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616-buckycap · 35 minutes ago
Part Twenty of The Fixers
Tumblr media
A part of Luna didn’t want to leave Asgard as it was a beautiful place when she first arrived. Another part of her was glad to leave because it didn’t look very beautiful now. There were fires everywhere and the main palace was just a large heap of rubble.
“I must stay here,” Thor said, “and find Hel and Loki.”
Luna felt terrible then; during Ragnarok, Thor was going to fight a giant snake.
Both would lose.
However, maybe it wouldn’t happen.
“We’ll keep an eye out for him,” Steve said.
“Thank you. See you soon,” Thor said.
Luna then teleported them to the airship.
Unfortunately, Loki was sitting in the pilot seat, drinking a beer.
“Well, this is awkward,” he said, burping. He laughed a little too loudly.
He was drunk.
Great, Luna thought to herself, we have a drunk god in our airship.
“Where’s Katherine?” Luna asked Loki.
He smiled at her.
“She’s-she’s with Hel. I think. I don’t know, I just decided to see what you’re travelling in. This is a very nice place. Can I stay?”
“No. You should leave,” Bucky said sternly.
Loki laughed. He stood up, swaying quite a bit as he walked over to Bucky, who had to look up at him.
“You think you’re so tough with your muscles and your fighting skills, but you’re actually tiny. You’re like a little, um, what’s the word? A little toy? Is that it? Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? You’re like a little toy.”
Bucky frowned a little at that.
“Look,” Clint said, “please leave.”
“But I want to stay!” Loki protested like a small child.
There was something underneath the protest that made Luna feel uneasy. What was it that Loki had told her in the cave; don’t take everything he said at face value?
“Why do you want to stay?” Steve asked.
“Because I want to help you,” Loki snapped.
“Help us with what?” Natasha asked.
“With whatever it is that you do.”
“I’m sorry,” Sam said, “but you’re the God of Mischief. Why should we trust you?”
“Because I helped your witch.”
Everyone turned to stare at Luna.
“Did he?”
“Of course he did. He gave me a dagger.”
Luna pulled out the golden dagger from her sheath, and everyone gasped.
“Why didn’t you tell us this earlier?” Sam asked.
“Well, we did end up in a spot of bother,” Luna smiled.
“There’s one more thing I forgot to mention; I know someone who can get your familiar back to you.”
“That’s not possible.”
“It is,” Loki said, smiling at Luna. “If you know where to find a witch who will do it. And I just happen to know the exact person.”
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themarvelbunch · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
welcome to my wips page! this just gives you an idea of works i have in progress or what’s in the works! you may also fill out my tag list form here! 
Tumblr media
bucky barnes x reader 
° falling slowly | you have suffered enough and warred with yourself, it’s time that you’ve won 
° C H R O M A T I C | two soldiers, one soulmate
We only see in black and white until we meet our soulmate- only then do we see life in living color. Y/N Y/L/N and Steve Rogers are to be married, despite both of them still seeing in black and white. That is until Y/N finally meets Steve’s best friend on their wedding day. | a soulmate au directly inspired by the video series by tiktok creator serenaivory. i’ve been given permission to expand on this concept and write my version of this story. 
Tumblr media
loki laufeyson x reader
° i don’t know how to love him | if he said he loved me, i’d be lost, i’d be frightened 
° orpheus | don’t stop trying to find me here amidst the chaos 
Tumblr media
steve rogers/bucky barnes/sam wilson (no reader insert) 
° F U L L  H O U S E | a light is waiting to carry you home
Steve Rogers is a newly widowed father of three girls, Margaret, Emilia, and seven month old Grace. Outnumbered by his daughters, Steve enlists the help of his best friends Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Sam and Bucky are in for a wakeup call when they realize what life is like living with three girls under the age of 10. The adjustment to life without Peggy is difficult, but Steve wouldn’t be anywhere near the father he is without Sam and Bucky.
want to be tagged when these projects come out? please fill out this form!! 
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marvelsamwilson · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Loki found a familiar face lurking inside the TVA offices
Happy Birthday @psychoticgirl​! 
