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#lisa x diluc
childeluv · 17 hours ago
Angry Cuddles | Genshin Hcs
Tumblr media
Childe would try not to piss you off, and normally doesn’t, but every once in a while he can get under your skin. And when that does happen, he’ll try his best to apologize. Although it does take some time since he isn’t the best at apologizing. But if one thing is for sure, he’d try his best to apologize before night or bed. Because he can’t go any night or day, without cuddling and sleeping besides you. If you try to kick him out of the bedroom, make him sleep on the bed, he’d pout. Eventually, you’d have to let him in, because he’d linger by the bedroom door. But once he is inside the bedroom, he won’t hesitate to slide into bed, besides you. Wrapping one arm around your waist, mumbling more apologies in your ears and pressing tiny kisses onto your shoulder, hoping and praying you forgive him.
“Please my love, forgive me”
Diluc would be quite sad, if you try to make him sleep on the couch or else where if you are angry at him. He’d practice in his mind on how to apologize before, attempting to sleep on the couch. Hoping and thinking he deserves this and that you’ll recover by morning. But after a couple of hours, it’d get hard for him and he’d eventually make his way back to the room. He’d ignore you yelling at him to leave and only wrap his arms around your waist, before pressing his head into your back letting out sobs. Which would make you feel bed, and you’d end up forgiving him.
“I’m sorry my dear…”
Kaeya would chuckle sadly, after making you angry and would try his best to apologize. But after all, ge sucks at apologizing. You didn’t and don’t even have to tell him to not sleep in bed because he’d assume you don’t want him to. Which would make you more angry, but after he thinks your asleep, noticing the goosebumps on your skin, he’d sleep besides and on top of the bed sheets. So you can nuzzle your head into his chest, while he whispers I love you and apologies in your ears. So that when you wake up, it’d be hard to not forgive him.
“I love you so much darling, forgive me”
Albedo, would be a bit quiet when you are mad at him. He’d try to apologize by doing small favors and gestures but realize it wasn’t getting him anywhere. When you tell him, he couldn’t and wasn’t going to sleep besides you tonight. He got a bit sad. So rather than doing so, after watching you fall asleep, he’d get on the edge of the bed where you are at. (Depending on which side.) Getting on his knees and brushing your hair to the side. Apologizing quietly, knowing you couldn’t hear nor forgive.
“I’m sorry…”
Tumblr media
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childeluv · 23 hours ago
How is that I write “Lingering pain”
To bring angst- and you guys request for more Genshin angst? LIKE 😭😭💀
(I don’t mind ofc.) But requests are open :)
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genshin-collection · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Send ⁇⁇ and my muse will blurt out any and all questions they've always wanted to ask yours.
@dawnflame​ asked:
⁇⁇ @ 'isa
Tumblr media
“Diluc, darling ~ Please be honest with me... What would you do or say if I told you that-- I potentially only have a few years left to live?”
Would the richest man in Mondstadt ‘dump’ her to protect himself? Would Diluc try find a ‘cure’ to save her life? Or would he allow Lisa the opportunity to live the rest of her life with him? Many thoughts crossed her mind, but Lisa wanted to hear it directly from Diluc himself - from HIS own lips.
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childeluv · 2 days ago
hey good evening! ^_^
may i request ftm/gn!reader going on a much needed vacation with diluc, kaeya, zhongli, childe to the new golden apple islands, and them realizing they like reader once they come out on their swimsuit or beachwear? and they just have a nice day off to finally relax in the sea bcs the boys need it <\3
please make it sfw and wholesome, and hc format if thats comfortable for you!! tysm :)
A Summer To Adore | Headcannnons
Tumblr media
⤤ Summary: Genshin men watching you change into a nice swim suit, while they blush and adore you from ‘afar’. And how they realize they have a crush on you.
⤤ Notes: I did my best to make this gn!reader but I can make a male or fem reader soon. Apologies to that. :) These are also short since you requested them headcannon style. I might edit this and give it a story under each headcannon! I also changed the plot a bit, where they continue to think of the reader after seeing them at the beach with the summer outfit.
⤤ Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, & Childe & Albedo.
⤤ Warnings: Suggestive Thoughts + Fluff
Tumblr media
*:༅。.❄️ Kaeya
Kaeya wouldn’t say much at first, as he never showed much interest in you, other than having to help you on commissions. But when he realizes that you changed into a summer outfit (unlike him, he wears the same thing every day.) He realizes he might have a ‘slight’ interest in you.
He would flirt and try to get you know better, although it was quite difficult for him, since you wearing a newer outfit, made it hard for him to keep his eyes off of you. The way the outfit perfectly decorated your flawless skin was hard to admire. He’d walk away flustered after having a conversation due to it.
Kaeya would also have many fantasies about you. Whether they were appropriate or not. He tends to think of you in his arms, and ever since that short vacation, he cannot help but wonder what it would be like to have you in his arms.
He’d spend much more time with you after this vacation, and even tried to put you in a situation, where you’d go to the beach again. Of course you were a bit oblivious to his flirting as it seemed like he was the flirty type to flirt with everyone. Well that would be until he said
“Hmm, perhaps we should go on a vacation again, but just the two of us…”
Tumblr media
*:༅。.🔥 Diluc
Diluc is not one to show his emotions in public. But after seeing you change into a warmer and more summer-like outfit, it would be hard for him to not take his eyes off of you.
He’d admire you from afar, but would be too nervous to even talk to you. Which will make him realize he developed a crush on you. It wouldn’t be until his brother kept pushing and pressuring him to do it.
Eventually Diluc would talk to you, managing to let out small compliments on the outfit you was wearing. To his surprise, you’d find yourself blushing as well. And it would be awkward and quiet as the two of you stand still blushing.
By the time you get back to Mondstalt,the two of you would talk more. Of course with the two of you standing in silence for some time blushing a bit. Before he’d finally make the first move, by grabbing your cheek and whispering in your ear.
“You look divine in that outfit. I’ll do anything to see you wear it again.”
Tumblr media
*:༅。.🍰 Albedo
Albedo similar to Diluc, is not one to speak up too much. But he wouldn’t be shy to talk to you either. After seeing you in the appropriate summar outfit that suited the weather the best, he easily realized he had fallen for you.
He’d approach you carefully where you seem to be by yourself and from there he’d talk to you about general things and his work. While trying to keep his eyes off your body.
Albedo would also be one to ask if you’d be available for him to paint. He’d paint you before the vacation is over and when you both get back home, he’d place the painting somewhere in his room where he could wake up to it every morning.
Eventually, he’d gain enough courage to simply ask if he could paint you again. And you’d ask why, while he’d simply reply with
“You’re a beauty to behold. It’d be tempting to not paint you…”
Tumblr media
*:༅。.🍻 Childe
Childe is one cocky mf, so he wouldn’t hesitate to just straight flirt. But other times he tends to get jealous as well. He didn’t realize he had a crush on you until you went to one of the Liyue beaches wearing a summer suit while some of his other co-workers stared. It fueled and pissed him off.
Ever since you went on that short vacation, he couldn’t help but continue thinking about you. So when he saw you in Liyue again, he’d stop by introducing himself to you and admiring your flawless skin.
Once he thinks he is “close” enough to you, he’d simply start flirting. Whether that would mean gently praising you for the things you did, or pulling you to the side with his hands on your shoulder whispering.
At first it might have frightened you but even after time you’d gain feelings as well. And he’ll continue teasing you this way until he’d confess first, saying something like
“Mmph, that swim suit you wore. Quite daring and tempting to wear around me.”
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starrconch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
★ Thank you all so much for helping me hit 300 followers! I never imagined I'd be here to be honest, so thank you for helping others find my writing ♡
★ In honour of the occasion, I will be doing a fluff alphabet based event :D
★ In short, either pick one letter and up to three characters, or one character and up to three letters and I'll try to do as many requests as possible!
★ This shall be open for a week unless I'm overwhemled with requests. Closing date is the 25th of June at around 4pm BST.
★ Master List
★ Prompt List by snk-warriors
★ Currently → OPEN
★ The characters I write for are Diluc, Jean, Amber, Lisa, Kaeya, Albedo, Sucrose, Zhongli, Childe, Xiao, Beidou, Rosaria, Chongyun, Noelle, Bennett, Keqing and Xingqiu.
★ If the reader's gender isn't specified, it will automatically be GN. I will do female and male though :)
★ If I see a duplicate request I will link you back to the post I've already done.
★ If the rules of "one letter and up to three characters or one character and up to three letters" isn't followed, then the request will be ignored. This is so I don't stress myself out when writing as I tend to write way more than I should.
★ Request away! :D
Tumblr media
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childeluv · 2 days ago
Hii so I'd like to make a request. How would a genshin character and their s/o spend time together in a beach? Gn reader, and the characters are Diluc, Venti, Childe, Hu Tao, Eula, Lisa. I'm quite to new on requesting soo i hope this makes sense and is detailed enough. I'd also want to compliment your writing since they are really good! Thank youu — Anon
Beach Days | Genshin Headcannons
Tumblr media
⤤ Summary: Genshin characters spending time with you (aka their s/o.) at the beach.
⤤ Notes: These are quite short so apologies to that anon. :)
⤤ Requests: Closed. (20 atm.)
⤤ Characters: Diluc, Hu Tao, Venti, Childe, Eula & Lisa.
⤤ Other fic: A Summer To Adore
⤤ Warnings: Slight-drowning! GN! Reader - Flirting
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🔥ˑ Diluc
Diluc isn’t usually the one to swim or go in the water, but he likes to enjoy, sleeping besides you on the beach at night. He also doesn’t mind collecting shells on the beach sand as well.
Other times, he wouldn’t mind being on a boat with you either. As long as you are fine with it and happy.
Occasionally, he likes it when you two go to the beach since you always change your outfit unlike him. Either wearing a bikini or swim trunks. And he admires you wearing something else time to time.
You let out a yawn, placing your head besides Diluc’s shoulder. As the two of you walked by the ocean beach in the cold night. One of his hands and arms wrapped around your waist, while you kept your head on his shoulder. You let out a tired yawn, as you could feel your eyelids get heavier.
“You seem quite tired dear” Diluc mentioned tightening his grip around your waist. You smile.
You didn’t reply, but lowered your hand to stare at the sand, that your toes could feel the warmth of. It was nice spending time with your husband here, although he isn’t much of a swimmer. And neither are you.
“How about we rest here?” Diluc offered and you raised an eyebrow.
“In the sand?” You asked. “But my hair would get dirty, and sand is messy”
Diluc chuckled, as he played with your bottom lip with his thumb. He pressed a soft shirt kiss there, as the warmth of his lips made you turn red.
“You can sleep on top of me” he says,. Enjoying how flustered he made you.
You blushed, with nodded excitement. He smiled. He quickly laid on the sand, near the waves, but not close enough where the water would touch you. You lay on top of him every so carefully, and once you are in a comfortable position, he wrapped his arms around you. Holding you tightly.
“I love you so much” he mumbled, pressing soft kisses to your head. You couldn’t help but blush even more and harder than before. You bury your head into his chest. As listening to his heart beat was the last thing you listened to, before falling asleep.
“I-I love you to…”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🍃 ˑ Venti
Venti would enjoy, having you stand in the water with him. Sometimes using his anemo powers or abilities to send many waves your way. Of course he’d be cautious, once he realizes you are struggling to come back to the surface.
Venti likes to sing, while you both stand and play in the water. He thinks it attractive, how you swim while he plays. He’d play all day just to see you like this.
