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#like call me crazy but I think these kids probably know what a pokemon is just a thought
adobe-outdesign · 15 days ago
I realize it’s just because they’re trying to introduce the audience to the concept of Pokemon and everything but nothing will ever be funnier to me than prof oak being like “these are creatures called Pokemon, they live in all sorts of environments!” like imagine if you met a biology professor and they were like ‘I’ve been studying these intriguing creatures called “animals”’
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hopekiedokie · a month ago
The Dreaded First Day of School (single dad!jimin)
SUMMARY: On his son’s first day of school, we learn that the badass, leather jacket wearer, and tattoo clad single dad might not be so tough after all. Or maybe, his soft little son isn’t as pure as he ought to be. (In short, Jimin’s baby is growing up and he’s not prepared for it.)
GENRE: fluff, humour, maybe angst if you squint hard enough
NOTES: So Jimin isn’t supposed to be a mean or awful dad here. He’s just still not totally equipped to be one even after five years now. This might become a mini series with Ms. Y/n being Haneul’s teacher in the future. Who knows? Also, the photo is not mine.
POSTED ON: 26th March, 2020
Tumblr media
What the actual heck is this??
Jimin has seen a lot of crazy things in his life but this, whatever is happening in front of him, is something he truly cannot believe.
You see, today is his son's, Haneul, dreaded™ first day of school.
The kid was up until 3 in the morning, crying his eyes out. He kept begging Jimin to not let him go, saying things like “I’ve been a good boy.” or “I don’t know those people.” or “Please, daddy, I don’t want to go!”
Half of the time, Jimin didn’t even understand what he was saying because he was crying so much.
The worst part is that Jimin had half the mind to give in to all these excuses and to just let Haneul attend school next year.
Contrary to popular belief though, he’s not entirely an awful example of what a father should be. In general, yes, he’s done a lot of questionable things. But in particular, as a father, he does like allowing his son to eat whatever junk food he wants, watch whatever is on the tv, or letting him up way past his bedtime (as late as 4am).
BUT he still has a smidge of decency left in his being and he actually wants his son to grow up decent.
(Which for the most part, is going along fine since Haneul is probably one of the sweetest and softest kids he’s ever seen. How though? Jimin has no idea.)
So with tired eyes and barely 4 hours of sleep, he dragged his son to school.
Even during the drive, Haneul was still adamant about skipping school and all the while, he kept using his cute crying voice that ALWAYS turns Jimin into mush.
Not this time though.
“It’s gonna be okay. You’ll meet a lot of friends and you’ll play with them! It’s gonna be fun, I promise.” This is one of the many things he said to lift his son’s spirits up.
All his efforts are still not enough to pacify Haneul as the tiny boy kept throwing a tantrum. Jimin even had to carry him after getting out of the car and during the entire walk to the school gymnasium where the assembly is, Haneul held his arms tightly around his neck.
To be completely honest, Jimin thought that it would be embarrassing but actually, he found the entire thing quite endearing.
Maybe it’s the narcissistic prick inside him that’s talking but seeing and hearing his son say that he’d rather spend time with him makes him feel like perhaps he’s not so bad of a dad after all.
Which brings us to the present.
To reiterate, Jimin cannot believe what’s happening.
One moment, his son is clinging to him for his dear life, then in an instant, he watched him grow up right in front of him.
In the worst way possible.
Not to be dramatic, but it was like watching his entire life slip away from his grasp.
The beginning of the end started when Jimin pointed to these three boys and insisted Haneul to introduce himself.
Boy, oh boy, oh boy, BIG mistake on his behalf!
He probably should’ve pushed his son to the “nerdier” looking kids. That would’ve helped him in the long run, as well!
At first, he watched in awe from a far as Haneul progressively turned less tense and more comfortable with those boys. They started with cute small smiles but it quickly turned into wildly animated gestures while comparing their Paw Patrol themed trolley backpacks.
“That’s my boy! Already making friends and it’s only been 5 minutes.” Jimin proudly thought to himself.
Okay, maybe Haneul is going to be fine. All that crying thinking Jimin did the entire night was for nothing! His cute soft son can totally do this.
Now, Jimin’s life altering moment comes. The time to actually say goodbye is here.
A teacher announces that they’re taking the kids to their respective classrooms and even if they cry or make a huge fit about it, the parents or guardians should stay where they are. They should refrain from “babying” their child.
Alright, now’s the time for Haneul to cry again! There’s no way he doesn’t cry even just a tiny bit…....Right?
Jimin makes eye contact with Haneul and, without any second thoughts, proudly mouths “I love you” while pointing to him.
Normally, Haneul is quick to return the gesture. Heck, he even goes as far as drawing a huge heart with his tiny pointer fingers!
But today, he doesn’t do that. No no no no no!
Instead, Haneul discreetly looks around him to check if anyone is watching him then……….
He shakes his head towards his father then faces back to his new friends.
Gasp! What is this???
Jimin has never felt so betrayed in his entire life! Not to mention, by his OWN son too.
This irks him so much.
So much so that he stands and gets close to his son, opposing the teacher’s instruction of letting their kids be.
Bitch, no. He’s getting his “I love you” from his son no matter what.
As he walks towards Haneul, it’s apparent that the kid had somehow done a complete 180 from his mood 10 minutes ago.
How can this be? How is he suddenly so cold towards his own man?
When he finally gets to Haneul, he literally, no joke, had to call his name 4 times to get his attention. The actual audacity of this kid!
“Hey, Haneul. Daddy’s gotta go!” Jimin says with his world famous “no eyes” smile.
Haneul’s face drops.
This kid is about to get a huge reality check or so Jimin thinks he is.
He’s waiting for any signs of despair, a sniff or maybe some glassy eyes but nothing happens.
Come on, where are the water works?? Where are all the hugs and kisses???
Haneul is like (・-・) to Jimin.
“There’s a lot of scary strangers here……”
Okay, so that was really mean for Jimin to say bUT HE ONLY WANTS TO SQUEEZE EVEN JUST A DROP OF AFFECTION FROM HIM. Sue him!
Haneul finally opens his mouth.
Jimin quietly anticipates his son to return to his warm and loving self that he still doesn’t quite know where he gets from...
“So what, daddy? I’m a big boy! I don’t need you.”
Uhm exCusE mE, but W H A T??
Needless to say, that statement hurt Jimin like a buttcheek on a stick.
However, he’s not gonna break away from his badass persona in front of all these people, especially around these little shits that they call “children”. He has an ✨𝓪𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓬✨ that he strictly abides to, people!
And frankly, he’s not gonna let his son walk all over him.
So without any word, Jimin leans down to give Haneul a kiss. If he’s not gonna receive any affection through words then fine! He’s gonna get it through a different way.
Jimin’s lips are almost in contact with Haneul’s plush cheeks. They are literally a hair away that Jimin can feel the heat emitting from it but all at once, that heat is gone.
You know why?
Because Haneul is quick to do that matrix shit where he bends his back to avoid his father’s lips.
Then he saunters away, leaving Jimin hanging.
(๑´⊙ ₃ ⊙`๑)
Jimin calls him a couple times but again, he did not look back.
Alright, then. He doesn’t normally raise his voice towards his son (nor disciplines him tbh) but oh boy, oh boy! This kid is practically asking for it.
He doesn’t give a fuck if he’s five, no son of his is gonna be allowed to treat him like that!
Well, that got him looking back towards his father.
Jimin points in front of him to which Haneul begrudgingly complies after taking a peek from his new found friends.
Haneul hears the other boys snicker behind him as he trudges towards his slightly pissed father.
When he’s standing right where his father wants him, Jimin leans his cheek down again for him to kiss.
Now, the other boys are blatantly laughing at him.
Maaaaaaaan. He can’t be a laughing stock on his first day of school! He needs to be as cool as his daddy!
As Haneul contemplates his life choices, Jimin patiently waits for his kiss. There’s no way Haneul is gonna reject him for the third time in a row within a span of two minutes!
Within a few seconds, he feels Haneul’s lidol babie hand against his cheek.
How 😭 cute 😭 is 😭 this 😭 ??
This has got to be one the softest moments they have shared together. AND it’s in front of all these people!
Take that Namjoon hyung for saying I can’t be a gentle and tender loving father!
Jimin is about to place a hand over Haneul’s small one to caress it but then Haneul pushes his face away.
“Just go, daddy!”
Before Jimin is able to process what just transpired, Haneul is already strutting towards the other kids, feeling like a king or a boss for bitch-slapping his own father.
This little fUqer!!!
Who does he think he is to act like this towards Jimin iN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE??
This is what happens when he lets his son spend too much alone time with his Uncle Jungkook and Uncle Taehyung.
But to be fair, Haneul is still Jimin’s son at the end of the day so…, maybe he shouldn’t be too surprised??
Yet, still, he truly cannot believe it.
All it took was 5 minutes and a rowdy set of friends, then his kid has grown up.
He apparently “doesn’t need him” anymore, according to the kid.
To think that Jimin got up early to make him those cute bento boxes. He even specifically made them look like various pokemons that Haneul fancies!
Wow. Just. WOW.
Excuse him, but he’s just gonna get in his car and crank up “Slipping Through My Fingers” by ABBA while he ugly sobs.
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zekejeagrs · 2 months ago
Hi friend! This is mha-adore; I'm on my main blog because my mha blog is a side blog and I can't send a question from that blog. Just to prove it's me - you came to me asking about a matchup exchange and I asked you to explain what it is and I agreed, and the day after I wrote my side matching you with Shoto, and in our personal messages your recent message is, "I'm so excited to do your matchup!" something to that idea. I hope that's enough to prove it's me.
I'm asking for a matchup with mha please.
I'm a quiet and well mannered person who strives to appeal to everyone I meet. I happen to have a personality disorder and as such, some people get a different idea of who I am. I consider myself friendly but emotionally distant, a friend of mine has accused me of not caring at all because I'm naturally a distant person. I'm mostly very respectful and try to avoid any conflict or fights, but the moment someone insults or fights a friend of mine or my partner I drop my friendly exterior and hone in on the person, insulting them, spilling any tea I know about them, I say whatever comes to mind that I know will make them feel terrible, and I end it by stomping on their foot. With close friends or my partner I'm more talkative - not loud or boisterous, just more talkative. I insert my opinions more, I hold a conversation and I openly give my thoughts about different topics without worrying that I'll upset them.
I'm a trans male who uses he/him and they/them pronouns; I'm pansexual. I'm 19 and a Leo sun, Aquarius moon, Virgo rising. The only characters I don't feel comfortable being matched with are Endeavor, Dabi and All Might.
My hobbies involve drawing (I'm working on a comic), I love to play both Pokemon and Animal Crossing, I enjoy writing fan fiction, studying and playing card games. (Like Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy 8s, Blackjack, Solitaire, you get the idea.)
My love language is to show my love in subtle ways. Cooking someone a meal they love without being asked to, spending time with them doing whatever they want, giving them hand made gifts and giving them cute pet names like love bug, sweetheart, sweet tea (a different way of saying sweetie). I offer genuine advice to them, even if I know it'll hurt or upset them. I want the best for my partner, even if it means taking the path of most resistance. I want someone who can aim an arrow into my heart. I look for someone who shares my taste in music and who will listen to music we both enjoy together. I like the area of Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Ricky Montgomery, lofi beats and some of the older country music, like from the 80s and 90s. Generic, I know.
As for anything specific, perhaps my matchup's opinion on having children? I'd really like to have a child someday.
Thank you again so much for the matchup exchange offer, it's very kind of you 💗
— matchup exchange
ty sm again for doing this exchange with me! you seem so nice i’m v down to be mutuals/friends with you (only if you want ofc)! also, what would your quirk be? i’m v interested in what it would be since i mentioned what mine would be on my submission to you. i hope you enjoy your match! 
Tumblr media
i match you with...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
| hi yes i matched you with a human marshmallow. one of the reasons why i matched you with taishiro is because of the difference in your personalities and the way he would work well with your personality because of how much he cares. the way you’d meet him would probably be by working at his office. he’d find you to be so sweet that he wants to get to know you better. he actually doesn’t mind how proper and emotionally distant you are because he understands that everyone is different and present themselves differently.
| you’d take some time to open up to him and become friends but he’s completely fine with that! he understands reserved people because of tamaki & only wants you to feel comfortable around him. because of that,,, taishiro definitely always starts the conversations. “how’s your day?” “what did you do over the weekend?” “what did you think of that movie?” once you become more talkative with him and have your conversations, he’d be so happy because he sees it as a new level of friendship.
| that’s when he starts realizing he actually has a crush on you. he’d confess at the end of a long work day and explain that he’d like to be your partner,, “i really enjoy your company and i want to be your partner for a long time- oh i just realized what i said, only if you also want to be my partner- or i mean would like to give me a chance to prove myself-“ idk how he managed to get himself out of that one but it would end with you accepting to have dinner at his house.
| like i’ve said before, taishiro doesn’t mind that you’re emotionally distant. he knows you care and just show it differently than others. the first time he saw you angry at someone he was very scared & shocked because he’s never seen you that way before. he just stood behind you as you absolutely slaughtered the person you were angry at and watched with wide eyes before trying to diffuse the situation. he asked if you were okay and that it wasn’t a big deal that that person was insulting him but he expressed how grateful he was for you standing up for him. he never wants to see you like that again but he’s glad he got to see every part you.
| HE IS VERY RESPECTFUL ABOUT PRONOUNS!! that was probably the first thing he asked you! “oh! he/him and they/them? i go by he/him too!” he’d even write it down to remember because he doesn’t want to make any mistakes or offend anyone.
| taishiro would be so supportive of your comic! he’d check up on you when you’re working on it and bring you cut fruit and water. he’d genuinely be so interested in your drawings and writings— he’s not artistic so seeing it come so easily to someone would be so cool to him. he’d only read and look at what you’re comfortable with sharing though! if you ever ask for any creative help, he’d be 100% down to help you. he comes up with the coolest ideas too and you wonder why he says he’s not artistic.
| on his days off you guys either stay indoors and play animal crossing or walk around and collect pokémon. his island would be so messy so he’d always try to copy your island. island visits & he always leave you gifts. he’d have so many pokémon because he plays when he’s on parole (oops!). he’d jokingly brag about it to you and would offer to take you with him next time but he doesn’t want you to get hurt. he seems like the type to be secretly very good at card games?? he’d just surprise you with how good and competitive he is when you play together and with other people.
| taishiro listens to old country music. he knows every lyric to every dolly parton song and sings when he thinks he’s alone. you’d have to introduce him to your other favorite artists & he’d absolutely love their songs! ricky montgomery makes him cry a little but he’s fine! he swears! even though there’s tears rolling down face!
| PLEASE COOK HIM FOOD! the first time you cook him food to show your love he just blushes and smiles the whole time. he can’t. HE CAN’T! HE JUST LOVES YOU SO MUCH ALREADY HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO LOVE YOU EVEN MORE??? every other food is ruined for him after you cook for him because your cooking is the absolute best to him.
| he’d love the small gifts you give him, he’d treasure every single one of them and display them around the house. sweet tea would be a perfect pet name for him- he loves it so much. he’d call you love bug in return and cook you dinner and give you small gifts. he’s definitely an acts of service and quality time guy. just being in the same room as you doing separate work is good enough for him. your presence just soothes him and he has a blast!
| taishiro values your opinions very much. he always tries to be the best partner for you and listen to you because you have so much insight. he also trusts you so much and knows you mean well when giving him advice. he just loves you so much, he doesn’t want to disappoint!
Tumblr media
his opinion on having children
| he basically already adopted tamaki & kirishima, of course he wants kids!
| you’d have to be the one to bring it up because he doesn’t want to seem like he’s forcing you into anything.
| he’s so relieved once you do bring it up though! “yes! i want to have a family with you!”
| it doesn’t matter if you have them biologically, adopt, or have a surrogate— he loves his child so much and cried because he was so overwhelmed with love and finally being a dad.
| he’d be the best dad! (although a bit clueless) he wouldn’t imagine having a family with anyone other than you. you’re just perfect for him.
| he’d also ask if you could adopt a dog
| he is so protective over his family too. if anything were to happen to either of you, he would be so upset because you’re his life.
| overall, taishiro would try to give you and the child the best life!
Tumblr media
i hope you enjoyed! pls lmk if anything is inaccurate or if you want me to make it longer.
@mha-adore @space-cowbop
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nokas-meme-den · 3 months ago
Shit heard in Ghost Stories meme
"When this bitch kicks, I'm moving to Vegas."
"Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?"
"I don't care about your cat, he's probably dead."
"Principals always look like lesbians."
"When a stronger spirit appears, the weaker spirit cowers. But all evil spirits cower before Jesus!"
"Oh my, what a gifted seamstress. I hope you're not a homosexual."
"If you want something to happen, you just need to pray! And not be a Muslim. Or Jewish."
"What the fizzityuck was that?"
"Where's the damn cat?"
"These pajamas are gay."
"Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you come to the scary, isolated pay phone on the bad side of town, alone?"
"Maybe you have a hidden talent you don't know about! Like Paris Hilton being an actress! Oh, scratch that."
"A car accident... must have been hit by an old Chinamen. I don't mean to be racist, but those people CANNOT drive."
"You'd be surprised just how many transgressions a filthy little sinner like you can rack up in just a day."
"Look, a little Jew boy."
"Come rub my nipples."
"Drop the Krispy Kreme, Serpiko! We need your help here!"
"My BS detector is going DING!"
"I can read. Not well, but I can read. And those letters... are BACKWARDS!"
"The weird part is, I'm not even high. Not a bit. Totally sober!"
"The internet was a blessing from the Lord Jesus to spread the word of God throughout the world, but then Muslims and pedophiles stole it and used it to lure out and seduce children like you."
"Hey, want some candy little boy?"
"You can use it if you promise not to be on the phone too long. I know how you Pagans take advantage of others."
"A bunch of somber, quiet people against a red nuclear sky near a river of blood. Wow, that doesn't look threatening at all."
"Why? Because Jewish people rock!"
"That's so sweet... in a 'you scare the crap out of me in an Emily Rose' kind of way!"
"Here, you can take pooky-poo. He used to be my man, but we broke up."
"The V on my sweater stands for 'Very Big Deal', but that's beside the point."
"Come on, jump... I SAID JUMP!"
"Yes, the animal cemetery. Hear the plot point bells going off?"
"I hope Stephen King never sees this."
"She's looking straight at us, I don't think we hid very well."
"Those 3 to 4 cardboard boxes aren't going to hold them for long!"
"Lord reveal your salvation, for I am your favorite among these heathens."
"Yo sensei Dave, what's haps on the snaps with the craps?"
