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#little leviathan au
vollzeh · 10 days ago
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All Seven Demon Brothers from Obey Me imagined as ponies!
This has been in the works since mid-May. Hope you enjoy! I had a lot of fun.
(Reblogs are appreciated! I will be opening pony commissions very soon to help me pay for groceries and supplies when I go back to college this fall!)
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waddlebouncefloof · 15 days ago
Baby Leviathan AU
(Expanded from Day 1 of the Mermay Prompt Challenge)
In this AU, nature decides to even the scales by replacing one of their lost Leviathans with a new one (spoilers: It’s Blank)
The other Leviathans don’t really pay much attention to the newbie until snowstorms start to ravage the Arctic and mortals start disappearing
All the Leviathans (with their mortals accompanying them) go up to the Arctic to talk (or beat) some sense to the ambitious upstart
The entire group find Blank, who did not do what they did as a show of power but
As the new Leviathan, Blank has a lot to learn about their new role, abilities, and managing territory…which they have no clue about
“That’s fine. They babey and have enough time to learn! Don’t push so much responsibilities onto them! Stress isn’t good for babey. Kisses and food are!” :DDD - Reaper
Reaper does not make it easy for Blank to learn the ropes since he’s too busy fawning over and spoiling the baby
(All Leviathans end up spoiling baby tbh though some are more in denial than others)
Since Blank can’t really shrink, a lot of shenanigans happen to properly move them over to the Antarctic
It takes some time, but Error - the only one taking the job of training up the newbie seriously - manages to teach Blank how to breathe underwater indefinitely without the help of others
The sheer volume of Blank’s size and fluffiness makes them the best pillow for the mortals (and Leviathans in their smaller form)
This time, it’s Reaper who’s providing the milk since baby is too big to suckle from Geno
Cross and Blank may not have a shared past in this timeline, but he ends up being the most adored babysitter
Blue takes his “don’t eat mortals” lessons VERY seriously. Blank manages not to not eat the scared mortals that lash out at them, which is good! (But then an angry Nightmare destroys their ships and drowns them, which is bad, according to Blue)
Kelp must be the few mortals who takes a look at the behemoth that is Blank and go straight into baby-talking and fussing over them. Probably met baby when they were injured by something made by the scared landdwellers/walkers that Nightmare completely demolished
Everyone discovers that Blank’s talent is adaptability when Dream accidentally lets his heat abilities slip when he loses his temper. Blank wasn’t burned or bothered
XGaster is a more active villain here. He starts to pursue Blank after hearing about the unnatural weather and the disappearances
Totally has some goons, some disgruntled monsters and humans who were friends/acquaintances of the lost mortals
XGaster gets even more interested when he sees that Cross is with an interesting group of Mers - along with his Mystery Anomaly 00. Unfortunately for Cross, he gets captured again with the other members of the Shiver, which pisses a lot of the Leviathans off
XGaster attempts to use the Shiver as coercion to make the oversized baby to come along with him. What he doesn’t know is that Blank under stress means Blank ready for a huge tantrum
They summon a McFreakin’ storm at the Bermuda Triangle
They kinda start eating some little boats and guns…they spit out the mortals, of course, like a good seal pup
They start to throw a racket by crying (like many baby harp seals do), summoning very concerned and angry adults
XGaster’s plans kinda falls apart
Blank totally eats him at some point despite Blue’s “No Eating Mortals!” rule. (Guess that is this AU’s version of Crime Time. It’s technically against the rules, but is done with the intention to make Cross happy so it’s okay)
It takes a year, but Blank manages to learn how to adjust their size so they’re huggable to their mortal family members too (Score!!)
Because of their immortality, Blank stays small and cute for a long, LONG time. Civilizations rise and fall before they manage to start growing bigger and shed their skin. (Their part-human/mage status is up in the air since XGaster and Mia never met in this timeline. Maybe they’ll be a skellie.)
Just like the older Leviathans, Blank garners a reputation and even achieves godhood status in some Mer circles as some Figure of Mercy. If you get on their good side, you’d be spared by the others. Orca Mers have come to avoid hunting for white-coated seals/selkies in fear of accidentally hunting Blank and angering the other Leviathans
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thatdemonbee · a month ago
Tumblr media
@waddlebouncefloof a baby Blank for you 😳
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waddlebouncefloof · a month ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 1: Leviathan
I know it's a bit late, but I'd like to participate in Sku's MerMay Prompt List. Here's Day 1! This is not canon to "Little Selkie".
