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carlos-sk0 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
no because if I was doctor stranger I would just quit. Wanda AND loki??? 
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brightredsunset800 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Saw this as a reply to Marvel India’s question of what to ship Loki and Mobius and ICEBERG LETTUCE IS PERFEEEECT!!!! 😭😭😭😭
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barrysimpparker · an hour ago
This house does not and will not support anything more of Disney until they fucking sort theirselves out and not steal a whole fucking NORSE GOD from a whole group of people because of their original character based upon a real life deity. I don’t give two shits if you support those people or their religion, this isn’t right. At all. In any capacity.
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poison-cas-rat-way · an hour ago
mobius ran straight to loki, and stopped when he saw that loki couldn’t decide. the way he looked at him, silently pleading for him to stay,, and how loki hesitated,, wanting to be with him,, and how mobius wanted to stay with loki at the start,,,
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poison-cas-rat-way · an hour ago
mobius 100% thought loki was gonna kiss him when he fixed his tie,,, how could he not
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earlgreydream · 2 hours ago
| dark!loki x reader | angst | smut |
anon requested. Loki’s dramatic ass returning to Midgard to pull some shit again and Thor coming to Midgard with Loki’s spouse in hopes that they can put an end to his shenanigans before he starts hurting everyone
a/n: I’ve been getting asks for more badass y/n…
cw: slapping, angst, edging, orgasm denial, domme!reader, degradation 
Tumblr media
He was gone. 
You felt like you were back in 2012, watching Loki descend to Midgard in hopes of returning as the king of another realm. 
After Thor was crowned king of Asgard, Loki starved for rule. In his mind, he was entitled to a throne, royal by blood and the rightful king of somewhere. After failing to acquire Asgard’s throne, he’d decided that Midgard was the next best thing. And with Tony and Steve out of the way, he felt like he had a much better chance of capturing the human race. 
You’d woken up alone in the palace in Asgard, Loki long gone. You searched for him, your gowns sweeping the golden floors of the halls, coming up with nothing. Your husband was nowhere to be found, and a sinking realization settled in your stomach. 
You ran to your servants that guarded your suite, grabbing one by the wrist. 
“Where is Loki? What happened to him?” you snapped, hoping your fears weren’t about to come true. 
“Princess,” you corrected, your fear and anger creeping in the edge of your voice. 
“Princess Laufeyson, your husband went to the rainbow bridge in the night. He intends to travel to another realm.”
“And you let him go!?” You shouted, shaking the guard.
“I am in no position to stop Loki.”
You let go of the man, knowing he was right. Any objection and Loki would have smote him on the spot. 
You swallowed hard, turning on your heel and running for the throne room. You threw the door open, the guards moving into position to protect their king that was seated on the throne. 
“Get out of my way!” You shouted, parting the sea of golden-armored men. 
You ascended to the throne, your breath ragged in your chest, making your shoulders rise and fall erratically. 
“Y/N?” Thor stood, his brow knitting together in concern. His large hands wrapped around your arms, seeing the emotion wash over your face.
“It’s Loki. He’s gone to Midgard, he’s desperate for a throne,” you rushed out, looking up to the god for help. 
“We’ll go. We will go right now.” 
You nodded, thanking him. You didn’t know where to start. You had never been to Midgard, and you weren’t present during Loki’s first attempt at tyrannical rule. Thor was your best bet to stopping Loki before it was too late, and you weren’t one to deny help when necessary. 
“I’ll go, stay and rule in my absence,” Thor changed his mind.
“Absolutely not. Loki won’t go with you and you know it. Unless you want seven billion slaves, I’m coming with you,” you stood your ground to the god of thunder. 
The tension could’ve been sliced with a knife, everyone in the throne room holding their breath. 
“You’re right. Valkyrie,” Thor nodded at his right-hand, and she tipped her head in acknowledgement. 
You changed into armor, gold protecting your body from harm. Iridescent black fabric flowed fluidly with your movements, making you look even more like the goddess you were. You crossed the rainbow bridge with Thor, daggers strapped to your forearms, your fingertips brushing against diamond-encrusted handles.