"You two-timing son of a bitch! Who's gonna take care of these little bastards!?"
"Oh splinter ohhhhh!"
"Shut up. You're here, and you're an idiot."
"Years ago, people went in there but they didn't come out. Not unlike your sister."
"2.2 Celsius... Metric system. Who thought this was a good idea again? I'm just gonna put 100. No one's gonna know."
"Oh perfect, it's in Japanese. Ching chong nong ding tow! Wait, that's Chinese."
"God, can you go bomb an abortion clinic or something?"
"Creepy Japanese men can be cabbies too y'know. But women should never be allowed to drive."
"Obeying horror movie rules, I'm going to go out alone. You stay here while I go look for help."
"I'm not giving you a reach around."
"You're such a bitch."
"First we do a geographic montage to show we traveled a long way from your house. There, that should be enough."
"I'm gonna beat you retarded."
"Jesus saved my ass."
"And what a lovely little ass it is, too."
"Now that is some really nice animation."
"Nice rack. Mind if I make 'em a little bigger? Ahahaehehahhha boobies. Loooove boobies. Nice lips too. I USED TO HAVE LIPS!"
"Lunchtime BJ?"
"Let's see... purple, for your hair. Can't tell this was a goddamn anime."
"Okay. Stop trying to look up my skirt. IT'S A CARTOON!"
"Holy time machine, Batman, it's 1973!"
"Holy pre-Parkinson's Michael J Fox Christopher Lloyd Back To The Future plot ripoff device! Where's my DeLorean?"
"I'll grab her ass!"
"Oh damn anime, look what's happened to my eyes."
"Leo! Leo! Leo! Leo! Goddamnit! Goddamnit! Goddamnit! Goddamnit!"
"It's the chick from The Ring! I mean, The Grudge! What movie are we ripping off again?"
"Oh my god, did that spell work? You know, like the one where you write your name in an eraser? I hear the head cheerleader's having an abortion."
"Such a bitch! Stop being such a friggin' skank and give it back!"
"Sometimes yes means no!"
"Moshi moshi! I mean, hello."
"Tomomi? Ain't no Tomomi girl living here, so what?"
"Get your cracker ass into some rehab, I ain't got time for this bullshit."
"Run! She's a ghost and a bitch!"
"I'm goin' fuckin' crazy."
"HEY! Maybe if they paid their fuckin' phone bill, you could call again!"
"Nobody's talking to you. Just drive the bus, bus driver. Fuckin' nosy."
"Oh, sorry. All you little yellow people look alike to me. And African Americans, but not the Mexicans. Why do you think that is? I mean, don't you find that just the weirdest thing?"
"Romans 1:26, God gave them over to shameful lusts!"
"A view of the blood-stained lake. AHHHHHHH"
"Oh it may be blue now, but soon it will be redder than Republican Texas."
"No, I'm serious, bitch. I swear to god. Blue."
"Maybe this vase isn't nailed down."
"We go with the snow but not the snow that is yellow!"
"Alright everybody, it's 4:30. School is finally over. Time to go home, load up that bong, and watch Pokemon!"
"Leave me alone, I'm doing my standard anime 'elbows up' pose."
"Oh wow. I can't even comprehend how inappropriate this is."
"God you are four of the ugliest fucking kids I've ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on. I can't wait for this bitch to kill you."
"Oh my, definitely a 10."
"If you do, I'll suck you all for a Scooby Snack."
"Any closer and there'd be insertion."
"I may be a successful doctor, but first and foremost I'm a Jew."
"You know what I hear? I hear the sound of you shuttin' the fuck up."
"Let's see... 7?"
"What the FUCK are you talking about!?"
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perapa · 4 months ago
Ngl hearing your Avery headcanons would be neat!
ok perap. you are going to talk about avery. you can be normal when you talk about him. you can do this.
ok first thing i wanna say is that, much like half the pokemon fandom on this website, i too have absorbed him into my personality day one of the dlc. he literally hits all the marks on character traits/tropes that i love and im so happy he exists and i can(have) write(n) actual essays about him. this also means i project on him like a bitch bc i both want to be him (ok. maybe i want him to be like me, i mean, hes already got the family disappointment part down so.) and want to date him (also like half the fandom). btw fun fact as of the time of writing this i have officially thought about him for exactly 200 days in a row :)
welp. off to an absolutely terrible start on the whole being-normal-about-him thing huh
ok anyways actual stuff abt him now!!!1!!
a while back i mentioned he was was demiromantic but i want to specify that he is bi-demi and if there is ANY TIME anyone tries to complain abt me making him a special snowflake i will add another label. dont test me. hes also ace (acery) bc i have this thing thats like gaydar except its ace-dar.. ace-ar? idk but i have that for fictional characters and his ace frequencies id received from him were through the roof. totally not because im aspec and i like him or anything and also that ive typoed his name like 30 times already. also he is touch starved and doesnt know ANYTHING abt romance bc he is dumb :)
this is a good time to say that it comes as a surprise to literally no one that i unironically and unapologetically ship him w klara bc im like that and i have to ship the best friends. YES they become friends after they get arrested at the wendys. it takes a while tho and even longer for them to start dating bc hes demi and also i l o v e slow burns. like they really dont like each other during ioas storyline but reluctantly work together anyways bc they find a couple of kids more threatening than each other, apparently. and shenanigans ensue. THATS HONESTLY what originally drew me in to their characters and god bless honey and mustards souls for putting up w them both at the same time because. god they are stupid. disaster assholes. dgtuusgudftzu. like i said this before but they legit have a jessie and james dynamic except way more petty and rude to each other and WHEN i saw OTHER PEOPLE on THE TUMBLRWEBZ say that EXACT THING about them i lost my fucking mind bc!!! THATS THEM!!! AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY WHEN I SEE OTHER PEOPLE W THE SAME HCS AS ME AND I JUST!!! GO CRAZY GO STUPID YA KNOW!!!!
but ya in my au they get married in like 2030 because i said. spoilers.
ok but abt the shenanigans thing, they are both just inherently prone to slapstick (his powers especially open up so many opportunities for stupid gags) and i just REALLY love how expressive they are and i like imagining how animated and eccentric avery can be... like thats just my love for the style of old cartoons creeping its way into my interests sydjsysjs
ok other random things: he is a germaphobe and doesnt want to touch anything ever, i mean hes got those stupid gloves on which would help but it doesnt even matter bc he just... uses his powers for everything so its like. he has negative muscle mass in his arms before he gets jacked ofc AFGSHSHVJ bc he doesnt ever have to do anything with them.
also hes afraid of bugs bc psychic and that makes him an easy target for klara to fuck w him :}
OHHH... did u kno? (i posted it before so maybe) avery secretly has another power... each of his tails is filled with immense love, and when touched, if he likes you, that love and happiness will be transferred to you... its true...! but ONLY if he likes you. if he doesnt, well he wont curse you or anything like that cuz he cant (he wishes he could tho) but he will forcibly move you 10 feet away from his person... vertically.
hmm.. more about him being a fox... he wasnt even supposed to stay as a ninetales but foxes are my favorite animal so i got attached to the idea bc its rly indulgent... and also? i think it works so much better for his lore that he isnt a psychic type but the stuff abt his family lineage and how his powers work with the igi lore surrounding the furries is a WHOLE other can of worms and im not about to make this post a biography and lore essay lmao.
speaking of his family stuff... the big change to his arc in igi is that he doesnt become a gym leader... and this is entirely due to the fact i may have read way too much into his character and came to my own conclusions about where his arc was headed. i was honestly satisfied with the fact it was left open-ended at the conclusion of ioas storyline cuz that meant i could interpret his future however i wanted and still have some merit but... they really did just vaporize all my character development id made for him with the release of the second dlc. i mean, i expected it, but i was still let down. guess its no ones fault but my own for feeling betrayed! and i am the ONLY person on this planet who was adamantly against him being a gym leader and i will probably be called a fake fan and a loser for not supporting his "dream" but... once again with the worms and not wanting to go into it all here.
THAT WASNT THE FIRST TIME ID ~ALLEGEDLY~ MISINTERPRETED HIS CHARACTER THO... i... i made the man TOO SMART... i gave him TOO MANY iq points and i fucking lost it when i realized... fucking.. ok... i had figured, after getting fired or whatever from being a gym trainer, he had maybe somewhat tried to not levitate people, or at least acknowledge that he probably shouldnt have been doing that... not because hes concerned for other peoples personal space or safety... oh no, it was because he just didnt wanna get kicked out from the dojo like he did from the gym. and then the fucking. twilight wings episode came out where he was just casually harassing that poor man and i was like GOD i really gave him TOO MANY BRAINCELLS HUH. FUCK he is an IDIOT he is SO STUPID...
ok. ya know what? ill say my reasons for why i accidentally made him Think Thoughts for once. i will end this off with an angsty thing. as a treat. because i like angst and i like hurting him :o) ya see, after hed lost his position as gym trainer, his family (parents? grandparents?? whoever) were Not happy with him... they basically ~banished~ (OoOoh scary) him until he could prove he was capable of holding the title of gym leader. and i thought maybe that would smack at least enough sense into him to not repeat the same mistake that got him into this mess in the first place... though i cant make any promises considering hes a jerk and his attitude gets in the way of all logic and reasoning. so yes there is a lot more edgie stuff where that came from cuz its igi and thats how it is :o)
Tumblr media
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she-toadmask · 6 months ago
So the post I literally just reblogged I didn’t feel like rambling in the tags and making a mess for anyone looking for something else
(Fuck I went on forever under the cut this goes everywhere fast)
Before Sword and Shield came out, during their hype season, I had this really silly fic idea where 3 girls that were kind of versions of myself and also kind of not (like one of them was going to be Asian at one point which...I have no idea why it just was what I was planning, if I did it now they would be all as white as my indoor ass) would just suddenly be in Pokemon and it kind of went between being Galar and not being Galar
The youngest was kind of mostly an Ash expy, just really quick to do things and really energetic and excited; the oldest was just this very serious girl who was very strategic and stern and did not agree with the middle; the middle was just kind of...not exactly my depression but just way less into all of this and was kind of just following because she didn’t have anything else to do.
I thought of it again recently and thought about how their battle styles would be different if they were doing the gym circuit, though how the middle got in and what her starter would be (kind of thinking she would end up with a Blipbug somehow and I had another Pokemon in mind but I don’t remember what it was) because the young one would get Grookey because energy and loud, Hop would have Scorbunny because fire type like Leon, and the oldest would have Sobble and I eventually decided the other day when I was thinking about the idea again that it was because she had done copious amounts of research and decided that Inteleon had a battle style close to what she wanted to do. The young one would just go head-on into battles like Ash does because young and dumb, she would just be super enthusiastic and a little performative, and she would get team members just the way most people do, just encountering a Pokemon (or sometimes getting a fun interaction with energy n shit) and now they’re part of the team. The oldest would be super strategic and, instead of just ramming into the problem with the most force she could like the younger, would look at more detailed strategies. Less ‘spam your strongest move and then also do the anime style shit’ and more ‘strategic planning based on the species’ strengths and the opponent’s style and team’. She would look for strong Pokemon and have what she wants in mind before catching. The middle just...I haven’t really gotten her thing down yet? I know she just kind of catches Pokemon who seem to vibe with her on an emotional level (hence Blipbug, starts small and nervous and then ends up pretty dang cool, I think another was a female Kirlia who wanted to evolve into Gallade but couldn’t so she gave the Kirlia a necklace with an Everstone and helped Kirlia train to fight like a Gallade and there’s a bit of a theme with self-acceptance and growth but idk) and she more just kind of goes with the flow in battle and tries to just get the vibes n stuff. She’s the least likely to dynamax of the three, though if I were to watch the recent anime I might get a different idea. The story would be from the middle’s perspective (probably third but still focusing on her) just because she’s not as enthusiastic about all this as the others are and is just going along because it feels like that’s what she’s supposed to do. None of them really nickname their Pokemon probably, but the middle probably has unofficial nicknames like calling her Kirlia ‘kid’ a lot of the time, but that isn’t really a thing so much as I thought it would make sense.
I don’t know most of the stuff other than at the beginning the youngest rushes off to meet Leon and get her starter and the oldest is not too long after, but she doesn’t bother to wake the middle one up so the middle one doesn’t get a trio starter, hence the likely Blipbug partner. The youngest apologizes but is too excited to really talk too much, the oldest is just rude like ‘well you should have gotten up then.’ Also in the mines, the oldest and youngest split off to explore or look for Pokemon, but the middle just wants to get through and rest so she encounters Bede. There has to be an encounter later on when Kirlia should have long evolved if she was going to, and Bede is kind of mocking about it and the middle just wipes his team with Kirlia because that’s just a dick move. Also middle at some point when they hear that Bede beat Hop in a battle and just ruined his self-esteem, the youngest challenges him to a battle, the oldest probably is acting as ref, and it’s the middle one who goes to find Hop and check on him and stuff. If I were to actually write it, there would probably be some really good talk about living up to expectations and stuff and it doesn’t fix everything but it makes Hop feel less like he’s a disgrace to his brother.
There would also probably be more plot ish stuff? Like Rose actually doing bad shit? And I can tell you that the fact that the region is so linear can totally be spun as a control thing and I can pull back in that pre-release (and sometimes still in some content I’m certain) theory of Rose rigging matches so Leon would go undefeated. Otherwise we just get the gang calling him out on his bullshit with the 1000 years away, but both is good.
In the same vein of Pokemon fanfic but totally unrelated, I had some idea about a human from our world dropping into the Pokemon world and the thought about durability. Like in the anime we regularly see Team Rocket getting yeeted with the twinkle and they’re right as rain next we see them, and the number of times Ash has gotten shocked or burnt or whatever is absurd, so Pokemon world humans have to be way more durable than we are. I just had the thought that the human dropping in would realize that everyone is way more durable than they were and just try to avoid battles and stuff as much as they could because their body just can’t take the beatings that some trainers take. And like they would have to try and figure out how to dodge the fact that they’re always so distant from Pokemon when they aren’t calm and stuff. A tackle that might just take the breath out of a Pokemon world human could break one of their ribs. It was just a weird idea I had once.
Pokemon isekai again, I was thinking at one point that if I were to go into Pokemon I probably wouldn’t want to be a trainer or a professor, like I had these ideas of what I might do instead that was still really positive and involved Pokemon. The more wishful one was me being basically a crazy cat lady except with Eevee and the kids in the town would get them as starters. Aside from the Eevee themselves I would have a Flareon, an Espeon, an Umbreon, and probably a Leafeon. Flareon and Leafeon being the parents of most of the Eevee, and Espeon and Umbreon being accidental friendship evolutions before I started giving all the Eevee Everstone collars to prevent more accidents. The other was also kinda wishful but more feasible probably and was just like me being a berry farmer. (I just found my notes so I can give the Pokemon I wanted: Eevee because it’s my favorite Pokemon and it’s small and cute, a Tropius because neck fruit and also can reach berries and help harvest, a Flareon to cook berries apparently, and a Squirtle to help water and harvest.) Super wishful stuff and it still resonates, despite the fact that I’m even less active now than I was when I first thought of this stuff. I just want to have a nice peaceful life with nice Pokemon and be able to just be calm and happy. Yeah some evil team might try to destroy the world or something, but more often than not, someone comes along and helps out.
Unrelatedly my friend said the other day when we were talking that if we were to move in together in an apartment because we’re best friends and it’s cheaper to live together (also it wouldn’t be dating because even if she does turn out to be bi her girl type is buff girls and I am a twig) that she would cook and I would bake and just the idea of us living together and having stable jobs and having a cat if they were allowed and sounds so nice and so many things if I think realistically like my current mental health struggles and the US being a dumpster fire and the pandemic and the US being fucking insane it just feels like it couldn’t happen and it’s just
I want to be happy but it feels like I can’t do that and I have so much shit piled up that I have to do and my medicine isn’t doing what it did at first so I guess my body got used to it like how people can get caffeine tolerance but ive had it less than a month so idk am i just fucking up that much it just fucking sucks i just wish i could stop having to worry and just live in a hole with my safe corners of the internet and my video games and a couple people online to talk to so i dont get too too lonely and just im not doing well and college is bad because my depresso is being super bad now and tonight i feel like im wasting my parents’ money because im just not doing what i need to do to exist as a student and it just feels like too much and i dont want to do any of it anymore
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ginger0utcast · 7 months ago
Thrown into it
Part: 1,2,3,4,5, 6
Part 7- Congrats! You’re living with the protagonist!
We parked in front of a concrete wall, a green sign of characters being the only thing contrasting its pale grey color. A sudden urge of pain makes its way up my spine and to my head, making me grab my hair and inhale sharply. “Hey? Kid you okay?” I hear Mic ask. My eyes water, making me blink a few times. “Y/n? Do we need to go back to the hospital?” Nezu questions. Is that concern I hear? I open my eyes. The head splitting pain fades as I look up at Nezu. “ I’m fine..” Where did that come from? Woods turns back in his seat. “Are you sure?” I looked to him only to see something was different. “T-that.. The sign!” I pointed to the green sign in front of us. It was perfect english. “I-I-”
“Yeah.. parking for thirty minutes. So what?” Snipe questioned. “I-I-I couldn’t read that a moment ago..” Nezu observes me while Snipes brings up something I didn't even notice before. “But you speak perfect Japanese.” My eyes widen. “Wait what?” I questioned. Was it just me or was the world spinning a bit? Snipe laughs whole heartedly while Woods stares at Nezu with a look that screams ‘Are they fucking serious?’
Mic keeps himself composed as he lowers his shades. “What do you think we were speaking? English?” I inhale. What is this tom-fuckery? “Call me crazy, but.. yeah..?” 
The group glances at each other. Snipe and Woods just plain confused while Nezu and Mic seemed to be talking telepathically. “Look I know it sounds stupid but. It’s just true. I know better than to lie to heroes.” Mic glances back at me and speaks in something that sounds like gibberish. “Scus?” I mumble just before the pain I felt when I glanced at the sign returns. A groan comes out of my mouth as I hold my head in my hands. My eyes screw shut from the pain. I feel someone touch my shoulder but I shake them away at the pain. “What the fuck..?” 