Venti also adores it when you both dry up, and you press kisses to his cheeks or lips. He tends to blush, before going back and splashing water on you.
“Venti!” He hears you scream in annoyance and frustration. He watches as another wave nearly takes you over due to his strong force of wind. He can’t help but laugh, but swim over to you, to make sure you are fine.
“Oh come on! You are fine” he says grabbing onto your wrist. You roll your eyes and glare. “Don’t be too upset”
You try to stay angry, but a slight smirk formed in the corner of your face. Venti starts to laugh, seeing how hard it is for you to not laugh. You let out a giggle and chuckle. But don’t fully laugh.
“I told you to stop doing that!” You yell at him, smacking his back several times as you both leave the water and go to your towels to dry up. Venti only continues to giggle, as you stand under the umbrella you left out earlier.
You both do your best to dry yourself, but you managed to dry yourself before Venti can. And so because of that, you press your lips onto Venti to tease and surprise him. The kiss doesn’t last long.
You watch as his face turns red and you smirk. And you couldn’t help but let out a laugh at how red his face was.
“S-Stop! It’s not funny” he protested but you’d continue to laugh.
“Aww, you get so embarrassed. Just admit you liked it.”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🏙ˑ Childe
Childe is not the most fond of swimming, but if the two of you ever happen to cross a beach on a way to mission or something, you’d simply be thrown onto his shoulders, while he basically dances in the water. Leaving you scared.
Childe would also carry you (bridal style) while he runs in the water. He likes how you cling onto him, as he hears you beg for him to put you down.
After putting you down, in the water, he’ll have you in front of him, with his hand on your waist. (Well his hand under your shirt.) While he places kisses all over your face and head, enjoying seeing how flustered you get.
“Oh, Childe stop it!” You scream trying to get him from carrying you so ruthlessly in the water. He can’t help but chuckle at how flustered you look and how you’d pound and punch at his chest to let you go.
After some time of more screaming and him running in the water with you in his arms, he finally placed you back down. In the water, while you stood in front of him with your arms crossed.
“I told you to put me down!” You say, crossing your arms tighter.
“Oh cmon, you didn’t really meant it did you?” He asked wrapping his hands around your waist and placing his head in your shoulder.
You only let out a frustrated sigh, as you tried to escape his grip on your waist.
“Are you still trying to run away?” He chuckled, pressing a kiss behind your ear. You felt your ear turn red.
“Yes! You are annoying me now” you mention but he can’t help but laugh.
“Aww, but look at how red I made your face!” He continues with his teasing.
You press your foot on top of his, getting a groan from him.
“Dear, don’t be too upset”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄⛩ ˑ Hu Tao
Hu tao would like to walk besides the beach with you, at night mostly. While you both hold hands, and kiss here and there. She enjoys it most when she can find ghosts and etc.
Hu tao would also like to scare you a bit telling you scary stories to try and frighten you. But if you get to scared, she’ll stop in front of you, to give you a kiss of reassurance.
Hu tao would also use her pyro vision to warm you up, whether is that to use her as a heating pad, or she’ll just cuddle in your arms.
“That’s the end of the story” you hear your wife giggle. “Pretty scary, eh?”
You let out a nervous giggle. As you held the lantern to your chest, while the both of you continue to walk beside the waves. She noticed the scariness in your eyes.
She quickly darted in front of you with her own lantern in her hands. Her hands behind her back.
“Ha! I must have scared you” she smiled.
“N-No, of course not” you’re only scratching your neck as both of you pause from the walking.
“Mhm!” She giggled with a huge smile. “Whatever you say”
You roll your eyes. She leans in watching your face redden before placing a short and soft kiss on your lips and your nose.
“Hmm, perhaps my kiss will scare away your fear.”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄⛱ ˑ Eula
Eula is not one to go to the beach. But if it means she can spend a slight more time with you, she would. Eula would usually be by the beach but too shy to get in the water.
She’s accompany you, by sitting under an umbrella with towels and stuff. Sometimes you teasing her, here and there.
When it’s night she’ll prefer to still stay under the towels or get herself wet a little bit. Before asking and begging you to go home with her again.
“Eula, you don’t seem much of a swimmer do you?” You asked, teasing her a bit after she earlier replied with a no.
“I think we should go home” she said coldly, but you let out a laugh.
You sit besides hers, as she starts to sit up again. She lets out a cold sigh, before pressing her head onto your shoulder. You laugh and chuckle, watching how flustered she gets just by your presence.
“Surprised you haven’t mentioned anything about vengeance” you continue to tease. You watch her ears turn red.
“Dear…” she started. “Please shut it.”
“And if I don’t-?” You ask before you were cut off as she slammed your lips onto yours.
Biting harshly on your bottom lip, so that when the kiss would stop your bottom lip would bleed a bit.
“Shut. It”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄☕️ ˑ Lisa
Lisa doesn’t mind going to the beach. In fact it might give her more time to read a book while being outside. Lisa prefers it when you are wet, while she dries your hair.
She enjoys having your head in between her thighs as she attempts and does her best to dry it off. Lisa is not much of a swimmer but will do her best to satisfy you by getting her feet and legs a bit wet.
She prefers to come to the beach when it’s nice, at night and cool. Since you two would be more alone and it brings her more joy.
“My cutie, your hair is still wet. Let me see” Lisa offered, grabbing the towel from your hands. Hs she placed her legs besides you hoping that you would be in some comfort as she dried your hair.
You let out a relaxing sigh, feeling her thighs besides you. It felt so nice having her legs besides you. Her thighs were exactly how you imagined them to be. Nice and soft.
You let out a slight groan and moan, when she reached the good spot of your hair, trying to dry it off as much as she could and can. She smiled before pressing a kiss to your head.
She continued to the back part of your hair and when you realized she was going to press another kiss on your head, you lifted your head up fully so that the kiss would land on your lips.
Lisa let out a shy and flustered chuckle realizing what you had did, as her cheeks turned a bit pink.
“Such a sly one you are, huh?”
Tumblr media
@childeluv ‘s content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.
Tumblr media
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lasignoramain · 2 days ago
Tempus Fugit
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Major Character Death
Relationship: Jean/Lisa
Summary: "Before demanding too many miracles from the gods, first consider if you are willing to pay the price they ask."
Sometimes, the sand of one's hourglass moves too quickly. What happens when Lisa's time runs out?
Word Count: 3088
Read under the bar, and/or on AO3!
Who knew that helping Barbara convince Jean to go on vacation would lead to Lisa Minci, the simple librarian of the Knights of Favonius, taking on the role of Acting Grand Master? Kaeya could have asked anyone— Amber, for instance. The young girl would be more than willing to take on the role and perform amicably. Even Eula would gladly take on the role of Acting Grand Master, and would most likely view it as a challenge. A test, to see if she's one the same level as Jean when it comes to taking on the tasks of Grand Master.
Even with those candidates, both of which would be ready and raring to assist while Kaeya shirks his duties, he chose Lisa.
Lisa, who chose the measly tasks of a librarian for a reason. Her job is rarely stressful, though she still takes it just as seriously. Jean entrusted the library to her, after all, so she wouldn't disappoint the woman she's severely indebted to.
Jean, as well as Grand Master Varka. Although Varka was adamant on Lisa being the Captain of the 8th Company. Absentmindedly, Lisa grasps at the Vision resting on her chest. The Knights of Favonius— they're all flawed people with ideals and goals independent of their occupations. They don't always act as one would expect.
Protect those who cannot protect themselves, even if it means that you might sacrifice yourself in the process.
A protector, a guardian, both a shield and a sword, dandelions floating in the Anemo-blessed breeze. A warm smile, gloved hands resting over Lisa's. Determination to work hard to fill the shoes that Grand Master Varka left her, stress building when one too many stacks of paper rest on her desk. Still, she presses on, a storm of productivity. Sacrificing herself for—
For what, exactly, does Jean sacrifice herself for? Or maybe the correct question is who?
The obvious answer would be the people of Mondstadt. They're all grateful for Acting Grand Master Jean— grateful to the point where they're too reliant on her. A lost cat that will inevitably return when it's hungry, advertising papers lost in the breeze that could easily be remade in a day or less. Freedom shackled by a doting Acting Grand Master who can't say no to the people she's meant to protect.
Lisa clears her throat, shaking the dizziness away. Just a few more papers to review and sign, then she'll return to the library to ensure that things are running smoothly.
Is Jean thinking of her while she's away with Barbara and Klee? With Kaeya, Diluc, Albedo, Razer, and Lumine? Hopefully, she's enjoying her vacation thoroughly, reconnecting with that relaxed, fun side that she once had when she was younger. Not that Lisa knows personally what Jean was like before she began shouldering the burdens of a Favonius Knight; she's only heard stories from Barbara, who's always more than willing to share the memories she holds so near and dear to her heart.
Her... heart. When did Lisa's chest start aching? Dull, but uncomfortable nonetheless. Nothing to worry about, it should go away in a few minutes.
Perhaps Kaeya and Diluc will have a small moment of bonding while they're on those islands together. While they're brothers, they've been so distant for so long. Not that Lisa knows why— the reasons of their tense relationship is a mystery even to her. Such a fragile thing the two of them have. Lisa hopes they eventually reconcile.
As for Klee, she's most likely ecstatic to have so many friends with her. Hopefully she'll be even more overjoyed when she realizes who's behind her summer getaway. Lisa played along for the young girl's sake, though she would know that handwriting anywhere, even if Alice tried to change it up. She still dotted her I's the same, and her A's had that exact flourish to them that made it obvious to Lisa.
The omnipotent mage. How much knowledge has she acquired in her travels, compared to what Lisa knows? Does Alice know the truth of why the Archons bestow Visions on mere mortals? Is Lisa paranoid for good reason, or is a fool to be terrified by whatever grand scheme the gods have in store for those "blessed" with obtaining a Vision?
"Before demanding too many miracles from the gods, first consider if you are willing to pay the price they ask."
Blessings will always hide their curses in the depths of the shadows, only rearing their heads when given the best opportunity to cause the most damage.
The dull ache in Lisa's chest turns into a sharp, stabbing pain. Gasping, she keels over, resting her forehead on the cool, polished wood of her desk. Her hat flops unceremoniously off of her head and onto the desk, knocking over a jar of ink and a few stacks of papers.
Always... they always come with a cost.
It wasn't even her Vision that did this to Lisa. Still, she's lived her life, hasn't she? Her hourglass just has less sand than most, and she accepted that a long time ago.
Still, why now? Of all the times, when she's alone. No one to be by her side when she goes. Can't she have this one thing? To have someone hold her close to them while her time finally runs out? Or will she be alone as she always has been, holding everyone at an arm's length, too afraid to grow attached and lose someone, grieve over a lost life?
Help. She needs help. Her blood is rushing so loudly in her ears, but if she can just manage to get up and find someone, call for help, and she might be able to extend her life just for a little while longer, at least until she can see Jean—
A cough rises up Lisa's throat, and, through her delirious vision, she sees the blood more than tastes it. Is her sense of taste the first thing to go? What about her other senses? Can she still feel her hands, the wooden desk her forehead is resting on, the thrum of her Vision on her chest?
Numb. Numb is all she feels. Is that a feeling, or a lack thereof?
Fuck, she needs to move. If she can just find Eula, or- or Amber. Hell, if she can just get the attention of the guards stationed outside the door.
