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#lmao sorry ranting in the tags is my thing
imrunningwithscissors3 hours ago
literally everything is falling apart. I'm on the verge of loosing my girlfriend forever because of her own mind, I'm leaving school in less than 2 weeks, I'm loosing touch with my friends now, and im fking up my exams. honestly I feel so alone, I think id give my heart to have thing the way there were a year and a half ago. im spiralling back into old habits and man i cant take it anymore idk what to do. I cant loose my gf, the relationship isnt the best but I cant bare the thought of never seeing her face and cute smile again, and having her lay by my side or hug me. everythings too much rn and its only going to get worse ughh
sorry for the rant, am kinda having a breakdown lmao. also sorry for the excessive tags, kinda wanna get this out so maybe someone has advice
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fredshufflepuffa day ago
(銇b棓鈼♀棓)銇 鈾 fredshufflepuff 1k celebration 鈾
Tumblr media
bee boo bee boo i hit 1k followers. WHICH IS CRAZY SINCE I STARTED UH, let me do the math brb. not even two months ago??? (i think i did that correctly idk i failed math) but putting that to the side, i鈥檓 so thankful for all the love and support i鈥檝e received <3 every one of my followers have made my arrival (ARRIVAL TF LMAO) to this app so friendly and comforting <3
(me doing another celebration when i know damn well i have past celebration asks just sitting in my inbox IM SORRY) this one will be short i promise.
馃- fmk any character from hp (did i do this already? hm)
馃崜- unpopular hp opinion鈥攍eave one and i鈥檒l agree/disagree (I GOT THIS FROM SOMEONE I FORGOT WHO)
馃- letter from hp character. leave a name and prompt (like angst or fluff) and i鈥檒l write a letter to you from that person. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE, please for the love of god say it does.
okay now for the little message things
馃拰@fjorelaant : to my bae, my whore, my wife鈥攊 love you so much. literally the first time we talked you reached out and said how much you liked my fics, and now we uh..i don鈥檛 know how much i can share. but let鈥檚 just say what we do is concerning. AS IM WRITING THIS YOU JUST SENT IN AN IMAGE REQUEST OF YOU EATING MY ASS- (is everything okay at home?) ANYWAY BYE I LOVE YOU
馃拰@myloveforluna (aka myloveforyou) : wife wife wife you鈥檙e amazing. i love talking about my day with you AND WHEN YOU LET ME RANT THAG ONE TIME WHEWW. you鈥檙e one of my closest mutuals and i鈥檓 so happy you are. 馃挊馃挄馃挀馃挅i love and appreciate you very much馃挄馃挀馃挆馃挐馃挊
UMH those are the only two moots i actually TALK talk too...awkward. BUT TO MY OTHER MOOTS I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH *leaves big fat smooches* @destourtereaux @astoria-malfcy @georgeweasleysbabe @dumbassswhore @eunoniaa @lottiebagley @90smalfoy @rockinggirl @ronbrokemyheart @justfangirlthingies @weasleyyyyyyy @drachoesimp @aetheralist @parker07potter @ronsonlywhore @ronbrokemyheart @reguluscore @anchoeritic @holden-caulfield @astramalfoy @amrtxntias @lunalovecroft @sweetnspicysimp @hellohellook @amourtentiaa @dracofnmalfoy @sultrypotter @drachoesimp @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @saintlike78 THERES DEFINITELY SO MANY MORE, i use to write down all my moots but haven鈥檛 been doing that for...a while. ILL DO IT WHEN I GET HOME. if i didn鈥檛 tag you and you鈥檙e my moot, i鈥檒l buy you chocolate don鈥檛 feel any less loved. BECAUSE I.LOVE.YOU. is this getting creepy? i鈥檒l stop talking. ps. to the moots or just followers in general who always comment on my posts, there鈥檚 a special place in my heart for you.
okay end of the day, i love you all <3
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the-turtleduck-pond8 days ago
Ok ok ok so
I just spent like my school day just going through your blog tags on FA! Zuko and now I鈥檓 like totally obsessed
But i have a question
So like less for assassin zuko more forbidden/ FA Zuko
Does he still have his scar?
If so is it the same cause (Bitchlord ozai) or somethin else like
An assassination attempt on the family when they were you ger (like 4 and 2) and zuko protects azuka and gets burned in the process- making the burn more like spread out less just hand cupped to face and fire (bitchlord pissbaby ozai)
Also last thing sorry this is long i ramble but like I鈥檝e been obsessing over zuko aus in general lately and like
If zuko still has his the scar to some extent i always hc that he lost most sight/ hearing in that side of his face so like imagine someone trues jumling on tha side (FA) and he just like
Stabs them idk鈥
Ok ima go before this turns into a bad essay but i want to stress I absolutely love these aus lmao鈥
FA!Zuko does聽have a scar, though it鈥檚 not his normal scar the one time I wrote it. I believe I wrote it as covering mart of his neck and shoulder.
It wouldn鈥檛 have been Ozai, but I never came up with anything.
Yes, when I write him with the scar he does have hearing/sight loss on that side because it makes so much sense. If he did have that in FA!Zuko... yes stabbing would happen when they try and sneak up on him.
I quite enjoyed the rant though!
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wayward-writers13 days ago
I am so so SO glad you (and other people!) liked my angel headcanon men of letters thing! It took me awhile and I've never gotten actual feedback on a post before. It makes me so happy you have no idea. I might end up trying to a similar thing on demons or something but I don't know if I will or not.
Anyways, I was thinking (and by that I mean reading fanfic) about sam and cas and I think that the show missed out on having more scenes with them. They're dynamic is glorious and I've seen so many good post about the chaos duo. Now I love destiel as much as the next person, but this is an underdeveloped pair in my humble opinion. I think that we could have had a bunch more great friendships if people, ya know, stayed alive for more that fIVE MINUTES. Just imagine, crowley and balthazar gossiping, jack and Charlie talking star wars, gabriel and dean actually bonding over pranking sam! Now realizing this is a mini rant but I already typed it out so. Yeah, just so many missed opportunities that I hope we get a taste of? Maybe?
[Your weekly (has it been weekly? Idk) headcanon: Jody had called up the boys for help with a vampire case up in Nebraska and Dean had quickly offered to drive up and help her with it and Jack wanted to tag along. Leaving Cas and Sam in the bunker. Alone. Unfortunately Dean had not yet caught on to the duo's chaotic habits. What happened this time you ask? Books. It doesn't sound to bad at first. But then when they go from talking about the ethics of jurassic park to the presentation of religion with evil and good undertones in good omens. The discussions get interesting. And as always, chaotic. If anyone can somehow use Jaws to somehow come up with a plan to kill God, it's those two.]
(Wow this ask is kinda long, sorry about that. It's just a bunch of me writing to the void and the void happens to respond. Its pretty cool. I hope you're having a great day!)
P.s- is there any metaphysics you need ideas for? It gives me something to write about and it might give you help/answers.
You definitely should do one on demons! (No pressure tho, it's up to you!) We all really enjoyed your post, and I was honestly so impressed by it!
Yes I definitely agree! There are SO many dynamics that would have been super epic to explore, and we will definitely be trying to develop them more! (All the ones you suggested are great!)
(I think you've been weekly, we鈥檙e just late a lot of the time!) PLEASE. Honestly you should write fanfic. All your little scene ideas are awesome, and I would totally read them! But lmao Sam and Cas left alone would be such a funny disaster. Imagine them trying to cook.
And you鈥檙e fine! We always appreciate asks, no matter the length. And you too! (Even though it's now days later.)
And uhhhhh. You may hate me for this. But do you have any ideas on where a soulless person goes when they die? If you have no idea, that's completely fine lol, no judgment here. (Except towards the SPN writers because.....yeah.)
Thank you for the ask!
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xampyre17 days ago
psa about tagging yall might want to read
i think im gonna start tagging more political rant-y type posts as 鈥渄iscourse n shit鈥 so yall can block that tag if that sort of stuff would take any sort of toll on your mental health or if you just disagree with some of my takes and want to stick around but not have to see them (which is totally fine and understandable, as long as we tend to agree on major core issues such as human rights then i have no problem being mutuals or even friends with folks who disagree with me on stuff).
for the record i will NOT be using this tag for basic social-justice type posts that everyone who follows me damn better believe in. so if i tag a post as 鈥渄iscourse n stuff鈥 it will be like,,, actual discourse or things that are up for debate (not that im gonna be getting into debates or anything.) that also means that if you disagree with a post that i didn鈥檛 use that tag on you should probably unfollow me or something (unless i forget to tag a post or something, which could possibly happen, but you鈥檒l probably be able to tell which posts i consider discourse or not).
also dont worry im not gonna suddenly turn into a politics blog or post more discourse-y type stuff that i did before. i just very occasionally make a vent-y post about political issues or something so i figured id make a tag for that so i can stop feel guilty about subjecting my followers to it.
the blog is not changing at all dont worry lmao sorry this post is so long
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justsomeoneunordinary20 days ago
tfatws finale rant
i refuse to tag this cause i don't want any discourse, i just wanna rant cause i'm pissed. if you haven't watched it yet or liked the ending, then scroll past this and don't start any discourse - i'm allowed to have my own opinion
well, that was one of the most disappointing endings ever. like, the show wasn't doing well already, but they somehow did manage to make it worse wtf. the only ending that's worse is the endgame one and that only cause endgame was the finale for the og6 and there was no hope for fixing that since that was their last time. but wow, even the wandavision finale is less bad than wtf this was.
first of all, that suit is absolutely horrible. an eye-sore. a huge no-go. and it's so disappointing cause the mcu actually managed well in the outfit departement for their super suits but here they said, let's do it exactly like the comics???? bitch, that works in the comics but not in live action version wtf, mackie is way too handsome to wear this atrocity, i'm so sorry for this.