“Y/n? Y/n?” I hear Mic ask. First calm, but by the second time more concerned than anything. “Screw it, we need to take em back to the hospital.” I hear Woods groan. “N-no! I-I’m fine.” I gasp. The pain gives way to a newfound lightheadedness. Everything feels a bit fuzzy for a few moments, but with every blink my body returns to normality. I exhale. “I..- I- I’m fine. I’m sorry.. I- I don't know what came over me..” I mumble over myself. “Y/n? Do you understand me?” Mic asks slowly. I hum and nod. “Mind telling me what happened?” I blink away a sudden feeling of tiredness to attempt to explain. “You said.. Something in alien speak, my head started to hurt, and then it disappeared as soon as it came..” Mic nods silently. “Do you know what language we are speaking in now?” He looks over his shades to me. “Japanese..? Like before? Even though it sounds english?” Mic looks over to Nezu. “She thinks we’re speaking Japanese still.” Nezu puts a paw under his enormous, triangular head. “Interesting..” Woods turns back in his seat quickly. “I haven’t seen a quirk like this before! I mean- I’ve seen hyper intelligence- but it takes people like that at least a hour to know a language front to back..” Nezu chuckles while shaking his head. “There has to be drawbacks to this quirk.” Snipe comments. “If not then that thing is damn powerful. Imagine the uses.. Infiltration and undercover work would be easy.” Mic punches Snipe’s shoulder with a look of disgust. “That is a child! The hell is wrong with you!” Mic yells seriously. The older of the two yelps from his seat while waving his arms around. Damn the roles have reversed. “What! I’m just saying! And besides, I’m not saying we should actually do it! That's twisted!”  I try to hold back a smile but Nezu notices me. Mission failed, we’ll get em next time. “Anything funny about this situation?” He prompts. “Your staff is full of brilliant idiots.” I admit lightly. “Absolute, bloody, brilliant, idiots. And god do I love them.”
The once arguing trio turns to me with a shocked look. “Hey you can understand us?!” Woods, Mic, and Snipes yell defensively, making me laugh even harder. Nezu glances between all of us with a smile. He probably would have let this go on. “We better hurry or else the Midorya’s will be concerned.” He prompts. We all take a moment to look at each other before following Nezu’s request. I tried to keep it cool but that kind of backfired when I saw the apartment complex that Izuku and Inko lived in. I blinked a few times and rubbed my eyes. I’m actually going to be living with the main character. I must be a Mary sue. Someone pinch me. I might just make the world implode with a sneeze. “Ey little listener!” Mic called from the front gates. “Are you just gonna let the world pass you by all the time or are you gonna move?” His tone gave off a subtle hint of annoyance but he was patient all the same with me. “S-Sorry! Just.. Never seen a building this tall before y'know?” Okay so that was a lie, but he seemed to believe it. “You from the country or something?” I nod nervously and walk to the group. “You could say that.” He hums along with my response. Soon enough we meet up with the group. 
“Snipe, Mr. Woods? Do you mind giving myself, Y/n, and Present Mic a moment please?” Woods crosses his arms as if he was about to say something but Snipes beats him to the punch. “Sure. Cmon Woods. I need to talk to you about something.” Snipe grabs Kamui’s arm and drags him ahead by a few meters. I chuckle at his over dramatic struggling and complaints. I fucking love anime. “Now then, L/n,” Nezu pulls two envelopes from his pants pocket, both of which were twice the size of his paw. One of them was a crisp, pure white with the UA emblem on it. The other was more yellow, old, and is slightly wrinkled. “Aniken, should I take the white or the yellow pill?”
“What?” Mic asks with utmost confusion, followed by Nezu with a matching look. I tried to brush off my weirdness with an equally confused “What?” Thank god they didn’t question it. Instead giving me a strange look. Nezu took initiative and moved on from my absurdity. “One of them is your schedule, the other is information you must give to Mrs. Midoriya. State that it’s from your parents.” I look between the envelopes and nod. “What about my uniform? School supplies? I’m.. not really made of cash y'know?” Mic smiles slightly. “Oh we know. The government’s got you covered on that.” He gives an enthusiastic thumbs up. I look to Nezu. “So I’m a charity case?” Nezu shrugs. “Essentially.” Damn Nezu. Blunt much? 
Mic chuckles awkwardly at Nezu roasting me alive. “At least until you're twenty. But that’s a worse case scenario. The government is actively trying to find ways to get you back home.” I smile a little at the thought. Back at home this would make one hell of a dream. Maybe even fanfiction if I remember all this. And not get writer's block of course. “Okay.. When do I start?” I ask. Nezu picks back up on the conversation. “The day after tomorrow should be suitable for you, yes?” I take a moment to narrow my eyes. “What’s the catch? I know I have to do work in order to catch up to my peers. The finest hero school in Japan doesn’t let in just anyone.” Mic covers his obvious smile with his mouth. “OOOooo! She knows her stuff.” Nezu smirks. “Indeed. You will need to catch up. So I’ll give you two weeks to finish all the work. Then you can officially start. Think that’s enough time Mic?” The smaller of the two asks. Mic nods “Oh yeah! Plenty of time for this little listener!” I can't help but smile at that. I feel like I’m going on a pokemon journey. “Thanks for believing in me. Not a lot of people do.” I admit. He dramatically gasps “Well that's a damn shame! You’re gonna be great kid. Besides, you have me as an english teacher, and with that quirk of yours you’re definitely gonna get straight A’s for sure.” I look over to Nezu to see his phone suddenly buzzing. He quickly takes a moment to answer it before hanging up on the caller. “I’m sorry to end the moment, but Snipe has reminded me that we are on a time crunch. It is a school night after all.” A long groan echoed through the lot of the complex, making me chuckle.“Oof- yeah you’re right.” The blonde agreed. “I got tests to grade and a lesson to finalize.”  And with that, the three of us began to make our way to complex 2, third floor. As the light breeze ushered us to our destination my mind went back to the idea of staying with Izuku. Should I tell him what I know? He deserves to know. But what would be the repercussions of my actions? Him knowing that he will be the number one hero can change so many things. It could go to his head like Bakugou and complements. He could back out from the pressure. Fuck I cant do it. Too many factors. Maybe Mirio? I could warn him about what happens in season four. Maybe then he could follow his dream, maybe he’ll be the number one hero then. But not now.. I don't know where we are in the story. I know after the sport’s festival, but is Stain still out and about? Has the exchange between Shoto, Izuku, and Tenya already happened?
Instead of a pleasant nudge to get me out of my thoughts, this time it was a jab to the elbow. “Ow!” I look around to see Snipe glaring at me and motioning to the door in front of us. In the doorway was Inko! She had a bright pink apron, her signature skirt and shirt- ah she’s so tiny! She chuckles. “I-I’m so sorry! Bad habit!” I hug myself tightly. “I-I’m trying to break it-'' She shushes me from my rambling with a wave of her hand. “It’s completely fine! My son has the same habit. I think you two will get along well.” Her kind smile warms me a little. “Mrs. Midorya, do you have the paperwork we gave you?” Mic asks politely. “Oh! Oh yes! Come on in let me make you some tea! The work is around here somewhere!” Inko scampers from the door frame and into the apartment. I didn't hesitate to follow her inside. While I was taking my shoes off I couldn't help but notice how lovely the inside was. The apartment looked exactly like it did in the anime all the way down to the T. It was so welcoming and homey. Almost like Christmas but without the decorations. I was planted in the living room when the hero’s finally came in. From what I assume was Inko’s room, she called. “Make yourself at home! I'll get the kettle on soon!” I look over into the comfy living room before glancing over at the adults. “We’re sorry ma’am but we can't stay for long.” Nezu responds just as Inko appears again. “Oh, well if that's the case, will you at least take something with you! You all help Izuku so much and you work so hard as is!” I see her eyes glance over to the kitchen. “I have cupcakes?” I turn to her. “Cupcakes?” My stomach rumbles at the sound of sweets. She giggles “Yes. I didn’t know what flavor you would like so I made chocolate and vanilla. I hope that's alright?” I point to her like a child. “Are you sure I’m staying with her? She’s too good!” Inko chuckles at my truth. “Don't flatter me, I’m nothing special. You go and take one. They’re over on the counter hun.” She called me hun! I’m weak! I clench my heart and shake in my spot. “The world doesn't deserve you!” I say before bolting it to the kitchen. 
After I grab a cupcake I watch from the counter as the grownups talk. Munching through their attempt at hush talk. “Are you sure you’re okay with this ma’am? We do have other applicants.” Snipe starts. “Oh no, it’s fine! Besides, I need some more pep in my step! These old bones need some movement!” She assures with a wave of her hand. “You don't look at day over twenty Mrs. Midoriya!” I call. The group turns to me, Inko’s face a light pink in embarrassment. At least she has a smile on her face. “Oh you-! No flattery in this house!” She retorts. I laugh. “No flattery, just honesty.” 
I glance over at Nezu. It could have just been me but I think his smile relaxed a bit. “We should be off Mrs. Midoriya. I can see they are in good hands.” I get up from my spot and bring the cupcakes over to them. “Her cupcakes are great. You shouldn't leave without them.” I suggest. Nezu sighs and takes one of the vanilla. Over his shoulder he glances at the heroes. “Go on. I’m not gonna stop you!” Mic exhaled as if he was holding his breath all this time. “Oh thank god!” He snatched two and gorged them. “Oh wow.” I comment. Woods jabs Mic in the rib, making him cough on some cupcake. “Hey!” Woods glares at the blonde. “Just because you’re my senior doesn't mean that you have the excuse of not knowing some manners.” Snipe carefully takes one and thanks Inko. Is that a blush I see?  No. Calm down inner shipper. “We best be off now.” Nezu restates and soon  enough the heroes leave me and Inko alone in her apartment. 
We take some time getting to know each other at the dining room table. And true to form, Inko was just as sweet as she is in the anime. Apparently she’s also into American culture and late night dramas. Wouldn't have pegged her for that kind of stuff but the surprise was pleasant. “You’re really great at baking Mrs. Midoriya!” I exclaim while taking our plates to the sink. “Oh- thank you! I’m happy to know someone besides my son likes my cooking.” Oh right.. I should probably ask about Izuku. “Oh right-! I forgot to ask about your son! What’s he like?” This is gonna be interesting. “Oh well, he’s a little shy but once you get to know him you'll see who he is.” Right on que the door opens. “Mom! I’m home!” I hear that iconic voice followed by the front door opening. “Oh Izuku! In here! The exchange student is here!” Something falls and Izuku yells. “I-Izuku?!” Inko begins to get up only for Izuku to call back. “I-Im fine mom!” I glance over at Inko and back at the hallway. Izuku eventually walks into the dining room. “W-Where are-” 
Inko motions to me. “Izuku, this is Y/n L/n, they will be staying with us. They’ll have the guest room.” Izuku’s eyes fall on me. As mine do the same for him. He was still in his school uniform. Pants baggy, tie dishoveled, shoelaces untied, the imperfections out weighed the perfections in his uniform. No wonder the hot mess energy he was radiating was all the more powerful. I can't help but smile. “You must be running around a lot.” I smirk in attempts to break the tension. He jumps a little at my sudden remark. “O-Oh! Um.. y-yeah. The school is pretty big so..” He trails off into silence. Silence that lasts a whole minute. I bite my lip. “Sooo uh.. I saw you at the UA sports festival? You won the first round! I was so smart of you to take off a chunk of the robot and use it for the later portion of the race.” His face flushes a bright pink. “O-Oh no! I bet anyone would have thought of that if they were in my situation!” I chuckle. “Dude that's unique to you! Noone can replicate that now without bringing you up!” He goes and scratches the back of his head. “Y-yeah.. I guess you’re right.” I hear Inko let out a sigh of relief. 
“Now that you two have met, how about we get you settled Y/n.”
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bigcat-hanson · 8 months ago
Long Way From Home [Part Two] | Arin Hanson X Reader
A new client books the theatre you work at, and you discover that it’s a group of Youtubers that you had never heard of. You reveal to your coworker a bit about your past
Word count: 850
     Your footsteps echoed through the theatre, the chatter of your coworkers filling the otherwise empty space. Questions filled your mind as you made your way into the tech booth, where another one of your coworkers was setting up lights.
     “Well, well, well. Look who's here. You’re never usually late to a shift,” she joked, eyes still focused on the monitor in front of her.
     “I’m two minutes early,” you noted, glancing at the clock on the wall behind her. You set your bag down with a thud and carefully put your coffee on the table in the back of the room.
     “Which, going by your track record, means you’re at least three minutes late.” Her teasing caused you to roll your eyes. “Clients should be here in about thirty. They’re gonna need a quick mic check, and I’m pretty sure they’ll keep the two on the whole time. That may change, though. We’ll see. They said there may be a Q&A thing depending on time.”
     “Pink and blue. They actually asked if we had color coded mics and to use those ones if we had them.”
     “Gotta love oddly specific clients. Who are they again?”
     “Shit, uh… I think they’re called Game Grumps? I don’t know. I asked Aiden about it, and I guess they’re Youtubers or something.”
     “Oh yay. Crazy fans and pretentious internet personalities. That’ll be a good time.”
     The next half hour was spent reminiscing with Maggie about past clients that drove you both up a wall, none of which ever failed to rile the two of you up any time they were mentioned. You had managed to finish the coffee you had brought within that time, resigning to water for the rest of your shift. As the clients started spilling onto the stage, you put your headphones on, and a voice came through almost instantly. 
     “You ready for a mic check up there?” Your coworker’s voice sounded crackly through the com system. 
     “Totally. let’s start with blue,” you replied, seating yourself in front of the sound system. You watched out the window of the booth as the blue microphone was handed over to one of the clients. He was fairly tall, probably six foot, and had a mess of long, curly hair. It was hard to make out much else, given your distance from him. You turned on the god mic so you could speak to him.
     “Alright blue mic, let’s test you out,” you instructed, your voice echoing through the theatre. 
     “Uh, test 1-2, test, Arin has a tiny penis, 1-2 inches, test test.” The phrases he chose made you laugh along with the rest of the people onstage, your giggles being picked up by the god mic. 
     “Ok, thank you blue mic. Pink mic, you’re up.” The man standing next to him took the pink one from Aiden. He was about the same height as the first guy, with a beard, and his brown hair had a streak of blonde on one side. 
     “Test test, I do not have a tiny penis, Dan is just projecting his insecurities onto me. Test.” You laughed once again, telling yourself to take note on their names to make the rest of the event easier.
     “Thank you, Dan and Arin. How do you spell that, by the way? Two ‘a’s?”
     “Uh, A-R-I-N,” the man holding the pink microphone responded.
     “Thank you. Y’all are free to go,” you announced. The second you turned off the god mic, a crumpled up piece of paper hit you in the shoulder.
     “You’re totally a fan of them, aren’t you?” Maggie inquired, a smirk taking over her expression. You rolled your eyes at her.
     “I literally have no idea who they are.”
     “Then what’s with that stupid smile and grabbing your necklace?”
     You never would’ve noticed had she not mentioned it. You relaxed your face and let go of the dog tag around your neck, a small wave of embarrassment overcoming you.
     “He just reminded me of someone,” you offered vaguely. You weren’t sure whether or not your thoughts in that moment hurt, or if they were truly as happy as you felt they were.
     “Ok, now you have to tell me.”
     “It’s just… some guy I knew in high school. My parents forced me to move up here to live with my aunt when I was like 15 because they wanted to move to Europe or whatever but couldn’t afford to while also raising a kid. They told me it was for school, but I figured it out later. Anyways, this kid Arin was my only friend back in Florida, and I never got to say goodbye, and… he spelled his name the same way. We both made these dog tags the day before I moved. It was almost twenty years ago, so...” you explained, twirling the necklace around in your hand, stopping to show Maggie the design. 
     “Espeon? Like the Pokemon?”
     “Oh, yeah, that’s another story. I’ll tell you later. Right now, I need to find out who I have to ask about those extra mics they might need.”
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venus-says · 9 months ago
Healin' Good Precure Episodes 14-18
Tumblr media
Vows of Friendship.
Yes, contrary to what it looks like, this blog is still alive. Life happened, there was a succession of not so good things happening IRL (again) and I thought it was for the best to forget the blog was a thing for a few weeks so I could give proper attention to those matters. But things are starting to get better so I decided it was time to be back.
Before everything, I know episode 19 has aired already and we already had the debut of our mid-season cure, but this post is being released right before episode 20 and seeing that this couple of episodes will be so connected I decided to talk about them together so they're not in this post and I won't talk about things that happen in there for now.
PSAs done, let's get right into what this post is for: Healin' Good Precure!
Tumblr media
I think before going into each episode I need to say that I'm kinda glad I let these episodes accumulate because while I enjoyed all of them I wouldn't have too many things to say about more than half of them and it would be very difficult to me to make full posts for every single one of them. Like, these were all very sweet episodes and some had some amazing things happening but overall it didn't feel like we were making much progress with the story, despite a new set of Element Bottles appearing in these episodes which would indicate otherwise.
Of course, every episode that gives us more development to each character is important for the progression of the show so in one way or another all of these episodes are important (14 is about Nodoka's health, 15 is about Nodoka and Rabirin's relationship and so it is episode 18 with Hinata and Nyatoran, Episode 16 is important for the friendship of the group, and 17 is important for Chiyuu and her future). But in terms of plot, as I see, Episode 14 was the only one that had relevant things that moved it forward since it laid down the backstory of the previous Precure that acted in that region.
And Episode 14 is a quite interesting one because it sets that Nodoka's health is in perfect condition now after a few months of living in Sukoyaka City, and they did a quite fun thing with this, you know? Because at the beginning of the episode I thought that Nodoka's health was improving because of her Precure powers, and I feel like other shows would've gone with this route, but at the end, the general consensus was that her health got better because of the energy of that community and that's pretty sweet. And I don't know, maybe it's just me being crazy, but I feel like there was some sort of comment on the pandemic there because in this situation everyone's health isn't depending only on ourselves but also on other people doing their part for this to not spread any longer. I know it's farfetched but it makes sense in my head. In any case, stay home, wear masks, and wash your hands PLEASE.
Tumblr media
The other big part of the episode is the revelation that there was a Precure from years ago that also lived in Sukoyaka City, that used her music to help everyone in the city, and that she was Teatinu's partner and had some relation with the Wind Element. Of course, this is already out so I won't speculate on, but I wish they had thought of a better way to put this information in, you know? I don't know how much time has been between the time where the last precure was active and now but they could have an older citizen in the festival give a hint about a girl that healed everyone with her music and then the Wind Element would expand on that in the end instead of dropping a full expositional speech.
With that being said, at least this episode has shown that Nyatoran knows his type match-up type when he told Sparkle to use an electric type attack on a flying type enemy, the pokemon logic wins once again. XD
Tumblr media
Episode 15 was definitely the more interesting of the bunch with Rabirin and Nodoka's fighting each other. I had a problem with the episode calling this their first fight because I have to me that their first fight was on episode 2, but I guess they didn't have developed a friendship yet at that point so I guess it's okay for this case. I had a bit of trouble at the beginning to grasp what they were trying to do at first because the episode was being pretty sweet for the majority of the first half and I couldn't see where the conflict would come. Yeah, it was pretty clear that Rabirin feeling a bit ashamed of liking something that everyone else was dissing would play a part on it, but Nodoka was being very welcoming to her so I couldn't see where the conflict between the two would come from and I was afraid that it would end up being handled pretty poorly.
