic
Summary: What if when Loki thought he was sending the Dark Elf after Thor and ended up sending him to Frigga, that it was not Frigga the Dark Elf targeted, but Y/N Odinsdaughter? How will Loki react to seeing his sister kidnapped due to him in his file?
Authors Note: I fully acknowledge and support Loki being genderfluid. In this fic, I will be using he/him pronouns for Loki since those were the pronouns they’ve used for Loki in the show so far, indicating that at the time this fic is set, Loki’s genderfluid identity is of a man. Should those pronouns/identity change, so will the pronouns for my fics. I do not intend to be harmful in any way so if this is harmful to the genderfluid community, PLEASE let me know!
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PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
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Tumblr media
Mobius pauses the film at the moment the Avengers defeats Loki and turns to his companion, a smirk playing at his lips. “Now, after you got conquered, you were supposed to go and live on imprisonment in Asgard, but instead, you created this alternate timeline,” he recounts.
Loki rolls his eyes, bored, and leans back in his chair, mockingly folding his hands together on his lap. “Yes, thanks for stating the obvious,” he quips sarcastically in a monotone voice.
Mobius just scoffs and turns back to the screen. “Now, you’ll get to see what happens in the correct timeline,” he says, paying Loki’s cheek no mind and pressing play.
Loki rolls his eyes again but directs his attention to the screen, eyebrows slightly raised. He watches as he was delivered to Asgard, sent to an imprisonment by his father, and given books by his mother. He expected as much, and yawns out loud, hoping to give Mobius the hint that this wasn’t providing any new information or helping him.
However, something ends up piking his interest.
He had been sitting in his cell when the muffled sounds of screams filled his ears. Loki sits up in the chair and leans forward, eyebrows furrowed. He watched his future self observe as one of the Kurse’s in the cells reveals his status as a Dark Elf and broke out, fighting the Asgardian’s who tried to stop them.
His future self smirks and rushes up to the bars of the cell, gripping them, smirk turning devilish. Loki’s future self is far too happy to let the directions to the exist spill out, wishing to enact one last trick on his father and brother.
“You see, you think you’re messing around with Odin and Thor,” Mobius comments, stepping back to give Loki a better view of the screen.
The scene switches to show a new person, and Loki blinks when he recognizes the person as his younger sister, Y/N Odinsdaughter. Y/N is followed by Jane Foster, his brother’s girl, but being the master of mischief, Loki easily spots that the girl is one of Y/N’s illusions.
Y/N rushes with the illusion into a room and goes to lock the door when it is thrown open. She stumbles back, eyes widening when she sees the dangerous face of Malekith.
Loki doesn’t know what this has to do with him, but he finds himself not caring. He’s preoccupied with the worry for his sister that grows like a beanstalk in his stomach. The nausea brings to crawl through his throat, itching to escape, and he digs his fingers into the table to center himself, clear his brain.
Yet he can’t.
Immediately Y/N’s fingers fall around her sword and she swings it at Malekith without thinking, being forced to stumble back more as he enters in further. They begin in a fierce fight, and Loki feels just the tiniest bit relieves when Y/N’s blows get sharper and she gets quicker, falling into her usual fighting style and training. She’s shaken off that initial surprise and is bringing her all.
For just a moment, a smile crosses Loki’s lips - one Mobius catches - as he is proud of his sister and her valiant moves. She is doing well, sure to beat him, when the unthinkable happens: the Dark Elf that Loki had given the directions to bursts inside and comes up from behind Y/N, grabbing her roughly and pinning her back. In seconds, the fight turned on her, since as she struggles against the Dark Elf’s unmatchable strength, Malekith rips her sword from her hand, pointing her own sword at her.
Loki stills, dread and horror flooding his body. His knuckles turn white as he digs his nails into his fresh, mind racing a million different directions.
Malekith raises her sword, pressing it against the tip of Y/N’s throat. She stares at him and ceases struggling against the Dark Elf, going as still as a stature. Loki watches intently, fear coursing through him for his sister - her life. 
Then, Malekith smirks and swiftly lowers the sword, enjoying having installed fear in her. He turns to the illusion of Jane and in quick strides is standing in front of her. He goes to get the aether but then freezes, realizing he’s been tricked. 
In a sudden change of mood, he turns back to Y/N. “WHERE IS SHE?” He yells, cheeks heating up and spit flying from his tongue.
Y/N does not say anything. She forms her lips into a tight line, only her eyes holding emotion: defiance, determination, passion. She won’t give in. Loki is proud of his younger sister, but wishes she could spare herself harm. 
Malekith’s cheeks return to his normal color and his eyes lose its anger, but he carries fury, reels it into his body instead of at Y/N, and quickly raises his fist, smacking Y/N in the face and knocking her unconscious. 
Loki raises from his chair, his force kicking it back, and glares at the screen. He’s too angry to even form words when he sees the Dark Elf carelessly pick his sister up and throw her over her shoulder like she’s nothing - when she’s everything. To him. To Asgard. 
“Bring her back to Svartálfheim. I’ll use her as leverage to get the aether,” Malekith orders. 
“NO!” Loki screams, raw with emotion as he brings his fists forcefully down on the table, sending the other objects flying. He pants with his entire body, needing to get to his sister, to save her, to stop this. 
But Mobius pauses the film and turns to Loki, oddly calm. “What makes you do the evil that you do?” He asks, ignoring what just happened. 
Loki turns to Mobius. “WHERE IS SHE? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?” He screams. 
Mobius did not expect such a reaction. He didn’t except for Loki to care so much about his sister. “Loki-” He begins to stay, still calm. 
