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Fun Fact
Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.
#literature aesthetics
literatureaesthetic7 hours ago
On War and Peace: it's worth it! Sometimes I did have to force myself to continue because some chapters can be rather dull, but I'd totally read it again. Also, there is a ridiculous amount of characters involved, so if you wanted to not lose track, maybe a kind of overview might be helpful?
Ahh I'm sorry I didn't respond to this sooner, I'm so bad at responding to asks 馃ズ
Thank you for the advice, this honestly makes me so much more excited to read War and Peace!!
I found that was also the case when I was reading Anna Karenina. There were so many characters with similar sounding names, it was difficult to keep track of. I'll probably try and find a family tree or something similar online!! 馃枻
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joliespages8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Prep to fall - Day 14 : Halfway through the Three Musketeers!
Playlist : Letter to Elise - Beethoven
Current state : Enjoying my tea and some chocolate 馃槍
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penhive10 hours ago
Assorted Fiction
The Tomb Stone
While going on the road, I came across a shop making tomb stones. I wondered what my epitaph will be? Will it be a fancy one? Will it be something nominal? Should it be like this: here is an eulogy for a free spirit. A life well lived. No sorrows, no regrets. Homage to the departed soul. Or should it be like this: never lived, never died, was on planet earth for a short life. I don鈥檛 know.
Scarecrows are usually planted in fields to ward of birds. But here in my village when new buildings are being constructed, a scarecrow is erected to ward off the evil eye.
The Lottery
I used to buy lotteries and I used to convert their letters and digits into numbers and then I anticipate that it will be lucky for me. Then again, I ask God to help me. Now I realize that I have to 聽leave the entire lottery into God鈥檚 hands. Today I have done so and I hope that a blessing will favor me as luck.
There was a Professor of mine who said in class: God is only a set of ideas. Then one day I visited his room and to my surprise, I saw many pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Then I realized the folly of his statement.
The Coin
While in school days: we used to walk on the railway track. Then we used to put coins on the track and see the changes that go through them after a train had passed that way. The coins would be flattened to pulp and their markings erased. We used to pick it up with relish.
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penhive16 hours ago
April 19th 2021
Green Carpet
Green carpet is an idiom for winning a larger sum of money through a windfall.
I wish to win many Green Carpets.
Father鈥檚 Last Wish
Before my dad died, he made s statement and in it he said: 鈥業 want my body to be buried in my mother鈥檚 tomb鈥.
I was puzzled at this statement.
Then a colleague of his said: 鈥榠t is my father鈥檚 mother who gave him a body and in death I want to give it back to her鈥
My father鈥檚 mother died very early in life and he was always in anguish about her.
Bangalore Memoir
I was traveling to Jakarta and I had to board my flight from Bangalore. Before boarding, I became heavily drunk. The police came and arrested me and took away 100$ of money. They manhandled me and, in my finger, there was a metal insertion and that changed its position and I was in a great deal of pain. Then my boss rebooked my ticket. I went back to Cochin and I was received by my sister and wife. Very cunningly they took me to an asylum and I was given an injection there and I passed out. Morning I woke up and to my sadness I realized that I was in an asylum. The male nurses were rude and used foul language. They also gave me beatings for no cause. The asylum run by bastard Catholics became a shit-hole for me for two months. I lived there with great pain and misery. I pray that my fate should happen to no one.
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melodyanne20 hours ago
Dark academia is the thirst to know more than two languages, create stories, start revolutions, disappear inside a library for a few hours... all while pretending your school homework does not exist.
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woodlandhallsa day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
there are always two deaths, the real one and the one people know about. wide sargasso sea, jean rhys
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penhive2 days ago
Jumbled Words
In Facebook a posting occurred which said the four words you get are what is to happen in 2021 in your life.
I go the following words and they are Money, Breakthrough, Change and Hot. I feel very elated and happy.
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penhive2 days ago
April 17th 2021
A Prayer
Gods, Lucifer, Ahriman, Mammon, God of the eye of providence, God behind the ritual of the pentagram, God of the Masons and the Illuminati, please grant me the desires of the heart.
Waking up Lazarus
Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha died. Jesus came to his tomb on the third day and woke him up from the dead.
Waking up Lazarus as an idiom means help coming from unexpected quarters.
I wish to have a waking up Lazarus to win a large sum in a windfall.
Catch the Devil鈥檚 Legs
Catch the Devil鈥檚 legs as an idiom means using unscrupulous means to get things done.
I am doing the ritual of the Pentagram and it is meant for catching the Devil鈥檚 Leg.
The Trinity in Hell
There are three spirits existing in Hell and they are Lucifer (the God of creativity, the father), Ahriman (the son who is the God of cathartic affirmation) and Mammon (the Spirit of wealth and prosperity). This is the trinity that exists in Hell.