Tumblr media
And you know, I would've rather that the conflict had hit more of a gray area thing so that we couldn't choose a side in the matter (being on Nodoka's side here was way too easy, after all, she actually did nothing wrong), and I also wish Nyatoran as an outside factor hadn't been used in such a keen way because it made him look more mean-spirited than his character actually is and if someone wants they can point that he's the one at fault and this takes part of the importance of the main conflict in my eyes. I think if they had made Nyatoran keep his mouth shut, it would be more effective because then Rabirin denying her love for the daruma doll would have come from herself thinking that she would be made fun of for liking something the other mascots didn't like and the conflict would be more interesting because it would be coming all from herself, and it would be able to tell more about her as a character rather than the "environment" in where she's in.
Taking this into consideration, even with all problems I have in those regards, I still like how it happened and how the resolution came out, I do feel like it was a bit rushed because they had to come in terms with each other under the pressure of the fight happening and they not being able to transform due to their feelings not being in sync, but for something that begun and ended in a single episode it still worked and they ended on a pretty note and with a good message that even though conflict and fights happen they know how to apologize and make peace so it's okay that a quirrell happens here and there. Though, this should've been a two-parter, just saying.
Tumblr media
Episode 16 was a bit of a letdown, but that's more on my end rather than the episode's fault. You know, the plot was pretty good, I like the concept of the Eternal Tree, I like the idea of celebrating this tree even if it was dead already, and the concept of a group of friends that had vowed eternal friendship under the tree but that now aren't together anymore it's pretty cool. I just personally wish they didn't try to fix a broken friendship, maybe it's me being a pessimist, but friendships don't always last forever and in some cases, it's better that one friendship doesn't go for years and years, and I would like more if we had seen a case where a friendship couldn't be saved and the girls vowed eternal friendship anyway because they believe in their bond so much and they understand that just because it happened to those three it doesn't mean it will also happen to them. Maybe I'm asking too much for a kids' show, but still...
In any case, this episode served to mark even more in my head that Batetemoda is the best of the villains since he's the only one with an actual personality, him rapping all episode was a delight.
Tumblr media
Episode 17 is the one I have the least amount of things to talk about. It was cute, it served for Chiyuu to build up more on her character and how she relates to her future, her family, and the family business. But, being honest, the episode didn't have much else going on. The plotline with Emily was okay, but they could've done more, you know? I feel like they decided to take up time with Pegitan having some sort of rivalry with Chiyuu's brother in cleaning the inn and they could have used that time to flash Chiyuu and her conflict more, especially because the Pegitan thing doesn't go anywhere, doesn't have a conclusion, and it feels completely lost in the middle of the episode. If they had made this change the episode would be more interesting and I would've liked it more, as it was, it's just an enjoyable episode but that won't leave an impression on me in the future.
Tumblr media
Wrapping up with episode 18. Probably my favorite because it was a very fun one. I was very scared of the "fairy fall in love with a human" because I'm a bit traumatized by this concept, but I enjoyed this episode from beginning to end. If I had to say one thing I don't like from this episode it's all the panic about Nyatoran changing partners, they dragged this for too long, and also they were making assumptions without directly asking Nyatoran anything even when they had the chance to do it.
With that being said, Hinata was amazing in this episode showing her full support to Nyatoran, always having his back and thinking of ways to help him to be happy, and protecting what's precious to him because he is her partner and she values him and the things that he has thought her, I almost shed a tear when they did that callback to Sparkle's first episode when she took a full-blown attack to protect Nyatoran's letter and decorations because that was precious to him. It was really good. And the ending was also pretty good, a heart being broken was never so fun to me as this one was for some reason, I don't know, it was just very sweet especially Hinata being there for the sulky Nyatoran afterward.
Tumblr media
One thing I haven't mentioned because I didn't find a place to do it so is how annoyed I am by how Crunchyroll in the English subs is still using the "-san" when talking about the Element when the rest of the show goes with very few honorifics and it gives us atrocities like "The Element of Wind-San". Like, just call "The Element of Wind" or "the Wind Elemental" for pity sake! It's not that difficult. But anyway, I believe that's all for now.
Oh, one last thing. I'm thinking about it and, for my mental health sake, starting this month, I think I'll stick to just 3 or 4 posts per week and instead of posting about the weekly episodes as they come out, I'll talk about them in pairs, with a few exceptions here and there. It's not final yet, I'm just considering it, but I feel like by doing things this way, if things get complicated IRL again, it would be easier for me to manage to keep the blog consistent. In any case, stay healthy, stay safe, stay tuned (!!), never stop resisting, thanks for reading, and (hopefully) until the next time. See ya~
Tumblr media
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jenni42085 · 10 months ago
Love in the Time of Corona <One>
“So Scott, got a question for you, well, maybe your brother.”
“Honey, what’s wrong you look stressed.”
Colton sighs as he rolls over to look closer at his boyfriend Scott Evans. “I know we are on lockdown but. . . “
“But what?”
“I don’t know if I can stay here with you at your brother’s when my sister is alone at her apartment.”
Scott relaxes and runs his hand through his boyfriend’s curly dark brown hair. “You know we can ask Chris to come let her stay with us.”
“Do you think he would be ok with it?”
“If she’s family and she’s alone. I don’t see why not.” Scott stands and walks to the side of Colton’s bed pulling him to his feet. “Let’s go ask him now since I think you’ll keep tossing and turning if you don’t.” he says as he gives his boyfriend a hug and kiss.
*knock knock knock*
“Come in.” Chris sits up in bed waiting for his brother to come in. “What’s up?”
“Well I, well we have a HUGE favor to ask.”
Colton cuts off Scott while coming in behind him. “Feel free to say no. If it’s too much I understand but. . .” He takes a deep breath. 
“So first off thanks for letting me stay with you and Scott but, my sister is quarantining alone and her birthday is in a few weeks and I’d rather her not be alone. So . . . “
“So you were wondering is she could stay here?” Chris asks letting his right eyebrow arch.
Colton’s eyes became large as two saucers when he was cut off but Chris. “Yeah. If it’s too much it’s fine I understand completely.”
Chris adjusts more in bed and thinks for a minute and figures the more the merrier. Plus it’s her birthday is coming up soon. It’ll suck being stuck in a house anyways but all by yourself would be worse. “Nah, it’s fine. Tell her to come on. Does she cook or anything?”
“Oh yeah she cooks and she cleans.” Colton says, “She makes amazing fried chicken but her pepperoni rolls are life.”
Chris and Scott both look at him curiously and reply in unison “Pepperoni rolls?”
“Yeah pepperoni rolls. Don’t worry I’ll call her before bed and tell her. I haven’t mentioned anything to her so it’ll be a good surprise. Thanks so much.” Colton says as he goes back to the bedroom he shares with Scott.
*Ring.  Ring.  Ring.*
“Hello?” Nico groggily answer her phone.
“Hey sis, did I wake you?” Colton replies.
A deep sigh comes out of Nico, she was in the progress of falling asleep in front of television yet again. “No, just laying here. What’s up?  Are you ok?” he replies.
“Yeah, just worrying about you. So, do you want me to come quarantine with you?” He asks trying to test out the waters.  He knows she is stubborn true to her Taurus sign so he has to ease her into it.
Nico adjusts her pillows then lays back in bed again. “Honestly, it would be great if you were here but I know you are with your new boyfriend Scott, so I don’t want to sound selfish and make you leave him.”
“Well, what if there is another way for us to be together.” He replies smiling after hearing her response. Always so giving, even if it hurts her.
“How’s that going to happen? I don’t even know where you are at.” She replies slowly shaking her head.
Colton takes a small breath, “ We are with his brother in the outskirts of Boston. He’s got a big house and yard, AND I asked if you could stay and as long as you help out with cooking and stuff you can come stay!”
“Colton . . . “
“Hear me out sis. It’s either this or I’ll have someone else come stay with you. And I don’t mean friends. Maybe mom and dad or one of the other sisters and their families.”
Hearing that threat makes Nico shoot up from bed instantly feeling stressed, “Why would you say that? Of all things! Why?”
“Because I’m your big brother and I worry about you and your mental health. So how about you load your car up with a month full of clothes and whatever else you need. I’ll have some extra groceries sent to us so you can make some of those delish pepperoni rolls.”
Nico’s head falls to the side. “Are you sure you actually miss me, or are you just craving pepperoni rolls?”
Colton chuckles at little bit at his sister, “Nah, I miss you but pepperoni rolls are like an added bonus.”
A deep sigh leaves her, “Fine. “I’ll pack up tonight and leave in the morning I guess.”
“Awesome! Can’t wait to see you, it’s like a 4 hour drive from New York so it’s not too bad. I’ll text you the addy. I’m going to bed and you should too since, you have some driving to do.”
“Yes yes, I’ll go to sleep after packing my stuff up. Nighty nighty Colton.”
“Night Nico.” He replies as he hangs up.
When Colton left to call his sister, Scott and Chris talk for a few more minutes, “So what do you know about his sister?”
“She’s a cosplayer and runs a party planning business. She’s the middle child out of the five of them, lives in New York.”
“Do you have any pictures or anything of her?” Chris asks wondering if inviting her is a good idea since Scott just mentioned her being a cosplayer. He wonders if she would be a fan girl or something making the quarantine lockdown a little awkward and miserable.
Scott looks at his brother perplexed, “Are you having second thoughts?”
“No, not really. But if she’s a cosplayer, is she a fan girl?”
“No idea to be honest. He talks about her the most but, didn’t mention her celebrity crushes. I’m sure she has met a few celebrities at conventions and knows how to act. Mainly, I know she’s a great cook. She’s sent him some cookies and cakes not to long ago and they were amazing.”
Chris nods his head in understanding but still curious. “Do you at least know her name?”
“Nico.” He replies with a happy face.
“Nico? What kind of name is that?”
Scoot sighs and rolls his eyes, “It’s short for Nicolette. The few times we’ve chatted on the phone she seemed really sweet. But don’t call her Nicolette. She’ll correct you.” Scott states and chuckles. “It's honestly like a curse word to her.”
“OK then, I’ll call her Nico.” He says with a small smile. “You do realize I’m going to Facebook stalk her.”
“Ohh I figured as much.” Scott shrugs as he leaves the room. “Thanks brother. I think he was really worried since the others have spouses and they usually do everything together. Plus he knows how her anxiety and depression gets a little crazy at times.”
“How crazy?” Chris asks as he stops typing her name on Facebook, “anything life threaten?”
“Ohh no no no, never anything like that at least I don't think so. But if you see her cleaning and organizing stuff, she is probably having some racing thoughts. Sometimes she can’t sleep or a few times she has called Colton in the midst of a panic attack and he has to talk her through things and breathing exercises. Apparently they get so bad it feels like a heart attack.”
Chris nods his head in understanding because he knows how this panic attacks feel. He’s gotten better at getting himself in the right head space but he can definitely sympathize with her. After typing in New York in location in Facebook he was able to pull up her page. “Gotcha, well I’m going to look around on her page. Good night.”
Scott picks up on his body language and leaves, “good night.”
Chris looks at Nico’s Facebook page, while most of it is under private which he likes there are a few pictures of her. She looks honestly beautiful. Her most current picture is of her dressed up as Pikachu with a few other girls as other Pokemon. Even though she isn’t center stage, his eyes automatically goes to her. He can’t tell how tall she is but, she is about average build with large brown eyes, her skin is a little lighter than her brother’s almost like a burnt caramel complexion, and a big curly head of black hair with purple tips.
The other profile pictures that were there shows a few other of her cosplays of a Hufflepuff student from Hogwarts, the Powerpuff girls where she was Buttercup, and the last one took him by surprise. A few years ago she was dressed as a female Captain America with another girl who has been in a few other pictures of hers as the Winter Soldier.
She nails the look of Captain America with the colors and the stripes and stars but the girlie feel for it. To be honest she looks hot with the corset and the tutu bottom and knee high blue boots. Her hair was still curly but hair of It pinned back with a few large silver stars. When she smiles her eyes light up making her star lip ring show most prominently.
Out of curiosity and boredom he looks at the Winter Solider girl’s profile to see if there were any other pictures of Nico. Fortunately, her page was public and he could see some other pictures of her. The sweetest picture was a shout to Nico being an amazing friend and godmother to her kids. She was laying on the couch with a small toddler in her lap asleep the caption read, “the sweetest and best godmother.”
With what he could see of her, she seems like a really sweet girl. And beautiful to boot. Hopefully she’ll be all that and more when she comes. He reclines a little more in bed and slowly starts to fall asleep.
Scott closes the door to his shared bedroom with Colton, “I think my brother will be shocked meeting Nico.”
Colton hits send on his message to Nico then looks up from his phone, “Shocked? Why?”
“Well because, she might be something he needs in life. He was Facebook stalking her and didn’t look to upset about her.” He says as he crawls back into bed with him.
“Oh wow. Has he ever been with a black girl?” He looks at Scott as his raised eye brow finally returns back to its normal position. “Because I’ll be honest she's only ever dated white guys  so it’s no problem for her. But I don’t want his end game to get in her pants.  No pun intended.  But she is my little.”
“As far as I know, he has never dated a black girl but it’s not out of the realm of possibly. He’s open minded but he’s not just trying to have sex with her. He’s ready to settle down.”
“I guess that is good. But we shall see tomorrow how they interact.”
Scott nods his head in agreement, “Did you tell her who my brother was?”
Colton runs his head through he hair, “No I did not because . . .”
“Because why?”
“Well because I don’t want her up all night overthinking or her changing her mind and staying home. Plus, I want her to be shocked. I like seeing her shocked. It’s funny.”
“Gotcha, I love you Colton.”
“I love you too Scottie. Now let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted.”
After getting off the phone with her brother Nico goes to her closet and pulls out her two biggest suitcases, sighing she starts to pack to stay with people she doesn’t really know for a month or so. While she’s not really thrilled with going outside of her comfort zone but she knows she can see and hang out with her brother, so there is some comfort and security in that.
Moving to New York has been the best and worse thing she has ever done. She enjoyed being away from small town life but sometimes she missed not knowing really anyone here minus her close friends and coworkers. 
Thankfully, her brother did make frequent visits but after he got with Scott it was less frequent. She wasn’t jealous or anything just wishing to see him more with or without Scott.
Sighing once again, she starts packing leggings, tank tops, and other clothes. She knows she won’t be going anywhere so she doesn’t feel the urge to pack anything to fancy. Thinking harder on what to pack, she goes ahead and packs some crafts, her MacBook, and her Nintendo switch.
Looking at the clock she realizes it’s almost midnight and she’s not even tired. Since there were no places open for her to go she takes her wet curly hair out of her messy bun and decides to blow dry it straight then flat iron it. It’s been a while since she’s straighten her hair but figures that it’s better now then never. After an hour she is finished straighten it and does a quick trim on it then braids it and puts on her bonnet and falls asleep.
The sun shines into Nico’s room slowly waking her up. She stretches and gets a hot shower then packs up all of toiletries. She opts to wear a black pair of leggings and a cami along with an oversized mustard yellow sweater that compliments her skin. She brushes her now straight hair again and rebraids it into a side ponytail.
Finally after a few hours she was able to finish packing different odds and ins that she might need or want, emailing and calling a few coworkers to let her know she was going to be out of town but still be available for conference calls. She notified her neighbors so they could keep an eye on her place. After putting the address into her map app, she lets her Driving Mix on Apple Music and hits the road.
Chris walks into the yet to be occupied bedroom to make sure everything looked good for her arrival. Even though he slept good last night, he would be lying if he didn’t dream about Nico. He was excited for her arrival. Not because she was beautiful but, for a new person for to have there and someone who actually cooks from scratch, plus she would not make him the third wheel with Scott and Colton.
It had only been a week but he was already getting burnt out on take out and fast food already. He didn’t want to bug his mom with her making food for not only him but Scott and Colton even though he knows she wouldn’t mind. But seeing as older people are more at risk, he would rather her just keep interactions to FaceTime.
“So, when’s your sister getting here?” He asks casually as he walks into the kitchen. Colton and Scott are sitting at the island drinking coffee.
Colton looks at the clock and counts, “She should be here in about 30 minutes or so. Keep an eye out for a silver Subaru Outback with hello kitty on it.”
“Wow, ok then.” Scott says, “I’m surer that doesn’t stick out at all.”  The three chuckle at the description of her car. 
“So, is she excited to come here?” Chris asks.
“Honestly not too sure. She was a little apprehensive, but after I threaten to tell the rest of family she was glad to pack up her car and make the drive.” Colton replies with a smirk.
“You had to threaten her?’ Chris laughs. 
“Wow, I thought I was bad but I can see you know how to twist her arm. So, I’m just going to be nosey.”
“Shoot. Be nosey. I don’t mind.” Colton says as he takes another sip of coffee.
“Why did she not want to be with other family members?”
Colton makes a small smile, “Don’t get me wrong, we love our parents and sisters BUT they are all married and have kids and we don’t. We have kind of have always been the black sheep of the family. Nico and I haven’t always gone down the beaten path of our family. I’m gay and she’s a blerdy girl.”
Chris’ head cocks to the side, “Blerdy girl?”
“A black nerd. Geez, Chris get hip with the slang.” Scott says while rolling his eyes.
“Exactly. It was kind of hard for us growing up with family being very straight lace while, I was out and proud since I was 17 and she finally accepted the fact that she would never have a stuffy office job that would make her hate her life. She’s great though. Her love of rainbows, unicorns, Hello Kitty among other things helped her to forget our family kinds of forgets that it’s ok to be different.” Colton looks at the clock and realizes she should be here any moment.
“I have to admit, I looked at her Facebook page. What I could see of it she looks pretty awesome. I just kind of hope she doesn’t completely freak when she sees me.” Chris says while smiling.
“Nah, she should be ok. She’s met a few people from the Avenger movies so she should be ok.”
“Really ?” Chris asks as he stands up to stretch. “Who has she met?”
“She met Chris Hemsworth and said that he was really nice and funny. I think I have a picture of her with him I think.” Colton answers as he scrolls through pictures on his phone. “Here I’ll send it to you. Ask him if he remembers her.”
Scott looks at his boyfriend like he is a little crazy. “I doubt he is going to remember her out of all the fans he has met.”
“Hey now, you never know. My sister has a way that people never forget her.”
