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#like they'd be cute and all but
kuroolongtea · 9 days ago
your past two asks about haikyuu boys as bodyguards as well as videos of iu and her bodyguard sent me into a horrid brainrot so i apologize for this really long ask in advance! i'm not sure if celebrities always have more than one bodyguard with them unless if they’re like part of an idol group or something, but for the sake of this mental image let’s say both of the twins are assigned to protect you as your bodyguards. just that as a concept in itself is UNFAIR my gosh
they definitely bicker a lot behind closed doors (you sometimes wonder just how you got Two Literal Children as your bodyguards) and i can imagine there being a lot of banter and easy conversation between the three of you especially in the car en route to some event. but above all they care about you SO MUCH and would rather die than let anything bad happen to you; we all know how powerful and terrifying they are when they work together as a combo so you're always in good hands! i’ve seen a few pictures of a bodyguard holding an umbrella over an idol while they’re outside and if you and one of the twins were in that situation i feel like he’d make a teasing comment about how it’s like you’re a princess or something and he’s a servant holding an umbrella over you (a picture of you guys grinning at each other because of this goes viral and some people lowkey start shipping you together). i’ve also seen pics of bodyguards using a blanket or umbrella to cover an idol as they step into or exit a car and i think they’d also do that for you :}
anyways, the image of osamu cooking you meals is so cute!! he'd put a lot of work and research into making you food that's both healthy yet extremely filling and delicious, especially if you constantly have a hectic schedule. i like to think at some point you ask him to teach you how to cook some fairly simple dishes and it's very domestic and nice. the mention of a poisoning incident from the bodyguard!osamu ask actually reminded me of when yunho of tvxq was once given orange juice poisoned with super glue and he had to go to the hospital and i just know the twins would do anything in their power to prevent anything like that from happening to you; if anyone even DARES to try that on you then they’ve got a lot coming for them.
but on a more lighthearted note!! atsumu eventually makes an offhand complaint comment about how osamu doesn't nearly make him anything to eat as often as he does for you and how that is Unfair because while you may be their superior, he is the Brother!!! he says something like "yer killin' me, samu!!" and osamu, without missing a beat, is like "then perish."
you know how idols have those fansites that take pictures of them at events or at the airport and stuff? if these two were bodyguards i just KNOW they'd have fans like that LMAOOOO atsumu occasionally pulls up some pictures of him a fansite on twitter posted and asks you what you think of them. (osamu buts in. “i like this one,” he says, zooming in on atsumu’s face partly cropped out and blurred in a fantaken picture of you. atsumu nearly chucks his phone at osamu’s head.) if you comment about how he styled his hair that day he'd definitely have his hair like that more often, just because you said you liked it! he truly does value your opinion. you thought the coat he wore over his tuxedo on one especially cold day looked like it kept him very warm and comfortable? he's going to wear that more often and he may or may not be planning for when you're sleeping in the car on the way back from a fansign so he can drape it over your sleeping form.
i found some videos of iu and her bodyguard and they were too cute not to share:
link 1: i can see mattsun in this situation! he’d do something like this but tease you afterwards; i definitely feel that he and osamu are the types to look intimidating out in public but loosen up a lot more in private. also just the image of mattsun in a tux and a dark trenchcoat putting a hand on the small of your back kind of like what iu’s bodyguard is wearing in the video YOU’RE ALL WELCOME
link 2: I CAN SEE EITHER TWIN OR EVEN SAKUSA AS THIS especially at the parts when iu's bodyguard ties the ribbon of a flower crown she's wearing or when he hesitates before adjusting the headband on her head!! sakusa trying not to let it show that he’s nervous about adjusting a cute little hat on your head that looks like it’s going to fall any moment ;;w;;
link 3: I LOVE IU'S OUTFIT HERE!! also at one point there's two guys in tuxes on either side of her so may i propose. the miyas. or sakusa and atsumu. iu's so small compared to her bodyguard(s) djasdkla this is just a lot of us if we were to stand next to almost any haikyuu boy
oh yeah! before i forget, i found it cute how you included atsumu on your initial list of which boys would make good bodyguards because it directly contrasts that timestamp you did of the reader being atsumu’s stylist! like the reader in that timestamp worked under him and now it’s the opposite hehe i also am especially weak for stuff like this because i really like the dynamic of the reader being some sort of celebrity with the Boy working for them and vice versa
ANYWAYS ONCE AGAIN i’m so sorry for such a long ask, but i hope you liked it!! these boys have already got me down bad but throw in a bodyguard au where they’re constantly in tuxedos? DOWN HORRENDOUS
oh dear dskljnlasdkl down horrendous indeed
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writerfae · 10 days ago
Sera, visiting home: OH look, there's my fave brother!
