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#little house on the prairie
nightfury326 · 6 hours ago
I was also sensing something last night (couldn’t figure out what it was)- only to find out that an older actor I used to watch more of, died.
At least it wasn’t what my overactive mind was thinking.
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unforgottenuniverse · 3 days ago
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Patrick and Matthew Laborteaux
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sicktember · 4 days ago
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We’re really looking forward to getting to know you all as writers and content creators! Today’s question is:
Have you participated in other writing challenges?  Which ones?
I have participated in @comfortember as well as @friendly-neighborhood-exchange, both were super fun experiences!
I took part in my first writing challenge this past November with  @comfortember  and I really enjoyed that!  I also jumped right into my first ‘fic exchange’ experience this past year by signing up for the @irondad-fic-exchange as both a participant and a pinch-hitter!  That was also a really great experience and I’m really glad that I decided to participate.
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Remember the part in the little house series where Pa was a flamboyant gay having an affair with a man he secretly met up with in the barn
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jenexxifer · 4 days ago
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Fun Fact: Dean Butler, best known for playing Almanzo Wilder on ‘Little House on the Prairie’ (photo), has been married to his wife, actress Katherine Cannon, since 2002! It’s his only marriage and her second after a divorce; 2021 is their 19th anniversary.
Fun Fact 2: Katherine Cannon played Felice Martin, the mother of Donna Martin (played by Tori Spelling), on Beverly Hills, 90210!
There are now 826 names on my IMDb list: Until Death Do They Part
Learn more about Dean Butler here:
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sassyandclassy94 · 5 days ago
Wait you like little house on the prairie?? I LOVE that show so much!! I wish I could live back then, things seemed so much better :( If you lived in the same town as the Ingalls, what would you most want to do?
I do love Little House on the Prairie!! My mom got me and my sisters hooked on it at a very young age. It’s my comfort show! I know… it did seem like they were simpler times, didn’t they? But they had their issues back then too.
Now for your very good question. Hmm… this is probably mean but the first thing I would most want to do is punch Nellie Oleson in the nose for two reasons: 1, she was a horrible human being who got away with way too much if you ask me. 2. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to punch someone🙊 See, with all the modern laws and stuff I’d be sent to jail if I did so today but back THEN? I could hit her and freaking get away with it!! Sure the teacher would probably reprimand me and Mrs. Oleson would get mad but at the end of the day, it would all be worth it.
Another (less troublesome) thing I’d like to is DRIVE A TEAM OF HORSES! I’m sure it’s scary and all but I would love to try it just for the heck of it. So yeah. Those are the two things I would’ve loved to do had I lived then.
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cynicalrainbows · 8 days ago
Things That I Wish Had Been Included In The Little House On The Prarie Books
The fact that the Big Woods was only empty of people because the white settlers had snuck in while the actual people who lived there were away, moved into their houses, stolen all their stuff and then made it illegal for them to be on their own land before full on killing them.
The extra baby the Ingalls had that died.
Laura and Mary catching scabies at school.
Smol Laura being absolutely distraught and convinced she is going to hell for *gasp* eating a broken off piece of icicle after being told not to.
The fact that Laura tricking Nellie into the leeches pond wasn’t just a one time act of revenge on a specific girl she didn’t get on with, it was just what she did to all the children who came to play as a matter of course. Because fuck the town kids, that’s why.
Nice Reverend Alden from Plum Creek having an affair.
Both Ingalls girls occasionally just coming home and there being a baby and every time being really surprised over it, as if Ma hadn’t been pregnant for 9 months.
Laura working as a servant before the age of twelve and nearly being molested.
The drunk man who set himself on fire.
Ma eventually putting her foot down and telling Pa to stop bloody moving.
The fact that an extra couple lived with the Ingall’s during The Long Winter, who did no work to contribute to their keep at all, and Laura one (1) time being very mildly snarky about the fact that these full grown adults are not helping out during a life or death situation and Ma being HORRIFIED that Laura was RUDE to a GUEST.
The weird reality of country schooling, in which you had 25 yr old men being taught by a 21 yr old man and deliberately causing trouble. All is solved by the 21yr old teaching spanking the 25yr old ringleader with a ruler and that is both fine and normal.
A man trying to pump water into a bucket to put out a fire and it’s a good few minutes before anyone notices the bucket has a hole in it.
Pa consistantly running out on his debts and deciding that because someone asked for their money back rudely, he’s just not going to pay.
The townspeople gathering outside the house to listen to Mary and Laura recite their lessons.
Laura not being able to get the hang of maths and Ma’s solution is just to pull her out of school.
A random woman turning up at the house and trying to adopt Laura out of nowhere.
Laura sticking a pin in the hand of her pervy teacher.
Laura manipulating the two queen bees in her class until ‘they would both do as I said in order to please me.’
And my personal favourite: a neighbour with an unmarried daughter casually mentioning that she deliberately scared all her daughter’s beaus away so that she’d be cared for in her old age. And this is treated as fine and reasonable.
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thelucindariver · 10 days ago
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With your indulgence, I would like to dispense with the hymn and go directly to my subject this morning: Heaven and Hell.
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stagrent · 12 days ago
jesse watches little house on the praire chang emy mine
1000%. He loves curling up with you after a long day to watch little house on the prairie with you.
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killingmoon · 18 days ago
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alittlebitbethany · 22 days ago
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Thank you everybody for your kind words I feel a lot better today so here’s a photo of the lovely #lauraingalls from @thequeenstreasures Laura was bought from @dollstoysngifts #dolls #dollphotography #littlehouseontheprairie #lauraingallswilder #lhotp
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big-star-x · 29 days ago
Little House on the Prairie (1974–1983) Cast: Then and Now ★ 2021
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1000-year-old-virgin · a month ago
Little House on the Prairie has some deeply depressing episodes but season 7′s Sylvia has to be one of the series most messed up and troubling episodes.
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babynames-a-z · a month ago
Name meaning: meadow or grassland
Origin: French
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quiteunpersuadable · a month ago
I just realized that I’ve never seen my students’ handwriting this year.
I usually know their handwriting even when they forget to put their names on assignments. The last few years, I could tell you whose work was whose in one class. I could identify each of my 165/92/72 students by their handwriting. This year, we type everything. What a loss.
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