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#like he put so many herbs in it
lovely-v · 4 days ago
4, 11 and 16 for the Tolkien ask thing :D -🌱
4. If you could have lunch with one character, who would it be and why?
I feel like the ONLY answer to this question is Sam because does he not canonically make the best food? cannot think of a character whose cooking goes off as much as his. remember when he made that soup? i do.
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imagine-t-h-a-ttt · 10 hours ago
The (Un)Invited Guest (Xue Yang x Reader)
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1,204
Summary: You’re not married, yet Xue Yang calls you his wife. He upsets you with his cruel words one day and tries to earn your forgiveness. 
You lived in a hut in the woods, just outside your village. You didn’t get many guests, usually just desperate travelers and people from the village that heard rumors that you knew magic and could cure illnesses. The truth of the matter was that you just knew what herbs to give sick people and you were very superstitious and had an overabundance of talismans and good luck charms. Although, despite your lonely existence, you had one constant in your life. 
Xue Yang. 
You didn’t remember how you became friends, but he showed up out of the blue every now and then, spending as little as an hour at your home or spending weeks with you. Rumors spread quickly in your village, saying you were harboring a demon in your home, keeping people away when Xue Yang visited. When he left, though, people started to see you again. 
Picking flowers and vegetables one day, you paused when that cocky voice was heard up the hill. 
“What’s for dinner, wife?” He said, teasingly, walking leisurely down the flower-covered hill. You shook your head with a small smile. This was your routine and that was the nickname had given you. 
“I’m cooking rabbit over the fire with rice and vegetables.” You told him, nonchalantly. Xue Yang lipped his lips, which made your face heat up. 
“Such a nice wife I have to cook me meals and keep a bed open for me.” He sang, walking to your hut. You laughed at his antics. 
“The villagers think I made a pact with a demon.” You told him to which he laughed loudly. 
“They’re just jealous is all.” Xue Yang, shrugged, watching you get up and wipe your hands on your apron. 
“Your village is full of a bunch of strict prudes who couldn’t possibly understand our relationship.” He went on, going into your home. You gathered up your herbs and followed him, hanging them up to dry by the window. 
“And what is our relationship?” You asked, feigning uninterest. Xue Yang ignored the question, touching the dried plants you had around. He sniffed the air, heading to the back of the hut where you were spinning rabbit meat over a fire. His mouth was watering, only eating poor excuses for foods up until now. 
You packed a wooden bowl full of rice, chopping up some vegetables to put on it and then cutting up the smoking rabbit meat into strips. You handed the bowl to Xue Yang and he ate happily, filling his belly with your cooking. You brought out some sweets that you got in town, letting your “husband” have his fill. 
“Xue Yang, be serious with me, why do you call me your wife? We’re not married and we’re definitely not courting.” You said, poking at the flames as the sun was going down. Xue Yang didn’t want to get into this. What was he supposed to say? The truth? The fact that in a reckless life, he liked the small bit of consistency he had with you? That he liked the feeling that you were incorruptible? That ever since you found him wounded in the woods and healed him even as he threatened you the whole time, he had a soft spot in his heart for you? That he wanted to marry you, but felt like everything he touched died? 
“No one else is going to, so it’s my job to do it instead.” He said cockily. When he looked at your face, he knew it was the wrong answer. The cruel answer. 
“Get out.” You said, evenly. 
“What? Stop being dramatic. You know that-” 
“You don’t have to love me, but you don’t have to be cruel to me, either.” You snapped. “Find somewhere else to stay the night and don’t come back unless you plan on being decent.”
Xue Yang rolled his eyes, grabbing his sword at your door and leaving the hut. On his way to the village, he hit himself multiple times on the head. How could he be so stupid to have said something like that? 
He found an inn to stay at for the time being, but he wanted more than anything to go back and be with you until he had to move on. He didn’t like starting fights with you, but he liked to press your buttons. Usually, you were lighthearted and never took his words seriously. So why did you find offense in that? Xue Yang wracked his brain, trying to understand why you were so upset. 
“Oh.” He muttered to himself. Maybe you felt like everything you touched died, too. Even though you were a healer, you had no friends. You had no acquaintances. All you had was.  .  . Xue Yang. He kicked himself over this, feeling stupid that he had rubbed your loneliness in your face like that. 
Now that he knew what he did wrong, he needed to find out how to fix it. He stayed at the inn for the night, but the next day he started wandering the market. Nothing there was anything you liked. He looked at jewellery. He looked at brooches. He looked at combs and baskets and toys. Nope. Frustrated, he went into the woods.
Xue Yang stopped stomping around when he saw a patch of dried up, dead flowers. They were a pretty dark red, probably much brighter when it was alive. He remembered the drying plants in your home and started picking as many of the dead flowers as he could. He walked around the forest some more, putting smooth rocks in his pockets, catching a beetle and wrapping it in a cloth. After he found some bird feathers and some dried up yellow flowers, he headed in the direction of your hut. 
You sat in the shade of a tree, arms crossed, your head tilted back and your eyes closed. Xue Yang took in your appearance, your peace, your ease. You opened your eyes slowly, staring up at him. You quirked a brow at all the things he was carrying in his hands. 
Xue Yang sat in front of you, handing you the bundle of dead flowers. You looked at them carefully, noticing he had pulled his hair ribbon out to tie the stiff stems of the flowers together. It was.  .  . actually beautiful. He started laying out the five rocks he found and unwrapped the iridescent beetle he found for you. 
“Apology accepted.” You said, taking the things from him. He didn’t need to say the words and you knew he probably wouldn’t. You were smart enough to know what this was, though. 
“What’s for dinner, wife?” He asked, grinning when he saw the small smile spread on your face. You ran a hand over your hair, picking up the rocks and flowers and colorful beetle. 
“Soup, husband.” You said, standing up and heading in the hut. Xue Yang stood up, too, but watched for a moment. You paused in the open doorway, looking over your shoulder with a brightness in your eyes. 
“Are you coming or not?” You asked. Xue Yang followed, his heart beating like the wings of a moth to the flame. 
That was the first time you had ever called him husband.
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song-of-storms162 · a day ago
A package for Xiao
A short fic based on Zhongli’s voiceline about Xiao. Warning: Contains spoilers for Liyue arc!
Word count: 0.5k words
If you are an experienced adventurer with certain destinations in mind, perhaps you would like to take up a courier commission from the guild. Teyvat is not entirely safe with its monsters and creatures so the Adventurer’s guild usually places courier commissions under mid tier to high tier. The quality of the commission depend on the locations, the people and the objects involved. Accompanying the letters, packages or special someones are no easy feat so new adventurers are not allowed to take up these commissions unless they have reached a certain adventurer’s rank.
When Xiao began visiting Wangshu Inn, it wasn’t long before a package came to follow him. It’s contents? Painkillers, medicines, herbs to use or mix on the fly along with high quality almonds (for almond to fu and sweet dreams) and lastly, a box of tea leaves. There is no sender’s name or address and the recipient’s name is ‘For the conqueror’.
Verr Goldet knows to leave the package on the balcony with a pot of water, an empty teapot and a single cup for Xiao to use. And Xiao always ensures to leave the tea set and pot in the sink of Wangshu Inn’s kitchen.
But when news of Rex Lapis’ death came, Xiao wondered if he would still receive that package. If not from Rex Lapis, then Ganyu perhaps? Ganyu at least knew where or how to acquire the items of his package. But with all her duties as secretary, Xiao doubted she would remember or have time.
He contemplated going to the other Adepti for advice but he wasn’t sure how. So many years of purging Liyue of its demons had left him hesitant to question things outside of fighting.
He heard from the Tianquan about her dream that Rex alpis was alive but Xiao did not know how to ask. But Xiao realised he didn’t have to. The day Goldet left the usual wrapped package with the usual teaset and pot of water, he felt something stir in him. An emotion he hadn’t felt in a long time.
Xiao wordlessly opened his package, found its usual contents intact and set up a cup of tea for him to drink. Had his Archon made arrangements so Xiao could always receive his package? Xiao wondered before another thought came to him.
‘He really is still out there’, Xiao gulped the tea down with the painkillers. And a small part of him was hoping he could one day meet Rex Lapis again. Hope and longing, emotions he hadn’t felt in a long time.
Xiao finished his tea and carefully put his package away into a pocket of a realm before gazing up at the sky, wondering what he should say when he meets his Archon again.
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twstidiot · a day ago
Chapter 10
Tumblr media
Little Match Maker
Summary: Your life motto is “I have the power of god and anime on my side, don’t mess with me,” and you stand by that with your life. No human, magician, or random creature could ever stop your firm belief in it.
However, getting transported to this world that seemed to turn your already bad luck worse was not what you wanted to be in your life story, but you made the most of it. Making friends, enemies, and disasters, you were in your prime in this world, and so you decided to help as many people as you could flourish, at least what you believed to be.
Chapter 1:5 i’m jared 19 and i never learned how to read
Warnings: Curse words, implied sex jokes
Words: 3.4k
Relationships: developing but future twstxreader
Chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9
You three made it to homeroom right before the final bell rang, meaning none of you were late which was boring in your opinion. Being fashionably late especially on the first day just shows character. 
The classroom was full of caldrons like from Harry Potter but also full of lab coats like a science lab. There were also just shelves with glass covering them full of plants that you have never seen before and ones you hoped to never touch because you are 100.69% sure they can kill you. Then, there were just shelves of bottles of potions like in the movies which you also did not want to touch not for fear of death but because they could turn you into a frog or something which sounded kinda cool now that you thought about it. Still, you were not going to do it.
Your teacher, however: a hottie. He obviously knows about style and fashion if his dual colored hair and his fur coat are anything to go by. He also had a perfectly shaped face with sharp eyes that you just couldn’t look away from. The whip in his hand told you enough about his life outside of school, and the collar at the end of it also told you enough. This man was def not someone to disrespect, and ngl he could yell at you. That’s for another time; you just hoped you could stare at the man for the entire class. 
Once you and your three friends put the lab coats and goggles on and went to your seats (you assumed because Ace and Deuce dragged you there), the gorgeous man started to lecture, “I see you’re the fresh new faces who will be joining my class today.” He walked around the classroom and gazed at everyone’s figure. “Hm~ What an unusual hair color. Not bad at all, I say. Be careful not to take too long to finish, understood?” He made it to your group of seats near the back and stopped, “My name is Divus Crewel.” His gaze was caught on you for a couple of seconds until he returned to walking around the classroom, “You shall refer to me as Master Crewel, if you please.” He had the most miniscule smirk when he turned back to meet your eyes. 
