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#loki crossover tag
lokigodofaces · 3 days ago
When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy~! Then, send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. You never know who might benefit from spreading positivity~!
I am in love with the Loki series. Exceeded expectations. Lots of good things. Not just in writing and acting, but the set design is phenomenal. Great cinematography, good CGI, all the good things. And just seeing Loki on my screen has given me, like 20 added years to my lifespan.
Speaking of things that add to my lifespan, Melinda May kicking people's *sses adds at least 5 years each time. Along with that, Agents of SHIELD in general is a blessing (May isn't even my favorite adkhgad)
Y'all, it's pride month. My first real pride month, actually. My first pride month was spent in complete denial and crippling internalized homophobia, and last year I didn't really care about pride and I was hyper focused on marching band. So this is my first year celebrating pride, even though all I can do is watch Loki and do my nails because I'm in the closet.
Tumblr is making me happy for the most part guys. Mostly Loki stuff because it is Loki's time to shine. People like @worstloki and @iamanartichoke do be making me happy right now.
It's my birthday pretty soon, so that's cool.
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dumbausfromdanville · 4 days ago
AU where Ferb is a Loki Stan. He has posters all over his side of the room and he made a replica of Loki's helmet.
Makes total sense IMO
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dumbausfromdanville · 9 days ago
Well if we're talking Loki crossovers then why not have Ferb's mysterious double life be as an agent for the TVA in an au
I mean... it's never explicitly stated this isn't canon, right? :3
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dumbausfromdanville · 9 days ago
Au where Candace is captured by the TVA because of Quantum Boogaloo, and Phineas, Ferb, and their friends all set out to save her. Bonus points if Loki runs into her while he's trying to escape in the five minutes Mobius leaves him alone and they work together to try to get out of there, too.
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dumbausfromdanville · 10 days ago
An AU where…
2nd Dimension Doof was captured by the TVA instead of Loki.
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crypticpaw · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
More Toothless & Loki but this time, I wanted to draw him interacting with the other Avengers. This brings me so much joy, I love this AU so much!
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The Snake and the Star chapter 10 teasers!
Took him long enough to figure out, yeah?
Stupid elf
Aw~ cute ^_^
Loki's ace, but not aro
Aaravos cannot cook
Well look he's trying
And failing
Aw Loki's scared
Hug Loki, you sparkly idiot
Eh, not quite, but it's sweet so I'll take it
LOKI. Aaravos CARES okay? Nothing's wrong with him, just with Odin
(Okay not nothing, but nothing that applies here)
See this is how I know Aaravos is a clicker trainer. There's a certain mentality, and he has it
Angery, but not at you. Aw :)
Hehehe this is so gonna be a Thing for them
Loki, shh. Even if you're a sheep and Aaravos is a horse, the farmer cares about both of you
--idk what happened with that metaphor but okay
Oh, sh, both of you. You both deserve love, it's not a competition
Stupid Viren, go back to sleep, you're not doing anything except being in prison anyway
I am going to cry Loki aaaaa you're just. How are you so sweet I swear I'm almost crying rereading that bit askdh
Yes well just trust him Aaravos!
Loki =/= Fial, okay? Get that through your thick skull
"HOW DARE YOU." --Hope, right after I wrote a certain line
Aw, Loki protecc. Magi like :)
Viren = Avizandum? Hm, more likely than Loki = Fial
Yesyesyes understood. Shut up now, 🎻
Asdksk Loki I can't even
I swear it didn't affect me like this before but rereading it just
All hail King Viren. 🙄🙄🙄 joy
I LIVE for this now
aaaaaa friends still, Princess and Sparkles aaaaa so fluff
"Meditate in the garden" lmao
Aaravos need sleep
Eheheh not breakfast in bed but close :)))
--yes we have that planned and yes the not happening yet is still killing me STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT 😂😂😂
Tagging everyone who left a note on chapter 9′s posts! @alls-fair-in-pride-and-prejudice @siriuslyremus @plumblueflower @mossypebbles @shiniestcrow @friedrich-the-gay @olivenight17 @they-say-im-trouble @mxmonster @arcadialedger @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @perlelas @iabandonedmybois @fan4evr12 @disasterinpink @13-secret-poems​ @bifrostedgalaxy​ 
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The Snake and the Star chapter 9 teasers, stars above Xadia how does this go so fast??