Power through it, Lisa. This is what you've been saving your energy for— to fight your fate for just one more day. Curse the Archons, curse this Vision, and curse that stupid. Magic. Book—
Lisa groans, slowly pushing herself up from her desk. The entire room is spinning— how is she going to get anywhere like this? It's laughable, really. How many people have referred to Lisa as elegant, refined, composed? This— her, right now— is the complete opposite of how many view her.
Oh, how embarrassed she would feel if she wasn't on the precipice of death, desperate for someone to save her. Where is her knight in shining armor? Any moment now, she should be bursting through that door, always prepared to play hero for everyone.
So, where is her hero?
Lisa's hand slips on the edge of her desk. She barely has the strength to catch herself, so she falls with a loud crash. She needs to get her act together— it would be so embarrassing for Jean to see her like this, wouldn't it? A sweating, shaking mess.
But Jean won't say anything about the state Lisa's in. She'll just give Lisa that warm smile before gathering her up in her strong arms, and then they could go to Windrise for a picnic, or— or even Starsnatch Cliff, so they could pick Cecilia flowers together. Then they could have some tea before they have to go back to work.
Jean. Jean, Jean, Jean.
The floor is so cold, Jean. It's dark, Jean. It was light outside just a moment ago, Jean, where did the sun go? Goodness, how the time flies. To think that you and I only met a short while ago, Jean. I'm so happy that I met you, and— and the rest of the Knights of Favonius, Jean.
A door slams open. Footsteps, but it all sounds so far away. So far, Jean, you're so far away. Can't you come back? Can't you come home, just for me?
"Her... is grave. We need... to the Church, and, while you're at it... the bard. He can send for Jean— don't ask questions, just do as you're told!"
Ah, Lisa can't feel a thing. Is this what death feels like? Nothingness? Her hearing is all she has left. What happens after she loses that, too?
They mentioned Jean. By the time they get a hold of her, it'll be much too late, and not even Barbatos can save Lisa. Perhaps he can keep her spirit here, just for a little longer? She wants to see everyone one more time.
Please. Just once more.
But that would be a bother— Jean is on vacation. Lisa can't be selfish, can't take her away, can't be selfish.
"Come on, Lisa... stay with us."
Who is that? Eula.
Lisa wishes she could apologize.
"Until I enact my vengeance on all of the Knights of Favonius, no harm can come upon any of them! Including you, Lisa. I'll make sure that nothing happens to you, or Jean, or Amber—"
Eula's a good person. Strange, but she fits in perfectly with the rest of the Knights. Caring in her own way. She doesn't know about why Lisa has the condition that she does, and she has never asked a single question about it. Lisa's always appreciated that about Eula.
Eula, whose voice she can't hear anymore.
Has she finally died?
Aha, that's a familiar voice.
She opens her eyes to find that, yes, she is dead. How morbid— her soul is outside of her body, and thus she can see her deathly pale corpse resting on one of the cots in the church's infirmary. Her Vision is without its usual amethyst glow. Venti is by her side, though not looking at her physical body. He's looking right at her spirit.
"Well, this is a shame," Lisa sighs, crossing her arms. "Here to take me away with the winds before I can even see my friends, Barbatos? I'm hurt."
Venti shakes his head. "The least I can do is allow you to see them one last time, Lisa. Though it would be faster to take you to the archipelagos where they are now, I've sent Dvalin to gather them, per Eula's request." He smiles sympathetically, eyes full of mirth. "How do you feel?"
Lisa hums, tilting her head to the side. "Must I answer that, I wonder? Although I no longer feel the pain that I did while I was alive, which, I suppose, is a blessing. I expected death to give me much more time to do what I initially planned on doing before I ran out of time, but alas," she sighs, though it's not as if she's actually breathing. How strange. "How long until Jean arrives?"
"It shouldn't be long, now. Dvalin is a fast flier, after all," Venti chuckles, though that sad look never leaves his emerald eyes. "I see that your carefree nature has followed you even in death. If you'd received a Vision from me, you would fit in perfectly."
"Your Vision wouldn't match my outfit," Lisa retorts with a shrug. "I'm the Witch of Purple Rose, not Green. Though, thank you for the offer. Perhaps in my next life, I'll be granted an Anemo Vision."
Venti laughs loudly at that. "Perhaps you will," he agrees lightheartedly. He opens his mouth to add something else, but pauses when they both hear loud footsteps heading toward them. Just as quickly as the mourning left Venti's eyes, it returns. "The winds bring your companions to us quickly, it seems."
Jean bursts into the room, greedily gulping in whatever air she can into her lungs. Barbara, Lumine, and everyone else who had gone to the Golden Apple Archipelago are here.
"Jean. Everyone," Venti solemnly greets the group with a nod. "Lisa asked me to hold her spirit here for a little while longer, at least until she could see the rest of you one last time." He turns toward Lisa's ghost, who stands there with crossed arms. The Anemo Archon summons his lyre, plucking at its strings to play a mellow tune.
A breeze flows through the room, and everyone's gaze moves to where Lisa is standing, next to her physical body. She watches them all intently— Diluc tries to keep his expression unreadable, but his knitted eyebrows, his tightly pressed together lips. Barbara is holding back her tears, to no avail. They all look so... sad.
"Now! Why are we all so mopey?" Lisa chides, shaking her head. She steps forward, placing her hands on her hips. "I certainly wouldn't want to remember my last moments with you lot having such sad faces, now, would I? So smile! It's the least you can do for me, isn't it?"
Klee whimpers next to Albedo, and Lisa's facade cracks. She kneels to Klee's height, smiling at the young girl. "Come now, Klee. You're a strong girl, aren't you? I know it might be hard right now, but you'll be alright."
"But... but I won't get anymore treats from Miss Lisa, will I?" Klee whines, shaking her head. "I don't want that! I want Miss Lisa to keep giving me treats! It's not fair!"
At Klee's tantrum, Barbara finally breaks with a loud sob. Lumine pulls her in for a hug, though Lisa sees the small tear that rolls down the traveler's cheek.
"Oh, Klee. I wish I could've taught you how to make those delicious treats I make you, but I have to leave soon." Pretending to lose herself in her thoughts for a moment, Lisa hums, tilting her head. Then she makes a small "Aha!" before smiling widely. "How about this: Let's make a pinky promise! I'll come back to Mondstadt and teach you how to make those treats, and you have to promise to smile for me."
Klee's face scrunches in confusion, but she extends her pinky to Lisa. "You have to come back! If you don't come back, then I'll be very angry!"
With a chuckle, Lisa wraps her pinky around Klee's. "I will come back, Klee. Then we can make all those delicious treats and eat them together."
The young girl's lips quirk, before she breaks out into a wavering smile. "Mhm! It's a promise!"
Good. Thank goodness. Lisa pushes herself up, only to be met with the one gaze that hurts the most to meet.
The Acting Grand Master squeezes her eyes shut, taking a deep, shaky breath. It pains Lisa so to see her like this— barely able to keep herself together.
That won't do. That won't do at all.
"Jean," Lisa tries again, hating how weak her voice sounds. "Look at me, please?"
Jean's bottom lip quivers, but she opens her eyes. "Lisa."
Kaeya takes the hint that the two of them needed some privacy, and quietly ushers the rest of the group out of the room. Lisa takes one last look at her friends— her family— before they're gone from her sight. Venti is the only one who stays.
"My sweet, sweet Dandelion Knight," Lisa sighs, stepping forward to cup Jean's face in her hands. "I'm going to come back to you, so don't mourn me, alright? I'll come back, no matter how long it takes."
Jean breathes out a puff of laughter, eyes downcast. "Please don't give me that kind of hope, Lisa—"
"You don't believe me?" Lisa interrupts with a pout. "I'm hurt. I may not be as powerful as Alice, but I can assure you that I have my ways. So, even when you do feel my absence, know that I will never leave your side. Call to me in the winds that flow through Mondstadt, and I will come to listen." Her voice cracks, and she knows that Jean is hiding all of her devastation, bottling it up until Lisa isn't there to see her break.
"Lisa, I—"
"I love you, Jean." Her voice trembles. It's embarrassing, how fragile Lisa sounds in that moment. "Every afternoon we've spent together, every time we've been in each other's company, every time I've made you tea and stolen you away from your work so you would give yourself some time to breathe," Lisa spills her words, desperate to get everything out before it's too late, "I've loved every single moment I've spent with you. Don't forget to give yourself time to relax, Jean; you need it more than anyone in the Knights."
"Lisa, it's almost time," Venti says softly. "I'll take you one last place before I send you off. Where would you like to go?"
"Starsnatch Cliff," Lisa says without hesitating. "Jean. Don't forget this little old librarian, alright? Or I'll—"
"How could I ever forget you, Lisa?" Jean sobs, tears finally spilling over. She manages to smile, though— a shaky, miserable smile through her grief. "How- how could I forget about the woman I fell in love with, knowing that her life was moving much faster than mine? If I could just find a way to return those years you lost," she rambles, wiping at her tears. "If I could just... save you—"
"Jean," Lisa chokes out, vision blurry. Can ghosts cry, she wonders? She certainly feels like she could cry, right about now. "My lovely Jean, it's alright. It was only a matter of time, so please don't... don't..."
Don't cry.
Venti steps forward, placing a hand on Jean's shoulder. "We must be going, now. I won't be able to keep her spirit for much longer."
Jean nods, a sniffling mess. "Take... take care of her. Please."
"Of course," Venti responds, before gesturing for Lisa to step closer to him. "Are you ready?"
"That's a silly question," Lisa chuckles, taking Venti's extended hand. A green glow begins to envelop the two of them, and Lisa can't help but keep her gaze trained on Jean, who's watching them go. Jean meets her eyes, and she mouths three words to Lisa. One last time.
"Take care, Jean. I love you dearly."
And finally, the sands of Lisa's hourglass come to rest.
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Laying On Their Chest | Headcannons
Tumblr media
Childe would let you rest your head on his chest, mostly while the two of you sleep in bed. He likes how sleepy you get once you nuzzle your head into his chest. He finds it adorable and it makes his heart flutter.
Other times, if you are sitting on his lap or between his legs while he does work, he’d position you so that your head is nuzzled into his chest. That way it’ll be easier to take you home, since you’ll knocked out due to sleep.
Childe really likes it, when you guys cuddle around lunch or the middle of the day or evening snd afternoon. Since you’ll lay your head on his chest, while he tells you about his day and holding you tightly.
“You look so cute sleeping on my chest. I’d have you sleep on my chest everyday if it wasn’t for my work or yours…”
Beidou likes it when you sleep on her chest or breasts. She prefers it when you do, since she secretly enjoys how flustered and red you get. She’ll have you directly lay on her chest.
She likes it when you accompany her on her many travels across the sea and etc. So during the night, she’ll hold you in her arms while you press your head into her breasts. Touching your hair as you sleep.
She also enjoys, staying at home in bed or on the couch, while you lay on her breasts reading a book and falling asleep, while she takes sips and gulps of wine.
“Fallen asleep again? Haha…”
Kaeya adores it when you fall asleep on his chest. And Will sacrifice any moment of his day just to have you lay on his chest. He doesn’t care or think it matters if you sleep on his chest while he works or at the headquarters. It’ll just only show who you belong to.
Kaeya likes to press kisses on your head while you lay on his chest. Especially in bed. He’ll turn to his side, wrapping his arms around you and having you nuzzle deep into his chests.
He adores it when you shiver and cling onto him for warmth despite him for having a cyro vision. He’d wrap his arms and hands right around your waist, while you press your head deeper into his chest. Until the goosebumps on your skin leave.