There were once seven Leviathans who roamed the earth. Natural disasters would follow them as they fought amongst each other. Then, one day, two of their own vanished. Shaken by their abrupt disappearances, the remaining Leviathans halted their war.
Centuries later, the remaining five have found a new way of life. With peace, they have realized that the way they had lived and fought was not only pointless, but also harmful to all of the other lives on earth. Their existences have become legends and myths in a quickly modernizing world and they find that they have no reason to change that. They remained hidden and out of sight. They simply wanted to live peaceful lives with their loved ones.
But then, something changed.
As if the even the scales that had long since been uneven, a new Leviathan has appeared. The other Leviathans felt their existence. At first, they originally decided to ignore the newcomer, but then they’re hearing news about the northern ice caps not melting despite warmer weather and about mortals are disappearing. Perturbed and worried, the five gather together and decide to meet the new Leviathan and set some ground rules for this upstart.
There are a lot of snowstorms in the Arctic, making it hard for many to see and thick ice. Dream’s Koi form paves a bath for the sea-bound mers, and they eventually get to the heart of the storm.
When the group reach the center, what they find is completely beyond what they expected: a giant, baby harp seal about the three times the size of a school bus. Instead of the full-grown behemoth the other expected, the new Leviathan is but a scared and bleeding, little (in their perspective) infant.
“But this doesn’t make sense,” Nightmare says, staring disbelievingly at the shivering, giant poofball in front of him, “a Leviathan can’t be a child. We all come into being fully grown.”
Alas, it is the case, no matter how impossible Nightmare and the others think it is.
It turns out the snowstorms and the chaos were simply a reaction from being attacked by landwalker mortals, not some Leviathan flexing their powers as many amongst them had feared. The group also discovered who happened to the missing mortals when the baby Leviathan burps out a snowshoe.
“They deserved it,” Geno decides, looking at all the bloody clubs and stray guns.
“We should still teach them that eating mortals are bad,” Blue frets as the baby Leviathan, now less wary and fearful of the newcomers, coos curiously at everyone. They’re especially enraptured by Ink, Error, and Dream’s colors.
The baby Leviathan is immensely grateful when Reaper plucks out the pesky bullets and heals them. They flop their head onto his outstretched hands and gives them a nuzzle.
“Oh no,” Reaper gasps quietly, “oh nooooooo.”
Reaper adopts them by the time he leaves the Arctic. Baby is supposed to stay in the territory? Too bad. Baby is too young to manage territory anyways. Is Geno still Mama in this AU? Don’t be silly, of course he is. Giant or tiny, baby is still baby.
(I call it the Little Leviathan AU)
- Mod Berry
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pheemp · a month ago
Continuing off that other post I’d like to introduce the thought of teacher!MC being little Satan’s favorite person because no matter how many times he needs reminding to sit down, to not yell, or throw things, and no matter how many times they need to sit with him until he calms down that they never yell at him. Because (as much as some of us don’t want to admit) lets be honest we know a Tired Papa Luci would definitely respond to his outbursts by yelling instead of trying to understand why. And the whole reason he doesn’t like Lucifer is because he never has the patience to calm him down or a whole lot of time for Satan in general due to working a lot. Whereas MC, despite having 14 other students to handle, still shows Satan they they’re interested in what he likes when he wants to show them his favorite book of the week, when he wants to talk about neighborhood cats he sees when his Father drops him off, and tries to help him through meltdowns calmly when Lucifer is late to pick him up
Tumblr media
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bittybattybunny · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Here is the ‘natural born leviathan’ Snatcher design!!!!
Some longer followers may recognize a few features from the more cursed version of snatcher
But anyhow here he is!!
also i did screen shot him side side his like standard (old art) version
Tumblr media
So you can see the differences better
I actually used a mix of other designs of Leviathans/Mermaids I’ve done when designing how he’d look if he was born that way instead of cursed
he’s jus a glowy boy full of love officer it’s kinda a case of “looks like Snatcher but it’s the prince”
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kuromoai · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Big Girl and smol Girl :3c
the Leviathan form comes from AHiT "The little Contractor" Au - belongs to @bittybattybunny
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kuromoai · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
more Leviathan-Malou! <3 I think I fell in love with her a bit. I really like such beings anyway. I really should read @bittybattybunny AHiT Au "The little Contractor" at last. The problem is, English is not my mother tongue and I am afraid that it will overwhelm me. But at some point I'll make up for that too!
