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thepilotanon · 21 minutes ago
How would Loki respond to a significant other who loves to call him random cute names sometimes to mess with him? Like “cute asgardian potato” or “mischievous green jelly bean” (something silly like that I guess 😂😂)
You got me with “mischievous green jelly bean” and I love you for it.
Loki would confused. Being compared to foods (and foods he doesn’t even know about yet) would probably make him consider you being like those characters in fairy tales who eat children or the supposed-hero of the story. You might tease him how you “could just eat him right up!” and Loki immediately backs up like “Please, no. I love you dearly, but please do not eat me.” Once he finds out it’s a figure of speech, he gets internally embarrassed and pulls you into his arms to hide his face of shame.
He would be a little off about being called affectionate names that aren’t “dear/honey/sweetie”. Like, he would question why you would call him “sunshine/butternut/cupcake/cute Asgardian potato/mischievous green jelly bean” when he knows he’s not any of those things - he might argue a little bit (although it’s one-sided), but will never say he doesn’t like being called those things. You know he likes it, but will never admit it around others - especially around his brother or other Asgardians.
I would think Loki would want to research the meanings behind each nickname, and ask why you would call him such names that don’t match with his...aura or appearance. He would probably ask someone on Earth what a particular nickname means, but then becomes even more confused because “potatoes do not look cute?” or “Unless my love is saying that my armor is shiny, I honestly do not think I have that bright of a personality...”
Imagine Loki tries to return the nicknames by combining things that don’t make sense, but sounds like a sort of nickname you would come up with. “You favorite froggy coffee mug” or “Oh, it’s my lovely smell of grass after a nice rain shower!” He’d probably look at random things and make a little list in his pocket of things he likes that he could call you, and you honestly have to commend him for trying to be creative for you.
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stanknotstark · 59 minutes ago
Astral Pt. 8 (Loki x Reader)
Ok guys they’re REUNITED! God i hope you all know that I wrote all 7 parts in one day because i was so obsessed with getting chapters out so i wouldn’t have to write them daily or lose my thoughts!! Ok well now i have some time to figure out where the story will go from here or if i end it here....
IM JUST JOKING it’s not over yet XDD it’s barely begun :p Feel free to send messages about what you think is gonna happen or who might make minor appearances, villain or hero, cuz i have some planned out! I’ve been doing research guys, i bought a marvel encyclopedia for the first time in years cuz i visited the store the other day and loaded up on comic books again it’s been awhile but my collection is growing again ^^
Tumblr media
You’re standing next to Natasha when the brothers drop down from the sky in their rainbow elevator thing. Thor called it the bifrost? It wasn’t something Loki had talked about when you had been on speaking terms, he must have not found it important enough.
The brothers landed outside on Stark’s glorified patio, 91 floors up. You almost forget to breathe as you look at Loki. His hair is a little longer now, he’s definitely lost some weight, and the bags under his eyes tell you enough. His face is cold as he looks around and, angrily, lets Thor lead him inside where you all stand in various places waiting on them. You note that both the brothers are dressed casually but it’s still a bit much, Earth wise. 
You swallow as Loki first sees Tony and smirks at him, “Seems I won’t be missing that drink you promised?” 
Tony gave him a once over then shrugged. “I guess you deserve a small break. Thor filled me in on what’s been going on.” Tony said, you thought you could hear a hint of a threat lacing his words though. Loki huffed and rolled his eyes looking at the rest of the team before his eyes landed on you. 
You looked into his eyes for what felt like hours but must have only been seconds. The angry look he had been parading in dropped and you saw a flurry of reactions so quick everyone else would miss it but you knew Loki. You try your best to keep your face disinterested, not quite sure if you succeed. Still a bit hurt he told you to never come back coming to the front of your mind you look away and whisper to Nat, “I gotta go, fill me in on what happens.” Then you rush out.
You hear Tony saying, “You already scared off y/n..” as you left the room. 
You basically run to your room and slam the door shut. Your breathing had started becoming haggard on your way up and only intensified as you closed yourself in your room. Both your hands gripped at your hair and pull, your eyes squeezed shut, tight. You shouldn’t be reacting like this it was Loki, it was just Loki. He wouldn’t hurt you, physically. You had thought that you were over whatever heartbreak you had all those years before. How the fuck were you to function normally around him if just one look at him made you this panicky? Made your heart beat so hard you thought it might break out of your ribs. Made you want to cry deliriously happy and sad at the same time. 
You let go of your hair, let your tears fall, and punched the wall a few times, hoping the pain in your hands would ground you. Luckily, it did, but you’d probably have to come up with an excuse because your knuckles were blooming dark purple. You took in deep breaths, copying what Loki had taught you to do when you got to worked up, subconsciously, the thought of him causing you to freak a bit more but then you just focused on breathing. 
It’s a few hours later when Natasha comes to your room and tells you dinner is ready. You had settled and had a book open in your lap as you sat on your bed. You consider skipping dinner and you’re about to say it when you see the look Natasha is giving you. She had been the one to teach you to over come your fears, to face them head on. She probably thought you were scared of Loki because he had tried to take over the world. Oh, how wrong she was. You nodded and told her you were gonna wear something else. She left you in peace and you sighed, rubbing a hand over your face then putting on your brave face and getting dressed in something casual. A simple t-shirt and jeans would suffice. 
When you entered the dinning room, a floor below yours, everyone was seated. Natasha had left you a seat. Right next to Loki. You swallowed and studiously kept your eyes anywhere but on Loki when you sat down. You realized Loki was very tense when you sat next to him but said nothing on the matter. 
“Brother! This is dear Y/n I mentioned, she’s got a quick wit just like you, I’m sure you both will be the best of friends!” 
You smiled at Thor but it probably came off as more of a grimace because Thor gave you a frown. Loki said nothing and focused on eating his food. The whole table got silent realizing something was up between you and Loki. You cleared your throat and tried to sooth things over by looking at Loki. His eyes caught yours and for a second you got lost in them, again. God, get ahold of yourself!
Mentally shaking your head you plastered a smile on and said, “Nice to meet you, Loki, I can’t wait to get to know you.” You finish lamely then quickly look at your food and begin stuffing your face so you wouldn’t have to speak anymore. 
“Riiiiiight.” Tony said eyeing you and Loki suspiciously. Steve sat next to him frowning at your attitude. You missed the silent conversation Natasha and Clint had. 
“You’re going to choke if you continue to eat like a bilge snipe that hasn’t seen food in weeks.” Loki said in a casual voice.
You choke. You swallow what is in your mouth, Natasha hitting your back a few times, and then you laugh. 
God you missed Loki. 
“Remember when you swallowed that moon berr-” Stopping yourself short you swallowed and closed your eyes, last seeing Loki’s happy look turn into a neutral face as he glances around at the team. Damn. 
“Remember? You two know each other?” Natasha asked, nudging you with her elbow. Thankfully you see she reserves her judgement on the situation. 
Sighing you look at the team and set your utensils down. 
“Loki is...” You shot Loki a confused look as if to ask if you still were but shook your head and continued on looking at Nat primarily, “We’re soulmates. I first met Loki when I was 13 years old.” 
“In person?” Steve asked.
“No, I can astral project my spirit but because I’m his soulmate it wasn’t hard it just kind of happened when I needed him most.” 
You picked up your glass of water, noticing you are shaking a bit. You especially tried not to jump when you felt Loki set a comforting hand on your thigh under the table. Taking a drink you looked at the table, took a deep breath, then let your eyes come back up to the confused team. 
“When you needed him most?” Tony asked after a few minutes of silence. 
Looking at Tony you bit your lip. Should you....
“My grandfather killed my grandmother in front of me when I was 13, I hid in my closet and closed my eyes, when I opened them I was in a room in Asgard.” 
“She was in one of my mental rooms that I use to astral project. A fabricated room I made when I was younger.” Loki said, his eyes only on you. 
“He was always there when something bad happened and we became best friends. I was 17 when I realized I had magic, his magic.” You said looking at Nat who looked confused. “Because we’re connected through our mind and soul, I draw my power from him. The powers I have are Loki’s in a sense but at the same time my own, I can do some things he can’t and vice versa.” 
“So if Loki just like, hypothetically, died,” Tony rolled his eyes when Loki glared at him, “Hypothetically! Would you lose your powers?” 
You swallowed as a knot formed in your throat and looked at Loki with sad eyes, willing him to answer because you surely didn’t have an answer for that. 
“Possibly.” Loki clipped out, sending a glare at Tony, as if damning him for making you think of that preposterous idea. 
Tony hummed in thought. 
“If you’re soulmates, why did she react the way she did when she first saw you?” Thor asked, mostly aiming the question to Loki. Loki looked at Thor, angry, then let out a breath and held his chin high. 
“We had a falling out three years ago.” 
“No doubt your fault?” Thor said causing Loki to nod once with a roll of his eyes. 
“No!” You yelled looking at Loki with exasperation. “I’m the one that chose to leave!” 
“I’m the one that gave you an ultimatum.” Loki ground out, frowning at you. 
“You were trying to keep me safe.” You said causing Loki to scoff. 
“Ok, wait, what happened so we can all choose our sides respectfully here?” Clint asked. 
“Shield found out about my powers when I was 17, said once I turn 18 they can give me an offer I can’t refuse. I could work for them. Loki said not to do it because it sounded like they were gonna use me as a weapon, that we knew nothing about Shield and what it stood for,” You sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose with closed eyes, “I told him I was gonna take up their offer considering I had a bad home life, he argued Shield could be more dangerous and I told him I was still gonna take the offer anyways so he offered an ultimatum.” Letting your hand fall down to your lap and over Loki’s, still resting on your lap. You softly caressed his knuckles under the table. When you had closed your eyes, to pinch your bridge, you missed the concerned look Loki gave as he saw the violet bruises on your knuckles. 
“He said if I leave to never come back because he wouldn’t be able to watch me get hurt.” 
Tony breathed through his teeth, a hiss, but otherwise everyone stayed silent. 
“I left.” You finished lamely.
The table stayed silent for awhile, everyone gathering their thoughts and questions, until Steve spoke up. 
“After she left, what did you do Loki?” 
“I had Heimdal watch over her-”
“He is all seeing.” Thor said quickly to help out.
“-and I told him that if she were to find any trouble she could not handle to send me to her.” 
You looked up at Loki, shocked, who zealously kept his eyes on Steve. You offered what comfort you could by grasping his hand and squeezing. You smiled inwardly as Loki’s tense form softened slightly. 
“I’m taking it she never ran into trouble she couldn’t handle.” Steve said, more as a statement than a question.
“From what Heimdal has told me, joining Shield is the best thing to happen to her and I almost stopped that.” 
“You couldn’t have known.” You said quietly, frowning in thought, Loki finally looked down at you and your heart almost broke in half at the hurt in his eyes. 
“All you wanted was the best for me and I’m sorry I left,” You looked down and squeezing his hand before looking back up at his eyes, “I’m sorry I left and never tried to reach you again but I’m not sorry about the decision I made.” 
Loki looked at you for a bit then nodded, satisfied with something he found on your face or possibly in your eyes. “I’m sorry I never tried to reach out to you too.” Loki admitted.
You glanced at Thor who sat next to Loki, looking a little put out he never knew about the both of you. 
“Sorry we didn’t tell you Thor I kind of wanted to keep it a secret because I was going through a lot and wasn’t very trusting of strangers at the time.” You said to placate Thor, making the blame fall on you instead of Loki since their relationship was already rocky to begin with. A minor way you could apologize to Loki about not contacting him. 
Thor smiled, genuinely, then said “I’m just happy to make your acquaintance now, y/n.” 
Everyone went back to eating their almost cold meal now. Natasha and Clint the only ones that noted that you and Loki ate with one hand the entire time.
Conversations flowed between the team smoothly like you all were meant to be there, together. No one made any comments on the fact that you and Loki couldn’t keep your eyes off each other the entire time either.
Pt. 7/Pt. 8/?
Tag list: @justfangirlthingies @emelieh99  @high-functioning-lokipath​ 
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viva-asgard · an hour ago
Ok, so here’s my first fanfic attempt, be gentle! It features Xmas, smutty fluff, and a horndog Loki.