Chris looks at his and saves the picture of Nico and Hemsworth. He decides what the hell and send it to the group chat he has with him, Sebastian, Anthony, Jeremy, and RDJ. “He might remember her, it was from a few months ago.”
The room gets quiet when they hear a car pull up the drive way. Dodger starts barking at the sound of someone new. Sure enough the three walk outside to a silver Subaru being put in park. Colton walks over to the drivers side to greet his sister.
“There she is! My little sister.” Colton says in an excited tone.
“Colton!” Nico replies as she gets out the car to give her brother a hug. She’s considerably shorter than her 6’4 tall brother. As he hugs her, he picks her up and spins her as her legs dangle. “I’ve missed your face brother bear.”
“I’ve missed you too! You look cute and comfy. Is that the sweater I got you for Christmas?”
“Of course, it’s like the most comfortable sweater I own and it works well with leggings.” She replies as she does a spin. “So where is this new man of yours?  I get to finally meet him and not just talking on the phone!”
Scott pipes in excitedly from behind the pair. “I’m right here! Hi I’m Scott it’s good to finally meet you in person. He’s told me a lot about you.” He extends his arms and give her a hug. “Sorry, I don’t know if you are a hugger but I am.  Even with all this going on, I like a good hug.”
“No, it’s fine. I haven’t touched anything outside of my apartment minus me lysoling my car so I’m clean. And no point of social distancing if we might be here for the next month or so.” She pulls away and looks at him again to figure out where she has seen him. “You look like someone I’ve seen before. I know my brother says you are an actor but I still can’t place your face.”
“It’ll hit you don’t worry. Ohh and here is my brother Chris.” Scott replies with a wink.
Chris slowly approaches the three of them waiting for Nico to either faint or fangirl. “Hello Nico, I’m Chis.”
Nico’s large brown eyes became even bigger as she realizes that Chris wasn’t just Chris but Chis freaking Evans and Scott was Scott Evans. Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out. “Oh wow, Chris Evans. Nice to meet you.” She sticks out her hand and gets pulled in for a a big bear hug from Chris. When he pulls away her cheeks were a little red.
“Sorry, just figured since you gave everyone else a hug I’d get one also.” He replies sheepishly as he pulls away.
“No worries, just wasn’t expecting to meet you. And . . . yeah.” She replies still blushing.
While the two were having this awkwardly cute interaction Scott pokes Colton in his side and mouths “See!” Colton shakes his head and looks at the pair and can kind of see it.
“So, if you two are done with the awkward meeting how about we get you and your stuff inside.” Colton says as he walks past Chris and Nico and opens her trunk and back door. “Did you pack enough stuff?”
Nico’s head tilts to the side and gives her brother a dirty look, “Hey now!  It's honestly not a lot of thing, PLUS I’m sure you packed WAY more than me.”
“That he did.” Scott states with humor in his voice. “Also you need extra stuff because you really had no idea of where you were going and what we already had.”
“Exactly!” Nico squeals as she puts an arm around Scott, “I think I like you already.”
After one trip they successfully all of Nico’s things in her guest room. Walking into the house Dodger greets Nico by jumping up on her a few times. Chris tried to pull the dog away from her but she wasn’t even upset she welcomed the dog’s affection. He was kind of surprised that Dodger took to her so quickly but it was cute.
While she was unpacking in getting settled, Dodger sat outside of door watching happily and wagging her tail. Every once in a while he would come in for a few pats then goes back to watching her unpack.
Chris goes to his room to relax for a few minutes and looks at his phone to see a few messages from the guys:
RDJ: So who is this girl with Hemsworth exactly? She’s adorably pint sized.
Hemsworth: Ohh! I remember her. She was from a convention a few months ago. The girls loved her Eevee cosplay.
Sebastian: She’s cute. Why do you have a picture of Hemsworth with a random girl?
Chris: That’s Nicolette, Scott’s boyfriend’s sister. She is joining us for the quarantine. What do you guys think of her?
Hemsworth: What I can remember of her, she’s very sweet and has a few Avenger tattoos. If I can remember correctly her right upper arm has the symbols lined up with the Black Panther one included.
RDJ: That’s really specific.
Chris: Agreed. How do you know this?
Hemsworth: Well if you look at the outfit she has on it was strapless and her friend pointed it out. Her friend was fangirling a bunch but she was just so chill and a little shy.
Sebastian: Is she single? If so, your quarantine time might be a lot more fun. 🍆🍆
Chris: LOL. I honestly have no idea. I’d imagine single because she is staying with us but you never know. She is beautiful. Much more in person than the pictures. I did hug her and it was nice.
RDJ: Watch out hugging her. You really do sound like Cap right now. I think he really has rubbed off on you.
Chris: Dude! I just met her and in front of her brother no less couldn’t be grabby.  You know that's not how I roll.
Jeremy:  Yeah you very well couldn't dick her down in front of everyone.  lol. 
Anthony: Sorry guys late to the party once again. I remember seeing her at another convention. She was Pikachu and it wasn’t revealing but still sexy.
Hemsworth: Agreed a subtle sexy. I’d say that is your kind of girl.
Anthony: Most definitely. She might be the girl next door with a wild side.
Chris: I don’t know about all that but she is currently unpacking in the guest room and Dodger won’t leave her side.
Sebastian: Dogs always know the good ones.  Might want to continue making a good impression on her.
Jeremy:  Did you find out her favorite avenger yet?
Chris:  No.  Should I?
RDJ: Ummm yes up your chance to see if she likes you.
On that note, Chris closes out the texts and sees how she is doing.
*knock knock*
“Come in.” Nico says as she is putting her last stack of clothes in the drawer. She was expecting to see her brother but saw Chris instead. Her eyes got slightly larger but her face stayed neutral. “Oh hey!”
“Hey, so hows the unpacking going.” He asks while leaning against the doorway taking in her form better now that she has taken off the oversized sweater and is now in a tank top with her black leggings and pastel hulk no show socks.
She surveys her open suitcases one more time, ”Actually I think I’m done. I didn’t overpack because I didn’t see myself going out anywhere so it was just lounge clothes mainly.”
“Yeah, don’t blame you. It’s crazy how quickly it all escalated. You know?”
“I couldn’t agreed with you more. One moment I’m going into the office. Next I’m working from home and then I’m here, thankfully I'm still getting paid but I can at least work on future events that I've been putting off.” Her facial expression looks unreadable so Chris walks in closet just to make sure she is ok. His movements caught her attention and she gave him a small smile with a hint of sadness in her eyes. “It’s ok though. I’m alive and I have a job. Just stresses me out a little bit.”
“Understandable. How’s the anxiety?” Chris asks gently.
She turns fully to him and gives him a half smile. “Surprisingly, that’s been pretty okay considering. I’ve only had a small panic attack but nothing major.”
He shakes his head in agreement. “I’ve been making sure friends and family are safe. It went from nothing to something big.  But I just hope people don't forget to do mental health check ups to make sure they can survive this.”
Dodger comes up and puts his nose under her hand because he wanted so affection so Nico reaches down and scratches him behind the ears. “I bet having him around helps. They know when their owner feels stressed.”
“Yeah, he sure does. So, are you hungry or anything?”
“Not yet. I had some oatmeal before I left.”
He nods his head not really sure of what else to say because he wants to know more about her,” Would you like a tour of my humble abode?”
“Sure! That sounds great.” She replies. He puts his arm out and she links it with his as he shows her around the house and the outside.
After Nico finishes her tour with Chris, she goes to the living room and sits down on the tan ultra plush couch with her legs under her. Since being here Dodger has followed her around like a baby duck. Once she gets comfy he places his head on her leg and cuddles closer to her. Even though she slept last night she was kind of anxious to get on the road and get resettled.
Looking at her phone she sees that is almost 5 and the sun was slowly setting as much as she knows it’s way to late for a nap she gets cozy with Dodger and drifts into dreamland.
Chris was done with working on his few projects for his website and wanted to check in with everyone. Scott and Clinton were in their room about to come out. “Hey guys, any thoughts for dinner tonight ?”
“Nothing really. We could see if my sister wants to cook something for us.” Colton replied as he walks towards the door.
“Where is she anyway? I know she unpacked and looked around with Chris but haven’t seen her since.” Scott asks. He couldn’t help but bring up that Nico and Chris were together just so Colton would acknowledge the fact that Chris night have some interest.
“Hard to say. She wanders off a lot. . . Especially if she is drunk. Go check her room.”
Chris pipes in, “Nah she want there I already checked."  His statement makes Colton look at him but doesn't say anything.
The three walk into the living room/ kitchen area and see a sleeping Nico on the couch with Dodger curled up to her for warmth. Chris being worries that she might be cold since she was curled up almost in a ball so he gets his favorite blanket off the other side of the couch and covers her with it. Once the warmth is around her, she snuggles closer under it with Dodger.
“So . . . Should we wake her?” Scott asks as he sees her body rise and fall in a deep sleep.
“Nah, it’s best to just leave her there for maybe another 45 mins to an hour.” Colton says as he walks back to the kitchen to figure out what their dinner plans will be. “But you don’t want her up all night making noise.” He laughs at his own statement, “she’s done it before a few times. Growing up she would nap during the day then 2 o’clock in the morning she would be up doing art or her hair or just something.”
Chris nods his head with a chuckle running his hand through his hair. “Noted.”
Colton pulls out a bag of chicken nuggets and French fries then places them on a baking sheet and seasons them while the oven was preheating. He sees the way Chris is admiring his sister and feels unsure of it all. He wants the best for his sister and has always been leery of any man who wants to be with her but, a celebrity has never been interested in her and wants her to be happy and safe.
“Ni Ni, wake up.”
“Five more minutes, I’ve only been asleep for like 20 minutes.” Nico says sleepily.
“You mean more like 2 hours or more.” Scott says as he helps Colton pull the blanket off of her.
Her body goes from stretched out into a small ball as soon as the cool air hits her skin. Slowly she shifts and sits up to stretch remembering where she is. “Sorry guys, didn’t mean to be asleep that long I was going to make dinner.”
“It’s fine your brother has it right Colton?” Chris says as he lets Dodger out.
“Yeah. Yeah, Baby sis already slacking. I swear.” Colton replies with a chuckle as he shakes his head.
Nico rolls her eyes and walks over to her brother giving him a hug. “I’m sorry. Don’t worry I’ll make pepperoni rolls for us tomorrow and that will fix it all.”
After a tasty dinner, the group watched a few BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime episodes then at around 10 they all said their good nights and went to bed for the night. Nico laid down and played some online games but honestly, she just wasn’t tired. She finally laid down and closed her eyes but then tossed and turned for a while.
11:45 the clock blared at her, after realizing that she wasn’t going to sleep, Nico pulls on some gray cotton shorts, readjusts her tank top, brushes her hair,  and throws it into a high messy bun. Thankfully, her brother had kept the promise of getting extra ingredients sent to the house so she decided since she couldn’t sleep she would make his pepperoni rolls.
Nico finally figured out where everything was located in the massive kitchen and started mixing the dough. The wooden spoon wasn’t really mixing it like she liked but, didn’t want to pull out the mixer because that would more then likely wake the whole house. So after a few more stirs with the wooden spoon she pulls out the spoon and washes her hands again really good with soap and water then starts mixing it with her hands.
She got tired of the silence of just her breathing and decided to have Sir pull up one of her mix playlist to keep her company. Even though she was cooking, she decides to load her Shower Time Mix on Apple Music. Good Thing by Kehlani & Zedd fills the kitchen and she is swaying and humming. Baking and music were part of her happy place and helped to soothe her nerves. Lost in the music and mixing the bread she didn’t hear or sense anyone watching her.
Chris had tried to sleep but couldn’t so he laid there for a little bit until he heard faint music and decided to go see what was going on. He notices the door to Nico's room was open and figured she was in the kitchen.  She was there with her back to him swaying to the music . After a few minutes of watching her short frame saying he decides to see what she could possibly be doing at almost 12 at night.
“So, should I be concerned that you are in my kitchen at almost 12 at night and it has been pulled apart and your hands are covered in dough?” He asks as he comes into the kitchen. Humor laces his voice which causes her body to jump and she slowly turns around her eyes were like a deer caught in headlights.
“Chris, oh hey!” She replies as she scrunches her nose and pulls her hands out of the now blended dough. “I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to start working on the pepperoni rolls.”
“Ohhh ok.” He replies as looks into the bowl. “Is that going to make enough dough?”
“It has to rise silly. I measured out enough to make about 24 rolls.” Nico replies as she washes her hands again then moves the dough into a greased bowl and then covers with plastic wrap and a dish towel.
He nods his head and crosses his arms across his chest. “It’s a little late to be doing all of this  you know?”
“Maybe just a little bit but I couldn’t sleep and then you guys can have it for lunch tomorrow.”
“Point taken. He’s been talking about you and the pepperoni rolls kind of nonstop. I’ve never heard of them or had one.”
Nico doesn’t look too shocked but places her hand on her chest, “Well, you are totally in for a treat. They are soo yummy and filling. This is actually the recipe of the school kind so it’s authentic.”
“Noted. So would you like some company while the dough is rising?”
“I mean if you want to hang out with me in YOUR house, I wouldn’t mind. Some days it gets boring being alone.”  She replies lightly. 
He smiles at her answer while uncrossing his arms and takes in her beauty while she starts cleaning up the kitchen while the dough rises. “Minus the few things your brother has told me, what else should I know about you?”
She stops and looks at him curiously making her colorful unicorn glass fall down her little nose. Cutely and probably unconsciously she wiggles her nose to push the glasses back up. “Not really sure what all you are wanting to know about me. Honestly, I’m not that exciting.”
“Sure you are! You are a late night baker!” He states with humor laced in his voice making her chuckle.
Soon the kitchen was cleaned up while the oven was pre-heating to help make the dough rise quicker, she joins him on the couch. “Point taken. I’m a nerdy black girl. Currently, I work as a party planner so since the world is on lockdown, I’m just on break. It helps to relax me and help give me more ideas for planning and for cosplay ideas.”
Chris looks at her as she slouches on the couch, the action caused the back of her shirt to ride up her back. “Don’t blame you, I needed a small break and this is so helpful.”
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ohwereusingourmadeupnames · 11 months ago
"Kissing burns calories you know" for starker. It sounds so much like Peter. Useless fact and awkward flirting combined haha
do the thing - send in all the prompts.
Nonnie, this was perfect. I got to add a little possessive Pete in there, so thank you for the prompt! 
The very first time Peter grabbed him by the cheeks and pressed their lips together, Tony wasn’t anywhere close to being ready. He thought about what it might be like constantly – while Peter had always been a beautiful person, growth and adulthood really suited him. His protegee now had facial hair and kept his hair long around his ears – he wore a watch that didn’t have a Pokemon on it, even.
After Peter finished at MIT, Tony swept him up as quickly as he could manage. Pepper rolled her eyes at him, the contract for him already worked up before Tony could even ask. “I’m surprised it took you this long to bring him over. At least he’s legal now,” she remarked, her eyes rolling even harder when his cheeks flared with a warm blush.
“Virginia Potts, you minx!” Tony exclaimed, a smirk on his lips. Swooping up the contract from the table, he tucked it under his arm and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. “You always take such good care of me. Thanks, Pep.” Though they didn’t end up working as a couple, Tony loved her – always had and always would.
One of the biggest reasons they didn’t end up working out as a couple (other than her demands for him to no longer be Iron Man) was the younger man – no matter how much he tried to hide it, he cared about Peter in a way that even he couldn’t begin to comprehend. Pepper was too smart of a person not to realize that. And despite the hurt of their break initially, Tony knew they were both much better off.
It didn’t take much convincing to get Peter back into the lab. In the four years he separated from the Avenger’s and got his own feet under Peter grew and evolved, the time away doing him a world of good. The kid didn’t lack intelligence, Tony never ever thought that. No, he lacked finesse and the ability to think through the entire rubix cube, instead of just one side. The person who sat down next to him in the lab these days was so similar but so much different than the Peter Parker he used to know.
Upon further thought, Tony figured that was a good thing. He never let himself see past the fact that Peter was, in fact, a young kid. A young kid that had marvelous powers, sure – there wasn’t any denying that. Every time Peter found a way to get onto the battlefield beside the rest of them, Tony always worried that he’d end up taking away not just his innocence, but his life, too. It took keeping his head on straight to make sure Peter walked home at the end of the day to live the rest of his life.
When Peter asked for a letter of recommendation so he could get into MIT right after they found a way to finish Thanos off, Tony was more than willing to give it. He smiled softly as Peter told him about his plans – Cambridge gained an excellent citizen the second the younger man decided to grace the halls of his alma mater. They exchanged a quick hug before Peter took off for school and that was that.
It took a whole year for him to hear from the kid. Peter’s smiling face was sitting in his chair one sunny May afternoon, his feet swung up on the table, Tony Stark style – like he owned the damn place. And maybe he did – all Peter really needed to do was ask.
They spent summers that way for the entire duration of Peter’s stay at MIT. It gave Tony a chance to check up on patrols and make adjustments to the other’s suit. He learned about all the new techniques being taught in the classes he took more than two decades ago – and he listened to Peter talk about himself. Those bits of information were always his favorite. Peter’s likes and interests were so similar to his own and the quirky things that set them apart were endearing - the boy so very interesting.
Getting to have Peter around full time was way better than Tony imagined. There wasn’t a lot of Avenger’s business to take care of, so they focused on their individual suits, instead. Peter was always improving the formula for his web fluid, the man’s brain absolutely brilliant when it came to chemistry.
Tony watched him with awe as he scrolled the dry erase marker across the clear writing board they kept pushed back against the lab wall. After watching the other stick himself to the desk surface more than a handful of times, Tony forced him to work it out so they both could see – the science always a little better with more than one set of eyes looking it over.
The day Peter decided to literally take the situations into his own hands, Tony stood leaning against his desk, eyes eagerly taking the younger man in while he did his thing. There was nothing like watching a unique brain work, and man was Peter’s unique. He worked with a steady crease between his brows, the pinch of them something Tony so badly wanted to rub at with his thumb and relax with the lightest of touches.
Being so very preoccupied, Tony didn’t notice when Peter stopped scribbling on the board – the normal scratch of the pen not something the man cared to pay attention to. Peter’s voice calling his name made him look up, an embarrassed look on his face. “Sorry, what?” Tony asked, the question falling from his lips before Peter could bore his eyes into him any deeper. He was too smart for his own god – Peter would easily sniff him out if Tony let him.
“You were staring at me. I probably could have run my hand in front of your face and you never would have known. You have this look on your face,” Peter replied, the words coming from his mouth without hesitation. There wasn’t much space between them, Peter somehow closing the distance and bringing them within arms reach. “I’ve seen that look before,” his voice rumbled, the tone of it coming off way more sultry than Tony figured Peter meant it to.