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ladylucylove · 7 hours ago
Loki x Mobius || Let Me Follow
If I'm being honest, this wasn't the easiest video to make. But I want to stick to my goal of a video per episode with this series, so I'm happy to have made something regardless!
I also just love seeing Loki and Mobius together ❤
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i-dreamed-i-had-a-son · 8 hours ago
Do you think that all of the trauma that Loki has gone through will even be outright addressed and recognized, at least by Thor/the avengers?
I wanted to wait until the second episode to answer this, because I wanted to make sure I had a good idea of where the show looked like it was gonna go before finalizing my thoughts--and then life happened so I got delayed. Thanks for waiting!
After episode one, there were essentially two options available to the show. Firstly, they could have kept Loki's past as a more prevalent theme, with the footage of Prime!Loki serving as the opening into exploring the trauma Loki had experienced with Thanos. Or, secondly, they could do what they actually did, and used the footage as an unofficial wrap-up of the Prime!Loki's timeline (since they moved beyond it in episode two, making only a small reference to Ragnarok without delving deeply into it).
Because of that, I would say no, it's unlikely we're going to see Loki's trauma explored super deeply--certainly the Avengers and Thor will not acknowledge it. That would be going backwards, bringing back characters from a chapter we've already closed; this series wants to push Loki forward. This means breaking new ground and giving Loki new experiences (and perhaps, new traumas--but I don't think so).
Now to be clear, I fully believe the Loki series is going to be about Loki healing. That's part of bringing his character forward--Loki has never been allowed the chance to heal before, never had the space to process his emotions like he did in episode one, never had, really, the chance to grow. He was, as Mobius said, both in-universe and from a larger MCU writing perspective, simply there to allow other people to achieve the best versions of themselves; this precluded him from really having space to do that himself. Now, he finally has that opportunity: he's out from under the shadow of Thanos, and instead of being imprisoned and eventually killed, he has an unknown future ahead of him. He's learning to be free. He even has a bit of hope. That's the thing the series is going to focus on, because Loki as a character needs to grow and to change in a positive way in order to be reintegrated into the MCU. He can't be a copy-paste of who he was, obviously, but we also can't spend too much time dwelling on who he had been, because it won't make for a series that feels new or a lead character that can carry a show.
Additionally, letting Loki grow without getting explicit apologies or acknowledgement from the people in his past sends a message that I think it's good for us to hear. I'm someone who relates to Loki a lot, and it's nice to be reminded that even if the people who have hurt me never see the error of their ways and never give me that closure, I do not need to be defined by that. I have a future and can grow without them, because I am strong enough to do so. To use Loki's words: "You do not get to decide how my story ends!" I think often we are too reliant on others to make amends that we lose that ability to mend ourselves. And it's nice to see a message--unintentional or no--that encourages me to believe I have a future of my own.
So long story short: for as much as I'd like to see it, no, I don't think Loki's trauma will be directly acknowledged. We may see it mentioned or even get a few scenes á la episode one that explore it slightly, but ultimately, the series is more interested in finally growing Loki than they are in diving into the previously-underutilized background they had already given him. And for the show to succeed, that's kind of what they have to do--so, for as clumsy as it feels at times, I'm actually happy they're doing this. I loved Loki as he was, but I am hopeful that we'll have even more to love as the series goes on!
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loving-all-for-loki · 11 hours ago
Voiceless Love: Chapter One
New Beginnings
Bucky x reader, Loki x reader
Warnings: fluff
Word Count: 1513
AN: This is going to be a shorter one, but the next chapters will be much longer. Thank you for being patient while I set the scene.
Tag List: @caffeineoverloadandstudying
“Rise and shine, boys." Fury announced. He had gathered everyone into the meeting room in an 'emergency call'. 
“Do we have to do this at 4 a.m?” Natasha complains.