You turned to Ace with your wide eyes and muttered, “Please tell me he gets you hot and bothered too.” 
Ace just glared and spat back at you, “Only you are dealing with those feelings.” 
Master Crewel clapped his hands twice, “Come, settle down. It’s time for class to begin. First off, a few disclaimers.” 
The entire class ceased the side conversations, and you even placed the weight of your chin on your hands with your elbows on the desk so you could balance your newfound crush for him.
The magnificent man just lightly placed the edge of the whip on his desk, “I shall have your tiny brains remember hundreds of names of medicinal herbs and poisonous plants. And mushrooms are a whole different topic. I’ll have you remember them so that you don’t accidentally poison yourself if you eat some when you go for a walk. Dogs love to eat anything they see, after all.I don’t want to see anyone getting a failing mark during the exam, so I shall be as strict as I can.”
You don’t even remember what he was saying, but you just nodded the entire time. This was a class you knew you were going to stay awake in. Your eyes were still stuck on his figure, and you knew just from looking at him that you may not have a failing grade because you bet you were going to ask for help. 
Your three idiots were seemingly having a conversation next to you while your brain was stuck in your fantasies of after school tutoring. 
Your mind was stuck in your fantasy until the end of class when someone had to use his textbook to smack the back of your head, “Ouch!” You spun around only to find Grim and Ace behind you with a textbook in Ace’s hand. 
 Grim snickered out behind you, “You deserved that, Prefect. Even I, the Great Grim, was paying more attention in this boring class.” By the end of the sentence he sighed all of it out. 
“Come on. Let’s not be late.” Deuce grabbed his stuff and motioned to your group to leave. 
You lightly and neatly put up your lab coat and goggles because male Cruella De Vil was still situated at the front of the class, and you had to look good in front of him. 
“Have a great day!” You gushed out while frantically waving at the man to give him a proper farewell. 
Ace slapped your hand down once you exited the room, “Can you please stop? It’s getting real disgusting.” 
You blew a raspberry at him while the four of you were on your way to your next class, “Oh, shut up and let me be a simp.”
“A what? You know what I’m ignoring you.” Ace shook his head and sighed at your comments. 
The conversation stopped after that when you began to make your way up stairs to get to your next class. You had to go up two flights of stairs which ended with you leaning along a wall, red-faces, and out of breath by the middle of it. 
“Hurry up, supervisor,” Deuce advised. 
You hissed, “Shut up.”
The three of you arrived at your next class which Decue said was “something-something history.” And you were actually kind of excited because you have no clue what has happened in this world, and it is gonna be so different with magic and everything.  
You three took seats near the middle of class, so all of you could still concentrate but still talk some. This class room was structured much more like a lecture hall than the past one with a chalk board at the front behind a teacher desk and desks being on different platforms going up, and so your group had to go up a couple of stairs to get to where you claimed were your seats. 
The class all took their seats and shut their mouths once an older man without a uniform came into the classroom carrying a cat. 
The cat had your full attention for this class because you now have the human desire to pet and love the cat as one should. 
Once the professor sat down with the cat on his lap, he introduced himself, “I am Trein, the professor in charge of Magical History. And this is my familiar, Lucius. I shall have you learn the history behind the magic that you are using now.”
Lucis, the cute little black cat who had a hint of white on his front right under his head, confirmed Professor Trein’s previous statements with a “Meow.”
It took a couple of seconds for you to process the Professor’s words, but once you did you turned to Deuce who was located to the left of you and blurted out, “Wait, is Lucius a real cat? What's a familiar? Can I not pet him? OMG, what if he can understand what I’m saying. That cannot be it-”
Professor Trein cut you off midway with another Lecture (Deuce was just gazing at you with disappointment in his eyes), “I do not only grade by your reports, but also by how you behave in my classroom. I will not tolerate sleeping in class. Now then, please turn to page 5 of your textbooks. This is related to the magic stone that was discovered inside the Dwarf Mines.”
You were taken aback by everything, but you also realized that you did not have a text book. You didn’t even have a book bag or pens, so you turned to Deuce to only flutter your lashes and pout at him until he shared his textbook with you and gave you lose leaf and a pen. 
Lucis decided to bring his voice into the conversation, “Meow.”
“The discovery of this jewel led to magical energy being able to spread worldwide. It could also be considered as the 1st year magic was made possible.” Professor Trein continued his lecture, and you were actually actively taking notes because this was like some wack anime and you had to know the full plot line.
Ace yawned into his hand when you gazed at him. 
And Deuce was taking notes but his eyes were also beginning to close, “Oh…! The Dwarf Mines, huh… Oh…! Magical energy, huh…” You had to kick him to keep him awake.
Grim rested his head on the desk, “Ugh… I want a more explosive and flashier magic class!”
You could only sigh at the three idiots not paying attention while your pen kept on writing. 
By the end of the class and the lecture was over, all three of the spots next to you were occupied with asleep idiots. You put your stuff into your pockets and got up to nug Grim on his shoulder for him to wake up. His head slowly lifted up with his eyes still closed, so you decided to just carry him to the next class. He was in your arms by the time you got everything together and moved onto the other two idiots asleep. 
You kicked Deuce in the calf who jumped up immediately and rushed to get everything together, and then moved onto Ace to pull his hair. Ace stayed still until you found a certain spot of hair closest to his neck and pinched it and tugged on it. That had him reaching for your hand to stop your actions and had him awake and ready to move. 
“Get up, class already ended.” You let go of his hair to move to the walkway of the classroom. 
Ace shook his head to wake himself further up, “Okay.. but why did you have to pinch me so hard?”
“Were you gonna wake up by yourself?”
“I think you see my thought process, then.” You shrugged your shoulders while the two remaining boys got their things together. After that all three of you were off to your next class, causing you to walk down stairs and through hallways until the three of you made it to a field outside.
The boys made you drop off your stuff, which wasn’t much anyway, and Grim in order to go and change into a P.E. uniform. Apparently, in the locker room, there were some extra uniforms for you to change into. 
The locker room stunk of mold and fungus from somewhere in the corners of the room, but Deuce led you to a bin of uniforms. He just pulled the first one from the pile and gave it to you. It was a bright green shirt with a dragon or lizard on it. Then, he gave you a black jacket with yellow stripes on the sleeves and a pair of pants with a faded royal purple stripes on parts of the pants. Seems were also ripped out of certain parts of the uniform with most of the colors being lightly faded. Looking at the uniform as a whole, it was definitely going to be too large on you. 
You thanked Deuce while he was walking away to the right side of the locker room, and then, you got moving. You observed the locker room to see if there were any bathrooms and to your luck, toward the back there was another door which led into the bathroom. You entered the next room to find no line and no one in the last stall. On your way to the stall, you passed up a bulky male with silver-white animal ears on his head in a yellow uniform who was washing his hands. You set foot in the final stall to only find the toilet flooded and writings all over the wall, causing you to let out a sigh and shut and lock the door just happy you did not have to use the restroom. 
Once dressed, you took your cloak and other clothes and walked out of the stall to wash your hands. Looking in the mirror was not on your to-do list, so you kept your eyes stuck on the faucet and your hands because the headache from the rat’s nest on your head and the slight pain from parts of your face gave you all the information you needed. You left the restrooms and found a deserted area where many lockers were empty. You threw your clothes in one of the middle lockers, closed it, and took account of the number of the locker. 
You left the locker room to see that you were one of the final people to get dressed and get out of the locker room. Grim, Ace, and Deuce were seated on the ground near the back of the group, and you made your way to them with many different eyes on you. 
The hulking man blew his whistle to get everyone in the class and started a speech, “I’m Vargas and I’m in charge of watching over your physical education.Excellent magic starts with excellent bodies! Behold…! These muscles that I train every day! A magician with no stamina is unspeakable! First, do 20 laps around the field! And then, 100 sit-ups!” He blew the whistle again and threw his pointer finger out the motion for you all to start your laps.
The three of you jumped up from your spot on the ground and slowly walked over to the track. 
Ace grimaced at the teacher, “Eh… I don’t hate exercise, but I can’t handle teachers like him.”
“I have confidence in my physical abilities,” Deuce had his hands on his hips and was twisting his torso around to stretch it. 
Grim shook his head, “What's so fun about running around? I’m not a hamster, yanno?”
You just sighed and joined the group of students starting to run. Ace, Deuce, Grim, and you slowly joined the middle of the group in a jog around the field. 
You were left pondering for a second about everything and anything and your mind went straight to how you could get out of the stuffy cloak because even if you did look like an adventurer you could not stand to wear it in the heat all the time. So you started up a conversation:
“Yo, Deuce,” You bumped arms with him, making Deuce’s eyes slowly drifted to your figure, “Do you know where I could get a school uniform? Is there like a store or something nearby?” 
Deuce contemplated your question for a couple of seconds until he snapped his fingers, “There is a shop on campus that has everything. We could stop there after school today.” 
“Well, that’s one thing covered,” Your feet were still in a constant jog, but they started to cramp in some areas, “I hope they have a clearance section.” 
The rest of PE was much more strenuous than you expected. This teacher thought that all of you were Olympic Athletes with all the work he is making you do, but looking at some of the students here (the green shirt-green haired fellow who is racing down the track whenever possible and the furry male who you saw in the bathroom earlier). Everyone was doing better than you. Even Grim. 
However, the exercises were soon over and you were all allowed to go back to the locker rooms and change. You were for now stuck lying on the ground wheezing from the physical activities you just completed in the past hour. Ace and Deuce went back to get changed and Grim is asleep on the grass behind you. 
“You okay?” A male’s voice could be heard from somewhere above you, but you were too drained to even move your eyes to see who it was. 
You groaned, “Don’t mind me. I’m just slowly decaying.” 
The male was speechless for a second and did not respond until your eyes fluttered open the slightest bit, “Do you want water? Or the nurse?” 
“No, oh gracious savior, but I’d rather you leave me here to be eaten by the birds.” You shut your eyes, listening to Grim groan besides you.
“Um...okay. Please get better,” The male’s footsteps could be heard walking away. 
You stayed there for about another hour in your head just trying to breathe in and out and maybe even fall asleep until a kick was landed on your side. 