“Can you handle this? You haven’t seen him when...”
“Don’t doubt me. I’m strong. I can handle Loki,” you sharply cut off Thor’s concern, stepping into the bifrost.
You were surrounded by skyscrapers, their lights shining through thick fog. You could feel everything-- the dirty city and the panic running through its people. 
“Where is he?” you asked, and Thor shook his head. 
“I don’t know. Let’s try the capital.” 
You were running, your feet slapping the damp pavement. You inhaled smoky air, noises of cabs flying past you, screaming in your ears. You could feel him. Loki’s magic and power surged through you like a second heartbeat. You could also feel the fear of his newfound subjects, making your nerves feel raw and your breath tight. 
“Holy shit.”
You rounded the corner, seeing Loki standing atop a flight of stairs, hundreds of trembling Midgardians on their knees before him. 
“Loki!” You screamed.
The god’s head lifted, his gaze connecting with yours. His blue eyes were blown black, making him look even more dangerous. Thor followed you to Loki’s makeshift throne, horrified at the people kneeling before the malevolent god.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” you hissed, glaring at your husband. 
“You cannot speak to me-”
“I can do whatever I want. I am not your slave, not like these people.” 
His eyes widened, and he stood up to his full height, towering over you. You didn’t back down, your body buzzing with anxiety and emotion. 
“Stand down. I am ascending my throne. It is my birthright!”
“You have no right to this realm. Leave these people and come to Asgard!” 
He raised his hands at you, and you drew the knives sheathed at your arms. 
“You will not threaten me!” Your heart was racing in your chest, your blade pressed to the base of his throat, unprotected by armor. 
“Don’t make me do this,” you breathed, staring into his eyes. 
“You will submit to me, as will these pathetic Midgardians. I wanted for you to rule at my side, but if you are to stand in my way, I will bring you to your knees,” he snarled, grabbing your wrist. 
You slid a metal circle into your palm, slapping Loki’s neck before he could react. A collar wrapped around his throat, his eyes widening in fury. His magic was useless with the TVA’s collar around his neck, and you held the key. He couldn’t fight against you, not with your power or your daggers pointed at him.
The trance on the people broke, and you felt the city exhale. Thor grabbed Loki, and the three of you headed for Asgard.
“Bring him to Valhalla,” you spoke to Thor, barely glancing at Loki. He tried to plead with you, manipulate you to remove the collar from his neck.
“No, no! Y/N you can’t just keep me in Valhalla—” Loki protested, dragged away while you stood on the rainbow bridge, the golden city laid out before you.
You wrapped your arms around yourself, staring out at your kingdom. The weight on your chest was crushing, seeing the god you loved succumbing to an evil, cruel whim. You’d heard of his past, but you believed in a brighter future. You’d been foolish, and ignored the signs of him building up to an insane entitlement.
The wind blew through your clothes, cold against your skin. You drew in a deep breath of the clean air, letting it fill your lungs.
You finally walked to the castle, the streets quiet in the night. Guards and servants bowed to you as you made your way to Valhalla.
Outside of the black doors, you excused the guards, making sure no one was around to hear you.
“Loki,” you spoke, your voice full of disappointment.
He raised his head, his bare chest heaving under the weight of his ragged breaths. He knelt naked on the floor, his wrists bound to the floor behind his back. The collar on his neck restricted his ability to escape, and he was helpless before you.
“Y/N,” he whined, his eyes clearly fearful.
“You need to be put in your place. You do not rule Asgard, or Midgard. Loki, you do not rule me.”
He sank into himself as you walked forward, stepping toward him as if he were your prey. 
“I know-”
“You do not. I will not have you threaten me with submission like some human who has fallen for your charm. I am a goddess Loki, we are equals. Right now, you will submit to me.” 
He nodded tightly, his breath strained as he struggled to breathe. You walked over, grabbing his jaw and forcing him to look up at you. Gold shimmered around you, your clothing disappearing with the magic. Loki whined, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth as he gazed up at you. 
