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enwonderland · an hour ago
I never thought Shameless would last as long as it did. Every year I prepared myself to Showtime anouncing that they were cancelling it. And even though some seasons were pretty weak, they kept putting their trust in it, and in us. 11 years. It had a good run. And I am happy with the end. I was terrified of what they would do, what would happen to the characters. But I am happy and I know that, even though I won't see them again, they'll be alright. Now, there's one thing I do have a problem with and that is... I am not ready to say goodbye. I don't know how to say goodbye. These characters have been in my life for ten years. They were there in some of the hardest moments of my life. All of them have a special place in my heart, forever. And I know it's just a TV show, I know life goes on, but... I feel empty today. Because today I say goodbye to people who taught me what love is, sacrifice, hard work, resiliance, strenght, self-love, power,... family. And I am gonna miss this family so much.
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I'm devasted that my two absolute favorite shows that ran for over a decade ended in the span of 5 months. I spent 6 years with this family, good and bad times, suffering and happiness and I can't wrap my head around the fact that they won't be back in autumn.
I'm not pissed like I was with the supernatural final, it was clear how it would end, not much to anticipate. I also knew we wouldn't see old characters again. I'm just not really happy with the general direction the last season took. S10 could have been an end too. S11 just opened new plots, but didn't gave closure for them. Obviously life goes on in the Southside and I like the approach. But Lips ego ass just annoyed me this season, I also still don't like much that he and Tami are endgame.
Frank dying was the ending I imagined and I LOVED the paralell to the first episode with his monolog about his family and soutside. I still wanted like title cards saying where everyone is a year later. Like did Lip sell the house and got another kid? Did Carl buy the alibi and where does he live? Did Debbie go to Texas? Did Gallavich get a kid? And what does Fiona do? She was seen in Frank's flashbacks, but not in his speech and it seemed like she wasn't even a kid of him anymore. And I wanted to see them react to his death too.
I'm just happy Gallavich is endgame, happy and thriving and still funny as fuck (Ian and the furniture woman 💀 😂).
I will still miss the shit out of the show, the family and the house. I hope Lip didn't sell. I hope he really stayed there with his family, with Debbie and Franny, Carl (I wish he got a decent gf for good too) and Liam. And Gallavich coming for dinner every week. And I imagine new little kids running through this old, fucked up house. ♥
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gallavich-x · 3 hours ago
So many loose ends... gallavich is the only one, besides Veronica and Kevin (kind of), that has a very definite ending.
I mean, we have Lip; his girlfriend is pregnant, he has a new job, he has a thing he might start with Brad, and it's all very...underwhelming, kind of. Because, Lip had so much potential, and I kept hoping this season would make him happier with his life, but it just ends with him... sad and unsatisfied.
Debbie got a stupid ending, because, what the hell was the point of Heidi? Why is it so forced and toxic, and what is it with the moving thing? Will Debbie just drop everything to be with this random chick she just met? And like, what was the point of that -- that isn't an open ending, that's a stupid ending, sorry not sorry. Also, she is kinda the only one Frank had nothing good to say about, I mean, "you remind me of your mother, and not in a good way"? Even Frank knows Debbie ain't going places.
Carl's storyline this season was so boring, but i kept hoping -- like genuinely hoping, because Carl is such a good person, that he'd find his dream job helping in a productive way (wasn't that what the synopsys insinuated?). Instead, he hands out...parking tickets for the rich assholes? That's fine and all, but like, with everything that happened to him this season with the police force, it's extremely fucking stupid.
Liam is my baby, and I'm sorry he's stuck in the Gallagher family. It's sad that he will be the only one mourning Frank, and will be living with Lip in his weird, odd, dysfunctional life, but I hope he'll be smart enough to go to college and get out (i have no doubt he will).
I'm okay with Frank's death. Bye, asshole. We're not crying for you, but for the children you left behind.
Happy for Kev and V, but...what was the point of the cop bar talk? There was no point, because they'd never have enough money to beat the highest offer Kev and V got. Stupid and unnecessary.
Happy for Ian and Mickey infinitely. They're the only ones who got a full, finite ending. They're living on the Westside, they'll expand their business, they may have a child some day in the future and they're sickly in love.
Bye, Shameless. We had a nice ride.
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scrawnyknight · 4 hours ago
shameless had the stupidest yet the most emotional series finale idc
id like to now float away like frank too
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lgbtbuckleys · 4 hours ago
Shameless final thoughts
First and foremost I would like to thank Ian Clayton Gallagher for existing. I have loved this character since 2013. I have watched him fall and pick himself back up over and over again. He is without a doubt the STRONGEST and most DETERMINED Gallagher. I love him so much.
Secondly, I would like to thank Fiona Gallagher. Even though we didnt see her for 2 seasons, she remains my second favorite Gallagher all the way through. Like Ian she has fallen and picked herself up over and over again. She deserved to get away and start fresh. I love her.
Liam is my third favorite Gallagher. That poor kid has been through the ringer. He is without a doubt the kindest Gallagher with the biggest heart even for his useless "father." Liam Gallagher deserves the world and someone who will be in his corner 100%. I hope he gets that.
Lip has pissed me off time and time again and he has also succeeded in making me cry. That is the acting talent of Jeremy Allen White. I may hate Lip, but I definitely appreciate JAW's acting and hope for great things from him. He fucking deserves it for what they put Lip through.
