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#literally so new to this fandom
hyunubear · 8 hours ago
I just started getting into Vixx. I found Ravi first through his solo stuff and I'd heard of Vixx but never really listened to them and then started listening to them and I'm so good at getting into kpop groups that are either disbanded or inactive and so now I've added Vixx to that list. The only members I know right now are Ravi and Leo but I'm learning. Shoving more groups into my already packed brain.
ahhh... tough luck buddy...  but yeah I’ve heard that ravi has gotten himself a lot of new fans!!! I’m very proud of him!!!!  ooofff i can’t imagine how u do it... the situation with vixx got too painful for me so I got out even tho I still love and adore the members dearly and cherish their music. here on Tumblr there are not many active st*rlights to follow (anymore) and interact with but there still a fair number of them still active on twitter so if you want to participate in stuff you can check twt (but everyone knows how I personally feel about twitter) awwwwwww :’) this brings back memories... but seriously if u ever had any vixx related questions or wanted to talk about vixx I’m always up for that!!!! 
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freetimeefase · 5 days ago
this is a question for all of the marvel/avengers/tfatws/bucky/etc etc stans out there. 
as someone who is new to this fandom I have a question regarding our boyfriend mr sebastian stan 
do we know if the man can carry a tune? sing a little song? 
and I’m not just talking about “hungry eyes”, I’m talking damn son sing me to sleep because.... a girl would love to know 
anyway... get back to me <3 
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sunforgrace · 7 days ago
like i think the closest thing I’ve gotten to that is reblogging my post with “containment breach” and talking in the tags about the fact that people had started tagging anime men but that wasn’t in aggression at the anime men taggers by all means continue tagging your anime men if that’s what this post means to you go forth. I just thought it was really fucking funny to see supernatural posts leaving the correct biome to invasively enter anime men spaces stealthily. it’s funny I want to get “op is a supernatural blog” -ed. do you know how fucking tickled I’d be if someone bubbled a post about dean winchester with some fucking cartoon guy I’ve never seen? I don’t know why you guys are complaining it’s free “I’d like to study you” entertainment literally brought to your doorstep.
#the only time it was ever annoying was when ** hijacked my post. and well. I think partly it’s because they apparently had a pattern of#behavior doing that#and did it in like. a sort of sense of entitlement way? where they just came in like ‘this is what the post is about now’#and were reblogging tags and commenting like they were op#like it wasn’t the fandom part idc about that (though it certainly didn’t make me more interested in asoue) it was just the bold way they#kind of literally hijacked the post not with a bubble but with ‘this is what it’s about’ and then all their followers and that fandom#treating the post like that was what it was about in the notes#and like it wasn’t a big deal it was literally just a poem by someone else I posted#but I think the thing of it was because it was soooort of about dean but mostly it was about me#and sort of a personal sharing on my part#fjfnfkdkdkd anyways point is I didn’t say anything because. it’s tumblr it’s not that deep#I replied to a few people being like no that’s not what this post was about#but I didn’t reblog like FUCK you asoue fandom I hate you this post is about DEAN and ME#literally the only time I’m gonna come for your tags like that is if you’re arguing with me in the tags and like. buddy one I can read#these two new post button is right there and three why reblog to argue in the tags when? the op is still unedited so it looks like you’re#just supporting and sharing my point?#or if you post some gross shit (ie: w*ncesties etc)#like otherwise I’m ignoring your tags or I’m sharing them because I like them#tag anime men all you want idc man
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genderabolitionist · 17 days ago
there used to be so many more resources for radical feminists outside of tumblr and they’ve all been taken down or just abandoned :/
like the majority of my radical feminist knowledge comes from old radfem texts obvs (daly, dworkin, mackinnon etc) but i like. lived on wordpress accounts in 2012.
the corners of radical feminist wordpresses from 2012-2014 were truly something else and the comments sections were fucking goldmines! i miss all these resources! i’m trying to find all my favorites and most of them are gone and it’s just so heartbreaking and it makes me so sad for women who are just discovering radical feminism.