“Hmm, is my dear really that cold? Come here, I’ll warm you up.”
Diluc enjoys having any moment where you lay on his chest. He hardly has you sit in his lap while he does his work, because he thinks it’s be distracting. But when you are ready to sleep after his late work, he’ll let you nuzzle into his chest then.
When Diluc does have you laying on his chest, he enjoys these moments the most because it makes him feel warm and cozy inside. He likes to stare at your flawless cheeks, before pressing soft kisses on your neck and head.
He adores it, when you are slightly awake, and nuzzle deeper into his chest. Letting out a tired groan or moan here and there. He’d brush your hair with his fingers.
“Darling, you seem cold. I can hold you for a bit”
Tumblr media
@childeluv ‘s content. Don’t steal or plagiarize my writing. Don’t repost in different language either.
Tumblr media
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Watching The Stars Fall | HeadCannons
Tumblr media
⤤ Summary: You lay snd cuddle in the field with some of the genshin men watching the stars fall. While falling asleep in their chest or lap.
⤤ Notes: These are kinda long and due to that, I only put four men. If this gets reblogged enough, I’ll do a women’s version.
⤤ Requests: Open. (Read Rules First.)
⤤ Warnings: Slight Kissing on Neck - Flirting - Suggestive - GN! Reader
Tumblr media
🍰 .⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹ Childe
Childe would take you to watch the stars fall probably either on a Saturday or Friday night. He enjoys it because you always cling onto him for warmth. And it makes him happy. He also just generally likes the comfort of seeing you sleep on his chest while he observes the stars.
Childe also likes and prefers when you sit in his lap for comfort. Pressing your head into the crook of his neck, while he praises and tells you how much he loves you. He also enjoys and adores seeing how you blush so easily after he simply whispers “I love you” which he finds cute.
He’d also flirt with you, simply when you mention something like “ooh, we can make a wish on this or that star” where you’d point for a star for him to see. (Still sitting in his lap.) And he’d simply reply with “I wish to marry you,” right in your ear, before nibbling on it for bit. Making you so red, he thinks you look like a tomato.
He rested his head and chin on your head, as you both observed the night stars. Some were falling, others lingered in the same spot. You let out a warm giggle snd smile, as his grip tightened against you. Blushing slightly, when he noticed your wide grin.
How beautiful you were sitting in his lap. Shifting a bit every few seconds, and pointing at some of the falling stars. You pressed your head onto his chest, using one of his fingers to trace your skin.
“I love you so much…” he whispered, before pressing a soft kiss on your ear. Making your ear turn red immediately. You tried to hide your face into his chest or neck. While he let out a cocky chuckle, grabbing your chin, so you would directly look straight. So he could still see your red face. “Why so red”
You lowered your head slightly, as you continued blushing with your ears turning redder. He sat you up straightly in his lap again, fixing your posture.
“I love you too” you finally mumble, feeling his hands loosen on your waist. You hear him chuckle, while you continued to observe the stars. With a few falling ones passing by every few seconds.
And then you feel his soft kisses on your neck, making you experience a wave of love and pleasure. He didn’t seem to leave any dark spots on your neck, but his lips trailing up and down. Making you gain goosebumps and letting out slight gasps.
“C-Childe” you mumbled, hoping he would realize how flustered he was making you. But of course, he didn’t stop. You blushed as he continued to whisper in your ears how much you made his heart full ever since he has met and dated you.
“Oh Archons, arent I lucky to have someone as beautiful as you to linger by my side” he’d say as your face would be more red than before. You look into the sky seeing a specific and beautiful golden star falling down of the night sky.
You smiled.
“Childe look, there is a golden falling star” you point to the middle of the sky where the star was falling. His eyes widened a bit. “You gotta make a wish”
He chuckled, as the two of you on severed the shining star. But before the star could leave your guy’s sights, he placed his head on your shoulder, and his lips right beside your ear with the warmth of his breath.
“I wish to marry you…”
Tumblr media
🕊.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹ Kaeya
Kaeya always preferred it when you guys went to watch the night sky. You’d always take a big enough yet thin blanket, and place it somewhere close to Mondstalt, where you’d lay there.
Often times, Kaeya enjoyed it, because every so often some drunk men would come by. And he could always show that you belonged to him. Especially when you would cling onto him tightly due to the cold weather.
If there weren’t many people around, or nobody, Kaeya would sometimes tease you, whether that was to massage your waist, or to leave small dark spots on your neck. He always liked how flustered you’d get. It would boost his ego when he sees that you became so red due to him.
You shifted your head a little, before nuzzling deeper into his chest. The warmth of his body and clothing, making you feel safe and sleepy. He had this arm and hands wrapped around your waist, every once in a while squeezing your thigh just to hear a faint gasp come from.
He’d let out a chuckle, as you’d blush and playfully punching him in the chest. He’d laugh a bit begging you to stop and offering to let you sleep on his chest for the rest of the night.
Which he did truthfully allow. It always boosted his ego, seeing how tired you would be and immediately fall asleep on him. You put so much trust into him, because usually he’d tease you.
After some time, Kaeya realized that you were knocked out and decided to pick you up from the grass. Carrying you bridal position. He noticed your nose sniffling against his neck and could tell you were awake again.
“So have you been awake this hold time?” He cooed.
“I’m tired” you reply, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck, as he continued carry you back home to Mondstalt. But Kaeya knew you were lying. You were such a night owl, and usually stayed up till midnight or 11 pm at the least. It was only 10.
“Or did you just want me to carry you?” He teased and asked. Your face became red, as you pulled your head away from his chest.
He switched the position you were in, forcing you to have your legs wrapped around him and your hands on his shoulders. Your face became a bit more pink and red along with your red ears.
“Aww, now look at how cute my darling looks, cling onto my body” he teases and chuckles. You got a bit mad wanting to shut him up. So you pressed your lips onto his. Getting a surprised reaction for him, as he gripped onto your waist tighter so that you’d be in a stable and better position.
But you pulled your lips away, after a little bit. Leaving him hungry.
“H-Hey!” You shouted a bit loudly, playfully punching his shoulder. “We need to go home”
“We can finish it here…”
Tumblr media
🥀.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹ Diluc
Diluc would be nice and gentle. He’d want you laying your head in his shoulder. Or his head in your lap so you could place kisses on him while you bother obsevered the night stars.
You were lucky to have him with a big house, where you can simply view it from the empty grassland nearby. Diluc would be tired to get up and shower and go to bed and home like that, so he’d hold you in his arms while you both cuddle and fall asleep like that.
He likes it when you play with his hair while he holds you, laying his head on your chest this time. And while you press kisses on his forehead or cheek from time to time before you fall asleep.
“Diluc, wouldn’t it be more comfortable like this at home…?” You asked, brushing your husband’s hair with your fingers. He shook his head into your chest. You smiled, still playing with his hair.
“I just want it to be us two. Does stupid maids do nothing but gossip and observe” he states, nuzzling his head deeper into your chest. You let out a giggle and a chuckle.
You nod, placing your head above his, and starting to close your eyes as well. You could feel his grip tighten slightly, around your waist, but you didn’t mind. Having him like this around you felt amazing. It felt good having him cling onto you like this.
You started to feel sleeping and chucking after realizing that you both weren’t really watching the stars as you had planned. Although, that has been impossible from the start since Diluc was just such a handsome man. It’d be hard to not look at him.
You were so lucky to get him. It felt like an Archon Blessing. Right when you were ready to fall asleep, you felt Diluc leave his head away from your chest. He was laying down still but his arm kept him up so that he could watch you sleep. He was laying on his side, pushing your hair away from your cheeks before pressing a soft kiss on your lips.
“You truly are like the falling stars… a blessing”
Tumblr media
🧋.⋆。⋆༶⋆˙⊹ Zhongli
Zhongli is a nice man. (Archon really.) And has no problem spending time with you. He enjoys having you sit in between his legs or laps in a big grassland. But after he realizes you fell asleep, he’d pick you up. Wrapping you in his long cloak before taking you home and cuddling with you there.
Zhongli prefers to cuddle with you in an empty grassland with hardly any people around, because he likes the scenery. And adores how the moonlight shines on your soft cheeks.
He prefers having you in his lap, because he’ll whisper soft stories into your ears. About how much he loves you and things he’s done to protect you. He likes how red your face turns before you fall asleep on his chest.
“Mm, you have seem to have fallen asleep” he nudged you a bit causing you to blink slowly and wake up. “My apologies dear”
You look up at him, but was quite tired. He noticed immediately, and picked you up carefully, after wrapping his cloak around you. You appreciated his caring gestures, as he was always quite known for being able to spot the discomfort in you.
“Our house is quite far back though…” you mumble pressing your hand to his chest. “Would you prefer it if I walk?”
Although you wanted to linger in his arms like this, you wanted to make sure he was comfortable. But you were happy when he replied saying he was fine with carrying you and hardly got tired because of it.
“It’s okay dear, you deserve some rest” he mumbled, having you press your head against his chest.
You nodded, as he wrapped his cloak tightly around you, making sure you wouldn’t be cold. He carried you through a path in the words with many golden flowers shining. He smiled, as he imagined marrying you somewhere like this.
But at last he thought it would still be too early to ask. So he kept the thoughts to himself. But he knew he would have to marry you one day. And had the dreams of seeing you with the ring he bought on your ring finger.
Perhaps making or adopting children with you. Whatever you’d truly want.
“I love you” he heard you mumble before you were knocked out again due to your tiredness.
He sighed with a slight grin and smile. He squinted his golden eyes. Blush circulating on his face.
“I love you too…” he mumbled. “Y/n”
Tumblr media
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Can I request, y/n wearing the Genshin’s Boys & Girls Shirts, after a long night of coldness and cuddling...? Thank you!
Picked Characters: Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo, Sucrose.
A Shirt Of Warmth | HeadCannons
Tumblr media
⤤ Summary: Genshin Characters characters waking up to you wearing their shirt due to last night of you shivering in the cold.
⤤ Notes: This is all pure fluff, if the reader wishes to think that that y/n wore the shirt due to a steamy night, that’s fine. It can be suggested but not direct. Sucrose’s part is very short so apologies to that 😞✋! Sorry Sucrose stans!
⤤ Requests: Open. (Read Rules First.)
⤤ Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Sucrose, & Albedo.
⤤ Warnings: Suggestive. Fem Reader + Slight Toxicity 
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🌅ˑ Diluc
Diluc would be a bit surprised, still finding you wearing his shirt. It’d make him feel good though, knowing you found comfort in wearing what was his.
Diluc actually preferred to stare at you, early in the morning with his shirt wrapped around your body. He admires it, and will continue watching you fall asleep with it on.
On rare occasions he’d prefer to wake up to you, still in bed waking him up. Where he’ll still be able to see you on your knees in bed, placing your hands on his cheek and forehead. And he’d convince you to stay in bed with him even longer, even if it’s a week day.
“Diluc…” you whispered, poking his cheek with your index finger nail. You could see his nostrils move slightly, as he started to open his eyes. His red eyes that blinked slowly, before glancing over to you. He let out a sniffle, as his eyes widened a bit more, to see you still wearing his shirt. From the night before.
“Are you cold…?” He asked, laying his flat on the pillow. Noticing his shirt wrapped around your body. How it was tightly wrapped around you.