Talon: Sera stop, this is embarrassing.
Sera: I wasn't talking about you. Hi Aiden!
Talon: ...
Aiden: Hi :)
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dedusmulnsfactcorner · 11 days ago
Thinking about my silly little Minecraft skin being a silly little character who goes on silly little adventures.
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sysig · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Prosecution calls to the stand, Ford (and Jess) Abebi!
#PWAA#WPPW#My art#Hehe ♪#I am incapable of making one character without giving them some kind of counterpart#Man I love them already heck#The correct pronunciation of their names is to sound like ''For da baby'' and ''Jus' a baby'' lol#I've already started thinking about alternate animation frames and how he'd interact with Phoenix ahhh#Phoenix mentions his clothing choice offhand and he calls it ''Tactical Dad Snugglewear'' lol#I have no idea what kind of trial they'd be part of - they're all murder cases from what I've seen but my fancases are always lighter#Because I have the sad to kill off my characters ;u;#And there's a baby involved! Goodness me#Maybe they were witness to a chase or car collision or something#I like the idea of Jess having secondary animations to Ford's so sometimes she's awake and sometimes she's napping#And sometimes she's stretching if her dad gets very excited just to be included hehe ♪#Ahh it's been a while since I've used that technique that I used for the camo#I'm out of practice but it was still fun and I think it looks nice :3c#I'm surprisingly happy with Jess too I think she turned out super cute for how unconfident I am in drawing children lol#I love the small and cute! Doesn't mean I'm good at drawing babies lol#I do like them both very much tho hehe ♪ They have a lot of fun options for how the testimony would work#I had the idea of Jess just kinda staring intensely into the middle distance and being simultaneously cute and a little nerve wracking haha#Haah I had fun!
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mc-lukanette · 19 days ago
You know what’s disappointing about ML? They literally haven’t provided a reason why Lukanette is incapable. From all I’ve seen so far, Luka and Marinette should still have a chance to be together but we know we ain’t getting that from this poorly written romance of a show. But overall, thank you for providing wonderful Lukanette content to heal from what is canon UwU
Thank you! UwU
What it amounts to is “because Adrien”/”because love square is endgame.” I already talked on another blog about the writer tweets that openly admitted how Adrien gets talked about when he’s not around so they “don’t lose him too long.”
It’s not a writing limitation, it’s a choice, and I could go on forever about it. The fact that they can’t give Lukanette even two episodes that don’t feel the need to shove Adrien in when he serves absolutely no purpose (note that “Truth” features Marinette breaking up with Luka due to her identity and they still had to have Adrien be mentioned over and over again) shows how sensitive they are about it. They couldn’t think of a reason to break Lukanette up and knew that “because Adrien” wasn’t enough. Saying, “because [character],” comes off lazy because it means that they haven’t put in enough effort to work on the chemistry between the main character and their endgame love interest.
The love square is an appropriate name, because “love” and “romance” is all it’s about. Note that Adrien in “The Puppeteer 2″ refers to Ladybug as “the girl I love” and not “my amazing friend” or “someone I’m close to and I’m glad to know.” Note that, when Marinette tries to call Adrien “a friend” when that is what their relationship is supposed to be “officially” at the time, people (usually Alya) are rolling their eyes or they immediately have to crack jokes and shove Marinette against Adrien so the show can wave its hands “reassuring” at its audience like, “See??? Don’t worry, she’s in love with him!” because apparently they can’t be friends if she likes him and friendship is less valuable than love (aros have it rough, man).
Also a fact that the square means needing to slow down to turn corners. It’s just not a consistent speed.