don't like the new wings either, but that's a personal thing. sorry, but it's just a tad bit too high-tech and not enough bird. hate the new noise too. but at least redwing is back. missed the bird roomba
where was sam in this episode??? sorry, there was no sam wilson, that was steve rogers wearing sam's face. i wanted to watch the sam wilson show and not the "steve rogers 2.0 with his best friend who's gotten way too much screen time" show. they really said sam whomst? and slapped steve's character on him wtf i hate it here
i can't believe they gave walker a redemption arc. THEY GAVE WALKER A REDEMPTION ARC WHILE KARLI AND THE OTHER FLAG SMASHERS WHO FOUGHT FOR WHAT WAS RIGHT HAD TO DIE! and that even tho, EVEN THO, he works with madame hydra!!! what the flying fuck??? and all that while olivia is still at his side and supporting him??? welcome to the daily dose of your pro america pro capitalism propaganda i guess
lmao, sam talks with the senator a lil bit on live tv and ta-da!! everythting the flag smahsers fought for is accomplished now :D ARE YOU SHITTING ME
sharon!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY MADE HER THE POWER BROKER OMG THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT WTF. i'm not even that much of a sharon fan but god am i angry on behalf of her character and her fans. IT MAKES LITERALLY NO SENSE TO HER CHARACTER! the comics have enough villains, they literally don't need to use one of the most important characters of the cap franchise for that what the fucking fuck
did i mention how ugly sam's new suit is? cause damn is it fucking ugly, i'm so sorry mr mackie that they did this to your handsome face
the isiah part???? no??? not good?? like, at all??? i saw someone say the government should've apologized to isiah first and foremost instead of sharon, but i disagree cause there's no fucking way the government will acknowledge what they did to him and the others. the moment they found out he's alive, they'd just kill him. the only way it'd work is if those files that talk abt what happened got released to the public
also, fuck, sam's suit is ugly
but that exhibit is still not good. like, it doesn't erase what happened to him. it doesn't make it better either. and isiah said himself he couldn't give a damn abt cap but suddenly he's so happy for sam? after everything??? hm, sounds like pro america propaganda to me
carl lumbly was amazing ofc and my eyes did get a bit wet ngl, his performance was incredible every single time in this show, but that doesn't change that his part was badly written in the end
wtf why has bucky more character development than sam in this entire show, they clearly favored him, i fucking hate it here. not only did they never fully flesh out sam's personality, but also did they make him steve 2.0 wow wtf
even walker bas more character development than sam????? what the shit??????
god that suit is ugly
also, i hate that sam is cap, even tho i knew it would happen. wish he had destroyed that damn shield. sorry, but at the end of the day my hatred for america is way stronger than my love for a fictional character. as a non-american i hate that stupid stars and stripes bullshit with a passion and i hate that they put a character i genuinely like in this position
now i have to watch lovely sam wilson being the face and rep of fucking shithole america fuck that shit fuck that patriotism fuck that shield and suit fuck america
if a person with the american flag as outfit and the alias captain america came here, it wouldn't matter the gender or the skin color, i'd expect them to bomb us either way
and don't fucking @ me for that, fuck you, i'm allowed to hate the cap america symbol, the us fucking bombed my country so my anger is more than justified
sam's speeches were straight up bad. bad, bad, bad and sooo corny. like, cringe-corny. the whole episode was just cringe
the delacroix ending was cute tho, liked that
the suit is one ugly fucker
just. wow. bad!!!
god, i'm still so angry. i was prepared for disappointment but wow i did not expect to be this disappointed
idk how long i'll keep up with the mcu if this is the shit we gotta deal with
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beidousbunnya month ago
I feel kinda bad... I have two friends who are running a blog together. One of them is into incest while the other one isn't at all... Long story short they got into an argument over it and the one who doesn't like it was guilt tripped into agreeing to have some of it on the blog...
I was there to see it but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get involved but now they're not on talking terms.
I honestly don't know what to do lmao. At first they agreed there was not going to be any of that at all and suddenly the one who's in to it just kinda??? Demanded incest would be there???
"It's only fair I get to talk about incest since I'm running this blog with you. We should be able to talk about things we like right?"
The one who's not into incest was touched a lot by her cousin as a kid hence why she hates it so much. And that's why they originally agreed to not writing it but... Yeah.
I'm honestly just considering telling person a (not into incest) to change the password so person b (into incest) won't be able to access the account anymore but that would just lead to even more arguments...
Person b is really bossy and doesn't stop until she gets what she wants and person a is a big push over who looks like she's about to snap at person b for once since person b won't shut up about it.
I honestly don't know what to do.
You don't have to answer this I just want to kinda get it out to someone who doesn't know me lmao.
Anyway, sorry for the rant. I hope you're doing alright and don't let those people get to you!
Oh geez- now this is definitely a situation HAHAHHE
Wow I really don鈥檛 know where to begin... honestly shame on person b,, if content such as incest could be potentially triggering or uncomfortable for person a, it should be an absolute no brainer when the subject of writing it or not is brought up.
Listen, I don鈥檛 read dark content. I don鈥檛 write dark content. And most of all I don鈥檛 like it. However it鈥檚 not my business when people write it- some randos opinion is not going to change what they want to write. I鈥檓 not gonna get all pissy cause someone wrote something I don鈥檛 enjoy. Its simply not worth either of our time.
HOWEVER, if you write dark content and have the audacity to not tag it with trigger warnings or inform the reader beforehand what the writing is, fuck you. And in this case, how could person b even consider themselves a friend of person a??? Why would you even suggest writing something around a person who could potentially be triggered??? Its not right.
Honestly, in my opinion, it鈥檚 best for them to go their separate ways and or run a blog just for themselves. Shared accounts always go up in flames :/
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hey bestie, I hope you good and drinking plenty of water. I know it must be frustrating for me to ask, but you mentioned some time ago about listing all the things wrong with the MHA fandom? I'm sorry to ask about it but girlie I just became a fan of MHA recently and I wanna know what I'm getting into??? i've heard from others that this fandom is wack but I'm still a little confused since I geuinely haven't seen anything bad?? (it could be because im hella new but still?)
omg no haha ,, its not frustrating at all!!!!! im literally dying to talk about it tbh. i actually have a draft of stuff written up about it already,,, but theres still a few things i wanna add before posting!!
tbh i was kinda on the fence about posting it,, bc like, i don鈥檛 particularly enjoy the idea of shoving my complaints in other people鈥檚 faces, but honestly??? ahaha i think i might just do it bc some of these things ive been wanting to rant about for a wHILE. like, there鈥檚 sm good in the MHA fandom, but the bad stuff is bAd. and like, im not new to fandom at all, but seriously, ive been seeing some shit thats just soooo bad
lmao if u or anyone else wants to be tagged in the big complaint masterpost i鈥檇 totally be up for that!!! tbh i just want to dish a lil bit n i鈥檇 love to hear every one鈥檚 opinions in the replies too!!
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sweeterthansammy2 months ago
hey guys. i鈥檝e got very low energy this morning and i really don鈥檛 know what to say. last night, i hit a breaking point and i don鈥檛 think my thoughts of suicide haven鈥檛 been that high in a few months. if anyone has had a similar situation to me, i鈥檓 begging you please, reach out to me and talk to me:
yesterday was honestly one of the best days that i鈥檝e had in forever. i came home late last night after picking my dad up with my sister and her girlfriend - we鈥檒l just call them 鈥榢鈥 and 鈥榞鈥 to clear up any confusion. my other sister - who we鈥檒l call 鈥榯鈥 - came home after being out with her boyfriend literally all damn night.
my mom has done so many good and so many bad things. she鈥檚 an evil, one-sided person and i鈥檝e noticed it throughout the years that i鈥檝e been living with her. when t is out all night, she doesn鈥檛 get a fucking word. all my mom does is kiss her ass, make sure that she ate and that she鈥檚 getting to bed safely, etc.
throughout the whole journey of remote learning, i haven鈥檛 been able to learn normally, so have many others and they鈥檙e able to cope with it. my house isn鈥檛 the biggest thing ever and just moving here about nine/ten months ago, t has been nothing but ungrateful - complaining about the limited space in the house.
while k, g, and i don鈥檛 complain about a single fucking thing, we get the most bullshit living in this house. my dad was forced to - at 3am - disassemble a desk and carry it up the stairs, and reassemble it for t. my mom was worried as to how she would be doing school work in the morning after she complained about having leg pain and back pain and whatever the fuck kind of pain she has.
we don鈥檛 have a private office or a quiet space in our house, obviously because there are six people living in a one family home. never in my life have i ever been more frustrated. t and i share a room - k and g share a room which is attached to ours through a doorway. when sharing a room with someone, things should be decided 50/50, unless my morals are completely fucking wrong and i sound stupid.
that鈥檚 when i said something because all of my things were being transported into my parents room without any of my saying. i was beyond confused and i didn鈥檛 know what was happening. the one time i was able to voice my opinion, i felt so invalidated and i felt weak. so weak.
this was all because my mom decided that she wanted to partake in having favoritism over one child while completely neglecting the other two. as someone who鈥檚 basically raised themselves and hasn鈥檛 received much support and guidance from a parent, it angered me so much. k and g and there for me more than my parents or t ever are/were and i鈥檒l forever thank them for that.
sorry for that whole rant but i needed to get it out. last night i cried up until four in the morning, deciding whether or not i wanted to take a blade to the wrist. i couldn鈥檛 even get a good sleep, too paranoid that my mom would start arguing with me again. she made me feel like there was something actually wrong with me after she kept asking me 鈥渨hat鈥檚 wrong with you?鈥 and 鈥渨hy are you acting like this?鈥 i won鈥檛 be apologizing for sticking up for something that鈥檚 completely right in my opinion. a lot of people have told me to lay off on social media for a few days or more but i seriously can鈥檛. tumblr is my only source of comfort when no one is around.
if there are any typos, i don鈥檛 have my glasses on and my eyes are swollen as shit - sorry lmao
tagging a few moots because i genuinely don鈥檛 know what i鈥檓 capable of right now: @yungbludz @lunalovecroft @anchoeritic @anxiousblanketqueen @writingsomewrongs @ch0kemedracomalfoy @taylathornton @mxltifandoms06 @hellounicorn @thebisexualclub
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baku-go-off2 months ago
饾悅饾悑饾悎饾悅饾悋饾悇 [饾悺饾悶饾悮饾悵饾悳饾悮饾惂饾惃饾惂饾惉]
Tumblr media
TYPE! dot-point headcanons!
PAIRINGS! bakusquad x fem!reader
SUMMARY! there are different fanfiction cliches that get Y/N and her crush together. lowercase.