“Get up, you lazy ass.” Ace was blessing you with his presence and his torment.
You hurled your body forward and up to grip Ace’s foot which was making its way to your side again, “Don’t you have a sense of common courtesy to not kick someone when they are dying?” 
“You aren’t dying, but you are wasting our break time.” Ace groaned and pulled his foot out of your grip, “So go get dressed.”
Rolling your eyes, you gathered yourself and stood up to make your way back to the changing rooms. You left Grim to be with Ace, so you hoped those two would not cause problems. The rest was a lack of oxygen and lack of water blur until you found your three idiots out in the hallway and began your track to your next class. You decided to take your time a little because you had a ten minute break before the next class. 
Deuce was looking around the hallways for the next class, “Let’s see, the next class is..”
Ace was pouting next to you, “For a magic school, it doesn’t really feel that much different from a normal school, huh… It’s a lot more… ordinary than I thought… Guess I don’t have to worry much even without magic.” His body shifted to turn to your side, “Dontcha think so, too, Grim? Hm…” 
You gazed at where Grim last was which was to the left of you and let your eyes focus and blink for a couple of seconds, “Are you fucking kiddin me?”
A gasp was heard from Deuce in front of you, “Look outside the window! That fluffball running in the Courtyard…” He pointed out Grim’s exact spot in the middle of the large area. 
Once you began your sprint to him, you could hear him cackling about how he did not deserve to listen to boring lectures all day. 
You stopped your run when you realized that you would never be able to make it farther due to PE kicking your butt, “If I have to go to school, then, so does he.”
Deuce and Ace were arriving right behind you.
Deuce crossed his arms, “Running away on the first day…” He shook his head, “That guy just doesn’t learn, huh.” 
“Being negligent on the first day, are we? So, d’ya want us to help you catch Grim?” A smirk bloomed on Ace’s face. 
You scrunched your nose, “If I have to be here, then so does he.”  threaded your hands together and squeezed your eyes shut and bowed, “Please, please help me.”
“I want some chocolate croissants from the canteen!” 
Deuce blurted in agreement, “Then, I shall have some café latte from the cafeteria.”
You rose from your bow, “Perfect, perfect. Thank yooou!!” not even thinking about how you were going to afford that. 
Ace and Deuce pulled their magic pens out of their pockets and joined each other in front of you to start their hunt for Grim. 
Ace smirked at Deuce, “And that’s a deal! Alright, shall we go help out our helpless prefect, Deuce-kun?”
Deuce narrowed his eyes and rolled back his sleeves of his jacket, “Sure thing, Ace-kun. I’m most looking forward to lunchtime.”
“I’ll be in the classroom once you catch him.” You waved the two off while they began their hunt for the cat. 
By the time you made it to your next class, the three showed up with sweat dripping from their faces, their clothes in disarray, and the teacher right behind them. 
This would surely be a great year.
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cannonbill16 · a day ago
How Come Up With Dried Apple Rings As A Fall Treat
Tumblr media
A beef jerky dehydrator works through the an electric motor to suck air into the unit, warm it into a certain temperature and then blow it across the meat. All meat has water inside of it see water end up being be evaporated by the nice and cozy air ideas . it to dry information about. Once the evaporation happens, the meat shrivels and turns black colored. This dried meat will not look good to the eye, however it sure tastes great. There can be a company called Excalibur and these companies have been making dehydrators remember. So these people know what they're doing. Since it a US company positioned in Sacramento California. So you know you are getting a quality product when you order straight from Excalibur and you don't want to implement my word for things. Because they back up their product with a 10 year reassurances. When referring to selecting cuts of meat to for making beef jerky, cuts that work best are top round, eye among the round, rib eye, sirloin and tender loin. Expense be a great deal of fat or gristle on the cut of beef. You've to have the opportunity to slice it very thin. If have access to a good butcher, these people could probably slice up these cuts anyone personally. Anyway, you'll need to create slices however fit easily into the Dehydrator. As it turns out, a food dehydrator helps prepare nice tasting food healthily without destroying the nutrition. This you may may be familier with about already, since you're reading this write-up. But what you might n't have know about is how easy it really is to introduce a food dehydrator into your daily creating meals routine. Unlike juicers and food processors which often require daily re-assembly and extra time totally up afterwards, a food dehydrator is ideal for the most part easier to utilize and to completely. The best models function just like a toaster oven, without pre-assembly or daily purifying. The only time requirement is however long it requires you to slice the beforehand. One tip end up being to prepare everything at once, maybe on a weekly basis. #4. Herbal: Drying herbs in the dehydrator for business and simple to do. You may dehydrate parsely to make a Food Dehydrator great dish garnish also dry garlic to store and improve pastas and so on. Cats also benefit between a food dehydrator. You can dry catnip in the dehydrator and give it towards the little feline so that he/she appreciate some added stimulation using their life. Drying herbs is easy and less work than putting them on a cookie sheet into the oven. Food Dehydrators final for very many years. If to be able to a garden, for instance and must much food during the season, may get easily preserve them and have been them conveniently ready at the time of all seasons. Aside from making fruit leathers, you additionally be dehydrate bananas to make banana chips (yum!), meats for making jerky and even flowers for art projects purposes. Much of one's information comes from the knowledgeable Barbara Kerr (see references). She, as I, wishes this information to be passed on to as fantastic as thinkable.
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ellitx · a day ago
Helping Albedo out with his research by day and at night he researches you under the covers. 😏 he uses that time to try different positions and different ways to drive you wild. He doesn’t understand why the pain of your nails scratching down his back is so pleasurable, he wants more. Albedo and his favorite assistant make many frequent trips up the mountain for this ‘research’
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ya’ll horn knee for the alkemist
Well here’s more food
We know that albedo is mostly outside gathering some herbs or something for his alchemy or probably near somewhere to continue with his research.
So as his assistant, it’s a responsibility you always follow wherever he goes and assist him with anything. And what did you assist him with?
Of course, it’s sex. After he did that intimate act with you, he wants to “expand” his knowledge and further gather more reactions from you.
Oh how red your face was when he calmly calls your name and tells you to lift up your skirt. It was just a simple touching here and there. A finger tracing your panties, his hand slowly trailing to your shirt as he pushes you against the tree until your back is resting on it.
He hums and looks down to see your blouse unbuttoned that your bra was practically exposed to him. The pen between his fingers was nudged to the center of your chest and he used it as leverage to lift up your undergarments without laying a finger on you.
You shuddered at the cold air brushing your skin. Your nipples are turning hard both from the wind and at his focused stare. You bit your lower lip and looked elsewhere other than him, your fingers digging on the rough trunk of the tree to make yourself smaller from his lean body.
“What are you feeling right now, [Name]?” He calmly asked, bringing the pen to your nipples and toys with them. How in the world does he still remain calm from this?! Does he not get worried or anxious if someone happens to see you both here half-naked in the middle of the forest?!
“Cold, sir...” And yet you still answered him and helped him with this so-called research.
“Not hot and bothered at all?” He inquired once again and this time bringing the pen lower, trailing to your abdomen until to your clothed core, brushing the tip onto it that had your nerves shivering in delight.
“A... a bit...” you stammered and lifted your hand up to your lips to quiet your noises. Albedo’s face scrunched up when he saw you covering your face. He brought his gloved hands on top of yours and brought it down to your side.
“I never said to put your hand there, did I?” His voice was sharp and a bit darker than the calming and velvety voice you’ve grown to love. You shook your head and apologized to him sheepishly.
The alchemist sighed and put the pen back in his pocket before resting his hand on your bare shoulder.
“Turn around.” He ordered.
There’s no way you can’t go against him. He’s your supervisor and it’s unlikely of you, his trusted assistant, to disobey him. It only brought you excitement and made you even wetter than before at his demanding tone.
You’ve never seen him like this at all even in your previous sex with him. You mustered all the courage you have left in you to nod at him, desperately holding yourself back from grinding against him as he presses himself onto you.
“I think Mister Albedo should be here...” The female alchemist muttered to herself whilst looking at the piece of paper left by the Kreideprinz in the Favonius Headquarters.
The crunching of dry leaves filled her ears as she turned her head left and right to look for any signs of the familiar ash-blonde head. 
Her ears perked up at the muffled sound from the nearby tree. 
Did someone get hurt? Or maybe it’s you and Albedo doing the research. Sucrose hasn’t seen anyone wandering around here so it’s a possibility it could be either you or Albedo.
She seeks the source of the sound, gradually increasing in volume the more steps she takes and her whole face and body went aflame at the scandalous acts of the Chief Alchemist and his assistant. She quickly hid behind the tree and concealed her mouth with both hands.
“A-Albedo...! Hah... mng~!! Faster p-please!” You begged, tightly gripping on his arm as he held your body close to him while your other hand was resting on the bumpy trunk whilst he pounds in and out of you frantically.
“Faster, huh...?” 
You bit your lip harshly, almost grazing the skin to emit blood when he thrust his hips against yours hitting your sweet spot that weakened your knees. You can’t think clearly. The overwhelming pleasure is filling you up and you’re beginning to see stars the more he hits that one certain spot. You want him to go deeper, you want to listen to his moans of your name, you want his fingers to leave marks on your hips.
You’re tightly hugging his cock, you’re taking his size so well, and you wanted more of him. 
You moaned his name as you cum on his cock, and Albedo finds himself being pushed on the edge as well when you clamped your thighs together. With just a few more thrusts he can reach his climax as well. 
His eyes quickly darted to the side when he saw small movements and rustling from the bushes. His motions faltered a bit, slowing down his pace and loosening his grip on your hips. You whined at the lack of pleasure that filled you that slowly died down and ran out of your system. 
Looking over your shoulder to take a peek at him, his eyes were focused on the opposite side of the forest. Before you could even open your mouth to voice your concern, your eyes went dark all of a sudden. Warm and hot breathing was caressing against him and your throat bounced in turbulence as if Albedo had another plan on fucking you twice in a row.
“Focus on me,” His silky voice echoed in your ears as he proceeded on smacking his body with yours once again.
He’s very much aware his other assistance noticed them. But did that stop him from fucking you and making you cum again? 
Poor Sucrose immediately dashed out from the forest in fear if the Chief Alchemist caught her red-handed from peeping and disturbing his study.
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greetingsfromgilead · 2 days ago
Help me improve this family dish, dating back to my grandfather's days in the army!