Loki SAD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Aaravos ALSO SAD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Aaravos doesn't lie, except to himself
Loki needs more adaranium because, um, reasons that definitely aren't wanting to go back for Aaravos, nope
Magefam reunion, but Aaravos is all analytical
Look, Loki's trying ok?
Trying to get more adaranium
Because um it could be useful for Probably Lots Of Things definitely not Just In Case he finds Aaravos again
"Darkness stirs, and wakes" ....the next part of the spell, apparently might wanna skip this part if you're squicked or triggered by bugs, especially on people's faces
Loki Sneaky
Loki can steal things
I would say bad Loki, only VERY GOOD LOKI
Oooooh and now the next part of Aaravos's spell is complete
Aaravos can see Viren, and Viren can see him
Loki's magic isn't working quite right...
Aaravos Bossy; Viren Bratty
Loki's magic is working very not right
Flashback to chapter 1
Another Startouch power!?
Astral projection limits: gravity is not one :D
Look, this is HARD. I need to do the little jokes and smileys in order to finish this dang thing
Aaravos cannot see Loki
Then he sees an illusion of Loki
Then the illusion touches him
Moon illusions are intangible
Loki Amgery
Loki Not Amgery, not at Aaravos
Aaravos promises (👀)
"Not at you, or never for long."
Mages need sleepy~
The couch is not very comfortable
Lullabies, aaaaaawwww
Crow, this bit's kinda for you ^_^
Li'l bit of angst, but we're ok :')
Flurfy <3
@alls-fair-in-pride-and-prejudice @the-phantom-author @olivenight17 @shiniestcrow @perlelas @dragonprincekindaofficial @fan4evr12 @sombra-wateva @13-secret-poems @angieisalive ​ @disasterinpink @lighting-the-fires @vanilleeistee @aquaa-7 @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore  @awesomecass2000 @december-rains @friedrich-the-gay @phoenixica24 @skyfireflight @jal-the-jinxed @arcadialedger @siriuslyremus @logandeservesbetter @iabandonedmybois @kaia001 @hi-short-for-hello @lotus-eyedindiangoddess ​ @nutslovesdolts ​@kellatron55  @plumblueflower y'all still interested in reading?
@mxmonster any interest?
I should also note that, since last week's chapter/teaser posts didn't get many notes, anyone who doesn't like/reply to this post or the actual chapter will be taken off the taglist because I don't want to bother you. No pressure, just letting you know. 💚💜
Enjoy your weekend!!
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~the Snake and the Star chapter 7 teasers!
A-hem. OK. I would like to point out
Loki asks a question
Aaravos answers
Loki asks another question
Aaravos answers that one too
Then Aaravos answers a few more
That Loki didn't ask
They are talking!!
Crow please don't be upset you WANTED them to talk!!!
it's not our fault if that involves a little crying too
ok more 'n a little
They talk about: dark magic, Asgard, Ziard, Cassandra
Actually this is very interesting because Hope and I both named her "Cass" independently???? Idk how that happened
Aaravos is Old
Angst! It happens!!
Hugs!!!! They happen!!!
Loki is Not Allowed To Die
Xadia doesn't have a Thanos
Only an Aaravos
And the Aaravos says Loki is Not Weak
And the Aaravos doesn't lie
What Viren and Loki have in common: Aaravos wants them both to go to sleep
Loki being s n e a k y
Aaravos doing m a g i c
Loki thinks Aaravos is pretty~
~~and Loki figured something out!
