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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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groenendaze28 minutes ago
one of the workingline groen breeders is having a litter with my absolute favorite groen - the groenendael that inspired me to get my own dogs - and all i can think is that of course this is literally the one time that i Physically Cannot Get Another Dog
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heretherebedorkan hour ago
I am being actively murdered by Second Chance. Next episode is also going to kill me.
Omfg second chance anon feel free to message me questions and I'll see what I can figure out.
But, basically, you have to have heartbreak in order to have a second chance. So, right now, we have to suffer so that title works.
... I mean, literally, that's it.
This is creating all the couples and giving them a 'second chance' at love because that's the concept of the show.
And I get it.
But holy FUCK.
Two full episodes of heartbreak?
I didn't ask for this! None of us did!
Especially Chris. Poor, darling Chris. He deserves so much better than any of this. His FACE. I might have to try and gif just... him being heartbroken. Just to hurt myself.
Also, Jeno, really? REALLY? Get away from your ex! How dare you!
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goldenhourgeorgean hour ago
I missed hunter dream so much oh my god
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dargonpoopan hour ago
Tumblr media
so i know everyones talking about this page in the manhua bc it very clearly shows how uncomfortable venti is at the mere mention of celestia
but i noticed something else too
Tumblr media
a halo?
im sure this is in part because hes, u know. a god. but it also has an innocent appeal to it鈥攈alos literally symbolize innocence alongside holiness, and imo this particular shot leans into that more than simply indicating his archon status
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barefoot-n-texasan hour ago
I say "so anyways" 50 fucking and my fountain sounds like someone is peeing in the background... plus 3 mosquito bites.
i don't think videos are for me. 馃お
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mexashepot2 hours ago
The way I am in love with 袛邪褉褜褟 袘褍褉谢褞泻邪谢芯 ... her voice, singing and acting are SO heavenly powerful and goddess-like AND she is also so freaking beautiful and HOT like. how am I supposed to NOT fall in love
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cabin7-hufflepuff3 hours ago
I鈥檝e noticed a pattern with a handful of my favorite characters...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Can you see that I gravitate towards the same character in different fonts
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shiny-miltank3 hours ago
Tumblr media
haha! some snippets and previews of my upcoming patreon that is slowly but surely coming into fruition! these are the tiers all cafe + tresleches themes cause its me :) these ... actually took way longer then expected. months even cause I wanted them to come out as nice as possible. But it paid off hopefully!聽
now that I have the graphics all covered Im gonna post some content so its readily available for new patrons when its opened finally! im really excited and I hope you consider supporting me!聽
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getoutmybubble3 hours ago
if ur mental health literally hinges on being anti-xyz ship, then... uhh, that's a little concerning.
like, i get having a salt blog or an anti-xyz ship blog. that's chill; that's fine.
but when ur out here saying that u have "trauma" from other ppl hopping on ur post to respectfully refute u when u tagged a tag they follow, then... maybe take a step back and evaluate urself?
trauma is a real and genuine thing.
if u google the word "trauma," these are the results that pops up: "a deeply distressing or disturbing experience" or "emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock and sometimes leads to long-term neurosis."
when u say that u have trauma from ppl respectfully disagreeing with u regarding being anti-xyz ship, ur invalidating all the other ppl who truly do have trauma that isn't regarding a stupid tumblr post.
yes, tumblr harassment and bullying is real. yes, anons on tumblr can be vicious and horrible.
but from what i could see regarding the situation, people were j respectfully disagreeing with u.
disagreeing w other people is a part of life! it's part of being on the internet! if it was THAT upsetting to u, maybe take a break and hop offline so that u can take some time to urself!
ur mental health is far more important than being anti-xyz ship or running a tumblr blog
but please, please, please do not use trauma to describe a respectful disagreement w others. trauma isn't a word to be used lightly. it isn't j a "gen z expression" - as someone who IS gen z, i do NOT use the word "trauma" to describe respectful interactions w strangers on the internet. please j be respectful and mindful of the words that u use.
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ledeuxiemesexe3 hours ago
Even the man you are closest to, your brother, your father, your son, your husband, will look at you and think "dumb fucking cunt" if you don't coddle him or implicitly agree with everything he says and does. You are a Dumb Cunt or else you are Not Girl. You are Not Girl when you are getting along, you can talk about video games and science and ex girlfriends and joke because right now you're not a woman you're a friend. Once you disagree, once you don't want to coddle him, once you are too busy to entertain his every whim or slightest want, you are a woman again and you are a Dumb Fucking Cunt.
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i go through a lot of s15 eps for screencaps because i mean lots of jack and amara and eileen and etc but god sam鈥檚 hair in s15 is my enemy and i hate it i just want some good sam screencaps but there are so little in s15
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