Hi folks.. so I have this "American-chop-suey-esque" dish that has been in my family for a couple generations now, and is cooked at least several times a year without fail. Essentially it originated from my grandfather (Chief) and his WWII army buddies way back when, throwing together a pasta and hamburger meat dish with what was most readily available while they were deployed. It became a staple for my mom and her 6 siblings growing up.
The simple recipe he ended up with and kept basically unchanged for decades (he was a stoic creature of habit, just like many men from that generation) is as follows:
Chop up spaghetti into small pieces and boil.
Brown hamburg meat with oil and some herbs/spices in a skillet.
Toss in celery, carrots, peppers, and onions.
Add tomato chunks and tomato sauce/paste.
Mix everything together and serve.
Unfortunately, Chief passed away when I was in my early teens, and now with my grandmothers passing a year and a half ago, I have sort of taken over as the de-facto cooker of his dish and have started making it more often on various family gathers and other occasions. While he never really attempted any new techniques or ingredients himself, I know in spirit he would approve of me taking over and putting a new spin on his recipe. I've experimented with a variety of cooking methods and additional ingredients/spices/herbs in order to make it come out as delicious as possible. While I am a decent amateur cook and it usually comes out pretty good, there is definitely room for improvement. Sometimes the flavors don't mesh as well as it seems like they should, sometimes the ratios are off, etc.. What I would love is to be able to keep the heart of the dish the same, but maybe use some new ideas, techniques, ingredients, etc.. to improve on it. It's become a bit of a point of nostalgia, especially for that side of the family.
I'm open to any and all ideas, whether it be a full recipe, or something specific to one ingredient, which may keep the heart of his dish alive but bring out taste and flavors in ways I wish I could have shown him while he was still around.
Thanks in advance!
TL;DR - Help me improve on a dish that started out with the simple recipe noted above.
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la-sunnydays · 2 days ago
Help me improve this family dish, dating back to my grandfather's days in the army!
Hi folks.. so I have this "American-chop-suey-esque" dish that has been in my family for a couple generations now, and is cooked at least several times a year without fail. Essentially it originated from my grandfather (Chief) and his WWII army buddies way back when, throwing together a pasta and hamburger meat dish with what was most readily available while they were deployed. It became a staple for my mom and her 6 siblings growing up.
The simple recipe he ended up with and kept basically unchanged for decades (he was a stoic creature of habit, just like many men from that generation) is as follows:
Chop up spaghetti into small pieces and boil.
Brown hamburg meat with oil and some herbs/spices in a skillet.
Toss in celery, carrots, peppers, and onions.
Add tomato chunks and tomato sauce/paste.
Mix everything together and serve.
Unfortunately, Chief passed away when I was in my early teens, and now with my grandmothers passing a year and a half ago, I have sort of taken over as the de-facto cooker of his dish and have started making it more often on various family gathers and other occasions. While he never really attempted any new techniques or ingredients himself, I know in spirit he would approve of me taking over and putting a new spin on his recipe. I've experimented with a variety of cooking methods and additional ingredients/spices/herbs in order to make it come out as delicious as possible. While I am a decent amateur cook and it usually comes out pretty good, there is definitely room for improvement. Sometimes the flavors don't mesh as well as it seems like they should, sometimes the ratios are off, etc.. What I would love is to be able to keep the heart of the dish the same, but maybe use some new ideas, techniques, ingredients, etc.. to improve on it. It's become a bit of a point of nostalgia, especially for that side of the family.
I'm open to any and all ideas, whether it be a full recipe, or something specific to one ingredient, which may keep the heart of his dish alive but bring out taste and flavors in ways I wish I could have shown him while he was still around.
Thanks in advance!
TL;DR - Help me improve on a dish that started out with the simple recipe noted above.
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illestafrican1 · 2 days ago
Help me improve this family dish, dating back to my grandfather's days in the army!
Hi folks.. so I have this "American-chop-suey-esque" dish that has been in my family for a couple generations now, and is cooked at least several times a year without fail. Essentially it originated from my grandfather (Chief) and his WWII army buddies way back when, throwing together a pasta and hamburger meat dish with what was most readily available while they were deployed. It became a staple for my mom and her 6 siblings growing up.
The simple recipe he ended up with and kept basically unchanged for decades (he was a stoic creature of habit, just like many men from that generation) is as follows:
Chop up spaghetti into small pieces and boil.
Brown hamburg meat with oil and some herbs/spices in a skillet.
Toss in celery, carrots, peppers, and onions.
Add tomato chunks and tomato sauce/paste.
Mix everything together and serve.
Unfortunately, Chief passed away when I was in my early teens, and now with my grandmothers passing a year and a half ago, I have sort of taken over as the de-facto cooker of his dish and have started making it more often on various family gathers and other occasions. While he never really attempted any new techniques or ingredients himself, I know in spirit he would approve of me taking over and putting a new spin on his recipe. I've experimented with a variety of cooking methods and additional ingredients/spices/herbs in order to make it come out as delicious as possible. While I am a decent amateur cook and it usually comes out pretty good, there is definitely room for improvement. Sometimes the flavors don't mesh as well as it seems like they should, sometimes the ratios are off, etc.. What I would love is to be able to keep the heart of the dish the same, but maybe use some new ideas, techniques, ingredients, etc.. to improve on it. It's become a bit of a point of nostalgia, especially for that side of the family.
I'm open to any and all ideas, whether it be a full recipe, or something specific to one ingredient, which may keep the heart of his dish alive but bring out taste and flavors in ways I wish I could have shown him while he was still around.
Thanks in advance!
TL;DR - Help me improve on a dish that started out with the simple recipe noted above.
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r-was · 3 days ago
commission for @jabbloo 🥺❤️❤️❤️💕dslfsd omg
Lena might have dressed too lightly for their trip today, but damned if she’s going to admit that to Ray after the way she chewed Ray out for suggesting it. She’d insisted things like, “You worry too much!” and “I’m an adult, you know?” in response to his caution, but braving the autumn chill is much easier in theory than in practice, so when Ray walks ahead she rubs at her arms as goosebumps prick her skin. It’s quiet as they walk through the verdant forest, the crush of grass beneath their feet muffling their footsteps, and the quiet makes her restless. “Hey, Ray!” She calls, catching up to walk slightly ahead. “Why don’t we grab some herbs while we’re out? Exercise is nice and all, but a day off is no reason to slack.”
Ray’s surprised at first, but a smile quickly tugs at his lips. “That’s true. I thought you might like a day off,” he says, and a flash of teeth turns his grin into something wry, “but knowing you, every moment’s just an opportunity to get something done, right?”
Lena grins, bright and open. “Yep! No reason to sit around waitin’ when you could be doing something useful. This way we’ll have a few more herbs around before we’ve gotta go get more.” Lena wanders on ahead, heartened with her new purpose, occasionally stepping into the undergrowth when she spots a familiar leaf or bloom. She carefully puts each one into her bag as she find them so they aren’t destroyed. Ray watches her busy herself as they steadily progress through the forest and a warm contentedness spreads out from his chest. She’s a hard worker—anyone can see that—but Lena is more than her stalwart bullheadedness. Ray has seen the way she talks to a patient while assisting around the clinic, and he’s seen the way she’ll quietly get things done while he’s busy so that he returns to less work than expected. Lena is headstrong, to be sure, but she’s kind too, and gentler than anyone would expect of her at first glance. He’s glad to have her back, and not just because she’s handy to have around.
“Lena, you know you missed a bunch over here?” He calls, and a moment later her head pops up amidst a tangle of fern leaves. Ray continues, “No wonder I always collect more than you if you leave this many behind!”
His tone is teasing, but Lena’s outraged at the suggestion. “What! No way! You think you collect more than me with those tiny arms?” Her should startles a small bird and it takes off from a nearby branch. “All right, that’s it! I’ll show you what a real armful looks like!” And, just as he predicted, she gets back to her task with twice the fervor as before. Ray laughs, plucking the few fronds he found and slipping them into his own bag. At this rate they won’t have to go on another supply trip for a while. Even though it delays them, her enthusiasm is too infectious to damper.
Naturally, they reach the lookout point behind schedule and Lena is dragging her feet as Ray settles beneath the tree. It’s a place he discovered a while back—an open field hidden within the forest that looks out onto the Aakhen colony. “Please tell me you’ve got some food in that thing,” Lena complains, flopping down next to him with a huff. “I’m seriously beat. Who knew plants grew so fast? Didn’t we just come this way last week?”
Ray’s smile is soft, and he forgoes reminding her that that was a different, if similar-looking path. From his bag, he procures a modest feast, enjoying the way Lena’s face lights up, eyes huge, with each new dish he procures. “You didn’t think I was going to make you hunt for your own food on your day off, did you?” He asks with a sly smile.
Lena’s practically bouncing in place where she sits in the grass, eyes darting between the dishes and trying to figure out which one to eat first. Ray isn’t a particularly good cook, but Lena’s so hungry right now that she doesn’t care. “Oh man, Ray. This looks so good. I could kiss you right now, you know?” The words are out before she realizes it and her eyes dart up to him, shocked and guilty. Half a smile is frozen on Ray’s face, and they just stare at each other a few heartbeats before Lena abruptly tacks on, “To… distract you so I can take your helping too!”
Eager to not focus on just how effective that strategy would be, Ray laughs, breathless, and says, “Even now you’re working on your battle strategy?” His teasing tone is undermined by the nervous way he watches her take the first bite. “I’ve been working on this,” Ray says, uncharacteristically nervous as she chews. “You know I’m more of a healer than a cook, but I’ve been practising.” He feels self-conscious admitting it, even just to Lena. “You don’t have to eat it if it’s not—” He’s cut off when Lena holds up a hand, still chewing, to silence him. The quiet hangs in the air like a promise as she finishes her bite.
“This is really good,” she says, but Ray’s skeptical expression makes her backtrack, crossing her arms in thought. “I mean, it’s a little on the salty side, and a little overcooked…” She holds up both hands when he deflates. “No, listen! I’ve had your cooking before and it was, uh, not good. Sorry. But this is…” Words always fail her when she needs them the most. “This is good, Ray. Maybe just…” She glances around at the shrubs nearby and up into the trees. “I guess we can’t cook any eggs without making a fire,” she says, thoughtful, “but I’m sure there’s something—Oh!” Lena’s face lights as she digs into her bag, rummaging around until she finds one of the plants. “See, normally we use the leaves of this one for a poultice,” she says, turning the plant over in her hand, “but these little seed capsules actually make a great spice.” To demonstrate, Lena breaks off some of the seeds and crushes them in her palm, sprinkling the resulting powder over her serving, then Ray’s. “Little details like that actually make a big difference,” she explains, once she’s done. “But I don’t need to tell you that, do I?”
