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poinkou · an hour ago
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Tumblr media
I drew a couple of friends’ best boys as a birthday gift, and I liked how it turned out 💚💙 it’s too bad I had to give the drawings to them cause I got too attach to these lol. :,^)
I also took pics my process cause I always liked seeing those.
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kingwuko · an hour ago
How tall is everyone in LoK do you think? Google provided no cannon answers as far as I could see.
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debzp0 · an hour ago
Following my thinking about Korrasami parenting, I started to think about Bolin and Mako parenting
I really think that Bolin would do the same thing as Korra but for different reasons. Bolin character is constructed over the fact the he only had his brother and Mako always protected Bolin from the bad side of the world, and that justify the naive and childish behavior of Bolin. So yes, he would be more like a brother than like a dad, and will strugle with discipline - the way he did with Kai is probably probably how he would act with his kid (sometimes Kai seems more mature than Bolin).
I cant picture a scenario where Mako is married because i really like his character single (not everyone needs someone to be happy, and i truly think that he is happy this way) but he would be a great uncle, grumpy sometimes but he would do everything for his nephews/nieces
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avatarrea · 2 hours ago
Happy Father’s Day!!!
To celebrate, here’s some info about the only good dads in the story and their family dynamic— Tarkik’s dads, Tiguaak and Aput.
As you may or may not know, Tarkik is Team Avatar’s waterbender and healer! He’s the Prince of the Northern Water Tribe, so along with information about their family, you’ll get some updates on water tribe culture.
Their family consists of Tiguaak, Aput, Tarkik, and Dyani. The parents are Tiguaak and Aput, and their children are Tarkik and Dyani.
Tiguaak means “the adopted child” in Inuit. He was adopted by the previous tribal leaders (Chief Arnaq and her husband Panuk) as a kid, and so he decided to adopt two kids when he grew up.
There will be a sub-plot in Book 4 where Tarkik, Dyani, and a friend of theirs from the Northern Water Tribe seek out information about their biological parents, which leads to a… quite shocking discovery.
Dyani is 12 years old, while Tarkik is 17.
Tiguaak is a nonbender, and Aput is a waterbender.
Tarkik is a waterbender, while Dyani is a firebender.
As Kya II mentioned in the Legend of Korra comics, the Water Tribes’ cultures tend to be open to LGBTQ+ individuals— but prefer that people keep their identities to themselves. This still generally applies, although Korra, Eska, and Desna tried to help make society more open-minded. As a result of this, some Northern Tribe citizens are critical of Chief Tiguaak and his family due to him being a proud and openly gay man, and his son being a demiboy (partially identifying with the male identity, but also partially not). The Southern Tribe as a whole tends to be more welcoming towards LGBTQ+ people, but their current Chief is unfortunately homophobic and transphobic, which causes a lot of political disruption.
The Northern Tribe gave a name to its capital (Yuèliàng) after Princess Yue some time during Eska and Desna’s rule. This roughly translates to “moon” in Chinese (correct me if I’m wrong!)
The White Lotus formed because the Princess of the Northern Water Tribe ran away, and this took place during Avatar Yangchen’s lifetime. (The White Lotus’ origin will be explained in the story, and will be especially important in the plot of Book 4!)
The Southern Water Tribe is an important port for transportation of products. During Korra and Asami’s lifetime, several Future Industries factories were built in the South Pole. Of course, they only let ones with clean energy sources be built near the poles, as not to cause pollution issues.
The Northern Tribe has an airport called the Jingshen Airport, and the Southern Tribe has an airport called the Bingshan Airport. Jingshen roughly translates to spirits, while Bingshan roughly translates to iceberg (it was named in memory of Avatar Aang).
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debzp0 · 2 hours ago
I was thinking about how the gaang dealt with parenting (mostly Aang and Toph) and that also made me think about Korrasami parenting
We know that Korra is good with kids but being good with kids ≠ being a good mother, and no, im not saying that she would be a bad mother, but i truly believe that she would act more like a sister/bestie than like an actual mother
1. She lived her whole life in a strict enviroment and with rules to follow
2. Korra and Asami are both busy, and Korra would feel guilty about it and try to be the fun mom to make up for it
And that would put a lot on Asamis shoulders, since she would have to be the rules of the house and be the one to take the charge of their child education
But i also believe that Asami would fight with Korra over this and tell her that she needs to take charge too... And i believe that Korra would listen to her and would start taking some of the weight off Asami
(the start would be hard for Korra, because she would be afraid of being too severe, but at the end she would learn how to be a mother instead of a sister/bestie).
