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#linda flynn-flecher
ihaveissuesandrage · 4 days ago
Randomly thinking about Dib singing Mysterious Force from Phineas and Ferb to Gaz. Linda should be replaced by his father.
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winnhazcoffeee · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Linda doodle!
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twenty-orange-balloons · 9 months ago
Some (50) Random Things about the PnFxMML Universe that I remembered off the top of my head-
1. The whole universe is canonically 50ft taller than it was previously.
2. All of Danville forgot what an Aglet was but remember Dr.Doofenshmirtz rollerblading into a toilet.
3. Milo’s school spent over $500,000 on a yacht.
4. Due to the above the students have to take their own toilet paper to school.
5. Phineas and Ferb have a hit song.
6. Technically two hit songs but then people forgot what an aglet was.
7. Dr.Doofenshmirtz invents time travel.
8. There’s probably a building still attached to the dark side of the moon.
9. Alien’s are real.
10. A Time travel agency had two people (Dakota and Cavendish) assigned to protect the Pistachios.
11. The Pistachios take over the world but it’s okay because they go back in time to stop it.
12. Candace got 50 fireside girl patches in one day.
13. Dr.Doofenshmirtz loves soap opera’s.
14. Phineas and Ferb’s “Make the impossible possible” aura cancels Milo’s “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” negative aura.
15. Phineas and Ferb were a superhero for a day.
16. Candace turns red and her voice turns deep and gravely when near wild parsnips.
17. Due to the above Candace has a song about how evil her brothers are on her mom’s jazz album.
18. Jeremy’s little sister only humiliates Candace so she can control her brother.
19. Cavendish has died more than ten times.
20. Dakota has an island of Dakotas due to going back and saving Cavendish from those deaths.
21. Candace has a shrine to Jeremy.
22. The Tri-state area used to be the Bi-state area with an Adjacent area.
23. Norm runs on squirrel power.
24. Milo’s teacher is really into her desk.
25. Phineas and Ferb were once combined together into a horror monstrosity.
26. No seriously, Milo’s teacher is reallly realllly into her desk.
27. There’s a man who lives in the sewers with a empty milk carton named Mildred.
28. Phineas and Ferb are famous in Danville for building cool things and having the best parties.
29. The Lockness monster exists.
30. So does the Yeti.
31. OWCA means Organization Without a Cool Acronym.
32. Phineas and Ferb have built a roller coaster like three times. Once as a musical.
33. Vanessa owns a doll that used to belong to Candace.
34. Candace has been abducted by an alien no less than two times and Milo one.
35. Candace was once the queen of Mars for a bit.
36. Phineas and Ferb have a underground workshop in their backyard (or at least a launch pad)
37. Phineas and Ferb own a Star that is also a milkshake bar.
38. Carl is an unpaid intern. (He should really get paid)
39. Phineas and Ferb clean their house by giving it a bath or spinning it around and blasting a hose at it.
40. The aliens that abducted Milo created a Robot version of him and made it very Sarcastic and Sassy.
41. Phineas and Ferb once created a working cow farm on the moon.
43. Candace hallucinates a Zebra who calls her Kevin. More than once.
44. Baljeet sang a rock song about just wanting good grades.
45. Zack was once the lead singer of a lumberjack themed boy band.
46. There’s just a random giant baby in the series.
47. And a giant floating baby head.
48. Slushie dog has an employee exchange program with other Slushie dogs.
49. Most of the Flynn-Fletchers have been in Perry’s secret hideout and either didn’t know or didn’t remember.
50. Linda and Lawrence own an antique shop.
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