WARNINGS! swears, mentions of domestic violence in sero鈥檚
TAG LIST! @windshieldlaughjin @flattykawadoorusmilkbread鈥 [tell me if you want to be added!]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[gif not mine]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay, enemies to lovers is so聽overused when it comes to our boom boy
so, what about the stuck-in-a-small-space cliche?
bakugo and Y/N get along alright, especially since bakugo has gotten a slightly better grip on his temper
Y/N鈥檚 friends have seriously lost count of the number of times that she鈥檚 ranted about how hot she thinks he is, though in reality the two aren鈥檛 really close
they were running errands to prepare for some school event, and it involved carrying heavy boxes from the basement to the top floor, where todoroki and yaoyorozu鈥檚 rooms where, since they were the key organisers
bakugo suggested they start using the lift
鈥測ou fucking genius!鈥
except, there鈥檚 this tiny problem
after they鈥檝e loaded the lift with all their boxes and pressed the button for the fifth floor, the doors slam shut and the elevator starts to move ...
and stops
Y/N screams when the sudden jolt makes her fall backwards and knock into the stacked cardboard with enough impact to bruise
鈥渢he fuck was that?鈥
bakugo didn鈥檛 receive an answer to his question, and he pounded forcefully on the doors
鈥淪HIT! DON鈥橳!鈥
the lift had started to rock, and so bakugo stopped
together, they鈥檙e both really smart, and they鈥檝e figured out that no one can get them out with risking the structural integrity of the building, which would cause something to collapse on the small metal elevator
Y/N decides to sit on a box, opening the one beside it and handing a bag of doughnuts to bakugo
鈥渟nack? we might be here a while.鈥
he snorts, accepting the bag and passing one back to her
bakugo鈥檚 no idiot - he鈥檚 seen the way Y/N looks at him, and he鈥檚 contemplated a relationship with her, but every time he cycles back to confusion
does he like her? does he just want her to be a friend? he didn鈥檛 know, and it infuriated him
Y/N infuriated him ... but perhaps in a good way聽
鈥渉ow long do you think we鈥檒l be here for?鈥
she shrugged at his question, reaching for another doughnut and ignoring the heart rising in her cheeks when their fingers brushed
it was definitely an overreaction, but the warm touch of his fingers stayed in her mind for the next hour of idle chatter
then another hour, spent organising the boxes by their contents, and another round of snacks, this time [favourite snack]
and then another, spent sitting and contemplating in nervous silence
鈥渋 need to get out, like, right now.鈥
bakugo turns to look at Y/N, dropping the box currently in his arms on top of another
鈥渨hy? are you okay?鈥
her eyes were darting around the lift, from corner to wall to corner to wall, over and over and over
鈥渋鈥檓 claustrophobic. and i can鈥檛 stand much longer of this.鈥
bakugo stopped working, coming back to the girl pressed against the wall and gently pulling her forward towards the doors, where there was more space
鈥渄on鈥檛 worry, Y/N. you- you can鈥檛 give fear power, because then it can beat you. and you can鈥檛 let things just beat you like that, because i know that you can win.鈥
she seemed very small in that moment, her arms wrapped around herself and her s/c skin flushed
and yet, and yet
bakugo found that he thought she was beautiful
sighing, though not reluctantly, he came forwards with his arms held out wide
鈥渕y dad says hugs calm people down. come on, then.鈥
if there was one thing Y/N hadn鈥檛 expected for that day, it was a definitely聽no-touchy-feely boy she liked offering to hug her, just because she was afraid
she stepped into his hug gladly, feeling almost like a child when his large arms wrapped around her. he was warm and comforting, his hands rubbing calming circles on her back
Y/N could hear his heartbeat, and felt her own slowing to match his pace in a content peace
the doors began to slide open, and Y/N made to spring out of bakugo鈥檚 arms, but he held her there.
鈥渨ait - please stay. i need to ... work something out.鈥
she obliged, letting him rest her chin on the top of her head, even as eyes and faces began to peek through the slowly opening doors, whispering聽
bakugo felt giddy and nervous all at once as she stilled in his arms, and he now certainly knew - she liked him, a lot, and he liked her
funny how it had taken being stuck in an elevator for a few hours to figure that out
鈥淏AKUGO? Y/L/N?!鈥
the yelling was growing louder, and bakugo was forced to step away from Y/N, and she immediately felt cold descend over her - not from temperature, surprisingly not from fear, but ... sadness
she hadn鈥檛 wanted to leave his arms
but the doors finally opened and class 1-A burst in in a flurry of exclamations and limbs, feeling like all eighteen of the others were all piling in at once聽
鈥渕eet me back in my room, okay?鈥
Y/N nodded quietly, before laughing with her classmates and unloading the boxes. bakugo took special notice of the way she smiled, how good she looked when she laughed, her-
oh. oh.聽he had it pretty bad.
Y/N and bakugo later talked at length about the elevator situation
鈥渋 promise i鈥檒l be here whenever you鈥檙e scared, alright?鈥
鈥渢hank you.鈥
鈥渨henever you need.鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i practically melted of cuteness when i first thought of this, but ... time travel kid
Y/N was out shopping for dinner ingredients since she and kirishima were in charge of cooking for the class that night
she currently held two different cuts of steak in her hands, trying to figure out which he would prefer to cook more
a bright flash of light made her yell and drop the steak to cover her eyes, attempting to blink back her vision and seeing ...
a kid
a little girl, to be specific, who looked around seven
she had pale skin that didn鈥檛 look quite like Y/N, but she had e/c eyes that were so similar to Y/N鈥檚 own it felt like looking in a mirror. her hair was h/l, with red streaks in the otherwise h/c mess that strongly resembled the teenage girl鈥檚
the kid picked up the t-bone and handed it back to Y/N
鈥渕um, i thought you knew that dad liked these ones better.鈥
Y/N almost fainted
鈥渦m, sorry ... i don鈥檛 think i鈥檓 your mum, kid.鈥
鈥渟ure you are. i was meant to stay home but you and dad left on emergency hero work, and i was bored, so i followed, and some quirk hit me and-鈥
the girl cut herself off, staring at Y/N with wide eyes
鈥渙h, shit. time travel.鈥
鈥渉ey! who taught you to swear like that?鈥
the kid shot her a strange look, almost laughing, judging by the way her eyes were crinkling at the corners
鈥渦ncle bakugo, of course.鈥
Y/N decided that she couldn鈥檛 just leave the little girl wandering around by herself, so she kept walking, internally congratulating herself when the kid followed just as she鈥檇 expected
鈥渟o, what鈥檚 your name?鈥
鈥渄ad wanted to call me natsume, and you wanted to call me literally anything but that, so i鈥檓 just nat.鈥
鈥渁nd who鈥檚 your-鈥
Y/N choked mid-question, realising that whoever nat鈥檚 dad was was someone that she had-
she needed bleach for her ears
鈥渙h, yeah.鈥
nat smiled sweetly, the same way Y/N did when she wanted something, and the h/c-haired girl had to repress the urge to sigh, knowing this would not聽be good
鈥渋 read about this quirk. the effect is only reversed if you and my dad ... kiss.鈥
鈥渨hat the hell?! you鈥檙e, like, seven, why the-鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛 make the rules.鈥
sadly, Y/N could see quite easily how nat might be related to her from the sarcasm alone, and she breathed a long-suffering sigh, paying for the dinner ingredients and starting the walk back to UA
鈥渁ny chance you can give me any hints?鈥
鈥渋t doesn鈥檛 work that way!鈥
nat鈥檚 sing-song voice somehow made the situation around a million times worse, and Y/N let out a loud groan, closing her eyes and stopping walking
鈥渉ey Y/L- Y/N? you okay?鈥
Y/N opened her eyes, recognising the voice instantly, from the way they鈥檇 hesitated, but finally聽stopped using her last name
鈥渉ey, ei. this is nat, and she鈥檚 being bloody annoying.鈥
kirishima took in the little girl, almost yelling and flying back when she smiled, revealing ... pointed teeth, exactly like his own
鈥渟he says i need to find out who her dad is, because apparently i鈥檓 her mum, and she鈥檚 from the future, but i have no idea-鈥
Y/N kept rambling whilst kirishima inspected nat, noticing how much she looked like Y/N, and how much she looked like hi-
oh, no way
the girl he鈥檇 had a crush on for ages? a future kid who looked just like both of them mixed together into a little girl?
鈥渨hat needs to happen for her to get back to future u- her future parents, i mean.鈥
鈥渋 need to kiss her dad. apparently that鈥檚 what the quirk requires.鈥
Y/N sighed, kneeling down to nat, who was smiling way聽too widely
鈥渄on鈥檛 worry, kid. i鈥檒l get you back to your time.鈥
she studied the little girl鈥檚 smile, suddenly noticing how similar it looked to that of the boy in front of her
identical, in fact
鈥渙h shit, no way.鈥
hesitantly, Y/N grabbed nat鈥檚 shoulders and pushed her to stand next to kirishima, instructing them both to smile
鈥渙h, shit.鈥
鈥淵/N, you probably shouldn鈥檛 keep swearing in front of the ki- in front of nat.鈥
still, kirishima was smirking, having earlier come to the conclusion that was currently reeling through Y/N鈥檚 mind
鈥渨e- uh, we should probably send her back, hey, kiri?鈥
a nervous tremble ran through her voice as she stepped closer to the redhead boy. suddenly, the flutters in her stomach and her sadness whenever he wasn鈥檛 around made a lot聽more sense
who knew that they鈥檇 be matchmade by their future kid?
鈥渋 like you a lot, Y/N, but if this makes you uncomfortable-鈥
Y/N had always been confident, with a kind of get-it-over-with attitude
she stepped further forward, brushing her fingers over his cheek for a brief breath before pressing her lips to his
by the time they pulled apart, nat had disappeared聽
kirishima rested his forehead on Y/N鈥檚, both of giggling nervously, his arms having found their way to her waist
鈥渨ell. that鈥檚 a story for the kids.鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes i know聽the coffeeshop au is overdone but caffeine is such a denki thing
he was obviously loading up on coffee for exam week, and he decided to try going to a new place since his old one had shut down
and his first thought when he walked through the door was ... wow, she鈥檚 super pretty
there was a barista his age slumped on a stool behind the counter, obviously still at school by the way she was frustratedly scratching out what looked suspiciously like algebra homework聽
鈥渉aving fun?鈥
the girl raised her head, h/l h/c hair falling into her e/c eyes for a brief second before she swept it back, raising an eyebrow
鈥渘ot really. what can i get for you?鈥
denki selected some random, highly caffeinated drink from the menu, smirking at the pretty girl as she tapped the checkout
鈥渃an i have a name for that order?鈥
鈥渋 don鈥檛 know, can i get your聽name?鈥
the girl sighed, rolling her eyes
鈥渁lright. one mocha frappucino for the idiot.鈥
鈥渇ine! kaminari. kaminari denki.鈥
he chuckled as she muttered something under her breath, disappearing behind a metal monstrosity of a machine that began to whistle and clatter
denki retreated to a table by a window, staring out at the street, and trying to imagine each car zooming past was one thing he needed to remember
english grammar. japanese ancient history. a hero case study on uwabami. i am, you are, she, he, it is.
