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#lit student
professionalbeard · 5 hours ago
if u like fr recommend the lord of flies to ppl like literally die
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skiesandflowerss · 11 hours ago
Do you get this random urge from nowhere to read a particular book or a particular chapter just to go through that one sentence again and again and again or are you normal???
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misfortunesbride · 2 days ago
Just found out goodbye is an abbreviation of god be with ye, decided my go to farewell is now ciao
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daydreaming-effy · 4 days ago
What I wouldn't give to be studying literature and Latin in a prestigious university, falling in love and uncovering ancient secrets as the semester passes
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yourliteraryspace · 5 days ago
Sex is cool but have you ever been able to find perfect citations for all your references in one sitting? Because that shit is gold.
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enthymesis · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Simone de Beauvoir, from Diary of a Philosophy Student: Volume 1, 1926-1927; July 29th, 1926
Text ID: No, because love is from life, and my philosophy must be from life.
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hallucinated-desires · 7 days ago
Childlike Endeavours
Do you not understand that I'm tired already
That all your meaningful efforts are going down the drain
It's not your fault; but nothing I do is healing the lesion
And I'm too scared to receive another
Your childlike endeavours are scaring me to pain
Eased up I try to stand,
The saber impregnated with dried blood
Sends me back to the bottom of the ocean.
Hold up, I want to cry out;
Hold on; please, my eyes try to convey
But someone once made me aware
That heavy trinkets, however pretty they are
Will drag you down to the ocean bed.
Probably bedtime stories will only resume
When the gagging mermaid reaches the shore someday.
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enthymesis · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Simone de Beauvoir, from Diary of a Philosophy Student: Volume 1, 1926-1927; July 29th, 1926
Text ID: Marvelous intoxication of thought, solitude of the mind. I will dominate the world. Literature, works, undertakings—
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hisintrospection · 8 days ago
Speeding through my english exam yet bullshitting my entire way through geometry.
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stuhde · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
back to punk (bipoc ed.): olivia rodrigo’s SOUR single-handedly brought back the pop punk scene. idk about y’all, but i’m so excited that punk music is back and better yet... bipoc artists are reclaiming the genre, so i thought i’d share some of my favorite artists/tunes that i’ve been obsessively listening to:
(listen here)
garden - meet me @ the altar // hit me like a girl - meet me @ the altar // mars - pinkshift // taxis - nova twins // on thin ice - pinkshift // brutal - olivia rodrigo // i’m gonna tell my therapist on you - pinkshift // callie - mint green // take care - mint green // transparent soul - WILLOW // historically white college - baby got back talk // when they go low we go six feet under - baby got back talk  // state lines - burning years // hungover - five three eyes // fall asleep - big joanie // toro - pinkshift // the dead pool - guitar gabby + the txlips band // die today - guitar gabby + the txlips band // buckshot - the 1865 // after you cry - WILLOW // john brown’s gat - the 1865 // lens - high moon
not the one - highmoon // used to be friends - big joanie // this is sisterhood - solidarity not silence // f!ck the cistem - the muslims // may the odds be in your favor - meet me @ the altar // meet me at our spot - WILLOW // XS - rina sawayama
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Promise i am not a person with a job who reads kids books on the reg but guys you have got to read a) the cold cereal saga and b) the true meaning of smekday/smek for president by adam rex. Funniest books possibly ever. Vonnegut for children and i do not say that lightly
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talkaustentome · 11 days ago
Jane Austen fun fact:
R.W. Chapman’s The Novels of Jane Austen (1923), still used as the basis for many modern editions, was the first scholarly edition of any English novelist to be published. What an honour for Jane!
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hollyyfx · 12 days ago
Once upon a time,
If you’d asked that curious little girl what her happily ever after was
There’d have been no mention of man or beast.
She’d have said a pony to keep as her very own,
with a flowing mane and a golden coat, faster than lightning.
Her very own noble steed so that she could rescue herself
And would not need the Prince Charming who found himself so often in her story books.
She had no interest in boys.
She wanted to run through the woods and jump in rivers and come home covered in cuts and bruises,
the adrenaline coursing through her veins like a raging waterfall
but where there is water
prey and predator alike are called.
Perhaps it’s the naivety of youth
and the innocence of the prey
however time after time,
day after day
predators will have their feast,
their eyes on the prize.
How insatiable is this beast?
Ask your daughters, sisters, cousins, girlfriends.
Just when they think it’s safe to venture out once more
another attacker lingers in the shadows.
Because she obviously wanted it,
There’s no other explanation.
The eight year old whore
The seventeen year old child
She dreamed of happiness,
Once upon a time.
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scaredenglishmajor · 12 days ago
if someone would like to take all of my existential dread and emotional anxiety away from me they’re free and sitting at the side of the curb waiting to be picked up plz come take them
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on-the-heath · 12 days ago
the feeling early on in a research project where you know all the things connect but you don't yet have the words for HOW they all come together
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