“Yes, now listen. About three weeks ago, S.H.I.E.L.D took notice of this girl in Indiana and saw some strange things happening around her. They looked deeper into it and realized she could be a new asset to the team. They recruited her and informed her of what’s going to happen, so with no further adieu, I’d like for you all to meet the newest avenger, Y/N L/N. 
You walk into the meeting room with terror in your eyes. Steve and Tony recognized your fear and gave you gentle smiles. Banner waved along with Thor and Natasha. The rest simply said hi. Loki and Bucky however had given her more of a stoic look, one filled with wonder and intrigue.
“Y/N will be joining you all from now on, please make her welcome.” Fury announced. He then slid your member folder over to Tony to look at. Upon reading the file, he noticed in small handwriting near important information: selective mute. Tony looked up and met eyes with Steve who gave him a quizzical look. He circled the writing and slid the file over to Steve who saw the same thing. 
Tony stands up and walks over to you, placing a hand on her shoulder.
“I’ll show you your room,” he says with a gentle smile.
The two leave the room and silently walk through the hallways. Tony kept looking over to you, wondering what would have made this girl like this. You catch him staring and he quickly looks away, but you can’t help but feel off. The looks from the billionaire are unsettling, almost unwanted. 
“You’re going to love it here.” He says, “Everyone is nice, except maybe Reindeer Games, but you can ignore him.”
He looks down at Y/N and sees her smile. There's a sense of accomplishment in making her smile, hoping he can break down her walls a little and make her more comfortable. 
“You’ll love Steve and Bucky, they’re gentlemen. Natasha is nice behind her tough exterior and I don’t think Bruce could have a tough exterior if he tried.
Y/N looks at Tony and silently chuckles, her walk starting to become less alarmed and stiff.
“Thor is just a giant puppy, so don’t let his energy intimidate you,” he chuckles.
They get to the end of the hall where Y/N’s room is. He stops in front of it and opens the door for her.
“Here’s your room. I don’t know how much Fury told you about this Tower or us, but my room is across the hall and Steve is right next door. Feel free to come to us anytime if you need help or have questions. We also have an A.I. system named Jarvis. Normally we would speak to him for assistance, but in your case, I’ll start working on a tablet for you to have a way to type to him.”
You walk into the room and look around. There’s a great big bed, an empty bookcase, and a small desk. Turning around to look at Tony, who is smiling at the whimsical girl, you walk back to him and give him a tight hug around his waist. 
“I take this as a thank you?” You nod your head, making Tony lightly chuckle and hug you back. “I'm sure you have some boxes of your stuff? I can help you move it.”
Nodding your head again, the two walk towards the elevator to find Steve and Thor walking out with boxes in their hands.
“I assume these are hers?” Steve says, “ The receptionist called and said there were moving boxes being dropped off.”
They look over to you and you nod her head. You take some of the boxes from Steve’s hands and walk back towards the hallway. Steve and Thor look at Tony and let out a little shrug before they follow the Y/H/C hair girl. 
“How long do you think it’ll take for her to warm up to us?” Steve whispers.
“I’m not sure. If I’ve learned anything from midgardians, they can be very stubborn and closed off.”
“You just learned that from Bucky didn’t you?”
“It only took me two minutes with that man to learn something.”
They enter the room, but Y/Np pushes them out quickly.
“Wait Y/N, don’t you want your-”
You grab the boxes from Thor and set them down yourself before grabbing the rest from Steve. You close the door on the boys without smiling or any kind of thanks. Steve, puzzled, goes to find Tony. 
He finds Tony in the lab working on a suit for Y/N. Papers are all over the places of images of her doodled all over. It’s similar to Natasha's suit but more angelic and wings made of blades.
“These are cool designs.” Steve states.
“Yeah, I’m trying to make something based on her powers and the file Fury gave me.”
“What are her powers?”
“She was infused with some kind of fluid meant for someone else when she was little and it healed her but gave her healing powers. There’s not a lot on the record, but from what I gathered, she didn’t choose it nor did she know what happened until like three years ago when she noticed her car accident wounds healed on their own.”
“That’s strange.”
“I think it was some kind of superhuman juice like the kind they gave you.”
