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#loki deserved better
averagelonelypotato · 2 days ago
Honestly fuck Sif and the warriors three. They were assholes to Loki. They casually committed treason, ignored Loki’s RIGHTFULL AND LEAGAL ruling of the throne to go commit treason and NEVER GOT PUNISHED FOR IT. They honestly make my blood boil
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cognatillusive · 2 days ago
okay but lokius is the only thing that matters right now.
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Loki is the only thing my adhd brain is able to think about right now. And by “right now” I mean: the whole past week and probably the next five weeks too. I think I need to log out of Tumblr for a few days. (I’m not saying I will though.)
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msbeliever05 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hang on I wanna talk about this ‘funny’ scene for a sec.
When I first watched it, of course I laughed and everything but there just seemed something.... Off about it. I don't know if I was the only one to catch it or not. But then I realized what was wrong. If you notice, Loki seems to really think about it for a minute and seems sincerely concerned.
And If you think about it, it was just a short time ago that this Loki just found out his entire heritage and everything he believed about himself and his family was false.
“What if I was a robot and didn't know it?” - could be a very real possibility in his mind right now because he was indeed a frost giant all his life and didn't know it.
So what was keeping him from believing he could be a robot? I mean, what else could Odin have been lying to him about?
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♡ All of my reblogs by categories: here. • My thoughts after watching the first episode • My thoughts after watching the second episode // Apparently Tumblr pages aren’t visible on the mobile app, but it works just fine on the web version.
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blitzdjarin · 4 days ago
One of the Sacred Timeline “Time bombs” *is* in Vormir. In the 2300s, but it is Vormir. Seems rather sus for them to mention it and make it visible if it won’t tie back to EG somehow. 
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k3ithsk0gane · 4 days ago
Who was going to tell me Loki was 1048 years old in the first Avengers movie which in human years is around 17? That would mean he is 17 in the Loki series. He was shown his mother and fathers death, his own death, he was told he was only born to cause pain for others and for others to benefit off of his defeat, and he just found out his home was destroyed. He deserves the biggest nap and warmest hug in the universe.
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lydia-is-tired · 4 days ago
There was probably many variants of Steve that tried over and over again to return to Bucky instead of going back to Peggy. The only thing stopping him was the TVA agents that killed every version of him that tried.
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xcaroldanversx · 4 days ago
What if it's actually Enchantress? As she gave negz vibes about being called Loki?
I don’t see enchantress as wearing that crown and not looking full time glamorous. I feel if they did that it would really erase her identity a bit if that makes any sense. If that’s the twist she’ll be “not Loki”. Not “the Enchantress” we love from the comics.
That’s my opinion anyway. If that makes any sense.
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thehummingbirdsound · 4 days ago
The Loki actually good. It's like if the good parts of Umbrella Academy were mixed with RTD era Doctor Who and there's also a friendship love story.
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iseathegalaxy · 5 days ago
thor was there for everyone, my boi was always there to support and love everyone regardless of why or how and when he needed it the most after losing literally every single thing he ever loved, cherished and held dear, nobody was there for him, and like I know it was the worst time ever but could nobody have like checked on him or at least not fucking mock him, make his weight and alcoholism and depression the punchline or look at him weirdly when he eventually showed up to help the rest once more even when he knew that none of the things he'd lost would come back and that the only thing he'd probably be getting would be a sense of vengeance?
all this to say: russos, it's on fucking sight.
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averoventi · 5 days ago
My lips are quiet, they say just this
But eyes tell everything and more
They show my strength, determination
And love for them just like before
But now I'm free to feel myself
And gone is former hate and rage
I'm only sad and oh so tired
That tempting seems this fearless age
I've made mistakes I can acknowledge
As broken, hurt, mischievous god
If only one way earns forgiveness
I shall buy it with my own blood
This is my last misdeed, last trap
So, with honor
"No, Thanos."
And now I wake up in green grass and sky is blue and clear
With disbelief I find that I am worthy to rest here
And warriors now gather 'round and greet me as a prince
A name I never dared to dream to be called ever since--
My dearest mother smiles at me and quietly beams with pride
My father opens up his arms and welcomes me inside
And though I know that brother mine is realms and realms away
But sudden peace overcomes me - he's safe, now I can stay
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there's something about the fact that loki seems to completely forgive his abusive family after watching 3 clips of them being a bit nice to him,,, that deeply bothers me.
i want him to be angry at them for causing him so much pain, i want him to realize how much he was wronged, and that he deserves to hate them, because they took him from his people, killed them all, then raised him as an outsider, constantly mocking and bullying him.
i want him to realize that he did not deserve that, that his only purpose is not causing and feeling pain for other people's development.
and, of course, i want him to know that his rage at his family, his confusion and his pain are valid, and justified
(also, the trend in movies and tv shows where someone who was abused their whole life instantly forgives their abusers after they are nice to him like once needs to stop)
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