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#loki (tv)
lokiedokiee · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
we’re not talking enough about the tesseract being loki’s comfort object
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lokiluafeyson · 55 minutes ago
Yk for a guy who doesn't wanna seem weak, loki sure begs (for pardons) a lot. A
Chichi!! Not sure if you wanted to write something after the "A" but my answer is this: I'd say he's a Prince of another realm who knows about politics (let's be real, the only Odinson who learned politics is Loki, Thor would probably just smash them with his hammer lmao), The All-Speak probably prevents him from saying "Oi, mate, what you're on about?" but can you imagine how glorious that would be?
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larkdily · 3 hours ago
24 hours before I have to abandon this site because I’m not watching Loki ep 2 until next week
have fun w it guys…
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idkwhatimdoingaye · 4 hours ago
Compliments? That’s suspicious
Hey i wrote this Loki/Mobius fic on ao3, it’s on chapter 3/6 right now but it should be finished in the next few days. Feel free to check it out :)
Summary:  5+1. The five times Loki thought Mobius being nice to him was a trick and the 1 time he didn't.
 Or Loki is touch starved and has a praise kink. Mobius won’t stop touching him. And complimenting him. It’s becoming a problem.
Rated T but it will probably go up in the next few chapters. No content warnings.
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kram6496 · 5 hours ago
Court Ordered
Ravonna Renslayer x Reader
Tumblr media
You honestly didn’t know why you were at the TVA. Apparently it was all due to you making a choice you weren’t supposed to but that won’t help you now.
You filled out countless paperwork and dealt with the Miss Minutes video which really needed to be updated and now you’re being escorted to stand trial for being what they called a Variant. Lovely name.
As you enter, you hear the bang of a gavel which calls your attention to the judge at the bench. And she sure was a woman of poise and beauty.
Her steely resolve, her beautiful eyes, her neatly kept hair, the perfection of her overall being, made you a little weak in the knees and started a thumping in your heart.
“Variant 83-04 or (Y/N) you stand accused of crimes against the Sacred Timeline. How do you plead?” Even her threatening voice is heavenly.
“I really had no idea of my crime. I’m sorry may I ask your name your honor?” Her name is all you really wanted to know.
“Judge Ravonna Renslayer.” She states a little more friendly as she locks eyes with you.
“Ravonna.” Her name feels like honey on your lips. “Ma’am I plead not guilty. I really wish to go home, if all possible.”
“Unlikely, Variant!” calls out a TVA employee. Ravonna silences them with a wave of her hand.
“Your variant timeline was pruned. We don’t have a way to get you home” your beating heart nearly stops.
“However,” Ravonna adds with a hint of a smile, “we may have a job for you.”
She gives you a little smile as it peaks your interest. A job? With her?
Within a few hours, or was it days, you were made an aide to Ravonna. Your job: to always be by her side: a good place to be really. The two of you began to grow close. Nice change of pace really.
“Would it be wrong if I asked you out for a cup of coffee?” You ask her one day. She blushes a little.
“No. It’s all just a matter of finding time really.” She walks a little closer to you.
You smile back, “well we have all the time in the world.” Her smile is the only answer you need.
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berlynn-wohl · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
u know this elevator goes to eeby deeby
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Today on Things I Desperately Want But the Show Is Highly Unlikely To Give Me:
Y'all...what if there was a Loki variant that's stuck in Jotun form? And naturally the main Loki comes across him, and thus is literally forced to look at himself like that, and the Jotun Loki is also devastated because a) he's the one stuck in that form and b) is horrified at being seen by himself. So we have these two Lokis just desperately trying to avoid eye contact and both having breakdowns for related but slightly different reasons, and they still have to be around each other because *insert handwavy plot reason here* and just. the psychological whump. imagine.
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canonicallysoulmates · 9 hours ago
Google recommended to me an article, it's honestly not that good but the title is so accurate: Loki and the return of appointment television. (I've included a link in case you wanna check it out.)
The gist of it is that Loki is one of those few streaming shows that people are so excited for that they're willing to stay up to watch right when it drops. As if it was an appointment you can't miss, as if Loki was expecting us to be in front of the tv at the ass crack of dawn to see what him and Mobius get up to- thing is it really be like that though like logically I know nothing's gonna happen if I wait to watch Loki but that's not gonna stop me from prioritizing him over sleep 😂
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seenunseendisneyland · 9 hours ago
LOKI TIME PROBLEM I watched the new Loki mini-series last week. I have a couple things that confuse me, but over all, I really loved it and am looking forward to the rest of the series. The one thing that is really confusing me is how Time works. In Avengers: End Game, they said time does not work the way we all traditionally thought of it. You can not go back and kill you father and prevent…
Tumblr media
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bubbly-moonwarrior · 10 hours ago
Dear Mobious,
Sincerely, stabby boi lover
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ao3feed-loki-tv · 10 hours ago
by Anonymous
The last words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your skin.
Loki had always known he wasn't a good person, but his soul mark portrayed an even worse future than he could have imagined.
"You’re magnificent, even when killing me, Laufeyson. "
So he hid his name behind another.
Words: 1518, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Loki (TV 2021)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Categories: M/M
Relationships: Loki/Mobius M. Mobius, Loki & Mobius M. Mobius
Additional Tags: Slow Death, I'm warning you, Some of you may not like this, but idk i think it's fine, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Canon-Typical Angst, 'cuz it's Loki duh, "I'll cut your throat that'll shut you up", "You're Beautiful", yeah that meme
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bubbly-moonwarrior · 10 hours ago
Casey may be fine but Loki did gut me like a fish. With a sharp blade made of emotions.
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