like i just feel so lucky to have had this background of knowledge that women just don’t have access to anymore. i’m carrying around the thoughts and opinions of women that have changed my points of view for almost TEN YEARS now! and now that i wanna find those resources again to share with other women i go back and find it’s all fucking gone and i’m just so sad about it
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infinitegalahad · 19 days ago
hi hello all! i’m sorry for being inactive today-this week has been absolutely horrible and just yeah, not fun. i just got a look at the responses and i am BEYOBD speechless ♥️ thank you so much for your kind words and support. i’m happy to know that there’s people there.
also, i feel like i need to address my writing style. i don’t write for money or mal intent. i write for shits and giggles and add some of my own trauma as ✨spice✨, hence the darker themes. it’s a way for me to cope, and if it’s triggering to any, i deeply apologize. duck winter’s has taught me to face my fears and i’ve done it-through the writing. these subjects are difficult to conquer, and i attempt to cope with them in the best ways i can.
in the wise words of dick winters, “i have always prided myself with that i do my own thinking. i have my own philosophy. i have my own answers to the reason things have turned out in my life”. i don’t care what other’s think of my writing, i do it for me and to make other’s happy!
i would love to bast the anon for being insecure, but there looking for a rise, and i will simply not give it to them. this is a place for me to write, not to cause drama. i won’t be giving this person any more attention. new content will be out within the week my friends. have a great night/day and once again thank you for simply being awesome. love y’all ♥️‼️
also, more words for dick winter’s because he’s very wise and i love my quaker daddy.
“First and foremost, a leader should strive to be an individual of flawless character, technical competence, and moral courage.”
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or-midnight · 25 days ago
I'm gradually coming to terms with the fact that it’s not at all unusual for people in this fandom to talk directly to the actors on twitter using their fandom handles, and I have absolutely no idea what to do with that information other than be relieved that 1) I don’t have a twitter and 2) I was in a weird mood when I was setting up my accounts and used different handles for tumblr and ao3.
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lenievi · 28 days ago
reading about the confirmation bias and thinking about how fandoms and shipping and fandom fave/hated characters work is actually quite interesting
#yes i have my own biases and i'm aware of them#(and maybe sometimes I'm not who knows... because a lot of it is unconscious and unless someone provides you with a different view you might#never realize. which is why i often try to understand why i don't like something that is popular in fandom by reading other views#but it often just ends with 'it's a personal taste' because if it's shipping for example i might just literally find the ship boring#while seeing all 'the evidence' and even enjoying some - just not in romantic/sexual way#because what's shippy to some might not be to others#it's actually very funny if it's within the same ship lmao#someone: this moment is so shippy. me: where? but you know this moment on the other hand. someone: eh? lmao#happens quite often tbh)#even if i try to look at something from all sides there will always be some level of a bias because fandom isn't that serious#then again scientists and academics are also to blame for having a confirmation bias so...#but yeah it's quite interesting to think about how those who start watching a new show already knowing popular ship/characters#and know which characters are hated and why and they just see it too because they expect to see it#(the reverse is also fun: i'm gonna watch this show and i definitely won't ship/like X and then you do anyway because you still focus on it)#which just makes me wonder why when i watched the witcher couldn't get into the ship...#and this is also the reason why i still haven't watched the good omens because i'm afraid i just won't see what everyone else see#Leni's nonsense#reading about negativity bias is also interesting
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surohsopsisofclouds · a month ago
I love just like. Seeing how as time passes we see more and more people using hey/hem/heir pronouns, aka the one's that Moon made. Like so far we've only seen it used by people that know us, or at least know us as a friend of a friend, but like, just seeing something so personal to one of us click with even just one other person is so?? Amazing??? And unexpected????
If we told our younger self from even just a year ago about any of the crazy stuff that happens just. Casually. To us now I'm not sure that they'd even believe us ahsvsvsh
Anywaves this was just me being surprised but happy.
