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#loki bringing casey his fish
alexjcrowley · 3 days ago
Ay yo, give me your best Lokius kisses/kissing head canon, love you bye
Okay, so, I am not great with kissing headcanon but I'll try (also sorry if I reply just now)
Let's start with the fact that they kiss a lot. There is no day who goes by without at least two decent kisses.
Because of their height difference, Loki always has to bend a little towards Mobius and a certain number of their kisses features jokes or comments by Loki on how short Mobius is, to which Mobius often responds with an eyeroll or a clever comeback.
If you ask them, they'll tell you they are not much for PDA. Bullshit, they are. They think they are being very slick in hiding their affection in public, but no, it's not like that at all. And they always give eachothers pecks on the lips or the cheeks when they think no one is looking. Key words: they think. Actually, many people are looking because they are not very subtle, but it's like they care. But no, Loki and Mobius believe their level of secrecy is super spy. It's not. People around them just experience a bit awkwardness for them being a couple, but nothing more. Like, take Casey, he doesn't care about what an infinity stone could do out of the TVA and he ignores the existence of fish, you think he is going to make a fuss about Loki and Mobius snogging? He has better things to do.
The best place to kiss is the elevator. It has been, for a long time, one of the few places they kissed in. It was the first place they met in the morning, before starting the job, and it offered privacy for a good amount of time. A few times they got almost caught. That didn't stop them.
When they are in private, they mindlessly kiss a lot: after one brought the other a cup of tea, when they are sit next to eachother on the couch watching a movie, or one of the two will simply go to the other and give him a quick peck on the lips, just because.
Since they both aren't great with talking about their feelings, kissing is a way of saying "Hey, I love you" without having to deal with their pride. And that's why there are a lot of pecks: because they are just sweet, and quick, and they don't always suddenly bring to sex. They are just a lot of small "I love you"s.
Good morning and good night kisses are routine. Usually Mobius wakes up first and kiss Loki, Loki complains about wanting to sleep and Mobius makes a joke about Loki who couldn't have been the "Sleeping Beauty", because there's no way you'll wake him up without a coffee or a cup of tea. But starting the day with a kiss improves his mood considerably.
There have been a few glorious kisses on missions, you know, the ones you see in the middle of a movie battle, epic and desperate. When they are in real danger- and I mean death or ending up in another timeline, if that's possible- when they are both safe again, we could see them kissing the hell out of eachothers, to remind to the other and to themselves they are still alive and together.
Loki always cups Mobius's face when they kiss.
The "fix the tie" thing? It has saved them in a lot of situations. What? Us two? Kissing? I was just fixing his tie. Everybody knows I always fix his tie (and that doesn't make you look less lovey-dovey, you that, Loki?)
There also very heated kisses. This type of kiss are performed in private because, you know, things might happen.
Loki has purposefully kissed Mobius in front of Hunter B-15 just piss her off.
Also in front of Ravonna, once, to underline the point "we are not breaking up any soon".
Loki's lips are cold. Downside of being a frost giant.
One of the first times they kissed, Loki detached himself after a few seconds to say "I have never kissed someone with moustache. It's a weird sensation."
After their first kiss, Mobius murmered a "wow".
Kisses are one of their favourite froms to show affection to the others, just after praises and hugs.
I hope you like them! Also, love you too ^-^
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