Then, hands were cupping his cheeks, Peter’s warm palms on the skin there. Tony had just enough time to take in the fact that large fingers we trying to tangle in his hair before he was otherwise occupied, Peter’s lips pressing against his own exquisitely. A small moan slipped from his lips, the sound leaving his mouth giving Peter just enough room to trace the seam of his lips and press inside. Useless hands gripped onto the younger man’s waist, clingy fingers collecting the fabric of Peter’s shirt in a desperate attempt to hold on.
That initial touch created a monster within them both. Whenever Peter was in reach, he pulled Tony close and sealed their lips together – the exuberance of youth not leaving him, despite all of the growing up he’d done over the years. The younger man was so distracting that Tony had to implement a no kissing in the lab rule – it was hard to get work done when Peter wanted to straddle his thighs and devour him whenever they were alone and the opportunity arose.
Tangled up together a few months into the craziness between them, Tony groaned when his alarm went off. They spent most of the previous night making love, the younger man pliant under him, Tony’s limbs still feeling a bit like jelly after so much intimacy.
Peter brought something out in him, an animalistic need, the type of hunger that never seemed to be satisfied, no matter how often he partook. It felt glutenous, being able to indulge in it as much as he did – but then again, Peter was always looking for it, there seeking whatever Tony wanted to give to him.
Adjusting a bit, Tony looked up to the ceiling – “FRIDAY, can you turn the alarm off?” He sighed in relief when the loud beeping noise ceased, his ears no longer ringing. His arms tightened subconsciously around Peter before he tried to get up, the natural instinct of his body to keep him close something he still marveled at.
The switch from barely there mentor to boyfriend and lover was seamless – the idea of finally getting to have him pushing Tony to be the best that he could. The entirety of his being must have been on board, because even his subconscious worked to keep him grounded and always keep Peter in mind.
He loosened his grip on Peter and attempted to move away from him, his intention to get up out of bed and get a little bit of training in. Peter’s grip on him stopped him however – up until that point, Tony figured he was still asleep. Strong hands kept his own against the naked skin of Peter’s chest – a soft groan leaving Peter’s lips. “Where do you think you’re going?” the younger man mumbled, his voice deeper than usual, the scratch of sleep sending a wave of heat across Tony’s skin.
A grin played at his lips, the somewhat petulant tone of Peter’s voice making his heart beat a little faster. “I thought I’d get up and get a workout in. I’ve been lazy the past couple of days,” Tony answered simply, the little extra wiggle on his gut he noticed last night nowhere near acceptable. Not when the most gorgeous human on the planet laid in his arms. Leaning down, Tony pressed a kiss to Peter’s head and tried to get up again.
Superhuman strength was difficult to fight against, Tony realizing that the second his back was against the mattress with Peter above him - their positions completely switched. It wasn’t often that Tony got a reminder of just how strong his other half actually was. The fact that he didn’t even see the move coming had him sitting still, his legs widening a bit to allow Peter to sit between them a little more comfortably. “I don’t think so, Tony,” Peter countered, his chest pressing Tony down a little bit more.
His hands found Pete’s waist, fingers playing with the bare skin there. “I need to get a workout in, baby,” Tony said, the movement of his hand contrasting the words coming out of his mouth. Knowing he couldn’t get up from his pin downed position without Peter letting him, Tony wasn’t trying all that hard to fight whatever this was. That seemed a little silly with such a delectably naked man above him.
Peter leered down at him, the look on his face one Tony recognized from the many, many times he’d been pounced on by the younger man over the past few months. Soft lips hovered right above his own, the ghost of Peter’s breath making him want to surge up and take – but he refrained, the subtle shift of weight against his chest telling him that Peter wasn’t going to relinquish his hold – or the little bit of control he had over the situation, either.
“Kissing burns calories you know,” Peter whispered, Tony feeling the shape of every word against his lips, the space between them still less than an inch – the tease of it driving the heat of the situation up a little further. “You could get your workout in right here – and not have to move a muscle.”
Smart enough to know when he’d been bested, Tony tightened his hold around Peter’s hips, the younger man pressing him down even more. “Sounds good, let’s start now,” Tony muttered the words before finally closing the distance, their lips meeting in a sordid kiss.
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vee-angel · a year ago
Sharking Sherry (Chapter 1, repost)
So I have, at last, managed to get the Introduction to the fifth and final member of the Pervert Pentet. I’m pretty excited about that because it means the first part of this series is done. I actually wanted to write Sherry’s story earlier, but I put it off a bit after I decided that it would be written in first person from the perspective of someone who’s a much bigger anime/hentai fan than me. It’s always tricky trying to realistically write a character who knows much more than you about something.
This is probably my most wholesome story so far, so there’s not really any content warnings needed, but as a bonus, there is a bit of a flash-forward to the point where all five of the character’s stories converge.
My name is Sherry Sugisaki, I’m twenty-two years old, single, blood type B, and as of today, I’m the official club historian for the Pervert Pentet!
The Pervert Pentet is a club that me and four of my best friends formed so that we could all get together and just be ourselves without other people calling us weirdos or sluts. Well, except for Piper. She calls everybody a slut, but trust me, compared to the other things that come out of her mouth, “slut” is a compliment!
Piper is kind of our leader. She’s the first girl I ever met who was an even bigger perv than me! She’s so smart it’s a little scary, and she always speaks her mind. The only problem is that her mind is always in the gutter!
Nancy is the muscle of the group. She’s the tall athletic type, and way prettier than she realizes. She can be a little intimidating, but I think deep down she has a good heart. I haven’t really gotten close to her yet, and Piper says I probably shouldn’t try to. Nancy says that she doesn’t want to hang out with me because she doesn’t like Asian people (except she said it in a way that wasn’t quite so polite), but I think maybe she just had a hard life and she’s not ready to trust people, yet. And she’s always hanging out with Teira anyway.
Speaking of Teira, she’s this rich, famous artist from Europe. Nancy went to one of her art performances a while back and Teira saw something special in her. Ever since then, Nancy has kinda been Teira’s sidekick. Teira can be a little scary too, but in a different way. While Nancy seems tough, Teira’s… well, creepy. She never smiles, never seems to have an opinion about anything, and she kinda has this icy-cold “I’d like to see you chopped into neat little pieces” vibe. In fact, the only time I’ve ever seen her look excited is when I introduced her to guro porn.
Bailee is the last girl who joined our club. She’s usually kinda dumb, exept sometimes she’s not? We’re all still trying to figure out exactly what her deal is. She’s sooo much fun to hang out with, though! And she’s actually into cute things, like me! As much as I love Piper, some of the things she’s into gross me out. But with Bailee, we can talk about cute boys, and go clothes shopping! Plus, she looks like the big-boobed girls in hentai, but in real life!
But you’ll get to know them later. They say to write what you know about, so I guess I’ll start by telling you about myself!
I grew up in the U.S. but my father is from Japan. My mom is from here, but ethnically, she’s half European and half Brazilian, which I think is why I have a bigger butt than most Japanese girls. My dad was the typical Asian father, which means that he worked all the time to provide for me and my mom, but I never really got to spend much time with him. I guess that’s why I started getting into Japanese culture at a young age. I was into all the normal stuff like Pokemon and Sailor Moon and Hello Kitty, so it was really exciting when I was little and my mom got me a subscription to this really cool anime streaming service!
But even though my mom really liked Japanese history and culture, I don’t think she realized just quite how naughty some parts of it can be. While other pre-teen girls dreamed of a storybook romance with a handsome man who buys them pretty dresses and mansions, I thought up pranks to play on my romantic rivals when we were all crowded into a little house along with our collective boyfriend! When I finally learned what other little girls fantasized about, it just seemed so boring! And lonely, too. I mean, sure, being in a harem seems like it might get a little crazy sometimes, but it’s also exciting. And besides, when things get really tough the girls always put their differences aside to solve problems as a family!
I guess watching all those shows gave me a sense of humor that wasn’t exactly “politically correct.” But honestly, it’s funny when busty girls get their boobs yanked out, or when lecherous milf-types molest shy, blushing lolis. Oh! And when bad-ass fighter girls get their clothes all ripped up during a battle and they suddenly realize that everybody can see that they’re not wearing panties and then they’re all like “Eep! Don’t look!!” That’s the best!
Okay, okay, maaaaaaybe it’s not just that I think it’s funny. Maybe it turns me on a little bit, too. But can you blame me? I mean, when you see a pretty girl on the street, don’t you just want to pull her dress up or yank her boobs out?? Of course you do! Everybody does, they just don’t talk about it. The only difference is that in my case I actually do it!
I’m getting ahead of myself again. I should back up. So when I was in middle school, my parents let me get a smart phone with internet access. And let me tell you, if you think anime is naughty, you haven’t seen hentai! I mean, there’s stuff that’s even too dirty for me! But eventually I came across one kind of video that made me obsessed. And for once, it wasn’t animated at all.
The first time I saw it, I was confused. It just seemed like a guy with a camera-phone following this cute girl in a skirt. But then this guy came out of nowhere and pulled up her skirt and yanked down her panties! She made this cute little “Eeeee!” noise while the guy ran off. It was so cute, and so funny, and so super hot! I figured that video had to be one of a kind, but boy was I wrong!
Apparently it’s called “sharking.” I never quite found a satisfactory explanation for the name, but it started in Japan (just like all the best pervy stuff!), and the idea is to run up to a girl and expose her while somebody else films and puts it online for everyone to enjoy! There’s all kinds of varieties. Top-sharking works best when you find a girl in a tube-top and you can pull her boobs out. Bottom-sharking works best for girls in a short skirt; and if you’re really lucky, you might find a girl who isn’t wearing panties! There’s even cosplay-sharking! That’s when you steal all of a girl’s clothes and run off with them, but you leave her a super cute, slutty outfit that she has to wear if she doesn’t want to walk home naked. Personally, just regular full-sharking is my favorite. That’s when you strip a girl naked and run off with her clothes while the camera guy follows her while she figures out what to do. It’s so exciting! I mean, at first the girl thinks it’s just going to be a regular boring old day, but then she gets to be part of this awesome sexy adventure where she’s naked in public! And nobody can even get upset at her because it’s not even her fault! Everybody wins!
I should know, I’m proud to say that I’m one of the few girls who’s been on both sides. You see, after I graduated high school, I got my parents to finally agree to pay for me to take a year off to visit Japan! It was everything I ever dreamed! I was surrounded by signs displaying happy anime characters, I got to ride public transit with groups of cute, giggly school girls and handsome, studious schoolboys. There were night-clubs with lolita-goths and J-pop was playing everywhere!
The only thing that could have made it better was if I could have had a romantic encounter with a cute boy. I think everyone who visits a foreign country kinda wishes that they could have a special lover to think back on fondly when they’re old and grey. Unfortunately, no matter how many blind corners I hurried around, I never accidentally collided with my true love. Not even when I had toast in my mouth!
I figured maybe I still dressed too much like a kid, and boys were scared that I was under-aged. So I decided to show off my assets! While I was far from flat-chested in America, in Japan my full C-cup breasts made me downright busty. And the Brazilian butt I inherited from mom put me way ahead of at least ninety percent of the other girls in Japan. So I got some new button up shirts that were small enough to hug my curves, and I left a few buttons undone. I also bought new mini-skirts short enough to ensure my panties would be visible with even the slightest breeze. Everybody in Japan is really into panties.
Unfortunately, most of the male attention I got from the new wardrobe was from middle-aged men who took advantage of crowded trains to touch my butt. But I wasn’t about to get discouraged! I mean, it’s not ideal, but if I’m getting attention, than I must be on the right track!
And then one day it happened! I was in a public park a short walk from where I was staying. I had my headphones on, listening to my Japanese language-learning app when this guy came out of nowhere and yanked my little school-girl skirt up to my waist and then pulled my white panties down to my knees!
I always thought that if I ever got sharked myself, that I’d do something really sexy, like wink or do a little pose or something. But honestly, the whole thing happened really fast so I hardly had a chance to react. And I didn’t even see where the camera guy was. I was just sort of… frozen. I just stood there with my panties halfway down my legs as the guy in the hoodie ran off.
A part of me thought that I wished I’d been more prepared for it, but on the other hand, that’s part of the fun! Unlike most Japanese girls, I keep everything totally shaved down there, so they definitely got a shot of my naked pussy. And there were going to put it online! How exciting is that! Once I pulled my panties back up they immediately got soaked. I felt like I’d just won the best prize ever! Now any-time somebody is looking at sharking videos on the internet, there would be a chance that they’d get to see me! I just hoped that the camera guy was good enough that I’d be popular.
I spent the next week looking at sharking videos more than I ever had before, but sadly, I still couldn’t find mine! I knew it would take time, but I just couldn’t wait. Part of me hoped that it’d go viral. Maybe it’d become the most popular sharking video of all time, and I’d get to be the poster-girl for the whole fetish! I’d be so famous that when people saw me in the street they’d yank up my dress and take pictures of my exposed body while I pretended to blush. I mean, I knew it wasn’t likely, but a girl can dream!
After a week of looking at every sharking related site I could I eventually came across this post written in Japanese that looked like it was a local casting call for a girl to be in a video! They must have been a really bad writer, because I could hardly understand it and my Japanese is perfect! I mean, I watched One Punch Man without subtitles and totally understood every word…. well most of them… I mean, at least half…
Let’s get one thing straight! I’m a Japanese girl so I obviously speak Japanese! They must have been speaking a weird dialect and that’s why I didn’t understand them that well, okay?!?
Anyway, the post said they wanted a girl to be in a sharking video, and I knew I wanted to be that girl. In all the videos I saw, it was always boys running up and exposing unsuspecting women. I’ve never seen girl-on-girl sharking! What a concept!
After a few messages back and forth, I ended up meeting them at this cute cafe by the beach. That’s when I got really excited! Bikini sharking is one of the best ways to get a girl totally naked in public! I’ve even seen it done where a guy gets two girls tops and bottoms off at once!
I didn’t catch the camera guy’s name, but the one who did most of the talking was named Kaito. I started asking them if there were any special techniques I should know so I could undo a girl’s bikini faster, but they seemed confused. I don’t know how, but there must have been a miscommunication. It seemed like they wanted to me to go somewhere private and stage a fake sharking. They said they were going to make sure to do it where no one would see me and they’d give me my clothes back at the end!
What a cheap trick! I told them that there’s no way. Either they have to shark me for real or I was going home!
I was pretty mad, so I laid out my terms and made sure they knew that there would be no negotiation! One: They had to strip me completely naked! Boobs, ass, pussy, it all had to be on display. Two: They had to do it someplace where lots of people would see. Three: sometimes in the really good sharking videos the guys would spread a girls legs or pull her butt-cheeks apart while the camera guy runs in close, that way everybody on the internet gets a good look at her vagina and butthole. I told them they had to do that, too! And four: Under no circumstances were they allowed to give me my clothes back or let me have anything to cover myself with afterwards.
If I was getting to be part of planning a sharking video, I was going to make sure it was the best one ever! There was no way I was going home unless it was completely naked!
Kaito and his friend whispered to each other for a minute, and then they asked me if I’d be willing to ditch some of my clothes in advance so that they could get me naked faster. Finally! They were saying something that made sense! And honestly, they had a point. I’m ashamed to admit that before that day I used to dress in a terribly un-sharkable way. Ever since then, the only question I ask when choosing an outfit was “How easy would it be for someone to get me naked in public?”
Anyway, I slipped away into a public bathroom to ditch my shirt, bra, and underwear. So now I was just wearing the zippered hoodie I put on when I thought I was going to get to shark a girl, and my mini-skirt. I told the guys that I was going to try to find a place off to the side of the boardwalk, far enough so that nobody could intervene, but close enough that everybody could still see my naked body.
I waited there for about five minutes, and I was starting to think they had gotten scared off, but then I saw the one with the camera sneaking up around the corner of a nearby building. I tried not to look directly at him, but I still wanted my front-side facing the camera.
My heart started racing as I heard Kaito coming up behind me! They must have been discussing technique, because he grabbed the bottom of my skirt and yanked it up until it gathered along with the hem of my hoodie. In an expertly practiced maneuver that seemed almost like a matador with a cape, he swept both garments up over my head and then down off my arms!
Suddenly, I was standing in the middle of a wide open public space in the middle of the day and I was completely naked! The sun seemed like a spotlight that shone down to reveal every private inch of my body.
Kaito tossed my hoodie and skirt and then grabbed my arms to bend me over a nearby bench. That’s when I saw the camera guy running in close while I felt his hands on my butt-cheeks. He reached down to the very bottom and spread everything open wide. The camera guy got in so close he must have been within a foot or two of my most private areas! I sure was glad that I’d shaved that morning; I mean, with the close-up he got of my pussy and asshole, everyone on the internet would have seen if I had even the tiniest bit of stubble.
I’d almost forgot! This was going on the internet! My heart was racing and I wasn’t sure if it was from fear or excitement. As scary as the whole thing was, I was still getting really wet really fast! I hoped that that camera could pick that up so that everyone would see how much girls like this kind of thing! I sort of moaned and wiggled a little bit, but then the two of them ran off. Thankfully they remembered to grab my clothes on the way, so that I wouldn’t have the option to cover myself!
I stood up to see two middle-aged ladies running up to me and yelling something at the men. I must have looked freaked out because they seemed a bit confused and frantic, like they wanted to help me but didn’t know how. Honestly, I was a little freaked out, too, but it was in a good way! Like when you ride a roller-coaster. Like, it’s really exciting and so scary that you scream but it’s also really fun! When I think back on it, I’m pretty sure I actually did scream when he first came up behind me and pulled all my clothes off.
The shorter lady had a jacked that she was unbuttoning, I realized that she was going to try to cover me up! What a prude! She must have just been jealous that a pretty young thing like me was getting to walk around naked in public and show off the goods when she was never brave enough to do anything like that!
I decided I was going to rush off down the boardwalk before she got a chance. I was still super nervous and excited. My heart felt like it was pounding in my throat and I was out of breath from the thrill of it all.
I had the temptation to cover myself with my hands, but I half-resisted. I must have looked kinda shy because I kept sort of covering my pussy, and then half-covering my boobs, and then I put both hands behind me to cover my butt. So anyone who kept looking for more than a second would have seen everything. And there were people everywhere, so even if I wanted to cover myself (which I totally didn’t), there was no way I could have.
I kinda figured that everyone would be staring at me and taking pictures and commenting on my body; I hoped that by the time I made it a hundred meters that I’d have a whole crowd of men around me, but honestly, no one said a thing! Some people glanced, and now and then someone would stare for a few seconds, but the majority of people averted their eyes and just pretended I wasn’t there!