Also: Loki's kill list. #1, Avizandum
'Scuse me, Aaravos, you almost said the word you meant to say~
@alls-fair-in-pride-and-prejudice ​ @the-phantom-author @oliveofthenight @shiniestcrow @dragonprincekindaofficial @fan4evr12 @sombra-wateva @13-secret-poems @angieisalive ​ @disasterinpink @lighting-the-fires @vanilleeistee @aquaa-7 @imnotrevealingmyname @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @we--came--in @awesomecass2000 @december-rains @perlelas @friedrich-the-gay @phoenixica24 @skyfireflight @jal-the-jinxed @arcadialedger @siriuslyremus @logandeservesbetter @iabandonedmybois @kaia001 @hi-short-for-hello @lotus-eyedindiangoddess ​ @nutslovesdolts ​here we go! This chapter, you get to find out Aaravos's POV on why he got imprisoned.... and learn a bit more about the beginnings of dark magic (Hope's and my hc, anyway, and it's definitely plausible!). Oooo this was fun!
@kellatron55 any interest?
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Chapter Six of The Snake and the Star!
Tumblr media
And it’s a heavy one this week! Note the new tags on AO3. Warnings for unreality, stabbing, torture mention, PTSD (but is there a chapter where ptsd doesn’t factor in? no. no there is not).
I’d love to hear what y’all think of that art up there, and if your opinion changes upon reading the chapter!
@alls-fair-in-pride-and-prejudice​ @the-phantom-author @oliveofthenight @shiniestcrow @dragonprincekindaofficial @fan4evr12 @sombra-wateva @13-secret-poems @angieisalive ​ @disasterinpink @lighting-the-fires @vanilleeistee @aquaa-7 @imnotrevealingmyname @otakumultimuse-hiddlewhore @we–came–in @awesomecass2000 @december-rains @perlelas @friedrich-the-gay @phoenixica24 @skyfireflight @jal-the-jinxed @arcadialedger @siriuslyremus @logandeservesbetter @iabandonedmybois @kaia001 @hi-short-for-hello @lotus-eyedindiangoddess ​ @nutslovesdolts ​
I also want to say I ADORE ALL OF YOU for reading this!!!!
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akikos-tribble-army · 5 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: One Piece Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Law/Akiko Characters: Trafalgar D. Water Law, Donquixote Doflamingo, Donquixote "Corazon" Rosinante, Shachi (One Piece), Penguin (One Piece), Loki (Marvel), Original Female Character(s), Smiley (One Piece), Tribbles - Character, Eustass Kid Additional Tags: Crossover, State Onigiri, smiley is a handy pet axolotl, maybe a bit oocness, Humor, Parody, everybody is alive and living together, in a crazy household, tribble army, hide the tribbles from law, no beta we die like men, don't expect anything to make sense here, it didn't six years ago and it won't now Series: Part 1 of State Onigiri Summary:
Akiko may have realised that Law and tribbles could lead to the apocalypse. So, she made it her mission to hide all the tribbles in Loki's room. Will it be successful? In the fictional State of Onigiri? Probably not.
Can’t believe that I posted something in English. Especially something I wrote at 2am and that belongs to the multi-crossover universe I’ve started writing in 2015. 
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darkwarfy · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wasn’t feeling great yesterday so GUESS who made a totally self-indulgent crossover au with his ocs and his favorite norse gods??? this guy
but like listen...listen. logan and my hc of loki both have shitty dads, both have green/black/gold color schemes (and use green magic), and are both snarky little bottoms assholes with self-esteem issues. 
whereas derek and my hc of thor are both VERY himbo, very pure hearted, would absolutely kill a man for their family, not cis, and have another thing in common that i can’t say bc spoilers for derek in apop afhsdjgdhsdfhhf
(also PLS don’t tag as female thor if u reblog thanks)
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bouncydragon · 11 months ago
I was tagged by @rabentochter  😊 credits for the game go to @humour-and-hyperfocus  
Rules: Post the first paragraph of each of your wips and pick your favourite!
