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#loki deity
stcrrysbucky · 3 hours ago
As a pagan I would like Disney to not copyright the name of an actual Norse God. They're trying really hard to copyright the name Loki....the God of Mischief and Change...a trickster God...the God of Fuck around and Find Out.
A deity who is actively still worshipped. A God I plan on worshipping and reaching out to when I am able to.
Do not allow Disney to trademark Loki, the fucking Norse and Pagan God.
They tried this with Hakuna Matata AND Día de los Muertos. All these things, including Loki, are NOT Disney or Marvel made.
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mmmmmm-gay-shit · 8 hours ago
i wouldn’t usually post this but i think y’all need to know...
disney is trying to trademark Loki and Thor as though they aren’t real gods. please sign this petition and share so that people can still buy and sell offerings/candles ect.
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helvcgen · 9 hours ago
just spamming my loki playlist on here because im actually pretty proud of it <3 feel free to follow!
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dionysus-winelord · 10 hours ago
Happy Father's day to my deities!🥰
✨Primarily Loki, Dionysus, and Zeus✨
Love you guys!!
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lokidevoteespooks · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
loki said i could show off his candle, i need to get him a green one but i gotta wait to go outside again lmao we’re having a quiet 3am conversation with runes bc i just found out some rlly bad shit about my family and it’s rlly upset me
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fugginnugget · 17 hours ago
Ya'll better sign this 😤
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lokidevoteespooks · 17 hours ago
i might show u guys a picture of lokis candle later if he’s chill with it but also last week or two weeks ago i went shopping for a pendulum jar bc i wanna try using a pendulum in a jar and i thought i found one but i didn’t it was actually three tinyish tea light glass candle holders and i used two of them to give loki and lucifer some water as an offering and very surprisingly a few days later i go to change the water and i go to pour lokis water out but what do i find ? there’s no water inside it at all and there’s only a tiny bit left in lucifers, at first i was like it’s gotta be because of the weather (bc it was rlly hot) there’s no way my offerings have just straight up disappeared, but then also i had been talking to loki most that week and i found it rlly weird how his water was compeltely gone and lucifers was nearly gone and i barely had talked to him that week and so i refilled the little offering bowls again, made sure they weren’t close to my candles and it’s been violently raining all week long and today i go to look again and all of lucifer n lokis water is completely gone again, i’ve worked with loki for nearly four whole years and i don’t think this has ever happened so i’m just kinda :00 about it all
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krickets-chirping · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
I'll tell ya something, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of all the dumb things that go on around here.
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inrmns-witchy-sideblog · 20 hours ago
Yesterday I overworked myself way too much, pushed myself way too far. And Loki, the sneaky bastard, went "oh I want cuddles" and settled behind me with his arms around me, nuzzling my neck. And I was like oh this is normal I like this :3 but then he'd put me to sleep like that before I even realized what was going on -_-
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inrmns-witchy-sideblog · 21 hours ago
When Loki goes "psssst" in your head and starts singing "Hey Good Lookin'" LOUDLY
Tumblr media
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after-the-raven · 23 hours ago
Happy Midsummer to my gods! Odin, Loki, Thor, Máni. Thor, we like the sunshine. ^-^ And Máni, don't fret — the nights will only grow longer.
Tumblr media
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fightwithvalor · 23 hours ago
It’s Fathers Day…
It’s time to give love and appreciation for all of the deities who have been like father figures to you!
So Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Apollo, Hephaestus…
Odin, Thor, Loki, Freyr…
Jupiter, Apollo, Neptune, Mars…
Or any other deity from any other pantheon that you see as a father figure, or who works with you in a fatherly sort of way, show them some love today!
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after-the-raven · 23 hours ago
So I've got a complicated relationship with this day. But given I've got nothing but dude gods at present, I figure I might as well wish them all a happy day.
Happy Father's Day to the All-Father, Odin!
Happy Father's Day to Thor!
Happy Father's Day to Loki!
Happy Father's Day to Máni!
Tumblr media
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dionysus-winelord · a day ago
Blog clean confession
Dionysus: *smirks* I see you got Loki on the brain. *sips from his wine cup and points to my computer screen*
Me: wh-what? N-naaaaaaaah. Just cleanin' up my old blog and the like.
Loki: oooooooo! She blushin'! 😋
Me: *totally blushing* I am not!
Dionysus: Honey, you really are.
Loki: I see I still am the Flame of your life. *Gives me a small cheek kiss*
Me: *Trying to seem unbothered* Hey! Who's hungry! I'mma raid the fridge! *gets up but smiles to myself.*
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helvcgen · a day ago
Tumblr media
So apparently this has going on. Disney’s copyright has gone extremely rigid regarding anything that has the Loki name on the title (be it redbubble products, for example) and are taking them down. This is actually sick, and something that they have done in the past too with Día de los muertos merch. Our community is sooner or later going to be prejudiced by this too, and we need to speak up. They’re copyrighting people's beliefs, religion and A LITERAL GOD as if they invented mythology or some shit.
As a side note, this tweet sparked some really interesting conversation on worshipping Loki too, go check that out that chaos too.
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lokidevoteespooks · a day ago
i played cards with loki today, and then decided to draw my favourite cosplayers cosplay of myth loki bc they look *chef kiss* and what do i suddenly get out of nowhere ? a new phone,, i’m not saying it’s loki buttt 👀👀
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helvcgen · 2 days ago
sigh... this is literally so wrong of me to say but
@ tom hiddleston please hit me up i just want to know whether or not you ever had any weird experience (maybe dreams ?? literally anything) regarding deity loki and i want to know if and how you caught up on those please i don't want to be creepy nor im intending to push anything down your throat I JUST NEED TO KNOW ??? like there's no way throughout these years loki have done nothing to contact you 🧐🧐🧐
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after-the-raven · 2 days ago
Why so chaotic today? I mean, I get it — that's kinda your thing. But why especially today? Did your ass take crack? Espresso? Particularly caffeinated chocolate?
First, you plow a basket into some rando's car. Then, you swing a sign in Walmart like you were freaking Sia and that was your chandelier.
I did need the laughter, though, so thank you. I'm glad I've been getting to know your humor lately. I don't deserve it, I don't think, but you know that.
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