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#like how is everyone so pretty
crazywritingbookworm · 3 hours ago
I mayyyy have a YouTube channel
That I mayyyyyyy draw on
Would anyone possibly want to give me criticism?
Like honest criticism?
Like not "Oh its all horrible" or "Oh its all amazing" like genuine criticism on what I could change or fix.
I'm not very good but I want to improve.
Besides, I want to know what I should fix before I head into any big projects.
Message me/send an ask saying you'd like to help me out!!
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mango-dolphin · 11 hours ago
one of these fuckin days i’m gonna submit you freaks to my puella magi madoka magica / the magnus archives crossover fix-it fic where homura comes to terms with her deep, irrevocable humanity while the fears are co-opted by more advanced, alien forces and rolled into the entropic economy and you’ll all have to watch while sayaka admits she learned english just so that she could learn homestuck
#tma#the magnus archives#pmmm#puella magi madoka magica#au#alternate universe#the night i first devised this i felt SO deranged. like how would an au like that even work i asked myself#when i am Told that a media becomes opened up to the multiverse i simply go well i can make whatever crack i want now can't i#and my mind just went on this odyssey of like. a college au homura & madoka in a world where they were able to grow up#and there are hints that homura is still a magical girl but like. she's trying to just put her past behind her#homura and madoka are roommates. homura and madoka are art students#the two are in a very close friend group with sayaka kyouko and mami#OH and nagisa. but considering she's much younger than everyone else i'd imagine she's still in high school#(and mami is probably a college senior of some kind)#but anyways the premise is that sayaka keeps trying to introduce everyone to some fun content and media for kicks#she happens to spitball the magnus archives to homura and homura becomes pretty Obsessed w/it#(i'd like to imagine homura & sayaka learned english for different reasons but madoka's english knowledge is not the best)#(madoka and homura like to watch movies together but while madoka isn't good w/horror at all she keeps insisting to sit w/homura whenever#she finds a new horror property to eat up. and this homura fuckin LOVES horror. she's a little embarrassed by it)#oh this is like . i have enabled myself to ramble LMAO#anyways the fears DO end up in this au but like. since there's kyubey and megucas and despair it manifests oddly#in short the fanfic is supposed to be about homura's inherent undeniable humanity in the face of the extreme inhuman circumstances#that being a magical put her through#there's quite a few parallels between witches doppels and avatars imo#not to mention homura would make an EXCELLENT web avatar#i don't think i'd be able to fit it well into the fic but kyouko would be a great deso avatar as well.#mami corruption; sayaka lonely; madoka....... um. extinction really#only gave a second's thought to it but nagisa could be a slaughter avatar but that's only because of ep 3 first impressions#nagisa is avatar of the fucken kid#of being a child
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bastardmanvibes · a day ago
teenage macdennis coffee shop au dennis is a barista at starbucks and it’s his first day and mac comes in and asks for a cappuccino but he meant frappuccino and when he tries to give it to him he’s like UM i said CAPPUCCINO so dennis throws it at him and he gets third degree burns on his face and he’s fired immediately
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a-stars-art-blog · a day ago
FREND! YES! Everyone gets a chance (sorta?) to shine and misumi’s growth is p cool~ I think u’ll get to see part of it in ep12??
the downside is that fan translation is only up to ch11. Currently there’s 196 chapters released in japan, so there’s... a long way to go xD
If u dont mind reading the og then u can try using mangaone (mangawan?) app in android! I heard that u can read up to a certain number of chapters a day. I found a site but, like, theres so much p0rn ads and it’s oldest chapter is 135 so u get spoiled with future matches if that matters to u.
FREND TOT Yeah I can tell we're probably gonna get something with Misumi in the next episode. After THOSE last 5 minutes, doing him so dirty like that, bruh I'm angry but I'm excited at the same time.
Yesterday I looked up the manga and found out how behind the translation is lol sad.
I ended up searching around Twitter for content and I saw some og panels featuring Misumi and they looked COOL AS HELL. I'm conflicted if I want to try looking at the og. I feel like I won't get the amount of dopamine I would If i was reading it and actually understanding what they're saying. Actually reading the context and Misumi's mindset will probably make it bigger impact for me....BUT AT THE SAME TIME, I really want to see him kick ass. I don't really care about being spoiled so I think I'll wait for the anime to end. If I'm satisfied and/or willing, I'll wait for a season 2. But if i'm just ITCHING, I might go dig for the og chapters
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azenta · 2 days ago
To continue on the last rant...
