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#lilith clawthorne
tiredleaf · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
TOH pride stickers can be bought on my Redbubble now!
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brotaraft · 15 minutes ago
this scene is just so funny?!
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sterling-jay · 44 minutes ago
The Clawthorne Sisters
Ok I've talked about this with @edasnest and @preciseprose a couple times each I'm pretty sure, but Escaping Expulsion's glyph lessons really drives home for me how neither Lilith nor Eda have ever really grown up from who they were as teenagers, but for entirely different reasons.
We see this in YBOS when Lilith quickly gives into her 'childish urges' to make faces right back at the owl beast, and in WILW when, instead of completing her job, Lilith agrees to a grudgby match of all things, to decide Eda's fate.
Even all the way back in Covention, Lilith pre-cheats to get 'back' at Eda, who she 'knows' is going to cheat- and then how she absolutely explodes when Eda keeps rhyming taunts at her (truly sibling behavior...). -- I think it's totally likely that both of them had their maturation stunted because of the duel for the Emperor's Coven spot; Not to say that neither of them ever grew up at all after that, but they're still both petty and overly competitive, they set each other off (mostly Eda setting Lilith off, tbh) over the smallest things. -- In Eda's case, I think that she probably stuck around Hexside/their parent's home for a little while after Lilith cursed her. You know, when she still had hope it was a temporary thing.
At some point, she got scared, couldn't stop transforming in her classes, decided to push people away, and struck out on her own to protect the people she loves.
She was probably between around 15 during the duel (she looks around Luz's age), and if I had to bet, I'd say she probably didn't stick around for more than a year before she figured out the curse was there to stay.
Obviously you have to grow up somewhat to be able to protect yourself and survive in the world when you strike out on your own, but after losing her support system and becoming an outcast in a society that doesn't care about her at best and is actively out to hurt her at worst, she probably decided 'forget the rules, I'll do what I want!' and stuck with that philosophy to this day. -- Lilith on the other hand...
If Eda was 15, that would make Lilith 17 or so. At 17 years old, Lilith cursed her sister and was entered into a state sanctioned cult, likely fawned over as a prodigy child, and probably indoctrinated heavily with little outside influences other than whatever issues she was made to take care of as the Emperor's Enforcer.
I mean, at any age, someone telling you how amazing and powerful you are, handing you various elite privileges, likely taking care of just about your every need, getting your face put up on posters, and everyone around you emphasizing how whatever you're doing is furthering the Titan's Will (your world's god?)?
You're doing amazing, don't need to change anything, why would you ever try.
Lilith is a perfectionist, she needs order, rules, structure (probably has Eldest Daughter syndrome...). The EC provided all of that and more.
Now in S2, Lilith is somewhat adrift, looking for that acceptance and structure wherever she can get it, and in EE? She puts it on Teacher!Luz.
Luz is giving her structure -Here are 4 glyphs, practice them like so
Luz is giving her focus -Follow this person's orders
Luz is giving her back her magic -Lilith doesn't know who she is without it
It's not the worst thing in the world for Lilith to mmm...respect(?) Luz? Especially not after how she treated her before. But the statue she gave her at the end was weird, and Luz wasn't comfortable with it. And it's a huge change in Lilith's opinion from Covention when they met, or AoaW when Lilith 100% appeared to be attempting to kill Luz just to get Eda back.
From a complete dismissal to respect bordering on veneration is an enormous jump that Luz might be further uncomfortable/suspicious of (and rightly so, imo).
I'm hoping that they'll cover it more in Echoes of the Past, digging into King's backstory at the same time as showing us what Luz really thinks of Lilith now that they're on the same side.
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thatone-highlighter · an hour ago
Okay Okay Okay
I was trying to add the timeline of the 2 new eps to my vague timeline of the show that I went thru and did a while back
But I have no idea how long the second ep occurs over
Initially I thought 2 days, starts at night with the little Blight Industries Show, the next morning we get the scene at The Owl House and that day the rest of the ep happens ending that night after Luz’s turn at the Blights presentation
BUT, at the start Odalia says there will he another show in a Week to showcase their new tech, which implies there's a whole week between the opening scene and the closing scene .