Loki interrupts him with a seething tone. The words leave his lips like they are the most important golds and riches in the world. “You need me. That’s why you kept me from returning to the ‘sacred timeline’. I’ll help you - but only if you help me save my sister first.” 
Mobius frowns and steps forward. “That’s not how it works. Once you two return to the sacred timeline and the one where your sister is freed gets reset-” he says. Loki interrupts him again. 
“Or you can continue struggling with whatever threatens you until it conquers you. It must be bad if you turn to a criminal for help, and it must be big if you need an Asgardian,” Loki points out. 
Silence fills the air for a few beats. A stare contest breaks out. Until Mobius relents. “Fine. Have it your way.”
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who would win in a fight: Loki or Perry :3
but now that the series has come out, I think I have to rectify my response.
I think it would depend on why they're fighting. I think Loki probably could win if he tried hard enough. If Perry really gave him a reason for it, he could squash the little dude like a bug. He is magic, after all. But at the same time, Perry is really good at not getting dead. He wouldn't necessarily be good with the offense -- he can't just hit Loki in the face a few times until he presses a button and puts a stop to their fight like he does with Doof -- but I think with his speed, size, and quick thinking, he'd be good at staying out of the way. That could end one of three ways.
1) Loki beats him anyway; it just takes a while
2) Loki decides it's not worth the effort and he has more important things to do; they both go their separate ways
3) It's an OWCA-sponsored fight. They probably saw Loki doing something he shouldn't and sent their best agent to stop him. Neither Perry nor Loki has any stake in this fight, and tbh, they're both pretty interested in their foe. It's pretty clear that Loki does like to hear himself talk, even if he disagrees, so while it's not quite like fighting Doof, there's a lot of information being exchanged while they fight. Loki personally has no quarrel with the blue/gree beaver-duck, so he'd want to know why said beaver-duck has one with him. Somehow OWCA would be brought up -- not in as many words; Loki does have to base this all off body language -- and he decides he's interested in this secret organization. That could either end with Loki overtaking or destroying all of OWCA, or he could take a look around and they part amicably. (Even if he was legally an animal and he was offered a position, I don't think there's even a slim chance he'd join. OWCA exists purely to stop the chaos that Loki loves to inflict. He only joined the TVA because they threatened his life; OWCA has no such power, nor do they have a charming agent who would take a special interest in him.)
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Please tell me I’m not the only one not thrilled by the Timekeepers again being described as lizards overlooking things. I may be very early in my catching stereotypes, racism, and antisemitism journey…but that is a bit on the nose.
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dippyflesh · 4 days ago
Will you let me know next week if that is Enchantress cause i'd love to see her in a story that's not about how obsessed with Thor she is
I have a feeling they’re gonna wait until the very last second of the show to tell
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thewintersoldiersbutt · 4 days ago
Okay here’s my top two theories mostly around the judge lady (I can’t remember her name rn)
The time keepers don’t actually exist and she’s in control of the ~sacred timeline~
The time keepers maybe do actually exist and she’s helping variant Loki take them down
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kawaiijellymonster · 4 days ago
Issues I have with Loki 2021
1) wtf is going on with the multiverse??? Didn't Doctor Strange pretty much say that the multiverse exists and that he can do whatever the fuck he wants with it??? didn't he live through or see billions of possible futures, are you telling me that the timekeepers had no issue with that? Isn't the new doctor strange movie literally called "multiverse of madness"? However, Loki show is basically saying "hypothetically there is a multiverse, but these lizard fucks didn't like it so they turned it into one universe and if you fuck with it we kill you" (sounds paradoxical to me)
2)They are basically saying that Loki was born to die. They said that they killed dozens of Loki's who did any number of different things, looked and acted differently with a range of abilities and desires and that every single one of them did something they weren't supposed to and got killed for it. It's like saying that Loki isn't worth anything unless he's a means to an end and at that end, he needs to die. Sure he's valuable in setting up characters to be in different places etc, but he is always destined to die. Any attempt at living (via becoming a variant) will ultimately result in him dying anyway; forever a sidekick. Which is shitty and tragic and the worst kind of "welp it's just tragic, but whatever"
3) Tied into number 2, it perpetuates this same thing that marvel keeps doing over and over again. Which is basically having a character grow into a shitty person (bc shit circumstances and desperation) and then having them spend forever trying to be better, and then killing them right on the cusp of having a happy ending. They did it over and over, with Tony, Natasha, Loki, Gamora, and Quicksilver (probably more but those are the ones off the top of my head). They spend years trying to grow and develop to wipe the red of their ledgers and they never get a happy ending. I really hate it because it perpetuated the idea that humans are stagnant, that they can't improve. It declares that no matter who you try to become and the effort you put into it, you're no better than your lowest point and you don't deserve better.
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your-tinysuperhero · 4 days ago
Not gonna spoil anything but this recent episode of Loki gives me regressor Loki vibes just because of certain things he does but it's adorable and It gives me so many ideas for him ☺
Tumblr media
I was thinking the exact same thing!! This episode just proved that Løkī is 100% a sweet, darling baby boy that needs all the hugs and cuddles!
I'm glad I wasn't the only one this episode gave tons of ideas to and I can't wait to see what you create with the ideas you have! (I may or may not already have a multi-part story about Regressor!Løkī in the works cause of how many ideas it gave me! 🤭)
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qwanderer · 4 days ago
Second episode of the Loki show watched!
Still loving it!
It's still rocking that dark-psychological-White-Collar-with-time-travel vibe I've been digging
I don't (yet) have the urge to make a second epic parallel graphic before I even finished the one from the first episode so that's good
I think a lot of that is how it's leaning more heavily on comics lore this time
And I just !!! The broken-horned goddess my love!!!
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