Steve remembers that day like it was yesterday, the way everyone looked at him in awe, but to not have known that happened to you and everyone looking at you like a freak must have been a different feeling.
“Why are you here?” Tony questions.
“I was wondering if there was anything in her file about behaviors. When Thor and I tried to help her move, she wouldn’t let us into her room.”
“Maybe she has something to do with privacy, did you ever think about that?”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’m probably overthinking it.”
Hours pass by and the sun goes down. Feeling restless and unsettled, you start to unpack her boxes more. Photos of your family and friends from high school, stuffed animals, plants. Knowing it will never feel like home hurts. You'd give everything to go home, even your spot on the avengers.
You spread her blankets out along your bed. Being used to a twin-sized bed, it’s funny to see the small blankets on the queen-sized bed. She chuckles to herself, letting out a little whimper.
“It’s good to hear you, Y/N.”
You get freaked out by the unknown voice. Looking around, there's no one in the room or the doorway. 
“Sorry to scare you, Y/N. I am J.A.R.V.I.S. A pleasure to meet you.”
Not knowing how to talk to it, You leave it alone and don’t respond. Fearing the sound of an unknown intelligence is scary and makes you wonder if anyone can hear the conversations it has like maybe Tony has some kind of audio peeping tom headset.
After unpacking all of her things, your stomach rumbles. You debate about leaving your room and getting a snack until another rumble from your stomach settles the debate. You carefully open the door, trying to not make a sound and wake up Tony across from her. No one lurks in the hallway, so you quickly grab her blanket and sprint down the hallways towards the kitchen. 
The light is off in the main room. You struggle to see anything and almost run into the island counter while trying to find the cabinets with the snacks. You silently open every bottom drawer, but none of them are filled with snacks. Not being able to quite reach the top cabinets, you climb on top of the counter and go through them to find a box of Cheez-its in one.
Wondering who would even eat Cheez-its in this team, you start munching on them while sitting on the counter, your legs swinging off the side. Surely, it had to be Banner who ate these because everyone else looks too much like a gym junkie to eat something like these, except maybe Thor. He seems like a snacker.
Jumping at the sound of a low, but gentle voice coming out of the dark, you look around but don't see anyone, so carefully you hop down from the counter and cautiously walk toward the hallway while facing the main room.
“Oh, sorry I just realized you can’t see me in the dark,” the voice chuckles. The voice comes out of the darkness and reveals a long brown-haired man with a metal arm, “Nice to meet you, I’m Bucky.”
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allrhodesleadtoeden · 14 hours ago
Chapters: 5/? Fandom: Loki - Fandom, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies), Marvel Rating: Not Rated Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Loki (Marvel)/Reader, Loki (Marvel) & Reader Characters: Loki (Marvel), Mobius M. Mobius, Original Female Character(s), Hunter B-15 (Marvel), Ravonna Lexus Renslayer Additional Tags: Loki x Reader - Freeform, TVA, Loki series, Expectations, Loki / Reader - Freeform, Loki - Freeform, Self-Insert, Time Variance Authority (Marvel), loki laufeyson - Freeform, Avenger Loki (Marvel), i wrote this for me but you can read it if you want, Loki variant, Ravonna Renslayer, B-15, C-20, loki x you - Freeform Summary:
You thought Loki was dead (for real this time), but suddenly he's right in front of you and a strange man asks you to fix time with them.
*based on my excitement for the now-released Loki show and will be continued as episodes air - aka SPOILERS for the Loki series!!!*
Tumblr media
This will be the last chapter before the new episode, but don’t worry, it’s really long. I hope you enjoy it and as always, ALL FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!!!
Tag list: @powerpuffluuvv​
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poetic-fiasco · 14 hours ago
hello!!!! can i request a Loki one shot? prince loki and Cinderella reader? with all the fluff and glass slippers? ur stories are so good! I love them so much ur one of my favorite blogs!!
🥺 I can't even begin to say what this means to me love. Thank you! I've been working on this just for you lovely. I hope you enjoy it!