It Could work if the only plot was the main hexside plot with Luz, you could argue they tried all this stuff over the course of a week and if probably believe you. The B plot and final ending scene, not so much
I feel like trying to say that plotline lasted more then maybe 3 days max is pushing it. Like sure they could have some a bunch of stuff in between that we didn't see but it just doesn't feel reasonable that they could drag that out to a whole week, especially seeing as at the end they make it seem like Luz has Just come home after their lesson with her
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bccfggffbgv · an hour ago
"I have good news and...strange news? Good news is that Miss Camila Noceda will be recovering sooner than we had once thought!! The odd news is hard to explain but I will try...I believe that after saving Eda from the parasite and splitting the curse with her, Eda and Lilith's magic bile sacks have mutated into being able to use not only their universe's magic but other universes versions of magic as well...!"
Dr. Isabella Joyce, while explaining to Luz within the camp on what had happened and caused Eda's magic to become that strong for that period of time during that huge fight.
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sterling-jay · an hour ago
Is Lilith being the teacher's pet to Luz the funniest thing ever?
It's a lil weird, but definitely funny- especially since Eda apparently gets jealous of it and tries to compete...with a regular ice ball. Vs a literal sculpture of Luz.
Luz looked a bit uncomfortable when Lilith did it, but loosened up when Eda joined in lol. Gotta love that sibling competitiveness!
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sterling-jay · an hour ago
Lilith seems desperate for approval, and honestly the statue at the end with the gold star cuddling was cute but worrying. Your thoughts?
Definitely agree re: cute but worrying due to desperation for approval.
I'm hoping that it's not a thing that carries on throughout other stuff (and fades away with Luz being the teacher soon...) because I could easily see it getting into the 'do you forgive me yet, sister?!' side of things, with Lilith becoming completely overbearing while trying to be 'helpful'. Given Luz's expression when Lilith gave her the ice statue, I don't think Luz would enjoy it much either!
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sterling-jay · 2 hours ago
Escaping Expulsion
Up too early for this ep too, but my mom actually sat and watched part of it with me! I got surprise fanart of one of my Palisman Au ficlets once (printed it out, it's still on my wall. there's actually TWO!), bragged about it to her, and she......wanted to read it? Told her if she actually watched the show for context then maybe but it hasn't really happened so far. (If I'm honest, the one I'd want her to read is The Angst for an opinion on it from a mother's perspective)
Eda and Lilith really never did grow up, but for totally separate reasons
Eda really wants to be able to do magic again, hence the attempted speedrun
Lilith, who needs Structure and is a perfectionist
Essentially confirmed that there's only four (4) glyphs! I still think there could be more of them for special things- maybe a portal glyph in particular- but that might be it.
Luz might not have seen ANY of her friends from Hexside for around two weeks? (1.5 weeks at Separate Tides, + at least three days of Luz teaching glyphs).
Amity bringing in the fairy cake is cute, much less of a disaster lesbian than I thought. Still a disaster lesbian tho, she can't even look Luz in the face.
She keeps her grom picture NOT in a pocket like a reasonable person, but in her SLEEVE. Is it there for ease of access? So it won't get folded? Is she HIDING it there bc of potential pocket searches? Is she just a dramatic gay? (to that last one: yes.)
Amity really is her father's daughter; She's got his eyes and his hair, and his coven track.
I hate the gem and its implications so so so much. We knew Odalia was a control freak from when Dana told us she makes Amity dye her hair but I honestly did NOT expect it to get to this level.
Amity's performance in school has 'fallen'- how much. Like. Odalia is a control freak so it could just be from 'A+' to 'A', but maybe Amity really is having her grades suffer from just looking at Luz all class period? We don't know. I want to know.
I DO actually believe that it's not 'personal' to Odalia. Luz (& Co) could have been anyone that distracted Amity and she'd still want to teach them a lesson. Specific thoughts re: how Odalia sees people: Assets or Obstacles.
Proof that people know Luz's name isn't 'The Human' when Odalia announces it over the intercom.
Bump????? Was so unexpected??? The man is fending these kids off at every turn. With tears in his eyes? A photo album of their moments together??? He was probably simultaneously relieved and heartbroken when Eda dropped out!!
ONE OF WILLOW'S DAD'S HAS A NAME!!! We have closed captioning on for our tvs, Disney supplies half decent captions unlike SOME channels, and when Gus and Willow's dad's called, they supplied the name GILBERT. Beard Dad = Gilbert! I hope this is actually canon and it wasn't just someone randomly adding a name to differentiate the Mr. Parks
Thank you, Mr. Porter, for using your reporter voice to announce Gus being grounded.