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kuromoai · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I really wanted to turn my OC Malou into a Leviathan that goes with @bittybattybunny “The little Contractor” Au. If Malou were there, I could imagine that she would try to win Leviathan-Snatcher but of course she would have no chance against Eclipse. I mean - Eclipse is really a beautiful woman. Sorry my little one, but you can never get x’D
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obey-me-angel-bros · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Look what Beans drew!!!! It’s me in a cosplay of a witch!!!!!
Now I actually want it kdjgnfsdkjgndskngk
Hey, not fair! Why only Levi??? I want to be drawn in a costume too! :c
Usually I’d celebrate Levi bein’ happy and confident but I want a costume as well!!! Beans you’re bein’ unfair!
What a surprise, when is she ever...
Costume! Costume! Costume! Costume! Costu-
can i have one too, please?
Ughhhh leave me aloneeeee it’s just a sketch you annoying angels...
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thelostriolu · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are all four (technically three) arts I did for @bittybattybunny​ during the 2020 artfight event, featuring Leviathan and hooman Snatcher and Eclipse from Bun’s A Hat in Time Au ‘The Little Contractor’ over at @eclipseofthehat... oh and Moby Dick made a cameo :3 ...I had the last strike in the revenge chain >:3
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bittybattybunny · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
This chapter’s title is one of my FAV titles so far
Oh and after last chapter’s fluff we have suffering for Ru.
Marcus tongue go blep he focused
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obey-me-angel-bros · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Really nothing special.
There are tons of lower-demons that are like me and even more that are stronger than me.
My only actual “unique” ability is to be able to shapeshift to an extent. I can shapeshift into most things but I prefer simple objects because it means I can stay in this form the longest....I’d still need to take breaks of course.
As for, who’s my lord...
Since I’m a lower-demon, my direct commander is a lower demon who’s stronger than me (hate him >:T) but at the end of the chain...
my (almost) ultimate superior,
my lord-
Tumblr media
So impressive! So threatening! So powerful!!!!!
He’s the third eldest of the elite but in my opinion, he deserves at least second place!!!
Y-Y’know? He probably doesn’t really know I exist under his command, but I know someone who got hissed at by him.
How cool is that?????
I wish it were unfair...
Anyway! I admire him so much that I even tried bringing him a goat as a sacrifice!!!
Turns out the elite doesn’t really appreciate goats as sacrifice material :c
My commander yelled at me for it and I stopped bothering him since :c
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bittybattybunny · a year ago
Hello!! I have no account on tumblr but I found your little contractor fic and I LOVE IT!! so I decided to check out you other content... It was more than worth it!! By the way does snatcher has any new magic or power as a leviathan?
Ahhhhh!! thank you!!! It makes me like. really happy that even tho you don’t have account you still stopped by and said hello!!!!!
Good Question! He kinda does! But it’s hard for him to actually utilize it!
It somewhat actually has been shown with his healing enzymes! Like he writes it off as just an enzyme but it’s actually more magic than that! An enzyme wouldn’t seal a wound up in an instant after all!
He also has healing abilities with his blood as well; but that comes with a small price as his blood is cursed after all!
He can also reattach his limbs if cut off it will heal up, like his regeneration as a merman is top notch. He heals better in water than out tho.
He also; not that he knows it; can affect the weather with his mood!! that’s why if he’s grouchy it rains a lot or the clouds are grow
That's how he gets caught in the rain so often!! He gets mad it's raining so it rains harder and he's angry he transformed so it keeps raining and it's a cycle.
Tumblr media
You can actually somewhat see this in the first and third chapters when Hattie went to eh bay where he lurks. The fact it’s super grey despite it had been sunny is because they got in the area he affects!
Thankfully once he gets more laid back with Hattie and Eclipse it gets better, with only a few storms.
He can’t make it sunny, he can only make it stormy. It’s something to protect him as a leviathan cuz it’s harder to see a giant noodle when it’s pouring out.
Also under the cut is an image of his healing in effect (reattaching his arm after a fight with a shark)
Much like the Vanessa picture I am warning you so view at your own discretion please! (Granted this one is not even the same level. just some blood and detached limb)
Tumblr media
He can kinda just “gloop” back together, the skin reforming and merging.
He’s grateful for it, but it hurts like no one’s business. Even with his regeneration; he doesn’t have a numbed sense of pain. he feels EVERYTHING
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