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#loki and mobius frendship
vindicativemistletoe · 2 days ago
Ok, I was discussing the first episode with @nemobookaholic , and she pointed out that Mobius was the only "old" character in the TVA , and everyone else working there seems to be like mid thirties.
So here the thing
I have a theory about that ( or at least, and idea of how they could use that in the story, since we where promised a lot of whump!Loki apparently ^^
You know how TVA agent are all supposed to be clones ( in the comics) right? And, well 'time passes differently here on the TVA' ok, so, so is aging I suppose since everybody looks kind of young. But maybe because mobius passes a lot of time 'on field' , so he ages there right? That's why he look older than the real "buraucrats" ..? Anyhow. Because Owen Wilson is way younger than his character, and have natural blond hair that are not grey and all that jazz, I thought about something.
Maybe, at one point, in the story, Mobius will realise that the 'space lizards', and juge renslayer, and every body at the tva are the actual bad guys, and team up with Loki to help him escape or whatever. And because of his betrayal, he will be 'pruned' or killed or reseted with their stick thingy I dont know. And because in canon they are clones, TVA will just pop up a brand new 'young' version of agent mobius, who have not yet studied loki's whole life, who doesn't know him, who hasn't befriended him yet. And just like that, Loki will lose the only ally/friend he had had. And now mobius is on the side of the tva once more !! ^^ Ok it reaaly is unlikely but I really like the idea, maybe someone talented could write that in a fan fiction or something xD idk ;)
Ok that's it, I wanted to share it on a post as well ;)
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