A New Holiday Tradition, Part 1
Pairing: Loki x black!witch!reader
Rating: M
Word count: 3.5k words
Warnings: For 18+ readers, contains swearing, a lot of smut and innuendo, a slightly dub con scene.
Notes: Canon, what canon? After the events of Thor Ragnarok and Endgame, but basically in a multiverse where Loki is still alive to annoy everyone. The character is a blend of film! Loki and comics! Loki. Everyone is gay, I don’t make the rules.
You give a small smile of happiness when you open the door to your favourite bookshop. Warm and inviting, the smell of cakes and fresh pages beckon you in from the cold. Loosening your chunkily knit forest green scarf, you take off your fogged glasses and rub them on your jumper for the millionth time that day. You love winter, but it is a terrible time for the bespectacled. After kicking snow off your boots, you say your hellos and holiday greetings to the staff as you walk by, making a beeline to the history section.
“We have a new selection of queer historical biographies, and a few books on English magic, if you’re interested?” You turn around and Olu’s wide, cheerful face greets you, her tight finger waves dyed red and green for the season. Her smile is slightly devious. You shake your head and take the stack of books from her hands.
“You vile temptress”, you cry with a grin. Your friend knows that you have a book problem and exploits it at every opportunity. “Alright, I’ll take them all, with some cake, please. Crystal is outdoing themself with these holiday treats!”
After a quick chat with your friend, you bundle up again, your backpack heavier and your wallet lighter. Cold winds wash over you as you open the door, cursing as your glasses fog up once more. Staggering back into the grey December, you cry out as your scarf gets caught in the door. You fruitlessly attempt to untangle yourself while temporarily blinded. A hand holds the door and a figure says softly, “please, let me help you with that.” The voice is low and silken, with a slightly old fashioned quality that you can’t quite place.
“Oh, thank you!” You exclaim, removing your glasses. As the figure leans over, quickly releasing you, you give a short gasp of surprise. They are crackling with magick. Old magick. You put on your streaky glasses and take a step back in shock. Dark green eyes meet yours, intense and intelligent. You feel as though you’re staring into the cosmos.
“Gods”, you whisper in wonder, “you’re Loki! Holy shit!”
He gives a mischievous, lopsided smile at your exclamation. The magick around him is intense and you feel yourself drawn to it. The air crackles and shifts around him. His strong, dark brows knot slightly as you continue to stare, forgetting the cold air and your awaiting work. His thick, night black hair is made messy by the wind, though he doesn’t seem bothered by the bone-chilling cold.
“I’m sorry, I’m being rude!” you say quickly, sticking out your hand. “Thank you. It’s just- your magick took me by surprise. It’s so-potent,” you finish weakly, wincing inwardly. His smile widens slightly.
“You’re a witch,” he says warmly. “A powerful witch to be able to sense my seidr so easily. Very few Midgardians have ever had the pleasure.” His voice is arrogant and seductive, wrapping you in a kind of chilled warmth. You give a small frown at the feeling.
“I’m just a beginner, hardly powerful”, you protest, ramming your already numb hands into your coat pockets.
“Nonsense, mortal, you don’t recognise your strength yet,” he says convivially, putting a graceful hand on your shoulder. You glance downward to look at his hand on your person, his long fingers painted with matt black nail polish. He continues, his voice disarmingly friendly. You did not expect the former bringer of chaos and destruction to sound so- well, kind. “Well, you seem to know a bit about me, but I know nothing of you, save for the loveliness of your features.” You scoff as he smirks. “What is your name, little witchling?”
“Y/N”, you reply guardedly, moving away from the bookshop door as customers rush in for last minute gifts. The God of Lies and Mischief is a bastard to be sure, but you are drawn to him, his seidr. You can almost taste it, the thick yet ghostly scent of burning wood and snow-tipped forest. It doesn’t hurt that his smug, pale face is almost distractingly attractive. He resembled one of the classical paintings held in a nearby museum, all pleasing planes and well-placed angles. He meets your gaze as though he can hear your thoughts. Shit, can he hear my thoughts? Should I be worried?
“A name to suit your loveliness. Could I tempt you to a small stroll and cafe visit?” He moves in closer, waiting for a response, making you feel suddenly dizzy.
“Sure”, you say breathlessly, research forgotten. “My local cafe is near here, in one of the squares.” You quickly turn your head back towards the bookshop, where you see Olu pressed against the window, amongst the book displays.
Fam, is that Loki? she mouths excitedly, pointing.
Yes! What the actual fuck? you mouth back. She gives a thumbs up followed by a move along gesture. You roll your eyes as Loki takes your arm in his, causing your breath to catch in your throat.
“Lead the way, my intriguing little witch.” He walks in quick, swaggering strides and you attempt to match his speed. Damned tall god. You look at his patrician profile, thinking of the old legends.
“You’re full of compliments, aren’t you?The stories weren’t wrong, you really do enjoy using that silver tongue of yours.” Your voice is teasing.
Loki’s smile is almost predatory as he lets out a sultry laugh, his eyes filled with a dark mirth. He whispers into your ear, his words a promise filled with velvet and poison. “Oh my dear, you truly don’t know the half of it.” He smiles serenely as you release a strangled cough, eyes wide and face uncomfortably warm. Gods, what are you getting yourself into, and why are you scared that you might like it?
You and the trickster god wander around the quiet Georgian squares, watching schoolchildren play in the gently falling snow. You smile dreamily as you look around, still feeling as though you are living in a film of someone else’s making. Loki gazes at you, with an expression dangerously close to softness.
“Where do you hail from, Y/N? I cannot place that wonderful voice of yours.“
“By the gods, you really slather it on. I’m American and Wakandan, my mom is from Louisiana, my dad is part of the River Tribe. I grew up in Virginia, but I travelled with my parents frequently as a kid. They eventually sent me to school in Wakanda, for ‘the superior education that is my birthright’”, you drawl, mimicking your father’s voice. “They wanted me to become a scientist, like them. I, er, had other plans.”
“Fascinating. So you travelled to England to become a witch instead. I am sure that your parents were not expecting that!”
You laugh gently. “Oh Trickster, my parents would have fucking murdered me if I’d done that. We can’t all be Stephen Strange.” Loki’s eyes darken at Strange’s name. “Witchcraft is more a result of my research interests.”
“And what would those interests be?”
“I’m a graduate student, I focus on the erotics of early modern English magicks, looking at how queerness exists within the liminal margins of science and spellcraft. Still a disappointment, but at least I get to keep my nose in books all day. And learn magick in my free time.”
You reach the small coffee shop at the edge of one of the squares. He orders tea and you a hot chocolate, before making your way to a plush sofa nestled in a warm corner. You remove your dark, oversized coat and scarf as you sit sit down, noticing Loki’s appraising look. You are wearing your favourite wool blazer, the deep burgundy bringing out the golden warmth of your skin. Your dark floral button down shirt is slightly unbuttoned, and your faded black jeans cover a worn pair of biker boots you’ve had for years. You meet the god’s gaze full on, daring him to blink first. He does, causing you to smile slyly.
The cashier calls out that your order is ready, and Loki removes his fur-lined, green leather coat with one graceful motion. “Please, don’t move, I’ll get that.” He brushes his fingers against yours and you feel a sudden rush of electricity course through you. Was that his seidr, or something else?
He turns and goes to pick up your drinks, speaking briefly to the cashier as he pays. He is wearing a thick grey jumper that looks expensive and deliciously soft. The jumper shows off his broad shoulders and lean frame, and you fight the urge to ask if he’s ever considered modelling when not destroying worlds. He doesn’t need more reasons to be vain. His jumper is slightly tucked into tight black leather trousers which makes you feel very warm suddenly. His black knee high boots are as worn as yours. You try not to conspicuously look at the ass of a god as he walks away, but he is making it very difficult for you. As you stealthily ogle him, he gives you a glance over his shoulder, all hooded eyes and unknowable smile. He cocks his hip in an exaggerated pose of relaxation, and you swear under your breath. What an absolute asshole.
You remove your knitted hat and do a quick spell to refresh your appearance before he returns. If he wants a competition, he can have one. Your long Senegalese twists are revealed, showing the fresh fade you received yesterday. Your lipstick refreshes itself, becoming a deep oxblood red that highlights the pouty fullness of your mouth. Your warm brown eyes are rimmed with black kohl, revealing flecks of deep violet. Your gold nose ring and Wankandan ear cuff shine in the retreating sunlight. When Loki returns with the drinks, he cannot keep his eyes off you. He sits close to you, allowing you to see his faint 5 o’clock shadow.
“My dear witchling, you look even more enticing. This day becomes more promising with each moment.” His feline eyes almost glow in the low, soft light of the cafe.
You look at him coyly. “I have no idea what you could possibly mean by that.” You hum softly and put your finger gently into the whip cream of your hot chocolate. Drawing it out, you suck the cream off your finger thoughtfully, glancing at him. His pale skin looks slightly flushed and he pushes his hair out of his eyes nervously, tucking it behind his ear. You add making a god flustered to your list of personal achievements.
“So Trickster,” you drawl, “why are you in London, is it for chaos or pleasure?” Greenwich was still recovering from his brother’s heroics, which was annoying. You used to love going to Greenwich.
Loki smiles at your question. “Can it not be both?”
“I’d rather you not destroy this place, it has a lot of useful archives. And the food is excellent.” You sip your drink carefully, sighing in pleasure as the chocolate warms you.
The god laughs in amusement. “My oafish brother thought I should explore the lands of Midgard, that it may make me less inclined to- wreak havoc. Now that I am considered,” he shudders, “good. So here I am, learning about mortal cultures. And people.”
Huh. A reformed celestial villain on holiday. London could be so weird sometimes. “So, what have you learned now that you’re so well-behaved?” Your sweet tone is belied by your impish expression as he bristles at the compliment.
“The day is still young, and there is still so very much that I can learn. And even more that I can bestow to a willing, deserving mortal.” His voice was low and husky, and you gulp down your drink, afraid of your response. You feel suddenly that this is not a game you can win. Loki finishes his tea, placing the fragile cup and saucer down carefully on the table. His eyes are sombre and downcast.
“Witchling, despite my great enjoyment of this afternoon so far, I must ask- why do you not fear me? You know my reputation. There are many who still wish my destruction, many might say deservedly.” You shrug, unsure.
“I don’t know. Lots of things have happened recently. We’re not alone in the universe, monsters and aliens much worse than you have threatened the fabric of reality. And like you said, you’ve changed. It was all over the news and social media. You helped save an entire race of people. That’s heroic. The Avengers have killed and harmed a lot of people, but they’re still considered heroes. And now you’re one of them.” You take his hands in yours, feeling him flinch slightly, his expression troubled. “Besides, my older brother is an asshole, and I spent my childhood not belonging anywhere. I totally get it.” You give him a gentle smile. “Though I didn’t have the chance to try to take over the world with my dark forces in the most dramatic way possible.”
The god gives a wicked grin. “Oh, you flatterer.”
“Plus, I’m not gonna lie, you interest me, Trickster. I’ve read the myths, the shapeshifting warrior who uses feminine magicks and arts. We are similar, in that respect. Not son or daughter, but both, or neither. Or something else entirely.” Loki’s face brightens, and you feel an ache in your chest. He grins his lopsided grin. You suddenly feel his seidr strengthening, and he starts glowing green. In an instance, he is transformed. The other patrons look warily at the woman whose hands you are now clasping, and the fact that she is glowing. You gasp and then return her large grin. She is beautiful.
“Would you like to go elsewhere?” Her voice is still low and husky, her languid frame still lean and athletic.
“Y-yes.” You stammer. She watches you intently. “Is something the matter?”
“N-no. You’re- you’re just beautiful. That’s all. All of you. You’re beautiful.” You lost the game in that moment, and you could see in Loki’s eyes that she claimed victory.
“I know.” She stands up, putting on her coat with a flourish. She is still tall, damn her. You put on your outerwear again, as she swaggers out. You are in deep trouble. “Do keep up mortal, I want you to show me the sights! Londinium has changed since my last visit.” Wait, Londinium, like the the Roman settlement?
