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sandersidesstoriesstuff · 57 minutes ago
Wine moms
Warnings: Crying, teething, gross food combos, implied sensory issues, quick sensory overload, selective mutism, alcohol, little kisses, caps  and bad writing, please tell me if i missed any others
Characters: Logan, Janus, Roman, Remus, Virgil, and Patton Relations: Romantic Loceit, parental Logan and Janus, brotherly- everyone else-
taglist: @thatonenonbiney if you would like to join or leave, or were previously on the taglist and i forgot, please let me know.
Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted- should i do a part 2?
Some info beforehand: Logan and Janus are married. Logan is 29, while Janus is 30. Patton is 1, Virgil is 4, Roman and Remus are 6. Roman and Remus physically take after Janus the most, while Patton and Virgil look most like Logan. I might make an au off of this- i really want to-
Janus woke up to two pairs of little feet. One jumped on his stomach while the other walked on his legs. While Logan awoke to a child sitting on his chest, covering his eyes, while another held his hand from off the bed. Remus bounced on their dad's stomach, shouting about his nonsensical dream. Roman was balancing on Janus’ legs, walking up and down them while talking about his dream as well. Patton sat on their fathers chest, giggling while covering his eyes. While Virgil stood off the bed, his little hand holding onto Logan’s protectively.
“oH MY GOD YOU GREMLIN.” Janus shouted, before grabbing Remus from underneath the kids arms, and lifting him up into the air, “You adore putting me in pain, don’t you?” 
Remus snickered, kicking his little feet in the air. Since it was the middle of the summer, the twins didn’t have school. So this is what they woke up to every morning. Roman laid down on Janus’ stomach. Laying his elbows on Janus’ chest in order to prop his head up. Janus looked down at the bratty prince, raising his eyebrow at him. Roman opened his mouth to speak but then Janus placed Remus on his back. However, he quickly realized this was a mistake when the two promptly began to fight.
Whilst Janus dealt with that issue, Logan played a game with the baby blocking his sight. Patton babbled, making seemingly no sense. Though Logan knew how to make sense of the one year old. 
“So.. I have to guess who is atop me at the moment and I get my vision back. Is that correct?” Logan asked, getting a squeak of confirmation in return, “Alright… if I had to guess, it would have to be-” he feigned being stuck in his thoughts for a moment, “Patton?”
Patton lifted his hands in the air, keeping them raised with a large, goofy smile on his face. Logan smiled and gave the littlest one a peck on his button nose which matched his own. Receiving a small giggle from him. Logan felt a tug on his hand, he turned to the small, black haired toddler beside him. Virgil looked slightly upset, as though something was bothering him.
“What’s wrong, little tarantula?” Logan questioned, studying the troubled 3 year old.
Virgil paused, staring at his own hands for a moment. He was trying to remember the signs both Logan and Janus had taught him. His eyebrows furrowed and he began to pout, frustrated by his incapability of remembering the sign for what he wanted. 
Logan quickly picked up on this and held Virgil's hand, “Hey, it’s okay, are you hungry? Tired? In a bad mood?”
Virgil looked back up at Logan and held one finger up.
“Alright, how about I go make some breakfast?”
Virgil took a second, but then signed a small ‘please’ to his father.
Logan nodded, then turned to Janus, who was trying to pry the two six year olds off of each other. Logan chuckled under his breath and got off the bed, carrying Patton with him and having Virgil cling to his pajama pant leg. He grabbed his glasses from his side table and put them on, improving his nearsightedness significantly. Logan, Patton, and Virgil made their way over to Janus. Janus looked over to Logan, his anger and exhaustion clearly visible in his face. 
Logan cleared his throat, and spoke the simple word to distract the two, “waffles.”
Roman and Remus immediately stopped and shouted simultaneously, “WAFFLES!!” They had begun to squirm to get out of Janus’ grip, who promptly dropped them both on the floor.
They landed on their feet and began to sprint out the room and down the stairs, shouting about a race. Janus groaned dramatically, taking out the bun his hair was in. Letting his platinum blonde hair fall down just below his chin. He looked down at the toddler, running towards Janus’ legs. Janus scooped Virgil up in his arms, earning a squeal and a laugh in return.