The words stick like a thorn in his clothes, because Ray hadn’t even considered adding a spice. He’d assumed they’d be hungry and wanting food after that walk. The realization makes him smile. “Actually, I don’t know where I’d be without most of what you say.” Maybe it comes out a little too affectionate because when he takes a spoonful of his newly spiced food and glances back up at her, Lena’s staring at him like he just ate his own coat. Ray feels his face heat up and a panicked, “This is really good!” bursts from him before he can think of anything clever to say.
Lena stares at him for a few heartbeats before bursting out laughing. At first, Ray can only watch her in shock as she clutches her stomach, smile pulled wide across her face, absolutely howling in the otherwise-still forest. “You made it!” She laughs, downright uproarious. “Don’t sound so shocked, Ray, geez!”
“No, that’s what’s so shocking about it!” He insists, amusement rippling in his voice, and then they’re both laughing under the tree. It’s easy as anything, comfortable as the warmest bath Ray’s ever had and all the silk sheets he used to take for granted. It’s so easy, and when he looks into her eyes when they’ve both caught their breaths, it feels right, too.
After their meal, they still have some time left before sunset. Leaning up against the tree and looking out over the Aakhen colony, Ray points out all the places that they know. “And that’s where I get that nice lavender tea for the patients,” he explains, “the woman there blends it herself.”
“Oh,” Lena’s engrossed even as the chill creeps up her arms. “The one whose daughter you saved?”
She can feel Ray’s warmth where the soft fabric of his shirt touches her arm, and the way his body shifts when he laughs. “I would hardly call it saving,” he says, good-natured, and his leg relaxes as he tells the story, brushing against hers, “but she was quite ill, yes. They keep trying to give me a discount now, even though I barely did anything.”
“That’s so you to say,” Lena responds with a playful nudge, but before she can continue, a shiver goes through her, and goosebumps crawl right up to her shoulder.
Ray straightens up, casting a worried glance over her, looking every inch the healer he is. “I told you to dress warmer,” he chides, draping one arm across her shoulders and reaching around to pull his cloak over her. “There,” Ray says. “Better?”
Indeed, Lena is suddenly feeling much warmer than a moment ago. “Yeah,” she mumbles, “It’s not that cold, though.” Especially not when she glances up and finds that he’s much closer than she imagined. “Uh,” Lena’s eyes shift awkwardly to the sprawling Aakhen colony beneath them. “Wait, let me find the clinic.” She squints into the distance, thinking aloud as she tries to read the view like a map. “Well, if that’s where we buy the bandages…” She traces her finger through the air, following the narrow streets she knows so well. It takes her a minute, but, “Oh! It must be that one! The one with the slanted roof.”
Lena can feel Ray’s laugher, warm and rich, in her own chest. “Yep, you’ve got it. Looks like I tricked you into learning geography on your day off. Don’t be mad”
As if she could be angry with him. “It was fun,” she says, resting her head on his shoulder, comfortable now. “It’s always fun with you. Maybe we should get married so I don’t have to figure out what to do when you’re not around.”
Ray stiffens against her and fear floods her veins like ice. She looks up at him to laugh it off, but Ray’s face is so close that it makes her stomach turn over. His eyes are as grey as she’s always known, but this close she can see the green in them too, like a field of grass hidden amidst stone.
She inhales, but Ray speaks first. “I’d like that,” he says simply, and the flush rises in his cheeks before he catches himself. “Um, I mean, if you were to stick around. The other thing, well…” They’re quiet, staring at the remnants of their lunch, the field sprawled out before them, and the spot where their knees touch. The scent of winter is in the air and the taste of their shared recipe is on their tongues. The silence is unusual, but it doesn’t make her restless any more. Ray swallows, then speaks up, “If that’s something you’d like, I’d be happy to have you, Lena.” He turns his eyes to hers once more. “As my wife, I mean.”
Something slots into place for Lena then that she hadn’t understood before. She’s happy with Ray in a different way than when she travels or trains. She’s comfortable with him, excited to return to him after a long day. Looking up at him, she realizes it: She wants to return to him.
A smile breaks across her face like sunshine over water. “All right,” she says, casual, and shock shatters Ray’s expression. “Don’t look so surprised!” Lena laughs. “I was the one who suggested it, after all.” She nestles against him, letting his warmth spread through her. “Yeah. We’ll get married, then. And we’ll live…” She lifts a hand, pointing into the distance, towards the building that smells like spice and smoke. “There. In the house with the slanted roof. And I’ll always collect more herbs than you.”
Ray is smiling down at her, softer than she’s ever seen. “All right,” he agrees, pulling her closer. “Let’s do it.”
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🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹(i didn't see it the first time you posted it) 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹(i want so many lines) 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Hey,Zofija!  Thanks for sending the ask in! 👀👀 That’s a lot of roses!! I’ll do three lines from each of my WIPs. 
In the Shadow of the Outlands
Line 1
The night the final sorcerer died was a grave one indeed. She held on for as long as she could, knowing that once she breathed her final breath they would be free. She wanted to keep holding on 
But she was so tired. 
Line 2
The house was way bigger inside than it looked from the outside. The walls of it were lined with all kinds of bottles and glasses, each with a hastily written label on them. Various herbs and vegetation littered a table that was pushed up against the far wall of the room. In the middle of the room was a large cauldron sitting over a log fire. A woman was dumping a large vat of what I assume was water into it. She looked up at me and smiled, her large sharp teeth glinting in the light.
“Line” 3
“That damn Charlie. This is the third time this week that woman has asked for a love potion. I feel so bad for that man she’s drugging. Kids these days don’t want to solve their problems the old fashion way, always need to find a quick and easy solution..”
I hum as I move towards the coat rack and grab Sam’s jacket off of it. I start to put it on him, before speaking again.
“You say that is if you’re that much older.”
“Do I have to be old to be wise? Anyways I feel so bad for that man she’s dating… What was his name again? Jayden? Jaylen? Jayson-” Ellara taps her chin as she thinks
“Jaxon.” I pull the hair out of Sam’s jacket after I zip it up, letting the wavy raven locks fall down his back, and stand back up. 
“Jaxon that’s it! That poor man, he’s being drugged out of his mind.” She makes a sound of disapproval and shakes her head as she says this. She moves and dumps the goblin heart into the pot full of liquid. 
“If you feel so bad, stop making them for her.” I grab my shoes from the side of the door and put them back on as I start to make my way out of the front door. 
“And lose a valuable customer and my credibility? Absolutely not! I am a businesswoman and have to make a living.”
“Then stop complaining about it,” I reply matter-of-factly
Line 1
“Sorry Ma, had to let Pumpkin back in.”  Melanie shuts the screen door behind the cat coming inside. He sprints over toward his filled food and water bowl and begins to devour his breakfast. 
Line 2
“I’m so proud of you, sweet pea. Ever since you were born and we saw the Blessing of Ashara on you, we knew-
“That I was gonna be a ghost-hunter I know Mama.”
“Not just any ghost-hunter, one of the best.”
“Right, how could I forget.” Melanie smiles again, then glances down at her hands. 
Line 3
Sadie tells me to take a seat and Melanie sits down on one of the empty couches and fold her hands on her lap waiting for instructions. She feels people looking at her, most likely in curiosity. The chances of running into a Senser is one in a million, so she couldn’t really blame them for staring. She tries her hardest to ignore their gazes and turns her attention to the handout Sadie handed her when she walked in.
A is for Asteroid
Line 1
A trickle of blood streamed from Alex’s head from where a stray piece of glass had cut him. Alex sat back and looked down at the two girls tucked underneath of him. They were currently shaking like leaves. 
Line 2
He looked around the room. Skylar had gotten up off the ground and was checking over the boy in her hands. Rubbing his head and shushing him as he sobbed into her shoulder.
Line 3
“Turn the radio on.” The sound of Matthews’s voice made Alex turn around. He was visibly anxious, a clear contrast to his normal laid back demeanor.
The Space Exploration Association
Line 1 
She looked at her android partner, Jax. His synthetic skin was fair, short brown hair seated neatly on his head. Not a strand out of place. Freckles were placed symmetrically on his cheeks, with an unnecessary pair of glasses Adhara brought for him seated on his face.
Line 2
Fat chance of that, thought Adhara. The Faicrer galaxy was notorious for its barren worlds. The planets were mostly made of rocks, dust, and volcanoes. The only plants found on those planets were cacti and desert flowers . Finding new life on these planets was extremely rare, which is why S.P.E.X.A designated these planets to rookie explorers.
Line 3
"But if we are on the wrong planet they'll tell us to come back immediately! We won't have anything to show and we'll be the only explorers in history to come back empty-handed." Adhara exclaimed. 
"That isn't true there have been twenty explorers on record who have come back with nothing after an exploration. And coming back empty-handed is better than coming back dead." Jax said bluntly.
I hope these are enough excerpts for you! 
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stim-sies · 4 days ago
hcs for sarah with a gardening/plants hyperfixation?
Oh I LOVE this!
Modern AU :
- she's got so many plants. Her bedroom is a jungle and she's thriving.
- some of them are functional (herbs and stuff) but most are just plants she found interesting.
- she basically has the plant ID guides memorized for her area. She goes on a walk and knows every single plant you might see.
- has a lil humidifier for her more tropical plants.
- she definitely talks to them.
- she wasn't sure how to tell Jack she liked him, so she gave him a tiny little cactus and then ran away.
- He takes caring for the cactus very seriously. It is his baby now. It's name is Jack Jr.
Canon Era :
- at first, the garden started as a way to save money
- Sarah was tiny when it was put up, and she'd follow Esther around while she worked in the garden, helping whenever she could.
- eventually, Sarah became the main one working up there, even in some of the neighbor's sections. She somehow always gets things to grow better anyway, so they give her a little spare change when they can, and she keeps their plants in good health. She'd do it for free, but the neighbors insist on paying.