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bimboe · 3 hours ago
next year i’m gonna be able to tell namjoon happy father’s day 😋
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geekinator · 3 hours ago
I don’t know why but I was just thinking that these two are a lot alike. Both self-obsessed, self-righteous, loath to acknowledge fault, stupid as hell and people are always having to come to their rescue. Quite frankly they’re annoying as hell. But I still love them. I would pay money to see them have a conversation. That would be entertaining.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yhowdy · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Image: two drawings of Mako and Katara from the legend of korra and avatar the last airbender respectively.
The first one features Mako, standing up, with one arm close to his chest. He has a distraught expression on his face, and a tear in the corner of his right eye. Mako wears his outfit suited for cold weather, and has his hood up. The moon is in the background, and casts dramatic shadows across the image.
The second image is of Katara, in a similar pose to mako, but raising her left arm instead of the right. She also has a similar upset expression to mako’s, but is crying more. She is dressed in her outfit from the southern raiders, and the picture has the same background as the first one.)
When the moon is lookin' down
Shinin' light upon your ground
I'm flyin' up to let you see
That the shadow cast is me
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shrinkthisviolet · 4 hours ago
i haven't seen lok but i see (and admire) you posting about the maiko fam so how about... izumi for the character ask meme? (- thinkingisadangerouspastime)
One thing I came up with for them that turned out to be kinda canon or at least has canon evidence to support it:
Zuko loving Izumi and doing anything to protect her 🥰 canon according to LOK when he goes back to the FN to protect Izumi!
One thing I came up with for them that I refuse to change no matter how OOC it may seem:
A few things: she was born at night, Zuko calls her “Turtleduck,” she started firebending late, and her daughter’s name is Mizuki in honor of Yue!
Their government assigned theme song:
Fire and Gold by Bea Miller!
Something about them barely explored in canon that I expanded on:
Her being worried about living up to her father’s legacy. And worrying about being good enough as someone who started firebending late. Also, there’s no way it was smooth sailing for the FN to accept her as the first female Firelord, so I’m expanding on that too!
3 characters from another media that helped inspire my shaping of them:
Hmm I guess some Gwen Tennyson (Ben 10), and some Sam LaRusso (Cobra Kai). But most of my inspiration for her came from her mother (Mai) and her father (Zuko) 😂
Did I permanently remove any unfavourable canon elements from their character/setting:
The fact that she isn’t married to Bumi in LOK 😤 I don’t care what Bryke says, they’re canon in my head
Questions are from this list! Send me a character and I’ll answer them!
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flowers-inthepieshop · 5 hours ago
So if the world of LoK was inspired by the 1920s, then at some point before that there has to have been a cowboy-inspired era. No reason for this I just like cowboys
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leafo-flameo · 6 hours ago
therapist: mechanic for your brain
mechanic: therapist for your car
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rasnak2 · 6 hours ago
Prompts: Day 2 - Cuddles, Day 3 - Mako's Past and Day 5 - Scars
Rating: T
Summary: One misplaced touch and everything goes to hell. (No sexual acts, I promise that)
Warnings: Mentions of Panic Attacks
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thenixkat · 6 hours ago
Honestly given the stuff we see in the shows, the comics, and the Kyoshi novels the Red Lotus aren’t entirely wrong for trying to permanently take out the Avatar. 
Especially not Avatar Korra who they know was raised as a pawn of the White Lotus and Avatar Aang’s allies. And we know that Korra’s a fucking dog of the state who sides with capitalists and oppressive governments (whether or not she fully agrees with them).
Even tho he ended the Hundred Year War, we know from the comics that Avatar Aang decided to side with colonists on two separate occasions and even join in on that shit when he decided to take some Earth Kingdom territory for himself and made it Air Temple Island. We also see two separate occasions of Aang saying fuck farmers and their livelihoods. And that’s just the shit we know.
And outside of just the sheer political power the avatar has (and there’s no guarantee that the avatar won’t be some fuckers pawn, or that they’ll use their power for good, Balance =/= Good) friends/allies of the avatar also gain a whole lot of political power and influence. And some of these bitches are Jianzhus and Fire Lord Zukos, using their power to fuck over people for whatever cause or excuse they decide to give.
Any self respecting anarchist willing to actually go into direct action and off bitches for the greater good would rightfully view the Avatar as a threat to the people.
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moebiusthetimestreamer · 6 hours ago
hello sir may I have a trans raziel icon. (vampire raziel from the opening cinematic of so1, if you would be so very kind.) thank you milord
Tumblr media
There; Extra sparkling like a young fledgling burning in the sun! Haha :-)
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