Logan began to make his way downstairs with Patton, Janus and Virgil in tow. They made their way to the kitchen to see Roman and Remus both coloring in their individual coloring books. Romans being about royals, dragons, and many things like that, While Remus’ was about sea animals. Janus sat Virgil down on a chair opposite of Roman, while Patton was set down in a booster seat opposite of Remus. Janus sat at the end of the table, beside Virgil and Roman. 
Once Logan left the room to go cook breakfast, Patton began to chew on his tiny fist. Janus quickly took notice of this. He got up and went over to him, “Patton, come on- you can’t chew on that-” He gently pulled Patton's hand out of his mouth. Wrong move.
Patton started crying loudly, his face scrunched up, and with his mouth open Janus could see his reddish, swollen gums. He sighed, his doctor did say his teeth would come in a bit late. He was going to go get his pacifier they left in the freezer, when he remembered Roman and Remus despised the sound of babies crying. He turned to the twins and saw their reactions. Roman gripped his platinum blonde hair tightly, pulling at it a bit. While Remus was whacking his head with his fists. 
Janus quickly picked both of them up and took them out of the room. He placed them both down in the living room. He gave them both two different pairs of noise canceling headphones. Both decorated differently to fit the twins' likes and visual stimulants. The two put them on and hugged each other tightly. Janus smiled wearily at the two before running to the kitchen. He quickly opened the freezer and started to search for the decorated, pastel blue pacifier. 
“What’s going on?” Logan asked, turning to his stressed out husband.
Janus began to explain, “I think Patton's starting teething, and I have to get his pacifier so he isn’t crying and-”  
“What crying?” Logan asked, genuinely puzzled, “I thought you already dealt with that?”
Janus paused, as they both listened. Nothing. Absolute silence. This filled both parents with panic, their home was never this quiet. They both ran to the living room first, checking on the twins, who were playing rock paper scissors with their headphones on. They then ran to the dining room, praying to any being that both Virgil and Patton were alright. When they arrived, they saw Virgil sitting on the table with his sleeve rolled up. He was holding his arm out to Patton, who was still calming down from earlier, but chewing at his brother's arm.
Both little ones turned their attention to Janus and Logan. Janus had given up at this point, and sat back in his place. He laid his head on the table, and that was it. He had given out for the time being. Logan kissed all three of them at the top of their heads, before going to the living room. He tapped Remus and Roman on the shoulders gently, and they both looked at him. They cautiously took down their headphones.
“How about you two go sit at the table again, alright? The food is almost done.” Logan crouched down to their heights. 
The twins smiled, quickly standing up, they both ran past Logan back to the dining room. Logan stood back up, and made his way over to the waffles. He could smell the burning, which is why he was glad for the twins and Janus’ terrible sense of smell. He removed the two burnt waffles from the maker, and threw them out. Nobody had to know. It was his secret.
Two waffles with maple syrup, butter, and sprinkles on a red plate with a crown on it for Roman. Two waffles with whipped cream and a pinch of garlic on a black plate with a green, cartoon octopus for Remus. One waffle with strawberries and powdered sugar on a dark purple plate with cartoonish spiders and cobwebs on it for Virgil. One cut up waffle with butter, blueberries, and sprinkles on a pastel blue plate for Patton. Two waffles with butter, maple syrup, and a pinch of salt on Janus’ favorite plate for Janus. And two waffles with butter, blackberries, and crofters jam on his own favorite plate for Logan.
Logan balanced every plate, three on each arm to the dining room. He could hear Remus talking about some of his thoughts while Roman critiqued him for it. He could hear Janus trying to get Virgil off the table, and he could hear Patton’s muffled laughing.
Logan brought the plates to the table, placing them all down to their respective owner. Roman smiled brightly, noticing his favorite rainbow sprinkles, “you remembered!”
“Of course I did, how could I forget?” Logan stated as he sat down.
“Boobewy!!” Patton clapped, smiling at the plate. He then looked over to Logan and squealed.
“Yes, yes, you’re welcome-” Logan said, reaching over to help Patton eat the cut up pieces of waffle.
Remus had already stuffed half of it into his mouth, but when he noticed Janus staring at him, he turned to Logan and thanked him the best he could with a mouthful of garlicky waffle.
Logan reached over and simply ruffled Remus’ hair. Who continued to eat without another worry.
Virgil tapped his fork against the table, and Logan paused to look at him. Virgil signed ‘thank you’ to him, refusing to touch his food before he thanked him. Logan signed back a simple, ‘you’re welcome’ to him.