i am studying you are making coffee she is beautiful he is nervous it is cold
鈥渕ocha frappucino for kaminari?鈥
he shot up, picking the takeaway cup out of her hands with the warmest smile he could muster
鈥渢hank you ...鈥
he squinted at her name badge on the f/c apron, but she tore it off with a smart smirk, waving
鈥済oodbye, kaminari.鈥
undaunted, the boy just smiled as he went out, shouting over his shoulder
鈥渋鈥檒l see you tomorrow!鈥
the next day, he did indeed make good on his word, returning straight from UA with a massive load of sheets and workbooks
鈥渙h. it鈥檚 you, back again.鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 me ;)鈥
the girl was standing in front of him, denki鈥檚 head being up to her waist from where he sat
he still noticed exactly聽how pretty she was, and a little flutter started in his stomach as she smirked
鈥渕ocha frappucino?鈥
denki raised his eyebrows, impressed
鈥測ou remembered my order?鈥
he watched cheekily as colour darkened her cheeks and she looked away, aggressively ripping her pen down the page of her orderpad denki was genuinely surprised the paper didn鈥檛 shred
鈥渋鈥檒l take that as a yes.鈥
鈥渟hut up, kaminari.鈥
鈥*gasp* and my name, woah, you must really like me ... Y/N!鈥
he鈥檇 squinted at her name tag, which she鈥檇 forgotten to remove, and instead hung lopsidedly off her apron. Y/N made an annoyed little聽鈥榓rgh!鈥 sound, throwing her hands up and disappearing behind the counter
he studied in silence for a few moments, before a s/c hand slammed a plate and cup onto his book so hard a scattering of crumbs fell over the messy handwriting and the coffee almost sloshed over the side
denki sipped the drink and grinned crookedly when the caffeine hit him, but he still frowned at the chocolate muffin on his books
鈥渋, uh, didn鈥檛 order the muffin.鈥
鈥渋 know. i just thought you deserved a prize for catching my slip-up. i鈥檓 Y/N. congrats.鈥
he smiled, biting back a witty comment-slash-pickup-line that would send the barista right back to her favourite hiding place聽
鈥渨ell, thank you. sugar and an ungodly amount of caffeine will help a lot.鈥
Y/N laughed, folding her arms as she tipped her head back. the sound was unabashedly loud, probably not what some would call聽鈥榣adylike鈥, and yet, denki thought it was adorable
she looked over his shoulder with a giggle
鈥測our study notes are terrible. i should teach you how to revise - learn from the master and all that.鈥
鈥渁ll right. next week, wednesday, outside here after school.鈥
Y/N arched an eyebrow, apparently unimpressed
鈥渁re you trying to take me on a date, kaminari?鈥
鈥渨ell, yes, i am.鈥
suddenly flustered, Y/N focused on a very specific spot on denki鈥檚 notes as colour rose in her face again
鈥渃an i ask you out?鈥
鈥渨ait wait, you were being serious, okay then!鈥
the words flowed out of Y/N in a quick rush, and she was unable to stop herself in smiling in response to the grin the cute, silly boy she鈥檇 pridefully welcomed to their cafe and served first
鈥渋鈥檒l see you wednesday, then.鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 looking forward to it.鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
alright, roommates au with a twist, u know the one where you fall in love with someone you gotta live with bc you鈥檙e broke [who isn鈥檛 lmao] yeah okay cool
so sero and Y/N knew each other for a while, because they lived in the same apartment block
there were a lot of muffled yelling, crying and smashing noises coming from the Y/L/N apartment
the musutafu police department had to step in, removing Y/N from the situation bruised and crying, placing her with the sero family as a temporary living situation
she wasn鈥檛 adopted, just living there
which was a relief
because after spending a couple months waking up to sero shaking her with a mischievous smirk, she began to realise exactly聽how cute he was
the way he was always smiling and trying to get Y/N to laugh
his eyes, god, she fell into them every time she looked at them - they showed such pure, unfiltered emotion, always affection and kindness
Y/N was whipped, and she didn鈥檛 know how she felt about it
but she really realised how much she liked him when she had to leave
the two of them were going into their third year of school, when sero and his parents came up to her in the living room, forcing her to push her headphones off her h/c hair聽
鈥渦m, Y/N/N ...鈥
she loved his nickname for her - but he wasn鈥檛 using it with a smile today. his eyes were red and his voice hoarse, like he鈥檇 been screaming ... or crying
sero鈥檚 voice cracked, and that鈥檚 when Y/N realised. he was still crying, still devastated over something, someone
sero鈥檚 dad took over, someone Y/N had seen as a father figure for the better part of a year now, and he looked ... broken聽
鈥渋鈥檓 so sorry, Y/N. our family needs to move to kyushu for hero work, and because of legal matters ... we can鈥檛 take you with us. we鈥檙e so sorry.鈥
her heart stopped. Y/N couldn鈥檛 breathe, tears were rolling down her face but she couldn鈥檛 feel them, because all she could feel was pain聽as sero bent over and inhaled deeply, his breath shaking with sobs
鈥渉anta ...鈥
she used his first name for the first time, having previously found his surname suited him more, and his head flicked up expectantly
Y/N couldn鈥檛 even finish a fucking聽sentence - she was furious with the sero family, with jobs, with everything-
but really, she was agonisingly mad at herself
she stormed out of the house, not knowing where she was going, just running, crying
because so soon after she鈥檇 realised she鈥檇 liked him, sero had left
Y/N scrolled through some roommate-finding website, the fifth different one this week
she needed somewhere to live, and not just because she hated living with her current housemate聽
her eyes lit up almost as bright as the screen as she found a good one: non-gender specific, low rent, i鈥檒l-keep-to-my-business-if-you-keep-to-yours
she applied, getting back a message only hours later with an invitation to come by and see it
knocking on the door hesitantly in the early afternoon, Y/N shifted from foot to foot nervously as footsteps ran towards the door from the other side
it swung open, and she forgot how to breathe
a year older, his hair longer, his eyes not as bright as they used to be, and yet still beautiful, was sero hanta
Y/N stood silently, shocked, frozen, for a moment, before she brought her eyes up to meet his, and ...
burst into tears
his arms opened, letting her fly into them and sob onto his grey hoodie as he hugged her the way he used to
鈥渉-hanta, it鈥檚 y-you...鈥
he was crying to, and he didn鈥檛 know what spurred him to do so, but, both their faces wet with tears, sero connected his lips to Y/N in a sweet kiss
she sunk into it gladly, still crying, but happily this time
because she鈥檇 found him again, and maybe they could fall in love all over again, as roommates.
Tumblr media
xox, gwen
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kennectwhore2 months ago
鈾 Kenny | 18 | bi | he/they 鈾
hi, i鈥檓 kenny, nice to meet you :) i鈥檓 a 5鈥0 trans man with an edgy appearance but i鈥檓 actually super, super childish and sensitive lmao, currently trying to find a place on the internet where i can truly be comfortable acting like myself--i used to be mega active on tumblr pre-nsfw-purge and i miss being on here :鈥) so ima give it another shot! i don't expect anyone to stay too long because i flip flop so extremely from soft age-dreamy pastel stuff to rlly rlly bad txtposts/rb's/drawings that could potentially be very very triggering,,,
some things you might expect to see on this blog:
鈾 SFW age-reg***聽鈾 current hyperfixations 鈾 occasional art聽鈾 rants/txtposts聽鈾 RT HEAVY聽鈾 music聽鈾 outfits/what i wanna look like lmao聽鈾 420 stuff聽鈾 slight politics (LGBTQ+, BLM, ACAB, socialism, etc)聽鈾 pretty pics/aesthetics/room inspo聽鈾
current hyperfixations (full list of tags HERE[WIP]):
鈾 stardew valley聽鈾 dead by daylight聽鈾 arctic monkeys聽鈾 the orion experience聽鈾 weed lowkey sorry聽鈾 animal crossing聽鈾 realm of the mad god聽鈾 friday night funkin聽鈾 tomodachi life聽鈾
***i age-reg privately and when i enter that mental space i tend to share a lot of stuff that helps me, like pics of stuffies or nostalgic videos, etc.
+additional things+
- before anything or anyone else, this blog is for me and me only, but i won鈥檛 complain about friends !! :-O
- extremely caffeine addicted, i鈥檓 a coffee, tea AND energy drink enthusiast :鈥)
- my birthday鈥檚 in july and i鈥檓 a cancer!!
- i鈥檓 vietnamese <3
- i have a lot of stuffies!! but i have two best stuffie friends who are with me almost every hour of the day and their names are toby and clarissa! <3
x racist x homophobe x transphobe x biphobe x ddlg x NSFW age-reg x terf x u romanticize school shooters/rapists/murderers lol x聽
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rant that you can just skip over 馃槀 it's just detailed intrusive thoughts. and I'm continuing to rant about literally everything that goes through my brain so I am here writing this and not acting on thoughts or being stupid.
okay so this is a note from after I have written all that. and basically it's complaining and ranting about everything and hyperfixating on space and science in the end. in the middle I talk about my fears of love 馃槀 potentially triggering stuff? it's all nonsense you really dont have to read it. it was just to keep myself from doing something I shouldn't. so if you could be triggered by literally anything maybe dont? idk. I cant stop you but it's probably annoying and not interesting. if anyone does read it though let me know if I need to tag it anything.