“Are you fucking kidding me?” You call out as you jog to catch up. “You’ve been around for that long?” Taking your arm in hers again, you both walk out of the square and onto the main road towards the city centre.
“Why, of course! I was in my adolescence then, constantly stealing away from Asgard for the attention of some fair maiden or young warrior. The Iceni women were also formidable, both on the battlefield and in their beds. I learned many a trick from them.” She leaned into you, her curtain of dark hair tickling your face. “Would you like a demonstration?” That ache became lower.
“Is this what you do? Use your wiles to seduce people that you meet on the street?” Loki pouts and straightens. “Yes, when it suits my mood. Are you being seduced, Y/N?” Her husky voice is making your heart pound. You fear that she can hear it hammering over the din of the city.
You look straight ahead, not giving the god the satisfaction of seeing the lust growing in your eyes. You thank the gods that the hardening of your nipples are obscured by layers of clothing.
“You aren’t nearly as impressive as you think you are, you know. I’ve grown up knowing Trickster gods just like you. You’re not special.”
“Yes, but are they as dashing and beautiful a figure as I?” Loki bats her long lashes at you, her hand delicately placed on her breast, a figure out of a pre-Raphaelites portrait. You are never going to live this down, gods have large egos and long memories.
You travel around the city that night, looking at Christmas lights and taking in the scents of the season. You tell each other histories about London, though Loki’s stories grow more epic and ridiculous in scale with each new story. You allow yourself to be charmed by this infuriating god, to become swept up in the strangeness of the day. She makes you laugh, and doesn’t seem bored with you, yet. Your phone buzzes furiously as the night goes on until it becomes a distraction. You check it at a bus stop near Soho, leaning against the shelter.
“My my, aren’t you popular? Tiring of a god’s attention so quickly?” You shush her as you feel her arm snake around your waist. She pulls you close as you check your messages. A group of men wolf whistle and yell crude obscenities at you both as they walk by, becoming silent as Loki moves away from you and magics daggers, her smile menacing. You glance at her in alarm, grabbing her arm softly.
“That’s a fun party trick Asgardian, but we will get arrested if you keep brandishing a weapon in public.” Loki’s daggers disappears, but her seidr crackles dangerously around her.
“You have been granted mercy this night, you undeserving swine. Now flee mortals, before I change my mind!” The men rush away, along with a few tourists. Her voice is cold and commanding, the softness and playfulness gone. You realise truly how much power the Asgardian has. You stand on tip-toe to reach her ear.
“Loki,” you say softly, “it’s alright. Don’t let them ruin our night.” Without thinking, you give her a small kiss on the cheek. Her eyes widen, and her face softens. She wraps a firm arm around you and pushes you against the glass shelter, kissing you passionately. Her lips are soft, tasting of mint and honey, and the slight chill of ice. You wonder if her lips will always remain cold, and how they would feel on other parts of you. You lose yourself in her strong embrace, your tongues meeting again and again. You can feel yourself becoming wet with desire, and cannot stop a low moan from escaping your lips. Magick flows between you, making you feel as light as air. You wrap your arms around her neck, wanting to be even closer to the god. You start to feel drunk with desire and ancient magick. As she begins to kiss your neck, you gently push her away, suddenly aware that you are still in public, at a crowded bus station. Some of the passengers on the waiting bus, including Santa and his elves, give you a rowdy cheer.
Breathing heavily, you both look at each other, her lips swollen and eyes wild with lust.
“Wow. Well.” Your brain tries to form words. “That was... good. Mmhmm. Good.” Well done. She smirks and leans over you. “There is so much more in store for you, my delectable witchling.”
You look at her, unable to hide your yearning. Another buzz reminds you that you are meant to be checking your phone and not making out with an ancient deity. As you look down, Loki reads your messages.
“You should really reply to your mother, it’s almost Yule after all,” Loki chides teasingly.
“I’m starting to understand why everyone attacks you,” you grumble. Loki harrumphs, her gaze haughty. You try not to think about how attractive she looks when displeased. She continues to read over you.
“Who is this Olu? A lover? Should I be jealous?” She scans the messages. “Oh, she wants to make sure you’re still alive, how touching. You should assuage this Olu’s fears.” You quickly check in, messaging that you have spent the day with Loki, ‘to see the sights.’
A response appears almost instantly. “All damn day?! Yes bitch!! Aw, get it girl, get that good god d-“ You quickly turn off your phone as Loki stares at you with an eyebrow raised.
“She can get pretty excited about things,” you say weakly. “She wants everyone to reach their ‘bad bitch’ potential.” Loki thinks about this for a moment, then nods and laughs in approval. “I like this friend of yours.”
In a fluid motion, she stands in front of you, raising your chin in her hand. You become entranced with her lips, stained dark red with your lipstick, and wonder if you will kiss again. “You continue to captivate me, witchling. But I grow tired of traversing this city. I want to know more about you. But first, would you like to experience some ancient magick?” You nod furiously, your nerd senses tingling.
“Think of a place where you feel safe.” That seems easy enough. As you think about your trusty study room in the library, Loki clutches your hand and touches your forehead. In an instant you vanish from the street-
And find yourself transported into the library. Green seidr surrounds you, flowing through you before dissipating. You give a giddy laugh, the remnants of the magick buzzing in your head.
“That was intense, Trickster!” The study room is small and cheerfully lit, with dark, wooden panelling on the wall and threadbare carpeting from decades of student movement. A small desk and shelves are present, along with an old, soft sofa. You are renting it for the week with the hopes that you could focus more without distractions. It doesn’t seem to be working. Loki looks around at your stacks of books and notes left neglected all day. He is returned to his earlier self. The ass remains phenomenal.
“Impressive,” he says approvingly, picking up one of your larger texts. He turns to you, his voice deep. “You are also impressive, Y/N.” Your name sounds obscene in his mouth. You remove your bag, damp outer garments, and blazer, dumping them on the ratty sofa. The library is deathly silent, already closed for the evening. You can hear the wind howling outside, the wild beating of your heart, and suddenly your mouth feels dry. Your dance all day had been leading to this moment, and now you feel unsure of yourself. You look around aimlessly.
“There’s a small canteen downstairs, would you like some tea, or-“
“No.” Loki’s voice is imperious, a command more than a statement. “The time for games has passed. I want you. Now.” He stalks towards you and you once again feel like prey. He embraces you, caressing your hair with gentle fingers. His arousal strains against his leather trousers as he pushes against you, and you desperately want to remove them. He whispers huskily into your ear, and you can feel the wickedness of his smile against your skin. “Have you ever been worshipped by a god?”
0 notes
*Loki had a huge crush on you and it was obvious*
*In the avengers tower*
Nat: Loki,Truth or Dare
Loki: Dare
Nat: I dare you to go up to y/n and make out with her
Y/n: Nat seriously, you don't have to did it if you don't want to, Loki
Loki: I'll do it
*Loki makes out with you*
Nat: oooohh
Y/n: Shut up
Tumblr media
Loki: Let's go
*He picks you up bridal style and carries you into his bedroom*
Nat: Okayyy...
Tumblr media
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thepilotanon · 3 hours ago
(Tw mental illnesses)
Loki comforting a crying s.o? I’m curious as to how he would handle a s.o w/ depression, anxiety, etc. 😥
I’m not going to specify anything of the reader being depressed, anxiety or anything, but I will still keep the warning for those who might not be comfortable about it. I hope you’ll still accept these!
I personally think Loki understands what it’s like to have a mental illness or internal struggles with emotions and thoughts; he’s had them for centuries, feeling stuck in Thor’s shadow and constantly ridiculed by Odin’s favoritism. While he would have been the type to hold it all in and never talk about it, he doesn’t want that for you for any reason and will do whatever he can to make sure you don’t fall down that path. He would be the type to help you find the right therapist and medications to help you start off on the path of feeling better, and always encourages you and loves you, even on your bad days.
I feel like even the best of us needs No Days every once in a while (like, where you wake up and just feel your whole being just NO). Loki can easily catch on to those type of days, and readies to help you “prepare” for it; the least he would ask of you is to move yourself and your blankets to the couch, while still being snuggled up and hidden from the rest of the world. Loki has no problem getting to dote on you and spoil you in the privacy of your own home (he actually loves spoiling and taking care of you, and earning a smile when he does something to make you happy).
Loki never says no to cuddling, especially when you ask him to hold you. He will spoon you gently and massage your head, your back or fiddle with your hands and spoil you with gentle nuzzles and kisses. He’s so damn soft!! Loki will tuck you securely with your blankets, maybe have you wear one of his sweaters that smell like him and keep you warmer than your own clothes do. He makes sure his hands are warmed by his magic as he hold your face and kisses your forehead. UGH!!
I think it’s important to note that whatever you may struggle with on your day-to-day life to just appear normal and healthy, that doesn’t change how Loki deeply cares for you and wants you to know that he will love all of you. Even if it’s a hard time and you just feel like Loki deserves better, he takes the time to remind you that he isn’t entirely perfect and you deserve everything and more. Even if you lose your temper or shut down, he knows that just being there for you makes a difference and a step towards feeling better.
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marvelouslycaptivating · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Here is a list of my works so far!! I will update this list whenever a new story or part is posted!! Thanks so much for reading. Xx
Steve Rogers
A Swarm of Butterflies: Part one, Part Two
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vemazing · 6 hours ago
shock & delight | 2 of 5
Thor: Ragnarök | Thor x Reader x Loki
→ read: part one
Tumblr media
Summary: You wake up in your own chambers, but the nightmare holds the audacity to continue.
Warnings/Info: None for this chapter! | Just to give a little background: You've met Loki before during the battle of NYC, and you've been close with Thor since he joined the Avengers. You worked for SHIELD during this time, but got a job offer from Stark Industries after SHIELD was compromised by HYDRA. You met both Thor and Loki back in New York when they were searching for Odin, that's when you got caught up in this mess. Anyways, hope you enjoy! (: Likes/reblogs, and feedback is always very much appreciated. Thank you ♥
Tumblr media
You don’t know how much time has passed since passing out and waking up, but remembering the pain makes you shiver on the spot. You’re currently staring at the ceiling, painted white with hideous red lines everywhere. They could have at least picked one color, goddamn.
Cautiously, you grope around with your limbs sprawled out like a stranded starfish. You feel weak which is only accentuated by your rumbling stomach and dry throat. Surely, you’re on the verge of dehydration by now. It takes another minute for you to realize that you’re on a bed, unbraced; free to move if you’d like. The blanket you’re laying on is soft and, surprise, also red. It smells like aggressive detergent and cheap air freshener.
You sit up slowly, groaning as another wave of dizziness nearly knocks you back down.
Suddenly, the door to your chambers open, but you know you’re both too weak and discombobulated to fight and make a run for it.
“What a pleasure to see you are still amongst the living, darling!”
There he walks in, behind three weirdly dressed servants, the God of Mischief himself.
“Loki”, you breathe through clenched teeth, but you’re not even able to sound annoyed. At this point you can barely keep your eyes open.
“Wow, you do look terrible, my brother didn’t lie”
You watch as he waves the servants away after they serve up covered plates and carafes with colorful liquids on the only table in your room.
“Where is Thor? What did they do to him?”, you ask, ignoring his insult as you get up from your sitting position. You crawl over to the edge of the large bed until you get up on wobbly legs. You figure if Loki is present as well, walking around freely, he must know where Thor is.
“Hm” Loki watches as you stumble over to the table like the pathetic Midgardian you must depict just now. “it is admirable how much you two care for each other. He did ask me the same question when I visited him earlier”
“Well”, you start as you pull a chair from the table before sitting down. “that’s what friends do, they care. You wouldn’t know about it…since you don’t have any, y’know?”
“Friends”, Loki repeats the word, signing quotation marks into the air while he walks over to the table to take a seat across from you. “How come you can barely stand yet you still have the strength to run that pretty mouth of yours?”
You snort as you lift the cover from each of the plates, scanning for something that looks familiar or close to familiar. “What is this supposed to be? Food? I fricking doubt it!”