After eating, Janus made his way over to Logan, wrapping his arms around Logan’s shoulders, “thank you, dearest..”
“You’re welcome, love” Logan smiled and they both gave each other a small, but sweet kiss. 
“Ewww!” Remus groaned, before slamming his head on the table.
“Awww!” Roman grinned, speaking in unison with Remus.
Virgil made an undistinguishable noise of disgust and stuck his tongue out at the two adults. While Patton simply giggled.
Later on, when the kids were put to bed, Janus sat on the couch. Waiting on Logan, who promptly arrived with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. Logan sat beside him, and began pouring each of them a cupful. They drank together, enjoying the silence. Janus cuddled up to Logan, who played with Janus’ hair. This day may have been stressful, and they may have struggled a bit, but they loved each other. They supported each other. 
And that was all they needed.
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mejacinta · an hour ago
Tumblr media
What other 'brain of the group' character do you feel gets underestimated in your fave (multifandom) shows because of not seemingly being 'the muscle of the group'? I can think of a couple of characters across fandoms.
When you're the brains of the group, so to speak, it's immediately assumed that you can't fight or go into the field to do the rough work. Fortunately for some characters, they've been able to break out of that stereotype. However, others to this day are still seen as being weak links in terms of having a fighter spirit because people can't make a connection between physical and intellectual strength, or see both as what they are: forms of strength that actually complement each other.
Enough rambling. Here's my list of other characters that fit the 'brains of the group'/ 'sage of the group' department that could be and have been so much more.
Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter)
Sam (Lord of the Rings)
Velma (Scooby Doo)
Jonathan Kent (Superman and Lois)
Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
Gar Logan (Titans)
Jacob Kowalski (Fantastic Beasts)
Eugene (Walking Dead)
This list is not exhaustive. There's so much more of them.
Pic Source: @characterconfessions, Instagram.
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the-highest-warlock · an hour ago
There’s a certain way you imagine meeting your soulmate, but whatever it was, this wasn’t it (v)
So I wrote the title about 2 minutes ago and in that time I have subsequently forgotten what it was.
This bodes so well. Also, apparently I can’t remember a sentence either because I had to check my ao3 tab three or four times to check I’d actually written the right thing. I will let you decide whether I had or hadn’t in those times. I believe it’s right now, but you could tell me it was wrong and I’d be more inclined to believe you than me.
Here’s part 4. And part 1, part 2, and part 3.
For context, this is set in near future, when they’re more comfortable around each other. Virgil still hasn’t hightailed it out there, which is surprising to me and I was the one who wrote it.
Summary: Virgil gets more confirmation that Janus and Remus are weird. Not that he needed it.
But anyway. Tally ho.
“Why were you awake?” Patton asked, breaking the silence and voicing a question that had been on Virgil’s mind ever since the plan had gone wrong. “It’s daytime, and I thought vampires were nocturnal with the thing about the sun?”
Roman hummed his curiosity, and even Logan had the decency to look interested. He watched as Janus glanced over at Remus, lounging against the side and making Virgil question the association with bats. Cats seemed much more appropriate.
“Remus isn’t nocturnal.” Janus said, closing his book, evidently deciding that this was going to take longer than he had planned. “Yes, most vampires are nocturnal. Some aren’t, including Remus.”
“What about you?” It was Roman asking the question this time. 
“I… I do not really care about when I sleep. Most vampires sleep at night to be able to talk to other vampires; I do not have any similar concerns.”
“Why don’t you stay in a larger clan?” Logan asked. “If you don’t mind me asking, of course. It’s just that as I understood it, vampires tended to converge in clans.”
Janus waved him off. “I don’t want to, and Remus… doesn’t function well around other vampires.”
Remus coughed, dismissing him with a dramatic wave of his hand. Not as regal as something that would have been expected to come from him, but nonetheless glamorous and over-the-top. “I function exceptionally well around other vampires,” He said. “They just don’t like me.”
An unreadable expression crossed Janus’ face, and something flickered inside Virgil at the thought of what it could mean. A sort of adoration likely, or from the way the two behaved it was likely to be a look of endearment. A private moment that Virgil was encroaching on.
Subduing that line of thought before it could lead anywhere else, he turned his mind to considering the content of Remus’ words. According to the known lore of the vampires, they operated under the theory of safety in numbers, and would often travel and settle in small clans. For a vampire to be rejected by the other clans was certainly odd indeed, and he would need to keep an eye on this one for the rest of the time he spent here before he could leave.
