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thestartupfounder · 3 months ago
How to Turn Any Medium Article into Audio?
How to Turn Any Medium Article into Audio?
How do I get a Medium Article to read out loud? or, How do I convert a Medium Article into Audio? The world of TTS platforms has so much to contribute for people from all over the globe, and there are so many fantastic software that can help us in so many ways.  Text-to-speech is a very popular assistive technology in which a computer or tablet reads the words on the screen out loud to a person…
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inqilabi · 7 days ago
So wait the Uyghur genocide isn’t happening? I was just gonna start looking that all up this week 🤔
ya look into Adrian Zenz. He was commissioned by BBC to "investigate". All the claims that have been made on this go back to this one person. He's never been to China btw. And also Falun gong. Both of these are like right wing nationalist type of interests which is also a common theme with a lot of the claims that come against communist parties. With Russia, the claims came from facist factions wanting to continue Nazism/wanting to be 'free from Jews' since it was the Red Army that defeated Germany. The claims there come from this one western intelligence character, Robert Conquest.
With regards to the Uyghur claims, there's also (ex or retired?) US army chief, Lawrence Wilkerson who has admitted that this narrative is a US intelligence strategy. Aslo, Sibel Edmonds. So there's bits here & there that give a glimpse to the actual truth but at large, majority of the media and majority of the countries are running wild with the original claims. Which 10 years down the road the narrative that it was a lie may actually become mainstream but it's too late by then.
Also the national bourgeoise of periphery nations are the ones who open their country to western capital expansion so usually even a country's own history & documentation can be rewritten by the national bourgeoise when a communist party is overthrown by CIA installed coups. In Bolivia this was starting to happen but Evo Morales is back so ✊🏽✊🏽
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bigworldflameup · 8 days ago
I really don't have the words to explain my gender situation to my mom. Or how much I will not regret losing my tits. Idk I'm just vibin bro.
I don't NEED my titties. They aren't even GOOD titties. ("What if you regret it when you're 85?" I mean by then my titties would be even worse and even more useless, so.)
And it's uncomfy when she says "you want to be a man" "you want to live as a man"
Tumblr media
But explaining how I'm a nonbinary dude, not a Hard-M Man but more of a soft-g guy, masculinity without the expectations, none gender with left bro, the La Croix of men,
Would make even less sense to her than the rest of this does.
Anyway I finally told her about my titty going away party and she is predictably less than pleased. She thinks I should have consulted her first. She thinks I should have talked to people who would "push back" against this decision. No doubt she wanted me to talk to a pastor or something.
(She wanted to know what my friends said about it...they said "good for you dude". The fuck else would they say? "Noooooo don't make your own decisions about your body your so sexy aha"??)
I'm not asking anyone for permission. I'm not asking HER permission. I'm TELLING her what I'm GONNA do cause it's MY decision and I'm fucking THIRTY and she treats me like an incompetent CHILD and all I'm asking for. Is her help.
I've wanted this FOR FOREVER and if I don't go for it in order to spare her feelings I will KEEP wanting it FOR FOREVER. It's not even a QUESTION anymore.
Of course she makes it clear I'm ruining her life by ruining my life by transitioning. How she's soooo sorry I hate myself soooo much that I gotta irreparably change my body
Tumblr media
And i don't know how to explain. How inaccurate that is.
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themindsjournalposts · 10 days ago
Knick-knacks of social interactions ranging from making an appreciable first impression, instigating small talks, being a good listener and to ending a conversation well.
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accesscodex · 10 days ago
with everything thats blown up over the last 2 weeks and the last episode not being very fun idk thinking abt grad lately has just kinda made me sad and not very hopeful for the end of it. especially when i think theres probably only 2 more episodes at the most left of it. i wish i was excited for it
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gusgrissom · 11 days ago
Since it took place 56 years ago this week, here’s one of my favorite Gemini 3 finds: a two hour (!) radio report on Gus and John’s reception at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC on March 29, 1965. There is a brief interview with Gus and John in the first few minutes and then about an hour and a half in, they both give short speeches (John sounds so young!).
(Best part, Classic Gus moment, is when a reporter asks what the best moment of the parade was, and Gus says, “When it was over.”)
But the majority of the broadcast is a reporter or two (with model Mid-Atlantic accents) observing the reception line of about 1,800 people, speaking with a few guests after they’ve met the astronauts, commenting on how the carpet is becoming a hazard because so many people have trampled on it... It’s long but really a wonderful time capsule (of New York, of the space program, of radio) if you’re into that (which I am).
