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#loki feels
terranatior · 3 hours ago
Listen I am sorry that I’m back on this bullshit but Loki + Early MCU was my biggest hyperfocus in Middle and High School and it’s nice to have content I actually enjoy from it again 
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iamnmbr3 · 8 hours ago
From the Loki Official Twitter Account: 
Tumblr media
Loki in Thor 2011: Refers to himself as a monster and a stolen relic and then attempts suicide due to feeling that he will never be able to win his family’s love or approval 
Loki in Avengers 2012: Says he remembers being a shadow and is so obviously lacking in conviction that even Colson can tell 
But go off I guess about how Loki’s so arrogant and self confident. Who cares about canon when you have a joke to make (at Loki’s expense of course) and an iconic character to retcon?
Also gotta love how this contradicts these interviews from when Avengers 2012 was released:
"He doesn’t want revenge so much as identity. Belonging. Purpose. Self-esteem." 
“[He had] to survive a very, very frightening and precarious existence"
And the show is supposed to pick up right after Avengers. Loki at this point sure doesn’t sound like someone who has a ton of self esteem and arrogance and belief in himself....
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 8 hours ago
Do you think that all of the trauma that Loki has gone through will even be outright addressed and recognized, at least by Thor/the avengers?
I wanted to wait until the second episode to answer this, because I wanted to make sure I had a good idea of where the show looked like it was gonna go before finalizing my thoughts--and then life happened so I got delayed. Thanks for waiting!
After episode one, there were essentially two options available to the show. Firstly, they could have kept Loki's past as a more prevalent theme, with the footage of Prime!Loki serving as the opening into exploring the trauma Loki had experienced with Thanos. Or, secondly, they could do what they actually did, and used the footage as an unofficial wrap-up of the Prime!Loki's timeline (since they moved beyond it in episode two, making only a small reference to Ragnarok without delving deeply into it).
Because of that, I would say no, it's unlikely we're going to see Loki's trauma explored super deeply--certainly the Avengers and Thor will not acknowledge it. That would be going backwards, bringing back characters from a chapter we've already closed; this series wants to push Loki forward. This means breaking new ground and giving Loki new experiences (and perhaps, new traumas--but I don't think so).
Now to be clear, I fully believe the Loki series is going to be about Loki healing. That's part of bringing his character forward--Loki has never been allowed the chance to heal before, never had the space to process his emotions like he did in episode one, never had, really, the chance to grow. He was, as Mobius said, both in-universe and from a larger MCU writing perspective, simply there to allow other people to achieve the best versions of themselves; this precluded him from really having space to do that himself. Now, he finally has that opportunity: he's out from under the shadow of Thanos, and instead of being imprisoned and eventually killed, he has an unknown future ahead of him. He's learning to be free. He even has a bit of hope. That's the thing the series is going to focus on, because Loki as a character needs to grow and to change in a positive way in order to be reintegrated into the MCU. He can't be a copy-paste of who he was, obviously, but we also can't spend too much time dwelling on who he had been, because it won't make for a series that feels new or a lead character that can carry a show.
Additionally, letting Loki grow without getting explicit apologies or acknowledgement from the people in his past sends a message that I think it's good for us to hear. I'm someone who relates to Loki a lot, and it's nice to be reminded that even if the people who have hurt me never see the error of their ways and never give me that closure, I do not need to be defined by that. I have a future and can grow without them, because I am strong enough to do so. To use Loki's words: "You do not get to decide how my story ends!" I think often we are too reliant on others to make amends that we lose that ability to mend ourselves. And it's nice to see a message--unintentional or no--that encourages me to believe I have a future of my own.
So long story short: for as much as I'd like to see it, no, I don't think Loki's trauma will be directly acknowledged. We may see it mentioned or even get a few scenes á la episode one that explore it slightly, but ultimately, the series is more interested in finally growing Loki than they are in diving into the previously-underutilized background they had already given him. And for the show to succeed, that's kind of what they have to do--so, for as clumsy as it feels at times, I'm actually happy they're doing this. I loved Loki as he was, but I am hopeful that we'll have even more to love as the series goes on!
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imtootiredallthetime · 10 hours ago
*marvel executive voice* so yeah, uh, actually Loki is... *squints at smudged writing on hand* a gender liquid person
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aruellelite · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
yeah, it me, you might wanna block 'Loki series spoilers' because it's gonna get NUTS up in here
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obiuswobius · 14 hours ago
the loki series ends with loki and mobius riding into the sunset on a jet ski. i simply will not accept any other ending
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splinteredself · 16 hours ago
ok but the thing is... I am... invested in the plot... I want to know what the Variant's deal is... I want to know if and how the bombed timelines are going to be fixed... I want to know what Loki and the Variant are going to do together... I want to know how Mobius will catch up to Loki... for the first time in forever I am not watching a thing because I'm unhealthily attached to the characters but because the show is cool.......... wow
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moranslawyer · 17 hours ago
two things real quick: 1) why do i have the feeling loki is about to do something? and 2) "of course he's a threat" and "why is it the people you can't trust are always saying 'trust me'"...just that entire conversation honestly
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icyxmischief · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
    “Wait, wait. Permit me.”