Slouching deeper into the white leather chair, you shove the plate away from you with a whine, damning everything alien once and for all. “I hate it here”
“Now, stop pouting and eat, Y/N, it’s not too bad”
Loki shoves the food back towards you with a stern look, matching the tone he used to say your name. “You will need your strength”
You choose to ignore his last statement. If he would want to kill you, he could do it with less and faster than putting poison in your food. You reach for something that looks sort of like bread, but purple, and dip it into some kind of beige sauce. You sniff and examine it like a wary scientist before taking a small bite.
“Watch out, that one is quite spicy”
And he is right. Your tongue starts burning immediately, so you reach for the closest carafe with liquid that looks like water to drink from. It doesn’t taste like anything you have tried before, certainly not water, but you don’t care, you just gulp it down until it leaks from the corners of your mouth, spilling onto your shirt.
“They brought glasses for a reason”, Loki tells you calmly as he watches you struggle to soothe the pain in your mouth.
You breathe heavy while the pain finally slackens, glaring at him. “And you couldn’t have told me sooner?”
Loki shrugs, not even trying to hide his slight smirk or the gleeful twinkle in his eyes.
“About the spiciness or glasses?”
“What do you want anyway? Truth is, I thought you died after Hela kicked you from the Bifrost”, you say, changing the subject while you inspect the rest of the food, more carefully now.
“Time works different on this planet. I have been here for two weeks – and no, I am very much alive”
“I see”
You nibble and lick some yellow fruit, and decide it is safe before stuffing your mouth with it. All while Loki keeps on watching you which, in any other scenario, would make you feel insecure. You hate eating in front of people when they don’t eat anything themselves.
“and you quickly became the Grandmaster’s new sugar baby? Huh? Slept your way to the top?”, you ask in between bites. “Or why exactly is he fine with you talking to his prisoners?”
He tilts his head quizzically. “Sugar baby?”
“Never mind”, you snort, reaching for a different kind of fruit. “I guess it doesn’t matter”
“You should watch how you speak to me, darling. I am not my brother, not quite as foolish as him, you know? And I could be the one saving your arse one day”
You roll your eyes as you lean back in your chair. Gods, so very sensitive.
“You’re right, I’m sorry. I was hangry”
Another obscure word to him you see, but you don’t care to elaborate. Even though you feel better after your strange meal, you’re still stuck on an alien planet.
“Anyways, the Grandmaster wishes for you to attend him to the fight tonight. It will be quite the spectacle, I think. His prized champion is said to be a savage, and I am curious to see how Thor will face against him”
You stare at him for a few seconds, trying to process what Loki just told you, but somehow you cannot. “I’m sorry, what was that?”
Now he is the one rolling his eyes as he gets up from his chair, sighing. “Just finish eating what you want and wait for the servants. They will help you get ready, you slob.”
He points his finger at your soaked shirt before walking towards the door. You must look like a slob indeed as you have previously fallen from a wormhole into an intergalactic dumping ground.
You open your mouth to retort something, an insult maybe, and it looks like he is waiting for it as he hesitates with his hand on the door handle. You close your mouth again with a huff through your nose.
“Thank you”, you mutter under your breath.
His body stiffens, his head tilts to the side, but he doesn’t look over his shoulder, and he walks out the door without another word.
“I heard that”
Tumblr media
When the servants arrive again, you are comfortably snoozing on the bed, not at all bothered by the whole situation, thanks to the alien liquor you drank by yourself. It was a nice buzz; mellow and comforting, one that made any bad thought disappear in your brain.
“Excuse me, Terran lady, we have to get you ready for the Grandmaster”
You lift your head to look at the female servant who addressed you, who looked like she was from Earth herself.
“I couldn’t care less about what your Grandmaster wants, you know?”
She gasps quietly, staring at you with her big green eyes. Unnaturally green, and unnaturally big. Perhaps she is not from Earth after all.
“But do as you must, I guess”, you add as you lift yourself up from the bed.
“We will draw you a bath first. The Grandmaster would like you to wear the outfit he has chosen for you himself. You may hand your…clothes over to Te’lalia.”
The servant nods to her colleague, standing next to the open bathroom door, who bows at you as your eyes meet, and you wonder why they act so submissive around you.
“What’s your name?”, you ask boldly while you undress yourself. Might as well make some allies while you’re at it.
“Surae”, she answers quickly as she gathers your clothes from the floor.
“Hm, nice to meet you”, you mumble as you step out of your underwear. You don’t care for your nakedness as you walk over to the bathroom while Surae hands the pile of clothes over to Te’lalia.
“Don’t throw my stuff away”, you say, pointing your finger at her warningly. “please.”
She nods and scurries off while you step into the room already filled with steam. As Surae tries to follow you, you stop in your tracks.
“I think I can take it from here, thank you”
“Please don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything, the Grandmaster likes…”
But Surae stops mid-sentence and bows her head slightly before leaving you alone.
There is no mirror in your room, and you’re happy about it. You don’t even want to know what you look like right now. A crossover between attempted Drag Queen and Sakaaran prostitute, probably.
You’re wearing a nearly sheer wrap dress made out of a fabric you don’t recognize. Like silk, but different. It was golden, metallic looking in the bright lights of your room. Flamboyant and hideous, just like the rest of this place.
At first, you thought the servants put lotion on you after your bath, but on further inspection you realized it was some sort of glittery golden makeup. And now you’re covered in it, great.
“I hope this comes off with water”, you huff as Surae paints the last of your nails with blazing red nail-polish. She has a smile on her face, thoroughly amused by your disdain for the Grandmaster’s style.
“What’s this now?”
You move your head to the side and scrunch up your nose as Te’lalia stands in front of you with a small paint brush in her hand, dripping with the color red.
“For your makeup”, she answers, and you notice a foreign accent when she speaks. “now close your mouth, Terran lady”
You hold still, reluctantly, as she paints over your lips and chin.
“The Grandmaster will be very pleased with you”, Surae says as she comes to stand in front of you with Te’lalia.
You taste makeup on your tongue and resist the urge to lick over your lips.
Tumblr media
You’re more than aware that you are currently not wearing any kind of underwear as you are led through the Grandmaster’s palace. The dress is tight over your chest with half sleeves and a deep V-neck before the fabric wraps around your waist. The skirt is loose and flows behind you as you walk with your feet stuck in golden sandals. You hate sandals, they’re impractical and you don’t like to have your bare toes out in public. It makes you feel vulnerable for some reason. No sane person wears sandals in a city like New York.
You double knotted the strap around your waist just to be safe.
“This way”, Surae calls over her shoulder as she leads you to another elevator. “this one will take you to straight to the Grandmaster’s lookout lounge.”
“Are you not coming?”
You’d lie if you’d say that your personal servants, or assistants, didn’t give you some kind of comfort up to this point. But Surae shakes her head with a smile.
“We will prepare your chambers and wait for further instructions from the Grandmaster”
The elevator rings while its large bright turquoise doors open. Inside is a guard, already waiting for you. Stepping inside, you try to stay as far away from the Sakaaran creature as you can while the doors close shut behind you.
Tumblr media
The guard pushes you into the bustling lounge, filled with all sorts of people. You step into the room, not knowing what to expect now. There are two guards on each side of the entrance, and the elevator behind you seems to be the only way in and out, so trying to escape is yet again no option.
You let your gaze wander around the lounge until it rests on the large panorama window ahead of you, granting everyone the best view into the arena. The interior design is just as extravagant as the rest of this place which does not mean it looks good.
You look at the man who bought you, make his way through the crowd with an excited expression on his face. “Yes, you, you, you”, he says, approaching you while he takes your appearance in.
He sighs with a pleased smile, and twirls his index finger, urging you to turn around for him. You obey, not hiding the disgusted scowl on your face. His friendly demeanor and soft-spoken voice makes everything worse.
“Hm mm, wonderful. What is your name again, my angel?”
He chuckles. “You Terrans come up with the silliest names” And he holds his palm up to you. “come, sit with me, sweet Y/N. The crowd is waiting for a spectacle and I, the host, can’t let them wait now, can I?”
You put your hand in his palm and he grabs it softly, pulling you along through the crowd. You feel all eyes on you as the Grandmaster shows you off proudly, and normally you’d be embarrassed if everything here wasn’t so bizarre.
He leads you to the long, white sofa right in front of the panorama window and orders the closest servant to bring you a drink before turning to his bodyguard, the large lady you remember from before.
“Topaz, get the projectors ready. I want to introduce our newest contender to the people”, he orders Topaz, all giddily.
However, while the crowd starts cheering louder as their ruler makes his announcement, your stomach drops as you finally become aware of your predicament. What if Thor loses? They managed to capture you and him. What if their champion manages to beat him?
Clutching your beating heart nervously, you take a swing from your glass, not even caring about what exactly you’re ingesting anymore. The liquor burns then numbs your throat and you suddenly feel the effect on your body. Your calm down as a pleasant tingle runs through you, starting at your fingertips down to your toes.
“I’d be careful with that if I were you, dear”, Loki whispers into your ear after sitting down without you noticing. You jump in your seat as his breath tickles your neck before he settles in the corner to your left, a fancy cup in his own hand.
You frown at him and, despite his advice, take another sip from your drink out of pettiness.
A smug smile plays on his lips as he gets comfortable in his corner, watching the Grandmaster’s virtual projection in the middle of the arena.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…Lord of Thunder”
At that your attention immediately shifts from Loki to the arena ground. Leaning forward to get a better look, you watch as a metal gate opens.
“What the hell have they done to your hair”, you mutter under your breath as you unconsciously get up to walk to the large window. Suddenly, the crowd starts booing as Thor walks further into the arena and you clench your fists at your sides. The whole situation is so fucked up, makes your blood boil.
Thor, down there, forced to participate in this lunatic’s death battle while you’re up here in his lounge, forced to act like some kind of pet of his.
“Now, darling, I know seeing him makes your mind shut down, but don’t do anything stupid yet”
There’s a hand on your left forearm, gently squeezing your flesh while Loki once again whispers into your ear. You wonder if he is not scared of the Grandmaster seeing this, but he is probably involved in this arrangement.
“Like what? Maybe you could give me some ideas, asshole”, you hiss at him before shrugging him off. You sit back down, in the middle of the sofa and hope both men will leave you alone.
“Watch out for his fingers, they make sparks…”, the Grandmaster says mockingly before continuing to announce his beloved champion. As you look over to him, your owner, you swear you can see his excitement showing trough his tunic skirt.
You scoff with disgust. Sparks.Thor could destroy everyone in this arena if they’d let him. Give him back his hammer and it’d be over with. A servant walks past you with a tray of drinks and you wave her over, might as well numb yourself to get through this disaster.
Tumblr media
By the time Hulk arrives, you don’t have a care in the world, you’re not even surprised. Although you cannot keep your smirk to yourself as Loki shrinks in his seat next to you.
“I have to get off this planet”
“Oh, someone’s afraid of the big green monster, huh? Yeah, I remember New York”, you giggle as you celebrate your sudden triumph.
“Shut up!”, Loki hisses while painful memories of his last encounter with Hulk flash before his eyes. “You look ridiculous by the way”
You ignore his jab with triumphant amusement. Hulk knows Thor, they worked together, there is now way they will fight, and suddenly you feel like nothing can stop you getting off this planet anymore.
Until Hulk does fight Thor.
The crowd goes crazy, the Grandmaster cheers in his corner of the sofa, and Loki joins him. Now your smile is wiped off your face with a soul crushing finality. There is a moment where it looks like Thor might win this, but the Grandmaster interferes as he grabs his fancy remote control.
“No!”, you gasp, bracing yourself for the pain, but there comes none. You just watch helplessly as Thor slumps down.
“Don’t worry, my angel, your, uh” The Grandmaster points at his own neck, then yours with a smirk. “Obedience Disk was changed to a different frequency”
Hulk finishes Thor by leaping into the air like a manic bullfrog and smashes him into the ground with his giant fist. The ground shakes, dust settles and you’re sure any other being would have every bone broken in their body after an attack like that.