The first thing Loki did when he woke up was curl further into himself. He pulled the blanket all the way over his head, leaving only a small hole so he could breathe. He had no desire to suffocate any time soon; well, at all really. Neither did he have any desire to get out of bed. What for? Being frowned upon? His every move being scrutinised and watched with suspicion? No thank you. He's had enough of that on Asgard. By his supposed friends nonetheless. At least he knew where he stood with these people here.
BROTHERS (Criminal Minds, Heid)
Reid had gotten up extra early this morning. It hadn't really been his intention. He had woken up around 5 am and couldn't fall asleep any more then. Not because it was already bright outside. On the contrary, it was the end of November. At five in the morning, it was pitch-black outside. So he had gotten up after lying in bed for a short while. He had wanted to make himself a cup of coffee but his espresso machine wouldn't work. Great, so no coffee and being awake at 5.30am. For him, that wasn't a great start of the day. He had warmed up the leftovers from his dinner yesterday and had eaten that as a breakfast. Hadn't been so bad actually. He had watched some stupid show on the TV and waited for the time to pass.
Unnamed Mass Effect/Criminal Minds Crossover (probably could also be Mass Effect/MCU)
The year is 2191.
It's been almost five years to the day since the battle against the Reaper forces in the orbit above Earth. Almost five years since the galaxy and all life in it has been altered forever. Almost five years since Synthesis had been achieved. Synthesis, the pinnacle of evolution. All DNA had been transformed into a hybrid of synthetic-organic life.
Kaidan had to learn early–way too early–that life was anything but fair or pleasant, and that it liked to kick you when you were already lying on the ground squirming. And he had a feeling that everybody around him lived a happy life with no pain. But that was probably just his imagination getting the better of him once again. After all, that was what people often said about him. Besides making mistakes, that was the one thing he was truly good at–at least according to his father and the majority of his family.
DANCING ON BROKEN GLASS (Criminal Minds, Heid)
It was the absolute worst possible thing he could've ever said to him. He could've cheated on him and it wouldn't be nearly as bad as this. How could he have said something so hurtful and horrible to the man he loved more than anything else in his life? He hadn't meant it. Of course not. But still he had said it and he couldn't take it back. The damage was already done. And he feared this could never be fixed again.
When on November 29th, SSA Aaron Hotchner walked into the round-table room, he had a slight bounce in his step. It was barely noticeable but it was still there. There were a few reasons for that but the most important one right now was what he was about to tell his team. They all were gathered already and in their respective chairs when he entered the room with a warm smile gracing his lips. They look at him surprised and Rossi cocked an eyebrow.
It's always difficult to pick favourites but I'm gonna go with the first, Coriolanus, because that's the one I'm most inspired for currently.
Well, I don't really have anyone to tag but this was still fun I suppose. Just went to show me how much I still need to finish. 😅
Well, actually there's more than those few but they're not in English (not yet anyway).
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13thcat · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ An Enigma, A Misfit, and A Broken Facade ] Part 1 |  Part 2
“You do realize that with this book I have an actual chance at hurting you?” Loki said after taking a quick look at the very damning title.
“I mean yeah.”
“I don’t understand?” Danny demanded. “Are you really telling me? The ghost! That I don’t understand what it’s like to become a monster?”
Based off @enigmaris and ScarletNightFury DP x MCU The Ghost of Heroes fic ..specifically on how Loki sees Danny through out the chapters??
The fic is almost completed so hopefully I finish this in time? A sorta tribute I supposed?? man i jsut like this fic it got all of the things i like and they delv more on that and its just so good??
..this is not a ship fanart btw just in case. But like the paralel these two sorta have is p cool n interesting to read~
I spent too long for this and it’s not all done please accept this offering for now
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high5nerd · a year ago
The Misadventures of Fanty and Loki--Chap.One
Tumblr media
"All Father, he has arrived." A sturdy and well sculpted soldier informed the king of Asgard, not even flinching as Odin turned to look at him with a deadpan expression. Even with one eye, the king knew how to put people in their place...except for his rebellious, adopted son.
"Send him in." Odin waved his hands, and before the guard could turn around, the golden doors were whisked open.