Debbie and Carl I am honestly indifferent too. I can honestly say I have skipped the majority of their storylines and have never really known what to make of them. Whoops.
Kev & V i was also indifferent too. Their relationship was really sweet but honestly, I didnt really like a lot of their storylines. That being said i absolutely adore Shanola Hampton and hope she has an absolutely fantastic career.
MICKEY MILKOVICH. Do you mean best character development ever? Honestly this man has grown so much from the scared, violent thug we met in the 1st season to the most loving, protective husband comfortable with who he is. Thank you Noel for your portrayal of this character.
FINALLY Frank Gallagher. Honestly I think him dying in the series finale was a really fitting end for his character. I hated him and skipped a lot of his scenes, but William H Macy acted his PANTS off for 11 years and the show wouldnt be the same without him. Period.
Anyway, Shameless has made me laugh and cry and rage for 8 years (I started watching in season 3) and i will definitely miss this crazy, dysfunctional family. I'm glad we were left with an opened ending. The show didnt need to be wrapped in a fancy bow at the end, that wasnt what the show was about.
Anyway if you read through this i thank you. And thank you Shameless for existing. I will miss you.
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jollyjellyfish · 4 hours ago
I saw your post about your thoughts on the finale and i can‘t remember any scene with Frank and a church in season one. Do you mind telling me what you meant? And the first thing i actually thought when i saw the front and the inside of it was that it‘s the church Fiona almost got married in. With Frank going to Patsy‘s and then the church i assumed he was looking for her. Which is actually really sad 😔
In S1x11 (I think) Lip and Ian go to visit Clayton after they learn Frank is not Ian’s real father. Clayton pulls out a photo album and points to a picture of him and Frank as altar boys. He says Frank was the best one too, or something like that. Ian and Lip can’t fathom it. That’s what Frank is remembering in this final scene at the church.
Re: Fiona’s wedding, that’s a great possibility too. I think I need to rewatch Yev’s christening, Fiona’s wedding and this finale to compare.
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thinking about how good the last few seasons of shameless would have been if the original cast of writers had stayed all the way thru☹️
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jollyjellyfish · 6 hours ago
Part2, Shameless series finale thoughts:
OKAY.....How did that conversation b/w Ian and Mickey just happen without reference to Yvegeny?!?!?? WTF???
Carl looks cute in that red jacket.
Now who’s the sneaky bastard, right Mickey?! 😍😍😍🎉🥰❤️
LOL’ed at Frank’s hospital file.
Frank just gave Lip some advice I’ve dished out here. :) I know an over thinker when I see one.
Ian is a hopeless romantic. And look how his life has come happily full circle. His conversation with Lip shows where his priorities are and how he’s found stability.
Christ enough with the singing.
Wow. End of an era.
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persistent0507 · 7 hours ago
One of things I did appreciate was the call back to Lip being a genius. I was getting really frustrated that they seemed to have completely forgotten that fact. The fact that he got $2 from the guys who he helped make $4k just seemed a perfect acknowledgment of how far he’d fallen.
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jollyjellyfish · 7 hours ago
Part1, Shameless series finale thoughts:
Why isn’t Noel in that opening to the series finale?? Cut that shit out Shameless.
I just sputtered “Holy Shit!” at Tami’s announcement to Lip on the front steps.
I wonder what William H Macy will do next.
Discarded mask - GROSS!
I still can’t get over the tanking of Lip’s potential. It’s shameFUL. Zing!
I guess Ian started following politics after looking ignorant during the orgy ep. 🙄
Lol my Catholic ass LOL’ed about “becoming a Protestant!” Nice one, Tommy.
Whoa deep throwback to S1 with Frank at the church. Although there’s no way the Irish-American Gallaghers were attending this church. Laziness on using the same facade as where Yvegeny was baptized? Because Eastern European Orthodox and Roman Catholicism are not the same thing.
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dreamylyfe-x · 7 hours ago
alright one more thought -- I thought it was interesting that we spent all this time on Lip effortlessly solving a problem for a guy, making him $4000, because it's this kinda feint towards a miraculous new road for Lip. Like Shameless HAS done stuff like that in the past, where a random moment of happenstance benefits the character in a major way, or pulls them in a new direction. Kinda like Ian on the bridge. But all that led to for Lip was a mediocre tip.
I have some hope for Lip. But it's gonna be a long road.
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stuart4567 · 7 hours ago
So today shameless season 11 episode 12 has just come out meaning is the end of shameless and I'm not going to lie I'm literally in fucking tears and just sad because is over and I started watching shameless 2 years ago and I absolutely love lip gallagher he's honestly my favourite character since season 2 I'm deffo gonna miss shameless and lip
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littleholmes · 7 hours ago
lip realizing he could be any of these tech and trading people, damn
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mickey-millagher · 8 hours ago
If Tami does keep the baby there won’t be that much more of a bigger age gap between Fred and his new sibling than there is between Lip and Ian
If they have another boy, it could be the second generation of Gallagher brothers having each other’s back through thick and thin
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mickpause · 9 hours ago
I read on here that many of you didn't like the episode, but I did.
It is not what I was expecting, but there is no such thing like a happy ending in real life.
It made me emotional, Frank crying in last scene, everyone laughing and singing, and truth be told, seeing Mickey happy makes up for everything for me.
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