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#lmao jkjk
anaisntfun2 · 3 days ago
any food with calories are homophobic... do you really want to eat that.
calorie god 
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jellxnew · 3 days ago
You little... *laughs and tickles you for a second then kisses your forehead* You're so mean *pouts* And you made me a softie, I wasn't one before. Not that I mind though,,,
- Atsumu
*body flinches as i burst out laughing for a sec* i like messing with you, what can i say? heheheh also aww my soft baby *caresses your cheek to kiss you on the lips*
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ivyprism · 8 days ago
Hello everyone,
I would like to extend a formal invitation to joining The OC Neighborhood. Where all my Ocs live in... "Harmony".
Yours, H.
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madmathis18 · 9 days ago
My sister texted me at three in the morning last night “hiya Georgie” so I sent back “we’re not afraid of fucking spiders Stanley” and that uncultured bitch had the audacity to send back “what”
She really gonna try and quote IT and not know an icoNIC RICHIE TOZIER LINE
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re8mybeloved · 10 days ago
Oh! Perhaps you could write something with fish form Moreau? SFW or NSFW it's up to you, but so far I haven't heard anything about his fish form! Keep up the amazing work!
This is gonna be a combo of a couple different asks asking about Fish Form Moreau so!! It’s gonna be a bit long! NSFW and SFW but they’re separated to you can skip the Smut if you want!!
mild eye-trauma mention/cyst rupture too
He retains all mental competency!! He may be Large but he is not stupid!! He hates ppl assuming he becomes an idiot when he’s in that form!!
he gets disoriented really easily though which probably adds to that idea - its a 50/50 which eyes on his back will be Able to see and to what degree. Lots of clumsily bumping into trees.
It’s way easier to see underwater!!
He LOVES doing big jumps and splashes!! He is very proud of his jumps and he loves exploring the reservoir!!
The reservoir water isn’t very clean - think of it like very smoggy air. It isn’t very nice, but he’s gotten used to it </3
he dreams a lot about what it would be like to swim in a clear, blue ocean. He likes to think that one day he’ll find a way to travel, and finally get to see it in person!!  
I think he’s way more confident in that form (like he’s so happy?? ‘Im the best’ n stuff?? My man LOVES being big)
It’s honestly one of the few times he can really feel good about himself?? He loves feeling so powerful!! And knowing that he’s strong, and capable!! He isn’t limited into that tiny humanoid form anymore - he can be big and strong!!! <3 
ohohoho that doesn’t mean he won’t be a huge softie too!! Give him some tummy or chin scratches and he’s absolutely flop. Lay on his tummy, he loves it!!
Surprisingly his eyes aren’t that sensitive!! The skin on them is super thick so they don’t pop or break!! He can totally roll around in the mud without harm!!
He loves it too - it feels all soft and squishy and then the feeling of it washing off in the water?? It’s like peeling glue of your hands,, just,, the best feeling.
He likes to hide his mini-body inside his mouth bc he,, quite hates it </3 he much prefers the big intimidating exterior. Besides its way more fragile so it’s good to keep it hidden!!
He almost never has a chance to feel like he’s in control of,, anything. His mutation, his life - he didn’t get a choice about the cadou, or the reservoir. Nothing. He loves this form bc it gives him a control he almost never has <3
Yes this means he will absolutely have a blast wrecking shit above and underwater. Catharsis. Bliss. Joy. kdsknd
LOOK the reservoir is already busted to hell, why not Fuck Shit Up??
Are you tired of being nice?? Don’t you just wanna go apeshit??
Lazing around at the top of the water is nice but??? Sinking to the depths?? And nuzzling around in the soft sand of the sea bed?? Wiggling around and feeling fishies come up to explore and poke at him?? 
His tail goes all flappy like a dog when he gets excited about smth!! Especially chasing around the fish (Just a bit of fun <3 he’d never actually hurt em they’re his only friends)
If his partner swims with him it’s <3 will absolutely make his week
dsjdsj jkjk 
His genitals do change tho!! They’re still relatively small but,, yknow,, proportional!! jhjds in comparison to a human they’re Fucking Massive.