So my brain has now decided that because there is no way I am sleeping tonight unless it's exhaustion, I get intrusive thoughts. fun! so rn it has been fixated on the fact that because I am closest to the outside. not hall door. that I could easily sneak out. which is very much not good idea, because 1) I dont live in this area, 2) it's still cold as fuck outside at night, 3) I would literally fucking get lost or caught immediately. So yeah :) I dont even know what I would do if I did go and I don't want to because I have an idea of what brain would say and that's a big no. it's especially big no because I'm too comfortable with the idea of it but I'm not allowed to. and I guess now it's kinda good because brain is thinking about how I miss my cat. I just wanna see my baby and be in my safe place with the people I'm actually comfortable with (cat and phone with online friends) like guys he's so fuckung adorable and what if he doesnt know why I'm not there right now. usually he sleeps in my room at night. so what if he's in my room waiting for me and I cant go see him. you're damn right that I'm crying about this. i just want my baby because he is my baby and an indicator of a safe place.
also I am so incredibly fucking uncomfortable. like I cannot sleep because 1) in a place I do not know 2) there are people (family) in the room that I am not comfortable letting my guard down around 3) there's so much noise from snoring (and from one sleep talking) 4) I am on the couch because when we go places I'm always the one who has to and it's a shitty pull out bed couch. it makes way too much noise that I have been in an uncomfortable position for over 3 hours because I dint want to disturb anyone else. and I can very easily feel like of the metal bars under the middle of my back 5) I am very cold. I forgot a blanket and I didnt get one because the room only gave us one extra one (I dont think we're supposed to have an extra person) ad my sister got it even though I'm the one by the outsid,door, window, and air conditioner which wont turn off. I at least have my flannel though to cover my legs 6) my head hurts so bad because it's the kind of headache that hurts to have eyes open, breath, or move around in general 7) my stomach hurts so bad because I had to eat because apparently people get hungry and are supposed to eat along with anxiety from literally all of this 8) I have not gotten to be alone for more than 10 minutes since the middle of Wednesday whereas usually I spend almsot all of my time alone (with cat and phone with online friends) in my safe place. 9) I have not stopped crying (not really like crying crying but like there has been tears or water from my eyes because for some reason they burn and some because of anxiety or missing cat. 10) I keep thinking that at any moment I close my eyes someone is going to break into the room or one of my family members are gonna do something (I literally dont know what, that's intrusive thoughts talking but I have previously freaked out because I thought they were gonna aliven't me for no reason) 11) When I'm somewhere I'm not used to I get really bad muscle cramps in my arms and legs and I am not having fun with that.
sorry that was a shit ton of complaining that nobody should have read or give a shit about. so sorry if anyone actually read that?
also Allison, if you actually do read this (istg you really dont have to. like I said this is just my train of thoughts written to prevent me from doing anything. I am not watching wandavision until later today 馃槀 and I am staying off the discord server I joined becuas of potential spoilers.
anyways continuation of rants and complaints. I really want to put the phone down and attempt to sleep even though I know I'm not gonna be able to and for that reason I have to write here because I do not trust myself with my brain being like this rn. but I wanna put phone down so bad because my eyes hurt and my head hurts from having eyes open.
and I really wanna just get my earbuds out and have controlled noise and potentially fall asleep but that would take noise louder than them to drown them out but any noise already is hurting my head and earbuds sound really uncomfortable right now.
also I'm starting to get really cold again because the flannel was working for a little but I think that was because I had to move a little bit to get it out and on my legs and I haven't been moving.
also my sister (sleep.talker) has been just making noises and mumbling all night except just now she went "eww" and rolled over and continued snoring and sleeping. so that's fun. totally didnt scare me.
oh my God it's fuckung almost 3:30 I just wanna sleep. at this rate I dont care in what way it happens, but I want sleep in the next 10 minutes so I cannot be aware of how uncomfortable or in pain I am.
my back (which usually already has back pain) connot stand to lay on the bar in this position anymore so I have to move but it's so loud and I dont wanna wake anyone up or move into a worse position but feel bad for moving.
I have now moved and I dont THINK I woken anyone up. back is better but head hurts so much more now because of movement and I am now laying on my knee which I have a lot of problems with and am not having a fun time.
idk what to talk about. I want sleep or to at least put phone down but like I said multiple times I do not trust my brain rn so I have to keep writing stuff. and I dont want to just keep complaining but idk what to talk about and complaining is easiest rn because I was out in an uncomfortable situation by coming with them and I didnt want to in the first place but would not be able to stay home.
I am now gonna talk about sleep and my thoughts about it. I like being asleep but I also dont. I like being not awake but most of the time do not like the dreams I have. but sleep itself is such an interesting concept. like the body forces itself to shut down and put you unconscious to like rest itself or repair before continuing to function. and it's like (supposed to be) on a specific or close to schedule. like youre supoosed to have a schedule for when you're unconscious. and this is completely normal. a part of our society is actually shaped around this too? like at certain times around the world it gets all dark and the world goes quiet for a while. idk I just think it's really interesting. maybe it's not idk lmao.
and now brain wants to talk about how and why I am afraid to love. :). brain is afraid to love because that means I have to be vulnerable to someone and that's just so terrifying to do, especially being someone who is different than a lot of the heteronormative society. like I absolutely love my friends. and once I'm comfortable around them, I'm gonna tell them that I love them as much as I can (but also dont want to make them uncomfortable). because if I finally feel comfortable enough around you to be vulnerable and accept that I love you despite brain's overwhelming urge to say I don't and be invulnerable and safe, I'm gonna tell you that as much as I can that I love you. because it literally happens so little in my life that I actually really trust someone. so if I tell you I love you I mean it (and it tells you I trust you). like seriously, I barely even say it to my mom because I'm so on guard and trying to watch my back around her. and I dont think I say it to the rest of my family. unless it's my grandparents I'm gonna tell them that because I think I do just in a different way of your my grandparent and you're family. and I occasionally say it to my irl best friend because there's still a lot I'm on guard about because I haven't told her a lot of things so we're not as close as you'd think. but if you're reading this I have probably told you i love you. and i know Allison i tell you as much as i can because I think yyou'rethe absolute top person that I trust and love, so i try to tell you a lot. because I love you!! you're like my entire found family 馃槀
but now we're gonna talk about reasons why I'm terrified to be in love romantically. Because I dont think i have actually liked someone romantically or really ever be romantically interested in anyone. I have thought about it because I felt like I had to tell myself I was ( I was not). like i thought I had a crush on someone once but I think it was because I was unable to be their friend at the time that I wanted to be their friend even more. and because I never really got to pick my friends I didnt know what it was like to actually want to be friends with someone. but thinking about someone romantically I just cant really do. because I don't want to get into a romantic relationship if I don't know if I'm gonna like them romantically at all. do people like people romantically when they first go out with someone? or do they just say I kinda like this person let's try it out? because that just doesnt make sense to me and idk. and it could very well be that I'm just to young to know yet. because I still dont even know what I would want from a romantic relationship. like... Idk what there is for me to want or what's different to loving your friends besides calling them something else? and the whole having to trust that this person likes you in a specific way that you might like them before you take it far enough and get hurt because they just don't feel the same? or you're the one that's not really sure and potentially hurt someone else? I know people say it's just a risk you're gonna have to take but I dont want to take a risk like that. I dont mind being hurt from it myself but in terrified at the thought that I could potentially hurt someone because I just dint feel a certain way. and I still dont know what the difference is between friend love or romantic love to be able to judge or risk that? like seriously what is different? because I mean, maybe affection like have someone to hug or cuddle? but you could do that with friends and it should be a normal thing to have with your friends. but ig this still is a fucked up society that thinks everything has to be more than what it really is. and it just leaves people touch starved because of it. idk. maybe one day I'll figure it out, but how it's just Greek and foreign to me. idfk.
well that was fun. now it's 4 and I need something else to talk about because even if I do potentially fall alseep soon, I do not want those to be my last thoughts and possibly have dream about it (dreams for me are typically not good).
I think I see the moon. it's either a moon or a parking lot light. and I know the moon is either full or very close to full (I'm pretty sure it's just very. close) but I wish all of those lights outside were off and possibly have a new moon so I could see the stars. I love the stars so much. i love the moon, too, but right now it's very bright. but I wish I was more into astronomy and knew more about it. because that's also something that's very interesting to me is space and the stars. I wanna be someone who knows about all of the constellations. but I have a horrible memory and absolutely would not be able to remember 88 different stories. although I'd want to. even though most of them or a bunch are just Zeus being a dick. but more to the science side of the stars is so interesting to me that they're soooooo far away. like they're literally incomprehensibly far away. like I cannot comprehend how big a football field is without see one, I'm agine being able to comprehend the distance of light years? like I know we know how far it is but I'm pretty sure human minds cannot comprehend how far that ACTUALLY is. even if we know it's a LOT. and isnt it cool how we're able to know there are other planets outside of the solar system? I believe it's 4 different planets that we know of that are MORE inhabitable than earth. like better to live on. and they have either older or stronger stars that wouldn't die out as fast as our sun. although there comes the debate of if we should be able to go to them. it's a very debatable question, but I think overall the answer would be no. because humans have fucked up an entire planet, why should we be allowed to do it to another? like it realize it's literally a percent of humans that fucked it up for the rest of the planet, but humans have an inner need to have power over everyone else and other things and would stop at nothing to get what they want. humans could so easily become corrupt and destroy other planets too. it's kind of a fucked up thing to say, but I feel like maybe humans should die out with our planet. like of course it's not fair to the ones who haven't had the chance to live a life yet. but it was never fair to the other creatures humans killed for their own needs. like we have caused extinction several times. karma will get you back in the end ig. and it would be cool to know but obviously we wouldnt be able to know, if a species even smarter than humans evolved and kept the peace on earth, even as the ruling species? ruling sounds wrong but idk what else to call it. whatever we are above everything else is what they would be. but it would be so amazing to know what smarter beings are alive or could eventually live. like that's so fucking cool.
anyways I should probably try to sleep or put phone down because now brian doesnt have time to let me do anything I shouldnt. it's 4:30 馃槀 someone is probably gonna wake up soon because idk.
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myrandom-fandomlife2 months ago
Hello! I'm the anon from the 4 part ask that you answered earlier! I saw your post about the different "eras" of DNF and I would like to share some of my opinions since I've been in the fandom since March of last year, so maybe I can write my own analysis and briefly explain what happened during these times (and hopefully someone will find enjoyment in reading this)!
So the first era was probably the most "baity" period where every interaction between Dream and George with slight romantic undertones was pure bait. From Dream placing romantic music in the background, to the small texts on screen that would read "arguing like a married couple" and even proclaiming his love to George any second he could, it was obvious that it was a means to garner a reaction and moments that could be used in compilations, edits, videos, etc. Dream addressed George just the same as he currently does Sapnap or Bad: Dude, Bro, etc, and when they weren't attempting to bait, for example on streams, things were chill, no tension, just two bros hanging out in minecraft.
LOVE OR HOST ERA. The catalyst in DNF's relationship, in my humble opinion. Now, where do I begin? So, LOH was definitely a time that I believe Dream became aware of his feelings towards George (platonic or romantic, I can't be sure) and his fear of losing him. Before/During George's LOH, we got Dream saying some interesting things, the most notable one "George is the only man I can see myself dating". Now, I'm pretty sure this was meant as bait, but how he reacted prior to LOH, was very telling. Dream would avoid George like the plague in every situation that didn't require them to interact. Twitter? Only one mention (and that was literally him tagging George in Andrea's post in spite). Stream? That I can remember he didn't join much during this time, nor did he stream that often. During MCC, the DT was separated in different teams, Sapnap & George together and Dream alone. Now Sapnap DID pop off. He was doing amazing. And Dream complimented him and his team quite a lot. But what about George? I believe he mentioned him ONCE. This was the first time we see Dream jealous in regards to George, and the lack of content and interactions between these two made many believe DNF was dead and abandon the ship all together.