“You’re not getting off. You will please me, then I will leave you needy here as long as I desire, until you’ve realized that you’re nothing more than a man with needs,” you hissed, your breath hot against his neck. 
Loki was cut off by you slapping him, before gripping his hair and tugging his head up. 
“You will not address me so intimately. Be silent.”
You stood over him, dragging his head between your legs. Loki didn’t need further instruction, and he was determined to please you, in hopes of getting out of the torture you planned for him. 
His skilled mouth worked at your sex, his tongue sliding through your folds and teasing your clit before fucking inside of you. You leaned forward, one hand flat against the wall for balance, and one hand pulling roughly on his black hair. You kicked his knees apart, preventing himself from any stimulation on his painfully hard cock. The god moaned against you, sending vibrations buzzing through your body. 
Your hips rolled forward, riding his mouth, and you pulled him tighter against you. He jerked at the chains around his wrists, longing to guide your hips as he ate you out. Electricity shot through your fingertips into his skin in warning, making Loki cry out in discomfort. 
“Just fucking get me off,” you hissed, dragging your nails down his back, leaving red lines in your wake. 
Your vision went dark, golden sparks pouring off of you as you came, your knees going weak. Your scream echoed off of the onyx halls of Valhalla, mixing with Loki’s choked cry as you yanked him off of you. 
His head fell forward, his chest heaving as he inhaled deep breaths, his face glistening from your arousal. He looked beautiful, and weak all at once. Loki’s gaze was wounded, and he jerked against his restraints fruitlessly, a silent beg for you to give him back his magic and let him touch you. 
“You’re going to stay here until every entitled desire is out of your system. If I can bring you to your knees and make you cry like a pathetic slut, you are in no shape to rule a realm.” 
Loki screamed as the heavy doors slammed shut behind you, closing the god in the tombs of the Valkyrie, powerless, needy, and restrained. 
“Do not let him out. Not until I come for him,” you ordered the guards, who nodded obediently. 
You joined Thor on the throne, draped in gold and surrounded by your subjects, kneeling for you and praising their goddess.
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aj-allen97 · 2 hours ago
In episode 2 that level 8 storm that is completely wiping that Alabama town and it’s people off the map, dosnt look too bad that the people can’t just get in a car and drive the opposite direction from the storm?
Like I’m no storm expert but, I’m seeing power still on in some buildings plus that Roxxcart superstore definitely has power, the carts in front of the store are immobile instead of skidding around, and people are easily walking around outside with no trouble - so it doesn’t look like there are too high of wind troubles???? And the school buses that transported the displaced victims to Roxxcart seem to have done a good job at getting them to Roxxcart so why not just keep driving North????
And I don’t know about you guys….but taking shelter in the superstore that is located next to the freaking ocean dosnt seem to be a great idea if the ocean is currently flooding!!?!!?
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olympials · 3 hours ago
seeing loki smiling in the new episode makes my heart go *whoooooosh*
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jhiddles · 3 hours ago
The Silver Shadow
Summary: You and Loki escape and grow closer. You reveal secrets about your past.
Word Count: 3,368
Warnings: Fluff, language, violence
Tags: @daisy116 @shadowolf993 @darkened-writer
Other Chapters: masterlist
A/N: Again I’m so sorry. Twilight is getting to me. This chapter is super long (longest yet) and is basically 3k words of fluff so enjoy. Loki and Y/N are becoming friends and falling for each other! Also, you’ll never guess what Y/N is. JK, you probably do. This fic is full of 2013 avengers tower cliches.
Tumblr media
Chapter 7: Just Tell Me What You Know
The moment was here. It was now or never. You and Loki gave each other a quick glance before green magic surged out of his hands, shattering the glass walls of the cells.
Alarms blared. The lights flashed. Chaos ensued.