“I-I just like the scent of your clothing” you reply truthfully. Slight blush appearing on his cheeks, while yours turn to deep shades of red. “I can take it off…”
You reached to unbutton the shirt, but he grabbed your wrist, pulling you gently besides him, sharing the same pillow as he did. Your faces extremely close.
“No dear, it’s fine.” He said, as he raised his hand to press it against your cheek. Caressing it and watching your face turn redder. You let out a sigh, watching the both of your noses touch. As you could feel his hot breath on your lips.
“Diluc, I have to get to work now” you mumble, but before you could get up, he pressed his lips against yours. Having his tongue explore your mouth. And kissing you specifically in a spot where he could you gasp, sigh and even moan sometimes.
And after some times he pulled his lips away, but keeping his head close.
“Just stay, for a little longer…”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🌌 ˑ Kaeya
Kaeya loves it when you wear his shirt for comfort. It boosts his ego a lot, which is why sometimes he’d purposely spill something on your shirts, so you’d have no other choice but to wear his.
He also likes waking up to you wearing his oversized shirt, with bruises on your necks and lips from last night. As it only makes him more cocky and proud, and reminds himself how much he loves you.
What he truly enjoys is when you wear his shirt out in the public after he goes to work. Whether you use the shirt to tie it into a dress with his belt or you use it with a pair of jeans. It makes him smile a lot, preparing him for another mood, later.
You walk into the headquarters to finish the rest of the commissions you guaranteed Jean, would be completed. If it wasn’t for your stupid husband who teased you in the morning, you could have actually made it on time.
At least you were lucky enough no one knew who your husband was. It’s be quite embarrassing.
“Good morning Jean” you say as you pass by Jean in the hallway. Jean took notice of your clothing style.
“Wearing someonthing different today…?” She asked. You looked at your clothing. It was a pair of shorts, with stockings and the regular boots you’d wear. In fact kinda similar to Jean’s but a bit more exposing for the skin. Although, you’d usually wear a skirt.
“Ran out of clothes this week” you say, as Kaeya soons enter the hallway, without your knowledge.
“Morning Master Jean, and [name]” Kaeya greeted, and he was ready to go upon his day until he stopped to linger around you as Jean continued to go about her day.
Kaeya smirked, looking at you up and down very slowly, noticing the shirt you was wearing was his own. He let out a chuckle. You smile slightly.
“Wear my shirt I see…?” He asked looking at your neck and chest, seeing his mark faintly there.
You blushed.
“You’re quite tempting in my clothing…”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🏙ˑ Childe
Childe wouldn’t mind having you wear his clothing. But isn’t so keen or kind when you are wearing it out and public. You always had attention on you by the public eye, and since seeing you in his shirt made him tempted, it sure was going to make the public tempting.
Occasionally, he would let you wear it in public, but it’d take everything in his power to not go and hold and shield you from any others who’d be staring. Especially since you wore shorts or skirts with his shirt. He wanted that for his eyes only.
He prefers it if you wake up besides him, after shivering in the bedsheets last night, which was the reason he lended you his shirt in the first place to begin with. He likes waking up, where his shirts droops a bit from your shoulders, and your chest is exposed a bit. The rich and expensive necklace he gave you hanging over your breasts.
You opened the doors to the bank, in hope to deliver your husband’s lunch, since he had forgotten this morning. Of course, the workers there, did stare. Since all you really had was his oversized shirt with a belt tied around your waist. Making it seem like a dress and the regular tall boots you wear.
You entered with the lunch in a container and a cold smile expressed on your lips. You started to approach the counter, until Childe appeared from one of the hallways behind the counter. You smiled, a bit less coldly. Many of the other workers eyes on you.
You were too busy worried about your husband’s lunch and well-being, to not notice the spark of jealousy in his eyes. That gleamed, due to the eyes on you. And while he did enjoy seeing you in his clothing, he didn’t like that other people saw you in his clothing as well. He felt it was only for his eyes to see. Nobody’s else’s.
Childe grabbed onto your wrist, and pulling you in front of him, so he could have a chance to look at his co-workers. Taking out a knife from between his fingers, and using his gestures to threaten to others that if you continued to look, you’ll go blind with the weapon he had.
Childe guided you to his office, shutting the door and locking it once the two of you entered.
“You forgot your lunch” you say flustered, with blush already appearing on your face. He slid his knife back into his pocket.
“Thank you, love” he says before grabbing your jaw with his hand. “You’ve been a bit sly he says wearing my clothes without permission.”
“You didn’t wash the laundry!” You mumble, huffing a bit with your face turning redder.
He smiled. With a flirty chuckle.
“Do you have any other work to do?”
“No” you replied trying to hand him his lunch. He pressed a kiss on your face, at the corner of your eyes with a smile.
“Great, you can stay with me here” he says letting go of your jaw.
You raised an eyebrow in confusion as your ears turned red.
“Why?” You asked. He wrapped an arm around your waist bringing you close to his chest.
“I don’t want anyone to have their eyes on you for that long. Especially in my clothing…”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🎇ˑ Albedo
Albedo is really busy, so you hardly even wear his clothes to begin with. But there has been moments where you guys would spend time cuddling and etc. Since he usually “lives” or spends most of his time on dragons one it does get cold.
He’d lend you a shirt, and a good amount of the time his shirt was comfortable, especially wearing it in his arms. Sometimes his shirt could get a bit tight, so when you would wake up, trying to wake him up as well, he could get a clear view of your breasts.
Albedo likes it when you are in his shirt. Every once in a while, he’d like you to stay in bed with him, all day long. Especially during winter season, since he likes having you by him.
“Are you still cold, hmm?” Albedo asked, brushing his fingers in your hair, and continued to lay kisses on your head and ears. You nodded a bit, pressing your breasts against his chest. While he rubbed your head.
Since he was shirtless after giving you his shirt, he could feel your breasts and chest right against his. Blush appearing on his face, as you continued to cling onto him. Your legs intertwined with his.
“You smell nice” you complimented, liking to aroma that he always brought with him. He blushed a bit harder, burying his head into yours. Your ears got a bit red, as he held you in his arms, with his arm around your waist, and one around your neck and shoulder.
You smiled, nuzzling yourself into his shoulder. He smiled a little bit, feeling the goosebumps slowly leave due to his warmth. It truly did make him happy, having you by his side. Where you’d linger with him like this all day. Besides it was quite cold snd the snow only became harsher over time. There would be no point in trying to get up now.
“We should stay in bed for today & tonight…” he stated before realizing you had fell asleep in his arms. He let out a nervous chuckle, fixing your posture and position, so that your head would be in his chest. Using his chest as a pillow.
“Oh Archons, how I love having you in my arms”
Tumblr media
۪۪۫۫ ༄🏞 ˑ Sucrose
Usually you would end up using Sucrose’s jacket to warm up, because he tends to wear oversized jackets when she goes to visit Dragon-spine or Albedo.
When you are cold, she have you lay in her breasts or chest, using them as pillows, and she’ll try her best to comfort you. Like pressing kisses on the side of your head or temple.
On other occasions, she’ll sit in your lap since you like to hold her like that and use her as a heater.
You held her carefully in your arms, having her back pressed against your chest. With a tired smile forming between your lips and on your face. She looked up to notice how tired you were getting and let out a yawn herself. It has been quite cold and she was glad that you were feeling warmer due to her.
“Are you sleepy” she asked. “We can go to bed”
“N-No” you state wanting to stay in the positron you were, as you nuzzled your head into her shoulder. “I am fine here”
You let out a tired yawn, before closing your eyes gently, and breathing gently on her shoulders due to your sleeping. She smiled, brushing and rubbing your hand with her hand and gloves. She smiled with a slight chuckle.
Laying back onto your chest a little and letting out a sigh herself. She looked at the jacket she had given you early. It was quite big as it covered your shoulders and down to your legs. She noticed how much you enjoyed it.
How you mentioned it smelled like her. A minty aroma all around her, which is something she knew you adored. No wonder you liked this specific jacket the most. She smiled with slight blush on her cheeks.
“You’re so cute when you’re asleep” she mumbled before falling asleep as well.
Tumblr media
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d1l-c · 5 days ago
Characters:- Kaeya, Diluc, Lisa, Ningguang
A/N; Never see enough love for Lisa or Ningguang :(
Are you not tired already? Dealing with this muthafucka is draining
He really is head ova heels for you no matter how much he may tease you
Sometimes while y'all are on expeditions he'll just find himself staring at you while y'all rest
If you're standing in the sun and the light's hitting you just right he's quick to pull out a kamera to take a picture of you
Has a lot of photos of you scattered between his office and his quarters
He tells you to come meet him at the most obscure places and comes after you just so he can sneak up on you
Spoils you so much, lots of fine silk and jewellery that you have to wonder where he gets it from
Definitely brags about you, the knights wanna say that they're tired but you kinda keep him settled so they really can't
Diluc is tired of seeing Kaeya shove his tongue down your throat
Kaeya purposely does it in front of him
Stares at you lowkey and subtly leaves clothes that'll complement your skin in your room for you
Doesn't take as many pictures of you like Kaeya does and even if he does he keeps them in his coat pocket
Brings you wine to taste and doesn't tell you the cost until after you've finished your glass
He's not one to go over the top with gifts but when Diluc's gone for a period of time or nearly gave you a heart attack because he wants to be a vigilante, he'll bring you new clothes, jewellery, your favourite food etc. to make up for it
Tries not to leave in the Winery/Manor alone to much though he doesn't want you to get hurt on expeditions or commissions so he'll tag along
If you come to work in the tavern he's over the moon because 1. he can spend time with you 2. he can keep an eye on you
Loves if you wear anything red, steals glances at you and pretends he isn't swooning
Likes when you comb his hair, it gives him a sense of trust
Loves your hair though, your curls are everything to him but please don't try to stop if he wants to buy you products he'll mean mug you so hard
Wholeheartedly and unashamedly in love with you
Stares at you as if you’ve hung the stars and the moon in the sky for her
Let’s you wear her clothes even if they might be a bit much for you
Y’all see how night her dress’ slit is??? Yeah not everyone’s that confident ma’am
If you do decide to wear it though she’s taking a lot of pictures and using them as bookmarks so she can smile at you while she’s researching
Lots of tea time gossip sessions with her
Sometimes she’ll take you with her when she she has to go hound people down for books
When the sun’s out it’s one of the rare times she’ll willingly go out and find a sunny patch to have a picnic with you
Really Lisa just wants to admire you in the sun
Holes you up in the library with her sometimes because she wants to be close to you
She might not show it often but she’s in love with you deeply
The way that she looks at you when you put something good on, her eyes tracing over you as it reflects against your melanated skin
She’s obviously head over heels
Ninggaung’ll walk you all over Liyue under the premise that she needs fresh air but doesn’t want to go alone but in actuality she wants to see you shine in the sun
She worked hard to get you in harms, how could she not show you off?
Please wear matching clothes with her or even match colours with her, to her it states that you're hers as much as she is yours
Takes you to diplomatic meetings with her, doesn't matter if you don't understand you can sit and look beautiful while taking notes and softly giving her input
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Hello! My name is Binnie and I am a Genshin Impact x reader and General Head cannons blog! 💖 Below are My Request rules and links to my master list and request page!
I have written on other sites (mostly AO3) and decided it might be fun to start a blog on Tumblr finally!
Links & Navigation
My Master list: (in progress!!)