#suroh rambles#I still remember how like. I think it was really late 2019?#like the last fews months of it or so#we had literally zero (0) online friends and only like 4 irl friends#and we were in a really bad spot#and then tumblr came out with these new chatroom things. and we were at such a low point that we said ''fuck it''#and shoved our wariness aside (well kind of. a little.) and just joined a few for the fandom we were in at the time#and we just shoved our worst ideas in there occasionally. constantly ready to run away at any moment. but?? they liked us???#and they liked our horrible ideas and our sweeter ones too and they liked *us* and they don't know this#but one of them was the first to call us by our name. by suroh. and they forgot the h but it made our heart feel so warm all of a sudden#and then they invited us to a discord channel and we took another wary leap of faith and downloaded the app#and then we met one of our best and closest friends by saying one of the first things that came to mind because we've always shown our worst#first so we know to run away from the get go instead of getting our hopes up#(the thing was ''milky salsa'' btw and we still occasionally giggle about to this day)#and they invited us to their discord server just so we could share it with the people there#and then we met our other two closest friends (and honestly we still think of the icons they had way back then first when we think of them)#(and we know what they look like now)#and we made gifts for the people in that tumblr chatroom and our new almost-friends in that discord server for valentines day#because we've always loved far too much far too soon and couldn't help but want to show it; even if it scared us a lot.#and they complimented us and told us how much they liked us /p and we'd never heard that spoken to usso much in so little time that we just#fell into a mess of blushing red. and we realized then that there was *hope* and it scared us so bad because we knew we'd fallen hopelessly#we were so scared of things going wrong because we always seem to be the reason that people hate us.#and honestly if I could go back in time I'd just want to hug ourself from back then and reassure them that'd all be fine#that it'd turn out more than fine#cause kit? you weren't the reason people hated you. we still feel like that some times but you really aren't.#honestly I think you being you is how so many people have fallen for us /p#and how we've allowed ourself to fall for them in return (/p again)#anywaves this was me being *incredibly* sappy and no you don't get to know who wrote this#suroh loves heir friends a lot#damn this jumped topics but also really didn't
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aethulean · a month ago
add tags to your reblogs of my art RIGHT the fuck now
Tumblr media
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mybrainproblems · a month ago
Joining a new fandom tends to like, Ignite my creativity/desire to write but spn is really difficult for me bc the fandom is old enough that it feels like everything has been done before. So it feels like what’s the point in writing if I’m just rehashing the same story that someone else did years ago even though I’m thoroughly unaware of it like idk! 
I guess the feeling partially stems from the fact that I wrote some kinda unique stuff when I was into snk and lay claim to being the first person to write plantacle porn for todobaku? (possibly still the only person??) And so anything less than ‘thoroughly unique’ just feels like... why bother if it’s already been done?
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buckysbears · a month ago
tunnel vision
fantasy high sophomore year spoilers
fabian and aelwyn brotp. light angst & h/c. barbarian!aelwyn. 3k
The ferocity in Aelwyn’s attack came as more of a surprise than it should’ve. Things got heated sometimes. ‘Friendly dueling’ turned into something closer to ‘competitive distractions via inappropriate comments while trying way too hard to get a leg up’. This was, of course, milder when Cathilda or Hallariel was training them. But Fabian and Aelwyn were nothing if not prideful (were nothing if not trying to hide the fact that something much softer and more fragile had taken root where their pride used to be) so a slash that was a little too quick or a jab that was a little too fierce shouldn’t have been anything of a surprise.
This, however, was different.
Afterwards, Fabian would think on how Aelwyn’s face went cold. How her expression hardened, eyes glazed in overwhelming focus. The playful comments were lost in favor of sharp, too-quick breathing.
His senses—his fighter senses, which he had almost lost only months ago—told him that something was wrong. Unfortunately for the both of them, that tended to happen a lot. When Jawbone would talk to him, sitting in the overstuffed thrifted chairs in the counselor’s office at school, he’d say words like hypervigilance, trigger, PTSD, and Fabian would nod along until the sweet ring of the bell would pull him away, back to the noise and the chaos of the rest of his life like a great ship in the choppy sea. He felt, in many ways, calmer in the storm. When someone would pull him onto the steady land, he could feel the tilt and roil of his senses.
It was a delicate balance, picking when to listen. Sometimes his fighter senses would say danger right now danger danger and it was merely because someone at the table behind him had brought sushi for lunch. Sometimes, like right then, with the sharp blades singing between them, it was because his brain recognized someone on a rampage and knew that it was no longer just a playful duel between friends (exes? his brain asked. friends, he said back).
read on ao3
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phantom-swing · a month ago
I feel like people need to remember to have manners and let CCs do other things that isn’t Dream SMP
It’s like going to watch Phantom Of The Opera and instead of, ya know, enjoying the show, you just keep asking the actors ‘oh why isn’t Hamilton on? Where’s Hamilton?’