QUACKITY AND KARL. Now there is a lot that happened in between LOH Arc and the friendship between the DT with Karl and Quackity. Dream and George seemed to have solved whatever occured between them, and things were tranquil. We got a few baity moments here and there, but we also started to get the start of the infamous "name-truthing", the soft voices and other subtle moments. Now, during this time George, Dream and Sapnap started developing their friendship with Quackity and Karl, George in particular started getting closer with them and spending LOTS of time with them, so much so that we got more G/K/Q content than we did DT content. And we get Jealous Dream 2.0., only difference from the other occurence of jealously? He addressed it publicly, admitted that he was frustrated and physically affected by the lack of attention from the british man. He confronted George while he was streaming, with an audience of 50k+ viewers. He was desperate.
Things were pretty calm after that, the more intimate and subtle moments between the two became more and more apparent and began to outweight the baity moments. Quackity/George/Karl continued to blossom their friendship, and DNF was slowly becoming a topic to tease George and Dream (I can only compare their teasing to that of middle schoolers when their friends had a crush). We can compare this teasing to that of Skephalo, the difference, while one is leaning on the more explicit side and used to make others laugh or get an over the top reaction, the other was used as an inside joke of sorts, only brought up to embarass or shut up Dream/George when they got over-confident (most times it would effectively leave them quiet, important to note, is that they never denied the claims nor attempted to).
TRAINS PODCAST. Oh boy, was this a night to remember. A historical mark for DNF. The point in history that George decided to become BOLD and actively flirt with Dream whenever he wanted to, rendering or poor Leo speechless most of the time. That podcast changed these men, it unlocked something within them and things have never been the same since. This is where we see the dynamic take a major switch, and baity moments had become almost non-existent, and instead we got probably some of the most tension filled convos between these himbos. Name-truthing had become something natural between them, the unavoidable excitement whenever they hear one another in call, suddenly ever call became a matter of how long until they were third-wheeling everyone. It's also during this time that we clearly see a difference in between Dream & Sapnap's relationship and Dream & George's relationship (not that one outweighed the other, but the nature of these relationships were very much opposing)
And finally we are in our current stance. Where the sweet, obnoxious moments continue to pile; More and more of their friends are calling them out (you can literally see Quackity and Karl becoming more direct and, quite honestly, aggressive with their call-outs. I bet they are just as tired as we are); The whole hoodie fiasco and the secretive pictures; Syncing sleep schedules once again; Tension continue to grow and you can see them testing the waters, in a game of tug of war until one of them caves in and starts the conversation.
As I said before, they have nothing to gain from the bait they are currently doing. They excuse it as being a joke, and hide behind this lie, as a means to test the development and seriousness of whatever they have going on. The whole Valentine's thing proves that they (unfortunately) do not understand when the other is being sincere or baity...
Also here is some food for thought. George has been very clingy with Dream ever since he and Sapnap moved in together. Not being able to see each other is certainly another factor that is affecting them.
I'm anxious to figure out what in the hell is happening next between our oblivious idiots with communication issues. It sometimes seems surreal the things that occur between them, and straight out of a fanfic.
Anyway, sorry for the long rant and if this wasn't very interesting to read! Just wanted to get some thoughts out of my head!! Stay safe and hope you have a good day/afternoon/night! 鉂
Hi love! Glad to have you back <3
Firstly, don鈥檛 ever be sorry for ranting in my inbox, especially ab dnf. I love to see it!
Thank you for this, especially the early parts when I wasn鈥檛 in the fandom yet. Ahh this is super helpful.
I agree that George has gotten more clingy since Sapnap and Dream moved in together which is so funny because Dream and George have a more similar sleep schedule than Sapnap and Dream do LMAO
But yes all of this ugh I鈥檓 deeming you my genius anon
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winnipegpatty2 months ago
h e y
聽1. First impression: you know that like tiktok song thing thats like "oh no.. oh no. oh no no no no no no" with the dramatic like music or whatever? me when i finally realized what was happening to my dash when you were putting hockey everywhere bc i just remember reading tags about the homeroticism of it all and the intricate rituals and i was like....oh fuck. no. pls. pls no. god. no.........ah yes, the good days when i was oblivious to all things hockey before you happened. lmao聽
2. Truth is: you are everything to me. like the way you are literally one of my best friends. and we used to just talk about hockey, but now we talk about anything. and i can say shit like "i'm having a mental breakdown in a car wash rn sorry" and you just like are my friend, like caring about me and shit. that's really nice, and i just love you so much. literally no matter what. so that's the truth, that's the tea, my love for you is unconditional.聽
3. How old do you look: dude, like i know. you look sexy af that's what you look like lmao idk age, age is but a number.聽
聽4. Have you ever made me laugh: lmao literally all the time. anytime you get on a rant about a hockey boy that you'd die for and im just like "he's a guy" it's funny to me cus i'm like "lol she's really going hard for this guy" but like hey no judgement cus kyle dubas is right there doing...that... to me so like i have ground to stand on lmao.聽
聽5. Have you ever made me mad: only like.....once every three days, but like you said, we're screaming at each other like we're gonna commit high crimes and then three minutes later we're talking about how much we love jeff skinner or some shit :(聽
聽6. Best feature: everything. all of it. i love it all. don't change.
聽7. Have I ever had a crush on you: yeah, why else would i be calling you babe all the damn time lmao 8. You鈥檙e my: favorite human that exists.
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sstarscolliding2 months ago
Text apparently yasha and beau actually kissed on their date, and also said they loved each other..? with yasha saying she fell in love with beau in kamordah? so much to unpack here but let鈥檚 go
this whole thing was bad enough already. like, beau had her feelings for jester completely retconned as if it had never even happened, and may i remind you once again that marisha confirmed at the time on talks that beau鈥檚 feelings were more significant than anything else she鈥檇 ever felt in her past. it wasn鈥檛 just casual, it wasn鈥檛 just sheer sexual attraction, or 鈥渓ust鈥, as post-hiatus beau would say, but... love. i truly believe that beau didn鈥檛 just like jester, she loved her and she showed it every time they interacted in so many different ways; and jester did the same for her, every time.
the point here is how confusing it is to me hearing yasha said she fell in love with beau in kamordah. i could be wrong, but if i recall correctly, yasha did very little to support beau back then when they confronted her dad, only saying something to him, but never to beau. tagging in on the group hug, but not approaching beau directly to talk about it. so, when exactly was the moment she fell in love? when was it, really, all throughout the rest of the episodes from 91 to 99 that yasha has talked to someone else about her 鈥渓ove鈥 for beau, similar to how they constantly do it now, having yasha talk to jester about it? when was it that she showed at least one small hint that her feelings had grown like that?
and then again, literally just one episode ago, when beau came back from talking to yudala and discovering how she really got into the cobalt soul, she talked to the m9 about her abduction, her traumas, she put her heart out there for them in a 20 minute conversation but yasha didn鈥檛 say anything. didn鈥檛 try to comfort her, nothing. not even about the eyes, when jester had asked beau about it and showed her concern regarding it. it鈥檚 not necessarily a bad thing that yasha doesn鈥檛 inquire beau about these things all the time, but it is bad that she doesn鈥檛, and later acts as if she had. it is bad that she doesn鈥檛 try to comfort the person who she apparently cares about so much.
i honestly, genuinely struggle to comprehend how the cast has had months to discuss and decide where they wanted to take the narrative and their characters and this is what they鈥檝e come up with. beauyasha is the first lesbian canon couple between pc鈥檚, and it is, at the same time, the pairing in all the m9 with the least interactions, least chemistry, least everything. they base all of their 鈥渞omance鈥 over an apparently indefinable connection, that both of them struggle to grasp or even try to define why they鈥檙e so attracted to each other. i鈥檓 not saying that we should always be able to pinpoint why exactly we鈥檙e attracted to or like people, but when asked that, they always had similar answers, like 鈥渢here鈥檚 just something about her鈥. beau didn鈥檛 even have to think when asked the reasons why she liked jester, and it makes sense that she didn鈥檛 have to think that hard: she knows why she likes jester because they talk! they have a real connection, and i鈥檓 not even necessarily talking about the possible romantic connection they could鈥檝e had, their friendship alone already grants them that. and that wasn鈥檛 something that happened overnight, it was slowly built, piece by piece, on a course of almost 100 episodes. we鈥檝e seen shared growth between beau and jester, shared experiences, traumas, and most of all: conversation. fucking conversation. they learned how to read and to deal with each other, learned how to comfort one another, how to protect each other, not only from things that could kill them in battle but also from themselves. jester calls out on beau鈥檚 self deprication and always tells her that she鈥檚 good, she鈥檚 enough, she鈥檚 so much more than what she thinks about herself and what other people tell her. and beau, on retrospect, protects jester from her blind trust, from her naivety, from ideas that jester has on impulse that could 100% backfire unsafely, like the one time she wanted to disguise herself as her mother when meeting with the gentleman.
when have you ever seen that, as plain and clear before us, between beau and yasha? when have they talked, truly, to each other? made an actual connection before jumping into anything else? and it鈥檚 not like anyone can blame this on ashley鈥檚 absence, considering that she was back permantly since episode 86, which also happened to be the one she almost killed beau while being possessed. why, yes, they鈥檝e 鈥渢alked鈥 about it, only limiting themselves to a 2 minute conversation about something as scarring as that, with both of them saying not much more than 鈥渋鈥檓 glad i did kill you!鈥 and 鈥渙h! i鈥檓 glad you didn鈥檛 kill me either :D鈥 and this conversation was pretty damn recent, it happened when they visited rexxentrum again, around episode 110. so, the thing is they did have time to have an actual convincing slow-burn between them, they had the opportunities, but didn鈥檛 take it. and they didn鈥檛 take it precisely for the fact that, at the time, marisha and i believe laura as well, to a certain level were more into b/j happening than b/y. also, i don鈥檛 really have to say that the b/y thread had been dropped ages ago, long before when b/j started being a thing. and they still decided they wanted to take this 鈥渙pportunity鈥 for b/y now, 40 episodes later, rushing a romantic relationship between two characters that were barely friends in the first place.
it鈥檚 so incredibly diminishing for both of them. beau is a fully grown character, she鈥檚 changed, she鈥檚 developed and she鈥檚 pretty much a whole other person than she was back in the beginning of the campaign. she鈥檚 an engaging, complete, real character, with fears and flaws and goals but has to reduce herself to almost nothing to put up with being paired with yasha. she has to be uncharacterized, deconstructed, because if she鈥檚 not, than it鈥檚 even clearer how they don鈥檛 know anything about each other and truly, don鈥檛 have that much in common other than the fact that they鈥檙e both buff lesbians. and yasha doesn鈥檛 really stimulates growth for beau, simply because they don鈥檛 talk. characters grow together and independently when conversations are held, but it never happens for them.