- there's always some flowers or herbs in her skirt pockets, so she can just focus on the one specific smell if she gets too overstimulated.
- Jack brings her wildflowers whenever he can, and listens to her chatter about what flower it is and where it grows and why she loves it.
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lovelybarnes · 5 days ago
flowers- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader warnings: cursing, possible mistakes? i’ve read this like three times making edits and i can’t stand to read it anymore about: y/n is whipped, also flower crowns p2
“you’re whipped,” natasha says, voice in a smug tone that- paired with the shit-eating smirk plastered on her face- makes you knit your brows in irritation. “i am not whipped,” you huff in annoyance, tracing the polaroid in your hand. nat’s eyes follow as your fingers trail over the outline of bucky’s face, and she bites her lip.
“it’s not a bad thing!” nat exclaims, pulling the picture away and looking at it, noticing how your eyes caught on the smile printed on the paper, lips quirked in an accidental smile. “it’s cute, and it’s not bad that you have feelings for him,” wanda commented, poking a shoulder into your arm, “it’s sweet,” she adds. you roll your eyes and try your best to ignore the color seeping up your neck in response to her words.
you finger the photograph, watching as the light glints on the image of bucky’s metal arm. you sigh and laying it down next to the various others you have of him. “i didn’t realize how many i had is all,” you murmur, setting the cover over the box.
“a lot,” natasha quips, and wanda pays no attention to her, “i think it’s endearing, and i can’t imagine he doesn’t have an exact same hoard of these of you.”
“yeah, if he knew how to use a polaroid camera, or what it was,” natasha remarks, making you laugh.
“you know what tiktok taught me the other day?” wanda asks suddenly, her accented voice smoothly cutting through the silence. “what?” you question, and her eyes brighten, “how to make flower crowns!” natasha smiles, “couldn’t you just ask vision? seeing as he knows everything?”
“or me? you do remember how i can grow plants and flowers with, like, a snap of my fingers?” you remind, demonstrating with a small swirl of your hand as green glimmers over it, making a small bud erupt from the soil next you and twist around your wrist. wanda frowns and lightly slaps at your hand, “no, no, i want us to do something together, we’ve watched like eighty percent of the movies on netflix. besides, the instructions came when they came for a reason.“ she doesn’t elaborate. “so we’re doing this! and no cheating, y/n!” wanda warns, pointing a finger at you. you put your hands up in mock surrender, small emerald bead in your eyes as you detangle the vine from your wrist and settle it into the soil.
it turns out your powers are absolutely necessary once wanda can’t find it in herself to pull flowers from the little garden you’ve constructed over the years, even after you assure her it’s okay, and that you will make sure that with every plant she took, two would grow in their place. it doesn’t convince her, so you spend a few minutes growing as many flowers as you’ll need, resulting in a wide variety of colors and aromas. the flora is neatly cut and laid on the grass when you’re done, and it only takes a minute for the three of you to understand the video’s instructions.
nearly an hour after you’ve started, you’ve got vines interlaced in your fingers, braiding them and occasionally using your powers to melt the green together (yes, technically cheating, but it honestly doesn’t count by your standards, which is totally the reason you haven’t let wanda know of it). you have nearly three crowns already done sitting next to you, another pretty one laying in your hair, while nat and wanda have only two to show- which they say is only because the greenery seems to like you better, which you can’t disagree with.
when you begin to finish your fourth one, wanda groans, stopping you. “okay, i think you should start passing these out, and let me just try to catch up. you raise an eyebrow when flowers begin to lift in the air and weave themselves, clouded in red sparkles. wanda simply shoots you a look and waves you away. “okay, i really don’t think this is fair,” natasha protests, staring at the airborne herbs. you smile as you get to your feet, pulling her up, “it isn’t, but i think it evens out by the cute little fact that you can kill both of us with the flowers in like three seconds, so. come on and help me give these to everyone.”
you pick up one of the baskets, and she shrugs before picking up the other, both overflowing with interlaced colorful blooms. you pick up one that you had set next to you and gently place it on natasha’s head, beaming at her, “i made this one for you,” you tell her, before turning to lift another with utter delicacy.
natasha can feel pride blooming inside herself, and she raises a hand to touch the soft petals. her crown is made by your own fingers, color scheme chosen by yours truly as all the others had. it was adorned with all sorts of black flowers- each and every one rare- including black velvet petunias, dwarf black nemophila flowers, sophistica blackberry petunias, and sprinkles of tiny red hollyhocks and begonias in the lonely spaces. natasha tries to disregard the feeling of pride she has as an immediate reaction, too overwhelmed with the reminder of how much devotion you put into something for her. she shakes it off, but is unable to make her small smile completely disappear as she tilts her head, “who is that for?” she asks, motioning to the beautiful crown that you’re cradling in your hands like it’s the most precious thing in the world.
“oh, don’t do that,” you grumble, knowing she isn’t really looking for an answer- seeing as she already knew it- and begin to walk towards the other avengers.
you are standing next to natasha, relishing in the surprised look on tony’s face when natasha hands him the garland you helped design, a large himalayan blue poppy (representing his arc reactor, of course) placed smack dab in the middle of small red perennials and yellow kalanchoes. steve has a delighted expression when natasha positions his own diadem on his hair, white van zyverden spiraea sprinkled across the red poppy anemones, and a white penta sat inside a hefty blue morning glory.
out of the corner of your eye, you see sam and bucky walking past, arguing about something. your lips turn up without your permission, and you excuse yourself politely, trying to hide your excitement to head to your boyfriend.
“sam! bucky!” you chirp, “i have something for you!”
 you’re lugging the basket of plants behind you- surprisingly heavy- and without asking him, bucky relieves the weight. you mumble a thank you and squeeze his free fingers before reaching to pluck sam’s designated gift up off of the rest, which is made up of dusty miller, grey lavender, a scattering of red baby's breath, and black nemophilas. “whoa,” sam whispered, tenderly taking the crown from your hands, “what are these?” he requests, making your eyes shine. you explain which flower is which, and sam listens carefully, nodding as you describe each flower. you don’t notice bucky’s eyes on you, small smile growing as he senses your growing excitement.
when you’re done, you look down at the braided bouquet still in your hands.
turning to bucky, you stand on the tips of your toes to position it on his head, appreciating the happy glint in his cerulean eyes. “yours has grey lavender too, but it also has red pentas and bluebeard to represent your eyes, and blue gladiolus to remind you strong you are. and i also grew special miniature dahlias to represent how much i love you.”
you bite your lip as you look at him. “do you like it?” you query, tilting your head slightly, and bucky swears his heart swells in his chest.
“of course i do, i love it, doll,” he affirms softly, bringing an arm around your waist to bring you closer and press a sweet kiss to your forehead, “thank you,” he murmurs, making a warm pink spread on your cheeks, and you pull away when you realize there are eyes on you.
“i love you,” you remind quietly, making him glow, “i love you too, so much,” bucky replies.
you press your lips to the side of his mouth as a goodbye and squeeze his fingers before taking the basket back and walking back to natasha, a satisfied look on your face. it drops when you notice her complacent demeanor and raised eyebrows.
“shut up,” you complain, hooking your arm through hers and letting her make fun of you as she drags you through the compound.
bucky stands there, gazing after you with tinted cheeks, and sam claps his back. “you got a good one,” he offers. bucky can barely process his words, “i got the perfect one,” he responds dumbly after a moment.
sam teases him about it for the whole week, then on his wedding day three months later.
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just1feralnerd · 5 days ago
Charthur Stuff for the WC AU
Just some charthur fluff because I love them. Charles = Mountainfeather Arthur = Stagheart
Mountainfeather wears a feather behind his ear. Stagheart will often hunt birds just so he can give him new feathers to wear. Mountainfeather now has a large pile of feathers next to his moss bed but he appreciates Stagheart kindness and thoughtfulness.
Stagheart is a fluffy cat and whenever he’s angry, surprised, or flustered his fur will fluff up. So naturally with this information, Mountainfeather will give small compliments to Stagheart just to see the other cat fluff up slightly. Stagheart finds this embarrassing but Mountainfeather just finds it cute.
Mountainfeather is an extremely good hunter and Stagheart desperately tries to impress him with his skill. One time, Stagheart sprinted after a rabbit, trying to impress the other cat. While running, Stagheart flashed a grin over to Mountainfeather and because he wasn’t looking where he was going he tripped over a rock and fell into the dirt. When Mountainfeather rushed over he found Stagheart standing up with a pile of dirt on his head with a flower poking out of it. The younger cat burst into a fit of laughter as Stagheart desperately shook himself off. That was the first time Stagheart heard Mountainfeather laugh and he became determined to hear it more after that.
When Stagheart escapes shadowclan and is trying to walk again after being tortured, Mountainfeather is their with him every step of the way. Stagheart struggles to hunt and walk and Mountainfeather will often be there to support him. When Stagheart fully heals Mountainfeather ask him if he’s like to go on a hunting trip, since he’s been cooped up in the clan for a couple moons. Stagheart doesn’t know if he would have recovered without him.
The two of them make frequent trips to the fraction of the tribe of rushing water in the mountains. They often hunt for them and bring them as many herbs as they can carry. Stagheart will sometimes play with the kits to try and boost their mood. Mountainfeather has seen Stagheart around kits before and the sight warms his heart. Stagheart always seems his happiest around kits.
After Swiftfox’s death, Stagheart can barely sleep. He can’t forget seeing his fathers lifeless body, he can’t forget how helpless he felt. He’ll wake up from nightmares and his fur will be on edge. Mountainfeather will then come and lay next to him, telling him reassuring phrases over and over again till Stagheart finally falls asleep. Mountainfeather’s purrs also help Stagheart sleep better.
Whenever Mountainfeather is having a bad day, he’ll walk up to Stagheart and will just bury his head in Stagheart’s neck fluff. Mountainfeather will sit like that for a couple minutes before getting up and continuing with his day. Staghearts just grown used to it.
Stagheart purrs extremely loud. One night when him and Mountainfeather were just cuddling, Stagheart started purring super loudly. This caused Wolfrunner to wake up and scream “FOR STARCLANS SAKE PLEASE SHUT UP!” Stagheart now only purrs when he’s sure he’s alone with Mountainfeather.
Mountainfeather will often treat Staghearts wounds. Sometimes Stagheart will come to Mountainfeather with a thorn in his paw just so he can have an excuse to spend time with the younger cat.