#type: salt#((There was this one show I watched where the main character was on a game show and there was this buzzer for wrong answers.))#((His love interest (not even endgame yo it's just a tease) was referred to as his ''girlfriend''))#((and he said that she wasn't yet the buzzer went off to say he was wrong.))#((He's not. They're not dating. And yet that's not what it comes down to from the view of ship bait.))#((Friendship??? What's friendship?? It's about rOmAncE... which means that friendship has to either take a backseat or just NOT exist.))#((and Lukanette isn't like that which is why I enjoy it. Luka didn't pull ANY of that stuff.))#((He was in love with Marinette and was happy being friends if she didn't want their relationship to go past that.))#((I love romance. Love love love it. You wouldn't believe how needy I am when I love someone.))#((I'll gush all day long but that's also not all it is. I don't see love as something completely separate from friendship.))#((Someone I love (who I'm not dating) doesn't become ''my crush.'' They'd become ''my friend who I happen to have a crush on.''))#((When romance is all it is then the groundwork just isn't there. And for what? Reverse love square? That'll fix everything?))#((Reverse love square doesn't fix the issue because we don't hit the stage of ''I'm in love with you but I'm your friend FIRST.''))#((The show isn't about Marinette. It's not even about Marinette and Adrien or the miraculouses or the lore.))#((It's just about the ship.))#((And that ends up being projected onto the fandom. Not everyone obviously but people who buy into the narrative.))#((Me personally? If the love square wasn't the way it was and I still preferred Lukanette then...))#((sure I wouldn't be 100% on love square endgame but give me cute fluffy Lukanette friendship))#((where they're just comfortable and so damn HAPPY to be in each other's lives))#((and would I complain? No not really. If anything I would argue that the Lukanette friendship on display runs deeper))#((than some silly romance that's essentially just a marketing gimmick.))#((But because the entirely show wraps around this whole ''LOVE SQUARE ENDGAME ROMANCE SHIP'' that's all people see))#((and no matter how Ladybug sees Chat or how Adrien sees Marinette all people care about is making theories about how IN LOVE THEY ARE))#((or the moment they'll fall in love with the other.))#((And when people discredit Lukanette they'll immediately jump to ''Marinette doesn't love Luka'' or ''Luka doesn't love Marinette''))#((and one of the writers tried to fall on the same exact thing as if their love square is some pure untouchable thing. It's not.))#((Lukanette is great because they're friends first and they don't lean on being shoved into everything even if it doesn't serve the plot.))
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othertmrkids · 21 days ago
जान | ovi&kyra saxena
“You missed dinner with us this past weekend…” Kyra Saxena-Johar’s tone wasn’t accusatory, rather curious as she brushed her fingers through her oldest’s hair. Ovi, despite his 38 years of age, rested his head easily against his mother’s lap and chuckled lightly, unable to keep the smile off his lips due to his answer of, “I was with Tahir.”
Expecting as much, Kyra bit back her own smile, having gained her intel about the situation from another one of her children rather than Ovi himself. “Doing what that was so important, hm?” She teased in a manner that her son recognized immediately, pulling a greater smile out of him. “Seeing the Eiffel Tower,” he said with the shine of the sun in his voice to recount his own memories. “He brought me there in the evening for my birthday after an entire day of showing me around his city-”
“He lives in Paris?” Kyra perked up, hand stilling against Ovi’s smooth locks. 
“He lives in Paris,” Ovi looked smug, proud of each and every part of the man who had won him over so.
“Bring me, na? Your baba always said we would take a vacation to Paris but he was so obsessed with the beach that we never got to it.”
Ovi could only laugh softly at his mother’s never-ending wonder of the world. “Alright, I’ll bring you some time when Tahi and I are a little more serious.”
Kyra frowned. “You’re not serious?”
“I- no, mama, you misunderstand,” Ovi clicked his teeth, quick to prop himself up onto his elbow, looking up at his mother with furrowed brows. “I meant when we’ve spent a little more time together, just us, learning to be us before we explore other parts of our lives together. That’s all.”
“Your lives together, hm?”
Ovi’s cheeks reddened.
“So you are serious,” Kyra probed, her gaze unrelenting on her son, who was now sinking back to lay against her lap once more. Letting a breath pass his lips, licked in a matter of self-assurance, Ovi’s rippling brown eyes met his mother’s with an answer to seal any doubt in her mind; “I love him, mama.”
Kyra burst into a grin that she could contain just as much as her son could in his own moments of pure joy. She opened her mouth a time or two so she could ask questions or possibly confirm how fit this man was for her boy, but she closed it again repeatedly, anticipating her astute child’s answer each time.