They seemed almost… scared to look at me. This was even better than I could have imagined! I mean, at first I was a little disappointed that people weren’t excited to take in the sight of my naked, young body, but then I realized something! It wasn’t just fun and sexy to be naked in public, it also felt kinda… powerful!
Once I realized that, I stopped acting shy. I stopped trying to cover myself at all. In fact, I slowed down my stride and put on a cocky grin. By the time I reached the end of the boardwalk I was staring people right in the eye, but nobody had the guts to look back at me.
It was about a ten-minute walk back to where I was staying, but I decided I was going to make it take fifteen! There was even a spot where a dozen people were waiting for a train, and I decided to stand in front of all of them and check my phone for a good two minutes! Fortunately, I had the foresight to stick my phone, wallet, and apartment key in my sock before I had those guys steal all my clothes. I made sure to bend down in front of everybody when I took my phone out so they could have a chance to admire my naked butt.
I hoped that at least someone noticed how wet this was making me! I mean, I was starting to literally drip down the inside of my leg! I figured I’d better make my way home before my socks end up getting soaked.
When I got home I retrieved my apartment key from my sock and saw my neighbor coming home with a bag of groceries. I smiled and gave him a big wave, but he acted like he couldn’t see me. I unlocked my door and went inside.
The first thing I did was down a can of green tea, as fun as the whole walk was, my mouth was dry as a desert. As much as I enjoyed myself, it was nerve-wracking. The whole time I was sort of afraid the police were going to show up any minute, but that never happened.
All in all, the whole thing was way different than I expected. I guess that since I’m a perv, I expected that everyone else would be one, too. But everybody else was so well behaved. So I guess that makes me special!
Realizing that I was a pervert who walks around naked in public and gets off on exposing myself to strangers was the best moment of my life. It made me feel like I could do things that regular people couldn’t. Kaito sent me the video of my full-sharking the next day. Apparently, they had followed me almost all the way home without me even realizing it! They sure got some amazing shots and I’m proud to say that it has over a hundred-thousand views and counting.
I never found out the name of the guy who pulled my panties down that first day in the park. But a couple years later when I met Piper she’d tracked down the original video of me that he made. I posted a thank-you message in the comments telling him how grateful I was that he chose me, and how he changed my life for the better.
Ya know, it’s funny. Of all the girls that I’ve exposed in public and put online since that day, not a single one has posted a ‘thank-you’ message to me under their videos. Then again, I don’t do this for thanks, I do it for the knowledge that I’m helping others live the life that every girl wants! I’m helping them to be the perverts that deep down they all definitely wish they could be!
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mygreatestgood · a year ago
One Stroll Of Many During COVID-19 (03/22/20)
I went out for a walk this weekend. Because of the virus, the roadways weren’t crowded with its usual hustle & bustle. You could cross every corner with ease, and the whooshing noise of tires against asphalt was strangely minimal and sporadic.  The occasional passerby came near, and quickly diverted to their mandated six-feet-away distance.  Don’t really know how affective the six-foot rule is when applied to a passerby, but the elderly and middle aged are terrified and I feel for them. No one really smiled in my direction, or acknowledged me, with the exception of two people: a some-odd 80 year old with a walker and a middle aged man who was singing a rock tune aloud for the residents on Summit Avenue to hear. 
The season is transitioning into spring, and the smell in the air washed over a feeling of nostalgia. As it does with every change, as the last days of a season slowly dissipate, you can feel the impending linger of the one to follow approaching; the familiar smells of emerging plants, a light breeze floating throughout the air, the sight of new blooming and budding florals and the warmth from sunlight.  These things, they tend to cause me to recollect the times I’ve experienced this environment before. It’s been quite a few springtimes since I thought about my previous years during this season as a child. I think it was the emptiness of the roads that led me to remember.  And as soon as my memory began its regaling, just as abruptly, I could feel a trace of sadness etching itself throughout my body, magically slaloming its way. I felt like I was remembering something I loved, and deeply realizing that I would never be able to relive that love again. And yeah--no shit. I never will, in the sense that I’m no longer a child and can't time travel back a couple decades. But I wasn’t exactly wishing I could be a child again, or have my youth suddenly reappear.
In the 90′s, and early 2000′s, quality of life was different. My parents moved to the suburbs of New Jersey as it was what they could afford that was in relatively close distance to New York. They were musicians; my dad, a pianist and composer, and my mom, an opera singer. They wanted to do the family thing too, so they also acquired full-time jobs that granted them a steady earning. At the time, New Jersey made sense. It was a reprieve from city life. Life was of a slower pace in this region. We lived in a two-family on one of our town’s main roads that had a large backyard with a small gathering of woods. Stray cats were always making their way through the holes in our fence. We had a patio, complete with a barbecue grill and yellow metal furniture, which sounds heinous, but was surprisingly adorable. There was ample room all along the sides of the yard for my mom to pursue one of her hobbies--gardening--and still, there was leftover space for a swing-set and for my neighbors and I to run around and play a game of kickball.
As a kid, I did things. I rode my scooter to the park to play basketball, and we’d wait for the ice cream truck to sound it’s irritating yet welcoming melody. We’d go to the concession stand near the baseball diamond and get slushies and cheese fries. I would try to learn how to skateboard. The park was always crowded. Everyone from athletic kids to swarms of third and fourth grade girls obsessing over nail polishes and Lip Smackers chapsticks would rally around this place. I could see everyone from babies learning the concept of sand castles, to kids my age from school that I undoubtedly had no desire to run into. I loved walking into the neighboring town and going to the comic book store, or the game zone, where I’d collect pogs and crazy bones and pokemon cards and beanie babies--whatever I happened to be into hoarding at the moment. I’d go to book stores and pick up random young adult novels. I’d go to the movies. I’d go rent movies. There was a roller rink ten minutes away, and every weekend it was the cool place to go and whiz around (or in my instance, hold onto the railing and wall while everyone sped by me) while the edited version of Mase’s current single blasted from the DJ’s speakers. I’d go bowling. I’d visit arcades that weren’t Dave & Buster’s. I loved just being outside, meeting up with friends, walking to go get pizza. Flipping through magazines at the local convenient store. Having slumber parties and shutting the lights off while everyone took a turn at singing karaoke. Everything was an adventure and an all-senses-engaged experience. Even if it was just standing in a store parking lot and talking. Even if it was stealing someone’s aunt’s cigarettes and sneakily trying them behind a building in a schoolyard. Not just because I was young and new to the world, but because everyone was presently living, truly experiencing and sharing one another’s company. Communicating. Discovering commonalities. Making jokes about ideas or things happening in that very moment. Even when I was alone as a kid, I MADE things. I wrote stories, I would film movies on our camcorder and write scripts. I would try to do arts and crafts like things, like make tye-dye shirts or fiddle around with play-dough. I would be immersed in one thing at a time. If my friends and I were stuck hanging out indoors, we would prank call people. We would make up dumb card games or come up with something creative to unpack and figure out together as a team.
Everything has just always felt more loose in the past. Even during high school and college years. House parties were incredible. Yes, nowadays, I do get invited to a house for a “party” but its not the same. It feels more like we’re elitists corresponding over dinner and bottles of wine. There’s no more house parties where you’re meeting a bunch of strangers. There’s no more hosting house parties where you’re wondering, “who the fuck is that in my house playing beer pong?” (I held a couple of those in the mid 2000′s.) The best parties are ones that were an extended invite where you barely know anyone that’s there. I remember how my parents held parties in their 40′s and 50′s and it was so much more lively and energetic. The need to take a photo to put on Facebook has altered that.
 Block parties were a thing. Not only throughout my town for children, but in other towns for teenagers and adults. I remember going to one in Mahwah where an entire town house community threw a block party and everyone was running in and out of everyone’s houses. People were dancing in the streets. Liquor and pot were flowing and stinking up everything. And everyone was friendly and receiving--you didn’t have to live in that community to be invited to that event. Where are block parties like that now? We would go play billiards--there was such a thing as a pool hall then. We would go on walks just to get away from our homes and have in-depth conversations about life. We’d find dead-ended roads to smoke pot on. I used to love driving around when the weather would start to make its way towards a warmer climate, and play an upbeat song from my stereo, with the windows rolled down. I didn’t need a place to go. I could just enjoy being, and driving, with the wind knotting my stringy hair and the sun smoldering my legs. 
It trickles down to this inescapable feeling that over the last few years, we were not, and are not, really living. Everything is all about social media posting, taking selfies, being a celebrity and voice of the generation in some capacity, or any capacity that any individual can grab ahold of. Physical appearance and beauty has taken things to an insane measure with eyelash extensions, wigs, botox, heavy makeup and more things I’m probably unaware of becoming the norm. None of these statements are new streams of consciousness. I don’t deserve a high five for stating the obvious. I just can’t shake this feeling that as the human race, we are failing to enjoy being alive, in a tremendous amount of aspects. Besides lacking basic communication and abilities to live and experience each other wholly, we also do not experience anything else singularly and in entirety. 
There was a time you had to work for things. You made mixed CDs or mixed tapes for people you cared about. Discovering new music and performers was an art form. You’d have to catch a song on the radio, or a music video on television, or scope out and take a chance on an artist by purchasing an album at a record store. The thrill of the hunt is gone with resources like Spotify and Apple music, and with so much accessibility to so many artists, it in someways makes it more daunting to find the diamonds in the rough or those with innovative sounds. People watched movies or television shows without simultaneously being on their phone. (Most people couldn’t wait for their favorite show to air!) People went on vacation and stared at a sunset without feeling the need to snap a photo for an immediate publication. People went out on actual dates instead of meeting their date with all their friends at a club or only getting coffee for 45 minutes. People used to walk around a mall instead of ordering everything online. Shopping was an actual activity that involved your whole body as oppose to just your finger clicking a mouse, or your thumb hitting your phone. People would physically hold books, and turn pages, and smell that “book smell” instead of staring at a screen. People used to go over a friend’s house and not be on their phone. People used to go anywhere and not be on their phone. What the fuck is going to happen to our retinas in the coming years?
Now, in the town I was raised in, the roadways are crowded. 
I remember as a kid, staring out the window and watching local residents hop off the bus and walk down our road. Men carrying briefcases and sauntering off as if they were on a mission. There was a guy we called “army man” as he always was fully suited in a camouflage uniform, and marched back and forth daily on our block.  Cars would drive by, but it wouldn’t be an endless supply of them. Now, it’s endless.  There can be bumper-to bumper traffic on the road in that one-square mile town during certain hours. It’s rare to see people gallivanting the sidewalk today, unless it’s 3 am and they’re a townie staggering home annihilated from the local bar. Or they’re walking their dog, I suppose.
What I’m trying to say is this: I miss the simplicity of being in the moment. I don’t think we all need to mediate and take on yoga to understand how to do that. We just need to hold respect for all the incredible activities, people, experiences and memories we are gifted in this lifetime, and when you respect something, you pay attention to it. We need to pay attention to each other, and ourselves. The need to be alone and completely still became so abundantly clear on this stroll. I walked for an hour and a half. I looked at the houses. I noticed the trees that now had flowers sprouting with undeniable joy. I didn’t let anything cloud my mind except what wanted to swim to the surface. It was the best moment of my day, and given the absurd craziness we’re engulfed with now, quite possibly the best time of my week.
This virus outbreak--it’s terrifying. It’s plaguing not just our country, but the entire world. I cannot speak for how other countries live their day to day, but I can speak from my perspective, and it seems to me that we have run this world tired. It’s depleted, and can no longer rise from it’s crippling plunge. We take our offerings from Earth for granted. We take our gifts from God for granted. We take each other for granted. We now deem everything as urgent, and need everything to be so nonsensically fast. The deaths of those we love come across as a consequence of our actions. It is a wakeup call, and a call to action at that. And by action, I don’t mean make a post to create awareness--take action by literally changing and reverting ourselves back to a more minimalistic and simple way of life. Happiness shouldn’t stem from items, the ego or entrepreneurship--happiness derives from that indescribable satisfaction of doing nothing.  Of being. Of taking risks and reveling in the company of those whom you wish to keep.
I can’t visit my parents or my family dog, and I miss them. We are waiting to hear if a family friend has passed away from this virus. It is scary and sad to think it hit him so rapidly, and that he arrived at the hospital alone, and potentially died alone with no visitors and no one surrounding him.  This is a horrible catastrophe and I can’t understand the reasoning behind it. But I so want to believe that something beautiful will be built from this gloomy and discouraging time. I so want to believe that as people we have the power to take these ruins and make life more graceful and resplendent than it was before. 
Despite my wanting, it’s evident that we all need to.
Please stay safe. Prayers up. xo
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ssurveys · a year ago
What's the first thing you thought in your head when you woke up today? I thought about calling Gab, which I did and which made me fall right back asleep. If your best friend confessed that they can see the future, you would...? I’d put likeeeee 15% trust in them because they’re still my best friend lmao, but I’d mostly be challenging them about their ~skill. I’d be curious to know when it started, what exactly is it they see, whether it’s been accurate the whole time they’ve had it, etc. Tl;dr I’d basically apply my journalism lessons irl lol. Write a random quote that comes to your head: “Tried to keep my eyes closed, I want you so bad, then I woke and it was so sad.” Idk if it counts as a quote but I’ve had this lyric by The Japanese House in my head for a few minutes. What's your opinion on milk chocolate? I like it, but it can get a little too sweet for me and I usually don’t like how too sweet feels for my throat. I’d take it over dark chocolate though. What about Dark Chocolate? I like it too, but I can probably only eat a block or two before finding it too bitter. Idk man, I’ve always been a white chocolate girl.
You do know that white chocolate isn't even really chocolate, right? Yeah, but it’s just the right amount of sweet for me so it’s always been my fave. Do you get annoyed when surveys mention a band you've never heard of? I entirely skip those surveys so that I just don’t have to deal with them, because yes I do get annoyed lol. What's your opinion about Katy Perry's song "I kissed a girl"? Ahead of its time. It’s not one of my favorite singles but I wouldn’t change the station if it suddenly played – and I’d certainly make my parents sit through the whole song. What's your least favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni. What would you do if you discovered the US was now drafting for the war? Aren’t they always in war with some other country? As someone from a relatively poor country it’s always been a little laughable, surprising, and even a little appalling seeing how much Americans spend for WAR. We’re here wishing every school had an adequate amount of desks and chairs, and they’re out there buying bombs and tanks. Sad. Are you even living in America, or are you from another country? Last question should answer that for you. What's your favorite social website? I love Twitter. Everyone is a mess in there and it’s where people hang out for the memes. It’s great. Do you believe in heaven? If so, what's it like? If not, why? I don’t really believe in it but a part of me finds comfort in the idea of reuniting with my loved ones after death. Still, I mostly think of death as permanent sleep – it just makes the most sense to me. What's your favorite video game? Not a big video game gal but I always wanna play Grand Theft Auto just to be a law-abiding citizen HAHAHA In your opinion, is Bzoink the best place to find fun surveys? It’s been my go-to for the longest time, so yeah.
What kind of mood are you in right now, and why? I’m a little more content than I’ve been in the last few days. I’ve recently been hanging out at our rooftop until very late at night because we have a pretty view of the city and the stars, and it’s sooooo peaceful up here; I dunno why I never hung out here before. I’m also more than halfway through the 1,500-word essay I need to do for one of my classes, so I’m feeling good and proud of myself. What's your opinion of high school? It’s all honestly so stupid with all the cliques, the proms, and the pressure to have high grades; but it’s also your chance to be dumb, make friends, make mistakes, and have fun. Some of my most precious memories, important lessons, and best relationships came from high school, so as stupid as it got sometimes, I’m always grateful for the four years. Do you prefer the country or city? CITY. I’m already too used to the internet, the nice restaurants, and the hustle and bustle of the city to be separated from it. That’s not to say I don’t like vacationing in provinces – I really do, but it’s only a matter of time before I get homesick for the city. Texting: Is it fun, evil, boring, or none of the above? It’s none of these things for me? It’s just convenient, lmao. What email service do you use for your main (or only) email account? Gmail. What's your favorite dumb pick-up line? Pass on here, I’ve never liked pickup lines. What are your plans for the next 48 hours? Did you ever read "Captain Underpants" when you were little? OMG yes I diiiiiid. My parents didn’t allow to buy me those books cos they were a little immature, but I lived with a cousin who had the complete series. They were SO fun to read and so funny and the doodles were really entertaining. What's better: The old Cartoon Network, or the new one? Or do you not care? THANK you for the third option. I don’t care. Disney Channel shows are all pretty cheesy, aren't they? They definitely are now, but maybe that’s just because I’m older now. Older people in 2006 probably found That’s So Raven and The Suite Life corny too. What's your opinion on the Jonas Brothers? Crazy talented, both in 2009 and their recent comeback. I vibe with Sucker today the same way I vibed with SOS when I was 10 years old. What are some of your favorite singers/bands? I enjoy listening to Paramore, Beyoncé, Hozier, Ariana Grande, Hayley Williams as a solo artist, Coldplay, and Ben&Ben. Why do the lead singers in bands always get the most recognization?! Because they’re typically the most recognizable ones in the group. You have your guitars, basses, keyboards, drums... and I think people often recognize vocalists as the one that sets the band apart from others. Just my two cents though, and this is certainly not meant to undermine the band members who do play instruments. Did you ever believe in the Tooth Fairy? I did at one point, but my parents ruined any fictional character for me when I woke up not finding any money under my pillow. What's your favorite type of weather? Just any kind of weather that blocks the sun out is great with me. What's your opinion on reading books? If you have the time and passion for it then honestly good for you. I stopped being a bookworm a long time ago and I never got back into the groove. You're given a chance to act in a hollywood blockbuster! Would you accept? If I was a paid extra, sure lmao. What it if it was a movie directed by Tim Burton? (He directed Sweeney Todd) I know who Tim Burton is. Again, only if I were an extra lol. How do you feel about Taco Bell? It’s so good. I don’t care how unhealthy it is or what it’s actually made out of; it’s great comfort food for me haha. Are you hungry right now? Now that you mentioned Taco Bell I do want some cheap fast food right now lmao, but I guess I’m not having anything like that until the lockdown is lifted :/ :/ How often do you go on to YouTube? Everyday. I watch at least one video a day. It's possible to be addicted to anything... What are you addicted to? Using my phone, I guess. What's your opinion of Wallgreens? I don’t have any, because I only see hear of it in American vlogs hahahaha. Back when Spongebob Squarepants was famous, were you interested in it? 100%. Favorite cartoon as a kid. It’s still one of my favorites today. What's your dream pet? Any kind of dog except for chihuahua sounds like a dream. You see a mermaid while relaxing on the beach with friends. What now? Take a photo from afar and then share it with close friends. It’s up to them if they want to spread it on social media, but I’ll take a pass on that lol.