Honestly the Parks are super (over the top maybe) caring. We don't even know if they're in the plant coven, but here they are both dropping their jobs to help Willow when she gets expelled
Them deciding to homeschool her implies to me that she can't/they don't want her going to Glandus or St. Epiderm's, and there might not be other options...
Chaotic Student Eda trying to speedrun learning glyphs by just slamming them all together, though it probably wasn't totally random experimentation; apparently there's different spell fluids in a witch's bile sac??
how do you combine glyphs I need to know
Luz: I'm here to appeal to your hearts, Blights! Odalia: No <3
Despite Separate Tides I think Luz is still feeling like a burden here, hence why she goes to Odalia solo to get her friends reinstated
Abominations have organs, according to Alador's schematics in the bg (Odalia donated her heart to science)
A Blight always upholds their end of the bargain. <- a bluff and also a control tool.
Amity goes to get Gus first, despite having known Willow longer. And then just wants to bullrush the place. ...given her apparent skill level when ripping apart the first abomination bot, this seems like a partially feasible plan.
Appropriate plans for Willow and Gus' personalities too; Root system! Cautious, takes time! vs Lady Guards! Flashy, requires some showmanship!
Ed and Em are (mostly) bros and apparently Amity can make a deadly weapon out of the notes they stuck to the back of the cloaks. Amazing.
Although it's not personal, Odalia IS still willing to take Luz out; She is A Distraction. Alador...less so. Is he not into the spectacle of it? Does he know that taking Luz out (whether that means straight up killing her or just knocking her out) would turn Amity against them? Sir what are your motivations I would like to know.
To anyone saying Luz gets her crush in this ep, ding dong, you are wrong, she's been Interested for a while
Amity's top student badge is WELL earned (or...her parent's bots are horrible, which is also possible), she's able to take out a literal specialized battle abomination out of gayness concern for her bff who makes her a better person
Of course Odalia could've stopped the fight. Amity breaking her gem to cut off the mental communication was so powerful
Also it plays into my B!Amity thoughts (did I ever publish/post those??)
Alador smiles and appears interested while watching Amity fight the bot/talk back to Odalia. Again, I ask for his motivations esp when he stops Odalia from calling 'all the authorities' (which I'm not sure I believe she'd do tbh). Does he care about Amity and her happiness and just uses Odalia's own words and Amity's power growing as a way to convince Odalia to stop messing with her? Is he stopping her because her power is growing and it was more useful not to upset her? Hello???
GG walking in is why I don't think Odalia would've called 'all the authorities'. Odalia is afraid of him and Belos. I could see her calling someone up to snitch on Luz and Eda- but I don't think she'd want to call more attention to Blight Industries and the Blight family tbqh. At the very least, she would wait until the evidence of the 'private sale' was hidden away
Belos doesn't want anyone building a private army; The Blights absolutely see the writing on the wall re: Belos and his iron fist, but I'm not sure in exactly what way. You don't have regular private sales after hours while trying to hide your identities, u kno?
Lilith is an attempted teacher's pet, and Eda wants attention too.
Eda not questioning Luz's beat up appearance (she had to have gone on fighting stuff for hours) tells me that Luz probably comes home messed up often enough for it not to be a thing to question? (She does have many misadventures after all) Or else she was just way too into the glyphs to notice, which is also possible.
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mandareeboo · 2 hours ago
I can't wait for Rayne to appear. I already want someone to write a fic where by the time Luz shows up on the Boiling Isles, she and Eda are already married, and when Eda brings Luz to the Owl House, Rayne is all 'Eda, babe, TELL me you did not kidnap a child from the human realm!'
I love how even though we've barely gotten a full profile from Rayne let alone seen them in-show we all agree that A.) this is definitely Eda's ex crush and/or partner and B.) Lilith was very jelly of them in high school
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peridaniel · 3 hours ago
some fun facts/highlights from cissy's live signing
sarah-nicole robles auditioned for mabel on gravity falls
tiny nose has a name, but what that name is is apparently a spoiler
sarah-nicole has a dog that kept interrupting the stream (not that anyone complained lol) and she scolded her in spanish at one point
sarah-nicole was also an emo kid who listened to my chemical romance, simple plan, etc religiously
luz, tiny nose, and lilith say trans rights
king was intentionally designed with a heart on his nose
the above was found out when dana vaguely alluded to a character with a heart on his nose and sarah-nicole grabbed the season 2 poster and spent like three solid minutes trying to figure out who it was (interjected by dana saying "thats not a heart. do you not know what a heart looks like?")