“Don’t worry, Y/N, he will live”, Loki snickers next to you as you listen to the cheering crowd in a daze. Hulk bathes in the glory, laughing about his triumph over the Lord of Thunder while some guards dig around the rubble until they find Thor to carry him out of the arena.
“Now that was a fight! Woho, yeah, go Hulk!”, the Grandmaster claps into his hands excitedly as he looks around the lounge to check if everyone is enjoying themselves. “Wasn’t that great? I think it was amazing!”
He taps your shoulder and gestures you to get up. “Let’s go get the afterparty started!”
You take his hand, because you know you’re not able to get your drunk ass up by yourself, and he urges you towards the elevator while his guests congratulate him on the win of his champion. You keep walking as the Grandmaster eventually stops to enjoy the attention.
“Where do you think you’re going?”
Loki grabs a hold of one of your wrists and pulls you into his side, smiling innocently at bystanders. You don’t have the strength to fight him off, you merely stare up at him as his hand snakes around your waist.
“What happens to me now?”
His lips twist into a smug smile, and his grip tightens as his penetrating bright green eyes burn into yours. Then he lowers his head, and his raven locks tickle your face as he whispers into your ear once more, his voice taunting and cheerful.
“Wouldn’t you want to know, darling”
Tumblr media
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barneswidow · 6 hours ago
Tear-filled Kisses
Word Count: 382
Prompt - Kissing tears from the other’s face
Types of kisses drabble masterlist
Tumblr media
Missions never always went the way you wanted them to, there were days when you’d get injured, there were days when someone else would get hurt, days like that were rare, but they happened, and today was one of those days.
 You’d had your back turned for a second during the mission, looking out after hearing a yelp come out of your boyfriends mouth, you instinctively turned to check on him, hoping he wasn’t hurt, which, thankfully, he wasn’t, but you turning around gave the people you were fighting enough time to throw a knife at you, hitting it against your side causing a deep gash along your hip, making you groan out loudly, alerting the team that you were injured. Your knees gave out as you collapsed to the floor, clutching the deep cut on your hip, blood staining your hands and clothes. 
“Loki, get her out of here!” Tony shouted, moving to cover both of your backs.
Loki practically ran over to you, picking you up carefully before transporting the both of you out of there and back to the compound where he could let one of the nurses patch you up. 
As the nurse was stitching up the cut, Loki stood by you, holding your hands in his tightly. It was after the nurse had left when you let the tears fall, Loki noticed immediately, cupping your face in his hands gently, using his thumb to try and wipe the falling tears.
 “What’s wrong darling?” He asked gently, one hand moving a strand of your hair behind your ear. 
“I turned because I thought you were hurt, I was so worried.” You whispered, your voice wavering slightly. 
Loki took a seat in front of you, one hand on your cheek, the other lightly on your waist, “sweetheart, you know I’m okay, there’s nothing to worry about now.” he whispered, leaning in to place his lips on your cheek, kissing away the salty tears running down it. Loki did this multiple times, kissing the tears that fell from your eyes, giving you a ridiculous amount of comfort and security. 
“Come on love, let’s go and rest.” Loki spoke, gently picking you up and walking to his room, planning to spend the night in your company with you under his arm. 
General Marvel Taglist: @cabin4ravenclaw​ @widowdays​ @pinkandblueblurbs​ @ronimina​ @dorcasmeadowesx​ @jesuswasnotawhiteman​
Loki Taglist: @harrypsd​
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outofplaceoutinspace · 7 hours ago
Their pet name/s for you - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral reader (>18 for spidey)
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
A/N: This is what I imagine they would call their partner. The Gifs are to make the post a bit more lively and pleasant to look at, they don't necessarily fit the situations. If a pet name does not classify as gender-neutral, please let me know.
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Love or Babe
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Hun/Honey or Sweetie
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Babe or Sugar
Tumblr media
Darling or My Love
Tumblr media
My Love
Tumblr media
Sweetheart or Darling
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
Bub/Bubs or Babe
Peter Quill
Tumblr media
Babe or Hun
Peter Parker (teenage!reader)
Tumblr media
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rorybutnotgilmore · 7 hours ago
Like Real People Do.
[PAIRING: Loki x Reader]
[SUMMARY: Watching the rainfall, you share some domestic moments with your lover.]
[WARNINGS: Food (hot chocolate)]
[GENRE: fluff]
[A/N: inspired by this oneshot by @gingerwritess, and hozier, of course, but her fic was one of the things that got me into loving hozier!!]
Tumblr media
The world outside of your home is blurred over as rain flows from the sky. Despite the downpour, the outside air is quite warm, the atmosphere humid amidst the rainfall.
The warm and comforting sound of music plays softly throughout the room. You’re seated at the window, which is complete with a ledge large enough to sit comfortably, gazing out at the world which lies outside of your own.
Everything Loki Taglist
@the-departed-potato @lokistan @cherrychriss @bluecruz14 @lucywrites02 @whatafuckingdumbass @gaitwae @thophil2941btw @lilith15000 @scintillatea @iamninaanna @prettysbliss @technotic-prophecy @zoellajulien @the-emo-asgardian
Specifically For This Fic
@red0nmyledger @dawn-808 @marvelouslovely
open to anyone who wants to be tagged!!
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blueseasfanfics · 7 hours ago
Pairing: Loki x any!reader
Description: You and Loki are sent out on a mission, but Loki uses some tricks to get out of doing so. He does complete his mission however; a dance with you. (Lots of fluff!! and some mildly suggestive themes)
Word Count: 1005
A/N: I'm still having a pretty rough time. Writing Loki does help though, I feel back to my roots a little bit. I need to write more fics though, I don't want to lose my mojo. I hope y'all like this one!
Want to support or commission a personal fic from me? Incredibly personalized and great prices! Check out my ko-fi:
“I hate you.”
“Why? I’m lovely.”
Loki smiles at you from next to you on the couch, taking your hand in his and bringing it to his lips. He kisses the back of your hand, and you roll your eyes.
Loki was loving this. You were both sent out on an undercover recon mission, but there was very little recon and a lot of Loki messing with you.
You were both dressed incredibly fancy, and you weren’t used to it. It felt like you were in the wrong skin the whole night, sitting here next to Loki. Of course he seemed completely at ease in his tight suit and tie, which didn’t help your comfort with what you look like at all.
As you sat stiffly against the back of the couch watching the room, he was relaxed with one arm around your shoulders. His eyes seem fixated only on you.
“You know, you don’t have to look at me like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like I’m prey.”
“Would you like to be my prey, darling?”
“Oh shut up.”
“You’re blushing, you know.”
“You’re just eating this up, aren’t you?”
“Utterly and completely.”
“I get dressed up for one night and you mercilessly tease me about it.”
“As the small spider boy would say, that’s ‘my whole thing’.”
“Can we actually do some work, Loki? We’re in some fancy place with way too many people, I just want to get intel on this guy and leave.”
“I already sent a copy of myself to follow him, it’s alright. He left a while ago.”
“What?” You hiss at him, jumping to your feet and looking around the crowded luxury club for any sign of your mark. Nothing.
Loki stands, taking your hand in his. You roll your eyes again, pulling it away.
“Quit it.”
“Why? I just want to treat you to a dance.”
“No, you ruined the mission and I’m tired of being near you.”
“I didn’t ruin a thing.”
“You did! You distracted me with your mean little teases and I don’t care if you sent a copy after him; I’m not the one tailing him right now. The mission is done for.”
“What mean little teases?”
“All of this, Loki!” You say this louder than you expected it to come out, and the people around you turn their heads to look at you. Awkwardly you cross your arms and look at the floor.
“All of what? My compliments?”
“They’re not compliments when they’re not true.”
“Whoever said they’re not true?” His voice is softer, less crooning than what he normally speaks like. You glance up at him, and he’s not smiling. Not even his customary smirk.
“You can’t play with me like that, Loki.”
“You seem to think I’m playing a game.”
“I’m not playing a game with you.” He insists in a softer tone and takes your hand again. When he brings it to his lips this time, he kisses it gently.
“I’m not going to let you hurt me.” You say this with conviction, looking into his eyes and he nods solemnly.
“Just one dance then. Could I have just one dance with the loveliest person in this room?”
“I thought you were the loveliest.”
“No, I just said I’m lovely. You beat me in that regard.” He extends his hand out to you and after a moment’s hesitation you accept, placing your hand in his. It’s not like the mission could get derailed any more.
“Just one dance.”
He smiles at you. A real smile, not the smirk you’re used to when he’s gotten away with something he’s been planning. He leads you out to the dance floor, placing both hands on your waist as yours settle around his neck. You both start to move slowly, just swaying to the music instead of doing any sort of footwork.
“Where’s the guy now?” You ask after a moment, and he thinks.
“Some alleyway. I think he’s on his way home. Should find it quickly. That’s some good intel, no? Objective complete?”
“Yes, but we could have also found that by doing the actual mission ourselves.”
“Oh, mission whatever. This way we both get the mission done, and I get to dance with you.”
“You get to dance with me? That’s much more humble than you usually are.”
“I can be humble!”
“I’m pretty sure the first thing you told me when you met me was I only deserve to kneel before you.”
“Well, now I say you have a choice.”
“And what choice is that?”
Loki comes close now, his cheek against yours as he whispers in your ear.
“Either you can kneel before me, or I can be told to kneel before you. Equal partnership.”
Your breath catches in your throat, and he backs up to his original position. He smiles again as he looks down at your face.
“You’re blushing again darling.”
“I really hate you.”
“I know you really don’t.”
You have to catch your breath for a moment, so both of you continue to sway in silence to the slow song that the band is playing.
Looking up at him, you sigh. No smirk on his face, just a contented smile. He’s looking all around the room and usually you would be too, but you realize how nice it is just dancing with him.
You bring yourself closer, pressing your chest against his and leaning your head on his shoulder as you sway.
“Don’t you want to watch the room? Ask about the mission?” He murmurs down to you, and you shrug.
“You have the copy out there, right?”
“And you’re here, dancing with me. Right?”
“And you’re not playing a joke on me.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it.”
“Then I’m fine just where I am.”
Your heart is against his heart, both in rhythm. You can feel his skip a beat when you speak, and you allow yourself a contented smile too.
“You can stay here with me as long as you wish, darling.”
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Where you can’t see me
Loki one shot
Tumblr media
howdy! this is my second piece of writing that I'm finally proud enough to post but I'm still pretty nervous so pls don't be rude but id love tips and nice criticism. was inspired by this song 
Warning(s): death, sad, no happy ending
It's just the way she spends her nights. 
like clockwork
Say good night to everyone in the now rebuilt and relocated compound
Slip on one of several shirts and sweats from the box on the closet floor 
Can’t forget the dagger he use to wield
lastly today’s papers and magazines
Slowly wandering about the fields that surround the buildings holding the loose pants high. She finds the same spot where the grass is blemished from the nightly appointments. Settling on the ground, she looks up and questions herself about the same sky she used to see as beautiful.
“Today was like yesterday, but that's nothing new. Bucky made me leave the grounds again. He wanted me to help him find new clothes as the styles have changed compared to five years ago but I know a part of it is a excuse to get me to be in public since I only ever stay on site. But I found this at a newsstand we passed by.” 
Holding up the newspaper and some magazines, she reads the covers.
She squeezes the papers, creasing them.
“They say we're so incredible, and they are. The team is astounding. But I hate them mentioning me. Because I'm no savior, I'm no hero, I missed saving the only person I needed. The one person I wanted to be good for.”
Tears streaming down her face soaking the never washed shirt that barely held his scent anymore.
She crushed the papers and hurled them as far as she could. 
Tucking her face up in her arms. 
“I miss you more than anything
I don't need the world to see
That I've been the best I can be
I don't think I could stand to be
Where you don't see me”
Looking at the beautiful golden band with an emerald and a little cluster of opals.
“I know I tell you every night but I’m sorry Loki I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you. I know we killed Thanos. I know he’s gone but there's nothing I can do can avenge what he took from both of us” 
Choking on her sobs that feel hot running down her face and neck
 “I thought it would be easier every year, but every time the day of your death passes, I want to join you.” 
Trying to regulate her breathing, she knows Bucky will come looking for her if she doesn't bring this to an end. 