“Loki, let’s split up! I’ll meet you in the alleyway” you yelled to him and ran out of the prison block. Soldiers came running, one by one, fully armed, to try and stop you. You hid behind a column on the side of the hallway. When the first one passed you, you hit him with a side hook and sent him tumbling to the ground. You grabbed his supply belt and his gun and shot him in the leg. You weren’t going to kill anyone today.
Loki had other plans. You could hear the sounds of blood splattering on the walls behind you. Soldiers with families screamed and begged for mercy. You tried to focus on your attackers and just let Loki fight his fight.
One by one, you got through the incoming soldiers, knocking them in the head and shooting them in arms or legs to disable them. You made your way to the stairwell.
“What’s happening?” Tony yelled at Steve. Some of the off-duty Avengers decided to have a game night. Tony was drunk and Clint had passed out on the sofa. Wanda and Nat were on a mission, leaving Steve as the only one sober enough to go to battle.
“Loki! Y/N! Shit!” Steve cursed, realizing who was causing the disturbance.
“Language!” Tony taunted.
“Now’s not the time, Stark.” he scolded, “Are you drunk?”
“Maybe just a little. JARVIS,” Tony hiccuped, “How bad is it?”
“Sir, Loki, and Y/N have broken out of containment and are almost to the ground floor.” the computer answered, “Although I recommend you sit this one out, sir, you are quite intoxicated.”
Ignoring JARVIS’ answer, Tony summoned his armor and attempted to fly. Instead, he lost control and nearly crashed into the window, dodging it at the last second to hit the wall and crumple down to the floor.
“Go on without me” he laughed at Steve and fell unconscious. Steve jumped into action, grabbing his shield and sprinting to the stairwell. He jumped down the middle and fell down to the bottom where you were attempting to escape.
You had fought your way to the stairwell and now had to climb up five flights of stairs to get to the ground floor. The only problem was that soldiers dressed in full battle gear were streaming down to meet you.
Instead of running up the stairs, you ran to the middle of the stairwell and shot the grappling hook you found up until it hit something and latched on. You began your ascent, shooting anyone that shot at you.
Once you felt that you were at street level, you jumped onto the stairs, latching your legs around the neck of an unfortunate soldier. You twisted around and slammed him to the ground. Not even looking back, you ran to the door. It was marked as the first floor. Though not the ground floor that would exit to street level, it would work.
You ran out into the hallway as fast as you could and sprinted to the nearest window. You ran into scientists in lab coats and professionals dressed in suits and ties but you kept on.
Come on Y/N, Come on… Just get out of here…
Then you saw it. A window. Without hesitation, you jumped through it, shattering the thick glass. You and the glass fell to the sidewalk. You rolled and paused for a moment.
I’m free!...
Steve knew he was too late the moment he got to the scene. He walked over to the prison where you and Loki had been kept to examine what happened. Somehow, he could tell where you and Loki had split up. On one side, there were soldiers shot in their limbs, unconscious, but beginning to stir. On the other, blood-stained bodies lay dead. That was where Loki went, Steve was sure.
He pressed on his comlink to notify the soldiers that it was over. He sighed in disappointment.
How were they ever going to get you back?
Trash littered the dark alleyway. Rats scurried away from their midnight meal when they saw you walking down. You made it halfway down before you felt hot air tickle your neck.
“Hello, there darling” Loki’s soft voice whispered from behind.
You turned to face him. Somehow, he had changed his clothes from the ugly yellow prison jumpsuit. He was now wearing an emerald green silk button-up shirt, a black tie, pressed black trousers, and a large black leather overcoat. He wore expensive-looking heeled boots and gold jewelry hung off of his wrists and neck. You had to admit, he looked very nice. Too nice.
“Couldn't you have worn something less conspicuous?” you asked. This was New York City and you needed to blend in.
Loki flashed his pearl white teeth at you and smiled. “Would you rather me look homeless?”
“Then I don’t see the problem,” he smirked. “Are you jealous? I have to say, that yellow still doesn’t flatter you.”
“Not all of us have magic, Loki. Some of us are still human.”