Requests: Currently closed! (Feel free to send them in, it just might take me a while to get to them
°•request info below the cut!!•°
Tumblr media
Request Rules + Information
Requests should include:
I will take requests for Character x Reader, or character head cannons. I'll also write character x character If you request it! Feel free to send in questions about me or my experience with the game / characters!
Please remember that it may take a while, depending on how long/how busy I am currently.
Character(s) you want written for
Any specific details you have in mind!
Type of reader + any details about reader
Length of Request (short/medium/long)
Type of writing (fluff/comedic/angst/hurt comfort/etc)
Will write:
Fem/gn/masc reader
Fluff and angst (I am a big angst lover at heart)
NSFW / suggestive themes (please specify how heavy/intense if you request)
Platonic OR Romantic relationships
Almost anything!! I am very open to writing all sorts of AUs and types of readers <3
Poly relationships
Will NOT write:
Non consensual relationships
Pedophilic, homophobic, racist, incest, or otherwise problematic themes
Heavy yandere themes (down to right some yandere pairings as long as the relationship is willing from all parties)
I will write for any character, but Klee, QiQi, and Diona will only be platonic relationships!
Notes + Miscellaneous info
I will do bulleted head cannons, shorter fics, longer fics, or really anything! If you have a preference in a Request just let me know ;)
If there are specifics to a senario please let me know! I'd love to write ideas that you have I find it fun
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childeluv · 7 days ago
MasterList | Fics & Head-Cannons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ヽ`、☁ヽ Albedo ヽ`、☁ヽ
Regrettable Pain
Angry Cuddles (Recent.)
ヽ`、🌩ヽ Beidou ヽ`、🌩ヽ
Laying On Their Chest
ヽ`、🌧ヽ Childe ヽ`、🌧ヽ
Confessions Of Love
Laying On Their Chest
Lingering Pain
Angry Cuddles
Grateful Love pt.2(Recent.)
ヽ`、🌥ヽ Diluc ヽ`、🌥ヽ
Floret Jealousy
Confessions Of Love
Laying On Their Chest
Lingering Pain(Recent.)
Angry Cuddles (Recent.)
Beach Days (Recent.)
ヽ`、🎋ヽHu Tao ヽ`、🎋ヽ
Beach Days (Recent.)
ヽ`、🌨ヽ Kaeya ヽ`、🌨ヽ
Floret Jealousy.
Cuddles Of The Night
Confessions Of Love
Laying On Their Chest
Grateful Love
Unrefundable Pain
Angry Cuddles(Recent.)
ヽ`、🪴ヽVenti ヽ`、🪴ヽ
Beach Days(Recent.)
ヽ`、🌬ヽ Xiao ヽ`、🌬ヽ
Unrefundable Pain (Recent.)
— Headcannons
When they hold you
A Shirt Of Warmth
Watching the stars fall
Laying On Their Chest
Beach Days
A Summer to Adore (Recent.)
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blzzrdstryr · 7 days ago
General yandere hcs - Mondstadt edition
Starring: Albedo, Amber, Diluc, Eula, Jean, Kaeya, Lisa, Rosaria, Venti
Reader is gender neutral
CW: Yandere, unhealthy relationships, emotional and physical abuse, manipulation, drugging, stalking, noncon, somnophilia, kidnapping and confinement
All ever reclusive and mysterious Albedo would never let you know that he has his sights on you, until it’s too late to do anything. His affections start small - you piqued his interest and so he decided to indulge, teal eyes trailing your figure a second longer and him paying a bit more attention to you speaking, still looking as bored as ever.
This spark, however, soon grows into a wildfire, consuming his attention and thoughts, as he starts to spiral down the path of obsession. Alchemist starts to visit the same places you do, no matter how crowded they look to a closed off recluse, throwing discrete glances to you from time to time, as his hands quickly scribble something in the notebook. He’s always there, in a background, but you rarely question his presence - despite the intense stalking Albedo rarely interacts with you directly, resigning to just observing you like some sort of an exotic animal.
At first he’s content with simply watching you, soaking up all the different expressions and sounds you make, committing them to memory and paper. By the time he finally realizes all the depth of the sentiments he holds towards you, there are at least half a hundred sketches of your face and body, all of them neatly stacked and hidden near his bed, a secret that he is unwilling to share with anyone not even Klee.
Then his curiosity and obsession forces him into doing something much more than just observing - he sneaks into your house at night, reveling at the sight of your peaceful sleeping face. Those dark hours are spent between sketching you sleeping and simply watching. He loves the way your skin glows under the pale moonlight, or how your chest rises and falls, or how you sometimes twitch and make subtle expressions, reacting to the happenings of your dreams.
From there on his hunger for all things you starts to rapidly increase, and he begins to feel in a particular kind of way every time you interact with others. It’s an ugly feeling, angry and possessive, gnawing at his insides and rattling in his head, bursting out like a volcano when you direct your smile to anyone that is not him, which is almost always.
Albedo staggers a bit, when he realizes how livid he becomes when you contact others, he tries to suppress his affections - it’s one thing to simply watch and observe, it’s another to do what his mind suggests. He fails, he moves on and he begins to plan.
Everything is taken into account as Albedo arranges your sudden “relocation” - knights, method of kidnapping, your likes and dislikes, the place where he will hide you from the world, possible escape routes, safety of your being and state of your health.
It’s easy to fake your illness and convince yourself of it, adding just a drop of special odourless and tasteless solution to your food and water. Your limbs grow heavier, frame weaker and your fatigue seems to increase with each passing day, as strange yet persistent aches torment your mind and body alike. No one in Mond knows how to cure this seemingly sudden ailment that has befallen onto you. You battle it and get desperate once your quality of life decreases significantly, so desperate that you decide to travel to Liyue upon hearing of the possible cure. You leave Mond in haste, taking just the most essential of things, along with a bag of mora to pay and head to the road to the Harbour.
You never make it past the border, both milleliths and knights rubbing their heads at your disappearance - there are no leads, no traces, not a single clue that would hint to your location. Soon everyone chalks it up to the mysterious illness you developed, strange malady devouring you from the inside seems to be the general consensus and no one asks why the alchemist starts to spend even less time in public, shrinking his already small social circle to just Klee and his two assistants, or why he buys double the amount of food. Some of the Mondstadtians grieve upon hearing of your absense, but Albedo is unusually cheerful that day - he finally has you, all to himself, free to watch, hear, taste and study you for all his heart’s desires.
“Fascinating, you are so fascinating”, alchemist whispers into your skin, fervent in his belief like a devoted worshipper praying at the altar. You still yourself, stifling the scared whimper at the back of your throat and suppressing the shiver that is desperate to finally get out. Albedo is a scientist at his very core and you’re the greatest mystery in the whole world in his eyes. Anything you do will be scrutinized and memorized down to the smallest detail, so you don’t. You don’t want to add even more fuel to the flames of his obsession.
Cheerful and optimistic Amber tries to always look at the brighter side of things, not letting anything deter her from the achievement of her goals. Her being the only outrider? It just means that she must work harder. Her flight license was confiscated again? No worries, she will pass exams with flying colours. You don’t love her in return? Ah, Amber just needs to prove her intentions and conquer your heart. Or maybe you do like her, and you’re just too shy to openly admit it. Her friend, Eula, says one thing and means completely another, you, probably are the same case, words never matching the intent.
Her descent in obsession happens almost instantaneously, a love at first sight as she thinks, like two fated lovers meeting for the first time in fairytales she read as a child. Amber is smitten with you and loves everything there is to you, your voice, your face, the words you speak, even if they’re full of barbs and venom. Knight can spend hours following you like a lovesick puppy she is, admiring just the way you are.
She starts to insert herself into almost every situation that has anything to do with you, offering her help and companionship - sure, anyone would like to have one of the knights of favonius to save and protect them from any danger that can appear on their way. Her presence is overbearing and equally annoying, with the outrider rushing to aid you in any task, no matter how small or arduous it is. If you accept her hand and then thank her afterwards, it will send her to the seventh heaven, memories of your gratitude enough to keep her warm even against the harshest Dragonspine winds.
She will never chain you up and lock you in some dark basement, believing that a human needs freedom just like a bird needs its wings. It doesn’t mean you will be free from her though, as Amber is ready to do anything to win a sliver of your affection, except leave you alone, kind words and adoring looks sent her way will be enough to convince the outrider to move mountains.
“Amber, stop!”, you scream as you look in horror at a tiny red figure in the air making one sharp arc after the other. Your heart almost stops when you see her getting dangerously close to the ground - there’s no chance of survival if she collapses, not at such high speed, but a second later the outrider lifts herself riding the wind stream better than any bird. You see Amber’s wide smile from the distance, she must have heard how concerned you sounded, and you curse yourself - now, she will do it again and again, milking praise and worry out of you.
Diluc is a type of person to set impossibly high standards both for himself and people around him. And if he, Ragnvindr heir, who was trained from his early years and the youngest person to attain the title of Cavalry captain in the history, can keep up with self-imposed unsaid requirements, others cannot. It irks him in a subtle way, annoyance rising every time he’s subjected to the failings of the rest, so he decides to minimize some of his interactions. It saves him time and prevents the already present headache from growing further and further.
This is also the same reason why he remains single, despite his seemingly infinite wealth and top bachelor status attracting countless families to introduce their daughters in hopes of marrying them off. No matter how arrogant it sounds, there’s just no person who fits all of Diluc's requirements - he wants someone kind and helpful, mature and competent in their field, yet frail and helpless enough for him to shower them with love, care and protection. Ragnvindr yearns for close connection, sustained by the shared sentiments and unwavering trust.
You, he thinks, fit all of the points. Diluc doesn’t pay you much attention when he first meets you, guessing that you will be just a passerby at best and mild annoyance at worst, yet all of his negative predictions are dispelled as Ragnvindr gets to know you better. The way you smile and speak, the way you look eager to converse with him, a sulking and brooding loner, the way you move, so fluently and effortlessly like a cloud swimming across the skies on a tranquil day. Long before he realizes that, he has fallen head over heels for you, his eyes stopping on your face and lips especially for far too long.
You will remain mostly ignorant towards the affections the dark knight hero holds towards you - it’s truly hard to tell with his constant poker face and almost annoyed manner of speaking, so you just assume he likes to glare at you for some unknown reason. Diluc will try to take the first steps - inviting you for walks and dates in the luxurious restaurants, leaving expensive gifts under your door with a "from secret admirer" note stuck to it, flocking to the side of your house during his nightly vigilante hours. He kind of shoots himself in the foot with his attitude though, despite harbouring such gentle sentiments towards you he still can't properly express them and what should be a romantic date soon turns into the tense and awkward situation that both of you don't want to be in.
It doesn’t matter whether you realize his intentions and answer him with reciprocation or refusal, or even stay ignorant to a fault, as Diluc starts to worry. Life has shaken him once, taking away his father and trust in the better world, throwing him into the pits of despair, as he tried to submerge his pain in the mindless massacre for years, risking both his life and sanity in the quest of revenge and bloodlust. He doesn’t want anything like that to happen ever again, doesn’t want to get down to that level again, unleashing carnage and violence, he doesn’t want to spend countless nights sleepless and full of grief, mourning another loss, so he accompanies you almost everywhere and even offers to move in with him.
You refuse him, of course, it’s too soon and too abrupt, and Diluc’s words are full of barely hidden possessiveness and jealousy. Your decline does nothing to deter him, but he gets a bit subtler in his approach, in the way he views you. Ragnvindr continues to watch over and accompany you, but now without your knowledge, hidden by the shadows. His anxiety gets worse as he witnesses what he thinks are dangers to you and your health both physical and mental. All of those negative emotions soon condense into something darker and scarier than any bloodshed he had committed during his voluntary exile - it gnaws and eats at his sanity, awaiting for the spark to set off Diluc’s obsession.