Janus’ statement was concerning as well. He was curious as to whether he genuinely didn’t want the company of other vampires or if it was something that the vampire had come to accept from choosing to live with Remus. The latter was understandable, especially considering the soulbond, but the former was notably curious. Vampires were notorious for the desire to form clans. It was the reason they had the ability to turn people, as it allowed for a clan that not even time could separate.
Patton was shrugging though, and he could sense a shift in the conversation, and he thought he could glimpse a hint of relief from Janus, if that was even possible. The vampire could have been stone and he would have given away more information about his emotional state.
“What about you and Virgil?” He asked, and Virgil had to refocus before he could realise that Patton was talking to Roman. “You recognised him, didn’t you?”
Roman was shrugging, and Virgil found himself thinking back to the time when he had last seen the man. The memory wasn’t forthcoming, and all his brain could draw was an eerie sense of deja vu, and nothing else concrete.
“Well, it was longer than a few years ago, by now,” Roman said, scratching the back of his neck. “It was when I first started hunting - he was one of the first hunters I met. He stuck in my memory for two reasons, one because he refused to reveal his name, or any name to call him by, and two, because he was very young to have the sort of experience he acted as though he had.”
“What sort of experience?” Remus asked, leaning forward and looking between the two.
“I don’t really know how to explain it,” He said, spreading out his hand. “It’s just there’s a sort of sense you get from people who have been hunting for twenty years compared to those have been doing it for a year or just started out, and he leant towards the former more than the latter, which was odd because he couldn’t have been older than twenty when we met.”
Virgil could feel their eyes on him, but he kept his hands in his pockets and his gaze flippant. “Still have no idea who you are.” He offered. 
Roman shrugged in response. “Like I said, it was quite a while ago. I’d probably be surprised if you remembered.”
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marinebouquine · 2 hours ago
Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse - Rick Riordan
“There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it.”
Peu de temps après avoir fini Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, j’ai hésité à faire une pause dans la saga, de façon à la faire durer le plus longtemps possible et la savourer. C’est une hésitation qui n’a pas duré belle lurette, dans la mesure où je me suis passionnée pour cette série de livres et qu’il me tardait de découvrir la suite, tout en me refamiliarisant avec des mythes que j’avais oubliés. Le titre prometteur, indiquant le retour probable d’un Titan, a également joué un rôle déterminant dans mon plongeon vers ce troisième tome... 
Tumblr media
Qu’est-ce que ça raconte ?
Percy, Thalia et Annabeth se rendent dans le Maine pour aider Grover qui pense avoir trouvé des demi-dieux dans une école militaire. Il s’agit d’un frère et d’une sœur âgés de dix et douze ans, mais la Colonie des Sangs-Mêlés n’est pas la seule organisation à les avoir repérés. En effet, il s’avère bien vite que des monstres travaillant pour Kronos et Luke sont également sur le coup et Percy, Thalia et Annabeth doivent rapidement se battre contre un manticore aidé par des mercenaires. Ils se trouvent vite dépassés, mais par chance, Artemis et ses Chasseresses leur viennent en aide. Le manticore n’a finalement que le temps de leur annoncer le début d’une nouvelle ère et d’emporter Annabeth dans sa chute, très certainement mortelle, avant de disparaître. Les héros n’ont pas le temps d’assimiler la disparition de leur amie : il faut vite retourner au campement pour établir un plan. Zoë, la lieutenante d’Artemis, se voit confier une quête par l’Oracle alors que Percy fait des rêves étranges qui lui révèlent qu’Annabeth a été piégée par Luke pour servir d’appât à Artemis, également piégée par un ennemi invisible. Au cours d’une nuit, il sauve une créature marine dont il se prend d’affection et baptise Bessie. Bien qu’il n’ait pas été convié à faire partie de l’équipe de la quête, Percy suit Zoë, Thalia, Grover et Bianca. Il fait bien car la menace gronde. Sur leur route, ils croiseront des guerriers squelettiques, Apollon, un sanglier sauvage, la présence de Pan, Néréus, Aphrodite, un Talos défectueux, l’Ophiotaurus et un Titan prêt à tout pour déchirer Olympe : tous ne survivront pas à cette quête dangereuse...