“He’s sharp as you and warm as baba,” Ovi smiled to reassure the parts of his mother that he didn’t even know needed so. And Kyra in turn leaned in to press her lips to his forehead, the corners of her eyes crinkling in happiness for the boy turned man she’d wanted only the best for his entire life long. 
“Is he funny as Dev too?” Kyra teased as she drew back, already knowing the exasperated expression it would draw out of Ovi. “Yes, yes, he’s funny too, more tactfully than Dev, if I may say so-”
“You may not! When are you bringing this Tahir of yours home, hm?” Kyra huffed, her palm falling to Ovi’s chest where he wore the ring around his neck that her husband had once used to symbolize their love. “I want to make sure a sherwani will suit him-”
“Mama!” The redness in Ovi’s cheeks crept to his neck.
“What? You don’t want to marry him, talking like that?” Kyra raised a quick brow, never allowing her children a moment of slack. 
Ovi’s lips remained parted for a moment even if he knew his answer clear as a summer day. And luckily for him, Kyra understood the expression better than any other in the world. She excitedly thumped her hand to his chest and insisted, “So it’s settled, he’ll come to Sunday dinner next week! Tell him I’ll be upset otherwise, cancelling isn’t an option.”
Holding back a roll of his eyes, Ovi smiled gradually instead. “He won’t cancel, he won’t even think about it.” 
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Oooh!! 🌙 ^_^
Me @ me: We are NOT going to give Miss Legisaskerator only blue Pokemon.
Me: ... But-
Pokemon that remind me of you/that I think would be a good fit for your team!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
send me a moon emoji and I'll assign you your Pokemon team!!
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the-golden-ghost · a month ago
#10: Breathe Again for Lupin and Fujiko?
The moon shone above the water, a shimmering disc getting closer and clearer with every kick until Lupin broke free of the surface, pulling air into his lungs. Fujiko emerged beside him a moment later. “That was five seconds more than you!” she declared.
“Maybe, but I went under first, so I win!”
“You did not, and anyway I wouldn’t put it past you to stash an oxygen tank down there - just in case.”
“I would never!” he argued, and she splashed him, and he splashed her back. “Let’s call it a tie.”
They swam back to the shore in good spirits. The beach was empty except for them - closed for the night, but that of course only applied to regular people and not criminals of their high standing and knack for avoiding police patrols. Not that there would be any, anyway. The real trouble would have been avoiding lovebirds out for a midnight dip and teenagers gathering to drink and skirt the law.
When they were back on land, she ran and he chased her, and when he caught up they rolled together into the sand, still slick and wet from the water, and when they kissed, she tasted like salt and waves. She put her hand out to test a gentle wave rolling up to tickle their feet, and he watched in amusement, never seeing it coming when she suddenly scooped up a handful of muddy sand and slapped it onto his head, bolting away when he recoiled.
“Hey! Get back here!” he shouted, reaching to grab her, but she was quick and headed, laughing, for the dunes.
Lupin was laughing now too. “You’d better run!” he called.
“You’re too slow, anyway!” she taunted back, and he started chasing her again, weaving around the dunes and grasses on the far side of the beach. He finally caught up to her by going around one of the hillsides and catching her off guard in the front, where he grabbed hold of her and starting tickling.
“Payback time!”
“No! Lupin!” she shrieked, trying to squirm free, but he held her tight. 
“Lupin, please!” she turned and looked up at him pleadingly, and he stopped short. He never could resist her when she looked at him like that, but the minute he relaxed his grip she dumped a second handful of sand onto his head. 
“Hey...” he spluttered. It was hard to see with sand and mud in his face, but he didn’t need to see to know it when she put her arms around his neck and kissed him again. His heart softened again, and he squeezed her tight, picking her up and spinning her around when she broke away, just so he could get a look at her with the moonlight on her hair and the stars all around her face. She was dazzling, but there was barely a time when she wasn’t.
She laughed as they whirled about before Lupin slowed and set her gently back down on the sand, and they walked up to the crest of the dune to catch their breath and look out over the water. 
For a while they stood watching the waves roll and glitter in the dim pale light. Fujiko turned towards him after a moment, her eyes bright. 
“You’ve got sand in your hair,” she whispered.
“So do you,” he said in return, smiling. When she reached up to check he dumped a clump of it onto her head, making her yelp. 