Many people have the fear of 13. I am so fond of it and I have named it Triskaidekamania or love of 13. 13 is a number of breakthroughs, wealth and prosperity. I get lottery prizes when I take the number 13.
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thenietzscheanwife2 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥淓very single person, object or experience was seen as a replica, a pale shadow of a reality that was stronger and more enduring than anything in their ordinary experience but which they only glimpsed in visionary moments or dreams. By ritually imitating what they understood to be the gestures and actions of their celestial alter-egos - whether gods, ancestors or culture heroes - premodern folk felt themselves to be caught up in their larger dimension of experience.鈥
Fields Of Blood (Religion And The History Of Violence) by Karen Armstrong
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penhive3 days ago
April 16th 2021
I was wondering about what Christ said. When questioned by the pharisees about payment of taxes: Christ made the prolific reply: 鈥榞ive unto Caesar what is his and give unto me what is mine鈥 For many years I have been carrying the thought with me. The Caesar of this earth is no other than the Devil.
I am fond of doing rituals. I take Heavenly Communion daily with biscuits and water. I take the food and drink and say: 鈥業 take this offering dear Christ, as your body and as your blood: sanctify it, nourish it and bless it. This ritual gives me a sense of peace and tranquility.
Immediately after taking this ritual, I do the ritual of the pentagram. Through this ritual, I invoke the God behind the Pentagram to shower me with material blessings. I have not been lucky so far as I am winning only feeble amounts for the windfall draw.
Yes, we have to give Christ what is his and to the Devil Caesar what is his. I have no qualms in doing both the rituals.
I think of Christ鈥檚 words: what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul. Actually, I have not gained anything in this world except penury.
I think of the real-self. The real-self, that鈥檚 me suffers from Bipolar disorder. It is a self of farting, shitting, pissing, puking machine. The real self is Camus metaphor of the myth of the Sisyphus, who is forced to roll a boulder uphill, only to find that it rolls down and he is forced to do this repetitive meaningless chores. Yes, the real self in Sartre鈥檚 words is a man who is condemned to be free. Existence of the real self is dull and pathetic. The voice of the real self-echoes the silence of a scream. The real self-lives unsatisfied and drools with misery, hatred and self-pity. It is a self which wakes ever morn, and rushes to the town to by lotteries and cigarettes. By the time evening comes, the real self is forced to crumple the failed lottery tickets on to the dustbin. There is no hope in the real self. The real self-lives with faded pessimism. The real self is a Jekyll of a personality.
聽Next comes the fictional self. The fictional self is fond of fornication and adultery. The fictional self is a self that has loved many women and it is a self that has been rejected many a time. The fictional self, is fond of smoking, alcohol and weed. The fictional self wants to travel around the world as a global vagabond. The fictional self is fond of reading fiction, poetry and philosophy. The fictional self is a narcissism of the body. It is a being, in Sartre鈥檚 words: a being for itself. There is no boredom or ennui for the fictional self. The fictional self-lives in the inner time of consciousness. The fictional self would love to be free from the worries and cares of life and offer freedom as the ultimate reality. The fictional self is immersed in art, music, philosophy, poetry and literature. The fictional self is a passionate Epicurean and a Sybarite. The fictional self would love to win a Brobdingnag Windfall and live a luxury of wine, booze, women and freaking out. The fictional self is a poetic mystic. The fictional self carries the shadows of a dream to come alive with reality. It is fond about the beauty of life. It releases the ego to a karma of art. The fictional self-lives with the aesthetics of consciousness. The fictional self is a mystic of passion a devotee of carnal Epicureanism. Writing for the fictional self is a music of words, a poetry of prose, a painting of literature. The fictional self is fond of the esoteric cults and secret societies. The fictional self is a ceremonial magician. The fictional self would love to live a life with recklessness. The fictional self is volatile passion and does an exorcism of useless reality. The fictional self longs for a day when it will merge with the real self and becomes a macrocosm of lived realities. The fictional self is a celebration of meaning. 聽The fictional self is an ecstasy of meaning. The Fictional Self is a Hyde in personality.
Now an image of a South-East Asian girl has crept into my mind. She is young in her twenties and is very beautiful. In the vision, I also saw her as belonging to Seam Reap in Cambodia. My intuition tells me to go to Seam Reap and fetch her. I wonder when I can do that? Only after my money position becomes secure. Yes, every dog has its day.
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literatureaesthetic3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One of the characters in this book, The Overstory by Richard Powers, has literally just up and left her entire life behind. She had 4 months left of her Uni degree, and had the courage to just leave behind the toxic lifestyle, the damaging societal expectations, in order to pursue a life of peace where she can care for nature. It only took her to almost die in order to make this decision, but still...
I'm *manifesting* this energy.
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