#the two guys finally admitted. one saturday the other sunday. it finally concluded repatively well for these two#at least more so for one of the two who made some realisation. the other... not so much. still to be watched tbh.#but still. the others i had a doubt about were still on thin ice this weekend.#and pretty sure they did much more than we will ever really know. but that's on them acting dumb in therapy.#at least the dude that is like my ex finally leave tomorrow. and god im relieved.#he insisted idk how many time to just casually hang out after his therapy with some others from the therapy#and i refused and explained politely all while being firm that it wasnt possible each single fucking duckling time#no dude. you dont understand. this one rule protects my ass from people like you.#you have your own suffering yes but when it threatens my own well being i swear ill protect myself against it.#he acted like a dick tonight with his therapy buddy by inventing that other of my colleagues organized a gathering with other clients#around the end of june. and then started laughing at me when i straight out said 'no it's false' to the shit they said.#as some form of way to make me doubt and convince me to come. like. my dudes. im not naive. i swear im not.#im in fact extremely fucking distrustful. when i go along it's because of that retarded stupid ass people pleasing pattern i have.#but when you hit the 'doubt' box in my mind...#i swear you wont have the time to process wtf is happening that i will be gone and far away from your orbit#and you triggered that box the day you arrived at the center. so dont expect to get away with some disgusting manipulative tactics#anyway...#im just glad he's finally leaving. the worst is everyone liked him. because dudes like him are sadly charismatic af.#tho also im aware he had great qualities and isnt fundamentally a bad person. but he still has that destructive side with people unhealed#it's only a question of time...#im still angry and wary x1000 about that shit that happened this evening...#lets bet he'll try to reach me out some way or another at some point in the next few weeks...#i really hope not tho... i hope im just being overly distrustful#rant#personal
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onrainynights · 2 days ago
ah. she died. that's unfortunate.
#feeling very Conflicted but I think ultimately sad#I didn't know her but I knew of her and what I knew wasn't exactly good#but she was a person and just. too young#and I know she had friends and family who are undoubtedly in a lot of pain now#and people I know I saying it's 'karma' but like.#nobody deserves to die and especially not before they're even an adult#like no matter how much I know she hurt people like me this IS a tragedy#and it really sucks that most of the people hearing about her death now never knew her as a person#and only knew the bad things she said/did as an impressionable teenager probably surrounded by family and friends with similar ideology#like. this is sad. even if she had hurt me personally it would still be sad but people are making jokes#and I KNOW it would still be sad because pretty much the exact same thing happened almost exactly a year ago#except the things that kid said weren't broadcasted to everyone#nobody knew that he'd said those things except me and a few others who were there#like. this kid HAD hurt me personally but I was still sad when he died! because it is just intrinsically sad when someone dies so young#REGARDLESS of the things they've said and done it IS sad#because those kids had people who LOVED them#and those people didn't deserve to lose them and those kids did not deserve to die#this is just. very upsetting.#like I get it guys I didn't like her either! but making jokes about a girl who died HOURS ago somehow 'deserving it' is NOT okay#God I hate this town#death tw
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vespertine-legacy · 3 days ago
Some fun moments from last night while progging Apex...
Vi, sometime around like... 4th pull: [surreptitiously drops legacy bank] rest of the raid: whatcha doin’ there, Vi? Vi: oh, nothin... just... you know... grabbing my gear... rest of the raid: VI???? me, who has healed Vi naked through two bosses without letting her die: pffft, gear just slows you down Vi: Right??? Pol (other healer): Doubt
On the pull where we tried having Frenzy also run for stims during voltinator “because Apex doesn’t move during voltinator anyway”
Ash: oh that’s not good (because Apex moved while Frenzy was out of position and started dropping acid puddles in Very Bad Spots) me: [throwing hots on Ash, Princess, Frenzy, and myself, popping a defensive and hydraulics, and running through the acid puddle to get back into position] it’s fine Ash and Princess: [go the long way to get back into position to avoid the acid puddles] Ash: oh no, oh no, oh no Princess’s HP: [plummeting] me: it’s fine
I don’t remember when this exchange happened but:
me: [with tears streaming down my face from too many pulls without blinking] can someone please remind me to blink at like, any point during this fight? because when it starts getting hairy, I don’t, and this fight is entirely too long for that Princess: OH MY GOD, SAME
Anyway, on our last pull, we got him down to like 25% and then the entire server lagged so hard that Apex just straight up froze for all of us but Frenzy for like 10 straight seconds, so Frenzy was just like “voltinator,” expecting us to, you know, do our jobs for voltinator, but no one could do anything, so Frenzy was like “um, voltinator,” with a little more feeling, but we still couldn’t do anything, and then he insta-killed us.
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m4yoshino · 3 days ago
thinking abt downloading twst but i don't know shit about it and i only understand basic japanese <//3
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