Sandwiched between two grumpy soldiers strode a confident prince, looking not one bit ashamed for the dastardly trick he's done to both his brother and father, again. The placid smirk on his lips told everyone exactly how he was feeling, sly and superior. His crystal blue eyes stared straight at the man he once called his father, not one bit of remorse filling his gut like his father wished.
Thankful the guards chained his neck and wrists and legs once more, the All Father stood to his feet, and with a bang of his staff, Gungnir, the entire hall fell silent. Not even the steady breath of the guards could be heard, for Odin had that kind of awe-ful power.
"Loki Laufeyson, you are brought here to face me for the ignorant trick you befell on Thor Odinson and the All Father. Such a crime would immediately set you in prison, but your crimes before would have cost you your life." Odin spoke strongly, clear that he wasn't taking any crap from this silver tongued trickster.
"Then kill me, if you so wish. It is what you have always wanted, is it not?" Loki said calmly, but Odin could just hear the dripping tease in his cold voice.
"I have a much far worse punishment, and not even a boy like you could even face with your foolish actions. It is justly so!" Odin could just feel his pulse angrily quicken, and his mind urged him to just send him out immediately. Though angry on the surface and mind, his heart hurt. This was his son. Adopted, but his son. All he could think was, why? Has he failed so much as both king and father, he could not see a thing like this happen?
"All I did was get you out of my way! You promised me ever since I was an infant that I was born to be a king, and you end up giving the title to the thick headed, hammer swinging meatsack!" Loki spat angrily.
"Knocking the All Father unconscious and throwing him in your previous cell could be punishable by death! That does not make you a king any less! You should thank me for letting you live, you spoiled, ungrateful child!"
"Oh, then do tell me my punishment, All Father. I am dying to hear it."
Odin could not help but smirk, and Loki felt his stomach drop for a second. Only would Odin smirk when he has outsmarted someone else, and Loki knew that. Odin strode down the stairs from the wide, golden throne, making his way to his former son.
"My messengers have been keeping a girl on Midgard on close observance, for this girl along with her friends have been able to make a frightful monster called the Boogeyman to gain a sense of humanity he once had. I am sending you to them. Think of it as...counseling?"
"You cannot send me away to some meager, petty fools of Midgard!" Loki shouted, the chains around his wrists jangling furiously.
"Watch me." Odin threatened him, raising Gungnir in the air slowly.
This was it, he was sending his son out of the realm he was so comfortable with to another that Loki brought harm and danger to. For the first time since his childhood, Loki was removed of all weaponry and harmful magic that ran through his veins. He was stripped of most of his power, and Loki screamed angrily as the staff Odin held tightly wrapped him in a powerful energy field of blue, dematerializing him into another dimension as well as weakening his being. The guards stood back, watching with stony expressions they were so used to wearing upon their faces, but they could just see a glimpse of remorse crossing Odin's face for a millisecond as Loki let out a shriek of pain, and with that…
Loki was gone.
Odin turned away from the burned spot on the floor, staring at the ground in bitterness.
"My lord?" One of the guards spoke softly.
"All is well. And yet," Odin resumed his sitting on his lonely throne, "I feel as if I have punished those mortals for doing nothing…"
Loki landed to the ground, face planting the gravelly pavement. He groaned, his stomach in white-hot pain at the sudden impact with the hard ground. No cars passed by, and the only sound of the night was the distant dog barking and the hum of mosquitoes in the air. The air was humid, and Loki quickly adjusted his body temperature to cool down. He shakily got up, and checked out his surroundings, which were nothing but streets, empty parked cars and shops, and an apartment building right in front of him, that looked like a manor.
The prince of Asgard looked up, and saw with mild amusement that only one light was on, in a large window that was surrounded by a balcony, containing a single tea table and two chairs. He squinted a bit to see who was the shadow behind the door, and saw a girl just like Odin said, and she was happily talking to someone else behind the simple curtain on the other half of the window.
Loki grinned evilly.
"This will be fun."
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