cissy was wearing a bad girl coven t shirt and she and everyone else apparently buy fanmade merch all the time
related to the above, sarah-nicole has a king plushie
sarah-nicole has to drink a LOT of coffee in order to voice luz
the whole cast idolizes dee bradley baker and sarah-nicole actually fangirled when she found out he voiced owl eda and other critters in the show
they also love tati gabrielle and think that she's the sweetest (this just made me very happy)
cissy unironically loves the "good luck with puberty" line because she had a really rough time in middle/high school (all three of them kinda talked about being picked on in school actually, especially SNR, which made me sad)
dana's favorite luz line is "I'm calling applesauce on this business baloney!" (though "talk to the glyph, witch!" is up there too)
one of cissy's favorite lilith lines was calling hooty a "bird worm" (her other favorites are spoilers iirc 👀)
the cast members actually booked the roles in 2018
one of the reasons dana can draw hands so well is because she was apparently made fun of for having "long, spidery hands"
sarah-nicole's favorite anime is sailor moon and she geeks out whenever the show references it
that's all I remember but I might edit with more later lol
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cottoncandysprite · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hoot Hut Meme Redraws: Adults Edition
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dtdynasty · 4 hours ago
Have you all ever had a crush on someone from another world and wanted to show how happy you are to see them that you make a Fairy Pie?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I present the Fairy Pie! Perfect to show you care to someone!
Tumblr media
This was a tough one Im not gonna lie 😭 it is filled with ground beef, cranberries sauce, nuts, and a mix of spices!
Tumblr media
For the pie crust I used a basic recipe to put it together. Then made my attempt at a lattice 😅 is now a good time to say im not a baker
Tumblr media
Unfortunately, I can not eat this because I have a mild allergy to cranberries (and most other fruit) but I had 3 people sample and surprisingly they all loved it?!? I’m still confused on that one! So if you have a crush and they like pie tell them that Owl House gave you the idea!
Tumblr media
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arrow-man-tick · 4 hours ago
My reaction to Escaping Expulsion.
Amity, your mom sucks.
Did the curse made Lilith lose some of her braincells? Her being excited is weird to watch, I don’t care if it’s adorable, it’s weird.
Oh, WOW. Gus went to puberty. Good for him.
Every time I see Odalia, I hate her more.
More Lulu and Hootcifer PLATONIC moments. (Why do people ship these two?)
Good job Gus, you stopped Luz from making a deal with the devil.
Aww, so Principal Bump does care about his students.
Dang, Luz. At least ask Amity out before proposing to her.
Titan dammit Luz, you’re only going to get hurt.
I love how Amity immidieatley knew that Luz was her replacement just by looking at the abomination.
Willow’s parents quit their jobs for her? That’s sweet and also depressing- HOP POP IS THAT YOU?!
Okay, Willow’s green dad is cool. Like he saw Gus and didn’t even bother to scold Willow or tell his husband.
I feel like that part where King gets sucked into ice is a foreshadowing.
The twins helping the teens while also trying to prank them. Sibling energy.
Can someone give Luz a break? First, she has to deal with her self-blaming for Eda losing her magic and job, (and possibly suicidal) And now her body is probably broken from all of the abominations.
Okay, WOW. Are Luz and Amity really not going to wait to ask each other out? Like seriously that line ‘Stay away from MY Luz.’
Alador is actually kind of cool despite being a neglectful pare- nevermind he’s just as bad as Odalia.
It’s a bit too soon to say that there are no more glyphs right? Also Lilith you’re trying way too hard.
So the gang has to deal with an abomination army. They just can’t catch a break.
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ammonitetheseawing · 5 hours ago
Okay, I just need to say one more thing: Luz’s teacher-student dynamic with the Clawthorne sisters is freaking A D O R A B L E (especially when coupled w/ the latter two’s competitive sibling energy). I mean, the way Lilith pretty much hugs her extra credit star at the end of the episode- frickin’- HHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH- 🥺🥺💝💝💖💖
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thisbelongsto-nohbodys · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Alternate ending to S2 E2
Honestly if they don’t make a call back to that “quiet domestic moment” joke when Eda/Lillith’s mom shows up then whats the point.
the 1st thing that popped in my head while watching the new ep are 2 scenes from previous Lumity eps
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va-draws · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
this duo was definitely a surprise, but a welcome one 💖
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