“I suppose you're right. Here you go then” He sighed and flicked his wrist. Green shimmered up your body and you were suddenly wearing normal clothes. You were dressed in a long-sleeved green dress that matched his shirt and dripping in gold jewelry. Loki stood back aways to admire his work.
“There,” he said contently, “we match now.”
You wished that he had dressed you in something more appropriate for your lifestyle. Jeans, at the very least. Still, you were thankful for his fashion tastes. The two of you matched. The average passersby would hopefully assume that you were two socialites on their way to some fancy restaurant. How wrong they would be.
You eyed him up cautiously. Why was he helping you out? Wasn’t the deal that he healed you and you helped him escape. The two of you were free. He should be on his way to wherever he wanted to go. You should be alone again and hiding in a safe house somewhere outside of the city. Y/N Y/L/N worked alone and you were desperate to keep it that way. You hadn’t had a partner since Bucky and that had gone downhill quickly.
Even if you wanted a partner, you didn’t want it to be Loki. From stories, you knew he had betrayed almost everyone. Even his family. You couldn’t take that chance. You barely knew him. He was the one who got you in trouble in the first place.
But still, there was something about Loki that made you want to stay near him. In your time locked up next to him, you had gotten used to having a God near you. The thought of splitting up felt painful. And you hated it.
“Are you okay? Y/N?” Loki asked, interrupting your thoughts. You hoped he hadn’t heard the battle your mind was having over him.
“Can I ask you something?” you said.
“Sure. What is it?” he said curiously.
“Why are you still here?”
“Would you rather me not? I thought our agreement was you would break me out, and I would continue my services as your personal healer. Haven’t I proven myself useful?”
“You have. I just-” you paused.
“What is it?”
“Nevermind. Let's just find someplace to hide.”
He offered his arm to you. You stared him in the eye before accepting. You could have sworn he was looking at you differently. The way he guided you down the alley and onto the street… he was such a gentleman.
In your close proximity, you could smell his cologne. Even after all the time in a prison cell, he still smelled expensive. Hints of pine and leather were coming through to you under a layer of burnt sugar and sweet smoke. It was intoxicating, yet comforting. You suddenly had the urge to lay your head on his chest just to bathe in it.
As you got lost in your thoughts, you almost missed the glances Loki gave you.
Y/N. That’s all Loki could think about. The girl that had given him his freedom. The girl he had dressed in his colors and was now walking down fifth avenue. There was just something about you that drew him in and was now making it impossible to let go.
Loki had loved before. He was over a thousand years old, of course, he’d loved. But none of them ever lasted. It was like he was born with a curse; everyone he cared about would either hate him or end up dead. His entire life, he had lost love after love after love, to the point where he now found it fruitless. Why bother when it wouldn’t last. It was just going to break him further anyways.
But you. Oh, how Loki needed you. From the first time, he felt your presence he wanted to make you his queen. At first, he was just attracted to your power. Now, after meeting you in the flesh, his feelings had changed, dramatically.
Loki wanted to be with you and he was willing to do anything to stay. The only thing standing between him being with you forever was you. You were just so stubborn, Loki didn’t understand. It was almost as if you didn’t trust him and were just waiting for the moment you could wiggle out from under him. Who wouldn’t? He was used to it by now. He just wished it wasn’t you that felt that way. He wanted you to love him, to trust him. To be the yin to his yang. His queen.
He got so lost in his thoughts that he almost missed your secret glances at him.
The sun was just breaking through the horizon when you found an abandoned warehouse to hide in. Graffiti painted the steel walls and pigeon droppings littered the concrete around it. All of the windows were either broken or boarded up. The only entrance was the set of double doors that were padlocked shut.
Without hesitation, Loki walked over and grabbed half of the chain in each hand. With a brute grunt, he ripped the chain in half and threw the pieces to the side. He pushed open one of the doors and held it open for you to walk in.