Said spark can be anything really - maybe you’ve got robbed, maybe you caught some cold and spent the next three days feverish and delirious, maybe you just ended up lost in the forest and had to wander between the tall trees for hours as darkness started to descend upon Mondstadt. It’s enough to send Diluc’s heart racing, as he throws a hastily put plan into action. He kidnaps you and locks you away at the winery, away from the dangers of the world and other people, bribing corrupt knights on the way into destroying all leads left and stopping the investigation early.
Your screams and cries do nothing to change his mind, even if he feels so guilty for hurting you. It’s fine, Diluc reassures himself, you are safe and sound, it doesn’t matter whether you agree with him or not as your security is a top priority, not your whims and wishes. Ragnvindr distances himself after your nonconsensual “relocation”, giving you time and space to cope with that sudden turn of fate. He tries to be lenient and understanding with you, he truly does, but the thing is archons didn’t bestow a gift of patience upon him. Tread carefully, as livid Diluc is capable of unleashing truly monstrous things and now you’re in his power, helpless to do anything.
“[First], you have tried to escape today”, Diluc hisses, voice low, angry and dangerous. A visible tremble goes through you, as you are intimidated by the sudden change of his approach to you: usually gentle and forgiving, Diluc now seems like a completely different person. He takes slow steps towards you, his figure growing scarier with each one. You try to back out looking for an escape with the desperation of the drowning person as his hand roughly grabs yours. He has a steel grip on the limb, fingers almost crushing the wrist as he says, his scarlet eyes looking straight into yours:"I hope you have a very good explanation for this".
As a progeny of the former tyrannical clan, Eula has already accepted the fact that she will be despised by the masses just for the clan she was born in. “It’s hard to be likeable when your family has a depraved reputation”, is what the spindrift knight tells herself after another hard day, having to face one unjust judgement after another. People are wary and cautious of her, sneering once they realize who exactly the knight before them is, as if all Lawrences carry horrible diseases with them.
So, Eula decided to stop vying for their approval, letting her words be cold and cutting. If there are open minded people who can think for themselves without depending on the public view, she will welcome them with open arms, if not, well, it saves her time - there’s no sense in dealing with them or trying to change how they think about her.
She falls with you the second you greet her with a warm smile - maybe you're a foreigner, who is unaware of Mond’s darker history, or maybe you’re one of the few people willing to look past the blood ties, treating Eula like a regular person. It’s a strange experience, to be treated so amicably, she of course has been subjected to the kindness of others before - Amber’s friendship and Jean’s acceptance are a proof of that, but it was still sudden, even jarring to receive such conduct from you.
It takes her a while to even admit to herself that she likes you more than just a dear friend. Despised and scorned both by her family and citizens of Mondstadt, love is something that she lacked her entire life, closing off the heart for anyone. It’s scary for Eula, to realize how much power you hold over her entire being, simply because you smiled and was decent to her. She tries to suppress those feelings, yet they keep resurfacing, her heart skipping a beat and cheeks rapidly heating up when her mind wanders to the daydreams of your shared life.
She wants to take the first step, but is too afraid to spoil the friendship that blossomed between you two. Still it doesn’t mean that she won’t try to chain you down to herself. Eula guilts you into staying with you, part of it is intentional, the other is not. You can’t leave her, not now, not when the Mondstadtians despise her despite her service as a reconnaissance captain.
Sometimes, Eula dreams of being born in a different time - centuries ago, when the Lawrence clan was strong and respected, anyone would be honored to be even associated with her family. Would you be just as sweet to her as you’re now? Or would you try to win her favour? It’s an awful, depraved dream, but Eula can’t stop but imagine all the possibilities. She could have taken you by force, and locked you up and no one would stop her, her lineage enough to give carte blanche for any debauchery.
She wakes up that night, all sweaty and aroused, your begging still ringing in her ears, as she swears to never take the cursed path of her ancestors. It gets harder and harder to abide by this rule with each passing day.
“Have they bothered you, [First]?” Eula says, her lilac eyes shifting from you to the figures of troublemakers running away. They decided to give you a flock for befriending Lawrence, nagging and annoying you for a good five minutes until the spindrift knight appeared before them, her threatening posture and displeased eyes enough to send them fleeing in an instant.
“Oh, it’s nothing serious”, you start, ready to just let this incident slip, but you’re cut off by her next words. “Nonsense!”, she hisses, voice lacking the usual warmth: “I will have my vengeance for this slight”. Despite knowing Eula and being subjected to her strange sense of humor for a very long time, part of you gets scared - never in her life Eula sounded so serious and deadset on her goal. You let out a nervous giggle, noticing how your friend continues to drill the holes into your perpetrators with her eyes alone.
Acting grandmaster Jean has a lot of responsibilities to uphold, the whole Mondstadt is reliant on her and the work she does, so the idea of romance has really never crossed her mind. She just has no time nor energy to pursue an intimate relationship with someone - it’s taxing, it’s tedious and it's distracting. That's what she thinks until she meets you - it might be an incidental meeting, it might be a scheduled one. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that it changes her opinion regarding romantic endeavours, her mind clouding with the prospect of dating you.
This revelation isn’t enough to pull her away from work though, as she uses her infatuation with you as a way to motivate herself to work even harder. She has to protect Mondstadt and make it safe, it’s her duty, an oath she swore not just to the average faceless citizen, but you specifically. You are both intimidated and captivated by her workaholic tendencies, as the usually busy grandmaster buries herself into even more paperwork, deaf to all of the worried requests to get some rest. Only when you and Barbara together almost beg her to stop and take a break, she allows herself some breather.
Whether you both are in a romantic relationship or not, you will most likely try to look after Jean, bringing food and tea to the Dandelion knight when next time she decides to overwork herself to near death, and reminding her to take stops. A smile blossoms on her usually stern face, headache from the fatigue and lack of sleep already dwindling at the sight of your concerned face. She will politely refuse the offer of your help, intent on battling the mountain of documents all by herself, the most you can do is bring her meals and keep her company while she works.
If you both end up dating, then prepare to have a lot of your dates either declined or cancelled. Time and energy are two things that Jean always lacks ever since becoming acting grandmaster in Varka’s stead - sometimes your romantic walk under the stars clashes with her schedule, sometimes sudden complications arise, throwing all out of your plans into an open window, and sometimes Jean is so exhausted that you feel guilty even for suggesting to do anything. You end up putting her to sleep, your hand petting her hair as she drowses off.
Honestly, she is not a very intense yandere - the most she will allow herself is to ask knights to keep a closer eye on you and your friends - for your well-being, of course. Jean is also a bit antagonistic towards your companions, especially if she gets an impression of them being a bad influence or having criminal tendencies. The knight will never voice her suspicions or act on her feelings though, already feeling too guilty and awful for even having such thoughts, resigning to just enduring their presence near you.
You will also have the company of the knights should you ever leave the city's walls, Jean reasoned it that “person of your importance” must always be protected and safe, no matter your actual status or profession. You can be a traveller who helped her subdue a dragon, you can be a wandering scholar bringing priceless knowledge to Mondstadt, you can be another knight serving Barbatos with her, or you can be an everyman citizen, lacking any mind blowing achievements - in either case Jean will always see you as someone worthy of high praise and respect.
Both her attitude to work and the obvious way she cherishes and favours you is what actually guilts you into staying with her and obeying her every whim, even if neither of you realize it. Jean kind of unintentionally manipulates you - you wouldn’t rebuff someone as hardworking and devoted as Jean, right?
“Acting grandmaster”, you enter a spacious room with a knock, holding a tray of food and drinks, all made by you, still hot and steaming.
“Ah, [First]”, Jean lifts her head, shifting the attention from the paperwork to you: “I see you brought a meal, thank you”. She takes the utensils and helps herself for a spoonful of your cooking. You don’t ask her any questions or demand to rest as you did before, content with just the fact that she finally ate something. There’s a tight coil of worry and anxiety for Jean’s health and you want to cry, unable to change stubborn knight’s ways, so instead you resign yourself to these little acts of love - food, meals, massages, company, a very small price to pay for her work, truly miniscule.
Despite his friendly and charming demeanor Kaeya actually is a very cold person - partially by his nature, mostly by what he had to live through. The horrors of Khaenri’ah, his abandonment by his father and the subsequent fight with Diluc all left deep gashes in his soul, making him wary of intimacy and close relationships. Love, he thinks, is a faraway concept for him - he dated for a while here and there, even had some friends with benefits and a fair share of one night stands, but all of those occasions were just stress relievers, nothing more, there was no real emotions behind them, nor any trust between partners.
He gets a bit irritated with himself when he first catches a "crush" on you, his mind wandering back to your face and voice during his working hours, distracting and throwing him off. Cavalry captain decides to indulge in it a bit, thinking that a couple of rounds with you will fix him, at first mistaking his heartfelt sentiments as simple sexual attraction. Whether he gets you into his bed or not is another story, but his feelings do get deeper for you from now on.
Kaeya is actually scared, realizing how much power you hold over him. He will never show it, of course, but the simple knowledge that someone managed to become so dear to him against his will is grating.
It’s a hedgehogs’ dilemma for him - humans are social creatures, meant to yearn for closeness and company of the rest, but those two things are something that makes one vulnerable, open for hurt and pain that others will inevitably inflict no matter intentionally or not. Intimate relationships, however fulfilling they can be, are always carrying the risk of mutual harm, and Alberich, considering his past, is someone who's willing to go beyond just to avoid this happening again.
It’s easy to worm his way into your life, Kaeya’s charm and good reputation aiding him greatly in his endeavour. Unlike most yanderes, Kaeya doesn’t need a chain or a dark basement to keep you near him - his words and subtle manipulation are enough to make you return to him again and again, no matter how much he humiliated you before. He toys with you when he’s bored, scaring and intimidating you into almost complete obedience, he destroys your self-esteem piece by piece, when he’s in a bad mood, and then rebuilds you again, when he’s feeling generous enough.
During your “relationships” you will slowly start to lose the sense of self, no longer sure in your authencity with the way khaenri’ahn forced you to change again and again. You have the idea that Kaeya is bad for you, that his words and actions are abusive and highly manipulative, yet you no longer can find the strength to leave him, learned helplessness and fear weighing you down and tying to him like a two big anchors.
“Come on, [First], just a small sip,” Kaeya laughs, nudging another glass of red liquid into your face. You squirm on his lap, feeling more discomfort with each passing second - you are already lightheaded and dizzy from the wine captain forced into you some time ago, world shaking and trembling under the influence of alcohol, yet you can’t refuse him for some reason. You’re afraid that something will break in you if you do so and he will look at you with cold eyes and say those callous, burning words again.
It’s easy to forget that Lisa is considered to be the best student in Sumeru academy for the last two hundred years, when she spends her days in the library, sitting at the counter and yawning like a lazy cat. Behind that careless attitude hides a sharp intellect and great power, to turn clear skies stormy and punish those who don't return books in time
Lisa charms you in an instance, her natural good looks and alluring personality easily enticing you into chats and idle walks. All of the conversations with the librarian seem eye opening, as her wit and vast collections of knowledge shine in their full glory.