Who's been your favorite teacher growing up, and why? I liked Ms. Ettie because she always made sure all of her music lessons came with an important life lesson. She always led the class with a lot of grace and poise and treated all her students with respect no matter how much they were struggling in class, and I admire her tremendously for it. When you were little, did you ever like Pokemon? I did. I had the books, video games, cards, and pogs. How often do you get headaches? Only when I’m really stressed from school and haven’t eaten. Do you have any songs stuck in your head right now? If so, what? Nope.
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moonvalecrossing · a year ago
Now here's something I haven't asked you in a long time: a "Fav and Least Fav" ask related to Pokémon. Favorite and least favorite Gym Leaders of each type they specialize in? Kahunas and Trial Captains will count, but if one ends up as your fav/least fav, I'd suggest separating them and the actual Gym Leader that's your fav/least fav of their type. Also, Bede and Marnie's statuses as Gym Leaders will count too, mostly just so Piers can have some competition with his sis. :P
Alrighty. Time to sit down and tackle this!
Normal Type- Least Favorite: Whitney. WHITNEY. That damn Milktank. I’m sure she’s killed many a Nuzlocke team. And yet still has the gall to cry like a baby when she loses. She also comes across as one of those vapid dumb and pretty trend girls. “Everyone was into pokemon so I got into it too!” I really think skill is the only thing they care about when they hand out the title of Gym Leader sometime because this chick really doesn’t seem to be the type who’d normally get this type of authority.
Normal Type- Most Favorite: Cheren. He is adorable baby husband. Though mostly it’s really cool to see another rival become a gym leader like Green did. I just wish they’d kept his glasses instead of for some reason swapping them to Bianca for some reason.
Fighting Type- Least Favorite: Korrina. Her character art bugs me. Is she seriously supposed to be wearing skates and also doing fighting moves? I can’t even stand on four wheel skates without nearly breaking every bone below my waist. And you’re telling me this girl runs around doing axe kicks on roller blades??? No thank you. Also she hoists a Lucario onto you. I like raising my pokemon from their earliest point and you go and make me have to take one because I’d feel bad if I didn’t since it wants to come with me now.
Fighting Type- Most Favorite: Brawly. Mostly because he’s hot. Slightly because his gym is actually a gym with workout equipment in the remake and I find that amazing and hilarious.
Flying Type- Least Favorite: Skyla. Partially because of her anime counterpart. Mostly because I hate her design. Why are her wrists so thick on those gloves? Why is she wearing boots, a cropped jacket, those weird gloves, and what look closer to boxer style panties than shorts underneath a bunch of bondage-y belts? She looks like a generic anime waifu more than a pokemon character. Like a Mega Man OC. Of one of those weird dating games where the women are just objects in female coded human form Skyla’s a humanized seatbelt.
Flying Type- Most Favorite: Falkner. Because Kahili isn’t a gym leader. Congrats, Falkner. You cute little bugger. Also he’s the only notable male flying type trainer.
Poison Type- Least Favorite: Prepare the flame shields. I don’t like Roxie. Small children as Gym Leaders bug the hell out of me. I see Gym Leaders as characters with high authority in the pokemon world. I hate the idea of kids who look like they’re only a few years out from learning the alphabet and basic mathematics having any kind of power in a region. The only exception I have is Galar because the gym leaders feel less important since they’re merely sports celebrities. ...Also I hate Roxie’s Pebbles Flintstone hair. It makes her look even more like a baby to me.
Poison Type- Most Favorite: Koga. Despite the fact I still think that he and Sabrina had their gyms switched, he’s still my favorite. He even became a member of the Elite 4 and left the gym to his daughter. I find that sweet.
Ground Type- Least Favorite: (Actually Hapu, because of reasons stated above for Roxie, except even more because this kid is a freaking KAHUNA. Why is this little mud farm girl chosen to be the KAHUNA of a whole dang island and one of the most important people in Alola? Surely the Tapus could find someone better, but then again the gods must be crazy.) Clay. Because he looks like a Texan Business Tycoon. And I’m a left-leaning American. That should probably explain things well enough. Because boy howdy do I not wanna open that can of worms. Maybe if I ever get to the point of fighting him in Black Version my opinion will change. But like I said. My real answer is Hapu. Clay just has the misfortune of being next at the bottom of the line.
Ground Type- Most Favorite: Giovanni. Because he is my mafia husbando and I am a garbage human. Have you seen a picture of the man in the “How I became a Pokemon Card” manga? Hot damn. And his newer pokemon cards? HOT DAMN.
Rock Type- Least Favorite: Gordie. This Ronaldo Fryman looking fucknugget with accessory tips from Bling Bling Boy on Johnny Test. He looks like one of those smug basement dweller types who’d call me a FEEEEEMALE if I turned him down for a date. Also his official art does the same thing I hate about Diantha’s. His knee faces more inner-forward but his foot’s pointing outward. Unless that picture’s drawn with him in mid dance spin, dude’s ankle is broken. At least he looks kind of cute when he doesn’t have his hair styled back in that douchey style. I feel like he’d yell about feemales again if I told him I thought his mom was hot. Also he’s not wearing socks with dress shoes and that should be a criminal offense.
Rock Type- Most Favorite: Roxanne is super cute. Even if she’s skirting the line of young people in positions of power she actually looks like a mature person who was ahead of her age level in school. However I will object to the idea of her being a teacher in any shape or form like in the anime. This person hasn’t even struggled through the mental ravages of puberty aint no way she should be allowed to be a teacher.
Bug Type- Least Favorite: Burgh, if only because people use him as a stereotype a lot and I hate that. Toxic masculinity is bs. MEN CAN BE FABULOUS WITHOUT BEING GAY. That said, his pants and shoes are a color crime.
Bug Type- Most Favorite: Guzma is the equivalent of a Bug Type trial captain and you will never convince me otherwise. I- what- you’re really gonna fight me on this? Fine. Bugsy. Bugsy is my precious bug-catching child. Precious baby.
Ghost Type- Least Favorite: Acerola. I’ve already stated why I hate kids in power like this. Plus I just. do not like. characters with the bubbly personality and the cat mouth. I instantly know I’m going to dislike a character the moment I see that damn catmouth. I’m not coming up with a non-trial alternative for this one. I am either neutral to or love the other ghost trainers.
Ghost Type- Most Favorite: Morty. Because 1. He’s hot. 2. He’s got a sweet scarf. 3. Agatha’s not a gym leader. :P Morty has a very nice design. After the remakes came out anyways.
Steel Type- Least Favorite: There’s only like two of these. I don’t hate Jasmine at all but she’s the only other actual gym leader of the Steel Type. So we’re gonna use Molayne anyways. Mostly because his stick-ass gangly legs give me the creeps.
Steel Type- Most Favorite: I’ve never met him but Byron looks like a miner hobo and I dig that. Plus he made Roark and Roark’s hot. (Then why isn’t Roark my favorite rock gym leader? Because not all my favorites can be because of my asexual thirst.)
Fire Type- Least Favorite: Blaine always makes me think of my grandfather and I am not that fond of my grandfather. Even though Blaine seems much much nicer and friendlier a grandpa than my actual grandfather.
Fire Type- Most Favorite: Flannery’s design is adorable and I love it. Doesn’t hurt that it’s also the kind of outfit my more pro-fire trainer would wear.
Water Type- Least Favorite: Marlon. Don’t get me wrong. Marlon’s hot. But he gets to be least favorite for lying about being a tan boy. Seriously look at that tan line around his swim suit that pastey white skin does not do his design favors.
Water Type- Most Favorite: Wallace. This one is pure thirst. Pure. Thirst. Wallace is a babe. I love everything about this fabulous bastard. Especially his hat and scarf in the remake. Especially the remake. Babe.
Grass Type- Least Favorite: Milo. I’m starting to feel like the people who design and did the art for some of these newer characters don’t know how bulkier people’s legs work. Because Milo and Gordie’s legs just look really, really wrong. These characters do not have ankles their calves just end at flat feet. Also milo’s leg is doin that broken ankle thing too. Other images don’t make them look as bad, though. Other than that I hate characters who have no whites to their eyes. It’s freaking creepy and Milo’s baby face doesn’t help. And I can not figure out the design of this guy’s eyebrows either. I know he has them but they don’t look like the anything but exist to blend with his bangs.
Grass Type- Most Favorite: Erika. I like her design a lot. I guess some of the weeb in me still exists deep in there.
Electric Type- Least Favorite: Sophocles. I just don’t like his design. At all. Only other arguments I could give are the kid with with Clemont again. That and his jumpsuit.
Electric Type- Most Favorite: Lt. Surge, Volkner, and Elesa are are great. But Elesa wins because Lt. Surge is a paranoid soldier who makes getting to him a chore and Volkner looks like he takes the same brooding pills they fed to Cloud after Final Fantasy Advent Children turned into into the broodlord. Also ‘urgh need actually challenging opponents’ characters bug me, regardless of how attractive they are.
Psychic Type- Least Favorite: Tate and Liza. But this time the main reason ISN’T because they’re babies. No, no. That’s a big reason, but even being psychics can’t save them. They have a BIG problem. The main reason for these two is that their gym team is garbage. Emerald and Black2/White2 not counting in this because of the remake being their current gym team in my eyes its just a damn solrock and lunatone! I love me Lunatone, don’t get me wrong. But damn, kids. How are you actually gym leaders with a team of pokemon that is barely suitable for the gym trainer in the first gym of the region? The only starter that can’t hit you with a super effective move is the fire starter. Being a double battle only means that I can get rid of your pokemon faster because I get to use TWO pokemon moves on my turn.
Psychic Type- Most Favorite: Olympia. Her design is absolutely beautiful. I want her dress. I want her cape. She is the black and silver space queen and she WILL BE RESPECTED IN THIS HOUSE. Even if whoever did her art doesn’t seem to realize dresses don’t slip into the navel or hug into the crotch hole. Surprised whoever drew it didn’t also add the camel-toe since they think fabric works that way. If I were her I’d strangle someone with one of those magical floaty ring bracelets. Space mom aint having non of your objectification shit.
Ice Type- Least Favorite: Candice. You live in a winter town. Your gym is an ice slide hell. Put on some goddamn pants and a coat. I’m not gonna give you any sympathy when you end up with the worst cold ever.
Ice Type- Most Favorite: Melony. She is adorable and has actual weight to her. And she loves her kids. And holy shit look at her she’s actually dressed for cold weather and ice unlike nearly every other goddamn Ice Gym Leader besides Pryce.
Dragon Type- Least Favorite: Claire is an arrogant b-witch who cant accept defeat and is worst that whitney because at least Whitney gave you your earned badge when she stopped crying like a baby. Claire refused until you did some ‘trial’ and still didn’t think she’d have to give you the badge until granddad dragon master told her to stop being a child. Also she gets more least favorite points because she’s what has prevented me from talking about how much I hate Iris here. That’s right, Claire. I dislike you so much you get MORE hate points because you prevent me from hating another character more than you.
Dragon Type- Most Favorite: Raihan is a babe and the most challenging Gym Leader I’ve ever faced. Bonus points because technically I wouldn’t call him a type-based gym leader but a strategy based leader because he focuses on weather more than dragons. Plus his “Leader Challenges You!” post makes him look a little wild.
Dark Type- Least Favorite: Marnie. Because I wanted to see her brother again so I invited him to the Championship thing and Marnie freaking cockblocked me by beating her brother in the first round. LET ME SEE YOUR BROTHER, MARNIE.
Dark Type- Most Favorite: Piers is my husband and Marnie’s just gonna have to deal with it. :P He’s super cute and his worrying over Marnie in the post game was the cutest damn thing. Plus young Piers in his rare league card is so precious and gives me life. It’s gonna take a lot of work for any other dark type trainer to top Piers.
Fairy Type- Least Favorite: Mina. I hate Mina. Lazy/Unfocused/High artist characters piss me off. Alo Mina should have been a normal type trial captain because of smeargle and the fact that Ilima has pink hair and the same huge buggy-like water eyes Valerie has. Mina even dips her damn hair in paint like Smeargle does with its tail. Mina couldn’t be assed to have an actual trial the first time around. Second time around she just made you go collect something from people you already beat.
Fairy Type- Most Favorite: Bede. If you can’t look this beautiful sparkly eye angel of a child in the eyes and find him amazing once he becomes Opal’s apprentice, you have no soul and should probably get that looked at.
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sky-on-surveys · a year ago
Three hundred and eighty-six.
Coffee mugs, teacups, or water bottles? I mean, it depends on what I’m drinking. I use water bottles most often, but I like the way teacups look most. Ironically, I use those least. Bubblegum or cotton candy? Bubblegum, although I’m not crazy about that, either. How did your elementary school teachers describe you? I remember them saying I was smart. That’s about it, really. I was afraid of getting in trouble as a kid, so I was pretty well-behaved, and so they didn’t have much to say about me. Do you prefer to drink soda from cans, bottles or cups? It tastes better when it’s from a can. Unless it’s a glass bottle, but those are expensive and it’s not really worth it. Earbuds or headphones? Depends. Earbuds are more convenient if I still want to be able to hear what’s going on around me, but headphones generally have better sound quality and noise cancellation.
Movies or TV? Depends on my mood, but generally I think I’m going to say movies. Favorite smell in the summer? The ocean! It’s one of the few things I can smell. Game you were best at in PE/gym? Pfft, I was never good at anything in gym. What do you have for breakfast on an average day? On an average day, I usually just drink coffee, but I’m trying to eat at least a little something -- lately, that’s Belvitas. Name of your favorite playlist? I have one called “currently” that just has what I’m into lately on it, so I guess that one. Lanyard or key ring? Key ring. Favorite non-chocolate candy? Butter mints, or those soft peppermints. Trolli sour worms are pretty good, too.
Favorite book you had to read for school? Hmm. It might be Life of Pi; I read it for a college class. Most comfortable position to sit in? I like sitting on my couch with my back against the armrest and my legs spread out in front of me. Most frequently worn pair of shoes? Probably my Skechers flip-flops. Ideal weather? Like, high 60s. Pencils or pens? Pens. I found a bunch of pencils at work the other day and my immediate reaction was, “What the fuck is this?” Obsession from childhood? Scooby-Doo, the Powerpuff Girls, Dragon Ball Z, dragons in general. Favorite crystal? I’m about to say something real dumb, but are amethysts crystals? Lol. I know they’re gemstones. Favorite activity to do in warm weather? Water parks! I haven’t been to one in years, though. Favorite activity to do in cold weather? Stay the fuck indoors. I don’t like being outside in cold weather. Five songs to describe you? There isn’t even one song that describes me. I’m odd, I guess. Best way for someone to bond with you? Watch something with me and discuss/make fun of it. Top 5 favorite Vines? I don’t know offhand. I can’t even remember most of them. Ads you have stuck in your head? Ugh, thankfully none at the moment. Average time you fall asleep? Around two a.m. What is the first meme you remember seeing? Huh, good question. I want to say it was probably one of those doodly ones, like “y u no” or “me gusta” or something.
Suitcase, duffel bag, or backpack? Backpack. Lemonade or tea? Depends, but generally tea.
Last person you texted? Jeremy. Jacket pockets or pants pockets? Pants pockets. Jacket pockets, like, flap around with the jacket and stuff comes out of them. Favorite type of jacket? Leather, I guess? Or fake leather, because that’s cheaper. Sci-fi, fantasy, or superheroes? Fantasy, I guess. It’s definitely between that and sci-fi. What clothes do you sleep in? Either pajamas or a big T-shirt. Favorite type of cheese? Pepper jack. Oh, and goat cheese! What saying or quote do you live by? Eh, I don’t really live by and quotes, but one that I always seem to come back to is “do no harm, but take no shit.” What are you currently stressed about? Work, and the fact that I give up so much of my life to do something I don’t like to get...not enough money. Favorite font? I don’t know. I like Georgia and Courier New. What did you learn from your first job? Uh. Not a lot, really. I don’t remember a whole lot from it.
Favorite fairy tale? Mmm. I was never big on fairy tales. Maybe Beauty and the Beast? Favorite tradition? I don’t know. I don’t really have any. Talent you’re proud of having? I...kind of like my singing voice sometimes? If you were a video game character, what would your catchphrase be? Something mundane, like, “Ugh.” If you were an anime character, what genre of anime would it be? Probably comedy, or fantasy. Character you relate to? I don’t relate to a whole lot of characters. Favorite website from your childhood? Neopets, I guess? Any scars? Nah. Favorite flower? Starfighter liles. Any good luck charms? I don’t have any, no. Least favorite flavor of food or drink? Root beer-flavored things are pretty gross to me. Too sweet. Left or right handed? I’m right-handed. Least favorite pattern? Hmm. I quite dislike gingham. I dunno if that’s my actual least favorite, but it’s the first unappealing one I thought of. Worst subject in school? Math. Favorite weird flavor combo? Jalapeno and pineapple. I don’t think that’s that weird, but a lot of other people do. When did you lose your first tooth? First grade! I remember, because all the other kids were losing them in kindergarten and the teacher had a chart and everything, and of course I had to wait until next year when it wasn’t a big deal, lol. Favorite potato food? Probably fries. Gas station coffee or grocery store sushi? Gas station coffee. Wawa coffee is the fucking best, and it’s a gas station. Do you call them fireflies or lightning bugs? I always called them lightning bugs growing up, but I like the word “fireflies” better, so I’ve been saying that on purpose, lol. PC or console gaming? Console. Writing or drawing? Writing. Podcasts or talk radio? Podcasts. Barbie or Polly Pocket? I was more into Polly Pocket, although only slightly. I wasn’t crazy about either of them. As a kid now, though, Barbie has so many other options and accessories, so I might end up choosing her. Fairy tales or mythology? Mythology.
Cookies or cupcakes? Cookies! I loooove cookies. Your greatest fear? Heights. Your greatest wish? To have enough money so that I don’t have to work. Who would you put before everyone else? My mom and my fiance. Lamps, overhead lights, fairy lights, or sunlight? Fairy lights. Nicknames? Sky is technically a nickname, but almost everyone calls me that. Favorite season? Fall. Favorite app on your phone? Pokemon Go, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and maybe the Google app. What is your desktop background? It’s a picture of a wintry city street that I found somewhere. How many phone numbers do you have memorized? Only mine, I think. Oh, and the place I work, because I have to tell people so often. Favorite historical era? I don’t know. Not into history. So I guess this era would be my favorite.
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