The shape is also pretty different!! A touch more definition - the ridges and bumps are more clear, and some of the growths near the base are almost eye-like now?? They don’t really work that well but they are extremely sensitive. The color gradient of pink-to-gray/green is also there!!
Also that confidence I mentioned before? ohohohoho.
(Y’know that little laugh he does when he tricks ethan?? <3 yeah)
Sure, he might be nervous at first - but once he gets into things? *cracks knuckles*
Listen if you want to be dominated this is definitely the best way. He just feels so!! Strong and agile!! also hes u h he 17~ ft tall y’all gotta expect a bit of roughness. Besides, it feels really nice to let himself go every once and a while <3
Lots of snarling and growling !! That flower-monster-mouth has a tendency to snap open and closed - not really threatening, more of just an excited show of strength? like a little ‘look at me im TOUGH im STRONG’ type deal
His noises are really deep and low - the ground definitely shakes + water vibrates!!
Very rambly speech - he isn’t very good at dirty talk, so it’s mostly just stream of consciousness questions and thoughts!! He’s a lot more coherent bc of that confidence boost so his S/O will finally be able to figure out wtf he’s always muttering about
Those tendrils on his back?? Definitely gonna start twitching around - maybe grabbing onto his partner to keep em steady bc his hand-flippers don’t really work good for that. They kinda have minds of their own at times ngl, and seek out Good Feelings
If ever he ever had a breeding kink it would probably come out then!! Something about his partner being so small and vulnerable under him?? <3 he loves that shit SO HARD. He usually feels really weak and insecure but?? He feels like he can protect his partner and take good care of them when he’s in Fish Mode!!
also yes, the classic Monsterfucker trope of Ungodly Amounts Of Semen is absolutely a thing. Very thick too!!
He likes keeping his ‘human form’ tucked away inside of his mouth (idk if that makes sense)
Like just hiding away in there?? In that fantastic warm cocoon while he rails makes love to his partner?? <3
That humanoid form makes a lot more of his ‘traditional noises’ (keening/whining/whimpering/shouting) but bc he’s hidden away in the Monster Mouth he feels so much better about expressing those noises!! He completely lets go and enjoys it!!
If that form IS exposed and outside of his mouth, it’s not like his partner would really be able to see it bc,, tbh they’re gonna be pinned under him!!! He does sometimes like letting that form lay out on the ground all limp and blissed out while they a h em <3
The whole experience is very messy and his partner WILL need a wash after <3
long story short : y’all are monsterfuckers and are valid sdhsjdhjs
I hope this was okay!! Please lmk what you thought sjhdsjd  - as always add on your own but ideas if smth strikes your interest!!
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gayforkieranduffy · 12 days ago
They’re just being a hateful asshole, don’t mind hateful assholes
Anon can we kiss
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bummie · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
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lovereadinghockeyy · 13 days ago
if uh dylan could give me his arrival time at yyc, I’d appreciate it:)
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butwhatifidothis · 22 days ago
You've heard of Claude choosing a fake name. Now get ready for, Claude making up the Wyvern Master and that promotion that I'm not gonna bother botching the spelling class line. Wyvern riders use axes as their weapon of choice, demonstrated by the fair skill (Which he has a budding talent for). Claude's flying class uses bows instead, which is really convenient when his relic is a bow. So, he takes the best of both worlds by utilizing Almyran flying and Fodlan archery. Bow-fair am I right?
Barbarossa!! It’s not that hard!! Just bar bar ossa lmaooo
And nooooo no taking away one of the few crumbs we have of non-Fodlan culture, bad nonnie
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oh-aew · a month ago
mueang nan giving pi a hand massage..................... what does that remind me of.........................
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bruh i just want comments on my ao3 fics is that too much too ask
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