Tumblr media
      “Understand that--unless you are one of my children-- if I could be unconscious through every single culture’s celebration of fathers, I would elect to be, invariably. So do not wish me a ‘happy’ anything of the sort.” 
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stxrmurdottir · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
honestly there’s probably only like 10% Thrud’s dad in her & that’s mostly her temper.   Pretty sure the rest of the 90% is Loki influenced & just being absolutely   #DONE
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worstloki · a day ago
it's not that I need the loki show to just be super grim and serious and only take on the heavy aspects of his character. but this just feels too silly. Loki can be fun! Part of what I liked about him was how fun he was. he has some of the funniest lines in the MCU in TDW + Avengers. but he also has depth and is also important to me bc of his story with trauma. I liked that combination. even if they went with the more fun stuff I want it to b like dark world not silly kids stuff like this </3
i get that if you pay attention there's dark undertones but i would prefer them pushing those forward a bit more too
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fagotry · a day ago
lol white woman all look the same. when i saw loki ep 2 i thought the variant was captain marvel and not like someone else lol
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overcoatangel · a day ago
Has no one giffed Sylvie's little good bye wave yet? What is happening
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zeldawarhol · a day ago
tva: what do you think we’re paying you for?
mobius: you don’t pay me. we don't even exist. we’re just a clever visual metaphor used to personify the abstract concept of time.
tva: one more crack like that and you’re out of here!
mobius: no! please! i have three kids!
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Love, Monsters & Mischief
Chapter 11: Double the Trouble
When Doctor Doom abducts Hawkeye and Captain America, it sets off an unstoppable roller coaster of events for the Avengers.
An impostor, unrequited love, power outages, arc reactor mishaps, super villain scheming, Hulk rampages, Deadpool tirades, wedding proposals, and a very unexpected new addition to the family all feature as the heroes do their best to weather the storm of Love, Monsters & Mischief!
(This is The Big One—our Marvel fic from back in the day, now lightly revised and ready for the world to read at last! The finished fic will be 90+ chapters (not a typo), with at least two chapters posted each week. ♥)
Rated Mature, will be at least 475k, Stony, Thorki, Hulkeye, Spideypool, Eventual DevilSpideyPool, Loki & Bruce Banner Friendship, Steve Rogers & Thor Friendship, Implied/Referenced Sex, Magical Mpreg, Pregnant Loki, Fluff and Angst, Domestic Avengers, Plot Twists, Friendship/Love, Emotional Baggage, Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Feels, Everyone Is Gay, Steve And Tony Are Basically Peter’s Adopted Parents, Genderfluid Loki, Daniel Way Deadpool, Teen Peter Parker, Blood and Injury, Hurt Tony, Hurt Loki, Hurt Clint, Protective Thor, Protective Steve, Arc Reactor Issues, Norse Mythology Loki Lore, Guilty Tony, Guilty Loki, Angst Muffin Peter, Tired Bruce, Supervillains, Polyamory Negotiations, Marriage Proposal, Step-Sibling Incest, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling & Snuggling, Everyone Needs A Hug, Longfic
Chapter 11 is here on AO3!
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Tumblr media
Campout Chaos: A Couple of Secrets
Chapter 8: Searching Blind
Secretly engaged Steve and Tony take half of the Avengers on a weekend camping trip, planning to reveal their engagement to the team one person at a time.
The weekend rapidly derails, though, when they find that their sort-of son Peter is camping up the hill with his new boyfriend, nefarious super villain Loki is camping just across the water, and there might be a lake monster on the loose…
New chapters Mondays and Fridays! ♥
Rated Teen, will be at least 30k, Established Secret Stony, Established Secret DevilSpideyPool, Eventual Hulkeye, Eventual Thorki, Clint & Hulk Friendship, Domestic Avengers, Hijinks & Shenanigans, Light Angst, Fluff And Humor, Secret Relationship, Secret Engagement, Mutual Pining Thorki, Snarky Human Disaster Clint Barton, Unscarred Wade Wilson, Teen Peter Parker, Unrequited Love, Steve and Tony Are Peter’s Parental Figures, Peter Is Eighteen, Deadpool Being Deadpool, Tired Grumpy Injured Clint, Thor and Loki In Modern Clothes
Chapter 8 is here on AO3!
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