and yasha is the one that breaks my heart the most. her arc about self love, acceptance and freeing of chains that kept holding her back was so bland and actually not that engaging, like the dream sequence was visually beautiful, but wouldn鈥檛 it have been so much better if it came perhaps, after they visited her village and zuala鈥檚 grave when she was ready to do that? wouldn鈥檛 it have been better with some reasoning to why she suddenly was getting her wings back, and getting her chains broken? to think that they essentialy based this whole thing on beauyasha is honestly such a disservice towards yasha鈥檚 character, not because it鈥檚 beauyasha necessarily, but because it鈥檚 bland 聽beauyasha. it鈥檚 underdeveloped beauyasha, you know what i mean? i truly believe that yasha鈥檚 remaining uncapability of actively taking decisions regarding herself without the influence of a third party, even after the dream sequence, is based on the fact that this result has no believable development leading up to it. it鈥檚 bland, and shallow, and she deserves so much more than that.
i鈥檇 totally be into beauyasha too, believe me, if i wasn鈥檛 presented with an actual potential to a true slowly built relationship between two best friends that not only have many things in common, but actually share traumas and similar experiences; they understand each other in a level that not many other characters reach. i really don鈥檛 understand how i even tried to force myself into swallowing b/y when they started steering the narrative towards a direction that i knew it was going to be inevitable when b/j actually exists lmao
post-hiatus romances couldn鈥檛 possibly be more bland and cr is really out there thinking they did something. i love the cast, and i love the characters even more, and that is the main reason why i cannot bring myself to watch them being crushed to almost nothing to maintain these bad relationships. and yes, it鈥檚 their game and they can do whatever the fuck they want. but that doesn鈥檛 mean i have to agree with or like their decisions all the time.
really sorry for the rant and thank you if you鈥檝e made it this far. stan beaujes!
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silver-flames2 months ago
What鈥檚 with everyone going crazy of Az鈥檚 pov? I was so worried when I saw spoilers and then I read it... and it was barely anything? Lmao ok yeah he was a little horny - not nearly as horny as cassian and rhysand have been imo. At no point did he force anything on Elain, or try to posses her. I don鈥檛 get it.
Right I am sorry because I need to let a little rant of my chest....
Human beings as a species are very emotion driven creatures, our first instinct is to !!!! before we sit back and think about it.
I said earlier too, we have spent 4 books inside Feyre鈥檚 head so our perception is very warped, we see a lot of this when people say Nesta is OOC in acosf, when the reality is we have never known her thoughts.聽
It is even more potent with Azriel because he was on such a pedestal unlike Nesta, she at least spoke a lot so you got a higher level of understanding about her character. Azriel by contrast has always been a mystery and very quiet, so the abrupt leap inside his head poses a shock to many.
I think that is a massive part of it.
As for the other I genuinely think it is very much selective outrage, Cassian & Rhys have pulled all manner of shit, possessive and otherwise, hell lets not be divisive. Feyre and Nesta too. Yet I have not heard half the uproar.
Same applies to these claims that all Elriel fans hate Gwyn. A lie. I follow honestly a giant chunk of fans and not one said a bad word about her... Not leading up to the book and not after. A minute portion in a big fandom and yet it is made to be as if all Elriel fans are the spawn of Satan.
Woman POWER! Support woman! Support victims of trauma.
Where was this energy when the fandom was being disgusting to Elain for years. Calling her down right awful words simply because she was gentle and kind. Or because she wasn鈥檛 with their fav.
Listen always support your fellow woman, especially those who have suffered unforgivable acts, I don鈥檛 think any reasonable person would disagree.聽
But the selective aspect of it in the ACOTAR fandom is a down right joke, and then people have the audacity to say we are tearing a woman down because of a man? Sorry, what have you been doing with Elain for years?
Also to clarify, if you are reading this on the other side and thinking, 鈥淲ell I never did this!鈥 then this is clearly not directed at you. I don鈥檛 have a issue with you, move along.
What happened between Elain and Azriel was a consensual moment, stop treating Elain like a helpless child because it doesn鈥檛 fit your narrative. Or because it didn鈥檛 happen with your fav.
Sorry *deep breath* I feel like I have been holding that in for so long.
I have no issues with Gwynriel, I have a few people on my dash that ship it or say (Elucien) and have been posting about and I just smile and move on, there is nothing wrong with loving different things.
And to my mutuals or just people who I have interacted with about different ships and we have had lovely eye opening conversations this is not you clearly, I have loved seeing things through your perspective and a lot of you have taught me a lot about why you love *insert whatever* ...聽
I genuinely do not understand why it needs to turn so nasty and hostile.聽
Just love what you love, enjoy what you enjoy. Stop seeking out uproar.聽
Stick to your tags, respect each other. If someone fucks up then have a genuine conversation and patience with them, treat them like a human being who is going to have good and bad moments.
Listen to be frank with you I fucked up the night I read his POV and made a post summarizing it, and in the moment and excitement I wrote something about being right about Gwyn being a secondary love interest (and by proxy although not intentionally) being used despite her definitely not deserving that.
And a kind soul in the replies let me know why my reaction was wrong, and I realized and the next day I apologized. That is what disagreement should be, taking the time to see peoples point of view, not always coming to resolution but respecting that.
I think we all, have the tendency to let things get to us... anyways ill shush and leave it at be kind.聽
And sorry you probably where wanting a simple reply lmao not on this tumblr you wont hahahaha
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makeste2 months ago
The anon who sent the Twitter thread here! Thanks for the answer ^^ I absolutely agree that harrassing Caleb (regardless of how correct are his translations) is absolutely unaccepatable and some people should, like, go outside or something. Or at least take step away from the internet given the pandemic. (also after rereading this ask before sending I realized it may seem as if I felt attacked and was defending myself, so I want to clarify it now - it's absolutely not the case lmao) I was asking stricte about the situation with the translation, but since you can't really separate translation and its translator, I mentioned Caleb, but I also did it only bc Caleb is the only one we really know to be responsible for translations. I guess I could've worded it better lmao. Also I wasn't aware that editors sometimes change things without his knowledge. That's,,, really shitty tbh, I thought Viz is more professional. Imo it should be consulted if the editor wants to change something, not did behind the translator's back. Either way, do you think it can cause people to lose faith in the official translations? With how inacurrate the fanscans can be (which imo is totally understandable, given it goes Japanese -> Korean -> English and especially nuances can be lost in translation), and how stupid some shitstorms are, official translations were kinda this safe space to confirm/deny some of the subtle differences.
just to clarify anon, I didn鈥檛 think you said anything inappropriate, and your ask was worded just fine imo. I sort of used it as an excuse to soapbox about the Caleb discourse just because it鈥檚 been on my mind on and off, and since you did mention him. this is like the epitome of a first world problem, but sometimes I鈥檓 itching to talk about a topic, but I don鈥檛 necessarily want to write multiple posts about it, and so if I鈥檝e already got an ask related to it, I鈥檒l just tag the rant onto that. but the problem is if all of my asks are polite and thoughtful and eminently reasonable, and I want to rant about the parts of the fandom that aren鈥檛, said rant probably seems like an overreaction by me lol. sorry about that.
anyway! honestly I think that for the vast majority of people who read the official translations, it never even enters their mind to question it. for the fans who are more active in the online community who are reading multiple scans, they probably do become more skeptical when something like this happens. but I also feel like those are the type of people who are more primed to question translations anyway, just because they care more about getting those details right.
also I think it鈥檚 worth noting that this isn鈥檛 exactly a new problem with manga translations in general, as we鈥檝e had to deal with inaccuracies and over-the-top localization efforts for decades. like I hail from the days when publishers like Viz still flipped manga pages so that they would read left-to-right, because they didn鈥檛 think fans would be willing to read a book that was right-to-left. and that鈥檚 not even getting into the lengths they would go to avoid having characters curse, or the absurdly cringey localization of characters鈥 names and other things like that. so the thing is, I already learned a long time ago that 鈥渙fficial鈥 doesn鈥檛 always equal reliable. (and a lot of times the changes that draw the most fandom ire actually are considered professional, which is part of the problem; what the industry considers 鈥減rofessional鈥 doesn鈥檛 always keep pace with what the fans want.) and overall I feel like modern translations have come such a long way that relatively minor things like this don鈥檛 really bother me like they might otherwise.
and really I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 the worst thing if this leads fans to do more research and possibly learn more about the Japanese language and the whole translation process. I think that鈥檚 kind of cool actually. in the end the people who want to know the exact ins and outs of a given line in the manga have more resources than ever to find that out, which is great. having people realize that no translation is completely without bias or flaws is a good thing imo. I just wish we could do it without all of the drama lol.
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dreamslikehoney3 months ago
it鈥檚 54 degrees outside, yet for some dumb reason, it feels like my room is at bellow freezing temperatures. but, i can鈥檛 turn up the heater cause the temperature is fine in all the other rooms, so i鈥檇 melt my family if i did. i swear, my room has a hatred towards me. and i didn鈥檛 even REALLY do anything to it, just,,,take out the closet doors, rearrange it a billion times, and poke a trillion holes in the walls with thumbtacks, still i don鈥檛 think i deserve to be hated on. now my hands are going to freeze off. and i鈥檒l turn into a popsicle. no bueno. im praying that by the time you FINALLY get to this i will no longer be cold. - r.v.
blanket ? hot thing ?? dont be frozen that's bad
AHA i鈥檝e cracked the code you read them AND THEN don鈥檛 answer. it鈥檚 fine, don鈥檛 worry. i鈥檓 not as cold anymore (still sort of cold but i think that鈥檚 anxiety). believe it or not, i鈥檝e done absolutely nothing interesting today. jk no day in my life is absolutely uninteresting.) - r.v.
lol yeah, sorry. i tend to be just. really tired All of the time so i kinda ration what i do and when. idk, but i do try and get to everything eventually. that and i also just literally have No memory. nothing. and lmao im glad youre not cold anymore. and hope you鈥檙e doing okay ? and aksjfha nice i think ??
i鈥檓 home now and cold again. screw everything. also, i鈥檝e got shit to sayyyyy. intimidating? 9.5. not in a bad way, but like, friendly people can be scary. plus, you SOUND attractive. that, is meant as a compliment, but not in a creepy way. i mean the way you use words is attractive, if that makes any sense? but that鈥檚 intimidating too. now i sound really creepy, shit. also, to add onto the friendliness, you totally seem like the kind of guy that people always assume is flirting with them, but you鈥檙e just being nice. because? yeah? and i just realized that everything i said could be taken in a negative way, but I SWEAR i mean it in a good way. and. i. swear. i鈥檓. not. a. creep. i鈥檓 pretty sure if i typed essays as quickly as i typed these asks i would have much better grades, i hope this doesn鈥檛 sound as fast as it sounds in my head, that doesn鈥檛 make any sense either. oh and i just wanted to add, i feel like you feel really guilty when you lie. like some people don鈥檛 feel any guilt, but i feel like you feel a lot. i may be completely off, i鈥檓 just your average anon here after all. maybe i shouldn鈥檛 send this. - r.v.