Such a gentleman… Absolutely not…
The inside of the warehouse was no nicer than the outside. Broken glass, trash, and bird droppings coated the concrete floors. The graffiti snaked up as high as the average human could reach and the whole building stunk like mildew and urine. Disgusted from the sharp contrast in smell between Loki and the building, you squished up your nose. Loki did the same. The way he wrinkled his nose was adorable. Inside you smiled at him. As much as he tried to project a dark psychopathic killer, there was still something inside him that you loved.
“Let’s get you somewhere to rest. Midgardian.” The first half of the sentence sounded almost caring. It was as if he threw in the insult just to sound tough. Somehow you didn’t mind.
In the end, he found some sacks of what smelled like rotten potatoes and made them up into two beds. One for you, and one for him. As he worked, you searched for something to start a fire with. You found an old oil barrel which you dragged out to be in between the beds and tore some wood off of a broken structure. Loki lit it with his magic and for a while, you watched the green flames dance around.
Loki gazed intently into the fire and looked far off in thought.
“Loki,” you whispered softly to him, waking him from his trance.
“Yes, Y/N, what is it?” he responded, equally as gentle, though slightly annoyed. You wondered what he had been thinking about. What if it was you? Your heart fluttered at the very thought.
“I-I, I don’t think you meant it when you said you enjoyed killing.”
“You don’t.” he sounded confused, yet relieved. As if someone had finally broken through his ice wall and rescued him from himself.
“No.” you shook your head, “I think you just put on a scary face to hide. I don’t think you’re a monster. Not anymore.”
“You seem genuinely kind. To me at least. That means there’s some good in you.”
“What if you’re wrong.”
“I don’t care then. The Loki that is sitting across from me is not the Loki that attacked New York.”
He smiled. A log in the fire fell sending sparks flying into the air. Was that a sign that he felt the way that you did?
“Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there lived two young princes in a faraway kingdom.”
“Is this story about you?” you asked.
“Maybe. Let me continue” Loki hushed, “The oldest brother, blond and brawny, was destined to the throne. Thus, he received all his father’s, the king, attention. He grew into a strong warrior, the best that the kingdom had ever seen since his father before him. The second brother did not share his brother’s strength. On the battlefield, it seemed, he could be easily defeated.
“So the second brother was ignored by his father. Only his mother, the queen, seemed to care for him. She was a magic-user, a witch some would call her. She taught her youngest son all she knew about magic and the universe around her. However, the son was still limited in his abilities, he yearned for knowledge and was desperate for the truth. However, he discovered early on that no one else was willing to teach him. He found that the only way to earn anyone’s attention was to create mischief.”
“Is that where you got your title, God of Mischief?” you asked.
“Yes,” he answered. “Now will you stop interrupting me?”
“What if I have a question?”
“Save it for the end.”
“The young prince played tricks on anyone foolish enough to fall into his traps. Over time, he gained the reputation of being cruel and malevolent. No one in the entire kingdom trusted him anymore. The youth, treated with such bitterness and hostility, decided that there was nothing that he could do to change their minds so he might as well just follow their lead. He would never be king. He’d never be his brother. He’d never be a hero. What else was left?
“The young prince decided that he could be a witch. He could be a villain. He could be a trickster, a schemer, the self-serving God of Chaos, and prove everyone right. Prove them all right in what they had all thought, that he was rotten from the start. He would serve no man but himself, no heart but his own. That would be his choice. He could be the witch.
“Be the witch and know everything. So that is what he chose.”
The final words of Loki’s story sent shivers down your spine. You knew that he only told you that story so you might feel some fear towards him, but none came. Instead, you found empathy towards him.
All he had known his entire life was cruelty. Of course, he was going to turn out bad. But that didn’t mean he was. Right there, you made the decision to treat Loki with nothing but kindness and respect. He deserved it after all.
“I’m so sorry Loki. The world can be cruel.”
“Isn’t it? Anyways, I’ve grown past it. Nothing people say affects me any more.”
That was a lie. You could see it in his face. You remembered the silent pain in his face when you had called him a monster, unbeknownst to his past, and was suddenly filled with regret.