Magical Intervention Rated teen and up
Loki and Reader(Cinderella unnamed)
Tumblr media
@frostbitten-written @xlehukax @theatrelove3000 @myraiswack @sheris532 @lokissorceress @sllooney @jobean12-blog @mooncat163 @jewels2876 @lokis-little-wh0re @imnotrevealingmyname @lucywrites02 @kellatron55 @shiningloki @carryonmywaywardbucky @onesmokinbabe @one-wandering-spirit @plastic-heart @divine-library @startrekkingaroundasgard @blindtaleteller @caffiend-queen @villainousshakespeare @myoxisbroken @gaitwae @maiden-of-asgard
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littlemortals · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Do y’all think that the sister could be the time keepers in Loki? Cause that’s what I’m thinking, of course this is just my own thinking but it matches to the Loki series pretty well:)
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buckyownsmylife · 17 hours ago
I’ll see you in my dreams - Loki smut
The one where Loki has erased all of your thoughts in an effort to fill them with him and only him.
Warnings: dubcon, sort of amnesiac reader, soft!dark!loki, unprotected sex, reference to past sexual activities, cum, cum eating, dirty talk, a hell of a lot of praise, oral sex (f), p in v, love confessions, breeding kink, implicit references to kidnapping
Word count: 1.2k
A/N: this fic is intended to be some sort of follow-up to my first Loki smut, Burn. It can still be easily understood without previous knowledge of that one, though, as it is almost exclusively pwp.
Tumblr media
Something in my dreams woke me up with a startle. I sat up on the bed before I even realized I was awake at all. It took me a while to get my breathing in control, but when it did, the hand over my heart enclosed around my own naked breast and I looked down to see that with the sheet pooled around my waist, it was clear that I was completely bare.
I didn’t like sleeping naked. Did I? For whatever reason, I couldn’t remember. Even if my first instinct was to reject the feeling of the cold silk against my sweaty skin, the longer I considered it, the more uncertain I was of my true opinion on the subject.
I never got the chance to worry too much about it, though - an uncomfortable stickiness between my thighs crying out for attention. I shifted on the bed, trying to understand what it was, before finally relenting and scooping some of it with my fingers. It was white and creamy, but unlike anything that I could remember seeing before.
Not that there was that much that I remembered. But that must be because I was still sleepy, right? I was still taking some time to recognize my surroundings, the luxurious drapes that stopped any sunlight from pouring in, the soft bed that seemed too big to be only mine.
My fingers still absentmindedly explored the unknown liquid between my thighs when the door of the room slammed open, startling me again. “Just what do you think you’re doing, little dove?”
I blinked a few times, staring at the man with the raven hair, hypnotized by his beautiful green eyes. Loki, something deep inside of me recognized, and this feeling of certainty in what had been a confused state of mind up brought indescribable comfort to my soul.
“You know you’re supposed to come looking for me when you’re feeling like that,” he kept talking, unaware of the overwhelming feeling of safety that took over me at remembering him. It was only when he climbed on the bed, forcing my legs apart and taking his place between them, that I understood what he was referring to.
It became even clearer when he seized my wrist, raising my wet fingers to his mouth before enclosing them with his beautiful lips. “Just call out to me next time, darling. You know I’ll always come for you… and I’ll make you cum for me.”
I was still transfixed by the way his lips glistened as he leaned over me again, attaching them to my jaw before slowly licking his way down my throat, my breasts, until he reached my navel.
“Open up those beautiful legs, angel. Let me see you.” My hesitation only lasted a millisecond before I did just what he wanted. I didn’t feel like holding back anymore. I liked his touch on me, the way it made me feel. It was so much better than the confusion I’d felt until he appeared in the bedroom.
“You’re always so ready for me…” His smile was so beautiful when he looked at me from between my legs just before his tongue reached out and spread my lower lips. “And so delicious… Oh, Gods, what have I done to deserve you?”
I didn’t know, and I couldn’t think. Not with his mouth tasting me, exploring the most vulnerable parts of my body and soul. It felt like he was unraveling me, uncovering whatever sins I’d tried to hide just as I let him take my body with eyes, hands and lips.