Lastly, Mountainfeather often gets leaves stuck in his fur. Stagheart has fun with this and will often put flowers and/or feathers in the other cats fur as he sleeps. Mountainfeather has no problem with this whatsoever, he finds it relaxing.
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melsworldofmuses · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
 SHE HAD SO MANY QUESTIONS, BUT SHE KNEW she couldn’t voice any. At least, right now, there was no one who could give her answers, anyway. Regardless of notions circulating her head, her focus remained on the unconscious body before her; adding pressure to the wound with makeshift cloth. She stayed in that position for a long while, trying to figure out what to do next. She’d treated others before, but nothing as SEVERE as this. Skin looked bilious, and the shapes of veins gathering upon flesh just made her realize that, most likely, she was dealing with someone whom possessed vampiric characteristics. Such was a theory based on researches made in the past, as well as experiences…then again, she could be wrong.
 “Oh, God…how do I carry you…” Huff left her, slowly moving her hands off material to check if concoction was working. Slowly and carefully, she lifted one corner —- a tremendous sigh of relief leaving her lips when noticing that the wound was languidly closing. That was a win in her book, no matter how tiny. She understood an injury as big and lethal as the one he possessed, would take plenty of time to heal. It was a good thing Lexine had the patience of an ox.
 “Okay, I got an idea—I don’t…know if you can hear me, but…I’m sorry for what I’m about to do next—I have no other way to carry you.” As she said this, she utilized the cloth to wrap it around the other’s chest, trying to maintain the herbs pressed to his skin. Then, she stood up and moved, positioning herself right over his head. Leaning down, Lexine put her arms underneath his shoulders, making sure his head fell upon her forearm for support. Later, with a grunt, she proceeded to drag him by the shoulders.
  Definitely, he was heavier than she imagined, but she kept going, pulling him toward her cabin. It was good to know that such a spot wasn’t so far away, continuing to tug and pull until reaching her small place.
  After a couple of more maneuvers, Lexine managed to land him on the couch; immediately taking further care of his wound by giving it proper cleaning, brand new and stronger concoctions, and a fresh set of bandages. Everything was done with utmost care and gentleness, trying her best to not disturb his natural regeneration.
His senses, though twice as better as a human’s - if not more - failed him in this moment; his heart, though it did not beat, withered like a rotting flower as the blood frozen in his veins spilled out from the wound he suffered - the poison eating his body from the inside out. He heard the voice, he felt some movement - he could have sworn he smelled something, but in his drifting consciousness it was difficult to tell - not only that, there was uncertainty that any of this was even real. Had there been someone helping him, trying to save his life? Or was it all a trick of his dying mind? 
He fell into unconsciousness. 
A light broke through the darkness, thought whether it was good or not couldn’t be certain. Some humans believe in this ‘white light at the end of a tunnel’ and proclaim it was the pathway to Heaven. Was that his destiny? If there was such a thing? A creature such as him - one who fed on blood, one who bathed in that which he shed in the past...No, with the sins he’s committed, his soul was not destined for the Palace in the Sky. He didn’t know what fate had in store for him, but it would not be in Heaven. 
The light grew brighter and was warm. felt...familiar. This glow...the sun? 
Tumblr media
His eyes could open, not without some willful forcing, but slowly his lids fluttered, the haze in his vision clearing as he blinked. Indeed, that light was the sun’s rays bathing him in warmth. A brand new day had come - but....what day? Or, the more appropriate question would be: how many had passed? How long had he been unconscious? And more importantly, why was he not dead? 
Not dead...but he was HUNGRY.
( @theimpalpable​ )
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calabria-mediterranea · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
How The Pursuit Of The American Dream Led This Woman Back To Her Southern Italian Roots
"America is technically home but my heart and soul is in Calabria," says Rosetta Costantino, author of My Calabria, Southern Italian Desserts and culinary instructor of traditional southern Italian recipes and tour guide in Calabria, Sicily, and Puglia.
Costantino was born and raised in Verbicaro, Calabria a small wine-producing hill town at the tip of the Italian boot. It was there that her parents, Vincenzo and Maria, began to shape her love for food and the land. "My father was a master cheesemaker and winemaker, tending our family's olive groves, vineyards, and farm where we also kept goats and sheep. Almost all of our food came from our property or the nearby Mediterranean."
Tumblr media
When the family left Calabria for more opportunities in California's Bay area in 1974 they didn't have any of the ingredients they were used to. The bread was bad, the tomatoes lacked the bright familiar flavor they had known, the beloved Calabrese sausages, hot chile peppers, and sweet peppers were nowhere to be found. "When they came they were not willing to blend in at all and eat whatever everyone else was eating," says Costantino about her parents. So they set out to solve the problem, by growing and producing their beloved products. They grew all of their vegetables that were hard to find, curing their own salsiccia calabrese, making their own ricotta that would then be used in countless recipes.
Tumblr media
The Bay area did offer opportunities however, Costantino went on to become a chemical engineer leading a team in Silicon Valley. Her Sicilian husband Lino, also working in the industry. They started a family and during a trip to Italy, Costantino began to reflect on the value of her Italian heritage and all the gastronomic and cultural traditions she grew up with thanks to her parents. "I realized that I wanted to return to my roots and revisit the gift that I had, what my parents had. Which was the opposite of what I was living the rat race. I wanted to go back to that, and that's what gave me the idea to do a cookbook, no one knew Calabria."
"It became my mission to put Calabria on the map, to make people know it," says Costantino. What initially began as a way to record recipes and make her home region become known to the American audience, turned into people requesting to have cooking classes and then students wanting to see Calabria with Costantino. "During those first weeks of cooking classes, I don't even know how many fusilli we made!"
Tumblr media
Often, with treasured recipes in families, they are not written down, amounts are estimated and not precise, leading to a loss of gastronomic history, "I felt a lot of recipes were being lost. I wanted to preserve everything my parents knew for the next generations; the way they cook, the way they live. My mother was always making everything," says Costantino.
Making everything from scratch, the way it was once done is something changing even in Italy. Where more people work office jobs, or because they left their small towns for the big city where more opportunities were to be found, exchanging land and time for the fast pace of city life. "My mother's generation worked. Hard work that many people don't understand nowadays. But I often say to people who want to start a garden, begin with herbs so you don't have to run to the store and buy them."
Tumblr media
Both Costantino's and her parent's homes in the Bay area have abundant gardens right in the backyard that supply food year-round. Full of San Marzano tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, escarole and cicorie, onions, romano beans, long sweet peppers, figs, arugula, and basil. Costantino's father even brought a zappa in his luggage so he could till the land the way he knew how to do in America. "Our backyards look like Calabria, we recycle everything, trellising the tomato with old fabric, we kept my parent's methods and traditions which most people wouldn't choose to do. It's hard work, and I think even in Italy the majority of people aren't doing it anymore."
When Covid hit, Costantino was forced to cancel her cooking classes that operate out of her home - but the cooking and gardening never stopped, now taking place virtually. "I had students that wanted to continue to learn, so I began posting how to make all of the different pasta shapes. I thought this was a way to give back, to teach by doing it online for free. It felt wrong to charge during this difficult time. I then started to make all of the dishes out of My Calabria and that's how it grew."
Tumblr media
In a historic period that allowed people to finally have a little more time to devote to cooking and gardening, Costantino's book was selling out. "I decided to do virtual garden tours. I did them throughout the entire year, showing all the things we grow seasonally, sharing tips on how to do it and how to cook these ingredients. One of the biggest rewards is to grow your own food -you can't buy it as good as homegrown."
Experiencing southern Italy from the sea to the mountains and all the varied gastronomy these regions offer is what Costantino loves to share in her travel tours as well. "The food from Cosenza is totally different from Reggio Calabria food is very local and we travel throughout the areas tasting and drinking the incredible food and wine." Tours are seasonally organized to highlight the local produce and products that are eaten in those periods. This also promotes helping the small and local producers to gain new audiences through Costantino's tours.
Tumblr media
During the spring, Costantino organizes tours to stay with two families, one of which is the Toscano Mandatoriccio Mascaro family who owns the Casa Solares estate in Rossano, Calabria, right on the sea. The family owns an oil mill where they produce an Igp product, 'La Dolce di Rossano' and fragrant clementines, native to Calabria. Then the tours go to the Barbieri family in Altomonte where cooking classes take place, guests stay in the estate and learn to cook local fare. On the evening before the final day, students make "pasta china" a typical baked pasta dish from the area of Cosenza that has layers of pasta, soppressata sausage, egg, tomato, and mozzarella. Then on the final day, the group hikes in the mountains of the Pollino National park, and Laura Barbieri of the estate brings the baked pasta to everyone to devour in the woods.
Costantino's passion for the Italian south was transformed into an unexpected business that has transcended even the Covid-19 pandemic. She continues every day to honor and make the recipes she grew up with, teaching and showing others how to have a piece of Italy in their very own homes.
Tumblr media
Source: Forbes
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cinnoasch · 7 days ago
Listening to the Sea (Childe x Reader)
A/N: Jeez, I meant to have this out on the first day of Childe’s rerun banner but anyways a ‘hey girlie/hey buddy’ to all the Childe havers/wanters out there
Word Count: 1275
The waves crashed gently onto the shore as you sleep peacefully. After a very long day of working at Bubu Pharmacy, you were tired. You were always out and about with Qiqi, picking herbs for the pharmacy’s medicine, fighting the occasional hilichurl camps you came across.
However, today seemed to make you more tired than usual. You were so tired that you didn’t even make dinner; you simply opened the door of your house and fell onto the soft comfort of your bed. 
You were sleeping so peacefully, the moon shined through your bedroom window, enveloping the room in a soft glow. However, a loud and rapid knock sounded from your front door as you open your eyes, groaning in annoyance as you get up.
You open the front door and see an all too familiar ginger haired man standing there with a grin. You immediately try to shut the door, but he holds it open with his hand.
“Hey now, is that any way to treat a friend in need?”
You glare at him, “You come here at the worst times, you know that?”
“I’d apologize for that, but I know you enjoy my company. And as much as I would love to continue our chat, I am bleeding out severely so...”
With a sigh you open the door, allowing Childe to walk into your house. He was clutching his side; his gloved hand covered in blood. Even though his hand was covering the wound, you could tell that it was quite deep.
“Alright, come this way.” You say motioning to the bathroom. “Geovishap this time?”