I guess it’s true then… You should never judge a book by its cover…
As cliche as it sounded, you knew in your heart that it was right. Loki wasn’t a psychopath or a cold-blooded sadist. Just a fallen prince with terrible coping mechanisms.
And then suddenly, to the surprise of both Loki and yourself, you began singing to him. It wasn’t anything special, just a lullaby that you remembered someone singing to you as a young child.
Y/N is singing to me Loki thought. His heart hammered in his chest. He fought his eyes from watering and body from trembling. The song you were singing was one his mother used to sing to him and Thor as children. Your voice, like hers, sounded like an angel's.
It wasn’t until the third verse that he joined in. He noticed the shock in your voice when his light sweet voice came in. You sang with him until the end, holding the last note a little longer than necessary.
“How do you know that song?” it seemed you asked each other at the same moment.
“I remember someone singing it to me when I was a kid,” you answered first.
“That’s what my mother used to sing to me and Thor. It’s an old Asgardian folk song, how do you know it?” Loki asked.
Asgardian folk song!? How? You had never been to Asgard in your life or met any Asgardian until Loki. Hell, you didn’t even know Asgard existed until a few years ago. No one did. It was impossible. Unless…
It was true, you didn’t know your parentage. But the very notion that you could be Asgardian was ridiculous. Wouldn’t you know that you were a God?
“Y/N, are you Asgardian?” Loki asked. Of course, he asked.
“No.” you answered quickly, “I mean, I don’t know.”
“How wouldn’t you know”
“I don’t know Loki.” your voice was full of sadness and shame. To not even know who you were…
“I think that a story might be fitting right about now” Loki urged.
“There’s not much to tell,” you admitted.
“Just tell me what you know.” he assured, “I’ll sing to you when you’re done.”
“Once upon a time,” you began. Then stopped, “do I have to do that, it seems silly.”
“Not if you don’t want to,” Loki reassured.
“Okay then,” you said and began your story, “ I don’t know who I am, where I came from, or why I do what I do. All I know is that I was left in the care of a Russian militant group in 1909. I murdered Rasputin for money and have had an endless supply of jobs since.
“I have killed two hundred and thirty-one men, women, and children for money in my one hundred and four years on Earth. I have no idea how the fuck I have stayed alive that long. Or how I’ve barely aged a day since 1920. Every single day, I wake up thinking that it is going to be my last one. That I’m going to be captured and killed today. I’ve never had a normal life. I will never have a normal life. I will die a murderer. Alone. And no one will care.
“There will be no one in the entire world that will mourn me. The United Nations will have my corpse burn and will dance on my ashes. My death will be an international holiday. A day for governments to celebrate the death of their nightmare. That is who I am. A nightmare. And I hate it.”
You didn’t realize you were crying or that Loki was sitting next to you hugging your shoulders until he spoke.
“I am so sorry,” he said to you with the utmost sincerity. “I promise, Y/N, that I will help you find out who you are. And I swear to you, Y/N I will mourn you. With all of my heart.”
Loki laid you down and stroked your Y/H/C locks as he sang to you. You drifted off listening to him sing, knowing in your heart, that he would protect you.
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aj-allen97 · 3 hours ago
I don’t know why but I find it peak Loki-Ness to know that Loki variants are the main variants that go off their designated scripts and causes the TVA to step in the most often. I can honestly imagine Mobious M Mobious is the analyst that’s in charge of all Loki Variants and events caused by them, he may not go to all variant Loki’s branching off from their time line but he does get updated immediately on it.
Like can the second season be a season exploring the other Loki variants? With Mobious M Mobious dealing with them? Or can marvel release a book? A mock file?
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lokeanoutloud · 3 hours ago
Disney's been over-aggressively policing its trademarks which unfortunately coincide with the names of the Norse gods, go tell them to screw off
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universalratlocator · 3 hours ago
Mobius: You know what your problem is? You’re too cute so no one ever tells you to shut up.
Loki: So, you think I’m cute?
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thotmendez · 3 hours ago
So Loki is a commentary on religion & evolution
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etchartist · 4 hours ago
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