Having seen the mad ravings of her fellow scholars in the Sumeru academy, Lisa is quite aware of the allure all hidden and prohibited knowledge carries, secrets sweetly beckoning to solve them. She also knows that the mystery is something that has a pull over all people, be it a secret of the universe or a dirty laundry of the neighbours. Everyone wants to know something forbidden, to stick their nose in it, regardless of a price or consequences.
Lisa read all of the books in the Favonius headquarter library, so she’s adept in more fields that she let on, a fact that becomes obvious in the further conversation. She will try to become a sort of mentor figure to you, as this will put her into a position of power and authority. Maybe you want to learn magic and potions, maybe you need some generally obscure knowledge, Lisa is happy to oblige for a small price.
The payment for her tutelage is miniscule, she doesn’t ask for mora or gems, preferring your company instead. You will be assigned to help her sort new books or fill out reports, maybe you will even sign books in and out. Boring yet easy work, that will also be rewarded with a small tea party with her.
Unlike most yanderes, Lisa is lazy, she won’t lose sleep or plan some grandiose schemes to get rid of the competitors, even if the fact that you do have life outside of her does bothers her. Why would she need to scare away your friends if you will do it yourself? She can give you too many homework assignments, so you just don’t have time or energy to think about your little friends, as well as she can slowly convince you to break the bonds between her rivals. One honeyed lie after another, a seed of doubt growing into a full tree and bearing it’s fruit after a while, you drink her deceit with a cup of tea she offers you after your chores. Why would you trust them? Lisa knows they’re bad people, dragging you down to the very bottom, and Lisa always knows best. Just listen to her, she is much more knowledgeable than you, both in academics and interpersonal relations.
Like Kaeya or Amber, Lisa would rather have you free - despite all of its allure, the idea of locking you away is far too troublesome and poses more drawbacks than benefits. The witch will have to find a place to keep you in, prevent your escape attempts and somehow earn the trust that she will inevitably lose back. So, no, she can’t kidnap you, her schedule is already too full for her liking, your confinement will make it worse. You will come back to her anyway, for the knowledge and for the fact that you don’t have anyone else to go - Lisa’s gentle encouragement helped you disown most of your friends.
If you are someone busy, say adventurer or the traveler, running from one place to the other, taking one assignment after the other Lisa will try to fix that. You are working so much, It will be a wonder if you don't have a lot of tension pent up just the sheer stress. One drop of the sleeping essence dissolved in the fragrant afternoon tea and your eyelids are filling up with lead, a sudden exhaustion overtaking your body as you slamp in the chair. Lisa will use your vulnerability as a way to acquaint herself with your body - her hands will lightly probe and caress at your skin, careful not to leave any marks behind, then she will get bolder, clutching and fondling more intimate parts. Your whimpers are soft and faint, as she helps you reach an orgasm. It’s good for you, she whispers into your ear, planting a kiss on the revealed collarbone. All of this work will do no good for your health, in a stricter voice, like a mother scolding a child.
She drinks in the sight: your vulnerable frame laid bare and all to herself, it’s so exciting and marvelous starting from the gentle slope of your neck and ending with your uneven breathing, that her body urges to satisfy her own needs, arousal spiking up as she licks her fingers clean. Lisa stops herself, of course, this is about you, not her, she is here to help you, a little hard working cutie that you are will need all of Lisa’s assistance.
“Miss Lisa”, you finally straighten your back after hours of work: “All of the books have been sorted”.
“Ah, how nice of you”, she purrs and takes your hand into hers, “I already prepared some tea, any work should be rewarded”. The librarian leads you into the secluded area of the library, revealing two chairs and a round table with a steaming kettle and teapot awaiting you. Your legs grow weaker as you get closer. You see, you had a dream, as you once drowsed off into light sleep during the “tea party”, and while said dream was vague enough for you not to remember anything in particular, the sensations remained. It was a mix of arousal and pleasure with a sound of Lisa’s voice whispering something incomprehensible. You woke up then, with a blanket wrapped around you, and immediately looked around, hoping that you didn’t moan in your wet dream. Lisa was right there, a usual smile plastered on her face. Did she see or hear any of it? Or was she just smiling because you fell asleep?
"My darling [First] you look so gloomy today", Lisa says again, distracting you from your thoughts:"here have some tea, maybe you will relax a bit"
Rosaria isn’t the type to rely on others, nor is she the one to socialize in general. To her, the rara avis of Mondstadt, other people are usually either annoying nuisances or short-lived bursts of entertainment. Barbara, for example, is a definition of the former category, with all that constant nagging and pestering about a church work or choir or other boring stuff, while Kaeya is in the latter group - cavalry captain is perceptive enough to see that the odd nun needs nothing but a drunken banter and jokes, keeping a respectful distance on the other days otherwise.
She is fine with it, really - close relationships are complicated, fickle things as unreliable as people in general, and Rosaria was under the “gentle” mercy of others once, long enough to discourage her from ever seeking companionship, memories of cold, hunger and beatings engraved in her mind. That’s why she gets annoyed when she first catches feelings - they distract and annoy her to no end, like a thorn lodged deep in the side, flaring up everytime she sees your face or hears your voice.
The eccentric sister tries to drown her “crush” at first in alcohol, then in work. Nothing helps really, as her thoughts start to spiral around you way more than she would like. Her heart almost stopped when you decided to beam at her, as an unusual warmth made its way into her soul. Rosaria both cherishes and despises this feeling - she yearns for your companionship, to be the sole receiver of your laughs and tears and smiles, to protect and be protected by you.
Unable to deal with her feelings, she will resort to stalking. Rosaria, agile and uncatchable as a black mist, will start to follow you everywhere, her wine eyes tracking every of your motion. Her actions don’t go unnoticed, with you sensing a strange gaze from the darkening corners, that only intensifies once the night fully sets. It’s an anxious, paranoid feeling that eats away at you. A thought of dark spirits and demons and other fairytale monsters appears in your thoughts, as you recheck your abode over and over in a single night.
You end up going to church, hoping that the darkening eyebags or the fatigue evident in each of your movements don’t show how desperate you are. Rosaria, strange as it is, decides to be a good nun for once and visits the church too. She stands like a silent protector as you tell others of your “ghost” problem, an unusual, but subtle smile blossoming on her lips. Sisters start to offer various solutions to you, a nightly prayer, a lone pilgrimage, a hefty endowment to the Barbatos and his servants.
She offers to help the last, a simple deal - one night under her protection for a small amount of mora. You agree to her conditions, it would be stupid not to, and all those strange noises and disquietening sensations cease at once. Rosaria continues to guard you, demanding more and more - a handful of coins grow into a shared breakfast, that later somehow turns into a mutual visit to the Angel’s Share. You don’t complain much, Rosarisa is a genuinely good company however severe and odd she can be, if you ignore the fact that she sometimes pressures you into drinking and scares off other people with her presence alone, honest and pious in her own non-comforming way.
“Rosaria? What are you writing?”, you try to take a peek into a standard church issued journal, as the nun carefully maneuvers her body, hiding the book from you.
“Nothing”, she replies, but you, bold both from the alcohol running in your blood and recent “fun”, decide to press further: “Oh, sister Rosaria, please take pity on this poor god-fearing parishioner. This servant of Barbatos will die from curiosity, if you won’t extend your grace and share what you’re writing”, the last part turns into high drunken giggles.
She sighs and takes a step towards you, cupping your face with one hand: “I will show you, but for a price” her breath fans you face, the smell of alcohol hitting you again - she drank even more than you, but still looks and acts sober. You quickly nod, forgetting about self preservation as she quickly leans in and kisses you. You moan into it: Rosaria's tongue is strangely cold, just as cold as the fingers creeping in underneath your clothes, she herself is wild and forceful, deepening the kiss as you try to distance yourself, using one hand to keep your head in place. When she finally lets you go you gasp for air, a mix of fear and arousal singing inside.
"It's not the full payment", Rosaria whispers, an unhealthy blush spreading on her greyish-purple skin. She looks tempting and terrifying as she attacks your lips again.
Venti is someone who is intimately familiar with death. The bard was first, starting a long and never ending sequence of departures: his followers, his allies, his enemies and the simple passerbys. Time, like a merciless butcher, ends one life after the other, reaping what it once sowed. There’s no way to stop it, nor is there any sense in trying to do so: it’s, to Barbatos’ dismay, a natural way of things, something utterly fundamental and unchangeable, like a blue sky above, or the solid ground underneath.
Anemo archon, despite all his love for humans, learned to accept that. It hurts and grief overtakes him on especially bad days, as he goes to another tavern and decides to get drunk. Humans are precious, but they're also mortal and frail, their already short lives endangered by illnesses and injuries, wild beasts and even other humans. There's no sense in opposing it, yet his heart despises that, now even more that he met you.
The winborne bard, despite his young looks, is an old soul weathered down both by time and losses, the things that used to excite him before don’t do now even if he still plays faux wonder not to upset anyone. He saw death, starvation, pestilence and war - a rare thing can phase him.
That’s why he gets a bit confused when he falls for you. Romantic love and passion were things that always avoided him, even if he sang poems and ballads full of their mentions. For the first time in centuries Venti feels unsure and unfamiliar - it’s a new thing, he feels like that small wind spirit again, and you're the new nameless bard in his eyes. Precious, mortal and frail.
He wants to keep you safe, having witnessed millenias of death, even if it goes against his ideals. Who needs freedom, when you’re dead? Of course it is not some dark, musty dungeon, but the whole Mondstadt, with every lightest breeze being Venti’s eyes and ears. You will never learn of your confinement, he won’t allow you to have even the slightest doubt or inkling of your indepence. Everytime you try to leave Mondstadt an uncharacteristically strong gust of wind rises and skies darken, strange blizzards last for weeks and your plans are completely crushed.
He will approach you in that time, his carefree and witty nature charming you in a second. Venti spent centuries living among humans, disguising as one, and he knows what makes you tick very well, having heard your prayers once or twice, it's no wonder that you quickly befriend him.
He is a pleasant company knowing what and when to say things, even if some of his drunken antics are enough to form a headache. You spend time with him in shared joy and laughter, as he suggests one breathtaking idea after the other, and soon start to develop feelings for him too, unaware of the darker urges lurking underneath his skin.
Sometimes Venti wants to whisk you away - somewhere hidden and desolate, to the place where only the wind can reach, so he could be the only one to drink in your sight, to hear your lovely voice. Sometimes he wants to mark you, an anemo vision would suffice, so not even mortals but archons alike wouldn’t be able to touch you in any way possible. Sometimes he wants to make an immortal out of you, prevent your inevitable death and shackle down to him with a burden of unending life.
Those are awful thoughts, he swears he will never act on them, but it’s hard, especially when he sees you. You wake up to an anemo vision one day, winds bring the gift of immortality to you on the other. His first wish still remains unfulfilled, but who knows for how long.
"What is happening?" you say more to yourself, than to the others, as winds lift up your form, and soon you are flying high in the sky, the ground becoming further and further and people slowly turning into tiny dots, before disappearing completely. Air carries you through the whole Mondstadt, and you try your own anemo vision to no avail, the teal orb shining yet not responding. You spend hours in the air, as forests underneath soon change into the green fields and sharp cliffs. A former Storm terror's lair, you realize, eyes widening in confusion.
They gently lower you to one of the steepest and tallest cliffs, leaving you alone with a landscape of the desolate ruins of the city and the familiar green cloaked figure.
“Venti?”He doesn’t look like a cheerful bard anymore, ancient power coursing through the veins. For the first time in your life you are scared of him.
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