J’ai eu un peu plus de mal à me plonger dans ce troisième opus que dans les deux précédents, qui m’avaient fascinée dès les premières pages. L’intrigue reste toutefois très prenante, avec l’apparition de nouveaux personnages, de nouveaux enjeux et l’ascension de l’antagoniste. J’ai apprécié la rencontre avec le père d’Annabeth et Rachel Elizabeth Dare, une mortelle pas comme les autres. Une fois encore, on rencontre de nombreux éléments de la mythologie grecque, plus ou moins connus, et je trouve cela très intéressant. On creuse aussi la relation entre les différentes divinités, les enjeux de la guerre et les stratégies des deux camps se dessinent doucement alors que Kronos rallie de plus en plus d’alliés. Percy continue de faire preuve d’ingéniosité et de courage, comme on le voit lorsqu’il prend la place d’Artemis pour porter le fardeau d’Atlas afin de permettre à la déesse de se battre. J’ai trouvé ça malin de faire intervenir le mythe d’Atlas et de mêler Artemis et Apollon à ce troisième tome de la façon dont Rick Riordan l’a fait. Enfin, cet opus se clôt encore une fois de façon haletante : entre la mort héroïque de Zoë, sa transformation émouvante en constellation, le choix de Thalia pour contrer la Prophétie, la révélation de l’identité du père de Bianca et Nico, qui n’est autre qu’Hadès, ce qui rebat les cartes concernant la Prophétie...on ne sait plus où donner de la tête et on ne réclame qu’une chose : la suite ! 
Vous voulez l’acheter ? J’ai reçu cet exemplaire en cadeau, mais la série étant sortie depuis quelques années maintenant, je pense qu’il est possible de la trouver assez facilement sous tous les formats (anglais, français, tomes individuels ou coffret...) en magasins ou sur Internet, d’occasion ou neuve. 
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txngledbxnds · 2 hours ago
for the last stand, it's not really necessary to understand the whole universe and it kinda has two plots in the same movie that they poorly weave together. the two before this one (especially the second one) are actually pretty good so i'd recommend watching those two if you haven't yet.
(Hi nonny! Thank you for your answer! I actually watched the first two I think it was Friday or Saturday. And also when they first came out.
But I am tempted to watch them again now, heh.
There was two plots for The Last Stand? I don't remember that. (Maybe it was so bad my mind just blocked it, lol).
All I remember is (spoiler alert) Logan having to kill Jean. Poor guy.
And that Hank is in it.
I do have to agree that the second one is really good.
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undertheknightwing · 3 hours ago
random headcanon of the night
Gar is the first kid to call Dick dad. During training Dick praises him and Gar's just happily "thanks dad! :D" then boom realization like "oh fuck oh no D:"
Jason starts laughing, Gar's embarrassed trying to take back what he said and Dick is barely keeping himself from crying
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solis-nova · 3 hours ago
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solis-nova · 3 hours ago
imma pass out, night you guys. Just stay safe and take care of yourselves. Night!
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lostmilkbread · 3 hours ago
happy fathers day :]
Virgil: Why are we celebrating this?? Patton isn't even my actual dad
Roman: Ah! But he considers himself as one! And we should be happy for him and his accomplishments!
Logan: I slighty agree with Roman. This celebration would make Patton feel good. Therefore, as his friends, we should do it
Virgil: But do I really have to be the one to give him the card?
Roman: Yes. You're the one that wrote the message.
Virgil: Ugh..
-all sides together-
Patton: Hi guys! How're you doing?
Logan: Satisfactory.
Roman: Amazing!
Virgil: ...
*Roman nudges him towards Patton*
Virgil [looking away and handing him card]: Happy father's day Pat..
Patton: Oh! OH! Oh thanks you so much!
*Patton opens it*
~Card description: Big letters in the middle that say "happy father's day" with little doodles around it made by Logan and Roman~
Patton [tears in eyes]: I- I love it!
*group hug initiated by Patton*
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solis-nova · 4 hours ago
i kinda wanna make a list of all the unironically dumbass things i do daily. totally for comedic purpose. yes. totally only for that
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solis-nova · 4 hours ago
me talking to someone: hey you should listen to welcome to the internet!
Them: Ok!
Me: *forgets to warn them it’s a bit nsfw*
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fruitcoops · 4 hours ago
I’ve literally just put this in the discord but Sirius and Logan doing this trend?