cold is bad. blanket ? warm thing ? and 9.5 ?? that鈥檚 so high. am i scary aksjfhakjf ? hm i think that makes sense, like i write well or ? lol it doesn鈥檛 sound that creepy to me but maybe I鈥檓 just misunderstanding. and yeah that鈥檚. not inaccurate actually. and dude you鈥檙e good dw. lmao your wpm practice coming in handy for asks. it sounds fast but dude i have so many thoughts every minute so its fine. and hm. i think I鈥檓 a pretty good liar in general. i don鈥檛 lie a lot though, i don鈥檛 think. yeah i do feel guilty when i lie i think. and if you ever want me to now answer anything just say ? i cant do it private answer bc anon but yeah.
yeah i think that鈥檚 what i mean. you write well and it鈥檚 really refreshing and attractive and yes. also you aren鈥檛 scary. scary and intimidating are different. you just seem a little intimidating to approach, sorta, i guess. i mean that鈥檚 what i鈥檝e seen other anons say. i wasn鈥檛 intimidated at all :) (i just didn鈥檛 think you鈥檇 reply). i don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 bad, don鈥檛 worry yourself. you鈥檇 probably get a lot more simps in your dms if you were less intimidating. ahahhahah. also if i didn鈥檛 want you to answer i just, wouldn鈥檛 send it. fun fact, i actually have a notes list of asks that i didn鈥檛 send last minute. guess you鈥檒l never know what i was gonna say now. (it鈥檚 nothing bad i pinky promise, just a lot of me rambling about dumb stuff, but even more annoying) - r.v.
oh okay yeah. refreshing and attractive is cool i think. and ohh i understand i think. yeah people have said that before and I鈥檓 not exactly sure why like. i literally just talk about blankets and yearning and stuff. but i also get that, I鈥檓 easily intimidated tbh. and nah dude, i reply to literally all the asks i get (unless its like. blatant hate (which I鈥檝e never gotten actually which is good lol) or creepy Creepy but even then sometimes i reply just to say Please No). and okay that鈥檚 good. and akjfhkhakjsfh i doubt i would but okay. and yeah that makes sense. and oh same, for the list of asks. well not asks more messages or things id say but. yeah. unsent stuff. and i mean i ramble all the time (way too much) so if you ever want to or just like rant about anything you鈥檙e interested in feel free.
did you fall from heaven? cause so did satan !! - r.v.
sorry i was off doing a voice to text of 15 pages off history notes before it got too late ;-; i hate it here. and akshakjf i was so confused before your other ask but i was just gonna be like 鈥渉uh. okay then :)鈥 lol
that鈥檚 a joke FORGIVE ME my friends were talking about pick up lines and we forgot the did you fall from heaven one so we filled in the blanks and i thought i should share HAH. dont tell me you鈥檙e hard to annoy because i will make that a personal goal. no bueno. - r.v.
ajfhaf i know No pick up lines but that鈥檚 cool lol it was funny. and bet.
wait i can literally LITERALLY just copy and paste my entire notes list. HAHAHAHAH. - r.v.
lmao yes you can akjfhakjsh
starangely, i find sending asks so much more convient from my phone. so that鈥檚 why favortire always corrects itself. and i don鈥檛 make a billion typing errors. i mean sometimes i send them from my pc but, like, that鈥檚 more work man. ALSO because i don鈥檛 have any other social media (other than youtube and twitch,,,are they social media鈥檚??? my whole going from being obsessed with my instagram follower count to deleting all my social media鈥檚 and becoming a hermit story is...just...), going to tumblr is a default when i鈥檓 bored mid doing something, and my phone is always in my hands. i forgot why i was talking about this. OH RIGHT your tag. also is it possible to block anons? i鈥檓 afraid i鈥檒l get too annoying and you鈥檒l like,,,block me (???). - r.v.
really ? huh i mean im just more accurate on my laptop than my phone, and i can type more quickly too. and oh i see, yeah i have like Instagram and whatever but rn i only really use tumblr the most, just because its available on my laptop more. that鈥檚 cool though i think yeah. and uh yeah its possible to block anons but dude i would say something and wouldn鈥檛 just like block you randomly one day dw ?? also !!! red !!!!
why does my brain function so much better if i hear talking in the background??? like you know how people listen to lofi music when studying??? yeah, i can鈥檛 do that. instead, i just play random youtube videos or streams in the background, and for some reason that increases both my speed AND focus. 锟糽ike yesterday when i finished two essays while watching quackity and karl鈥檚 streams??? i think my brain is broken, because i can function when people are SCREAMING IN MY EARS but not in silence??? maybe i should just pay someone to send me really long audio messages so that i can listen to that. hm. - r.v.
huh maybe just being able to focus ? for me music and white noise at the same time makes my brain be quiet so i can focus on other stuff. and i mean dude if it works for you then it works for you. some people need noise to focus. lmao maybe, or just videos
shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit SHIT i thought i had until the END of tomorrow to finish one of my projects AND I JUST CHECKED AND ITS DUE AT 11 am- i鈥檓 so screwed. i want SLEEP. i鈥檓 sleep deprived from quackitys stream yesterday, and then having classes. and i can鈥檛 make coffee cause everyone is asleep and i don鈥檛 want to wake someone up. AND NOW I HAVE TWO PROJECTS DUE BEFORE NOON TOMORROW???? i鈥檝e barely made any progress on either of them. ohmygod this is not good at all. - r.v.
o h. well i hope you鈥檙e able to get it done dude ? that鈥檚. not good but if you worked some last night and today then hopefully you should be okay ? good luck ?
i鈥檓 gonna sleep, and hopefully give myself enough time to finish it all tomorrow. cause i really need that sleep. - r.v.
okay yeah that sounds good dude, hope you slept well
Movement鈩 !! i stole my sisters ipad fo finish one of my projects, and i鈥檓 almost done so, and i still have 3 hours for the other one. (am i tired??? yes?? but some sleep was better than none)- r.v.
Movement !! still v bouncy lol, and just moving and making Noise. and oh that鈥檚 really good dude, after you鈥檙e done you can relax ? weekend ? sleep ? good job though dude
i keep forgetting that i鈥檓 supposed to be annoying you so i鈥檒l type something and then delete it. scam. - r.v.
lmao simply send and worry about it later that鈥檚 what i do
also i can鈥檛 see the word limit on my phone, which is really annoying cause if i sent it it would just show up as error, but i wouldn鈥檛 know it passed the word limit till AFTER i get the error. - r.v.
i thought they got rid of the ask word count ? didn鈥檛 they ?
coffee. my dentist exposed me the other day for drinking coffee without cream or milk. i don鈥檛 even drink black coffee all the time, huff. coffee? drink coffee how you? english grammar. - r.v.
coffee is so great i love coffee so much. and dude that鈥檚 akjdhaksjfh yes. black coffee is nice. I鈥檓 trying to drink less coffee recently but i like it with a little bit of milk normally lol.
the word count shows up on my pc though- ack. and it wouldn鈥檛 let me send long ones so???? who knows??? i could just have it not updated. also, ohmygod, it鈥檚 raining in every. single. neighboring. town. and. city. BUT HERE. the weather is TEASING me. like. excuse me sir-weather but that鈥檚 too much foreplay for me, i want the rain already pleaseandthankyou. why did i- my humor is terrible i hate it here. - r.v.
oh huh. that鈥檚 weird akjsfhaf, maybe its only on mobile. and rain !!! love rain !!!!!
and you got rain !!!!!!!!! hell yeah rain :) I鈥檒l send some to u sometime
you know, technically we鈥檙e mutuals. HAHA. - r.v.
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN I鈥檓. please. 鈥渢echnically鈥 鈥淗AHA鈥 w h a t
i mean you follow me and i follow you and we do talk (even though you don鈥檛 know who i am) so???? mutuals??? i think we meet the criteria. i just find that hilarious. yes. also it鈥檚. fucking. sunny. again. the weather is broken i hate it here. - r.v.
;-; please it was just the 鈥渢echnically鈥 aksjfhahsf. and who knows maybe I鈥檝e guessed who you are (i haven鈥檛 askjfhasjfh I鈥檓 not looking lol) and damn. simply ask the clouds to rain more.
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starlightsearches3 months ago
anonymous confession. it's frustrating when it feels like only the big, popular writers get readers, but then they turn around and complain about getting no notes! I'm like, I would LOVE to get 300 notes?? 100 notes?? Heck, I'll take 50 notes! It's so disheartening as a small writer when they complain about no interaction (even tho they get like 300+ notes) but then take no effort to read anyone elses stories. Makes me not want to share my writing. lmao okay sorry for the anon rant
Hey friend!
I鈥檓 so sorry you鈥檙e feeling frustrated, I totally get that! It鈥檚 a tricky topic that a lot of people have thoughts about. Idk how much input I can have, since I鈥檓 technically a 鈥渂igger鈥 blog (I guess?? it feels weird to say but oh well) but here鈥檚 how I feel about it:
1. I tend to compare everything I write to everything else that I鈥檝e written. So when I post something and it gets 40 notes, I can鈥檛 help but think about the other stuff I鈥檝e posted that got 100 notes. Same with comments, reblogs, etc. I鈥檓 always afraid that the next thing I post is going to prove that I鈥檓 not as good a writer as I think I am. That everything I鈥檝e created before it was some kind of accident. And it鈥檚 kind of scary.
2. The quality of the response I get typically matters to me more than the quantity. There鈥檚 writing that I have here with 150+ notes and 5 reblogs, and 3 of those are from me. Seeing likes is cool and exciting, but not necessarily sustaining as a writer. On the other hand, seeing people reblog my stuff with comments in the tags or sending me nice anons about the stories makes a huge difference.
I don鈥檛 want to sound like I鈥檓 complaining, because I鈥檓 not, but I guess I wanted to give a little insight on what goes on in my mind when I post something that doesn鈥檛 do as well. I also know that there was a time when I didn鈥檛 reblog most of the stuff that I read and enjoyed until I made my side blog. A lot of the time, I still don鈥檛 know what to put in the tags of a story that I enjoy.
Basically, I know it鈥檚 tough, and I鈥檓 sorry that you feel underappreciated. I think we can all do more to share the writing we enjoy, and if you ever want someone to give you some love on your writing, please tag me!!
Anonymous Confessions
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