Or during an interview with Tom Holland for an animated movie he’s in and all the questions are just about Spider-Man ‘When’s the next spiderman? I don’t care about this new movie despite me being here to see you talk about this new movie, I only want spiderman’
There’s a reason people don’t do this, and it’s cause it’s basic courtesy. People are not just one note, they do other things, AND WE SHOULD LET THEM DO OTHER THINGS. It’s ok, if you only want to watch Dream SMP stuff! But don’t go be annoying in chat about it, if the content isn’t what you want, don’t consume it. If you’re just going to be in chat just to complain, why are you even here? If you don’t like being here, then leave and wait until the next lore thing happens. I get we’re excited especially since big lore might be happening soon but please don’t be assholes to CCs and let them do what they want to do.
Dont go into the Godzilla movie premiere and demand for the next Avengers movie. It’s not going to happen, just wait patiently until the time comes. If you don’t like Godzilla, don’t come to watch the movie. If you want to watch Godzilla while waiting for Avengers to come out, let’s keep the discussion about Godzilla
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blackracheldare · a month ago
twitter book and comics community > tumblr book and comics community (more interaction, more people, more funnies)
tumblr art community > twitter art community (more interaction, tutorials, friendlier content ‘algorithm’ for lack of a better word)
tumblr aesthetic community > twitter aesthetic community (easier to upload images and keep a concise theme on tumblr)
tumblr writing community > twitter writing community (more prompts, more people willing to check your stuff out, more interaction to get creative juices flowing and methods of inspiration)
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saviorofunicornsinneed · 2 months ago
I cannot believe that today, in just a few hours, the cast will be wrapped for the series finale. 10 full freakin years with a 11 seasons. And there will be no more. No more new upcoming Gallagher family kitchen scenes, Frank being a fucking scheming asshole, or bts from the cast. Just. Nothing! I’m not ready, I need to see Shanola giving us the scoop on new episodes and their loving relationship on set every time I open Instagram, I NEED that , and I need to get excited whenever the shameless account on whatever platform gives us sneak peek for what they are filming for NEW episodes(rare as it is). I just got into this show a year and a half ago but I feel like I’ve been here since the beginning. Don’t make me say goodbye to the wonderful cast yet🥺🥺. Please don’t 😭
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mordredmanor · 2 months ago
thinking about offscreen growth and the role of fanon in characterization, in particular re: ricky matsui specifically wrt zac oyama saying in the tuc1 behind the scenes that “all the characters had some sort of secret past or just some really interesting arc...and ricky for the most part had nothing like that. and so really of everyone he probably is the most similar from start to finish”
#sola said#but i CANNOT think about this right now it is fully finals week anyway i am gonna put a pin in this and probably write smth more about it#after the finale/after this week but this is a reminder to myself ig#anyway not that word of god from actors/creators is the end all be all#but i do think it's interesting#a) when you DO think within that frame and go like. yeah ricky can be a lil flat/not have a huge arc/not be hiding some secret suffering#and then go. so why is he still compelling. what does that mean.#like esp bc i think of ricky AS a japanese-american character a lot like#yeah! sometimes you don't cry over your diaspora experience sometimes you do get to have that all-american childhood#and it's through no small work at all. it's devotion and heritage that's not a dark secret or even a source of small shame but it's.#so everyday it hurts and it's just there and you literally will never be able to repay it bc that's not the point it's just a thing you Know#but also b) the fanon of ricky is so transformative and like.#my experience at least is that if it weren't for the fanon love of/rooting for ricky he'd be so much less compelling to me as a character#like how/why is the hottest luckiest man in new york so easy to root for and not to resent alsdkfj#and also just. it's just so interesting imho how ricky is. not ooc. but altered by canon#and which parts. and why#ANYWAY i said i wouldn't spend more time on this but.#this is incoherent but there are some thoughts here about#idk the way that white characters and their relationships are so often allowed to be the blank slate#to get defined by fandom#(something something white perceived neutrality proximity to whiteness model minority all americanness)#putting a pin in this for myself for later#the unsleeping city#chapter 2#tuc2 spoilers#ricky matsui
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