I wish I had the words to tell you how much I love this video, but I don't, so please accept this fic instead and know that I am laughing as hard as Dumo. Happy Father's Day to all that celebrate! SW credit goes to @lumosinlove
Sweat gathered at the base of Dumo’s neck as Sirius and Logan handed him an unmarked envelope with solemn faces. “We thought you might appreciate seeing this,” Logan said. Both loomed over him; the others at the table were giving them a variety of concerned looks.
Dumo glanced to Celeste, who shrugged. “Can I ask what’s in it?”
“I think you need to see for yourself.”
His heart pounded in his ears as he carefully ran a finger under the seal of the envelope and licked his dry lips. What the fuck did they find? he wondered. Embarrassing college photos? An incriminating document? Oh, god, is this that ticket I forgot to pay in 1996?
“Can I at least—”
“Open it,” Sirius said. To his right, James’ eyebrows shot up at the same rate as Dumo’s pulse.
With a silent prayer to any higher power that he wasn’t about to be exposed as a criminal, Dumo opened the envelope and shook out the set of photographs inside.
He immediately put his forehead on the table as his shoulders began to shake. The room was still silent, save for the occasional wheeze as he tried to catch his breath—he raised his head to peek at it again and dissolved once again, wiping a tear from his cheek.
“What the fuck did you two do?” Remus asked somewhere to his left, sounding almost angry.
Celeste’s hand was gentle on his arm. “Pascal, are you alright?”
He shook his head without looking up and passed her the photos; her shocked gasp, followed by a bark of laughter, was enough to make him lean back in his chair and let mirth overtake him. “Their fucking—their faces, mon dieu, and the—”
“The sweaters,” Celeste cackled. “Sirius Black, it’s not nice to steal things from your husband!”
Sirius barely suppressed a smile as Logan hid his face in his shoulder and coughed lightly through his giggling. “I, uh, didn’t have any to fit the theme.”
The entire team stared at them in bewilderment. Remus opened and closed his mouth a couple times before any sound came out. “What?”
“Is yours…?” Dumo gestured to Finn with one of the photos and Logan nodded. “Perfection. I have no words.”
“Is anyone else confused?” James asked under his breath.
“Allez, allez, all of you need to see these.” Dumo spread the photographs out across the table—his cheeks and abs hurt from laughing so hard, and it didn’t let up when he saw the ones that had been hidden. He motioned his boys downward, unable to find any words in French or English to express his gratitude, and kissed both their foreheads. “This was the best gift of all time. You are both so strange, and I adore you. I just—why?”
“You said you didn’t have any wallet photos for us!” Sirius protested, though he was smiling. “We’re problem-solvers.”
“Cap—” James paused to wipe tears from under his glasses and held up one of the pictures, where Logan held him around the waist in the classic ‘prom pose’ with matching strained smiles. Their sweaters looked like they had come straight out of the 1980s. “Cap.”
Leo was sitting on the floor with his face in the crook of his elbow, still clutching the image of Logan perched on Sirius’ knee while he did jazz hands. “Do you like them?” Logan asked, unable to hide his wide grin any longer. “They don’t exactly fit with the others you have, but we thought they might work.”
Dumo dragged himself upright and pulled them in for a hug, swaying back and forth as he squeezed them tight. The rest of the team crowded around the table in varying states of howling laughter, but he couldn’t bring himself to pay attention. “I love them,” he confirmed, ruffling both heads of dark hair until they batted him away. “And I’m going to frame every single one, except for this one, which is going in my wallet next to Adele’s.”
They groaned in unison as he chose his favorite of the bunch. Dumo was pretty sure he had owned at least three glam rock records with the exact same pose on the cover. “I was hoping you wouldn’t see that one,” Sirius muttered, his cheeks turning pink.
“Nonsense. Now go apologize to your boys for stealing from them!”
“No,” Finn managed as he braced himself on the tabletop. “No, god, please wear that sweater whenever you want. Fuckin’ hell, Lo, you look like an arcade carpet gone wrong.”
Sirius sighed and turned around. “Re, I’m s—”
Remus waved off his apology without a second’s hesitation. He started to speak, then burst into a new round of laughter. “Please. Please never apologize for this, ever.”
“This is the peak of my entire year,” Dumo added as he picked up a few more, still shaking his head. “What am I going to do with you two troublemakers?”
“Happy Father’s Day!” they chorused. Their bright smiles reminded him just enough of the picture where both were staring at the camera like deer in headlights to set him off once again.
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