“Oh, come on, you didn’t expect me to stay at zero for two now, did you?”
She paused for a moment to shake most of it loose from her hair, then started to giggle. “I guess not. But just you wait, Lupin,” she leaned up to kiss his nose. “I won’t forget that in a hurry.”
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aphroditegifs · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
she would’ve been with us.
#twedit#stallison#stallisonedit#allison x stiles#stiles x allison#UNDERRATED BESTIES!!!!!#do i want them to kiss? yes but i want everyone to kiss#i also tried not to include moments that i would have to cut scott out of it bc that bugs me personallylike i dont wanna#erase scott? to push. the bestie narrative. you know.but i did crop him out of that woods scene im sorry#i just think theyre so cute in that scene. her chin on his shoulder. theyre BESTIES#i wish they'd gotten more screen time becaues i think they're so sweet genuinely like it's really just.#like scott and stiles take care of each other! and now allison is there and they're all doing stuff together#and they're all still young and new and fresh and wideeyed and obviously scott's people are stiles'#so scott takes to her so stiles takes to her#and i wish stiles and kira had gotten a similar thing!! they do have sweet moments and like stiles had a love interest#so screentime was diff etc and also just the writing and the balance of things had to chagnge as they had more stuff going on etc etc#but there's something so sweet about the original three (and then four once lydia gets further involved) taking care of each other#and caring about each other#and frankly if i had to choose i do in fact want scydia besties to win over stallison besties so im glad they DID#but i do love stallison besties i think they're so sweet and like just the way the show kind of splits pre and post allison#and how allison is a reminder of simpler times getting harder but not THIS hard and i think too#how stiles and allison really did help each other come into their own as human members of scott's pack (THE ORIGINAL PACK!)#i've been talking for so long i just think they're so sweet and you can see how comfy they are with each other in the few scenes they had#OH SHIT UHHH#DEATH TW#SORRY#also i think that scene in 302 where he's like OKAY! SOME MANGLING!! GET OVER IT is an underrated bestie moment#i see that scene so mcuh but never as a bestie moment theyre BESTIESSSS#also scott's little nod as hes saying thats  an important distinction. theyre so cute#its not in this set but just know that it was cute
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restinpeacesensei · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
#boueibu#akoya gero#arima ibushi#kusatsu kinshirou#kinshiro kusatsu#kittykoya#my art#my comic#talisman975 AGVHSFGD THANK YOU FOR WANTING THIS TO BE A TV SHOW!!!! >/////< im suuper honored you would watch sc kitties being cute!!!!!#your kind words inspired me to finish this Kitty SC drawing as well ;;/////;; thank you soo much!! >////< i want to watch them tooo;;;;;#i would also love a tv show of nothing but sc kitties being cute afvgsfgd they'd be sooo cute animated!!! thank you for this idea omg!!!#they are always animated and running around in my heart;; ;;////;;#AND THANK YOU!!!! IM SO HONORED I KILLED YOU AGAIN WITH CUTENESS!!! BUT I THINK I SHOULD GIVE YOU A TREATMENT PLAN!!!! T////T#a little akoya angel arrives with love & medicine once a day just in case it happens again T////T#silvormoon THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SWEET COMMENTS!!! >/////< you noticed all the things i hoped people would notice afvgsg wahhhh!!#it made me so happy you said oh gosh this is cute ;;////;; it made me feel like they were really really cute and im happy!!! >/////<#i love how you noticed kinshirou's shy little poke!! ;;w;; i love how you described it that way!! it sounds so little and cute wahhh;; >///<#and i love how you make a little story about how they're investigating the blankets with such serious care!!#it sounds like they're approaching it with such careful and intrepid scientific curiosity!#there are risks but they Must know the answer. this could be a very important discovery!!#AND OMG HOW CUTE IS IT THAT YOU SAID THEY JUST FLOPPED DOWN ON THE FLOOR LIKE REAL KITTENS??? >////< they totally did I LOVE THIS!!!!#'everyone will have to walk around them' afvghsfgb that's SO CUTE wahhh thank you so much for saying this that's adorable!!!! >/////<#i love it so much;;; thank you so much for such soft words omg you make them sound sooo cute and precious!!! \;;/////;;/#im so happy wahhhh;;; T/////T
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