“But I know you’ll be disappointed if I joined too early so ill try to turn to another page. But I hope you’ll be there when I do. I hope the gods give us more time.” 
Slowly rising and looking for the now ruined papers she heads back to the room that is still decorated with the last of him.
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The Dark Team (part 9)
<<Previous part Masterlist   Next part>>
Join the taglist in here (Taglist: @lucywrites02, @louieboo87, @the-departed-potato, @jesuswasnotawhiteman)
Warnings: trauma struggles.
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I have no idea who this pic is from, I found it around. If you know whose it is, please tag them!
It’s normal to have nightmares the night after you go through something like that.
It’s also normal to have dreamt with the one that saved you. That took you out of the hands of Death and embraced you with soft-spoken words, reassuring you it’d be fine, leaving no room for you to even think you wouldn’t come out of that.
It’s normal your brain had created fictional scenarios, but, what was your subconscious trying to tell you? So ambiguous, so… out of every context you could’ve possibly provided from your real life experiences. What was that place? Who was that bearded man who shouted incessantly at Loki?
You couldn’t figure out where you were, but in the dream you seemed to know exactly where to be and where not to. People dressed like the Norse Gods you already knew had you cuffed with chains too strong for you to even fight it. And, from a corner of that huge place full of gold and marble details you couldn’t stop to appreciate, you observed cautiously the discussion.
It didn’t seem so much like an argument, for Loki wasn’t allowed to talk back. He still said all the words he couldn’t speak through his magnificent talent of face expressions. The bearded man mentioned a dungeon and Loki resisted being taken away. He fought, but got even more restrained. The bearded man’s gaze finally laid on you, ordering someone to execute you.
Screams, you weren’t sure if yours or someone else’s. Maybe Loki’s.
“You have a choice”, echoed in your head. Whose voice was it? You don’t know. What did you choose? You were now somewhere else. A tinier place, not less bright than the previous one.
You reached for a hand and the hand wrapped around your eyes, blinding you from something. Or protecting you. Or…
“Don’t leave me”, it was your voice, this time. “I’m begging you, don’t leave me”, you cried. But there was nothing there. Only darkness, an empty room, and the reminiscence of an apology. “If you do this now, I’ll never forgive you”.
“How would you know”, said the darkness. Was it the darkness? Why did the shadows have a voice?
“Execute them”, the bearded man’s voice resonated in your head once again. The balcony, heights. Yelling. Yours. Loki’s. You were falling again, and Loki wasn’t there to catch you. The bearded man laughed obnoxiously at you while you cried. Debilitating you. Making your heart beat fast enough to wake you in a cold sweat, shivering, trembling.
You stabilized yourself, looking around to ground you. Blankets covering your fully dressed body; how uncomfortable to sleep in your suit, but how necessary. By one of your sides, Loki slept soundly in his bed. Bucky, sitting on the floor, tried to figure out something about his smartphone to pass time faster.
“You good?”.
“Yes”, you lied with a hoarse voice. “I’m good”.
“Nightmare?”. You shrugged your shoulders and he sat on the feet of the bed. “You know, this phone doesn’t make me feel very smart”. You chuckled, still incapable of taking those images out of your head. Now fogged, you could only remember the traces of intense emotions they drew all over your chest. Your breathing was still irregular, difficult to align. “Wanna talk about it?”.
“Too strange to even explain it”, you breathed out. “Felt so real, as if I could’ve reached the marble patterns of the walls and remember the sensation in the tips of my fingers”.
“Where were you?”.
“I don’t know, I’ve never been there”.
“Are you sure?”.
“Yes, I would remember. It was too much”.
You knew Bucky wanted to say what he always said; trauma deletes memories. But that implied such context… you wouldn’t be able to forget it all. Hell, there was Loki, and you just met the man. Bucky swallowed his words, knowing they would only get denial from you. This had happened so many times, he knew exactly what to say and what not to say. It wasn’t the first time either you had intense nightmares, so real and so surreal at the same time. They were impossible. But so imaginative, so creative for your mind to have created that alone. It defied the limits of your own imagination.
“I don’t want to go back to sleep”, you said to Bucky as your eyes closed and your sleepy head wanted to drift off to another land, another dream, another nightmare. “I don’t want to go back there”, you repeated, and Bucky patted your shoulder, saying things you weren’t capable of comprehending anymore.
Your head heard you, and the next few hours your dreams were nothing you could fear from. You didn’t even remember it once you awoke again. The curtains were half opened, but no lights from the outside bathed the room. Only the moonlight. It wasn’t silent. The soft rain picked in the balcony, and the door was half open. The tall silhouette of Loki held a phone to his ear, and Bucky slept on the other bed. They must’ve changed positions while you slept. Still half asleep, you eavesdropped his conversation.
“Gør þú svá vel”, he pleaded. You understood his words, or so you thought. Please, he had asked. He heard the long words on the other side of the line, and he insisted “gørvel, Þórr”; please, Thor.
You pretended to be still asleep, but it had caught your attention too much to ignore it. Was that your sleep-deprived brain making up a translation? You were certain you didn’t speak Old Norse. And what was Loki begging Thor about? This all was so onyric, you almost laughed to yourself.
Even though you were sure you were still either dreaming, or so sleepy you made up the meanings of those foreing words so softly spoken by the God; you couldn’t put your focus away. Thor seemed to be explaining carefully something Loki had predicted, and didn’t look like he would put on much more of a fight to get it done.
You managed to distinct Thor’s words from the very light sound the phone allowed you to, and he apologized with a “fyrirgef mik” and a trace of regretfulness.
“Allt er gott”, it’s alright, he accepted, sighing. Thor, on the other side of the line, excused himself for whatever reason he couldn’t do what Loki had asked him to. “Góða nótt, bróðir. Sof þú vel”, he ended the call. Good night, brother. Sleep well.
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gaitwae · 8 hours ago
Because I Love You [|] Loki x Reader
Tumblr media
Tags: @make-me-imagine​ @thorfanficwriter​ @bwemph​ @myraiswack​ @rorybutnotgilmore​ @loki-snape-our-hero​ @wolfish-trickster​ @lucywrites02​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @winterfrostsarmy​ @superheroesandstardust​ @castiels-majestic-wings​ @geekns​ @natandersonnla​ @cozy-the-overlord​ @megthemewlingquim​ @frostedgiant​ @whatafuckingdumbass​ @thebookbakery​ @delightfulheartdream​ @twhiddlestonsstuff​ @lokistan​ @the-emo-asgardian​ @amwolowicz​ @itscomplicatedx​ @sophlubbwriting​
Warnings: Tooth-rotting fluff
Summary: Literally just a fluffy conversation and a flower crown.
Tumblr media
Loki draped himself over your lap. “Distract me.” He looked up at you for only a moment, then closed his eyes and flared his nostrils. His nails had been picked at and bitten. His hair was curly; Thor must have left the palace for a good while, again. No static to create flyaways. You didn’t know whether Thor took off because of your status. Loki could care less about your place, however, and still treated you as his spouse. He had yet to legally wed you; when it came to the way it could affect you in the legal aspects, he tried his best to keep your reputation out of speculation.
He never stayed nights. He never put you in a risky position, even if it was in private and resoundly safe. Whether or not you cared about being the perfect youth, the Allfather did. Loki didn’t want to hinder any chance of making you his one and only.
“Distract you? My, aren’t we commanding today, my love,” you chuckled. He scrunched his nose up in distaste. You tapped it. “When did I agree to this, exactly? The commanding and the distracting?” Your jest was clear. You were poking for a proposal that Loki wanted to give you but couldn’t. Not that it mattered — someday, you’d marry him and everything would be right. 
In your hands was a flower crown you had been working on since the start of your break. You had taken it to meet the God of Mischief in the courtyard. It was a neutral place, and you had gone flower picking the day before so you could give this to him. It was almost complete.
“I hate you,” he grumbled, reaching up to grab your face and kiss it. You hummed against his lips, laughing as your darling moved from your mouth to your cheeks and nose and eyelids and brow. “You’d make a terrible spouse, precious, I hope you know that.” Loki pulled away, resting his forehead against yours. You cupped his face and laughed. The crinkle next to his eyes told you his teasing was just that; honestly, laughter and love was perfect in this relationship between you.
“Ah, yes.” You sighed happily. “I hate you, as well. So, so much, I could just stop kissing you right here and now. I do have to go back to work, sweetheart.”
“Blasted servant duties,” he sighed. “Why can’t you just stay with me? Here? Hold me like the wounded soldiers you heal?” He got off of your lap. The prince kept his eyes on yours, filling the space between the two of you with adoration. You finished weaving the crown between your hands and set it over his beautiful curls.
“Because I love you,” you answered. You kissed his cheek. “You believe that we’ll be happier in the long term if we do this the right way. So I’m going to do this the right way.”
“You’re so brilliant.” Loki tried to remain serious, but a small laugh escaped his lips. “My mother stayed behind. We could marry right now, if you so wished. I’ve finally gotten your father’s blessings.”
“What about your father, Loki?” you reprimanded gently. You knew Odin was the big ‘if.’ “We can’t get married if it isn’t on the best terms possible.”
Loki crossed his arms. He rested his head on your shoulder, ruining his crown ever so slightly. You were surprised he hadn’t taken it off already. “Oh, do I hate when you’re right.”
“Do you?” you smirked. You laced your fingers with his.
Loki rolled his eyes, kissing you chastely once more. “You’re horrible at distracting me, Y/N.”
“I’m your partner, not your entertainment!” you giggled. 
“I’m the only husband you’ve got,” he reminded you. “You’re going to have to take on two jobs if you want to keep me!”
“Oh! I’ll get you,” you declared, striking his side where he was most ticklish. The god yelped, cringing back. “Keep you? I’m the only spouse you have, Mischief.” He grabbed your hands and pushed your poking, prodding fingers away from his sides.
“I yield! My love, I yield,” he laughed. “Don’t do that.”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him quick three times. “I have to go now. Be good.”
“Bah! That isn’t what I’m the god of, dearest; I can’t ‘be good.’” Humor rumbled through his chest, vibrating to your heart. You rolled your eyes. “Why don’t you bribe me?”
“With what?”
“With a nice dinner with my family when my father and brother return.”
“That sounds like a deal, Mischief.”
Loki grinned. “Then I’ll see you later, my love.” He pushed you along, wriggling his fingers at you as a goodbye. You sighed, shaking your head.
You loved him so much.
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give-me-a-moose · 9 hours ago
Dream of Me
Fandom: The Avengers/MCU
Relationship: Loki/Fem!Reader
Words: 2,616
Summary: After finding out Loki is basically immune to your powers, you settle into a relationship with him. You particularly enjoy arguing with him. Your current argument holds a bit more weight than the others, though.
Note: This is a follow up to “Kiss The Girl”. I have a few more coming, so I am calling it the “Charmspeaker Collection”. 
Tumblr media
It wasn’t an instant transition once you discovered Loki was immune to your powers. Thor too for that manner. You still had a lot of anxiety surrounding your powers.
You still kept quiet around the other Avengers, because nothing had changed for them. You started to say a few words to Thor whenever you felt brave enough. He was ecstatic when you started speaking around him. The first time it happened had actually been Loki’s fault.  
“Will you please shut up?” Loki had snapped at Thor once when he was being particularly boisterous, “Y/N thinks you are being annoying.” 
“Loki, you know that is not true!” you shot back instantly before turning to Thor, “I think you are a delight to be around.”
Thor’s eyes widened in surprise. Loki had just sighed. He enjoyed his position as your official translator. A position he earned by hiding all your whiteboards. He didn’t think you would reply verbally, but since he and Thor were the only other people in the room, he really should have seen that coming.  
After spending so many years being silent, it was strange to feel able to use your voice. Loki would have to remind you sometimes that you could speak around him. On good days you would laugh to yourself and start talking like normal. On bad days you would shake your head and remain silent. Loki would not push you to speak on those days, and you were grateful for that.
Loki took great pride in his ability to read you. He could watch your body language and know exactly what you wanted to say. It made communicating around the other Avengers so much easier. However, it also led to some interesting sights around the Tower. A common one being Loki having what appeared to be a one sided argument with himself. 