“Ruin Hunter.”
You turn back to look at Childe, glancing at his wound again. “Ruin Hunter? Really? Well, I guess I should consider you lucky since you seem to have only one injury.”
“Lucky, huh. That’s one way to put it.” He says as you open the door to the bathroom. Childe slips his jacket off, wincing when it touches his wound. He places the jacket next to him as he sits down on the edge of the bathtub. “I wanted to test something.”
“And that is?”
“Well, I wanted to try to hit the Ruin Hunter’s weak point when it does that spinning attack. You know the one.”
“And let me guess, you somehow managed to hit it’s weak point while it was spinning but you weren’t able to dodge it’s last attack.” You say as you press a damp cloth to Childe’s wound.
He hisses in pain as he grins. “You know me so well, comrade. And managed to hit its weak point? You’re saying as if it was a lucky shot.”
“Childe, no one could do that. Not even the best archer in all Teyvat could manage that.”
“Well I did it. It only means I’m becoming more adept at the bow.”
“Uh-huh sure. This is going to hurt.”
You begin disinfecting Childe’s wound as he winces, although he’s still grinning. After disinfecting it, you take out a thread and needle. “You’re okay with me stitching you up right?”
“I would’ve gone elsewhere if I wasn’t okay with it. Besides it’s not like you haven’t done it before.”
“I feel like I’ve done it too many times to count. Especially since I don’t charge you for my services.”
“Charge me all you want; I have the money to spare after all.”
You roll your eyes as you focus on stitching Childe up, “Sure, sure. Now be quiet for a few minutes. Then again, you should know the drill by now.”
Childe only hums contently as you continue patching him up. You remember first meeting Childe when you were sleeping one night. You heard a loud thud come from your front door waking you up in the process. You kept your weapon by the front door, so you grabbed it just in case. When you opened the door, you saw him slumped on the stairs, he was bleeding severely and his body was littered with cuts and bruises. You noticed the Fatui mask on his head, so you were wary of him, but you remember seeing him walking around Liyue Harbor and visiting the pharmacy at times as well. So you dragged him into your home, patching him up just like you were doing now. It was an odd sense of deja vu every time Childe showed up at your door, but you didn’t mind it.
With a sigh, you wrap Childe’s torso up tightly with a bandage and stand up. “Now, I’m sure you remember this, but you never listen to me so, please no strenuous activities. No fighting, nothing that could open your stitches. Got it?”
“Yeah, doctor’s orders, right?” Childe says with a grin as he stands up, slips his jacket back on and walks out of the bathroom. “Thanks again, Y/N.”
You shake your head slightly as you clean up the supplies scattered across the floor. “I’ve heard that too many times to count.”
As you put everything back in its place, you hear the door open and close. A few seconds later, you hear the door open again. Childe walks back in with a smile, “Wanna look at the stars with me? You’re not going back to bed are you?”
“I guess not. Let’s go.”
You and Childe walk outside of your house, the sand crunching under your feet. You find a spot to sit down as you gesture for Childe to sit next to you. As he does, you pick up a starconch from nearby and hold it in the air, overlapping a star with the the conch.
“You know, I remember when I was little, my parents would tell me that starconches came from the night sky.”
“Did you believe them then?”
“I was a kid, of course I believed them.”
“And now?”
You look at the starconch, bringing it close to your chest. “Somewhat. I guess childhood memories die hard.”
“Childhood memories, huh?”
Silence settles between you and Childe as you quietly look at the waves rolling onto the shore. It was calming, serene, as if time had simply stopped. You always loved the ocean, being able to hear the waves outside of your home. It could get lonely at times, but you would never admit to Childe that you enjoyed his company. Even if you only saw him when he showed up injured in front of your door.
You hear Childe yawn beside you as he stretches his legs out. “Tired?”
“Me? Never. Well, maybe just a bit.”
“That’s probably from the blood loss.”
“Good to know. Any estimation of how long this will take to heal?”
“A few weeks.”
Childe sighs as he stands up, “Expected.”
“Are you leaving already?”
“Oh, so you do enjoy my company.”
You roll your eyes as you stand up and give Childe the starconch. “Here. You like starconches right? I remember seeing you on Yaoguang Shore picking some up.”
“Have you been spying on me Y/N?”
“No. I just happened to pass by the area one day.”
Childe grins as he takes the starconch out of your hands, “Well then, thank you.” He turns with a wave as he walks away. “I’ll be back soon so don’t miss me too much.”
You immediately regret your outburst when you see Childe smile again.
“Do you want to come with?”
“Just this once.”
Childe only gestures for you to walk alongside him as he turns back around, and you run up beside him. Childe’s laughter fills the air as he says something, and you lightly punch him in the arm. Maybe this little adventure wouldn’t be so bad after all.
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prettyboykatsuki · 7 days ago
sfw | iwaizumi sees you again on a thursday morning. 
when was the last time he was home in miyagi? he can’t remember. he’s visting for a family friends graduation and because he’s grown homesick so it’s hard to recall. he wasn’t here on his own, anyway. 
he shouldn’t be surprised to see you. he really shouldn’t. but he can’t remember how many years it’s been and he couldn’t really predict how seeing you would make him feel. the rain outside becomes a somber backdrop. and there’s an affection blooming in his chest at the way the raindrops hang off of your yellow raincoat. your hair drips down onto your shoulders and your blinking the water from your vision. 
and you’re beautiful. you still look like you. just older, a little more filled out in a different way from before. like you’ve settled into your skin. 
and he really shouldn’t be surprised. because he knows hanamaki and mattsun visit and see you often and he stalks your instagram where all you ever post about is your herb garden and songs you like and pictures of you that someone else took. 
he really thought he’d be over this by now. this stupid highschool crush that’s followed him all over the country. he’d put it at the back of his mind, even dated other people. 
but then, you pick up a big case of lychee jelly off the shelves and it feels like maybe he’d been lying to himself the whole time. 
there’s this inexplicable, gut-wrenching feeling. the kind he gets when he remembers that he never once said anything to you. these regretful feelings, the whistle in his ribs like songs. he never told you he loved you, or that he wanted to take you with him to tokyo and that if you went - he promises to take care of you.
the words of an apology for all the things unspoken coat his tongue bitterly. and his expression is equal parts mournful and in-love. and it makes sense - that he never really did stop loving you. that after all this time, he’s only come to remember how much he missed you. 
he tells himself that it’s nostalgia, that overflow of emotions that he can put the lid on and can’t seem to leave behind. he tells himself it’s just him missing his highschool days when things felt uncomplicated. 
then, of course - you see him stare at you. you smile with your teeth, wave happily, and prance over to him like he’s brand new. 
“hajime! what are you doing here!” 
and his first name sounds so perfect from your mouth. the way he lets you hug him with your raincoat still wet, and how his body feels like a shield against yours. and all he can remember that you’ve always fit against him so perfectly. like you were just made to be in his arms, with him. 
and he realizes that he had to leave again in a week but he’d be an idiot to leave you behind again. and that if there’s a chance,  he should take it because he’s not sure how he’ll feel when he loses it for the last time. 
so with hearts in his eyes and a gentle chuckle, he stares at you with warmth painting his cheeks. 
“i.. uh.. came to see you,” 
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krovscastlerpg · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lorian Sanchez | Slave | 25/2000 | Dragon/Faerie | Versatile/Bottom
"It’s a doctor’s job to protect their patients.”
Lorian Sanchez had always been a bit of a reckless and excited salamander. Lorian liked to play around and have fun with both the dragons and faeries, back when there were a lot more dragons anyways. Lorian would soar and race with dragons and faeries alike, and go on fun missions. Oftentimes leading to someone getting hurt. It was likely because of this that Lorian found his love for the healing arts. Lorian had always hated that he didn’t have access to healing magic. That didn’t mean that Lorian couldn’t be a great healer though. The muscular man trained with master after master to learn and prefect what healing arts he could. Learning what herbs could help and what could poison and this and that. And when Lorian came back to the small den in the mountains that both faerie and dragon lived peacefully together? He became their doctor and healer. Keeping everyone healthy and safe.
But if there was one thing Lorian learned? It was that a doctor was never done learning. 2000 years of life has taught him that one’s training to be a healer was never over. There was always a new injury, disease, or disaster waiting to happen. But Lorian was determined to get as close to it as possible. He also began training his body with the dragons. He wanted to be strong enough to protect his patients and the den should the need arise. Dragons were wise creatures after all…Everyone knew that the peace they had was likely not going to be eternal. So Lorian learned how to fight and defend, and became one of the most respected salamanders around. Because now as Lorian went on adventures with his fellow dragons and faerie, he would take the time to help others in need as well. Wanting to add as many stories to his life as possible.
But one day he came home after telling te other dragons to go back to the den without him to complete and utter chaos. Hunters. He had heard that they had been gearing up for something big. But he hadn’t thought that they would attack the entire den like this. Even the faeries! Lorian had felt a blood thirsty rage like no other, and had hunted each hunter down and killed them. Even the ones that managed to escape, Lorian hunted them for years until they were all dead…And each time, Lorian would leave a symbol carved into the victim’s body. A dragon and a faerie moving in a double helix fashion. The symbol of his den.
But now Lorian was left without anything to live for. His friends and family were dead, and his revenge was complete. Lorian had thought of ending this…Of joining his friends and family in the afterlife. But right at the last moment, Lorian backed out. His den mates didn’t get the choice between life and death…But he does. And he decided that dying for them is not nearly as manly as living for them. So Lorian decided to do what they had spent so long trying to do. Choke back the blood lust whenever it hit him and to focus his life on helping and healing people. Which was why Lorian had an organization that helped people in need of medical assistance for free. Lorian works day in and day out…Oftentimes pulling shifts that could last multiple days. It’s not unheard of that he ends up passing out and needing to be put strictly on bed rest for a few weeks or months to help regain his strength.
It was during one such that he found himself getting kidnapped and dragged to Krovs. The salamander had struggled as much as he could…But in the end? They managed to drag him to his new home. But Lorian knew that he would find a way to survive. He always does.
Location of Birth / Location in which he was taken: Fae Realm / Mountain Range
Positive Traits: Intelligent, Wise, Protective
Negative Traits: Naive, quiet, and competitive.
3 turn-ons: Rough sex, pet play, humiliation play.
3 turn-offs: Scat, whips, and gore play
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