I really wish there were more photos/video footage of this reception, that’s sort of my next archive-spelunking mission. (For those of you keeping track, this was the same event where our hero Andrea finally met Gus!)
Aside from the parts with Gus and John, my absolute favorite was about 11 minutes in, an interview with the incredible Jack (Jackie) Robinson, yes, that Jack Robinson!, who brought his young son and a friend to meet the astronauts. SO cool to hear such a legend talking about his admiration for my other heroes! Transcript of what Robinson said below the cut:
“We, and like everyone else in this country, are awfully admiring of the men with this kind of courage. I think they’ve made tremendous contributions to our country... I was certainly impressed with both Commander Grissom and Young, um, not Commander Grissom, Major Grissom and Commander Young.* They were down to earth, and it was just like meeting their wives some time ago... We met their wives and it was the same thing, we met them at this party that was given in their honor. And now to meet the astronauts, it’s certainly a big thrill. I know the boys were thrilled beyond words.”
“If you would’ve seen the anxiety that [the boys] had wanting to get down to visit and see [the astronauts] in the parade today you would understand that they do and are inspired. I think every kid in America, in some way, would put himself in the place of these two fine young men, and if they could make any kind of a contribution like this I think their lives would be certainly complete. In my view, this is what is needed, and I think it’s a thrilling thing, as the kids said, that they had the opportunity of meeting them.”
“Personally, I don’t have that kind of courage!” [To be an astronaut]
*This was a common mistake reporters and guests alike kept tripping over throughout the broadcast, because while Gus was the commander of the flight, he rank was actually that of a Major at this time and John was a (Lieutenant) Commander in the Navy. 
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harrimaniac27art · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes you’re tired of reading so much and you’re tired of thinking and sometimes your doodles in the margins turn out as dark as your brain wants to be
#also i take offense at the fact that I am relating so much to a study about wellbeing in old people#here I am in the fuckin blossom of youth and what am I spending it on?#living with my parents. relating to an article about how old people’s concerns are avoided or brushed off#not really able to do a damn thing about it#i grew up believing that my concerns weren’t as important as other people’s and now I’m a great listener#but I have so much I need to talk about and no one who will sit down and listen.#sure there’s my therapist but like. i don’t feel like he and I are connecting#I’m so used to shutting up and not talking about things that I don’t even know how anymore#i mean I can yell into the void that is tunglr dot com#and at least that lets me get it out. doesn’t feel very productive#i need a hug and a proper fucking desk#instead of writing my thesis on a damn tv tray#I wish I could just be grateful that I have a tv tray to write on.#but like. the tv tray also feels like. a reminder of how I’m trying to force this to work#of how jerry-rigged my life currently is#I’m sitting here in the middle of a recession writing poor-me statements on the most expensive phone I’ve ever owned#fuckin. irony. and don’t you dare say I haven’t worked hard enough to afford more space/space of my own#I’m just trying to survive here and also convince myself that I deserve nice things#anyway sorry that turned into a rant#thanks for reading if you made it this far#digital art#my art#margin doodles
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punkphobe · 21 days ago
does anybody have any very lighthearted movie recs? im not doing very well mentally at the moment
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eksterzang · 22 days ago
"The ultimate tool for corporations to sustain a culture of this sort is to develop the 40-hour workweek as the normal lifestyle. Under these working conditions people have to build a life in the evenings and on weekends. This arrangement makes us naturally more inclined to spend heavily on entertainment and conveniences because our free time is so scarce.
I’ve only been back at work for a few days, but already I’m noticing that the more wholesome activities are quickly dropping out of my life: walking, exercising, reading, meditating, and extra writing.
The one conspicuous similarity between these activities is that they cost little or no money, but they take time.
Suddenly I have a lot more money and a lot less time, which means I have a lot more in common with the typical working North American than I did a few months ago. While I was abroad I wouldn’t have thought twice about spending the day wandering through a national park or reading my book on the beach for a few hours. Now that kind of stuff feels like it’s out of the question. Doing either one would take most of one of my precious weekend days!
The last thing I want to do when I get home from work is exercise. It’s also the last thing I want to do after dinner or before bed or as soon as I wake, and that’s really all the time I have on a weekday."
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