“Y/N, I am telling you that it won’t work.” Loki insisted over breakfast. 
You crossed your arms at him as a reply.
“I am a master of stealth and deception. My plans have never led us astray before.” 
You raised your eyebrows. 
“That’s a low blow.” Loki sighed, “Fine. We will try it your way. Will that get you to shut up?” 
You grinned at him before leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. 
“Yes. And I you, my darling.” he murmured with a soft smile. 
You both continued to eat your breakfast in silence as the rest of the room stared at you both in bewilderment. 
What the fuck had they just witnessed? 
The two of you constantly argue with each other. The topics were never serious and could be easily resolved. Loki had assumed that after spending so long keeping your opinions to yourself, you enjoyed being able to voice them. Loudly and quite often. Loki was always more than happy to indulge you. While he would never admit it out loud, you were utterly adorable when you were vexed. 
Your current argument held a little more weight than most of your others. 
It started the first night you stayed in Loki’s room and he told you about the horrible nightmares he has sometimes. It had been a precaution, in case he ever woke you in the middle of the night. He hated the idea of scaring you and wanted you to be prepared. You, however, took this information to be a challenge. 
“I think I can use my powers to get you to sleep peacefully.” you explained to him as you curled up in his arms. His skin was a bit chilly, but at that moment it was a cool relief for your warm body.
Loki placed an absentminded kiss on your head, “Darling, did you forget I’m immune?” 
“Maybe not while you’re sleeping.” you yawned, “Your defenses will be down.” 
Loki paused to consider this, as he ran his hands up and down your back, further lulling you to sleep. 
“If I notice you are about to have a bad dream, maybe I can trick the dream away.” 
Loki chuckled softly, “You are only setting yourself up for disappointment.” 
“You said you wouldn’t underestimate me anymore.” you whined sleepily.
“And I do not.” he stole a kiss from you, “But my answer remains the same. No.” 
Loki knew that you would never use your powers against him without his consent. It was one of the few rules you lived by. If he told you no, you would not do it.
“This isn’t over.” you mumbled to him, your eyes already closing. 
“I don’t doubt that.” he mused, pressing a final kiss to your temple. He waited to hear your breathing slow before letting himself fall asleep as well.
Whether it was just bad luck, or all the bloody talking about it, Loki felt his dreams turn sour. He could hear the Other’s voice in his head again. 
“You failed us.” 
“You cannot escape him.” 
“He will take everything you hold dear.” 
Loki closed his eyes and tried to shut the voice out. When he opened his eyes again, that cursed scepter was in his hand again. He felt its poisonous thrall once more. No matter how he tried, he would not be able to forget. He told himself to drop it, but his body betrayed him by tightening the grip. 
Then his own voice came to him, even though he could not say a word. 
“...Not until I make him kill you! Slowly, intimately, in every way he knows you fear…”
The nightmare changed in an instant. Suddenly he was standing in front of you. You were on the floor and covered in blood. Your eyes were wide with fear as you looked up at him. The sight made him sick to his stomach. 
“Loki. Please.” you begged. 
He could not stop himself as he raised the scepter. The blue glowing intensifying. His screams were trapped inside of himself. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t stop himself from walking closer to you.  
“No! Loki! Please!” you cried, “Loki! WAKE UP!” 
Loki instantly woke with a gasp. His heart was racing and he looked around the dark room. That was when he noticed he was gripping your wrist. His hold was so tight, he could see the discoloration in your skin. 
He quickly let go of you, shocked by what he had done. You pulled your wrist closer to you and rubbed it, trying to soothe the pain away. Loki looked away from you in shame. He felt the self loathing creep over him when he heard your quiet voice. 
“I’m sorry.” you sat up on the bed next to him, “You wouldn’t wake up. I had to.” 
If he were not so distraught, he would have laughed. He had nearly broken your wrist, and you were apologizing for using your power to stop him from doing it. It was completely absurd. 
“Darling, you have nothing to be sorry about.” he let out a shaky exhale, “I’m glad you did it.”
 He put his head in his hands. He nearly scoffed when he felt your hands on his back, attempting to soothe him. The monster you shared a bed with hurt you, and you wanted to comfort him. He didn’t pull away though. 
After a few moments of silence, you crawled closer to him, draping yourself along his back. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and Loki couldn’t help but look at your injured wrist. It wasn’t swollen thankfully, but he could already see the bruises forming. 
He gingerly took your hand and placed a delicate kiss to the inside of your wrist. A silent apology. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his temple. Apology accepted. Loki sighed in relief, content to soak up your warmth.
“Well, it seems you are susceptible to my powers when you’re asleep.”
He couldn’t help but chuckle, “This is a dirty tactic, my love.”
He felt you grin against his skin, “Not a tactic, just an observation.” 
“Here I thought you would want to return to sleeping alone.”
“Never.” your arms squeezed around him. 
“Stubborn thing.”
“I could say the same of you.” 
Loki slowly inhaled through his nose. He had been hoping you would leave him to spend the rest of the night alone. He always knew he was going to give in at some point. He always gave in when it came to you. He just never expected this to happen. He didn’t want this to happen again. 
“Fine.” he kissed your wrist again, “Next time you can try.” 
Loki felt your hand on his chin, guiding his head towards you. He looked up at you, and saw your small smile. 
“Thank you, Loki.” you whispered before placing a chaste kiss on his lips. 
Luckily, Loki’s nightmares did not return for a few weeks. In all fairness, that was probably because he did not let himself fall too deeply asleep. He forced himself to stay awake as long as possible, only allowing himself cat naps. You saw how the lack of sleep was starting to affect him. Whenever you tried to address it, he simply brushed your concern away.
You started to try to lull him to sleep. Before bed you prepared him a relaxing cup of tea. When you were in bed, you ran your fingers through his hair. Whether it was your attempts working or his resolved weakening, Loki fell into a deep sleep one night. You smiled to yourself and settled in next to him. 
You knew exactly when the nightmares began. He clutched at you desperately in his sleep. His arm around your waist tightened, like he was afraid that you would disappear if he didn’t hold you tight enough. His grip was so tight it almost stole your breath. You gently caressed his forearms as you let your power rise in your throat. 
“Sleep well. Dream of peace.” you whispered into his ear. After a second of thought, you selfishly added, “Dream of me.” 
Almost instantly, Loki’s hold on you loosened. Not enough to fully release you, but it was no longer a death grip. You took a deep breath in relief. His breath began to even out and he released a soft snore. It made you smile.
You could already feel the power of tomorrow morning’s gloating session when you both woke up. But for now you were content with turning your head enough to kiss Loki’s shoulder, then falling back asleep. 
The dream started much like the others. The fear and helplessness threatened to swallow him whole. But it changed….for the better. 
The scepter vanished into smoke in his hands. He looked around and saw he was in one of his favorite gardens in Asgard. He looked around and catalogued the flowers around him, it was just as he remembered. Then his eyes fell to the large tree he read under in his youth. There in his usual spot was you, dressed like Asgardian nobility with a book in your lap. The sight made him smile. 
He slowly approached you, not wanting to disturb you. Despite his stealth, you still looked up and gave him a wide smile. 
“Loki.” you breathed. He loved when you said his name like that. Like he was the one who put the son in the sky. Like he was the one with the power to make you day. Like you loved him. 
“Darling.” he he was surprised when his body cooperated with his desires. 
You closed the book and set it beside you, “Join me.” 
He didn’t need to be told twice. He sat beside you, and arranged himself to lay his head in your lap. He closed his eyes once he felt your fingers run through his hair. 
He felt peaceful. For once, he wasn’t afraid something was going to come and ruin this moment. He let himself relax. 
“I love you, Loki.” you hummed to him. 
His eyes snapped open. You giggled down at him. You never said that to him before. He wondered what those words would sound like leaving his lips. Now he was dreaming about it. Perhaps that made him a lovesick fool, but he wanted to hear it again. 
“I love you so much.” you whispered before leaning down to give him a quick kiss. 
Loki raised his hand to bury his fingers in your hair. With minimal effort, he turned the sweet kiss into a hungry one. He smirked when he heard you moan into the kiss. Just as you started to melt into it, he pulled away. 
“And I love you, dear heart.” 
Loki continued to dream of you within the safety of his childhood hiding spot. He cherished your giggles and whispered ‘I love you’s. The only thing that could make it better was if it were real. 
When Loki awoke the next morning, the first thing he noticed how well rested he felt. Usually, a good night of sleep meant the dreamless void that was only available when he reached exhaustion. He couldn’t recall the last time he had had a good dream. He hardly wanted to wake up. But opening his eyes to see you sleeping beside him, made up for that injustice.
He pressed a delicate kiss to your shoulder, trying to convey his gratitude and love through the one kiss. That way he would never have to admit to it when you were awake. 
Unfortunately, the touch had roused you. With a few sleepy mumbles you wiggled out of Loki’s arms enough to roll over and face him. Your eyes were the last to open, and your sleep blurred eyes focused right on his face. He brought his hand up to cup your face. 
“How did you sleep?” you asked, a knowing grin on your face. 
“Gloating is beneath you, my dear.” Loki teased. He knew he was going to have to listen to you gloat for the better part of the day, but he wanted a few more moments of peace. 
You rolled onto your back and laughed. How Loki loved the sound of your laugh. He propped himself up on his elbow to look down at you. 
“What did you dream about?” you asked, your eyes meeting his. 
For a second, he thought about telling you the truth. Telling you the words he dreamed of falling from your lips. He thought of telling you the words he felt in his heart. But he refrained. He was not sure if you were ready for that yet. Midgardians tended to get anxious when such words were thrown around. 
Instead, he gave you his most licentious smile, “Perhaps I can show you what I dreamed about?”
The brilliant flush that came to your cheeks assured him he made the right choice. 
“We have things to do today.” you fought the smile that made its way to your lips. 
“Here I thought you would want to celebrate your victory.” Loki moved his body to languidly stretch out over yours before placing a series of kisses down your neck. You instantly snaked your arms around his neck. 
“This is a dirty tactic.” you protested in spite of yourself. 
“It’s not dirty.” he chuckled low in your ear, “Not yet.” 
You shivered, hearing the unspoken promise in his voice.  
“Fine. you can show me.” you relented, though it felt nothing even remotely close to a loss. 
“Thank you, my love.” Loki whispered to you before pulling you into a rousing kiss. 
He would tell you eventually. When the time was right. For now, he was content to show you how he felt. Whenever you would let him. And he was more than happy to convince you. 
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Loki oggling the reader then pushing his sunglasses up made my day
Cafe Canaveral!Loki is the King of Not Being Subtle 😎
Tumblr media
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Himmeløyne [25/?]
Pairing: Loki Odinson x Reader
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Warnings: Violence / Angst???
A/N: ... 
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Tumblr media
“You shouldn’t be here,” Loki said.
Shivers ran up your spine. For the first time since you knew him, he looked terrified. Helpless.
The Creature—the monster—that materialised from the mist inched closer. Its steady pace was unnerving, like pinpricks to the skin.
You took Loki’s hand in yours, felt his grip, ironclad, and said, “Right here is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”
He smiled sheepishly, “Then our reunion was fated to be a short one.” He glanced at the creature, at its eyes, and clenched his jaw as tightly as his muscle could allow. He took an instinctual step back, pulling you behind him. “There’s no escaping it.”
You turned to the creature, unsure of what it was entirely that you sensed from it. It wasn’t fear—at least, not your own. Not hate either. Though it was masked in those emotions well. There was a drive behind its instinct, a purpose. Keenly aware of the fact you still had your magic, you let your magic do the searching where vision failed you. Tendrils of energy waned as if something unseen was pushing back, resisting. You planted your feet, took a deep breath and blocked out everything except the creature. There was familiarity there. A sense of pain. Grief. A broken heart.
Bestla’s words rippled back to you, reminding you of what she had said about Loki, “Loki is a fraught boy. Torn apart by two halves that will always be at war.”
A tendril of magic managed to touch the creature and incoherent flashes distracted you, making you lose balance.