I was completely his.
“Can’t believe I get to have you like this.” His confession sounded almost too personal for me to hear, and I don’t believe he intended for it to reach my ears, but it did anyway. Just before he made me cum onto his waiting mouth.
He didn’t wait any longer after he brought me to an orgasm. Pushing himself in before my walls had stopped clenching around nothing, he groaned and immediately settled on a punishing pace, like he just couldn’t help himself.
The sounds of our frantic coupling bounced off the walls, making my head spin, and it only added to the dirtiness of the act we were currently performing. “Oh, my love…” He whispered, piercing eyes lost in mine. “Fucking you is everything to me.”
I knew I felt the same. I couldn’t remember anything outside of our movements.
“You have no idea how beautiful you look right now,” he moaned, piercing eyes focused on mine, hampering my ability to focus. “But you’re always beautiful to me. You’ve always been.”
There was a peculiar sense of longing in his tone that didn’t make sense to me, but then again, not much did at that moment. All I knew was that I needed him badly, even if I didn’t understand why.
His lips captured mine once more, hips gaining speed as he drilled his member into me, again and again and again and again. I felt like I was in a dream, floating away, watching from a distance as my body responded instinctively to the man so lovingly defiling me.
“You love everything I give you,” he was almost insistent, hips as persistent as his tone. “You love me.” Unable to speak, I held onto him tightly, fingers biting on his skin as he drove into me repeatedly.
“Loki…” The name escaped my lips without me realizing or even intending to, but the second that his gaze met mine, a large smile on his face, I was grateful that I’d let it slip past my lips.
“Yes, moan my name, my love,” he coaxed, hips unrelenting in their search to meet mine. “I love hearing it fall from your lips like that, so full of devotion.” His eyes skimmed over my face, taking in my expression of bliss. “I’m devoted to you too, darling. Always.”
In this dance of body and soul that we shared, I felt stripped of all inhibitions - particularly since I couldn’t remember a single one I was supposed to have. So when he asked me to moan his name again, I did, because his was the only one I could think of.
“Would you like me to breed you?” His fingers running up and down my jaw brought me back to this moment, the one taking place right then. They moved further up so he could stroke my cheek as he waited for an answer, and maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.
All I knew was that I couldn’t hold back any longer. And perhaps Loki was aware of that, because as my scream of bliss broke the peaceful atmosphere of the room, he groaned, “Yes, my angel. Let’s ruin this bedding together, come for me,” against the shell of my ear.
And so I did. White burning bliss took over me, drowning all of my senses, leaving me only with the pleasure between my thighs, and by the time I got back to the present moment, Loki had stopped moving.
“You’re mine,” he whispered as soon as I opened my eyes, hands cradling my face, his thumb brushing against my lower lip. “All mine. Forever.”
His kiss felt like a permanent seal to his promise, never-ending and powerful. When he finally pulled away, he adjusted me so I’d lay on his chest, hand rubbing circles on my back.
“Can’t wait to wake up next to you,” he whispered as I was almost asleep. “You’re never leaving me.”
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amatasera · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
@hiddleshoneybunny @missarisanitewrites @iamthebadwolf85 @writernotwaiting @littlewomanly1 @mypreciousmind1 @incredifishface @sherekhansgirl @smittentomkitten @insanely-smart @coy00koi @goldensillydragon @pedeka @magnus-hiddleston @valumen @lokifuckyeah @larouau12 @starrynight35 @quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks @devikafernando @lokilover9 @latent-thoughts @neurotic-narwhal @samanddeanat221btardislane @lisams20 @thoughtsofthebutterflylady @the-lokis-queen @leaastf @later0varies @tomhiddleston-kikibfairy @the-insomniac-cat2 @dangertoozmanykids101 @obsessedwithloki @sultry-rachael
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lemoncielart · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
"You miss me?"
YES. WE DID. At least I did. I needed to draw some Loki!How do we feel after the first episodes?
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