With a grunt, you and Loki were both flung back, the wind knocked out of you. You rolled from your side and noticed the creature was undeterred from his path. A strong magical barrier surrounded it.
The creature lunged, its bone and flesh sword for a hand tearing the seams of Loki’s subconscious world.
You had to get Loki away from the creature, find a way to reassure him, give him room to process everything in safety. As long as the creature was a stone’s throw away, you wouldn’t be able to help him. “How do we escape it?”
Loki turned to you, downcast, “We don’t. I’ve never escaped it.” He looked at his hands. “I have no powers here.”
“But I do,” you forged a connection to his subconscious through your linked hands. “Think of a place, a memory, anywhere you feel safe. I’ll take you there!”
The creature neared and Loki’s mind flooded with too many images, too many years condensed into a barrage of smells and touch, hot and cold, emotion and emptiness. Steeling yourself, you clung onto the strongest sensation: smell. Berries. A burst of blue and purple. Warmth from an oven. A hug.
Instantly, the both of you were sucked into a portal of light, teleported deeper into Loki’s mind. Before the portal shut, the creature let out a roar, snagging skin from your elbow as it slashed and slashed in a frenzy. You seethed from the surprising burn of its cold touch.
You were thrust forward and wrenched back, a tension to your muscles, adrenaline soaking tissue. Your magic sparked, and you lost your bearing. When the world stopped spinning, you were in a kitchen, not the human kind with a hearth and cast iron pots, but Asgardian. Polished stones greeted your feet while gold embellishments decorated everything; curtains, fine dishes, the liquid within crystal clear tumblers.
“Where… where are we?” you glance around, unfamiliar with your surroundings.
Out from a blind spot, two boys darted into the kitchen area. Frigga followed soon after, a youthful blush on her face, hair the colour of magnificent straw. The boys played with wooden swords, clashing in a dull thud. Laughter keeping the room vibrant. The boy with the sandy hair yelped, and before your eyes, his wooden sword transformed into a snake, slithering away.
The raven-haired boy turned ghostly pale, frightened by what he’d just done. He clenched his fists in horror. Frigga calmed him, a sweet smile on her face as she ran her fingers through his hair. She hesitated for a moment before she hunkered low to hug both her sons. Soon after, a baker walked into the room with a silver tray of pastries. Blackish filling spilt over the folds, the smell of citric berries permeated into the space like a blanket, sweet and tart.
“Home,” Loki said. A look of longing crept over his face, a slouch to his shoulders. “I remember this day… This was the day before Father had taken us to the vault to tell us stories, of our grandfather, of the war…the Giants. Mother had asked the baker’s to make her favourite pies. We helped her pick the berries from a thicket near the edge during the day. It was the first time I used transformation magic. I was so scared. So was Thor. But not Mother… she just held us till we stopped crying. Made us feel safe in her embrace. She said I got my magic from her. That we were born under the same stars. Blessed by the same spirits.”
You placed a hand on his back and he leaned into the contact. “It seems like a happy memory.”
“Many of them were… before…” he turned to look away from the homely scene unfolding. “They were my family. My blood.”
The child version of him smiled with pie filling smeared over his round cheeks. You recognised Baldrick in his features. Slight, but distinct. The same dark hair and wide eyes. An impression more than anything.
“They still are,” you said.
“They are not my family…” he sneered, clicking his tongue. “And after what I’ve done, they couldn’t forgive me. I wouldn’t forgive me.”
“You did nothing wrong.”
“I have done plenty wrong!”
You flinched, his anger turning the room cooler, snuffing out the air, closing you in. Mist crawled onto the windows, and, suddenly, you knew. This feeling—this dread—it had been warped around the creature too, preventing you from fully penetrating its barrier. That same magic now surrounded Loki. More apparent after his outburst.
“Not from where I’m standing,” you said. “Perhaps there is much you need to take responsibility for, but not this”—you placed your hand on his chest, felt the thrum of his heart—“not for who you are…what you are.”
 “They lied to me! Made me think I was one of them. Hid my birth rite from me. Hid me,” he shouted.  “I’m a monster!”
The mist had enveloped all the windows now. Cracks spread like veins. A chill wracked through the air.
You ignored the foreboding signs and kept your focus on Loki, “By that logic, so am I.”
His eyes snapped up meet yours, his lower lip trembling. “Not you. Never you.”
Your heart ached at his words. “I’ve taken life… Life that I now see was more than a simple monster made real from under my bed.”
Recognition flashed across his face, “The Giant in Jotunheim. The one who...”
You nodded, slowly. “Yes.”
“But he took something from you,” Loki held your shoulders, speaking in haste as he shook you. “You deserved vengeance. And wanting it… that doesn’t make you a monster.”
You let out a sigh, somehow feeling older as you did it, feeling the heft of another’s life—of Bestla’s life. “Only because something had been taken from him, too. Something that was rightly his.” A sad smile came over you. “Do you know what he said before I killed him? He said his kind were always the villains in my stories. I never thought much of it, at the time. But then I met someone…your grandmother. She told me things, about the Great Wars, the histories of the Giants, the truth. And I see now…”
Loki rambled, taken aback by what you said. "My... grandmother? H-How? When? I—I don't..."
The creature materialised into the room, stone walls exploding into flecks. It growled and Loki stiffened. He was about to pull you away, but you stopped him, mustering all your magic to urge the Jotun beneath his pale skin to surface. His breath hitched as he staggered, fighting the process. You kept watching as the creature continued on its approach. You had a few seconds at best.  
“I see now that there’s more than one side to any story. And war… war destroys more than the past. It takes history. It takes truth. It makes martyrs out of monsters and monsters out of martyrs. Makes kings. Destroys empires. Breeds hate. And these effects ripple out, for generations. You and I are but small grains of sand taken by the whims of the past, struggling to be still.”
“What are you—” Loki’s eyes went wide, making him look so small, so human, as his blue skin surfaced. You trailed along his arm, magic between the two of you building with a charge. With possibilities. He shuddered, taking a few deep breaths to centre himself, to grow used to his reflection in your eyes.
“And this is my truth…” you kissed him gently as the mist clung to your robes and feet. “I love you, Loki, Son of Asgard, Last Prince of Jotunheim... Trickster God. I love all of you. And I bent the world to save you, but the truth is, you aren’t lost, you’re running away.”
The creature lunged, and the wind died out. The creature’s shadow fell behind Loki. From over his shoulder, you could see it raise its arm high, ready to strike… ready to kill.
“It’s time to face who you are…” you whispered.
The creature struck. Loki shouted your name, cradling you close. There was a boom. A rush of air followed by a harrowing silence.
Loki stumbled backward, shocked. All around him were shards of ice, suspended in the darkness until it receded back from where it came. In the light, the creature sloughed away, like fungus being scraped off wood. The layers turned to snowflakes and dispersed all around you. Under the rage and strength of the creature was Loki’s double, pale skinned, blue eyed.   
You walked over to Loki’s double and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Do you see now? Do you see what you were running from?”
Loki paced from left to right, never letting his eyes leave his double. Then he took a step forward, mouth agape, the reality of everything dawning over him. “It was me.”
“You blame yourself for everything. For what happened to my village and what happened to me in the throne room. I suspect you’ve always done so. Resolved yourself to hate the part of you that was different. That was hidden. And that part of you, stricken by self-loathing and doubt, guilt and grief, remained buried here, in the depths of your mind, alone. Apart from you. And when you went under, you could no longer supress him. But after the throne room, those feelings grew in your subconscious, giving form to the very thing you feared. The Jotun in you. The Giant. The monster of your stories.”
“N—No… I—It can’t be.” Loki shook his head, conflicted.
You held out your hand for him to take, “Do you trust me?
He nodded, at a loss for words.
“Then connect them, the two pieces that have been separated for so long. Accept the truth,” you delicately ushered him closer to his double who just blinked, expression empty, hollow.
As the two Lokis stood face to face and the world shook. You took several steps back and watched as Loki put his hand up. His double mirrored his action. When they joined palms, a torrent of emerald light streamed outward, both cold and hot all at once. As bright as a star. As piercing as an arrow. Everything melted out of view until it was only you and him, the illusion of a night sky forming in the background.
He stood close, his smile not quite right. Snaking his arms around you, he held you flush to his chest. You looked up, chin resting on his chest. Finally, you were home.
 “Thank you,” he whispered before kissing you. The kiss was life affirming, as though he was saying a thousand things in a single act. You kissed him back, lips tenderly caressed by his own.
A swell flourished in your belly. Warmth you hadn’t felt since the last time you were in his arms flooded back. It was joy. You gasped as that feeling of solace returned from where it had been stripped away. Elated that you could feel his magic again. Feel him again. For the first time in a long time, you felt like you could finally breathe again. Be at ease again.
“I—” Loki steadied himself, as though he were about to speak the world apart. “I—”
But before he could finish, you felt a third presence tunnel its way to your subconscious. A message warning you from the other side, from the woken world. It felt like Heimdall’s magic. And it was filled with desperation. “Wait! Heimdall… Something’s wrong!”
“I feel it too,” Loki said.
You felt yourself being pulled from the world, out and through. The world adapted to the invasion. Tears of reality blended into the space.
The voice of a guard shouted, “Captain! She’s resisting. We can’t separate them!”
“Pull harder!” the captain shouted back, her voice heated and coarse like lit charcoal.
Through the tears, you saw the healing chamber. Heimdall and the rest of your companions were defeated, huffing for air. They were being ushered out of the room in shackles. The resisted to no avail, dragged out one by one by the guards in shining armour.
Through the distortion, and past the ebbing flow of sound, you saw Odin enter the room. He carried a familiar tome in his hands. Bestla’s amulet!
You had forgotten that you’d left it in Heimdall’s care. Odin must have taken it from him as he was being dragged away.
“I haven’t seen this in a long, long time,” Odin said wistfully. His thumb brushed against the bird bones, beads catching light from the golden castle. He whispered to the captain, the amulet trading hands between them, from his to hers. Spine bent, Odin took his leave.
The Captain narrowed her eyes at you, and, had you been in your body, present and aware in all senses, you were certain you would have taken a step back.
The captain loomed closer, the tug of so many unfamiliar hands on your wrists and elbows. She shouted again, but the world phased and her sound never reached your ears.  
With a dimmer, Loki’s world had begun to flitter out of view.
Sensing this, he drew you close, desperate to have you hear his next words. His lips moved with fervour, words spilling out harried and muffled, incomprehensible. The outside world grew louder. More real. Loki tried to hold onto you, but you felt his hold on you slip away.
With a mind splitting headache, your body greeted your subconscious in the woken world. A wave of exhaustion washed over you as you were overpowered by the guards.
Loki, awakened, reached for you again as he shouted for the guards to desist. Some took a moment to consider, conflicted, but the captain silenced them with a look.
Loki struggled to keep his feet steady. The weeks suspended in the chamber had taken their toll on his body. It was spent. Just like his mind.
“I am Loki, Prince of Asgard, I command you to release her immediately!” he said, anger sparked within his eyes. He motioned to summon his magic, to use a spell to fend off the heavy men with heavy grips. 
Softly, you shook your head. Speaking low enough for just his ears, “No! Loki… No more violence.”
“Hold her still,” the captain ordered. You were wrenched further back. Loki was still reaching for you, just a little out of reach, staggering with weak knees.
“I’ll make this right!” he swore. “I promise. I’ll make it right.”
With a grimace, the captain placed Bestla’s amulet close to your neck and it came alive, a will of its own as it twined uncomfortably around your neck.
“Wai—”You recoiled from the deadened aura of the amulet. Once it settled in place, you fought the urge to cough. The amulet’s distinct lack of presence overpowered you. It made you limp and you felt sparse. Lacking. No magic. No warmth. Eyelids as heavy as boulders. The strength to stand seeming impossible in the moment. It was worse than the leeching. At least that came with pain, with something.
“Take her below,” the captain said before turning her sights on Loki and ushering a few healers into the space. “The prince needs assistance. Hurry.”
Woozy, everything seemed far, far away. The drag of your feet away from the healing chamber came with less resistance. Loki shrunk in your peripheral, still staggering to close the gap.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
something’s coming today~
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